Phone mast plans blocked

Wrexham Leader


RESIDENTS fighting to prevent a mast being built in their community, have claimed a victory over mobile phone giants Vodafone.

Wrexham Council’s planning committee voted to refuse a planning application to build a 12m mast on land off Sontley Road, Wrexham, just 20m from a children’s play area.

Residents were up in arms when just 20 of them were notified about the plans earlier this month and they formed a resident’s group to fight the proposals.

John Williams, who spearheaded the residents’ campaign, spoke of his delight at the decision.

He said: “We were all pretty much ecstatic but it’s an on-going battle. It seems mobile phone companies have had a fast track to planning permission in the past.


“We’re just householders, not legal experts, but if we have to get some money in a pot and get a solicitor we will.”

At the meeting, Mr Williams addressed the town’s planners, stating the main reason for the residents’ concern was the health of local children.

He said: “There are two pre-school children at the Squire Yorke, less than 20m from the mast. There are eight children within 100m. Most of the residents have a genuine fear of living near microwave radiation.”

Cllr George James, local member for Hermitage, said a recent report had concluded that mobile phone masts do cause harm. He said: “There are dangers that are being swept under the carpet.”

Wrexham’s planning control manager tried to reassure the committee that the mast met with Welsh Assembly regulations.

He said: “If it meets the international regulations it should not be relevant for the local authority to defer on health issues.”

Omega see "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under:

He added that the radiation levels were of “minuscule proportions.”


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