Parents face new battle against masts

Jul 29 2005

ic Croydon, London

PARENTS and residents are urging Croydon planners to throw out a scheme to set up multiple mobile phone masts on the top of a bus garage.

T-Mobile has applied to the council to put up six pole-mounted antennae, three equipment cabins and other equipment on the roof of the Arriva garage in Brighton Road, South Croydon.

Residents lost a previous battle to stop a mast being put on the roof, but their concern has been heightened by the fact that T-Mobile's plans are for so many more.

The garage is in a residential area and close to Purley Oaks Primary School, in Bynes Road.

School governors are planning to submit their own objections, but more than 70 parents have already signed a residents' protest petition.

The petition draws attention to worries about the affect radio waves from the masts might have on children living in the area.

John Allen, of Napier Road, one of the petition organisers, said: "I have a two-year-old daughter and am worried about the dangers there could be to her health."

Mr Allen said the opposition was having to be move very quickly as objections have to be lodged with the council by August 8.

But he said about 150 signatures had been collected in a day, a response which delighted him.

A statement from T-Mobile said it aimed to minimise the effect on the local environment when seeking new sites for masts, but pointed out that the growth in the use of mobile phones demanded a network of base stations such as this plan.

The statement added: "The radio waves from nearby base stations are favourable compared to exposure from distant masts and from TV and FM radio and other transmitters."

Omega one can not compare waves from TV and FM radio with pulsed microwave from masts. See under: http://www.tetrawatch.net/science/chronic.php


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