Anti-phone mast group fears pupils already sick


29 June 2005

MUSWELL Hill Against the Masts campaigners are to carry out a survey of children in the area to see if they are suffering from radiation sickness.

Campaign leaders, whose children go to schools and nurseries near the 3G mast in Grand Avenue, are concerned some of them are already showing signs of radiation sickness.

Sarah Purdey, a chartered accountant and mother-of-three who set up Muswell Hill Against the Masts, said: "Some of the children are showing signs of microwave sickness such as sleepless nights and heart palpitations."

Mrs Purdey claims her own son is showing symptoms.

Anti-mast campaigners are particularly concerned following an outbreak of ill health at a school in Warwickshire - which they blame on mobile phone masts sited nearby.

An informal health survey carried out there appears to show that 98 per cent of pupils are suffering from health problems, according to Muswell Hill Against the Masts.

The group is now planning to ask Muswell Hill parents to fill in a questionnaire about their children's health.

Mast Sanity, a national campaign group against mobile phone masts, is conducting a health survey across the country in an attempt to see how many people are affected by mast microwaves.

A spokeswoman for Vodafone said: "You have to remember that a radio base station is one of many sources of electro magnetic frequency (EMF) and that would include televisions, radio, communications by fire and police, communications by taxis and then there is a whole host of other devices like shop security systems.

"So to pick out on source of EMS in the environment would be quite complicated.

The consensus of scientific opinion is that within guideline levels there is no evidence of any adverse health effects and that is based on 17 years of research."

Omega there is strong evidence of adverse health effects. See under: http://www.buergerwelle.de/body_science.html

Yasmin Skeltz, a trustee at Mast Sanity who deals with health and safety issues, said: "Mast Sanity are trying to encourage people, if they feel ill health, to fill in a form so we get some idea of what is going on around the country.

"It's completely confidential but it will give us some indication of what is happening."



Informant: NoName

Reinstate the Moratorium on Human Pesticide Testing

We did it!

In less than 24 hours, more than 25,000 of you emailed and phoned your Senators, urging them to support our bipartisan amendment to reinstate the moratorium on human pesticide testing. Thanks to your vocal lobbying efforts, our amendment passed on the Senate floor by a vote of 60-37 Wednesday. You really helped turn the tide. Until the last few hours prior to the vote, we did not have the votes. But your personal advocacy changed that.

This a huge victory for ethics and morality in science, and a huge victory for the men, women, and children who would otherwise be subjected to these cruel and inhumane tests. I can't thank you enough for your help and support on this critical issue.

So that's some good news this week. But, while I'm writing to you, I also wanted to take just a moment to respond to President Bush's speech about Iraq Tuesday night.

Frankly, I was disappointed and discouraged by the President's speech. The American people deserved to hear much more from the President about what our mission is in Iraq, how he intends to succeed in that mission, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

President Bush's use of Osama Bin Laden's words to defend America's policies was bizarre in the extreme. And his continued attempts to link the Iraq War to September 11th is a myth. In fact, on September 11th, according to George Bush's own State Department, there was not one Al Qaeda cell in Iraq! As a result of this President's misguided war, Iraq is now a training ground for terrorists, and refusing to set a goal for withdrawal is only further fueling the insurgency.

The President defended his war and now says our mission is to "hunt down the terrorists." This mission has changed so many times it's hard to keep track -- from finding WMD's, to removing Saddam Hussein, to holding elections, to rebuilding Iraq, to training Iraqis to defend their country, and now to "hunting down terrorists."

President Bush also missed a golden opportunity Tuesday night to pledge to our troops that they would get all the equipment they need on the battlefield and all the health care they need when they come home.

All in all, the President defended the status quo and gave very little hope for an exit to this horrible quagmire. Now, it falls to the Congress to demand accountability from this administration and a clear exit strategy to ease the incredible strain on our troops, many of whom have had three tours of duty!

I'll be providing more of my own views on Iraq in a speech next week, so stay tuned for more on this important issue in the coming days.

Thanks again for your continued support!

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer

P.S. More than 100,000 people have already emailed the White House, urging the President to withdraw John Bolton's nomination as U.N. Ambassador. But with the Senate out next week, there's still a chance that President Bush will try to sneak in a recess appointment -- bypassing the Senate's advice and consent responsibility entirely. So if you haven't yet emailed the White House about John Bolton, please do it now! http://ga4.org/campaign/new_nominee/b85g574o5tt8jn?

And then invite everyone you know to send their own message to President Bush as well! http://ga4.org/campaign/new_nominee/forward/b85g574o5tt8jn?

No Apology to Indians


Informant: Carrie Dann

The Downing Street Memo 'might prove to be a critical incident in American history'


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news


The lobbyists' scandal: The secret world of Washington

The Capitol's grubby secret is the swarm of lobbyists in a sea of money, washing around the Congress and Senate. But one lobbyist may have just over-reached himself.


From Information Clearing House

The party's over for betrayed Republican

As of today, after 25 years, I am no longer a Republican. I take this step with deep regret, and with a deep sense of betrayal.


From Information Clearing House

WHO ‘suppressed’ scientific study into depleted uranium cancer fears in Iraq

Radiation experts warn in unpublished report that DU weapons used by Allies in Gulf war pose long-term health risk.


From Information Clearing House


After the War Comes Cancer

Information collected for a German project investigating the use of uranium-charged ammunition in Iraq shows that when Iraqi women fear for their children's health, it is with good reason.


From Information Clearing House

US forces' use of depleted uranium weapons is 'illegal'

BRITISH and American coalition forces are using depleted uranium (DU) shells in the war against Iraq and deliberately flouting a United Nations resolution which classifies the munitions as illegal weapons of mass destruction.



Deceit, Deception And Tears: Back To Vietnam


The war against veterans

PRESIDENT Bush gives plenty of lip service to men and women in uniform. Now it’s time for the President to put his money where his mouth is and fully fund veterans’ benefits.


From Information Clearing House

I Hope I Die Before The Next Refill

I was in the drug store today out here in Podunk. Some old guy in front of me was picking up his little paper bag of prescription medicine. The lady behind the counter handed him a credit card slip and said, "I'm sorry."


Expensive Favor

The American people should be concerned that their federal government worries more about the Iraqis than it does the Americans. We could find far better uses for both the money and the lives than to squander them on the hard, bloody soil of the Middle East.


From Information Clearing House

The sobering of America

To return to America after an absence of six months is to find a nation sobered by reality. The reality of debt and lost jobs. The reality of rising China. Above all, the reality of Iraq.


Fighting in Iraq taking a toll on Army marriages

The Army's divorce rate has soared in the past three years. Between 2001 and 2004, divorces among active-duty Army officers and enlisted personnel nearly doubled, from 5,658 to 10,477, even though total troop strength remained stable.


From Information Clearing House

Do It For Uncle Sam

For the fourth month in a row, the army has fallen well short of its recruitment targets. The result is that they're turning to some pretty unconventional methods to persuade young Americans to do it for Uncle Sam.




The governor, who proudly announced last week that his son has been commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Marines, also noted that Teddy Pataki hopes to defer his military service for three years until he finishes law school.


From Information Clearing House

Blair lied to cabinet and made secret war pact with US


Day after Bush's optimism State Dept says Iraq perilous

The State Department called Iraq too dangerous for American travellers on Wednesday, hours after President George W Bush pointed to "significant progress" there.


From Information Clearing House

The biggest of Big Lies

On Tuesday night, the president abandoned the narrow patch of high ground that he had staked out and dove into the raging flood of deceit that his administration had unleashed.


From Information Clearing House

Dangerous Incompetence

The president who displayed his contempt for Iraqi militants two years ago with the taunt "bring 'em on" had to go on television Tuesday night to urge Americans not to abandon support for the war that he foolishly started but can't figure out how to win.


Reporter shot to death in Iraq

The shot appears to have been fired by a U.S. military sniper, though there were Iraqi soldiers in the area who also may have been shooting at the time.


From Information Clearing House

Imperial defiance

Weapons, wealth and might do not always determine the course of events. People do.

By Joel Miller

Who are the Patrick Henrys of today and who are the foreign invaders and aggressors; who are the defenders of their homes.


Torture Fatigue

Only one-third of Americans questioned in a Washington Post-ABC News poll last May defined what happened at Abu Ghraib as "torture."

By Silja J.A. Talvi

"The Christian in me says it's wrong," Army Specialist Charles A. Graner Jr. said of torturing prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. "But the corrections officer in me says I love to make a grown man piss himself."


Prospective Supreme Court Vacancy Could Spell Environmental Disaster


UMTS - Mahnwache: Initiativen aus Stadt und Land sind der Einladung der Eltern gefolgt


UMTS verbindet die Initiativen. Immer mehr wehren sich gegen den belastendenden Senderausbau.

Heute beteiligten sich Initiativenvertreter mit Transparenten an der von den Eltern der Rudolf Steiner Schule Salzburg initierten Mahnwache vor dem Schloss Mirabell in Salzburg.

Wir möchten auch darauf aufmerksam machen, dass viele Schulen und Kindergärten im Stadtgebiet und auch anderswo ähnlich und sogar stärker durch Strahlenbelastung betroffen sein dürften als die Schule in Langwied. Der Elternkreis aus der Rudolf-Steiner-Schule hält es für unverantwortlich, dass wider besseres Wissen überall Standorte in Schul- und Kindergartennähe betrieben und ausgebaut werden und dass die Bevölkerung über bestehende und geplante Senderstandorte nicht informiert wird.

Der anstehende Ausbau des UMTS-Netzes beunruhigt die Gemüter in zunehmendem Maße. Besorgte Bürger und Initiativen befürchten erhebliche gesundheitliche Belastungen, wenn der eingeschlagene Weg von Betreibern und Politikern sowie Verwaltung nicht zugunsten alternativer Konzepte verlassen wird. Das Installieren neuer Sendeanlagen birgt auf viele Jahre hinaus unabwendbare Gefahren für die Gesundheit.

Durch die Situation an der Schule hat sich das Problembewusstsein der Eltern derart geschärft, dass sie - angesichts ihrer inzwischen zahlreichen Erkenntnisse und ihrer Kontakte zu Wissenschaftlern und Ärzten - auch alle anderen Eltern ermuntern wollen, sich für den Gesundheitsschutz ihrer Kinder einzusetzen, bevor gesundheitliche Schäden eintreten. Die engagierten Eltern setzen sich mit ihren Aktionen für die Wahrung des Grundrechtes auf körperliche Unversehrtheit besonders der Kinder, unserer zukünftigen Generation, ein.

Die sich mehrenden warnenden Äußerungen von Ärzten und Wissenschaftlern sollten insbesondere von den Entscheidungsträgern wahrgenommen werden und zu einem verantwortlichen Gesundheitsschutz für die Bürger führen.

Mehr Wachheit und Eintreten für das elementare Recht auf Gesundheitsschutz für Kinder halten die engagierten Eltern für unerlässlich.

Digitalfotos folgen, bzw. werden auf Anfrage nachgesandt.

Für die Eltern

mit freundlichen Grüßen

Michael Meyer
A - 5165 Berndorf, Stadl 4
Tel/Fax 0043 - 6217 - 8576


Am Donnerstag 7. Juli von 10 bis 11 Uhr, Salzburg vor dem Schloss Mirabell

findet wieder eine Mahnwache zu unseren Senderproblemen statt. Mittlererweile beteiligen sich auch immer mehr andere Initiativen an der Aktion und eine Vernetzung findet langsam aber sicher statt. Es ist gerade jetzt in der aktuellen Situation immens wichtig mit unserem Protest deutlich sichtbar zu bleiben.

Darum meine Bitte:

Möglichst viele Menschen informieren und bitten tatsächlich diese eine Stunde - möglichst 5-10min früher - hinzukommen und einfach bei unserer friedlichen Schweige-Mahnwache dabeizusein. Die Stimmung war auch vergangenen Donnerstag wieder sehr gut und wir wurden von den Passanten deutlich wohlwollend mit unserem Anliegen akzeptiert!!!

Bitte auch selbst die Medien informieren, da es mehr Effekt hat, wenn die Medien von verschiedenen Seiten eingeladen werden.

Bitte Transparente mitbringen wenn vorhanden auch Flugzettel. Also anrufen, bitten weiterzurufen und möglichst auch Eltern, Freunde, Kinder etc. mitzunehmen.

mit freundlichen Grüßen

Michael Meyer
Risiko Mobilfunk Österreich
A - 5165 Berndorf, Stadl 4
Tel/Fax 0043 - 6217 - 8576


Mahnwache: Stoppt Gesundheitsgefährdung durch Mobilfunk

When China Owns Our Utilities


Independence Day - New Energy for America

AMERICA'S FUTURE | http://www.ourfuture.org

On July 4, 1776, our founding fathers declared our independence from an oppressive foreign power. And -- against all odds -- the movement they led won America its freedom.

Today, America faces a different form of dependence: an oppressive reliance on a diminishing supply of oil. But instead of declaring our independence, today's Republican-led Congress just passed legislation that will leave us even more dependent and vulnerable. The Apollo Alliance ( http://www.apolloalliance.org ) -- a remarkable coalition of labor unions, environmental groups, urban leaders, and citizens of common sense -- has proposed an alternative: a 10 year drive for energy independence that would create 3 million new jobs and set America free from foreign oil.

Where our leaders refuse to take up this charge, we, the people can and must lead. Everyday, each of us can act to hasten America's independence from foreign oil. From using energy efficient transportation like trains, buses, and hybrid cars, to employing energy-saving technologies in our homes, to walking, biking and simply turning lights off when we leave a room -- we, the people, can advance American energy independence, even while we indict the failure of our national leaders.

Collectively, our actions can make a powerful statement to the President and Congress that we're doing our part to promote American energy dependence, and that we expect them to do theirs. In this spirit, we ask you to share a photograph of yourself -- or a friend or family member -- taking action to promote American energy independence. We'll publish them online and shower them on the President and members of Congress to let them know that we will not forget their failure to lead.


Help us challenge the failure of the administration and the Congress to stand up. The administration's energy plan was cooked up by big oil lobbyists in secret meetings with Vice President Cheney. In the wake of rising gas prices, the president has changed his rhetoric but not his policy. Led by the corrupt Tom DeLay, the House passed a bill this year that is a shameless giveaway to the big oil companies that are pocketing record profits from high gas prices.

The Senate did better, recognizing the reality that rising demand for oil and global warming makes action imperative. But even their bill fails to address the root causes of today's sky-rocketing gas prices. It weds us to importing ever more oil, making our economy literally dependent on the shifting sands of Persian Gulf emirates. It stymies the birth of a new American alternative energy industry and sacrifices millions of new jobs here at home. And, it fails to adequately address the growing threats to our global environment.

On this Independence weekend, it is time for America to declare its independence once again. And we have no choice but to lead the way. Please share photographs of actions you've taken to foster American energy independence. We'll publish them to help press the President and Congress to follow our lead.


A generation ago, John F. Kennedy inspired Americans to accomplish what was believed to be an impossible task -- to put a man on the moon in less than a decade. Today's Apollo project is not to put a man on the moon, but to achieve American energy independence. It's time to enact a modern-day Apollo plan that will...

>> Reduce gas prices by helping Americans lead the world in reducing the demand for oil.

>> Free America from dependence on unstable oil emirates through real investments in modern energy-saving technologies.

>> Create millions of new jobs here in America while capturing the alternative energy industries of the future and rebuilding our communities for high-performance energy efficiency.

>> Protect our natural environment by mobilizing investment in pollution-reducing technologies like bio-fuels, energy efficient buildings, solar and wind power, and a new generation of clean power plants.

In the spirit of 1776, and in the spirit of John Kennedy's call to a new generation, we call for a national commitment to energy independence, and back up this call with a personal commitment to actively support our country's move to independence. Please share your photos with us today.


Thank you for all that you do, and best to you in celebrating your independence!


Robert L. Borosage, Co-Director
Campaign for America's Future and Apollo Alliance Steering Committee Member

P.S. Please spread the word. When you're celebrating the 4th of July, please take a few minutes share news about the Apollo Alliance's push for energy independence with your friends and family, and encourage them to join the effort.

The Apollo Alliance is a joint project of the Campaign for America's Future and the Center on Wisconsin Strategy.

Free pass for Phone mast debate

Mobile phone mast/tetra debate

19th July from 11am – 2pm in the Boothroyd Room.

It has been confirmed that I will be on the panel debating phone masts along with Dr Gerd Oberfeld from Salzburg on the 19th of July

The Forum will begin at 11am (we are advising everyone to arrive at 10.30 as it will take some time to clear security) and will finish at 2pm.


90 places are available for the public to attend, I would like to encourage as many people as possible to support us on the day, come for a day out in London. Please contact John Staples in order to book a free pass.

John Staples
Parliamentary Researcher
Office of Lembit Öpik MP
Tel: 020 7219 1144, 020 7219 0032
Fax: 020 7219 2210
E-Mail: staplesj@parliament.uk

Kind Regards

Eileen O’Connor

Die FDP Bayern unterstützt das Mobilfunk-Volksbegehren

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

ich bitte um Veröffentlichung des unten angehängten Textes und wünsche uns allen ein erfolgreiches Volksbegehren.


Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Marianne Blank
Umweltpolitische Sprecherin der FDP Bayern

Big media interlocks with corporate America


Silenced And Sidelined, Again

by Nell Greenberg and Chris Michael, TomPaine.com

The Baker-Carter commission on election reform meets today -- embodying many of the flaws of the U.S. election system.




Volksbegehren Mobilfunk


Guinea Pig Kids in AIDS Drugs Trials




Bush's 'Vietnamization' Speech


G8 Gets Ultimatum on Climate Change


US Blocked Release of CAFTA Reports


Bush Criticized over Speech about Iraq War


Take Action for Sakhalin's Indigenous People


Bush’s Flagship USS Fiasco is Sinking

George Bush will officially leave office in January 2009. For millions of Americans this surely seems an interminable time to wait to reclaim the country from a period of almost inexplicable and collective madness--one that will likely be known simply as the “Bush Era”,


US faces prison ship allegations :

The United Nations says it has learned of serious allegations that the US is secretly detaining terrorism suspects, notably on American military ships.


From Information Clearing House

Washington now faces a no-win situation in Iraq

For the first time, a leading American politician and potential presidential candidate, Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, was brave enough to say: "The White House is completely disconnected from reality The reality is, we're losing in Iraq."


Who's spreading what?: Bush's democratic hoax in Iraq


From Information Clearing House

Bush, Ft. Bragg and "Disassemble": Stay the Crooked Course

Ray McGovern

The editors of the New York Times this morning feign shock that in his speech at Fort Bragg yesterday evening President George W. Bush would "raise the bloody flag of 9/11 over and over again to justify a war in a country that had nothing whatsoever to do with the terrorist attacks." Kudos for that insight! Better three years late than never, I suppose.


From Information Clearing House

Bush's War: Iraq In The Name Of Freedom


Bush Declares Sacrifice in Iraq to Be 'Worth It'

Bush Speech: Complete text :

America good : Iraq Good. Bad men, terror, protect you, courage, sacrifice, global war on terror, yada yada yada. God Bless America.....


Short version: Fact Sheet: Facts, Quotes From President's Address:

Bush mentioned "September Eleventh" 5 (five) separate times.* : TERROR: Bush mentioned "terror", "terrorism" or "terrorists" 35 times.*


Bush Declares Sacrifice in Iraq to Be 'Worth It':

President Bush, facing a growing restiveness around the country and in his own party over the constant stream of casualties in Iraq, declared Tuesday night that the daily sacrifice of American lives in Iraq "is worth it, and it is vital to the future security of our country."


Bush's War: It Was Worth It Picture Album:

"I'm this great picture of the Army." Martinez suffered massive burns to his face, head and body. He has spent the last year in surgery and recovery at Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas. Photographed April 3, 2004 at his home in Dalton, Georgia,while on a brief hospital leave.


From Information Clearing House

Bush Flops in Prime-time: Death by a thousand cuts

by Mike Whitney

He produced no plan, no strategy, and no vision; just a continuation of the same trends; the steady erosion of national confidence, a precipitous decline in credibility, and the daily loss of life.


Bush says "Stay the course" - The People say "Troops Out Now!"


Now, more than ever, it is vital that the antiwar movement be in the streets. The Troops Out Now Coalition is joining with the September 24 National Coalition, which includes the National Council of Arab-Americans (NCA), the Muslim American Society (MAS) Freedom Foundation, the A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition, the Haiti Support Network, the Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines, and the National Lawyers Guild, in order to help build a unified demonstration against the war.

In his speech last night, President Bush made it clear once again that he intends to continue the criminal war and occupation of Iraq, in defiance of international law and the will of the people.

It should be clear to everyone by now that corporate-owned politicians will not and cannot stop the war. Only a massive peoples' resistance can stop the war.

Bush's speech was a rerun of Nixon's Novemeber 1969 "Vietnamization" speech. Delivered at a time when antiwar sentiment was sweeping the nation, Nixon's speech desplayed asolute contempt for the will of the people, for international law, and for the facts on the ground. He claimed that the U.S. was making great progress in training South Vietnam's security forces, and that attacks by the resistance were decreasing.

None of this was true then, and it isn't true now in Iraq.

Bush's speech could have been written by the same speechwriter. It made the same misrepresentations and laid out the same course--a course of continued violence, torture, and repression.

We must do everything within our power to build a united front to bring the troops home now. On September 24, tens of thousands of activists will take to the streets of Washington DC to demand "Troops Out Now!"

The Troops Out Now Coalition is working with local and national organiztions, as part of The September 24 National Coalition for the March on Washington, to build a massive united presence on September 24.

We will be organizing buses, vans, car caravans, and peace trains from all over the country to flood the streets of Washington.

Now is a critical time--military recruiting is down, Bush's approval ratings are plummeting, and opposition to the war is growing. It is up to us to make that opposition a potent force on the streets.

What we do now can make a difference, and we have a responsibility to turn up the heat.

The Troops Out Now Coalition Statement on September 24 raises the following critical points:

* The vital importance of building a united front against the war. Our emphasis needs to be on building a large, militant antiwar movement that is capable of stopping the war. TONC renews its appeal to the small but influential forces in the antiwar movement who refused to work together for the fall and beyond to reverse their positions and help unleash the full mass potential of the struggle to shut the war down.

* That building a united movement means including, not excluding, the struggles of oppressed people. Support for the Right of all Palestinian refugees and their descendants to return to their original homes and property in all of historic Palestine is not negotiable.

* That unity means much more than organizational unity. It means, more importantly, that the antiwar movement reaches out to and embraces the struggles of oppressed people here and internationally. It means solidarity with the struggle of communities of color, with LGBT communities, with immigrants, and with struggles against racism, sexism, and all forms of oppression. It means solidarity with the people of Iraq, Palestine, Haiti, the Philippines, and everywhere that people are struggling against U.S. colonial occupation.

* That the antiwar movement needs to look to new and more effective tactics to stop the war. Activists raised the slogan "Troops Home Now, or We'll Shut It Down!" and discussed the idea of declaring a moratorium against the war, including walkouts, civil disobedience, and other direct actions to bring the cities to a stop until the war is ended.

* That the struggle to end the war will be won by mobilizing a massive movement in the streets. Counting on elections and pro-war politicians to end the war is, at best, a misdirection of time, energy, and resources. Only the people will stop the war. To that end, it is important to immediately begin planning and mobilizing now for the September 24 March in Washington DC, the Millions More Movement events on the weekend of October 14-16, and the Moratorium Against the War.

We need your help to build a massive, united demonstration:

Organize transportation from your area.

Presidential Executive Orders regarding Martial Law


LEAKGATE: A threat to the press and the public


Washington in crisis over opposition to Iraq war


Operation Shekhinah a.k.a. Operation Iraqi Freedom


Las ratas no hablan por teléfono móvil


Estamos en tiempos duros con la insistente y tozuda afirmación, sin base alguna, de una de las mentiras, que, a fuerza de ser repetida por la industria y la propia Administración, más de uno empieza a creerse como un dogma universal: "La OMS concluyó en el 2000 que los móviles no son nocivos para la salud".

Ni la OMS dijo eso en el año 2000, ni estamos aún en pañales por lo que se refiere a la investigación científica en materia de Radiaciones ElectroMagnéticas, ni hay dudas hoy día sobre la nocividad de dichas fuentes de electropolución. Las discusiones se centran en su vinculación con el cáncer no en las más que probadas evidencias nocivas respecto de las embarazadas y su gestación, respecto de las personas con implantes, respecto de los niños y su mayor vulnerabilidad...

Soplos de aire nuevo provenientes del artículo adjunto nos recuerdan lo que pasa en el 2005; nos traen las últimas revisiones científicas: las de la semana pasada, las de este mismo mes de Junio de 2005 y nos alertan de los resultados conocidos de investigaciones aún no publicadas.

Gracias, querido Doctor.


Asociación de Vecinos Contra Radiaciones Nocivas de L'Escala (Girona)

Nota.- Adjuntamos un escrito que si bien era una realidad AYER mismo, HOY a alguien le podria parecer una profecía: "CUANDO LOS AYUNTAMIENTOS VENDIERON SU ALMA AL DIABLO" (30/06/2003)

US Radiation In Iraq Equals 250,000 Nagasaki Bombs


Informant: Neo Mulder

Depleted Uranium Poisoning (D.U.)

Arguing with Bush

Did President George Bush's pro-war pep rally backfire? Did Bush make too many dubious claims? Did Bush try and fail again to improperly link 9/11 with the Iraq War quagmire? Juan Cole presents facts to balance the many misleading comments Bush made during his televised address from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, last night.


'Lessons of Sept. 11' Again Take Center Stage

One year after the transfer of power in Iraq, President Bush found himself in a familiar, if unsettling, position last night, as he sought to reinvigorate public support for his policies in the face of almost daily suicide bombings and continued U.S. casualties that have called into question whether the administration has a workable strategy for success and exit there.


Terror Policies Draw Outrage at Home and Abroad

The George W. Bush administration's policies on indefinite detention and ”extraordinary rendition” are coming under heavy fire from a number of institutions and organizations, including the United Nations, Amnesty International, and members of the U.S. Congress itself.


Mr. Bush on Iraq

PRESIDENT BUSH sought last night to bolster slipping public support for the war in Iraq by connecting it, once again, to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and to the war against terrorism. That connection is not spurious, even if Saddam Hussein was not a collaborator of al Qaeda: Clearly Iraq is now a prime battlefield for Islamic extremists, and success or failure there will do much to determine the outcome of the larger struggle against them. But Mr. Bush didn't explain how a war meant to remove a tyrant believed to wield weapons of mass destruction turned into a fight against Muslim militants, a transformation caused in part by his administration's many errors since Saddam Hussein's defeat more than two years ago. The president also didn't speak candidly enough about the primary mission the United States now has in Iraq, which is not "hunting down the terrorists" but constructing a stable government in spite of Iraq's sectarian divisions and violent resistance from the former ruling elite. It's harder to explain why Americans should die in such a complex and ambitious enterprise than in a fight with international terrorists, but that is the case Mr. Bush most needs to make.


Crude Courage

Oil prices hit a record $60 a barrel this week, inducing that familiar feeling that the world is a prisoner of energy gods beyond its control. Some analysts worry that high prices will eventually bring on a global recession that will shrink demand for a while -- until the next spike begins.


Bush Acknowledges Difficulties, Insisting on Fight to the End

WASHINGTON, June 28 - President Bush set out Tuesday night to reshape perceptions of what is happening in Iraq after months in which the persistent insurgency has undermined public support for the war, provoked signs of a split in his own party and prompted inconsistent statements from administration officials about how soon things might improve.


Transcript of President Bush's Speech

The following is the transcript of President Bush's prepared speech Tuesday night at Fort Bragg, N.C., as provided by CQ Transcriptions, LLC.


President Bush's Speech About Iraq

President Bush told the nation last night that the war in Iraq was difficult but winnable. Only the first is clearly true. Despite buoyant cheerleading by administration officials, the military situation is at best unimproved. The Iraqi Army, despite Mr. Bush's optimistic descriptions, shows no signs of being able to control the country without American help for years to come. There are not enough American soldiers to carry out the job they have been sent to do, yet the strain of maintaining even this inadequate force is taking a terrible toll on the ability of the United States to defend its security on other fronts around the world.


Analysis: Subdued Bush's appeal

There were no jokes, no introduction and no backslapping. What we got was a podium, a blue background and, for 35 minutes, a president reading in a subdued tone from a very carefully prepared script.


NEW ZEALAND: Prime Kiwi Habitat to Be Destroyed by Coal Mine



NEW ZEALAND: Prime Kiwi Habitat to Be Destroyed by Coal Mine

by Forests.org, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc.
June 30, 2005


New Zealand Government Fails to Protect Endangered National Bird

New Zealand's (Aotearoa) national bird is the kiwi and the people call themselves kiwis – yet New Zealand’s state-owned coal mining company plans to destroy prime habitat of the endangered great spotted kiwi with a new open pit coal mine. Solid Energy Coals claims it can kill kiwi under the Coal Mines Act despite the species being "absolutely protected" under the Wildlife Act. As well as being prime habitat for the great spotted kiwi, the proposed coal field is home to a rare land snail, red tussock grasslands, wetlands, and beech forest derived from the ancient supercontinent Gondwana. Two open pit mines, disposal areas and roads and offices will scar some 250 hectares of this distinctive landscape, while fouling natural waterways.

Strangely, the New Zealand government is both funding kiwi restoration projects throughout the country to save them from extinction, while simultaneously promoting coal mining which is destroying prime kiwi habitat. A broad coalition of environmental groups is fighting the mine.

Earlier this year local NGOs and a Maori tribe took Solid Energy to court in order to stop the mine. Solid Energy won but is now suing two of the NGOs for costs totaling $US270,000.

Please take the time to demand that Nippon Steel and Mitsubishi Chemical - two prime customers for the high quality coal - not buy coal derived from the habitat of New Zealand's endangered national bird.


Networked by Forests.org, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc.

G8-Gipfel und Gegenaktivitäten in Schottland

Attac Deutschland


Frankfurt, 30. Juni 2005

* G8-Gipfel und Gegenaktivitäten in Schottland:
* Informationen und Kontaktmöglichkeiten von Attac

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

vom 6. bis 8. Juli findet in Schottland der G8-Gipfel statt. Während die Regierenden der Industriestaaten sich dort für den jüngst beschlossenen kleinen Schuldenerlass feiern werden, kommen im Vorfeld und zur gleichen Zeit viele Menschen nach Schottland, um die Legitimität dieser selbst ernannten Weltregierung in Frage zu stellen und eine wirkliche Lösung der drängenden Probleme - ob Schuldenkrise, Klimawandel oder internationale Besteuerung - zu fordern.

Auch zahlreiche Mitglieder von Attac Deutschland werden mit Bussen oder Fahrgemeinschaften nach Schottland fahren und sich an den Protesten und Gegenveranstaltungen zu beteiligen, überwiegend von Zeltplätzen in Edinburgh und Stirling aus. Als Ansprechpartner für Medien stehen folgende Mitglieder des Attac-Koordinierungskreises zur Verfügung:

- Philipp Hersel, in Schottland vom 1. bis 9. Juli,
Tel. +49-179-6727351, Experte für das Thema Schulden,
wird überwiegend bei den Gegenaktivitäten anwesend sein (Demonstrationen, Gegengipfel).

- Peter Wahl, in Schottland vom 5. bis 8. Juli,
Tel. +49-160-8234377, Experte für das Thema Internationale Steuern, ist offiziell beim Gipfel akkreditiert und steht auch im Pressezentrum für Gespräche zur Verfügung.

- Hugo Braun, in Schottland vom 30. Juni bis 7. Juli, er ist ebenso beim Gipfel akkreditiert und steht Ihnen für Gespräche zur Verfügung. Tel. +49-171-5422515.

In Edinburgh und Umgebung finden in der Zeit vom 1. bis 8. Juli viele Aktionen unterschiedlicher Gruppen statt. Zu den zentralen Aktivitäten, an denen sich auch Attac-Mitglieder beteiligen werden, gehören unter anderem:

* Großdemonstration in Edinburgh unter dem Motto "Make Poverty History" am Samstag, 2. Juli, ab 12 Uhr, Startpunkt: "The Meadows", mehr Informationen unter http://www.makepovertyhistory.org

* Gegengipfel "G8 Alternatives Summit" mit vielen prominenten ReferentInnen am Sonntag, 3. Juli, ab 10 Uhr in Edinburgh, Usher Hall, Queens Hall und Universität. Mehr Infos unter http://www.g8alternatives.org.uk -> Alternative Summit

* Blockade der Faslane Nuclearbasis (nordwestlich von Glasgow) am Montag, 4. Juli, ab 7 Uhr. Mehr Informationen unter http://www.faslaneg8.com/

* Demonstration in oder nach Gleneagles am Mittwoch, 6. Juli, Treffpunkt je nach Gegebenheiten um 12 Uhr am Bahnhof Gleneagles oder zu Fuß ab Camp in Stirling. Mehr Infos: http://www.g8alternatives.org.uk -> Gleneagles Demo

Weitere Informationen und Links rund um den G8 haben wir im Internet unter http://www.attac.de/aktuell/g8-2005.php zusammengestellt. Für Rückfragen stehen wir gern zur Verfügung.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Philipp Hersel, Peter Wahl, Hugo Braun

Sich selbst eine Arbeit geben, statt repressive ALG II-Ermittler

7. bundesweites Treffen der Sozialbündnisse, Organisatoren der Montagsdemonstrationen, Organisationen der sozialen Bewegung, Vertreter der Gewerkschaften am 9. Juli 2005

Es findet am Samstag, 9. Juli, im DGB-Haus in Kassel, Spohrstr. 6-8, von 11:00 bis 17:00 Uhr statt. Für weitere Infos siehe

die Einladung (pdf)

Anfahrtsplan (pdf)

Sich selbst eine Arbeit geben, statt repressive ALG II-Ermittler. Kampagnenvorschlag (pdf)

Protokoll vom Arbeitstreffen am 11.6. in Berlin (pdf)

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 26, Eintrag 19

Ein-Euro-Aktionstag: Bericht vom Spaziergang Nr. 2

Proteste gegen Ein-Euro-Jobs

Frankfurt: Ein-Euro-Aktionstag. Bericht vom Spaziergang Nr. 2 im Juni für eine Fragebogenktion der 1-Eurojobber/innen


Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 26, Eintrag 19

Aktion "AgenturSchluss"

Bericht vom bundesweiten Agenturschluss-Treffen am 4. Juni 05

Die wichtigsten Ergebnisse:

Es gibt eine kleine Redaktionsgruppe für das Projekt "Schwarzbuch A-Amt", die eine Zwischenbilanz zum 2. Januar 2006 herausbringen will. Beiträge zu dieser Broschüre sind willkommen, bitte senden an agentur_schluss@yahoo.com

Nächstes Agenturschluss-Treffen: Samstag, 24. September um 11 Uhr, autonomes zentrum Wuppertal, Markomannenstr.3, 42105 Wuppertal

Die Informationssammlungen gehen weiter, wir erinnern an:
Die Anonyme Umfrage zum Arbeitsamt und zu Ein-Euro-Jobs

und „LabourNet Germany und Aktion Agenturschluss suchen schwarze Schafe“

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 26, Eintrag 19

Volksbegehren gegen Mobilfunk in Bayern mit Signalwirkung für Deutschland

Pressemitteilung von: Baubiologie Regional

Bürgerinitiativen sind voll bei der Sache

Ein Erfolg des Bürgerbegehrens gegen den ungebremsten Ausbau des Mobilfunks wäre für alle Beteiligten ein wichtiges Signal zur Aufbruchstimmung und für die Politiker ein Warnschuss, den Volkeswillen nicht zu unterschätzen.

Entsprechend legen sich alle Bürgerinitiativen in Bayern ins Zeug. Mit Informationsmaterial von der Aktionszentrale in Passau versorgt, werden Bündnisse geschmiedet, Kommunalpolitiker aktiviert, Ärzte und Apotheker eingebunden und möglichst viele Bürger direkt angesprochen. Dazu kommt eine Flut von Handzetteln und Plakaten an Litfassäulen und Strassenlaternen. In den Innenstädten werden Demos abgehalten und Infostände besetzt. Am 5. Juli gibt es in fast allen Kommunen Pressetermine mit prominenten Erstunterzeichnern. All dieser Aufwand ist notwendig, um 10 % von Bayerns Wählern in die Rathäuser zu lotsen und um Unterstützung zu bitten.

Das Volksbegehren verfolgt zwei wesentliche Ziele:

· Einführung eines öffentlichen Genehmigungsverfahrens mit Nachbarschaftsbeteiligung auch für Sendeanlagen unter 10 Metern

· ausdrückliche gesetzliche Festschreibung der Gesundheitsvorsorge im Landesentwicklungsprogramm

Damit soll das willkürliche Vorgehen der Betreiber bei der Standortplanung und der Antennenwildwuchs verhindert werden. Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis UMTS-Sendeantennen in alle Wohngebiete drängen. Diese neue Technik benötigt Basisstationen im Umkreis von 500 Metern. Damit wird in den meisten Fällen der Standort ausserhalb der Wohngegenden nicht mehr ausreichen.

Alle Bürgerinitiativen und sonstigen Aktionsgruppen werden gebeten, ihre geplanten Massnahmen im Mobilfunkforum von Baubiologie Regional einzutragen. Die Aktionen der BI’s von Bayreuth, Lichtenfels, Geretsried und Umgebung sind bereits aufgelistet. Der Link zum Forum: http://www.baubiologie-regional.de/forum3/read.php?f=4&i=164&t=164

Joachim Weise, Baubiologe (IBN)


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Mast group warns phone giant

by Michelle Hunt

Jun 29, 2005, 08:08

Protesters have declared war on a mobile phone giant after city councillors backed their campaign against erecting a towering mast near their Lichfield homes.

Members of Stowe Concerned Residents Against Masts (SCRAM) have vowed to fight until the bitter end to see T Mobile's plans for a 15-metre telecommunications pole in Eastern Avenue scrapped.

The group is one step closer to winning its battle after Lichfield City Council supported its concerns.

Members fear the mast could spark health problems among residents and pupils attending Charnwood County Primary School, Purcell Avenue, and would be an eyesore.

Campaigners have launched a high profile protest in a bid to have the controversial scheme thrown out.

They have taken to the streets to drum up support for their campaign and have now mounted a petition.

The group has also visited 170 houses surrounding the site to encourage people to send letters of objection to Lichfield District Council.

The authority will make a final decision on the scheme next month.

SCRAM Chairman David Brain said he was delighted the group had won the battle and said members would fight until it had also won the war.

"We are very pleased the council has supported our campaign and would have been very shocked if there had been any other decision.

"The site is clearly inappropriate as it is too close to houses and the school. We are determined to fight these plans and will protest until the end."

Mr Brain added: "I would urge people to write to the council highlighting their concerns over this application. We need to leave no doubt of the strength of feeling in the community - we do not want this mast."

Mast fight may go Euro

Yorkshire Post

Joanne Finley

A DOCTOR from Yorkshire who says a mobile telephone mast near her home threatens her and her children's health is considering whether to take her case to the European courts.

Earlier this week Law Lords refused permission for Christine Nunn to appeal to the House of Lords against an Appeal Court ruling in February .

For two years Dr Nunn has been trying to have removed a T-Mobile UK phone mast 120 metres from her home in the village of Bardsey, near Leeds.

Mother-of-three Dr Nunn, believes the T-Mobile mast near The Old Vicarage could trigger the migraines she and her family suffer and will have an adverse affect on property values.

She claims the refusal of a planning inspector to consider her case – because Leeds City Council was a day late in lodging its objections to the mast and planning permission was therefore deemed to have been given by default – has robbed her of her right to a fair hearing.

Last night she said she was considering whether to take the case to Europe and pledged to continue her fight to challenge the legislation.

29 June 2005


Western Daily Express

09:41 - 29 June 2005

All new phone masts should need full planning permission to allow local residents to object to them, West MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, right, insisted yesterday. The Cotswold Conservative told a special Commons debate the Government was not listening to people's concerns over the health and environment implications of telecoms masts.

Masts less than 40ft tall do not need full planning permission.


Fife Today

AN OUTRIGHT ban on mobile 'phone masts being sited on council land has been lifted.

But Fife authority's decision has come too late for anti-mast campaigners in north Glenrothes.

They were angered when a 15-metre-high monopole was erected in Formonthills Road last year.

Irate residents living in the mast's shadow fought a long-running battle with mobile company O2 over the device's position - even trying to block engineers from replacing the mast after it had been taken away for repairs in May.

However, despite the council's vow to remove its moratorium, it appears the Formonthills "eyesore" - as many locals have dubbed it - is here to stay.

Ron Page, chairman of the North Glenrothes Community Council, said he hoped the authority's U-turn would spare other communities the grief north Glenrothes folk had gone through.

"We did ask O2 if they could review the situation and perhaps even put the mast across the road," he told The Gazette.

"They said it had been too expensive to move it and in any case, Fife Council had agreed to where it was sited.

"Hopefully, in the future, the options will increase."

Mr Page added: "These masts do not have to be exactly adjacent to anybody's house.

"It's clear that all the mobile companies and Fife Council's planning department have had their fingers burned by what's happened up at Formonthills Road.

"It's a beacon to future development."

Councillor John Cameron, spokesman for development and planning, admitted there had to be a balance between economic benefits to Fife and the need of the industry to put equipment in appropriate locations.

"We appreciate that many communities across Fife have concerns about the location of telecoms equipment, but with the moratorium lifted, we may now be able to avoid masts being located by roadsides or near houses and put these on more suitable sites at council property instead," he commented.

"If a council site is the best location for equipment to be placed, then officers and councillors will work with the current guidance and policies to make that determination."

The council will receive money from operators whose masts were located on council premises.

Indeed, before the moratorium came into place in 1999, the council received £35,504 in fees each year.

But Councillor Cameron added that this should not be a "determining factor" in any policy or decision made.

A detailed policy will now be developed to help councillors deal with future mast applications concerning council property.

It will aim to avoid issues of equipment being put on schools or other buildings involving residents, members of the public or council staff.

Christine May MSP has welcomed the news of the change of heart by Fife Council.

She said: "This decision has been badly needed, especially in Glenrothes, where the installation of masts has been very contentious.

"In many instances, council-owned land might have been a better location for masts, but, because of the ban these could not be considered.

"Now, all possible sites will be up for assessment, and it may be possible to find locations which are further from homes and less obtrusive but still effective."

29 June 2005

Mobile phone mast go-ahead on appeal

Droitwich Star Advertiser

PLANNING bosses have given the green light to a controversial mobile phone mast despite strong opposition in Droitwich Spa.

An application by Hutchison 3G for permission to erect the mast on the Yew Tree Hill water tower had originally been refused by Wychavon District Council because of its visual impact.

But now planners have said the scheme can go ahead after the company appealed to the Planning Inspectorate, based in Bristol.

Inspectors decided the site satisfies the Government guidelines, and although they were aware of a number of concerns regarding the health effects of the masts, it is the view of the Government that the planning system is not the place for determining health safeguards.

Senior planning officer for Wychavon District Council, Robert Peel said: "Planning officers originally recommended permission be granted because it complied with planning laws but councillors on the planning committee chose to refuse the application, as is their right."

Droitwich Spa Town Council, which is not the planning authority but makes recommendations to the district council, has a policy of recommending refusal of 3G phone masts until more is known about health implications.

The tower is already used as a site for several companies' mobile phone masts but this scheme will be its first 3G mast.

Mayor Richard Morris said: "I feel our planning laws are very outdated if they do not allow us to consider the health and wellbeing of the people in our town as well as the volume of mobile communications on one site.

"I urge people to write to the Deputy Prime Minister and ask for a significant change in the planning laws so they more effectively consider people and not big business."

A spokesman for Hutchison 3G said all their base stations had been shown to work well within the radiation protection guidelines and overall evidence suggested they were unlikely to pose a risk to health.

Omega base stations pose a risk to health. See under:
http://omega.twoday.net/topics/Wissenschaft+zu+Mobilfunk/ and

School masts legal warning

Jun 29 2005

By Neil Elkes, Evening Mail

BIRMINGHAM schools which lease their rooftops for mobile phone masts could face future legal action from sick pupils, it was claimed today.

The city's leading mast activist has slammed the city council for "washing its hands" of the problem by giving school governors the final say on whether masts should be put on their buildings.

Eileen O'Connor, spokeswoman for Seriously Concerned Residents Against Masts, said council chiefs were also throwing temptation at governors who would be allowed to keep at least £5,000-ayear per mast.

Mrs O'Connor said: "This is a cop-out. The councillors are putting themselves in the clear by passing responsibility to the schools.

"When masts are proved unsafe, as I have no doubt they will be, it is the school governors who could face the consequences," she added.

An independent survey of residents found that two-thirds were opposed to masts on or near schools but threequarters said they were an acceptable development to allow the use of phones.

Eileen said: "What we need are limits on all masts." Chairman of a council inquiry into masts, Coun Michael Wilkes, said some schools may prefer to have masts on their own site rather than scattered on private sites around the school.

He argued that by lifting a ban on masts on council-owned buildings, the city was taking control of the issue.

Coun Wilkes said that if the ban continued an equivalent or possibly greater number of masts would be displaced to private land under less stringent conditions.

He said: "We will ensure that governors are provided with an impartial package of information so they can make an informed choice."

Mast looks set to get the green light

Jun 29 2005

Ayrshire Post

SOUTH Ayrshire Council’s planning committee were expected to approve plans for a Vodafone communications mast in Ayr’s Doonholm Road at a meeting on Tuesday.

The 18 metre high mast satisfies guidelines guarding the public from safety issues such as radiation but attracted a handful of objections from local residents.

Concerns were also raised over the proposed mast’s close proximity to The Mote monument.

One resident said: “Purely commercial interests are involved in the siting of this mast not only from the point of view of Vodafone but also presumably from the point of view of the owner of the land who will receive around £8,000 to £10,000 per annum for allowing Vodafone to have a mast on this site.”

Fears were also raised over the effect of a mast on the heavily populated residential area which includes a primary school.

However, the council were expected to approve the plans in accordance with national guidance over safety issues.

Anger over surprise appearance of mast

Aberystwyth Today

A MOBILE phone company which unlawfully put up a mast in Aberystwyth last week has spoken of its plans to put another on top of Bronglais hospital. The movements of Hutchison 3G came to light last week after Llanbadarn councillor Paul James started to investigate concerns of residents. The company erected a 15-metre mast in the yard of Clynderwen and Cardiganshire Farmers store at Parcy-Llyn overnight on Tuesday without planning permission. Cllr James described the company as “midnight commandos,” and their actions as “very cloak and dagger” and officials in Ceredigion County Council’s Planning Department were baffled by the sudden appearance. Hutchison 3G revealed late on Wednesday that they had not applied for planning permission but intended to. A spokesperson for the company also spoke of their plans to erect two other masts in the town, one on the roof of Bronglais Hospital and another on the town’s police station. Verity Stanford of Hutchison 3G said: “The current mast site is a temporary one, but we are hoping to install two permanent masts in the town in the coming months. “The company has acted in a reasonable fashion in order to secure a temporary site in the area, we are submitting a planning application which will allow local residents to put their views on our proposal to the local planning authority.” “A four-metre mast at Bronglais hospital we have planning for and there are plans for another at the police station, which we are in discussions for. “We will be applying for retrospective plan-ning permission on the temporary site. “It is important that we have a mast in the town as our customers currently have a limited service and cannot make data calls in Aberystwyth.” Cllr James responded: “Their actions are not responsible, in fact they are very irresponsible. “There is a lot of skullduggery going on. They are like midnight commandos, coming under the cover of darkness and erecting this mast.” Senior Planning Officer for Ceredigion County Council said of the temporary mast: “This was only brought to our attention on Wednesday. “This is classed as an unauthorised development and we do have powers to remove the mast. An enforcement officer from the council will visit the site and report back to us before a decision is made.” One nearby resident, Ifor Jones, who lives in Maes Mawr spoke of his disgust this week. “They can’t be able to get away with this, I am utterly disgusted. “It is so close to our houses and to Penweddig school, people are just dumb-founded. “It is an eye-sore and then there are the reported health issues. What I want to know is what the affects are in ten years time from living so close to a mast. “I noticed the mast on Wednesday morning and phoned Cllr Paul James immediately, he was down here in seconds.” Cllr James added: “My phone has been ring-ing itself off the hook from angry residents since this mast was put up. “The way it has been done it’s very underhanded. “I have spoken to the Farmers’ store and they seemed to be under the impression that Hutchison 3G had planning permission for this. “The people of Maes Mawr have had to put up with a lot, from boy racers to this, it has been hell for them. “I hope the mast is brought down so that we have a level playing field. Hutchison seem to have the upper hand at the moment.” Chief Executive of County Stores Keith Gosney said: “The situation with us is simple. “We were approached by Hutchison 3G and we said it was fine to put up a mast on our land, so long as they satisfied the local authority’s planning procedures. “There seems to be a misconception on the part of Hutchison in relation to planning rules in Ceredigion. “I can assure people that the mast will remain inactive until a planning decision has been reached.” Spokesman for Bronglais hospital Brian Thomas said: “I can confirm that permission has been granted to erect a telephone mast on the hospital roof. “The frequency Hutchison 3G will run off is outside that of medical equipment and will not cause any disruption.”

Church phone mast plans

Sunderland Today

PLANS to put a 50ft-high mast next to one of Sunderland's most stunning landmarks have been unveiled by mobile phone bosses.

T-Mobile claim there are telephone reception problems in Sunderland city centre, so wants to build a 15-metre high communications mast next to Sunderland Minster.

And it seems church leaders are happy with the plan, which will improve services for phone users with 3G technology – mobiles that allow video conferencing between callers.

Canon Stephen Taylor today calmed fears about the mast plans.
He said: "The mast is not something that is going to block anybody's view of the minster. As I understand, it will look like and function as a flagpole."

If planning permission is approved, the mast would stand next to other flagpoles close to the steps into the minster's grounds and have three antennas inside it.

Mr Taylor said: "I, personally, don't have any problem about the mast and if we all want to use mobile telephone technology then there has to be masts."

T-Mobile was offering the diocese rent for siting the mast, but no sum had been agreed and the money will be ploughed back into church work, said Mr Taylor.

He added he was aware of health issues surrounding masts but said these were still to be proven beyond any doubt.

The minster had followed Church of England guidelines on the application and the Sunderland diocese's advisory committee is still considering T-mobile's bid.

Church neighbour and minster worker Robert Jones, of the Mowbray Alms Houses, said: "I am objecting because it is too close to my front door. I know people say there's no health risks but nobody really knows for sure."

The minster is in councillor Jim Hollern's ward, who said: "I am okay with the plan, it will be partly hidden by trees, health fears are not proven and it is providing a service by giving better receptions."

Omega health fears are proven. See further under: http://www.buergerwelle.de/body_science.html

T-Mobile has two other city centre masts in Sunderland with one in Hendon and one next to the Queen Alexandra Bridge.

29 June 2005

Bürgerprotest gegen UMTS-Antennenmast in Dudenhofen

Gestern habe ich den Grundstückseigentümern Lehr, die eine Metallbaufirma in Dudenhofen betreiben, persönlich dieses anhängende Schreiben zusammen mit 314 Unterschriften, gegen die bereits begonnene Errichtung einer Funksende- und Empfangsanlage (Basisstation) übergeben.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Reinhard Burck, Am Schäferseck 3, 67373 Dudenhofen, Tel. privat: 06232/98566

Reinhard Burck, Betriebsrat, In den Waldstücken 2, 76829 Landau, DEUTSCHLAND
Tel.: +49 6341 590-219, Fax: +49 6341 590-220, reinhard.burck@wwk-druck.de

Bürgerinitiative gegen Mobilfunk-Anlagen in Dudenhofen
Reinhard Burck, Am Schäferseck 3, 67373 Dudenhofen
Ursula Krammer, Goethestraße 31, 67373 Dudenhofen

29. Juni 2005

Lehr R. und Sohn
- persönlich -
Am Gewerbering 9
67373 Dudenhofen

Errichtung einer Funksende- und Empfangsanlage (Basisstation) durch die Vodafone D2 GmbH auf ihrem Grundstück in Dudenhofen, Landauer Straße 14-16

Sehr geehrte Herren Lehr,

im Namen der über 300 Unterzeichner der Unterschriftenaktion gegen die Errichtung einer „UMTS-Antenne“, fordern wir sie als Eigentümer des Grundstücks in der Landauer Straße 14-16 auf, wegen der nicht zu unterschätzenden Risiken und den möglichen gesundheitlichen Beeinträchtigungen für die Anwohner, auf die Installation der „Mobilfunkanlage“ auf ihrem Grundstück zu verzichten.

Da nach derzeitigem Kenntnisstand nach wie vor die Verträglichkeit der elektromagnetischen Felder, die durch die Mobilfunkanlagen hervorgerufen werden nicht einwandfrei geklärt sind, halten wir den Standort in der Landauer Straße 14-16, der mitten in einem Wohngebiet und in unmittelbarer Nähe der Seniorenwohnanlage St. Sebastian u. dem Kindergarten St. Kunigunde liegt, für nicht akzeptabel.

Wir werden bei unseren Bedenken unterstützt durch Umweltexperten, Baubiologen und Ärzte, die schon lange vor den Risiken warnen.

Auch die 1200 Ärzte, die den „Freiburger Appell“ vom Oktober 2002 unterzeichneten, haben beanstandet, dass die Mobilfunktechnik ohne Gesundheitsverträglichkeitsprüfung flächendeckend eingeführt wurde. Die Beweise für die Risiken dieser Technik und für eine wachsende Zahl von Betroffenen nehmen in erdrückendem Maße zu (siehe Leukämiefälle in Spanien 2002, schwedische Studie von 2002 über Hirntumore, aktuelle REFLEX-Studie zu Zellschäden, TNO-Studie über kognitive Effekte - insbesondere durch UMTS-Frequenzen). In einschlägigen Studien zeigte sich eine bisher nicht bekannte beunruhigende Verkürzung der so genannten Latenzzeit bis zum Auftreten eines Tumors nach Expositionsbeginn.

Durch die Bestrahlung mit gepulsten Mikrowellen, wie sie im Mobilfunk verwendet werden, können Gefahren für die Gesundheit der betroffenen Anwohner im Umkreis von mehreren hundert Metern entstehen. Darauf wird in zahlreichen Untersuchungen von Ärzten und Wissenschaftlern immer wieder hingewiesen. Auch die Deutsche Akademie für Kinderheilkunde und Jugendmedizin sprach sich im Jahr 2000 gegen die Installation von Mobilfunkanlagen in der Nachbarschaft von Kindergärten, Krankenhäusern und Seniorenwohnanlagen aus.

Wir bitten sie deshalb ihre Entscheidung zu überdenken und rückgängig zu machen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Reinhard Burck Ursula Krammer

Anlage: Kopien der 15 Unterschriftenlisten

Treason by the highest court of the District of Columbia


Without the right to private property ownership, and the control of it without government interference, there is no liberty or freedom. This is, of course, referring to the opinion by the justices in Kelo v. City of New London (Connecticut). Liberty -- freedom -- means to not be under government control. In understanding this travesty against justice and America, we must understand that the United States Supreme Court is not the one supreme Court created by the Constitution in Article III. It is a municipal court created solely for the District of Columbia ...


from Liberty For All, by Ed Lewis

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Rove's speech in the context of McCarthyism


In the 1950s, the right wing attacked liberals for being Communists. In 2005, Karl Rove has attacked liberals for being therapists. Thus is born a kinder and gentler form of McCarthyism. ... The McCarthyites' real enemies were not Communists but the New Deal liberals who had dominated American politics for 20 years. The McCarthy crowd was willing to divide the nation at a time of grave international peril if that's what it took to beat the liberals. Rove's instantly famous speech last week to the New York state Conservative Party should be read in light of this history and not be written off as a cheap, one-time partisan attack. On the contrary, the address by Rove, President Bush's most important adviser, provides the outlines of a sophisticated strategy aimed at making liberals and Democrats all look soft on terrorism...


from Minneapolis Star Tribune, by E.J. Dionne Jr.

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

A bloodless coup in America


After carefully laying the groundwork over a period of years, a radical wing of the Republican party is now in the process of pulling off a bloodless coup. Their mission, which has been quietly in progress over the past five years, is to steal complete and permanent control of the United States government. ... A hostile takeover of the United States government is underway, and it's happening from inside the capitol. But you don't need to join the resistance that, no doubt, will soon be marching on Washington. No arms need to be taken up, and no blood needs to be shed. All that needs to happen is for each one of us to stand up, right here, right now -- stand up for what is right, and dare to speak the truth. It won't be the whimper of one voice, but the roar of many that finally topples this unholy gang of thugs who want to steal America from us...


from Unknown News, by Carol Rawle

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Eminent domain, and the making of a citizen politician


Some might think that I am naive in this, but it is my belief that this may be the issue that unites liberals and conservatives -- Democrats and Republicans, greens and libertarians, and all the other political groups that vie for dominance. After all, everybody believes in the right, and millions experience the delight, of property ownership in America. Now, because of the desire to create and legislate from the bench as the courts are wont to do these days, nobody need only fear the WalMart-type corporations taking over their towns and cities. The courts have now made it possible for a single individual with local political pull and a future-tax revenue projection to come in and usurp one of hearth and home...


from Intellectual Conservative, by Vincent Fiore

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Supremes play party game with Ten Commandments


There's a children's party game [sometimes called 'telephone'], in which one child is given a phrase or a story, who then whispers it to a second, in turn to a third and so on. The fun in the game is to see how wildly divergent the final phrase or story is from the original. Not so amusingly, that children's game is an apt metaphor for the U.S. Supreme Court's jurisprudence, particularly on religious expression cases such as those decided on Monday. In this instance, the beginning point is what the Constitution actually says about religion, which is: 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.' That's rather clear: Religious expression and practice should be neither compelled nor suppressed...


from Arizona Republic, by Robert Robb

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Uninformed expropriation


If you were told the government could take your real property and give it to another preferred, private person, would you be more or less prone to make improvements on your property? If you were a clear-thinking person with a basic knowledge of economics, you would reply, 'less prone.' Unfortunately, five U.S. Supreme Court justices -- David Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, John Paul Stevens and Anthony Kennedy -- failed that elementary question last week in Kelo v. City of New London. Many others have commented on their faulty legal reasoning. ... But clearly, the decision was bad economics. ... The American Founding Fathers also understood the importance of the protection of private property. So here we have five members of the court who get an 'F' both in economics and history...


from Washington Times, by Richard W. Rahn

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

A man's home is Uncle Sam's castle


Possession may be nine-tenths of the law, but not when the law wants your possessions. This past Thursday was a dark day for freedom in America, as the Supreme Court once again proved that its contempt for the Constitution is only matched by its willingness to court communism. In a ruling that struck a blow for the powerful at the expense of the little guy, the Court ruled that states had the right to use the principle of eminent domain to seize private property for commercial development. ... At issue was the case of Kelo vs. New London, involving hapless homeowners who have been forced to fight a city hall that wants to seize their land for the ostensibly noble purpose of 'public use.' And what, pray tell, would this public use be? Answer: to pave the way for different private entities -- in this case rich developers -- to build a hotel, health club and office buildings...


from Sierra Times, by Selwyn Duke

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

It’s about Osama


So let's try to get this straight. We invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, except he didn't, and because he was tied in to the attacks of September 11, except he wasn't. We're staying in Iraq, President Bush said Tuesday night, because terrorists with the same ideology as those behind 9-11 have congregated there since we arrived. Iraq is now the 'central front' in the war on terrorism, the president said. And just how did it become that? Whatever the ghastly defects of Hussein's Iraq, it was not a playground for terrorists. There was no terror in the old Iraq but Hussein's own, which was a nightmare for his own citizenry, but not a threat to ours. Now, Bush argued, Iraq is in danger of becoming something it never was -- the equivalent of Afghanistan under the Taliban. But it's Bush's war that transformed the country and created that threat...


from The American Prospect, by Harold Meyerson

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Origin of the specious


In wars, even cultural ones, it is crucial to know the opposition -- their strategies, their theories, their deceptions. Mark R. Levin's 'Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America,' a New York Times best-seller, is a right-wing debaters' manual that furnishes rhetoric to Tom DeLay, Bill Frist and their cohorts as they campaign to revamp the federal judiciary in their own image. ... But it is the chapter titles that set the table with raw meat: 'Radicals in Robes,' 'Socialism from the Bench,' 'Al Qaeda Gets a Lawyer,' 'Justices in the Bedroom,' etc. Levin's thesis: Good judges ... are originalists [who] 'look to the text of the Constitution and the intent of the framers when deciding a constitutional question.' Activist judges, on the other hand, 'see their role limited only by the boundaries of their imaginations,' and 'they substitute their will for the judgment of deliberative bodies'...


from In These Times, by Stephen J. Fortunato Jr.

Taking Souter's house under Kelo: Judicial Usurpation


Is it a bad idea to retaliate against judges who make bad decisions? No, not at all. Professor Barnett would not punish a judge for 'the good faith exercise of his duty,' but that's meaningless. No judge is going to say something like 'I ruled this way not because that is what the Constitution says but because I like big government,' or, to take a very common case, 'I ruled this way not because that is what the Constitution says but because I personally am against the death penalty.' High court judges violate their oaths of office that way all the time, and they ought to be punished for it...


from Rasmusen, by Eric Rasmusen

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Big government business


Last week's Supreme Court ruling in Kelo v. New London should indeed be alarming to all homeowners and business owners, who have now learned that they'll own their property only as long as their local government thinks they should. But it should also serve to further demonstrate that the economic agenda of Big Business is the same as the agenda of the American Left: bigger government and central management of the economy. The media like to portray big business as lobbying to be free of government intrusion, with regulators and lawmakers acting to curb these free-market cowboys. In truth, Big Business wants the government to be bigger. Much of big business's work on K Street is to give the government more control over the economy. This ruling on eminent domain is just another win for the unholy alliance of Big Business and Big Government...


from The American Spectator, by Timothy P. Carney

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush's Iraq speech falls flat


While Republicans voiced strong support for the president, it was the growing unrest in their ranks, as well as the rapid loss of support in the public-opinion polls, that persuaded the White House that a major new public relations effort was necessary to save the policy. Even then, Republicans interviewed after the speech admitted that the administration had a serious problem, only allayed partially by Bush's solemn tone, of reconciling its official optimism with the day-to-day news of rising casualties among both U.S. troops and Iraqi citizens, after a brief hiatus following last January's elections. More than 1,700 U.S. soldiers have died in the Iraqi conflict, more than half of them since the formal return to Iraqi sovereignty one year ago, an occasion that Bush's speech Tuesday was intended to mark. As noted by the Post Wednesday, the number of car bombings in Iraq has risen from 18 in June 2004 to 135 last month...


from AntiWar.Com, by Jim Lobe

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Same as it ever was, but different


I have to profess a certain grudging admiration for the President and his administration. I used to think that he was just out-Clintoning Bill Clinton, but I've come to understand that his approach is significantly different. When Clinton stepped on his own crank, he followed up with a trench-warfare defensive strategy: Begin with a denial; wag the dog a bit (usually by bombing Iraq); slowly retreat to a 'mistakes were made' position; and, finally, hole up in the impenetrable keep of 'let's move on'ism and skulk there until everyone got tired enough of the whole thing to find another issue du jour. Bush emulates Sherman instead: He begins with a denial, too, but then he cuts loose from his supply lines and moves forward past whatever's in the way, burning as he goes. ... Instead of hunkering down and trying to blunt the assault, he moves ahead, fast, and never, ever ever admits that he's going in a different direction than he was five minutes ago...


from Kn@ppster, by Thomas L. Knapp

If it's property they want, it's property they'll get


With five swift strokes of their collectivist pens, the Supreme Court overturned nearly a millennium of tradition and common law with respect to private property ownership. In Kelo v. New London, the justices decided that not only may the government apply eminent domain in order to construct government roads and buildings, but they may now boot you out of your house if Wal-Mart or the local land developer wants your property. In so doing, they have granted special status to the feudal lords of the 21st century, namely major corporations, development companies and local government fiefdoms -- reverting our system of property ownership back to the dark ages...


from The Free Liberal, by Stephen Gordon

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Muslim sues Homeland Security for delays


A U.S.-born Muslim who says he was unjustly detained and questioned at customs checkpoints has sued the Department of Homeland Security over the 'degrading process.' In the complaint filed in Chicago federal court, Akifur Rahman said customs agents held him for several hours on four occasions since March 2004 while he was re-entering the country from abroad, even though he had proper identification...


from CNN

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

"No-fly" procedures still plague air travelers


Thousands of airline travelers a day are wrongfully identified as being on the government’s 'no fly' list of known or suspected terrorists due to the failings of the airline industry’s pre-screening process, experts told a congressional panel Wednesday. Meanwhile, the government system intended to take over that screening process is so underfunded it might not get off the ground, a government official warned...


from MSNBC

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush OKs shake-up of spy agencies


President Bush granted the new national intelligence chief expanded power over the FBI on Wednesday and ordered dozens of other spy agency changes as the White House heeded a presidential commission that condemned the intelligence community for failures in Iraq and elsewhere. But almost as soon as the details were unveiled, the White House was defending itself against suggestions that the moves were simply adding more bureaucracy without making changes that could have prevented misjudgments like those made on Iraq...


from Indianapolis Star

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Forderung nach totalem Haftungsausschluss vertreibt die Deutsche Funkturm GmbH

Ammersbek: Funkturm wird nicht gebaut

Hartnäckig: Forderung nach totalem Haftungsausschluss vertreibt den Investor.

Von Alexander Sulanke

Ammersbek - Der auf dem Fußballplatz am Schäferdresch geplante Mobilfunkmast (wir berichteten) wird doch nicht gebaut. Die Deutsche Funkturm, eine hundertprozentige Tochter der Deutschen Telekom, hat die Verhandlungen mit dem Ammersbeker Bürgermeister Axel Bärendorf (47) über den Standort auf gemeindeeigenem Grund und Boden für gescheitert erklärt. Offenbar rückt das Unternehmen nun sogar ganz von seinem ursprünglichen Plan ab, im Bereich Schäferdresch/Rehagen einen Antennenträger für Mobilfunksender zu bauen.

Die Anwohner in dem Ammersbeker Ortsteil können also aufatmen. Aus Angst vor ihrer Ansicht nach gesundheitsschädlichen Strahlen hatten sie gegen den Turmbau protestiert, seit das Thema im Spätsommer vergangenen Jahres spruchreif geworden war.

Doch wie ist in Ammersbek gelungen, was sich die Menschen auch in anderen Kommunen wünschen - oft vergebens? Offenbar hat die Taktik des Bürgermeisters mehr Früchte getragen als er sich jemals selbst erhofft hätte. Die Taktik nämlich, sich auf einen konstruktiven Dialog mit den Turmbauern einzulassen und dabei hartnäckig darauf bedacht zu sein, jeglichen Schaden und jegliches Risiko von der Gemeinde fernzuhalten.

Als Akquisiteure der Hamburger Firma Vivento Technicals GmbH im Auftrag der Deutschen Funkturm am 18. August vergangenen Jahres erstmals in Ammersbek vorstellig werden, ist Bärendorf nicht begeistert, bietet aber seine Hilfe bei der Suche eines Standortes an. Seine damalige Devise: Verhindern kann die Gemeinde einen Funkmast nicht. Also gestaltet sie mit. Denn Antennenträger gelten als privilegierte Bauvorhaben. Das heißt: Liegt eine Standortbescheinigung vor, ein Attest gewissermaßen, dass die Richtwerte der Bundesimmissionsschutzverordnung eingehalten werden, muss einem Bauantrag ohne Rücksicht auf die Befindlichkeiten in der betroffenen Gemeinde zugestimmt werden.

Mit knapper Mehrheit billigt die Gemeindevertretung Bärendorfs Vorschlag, den Fußballplatz als Standort anzubieten. Bei der Ausgestaltung eines Vertrags kann Ammersbek als Partner mitwirken. Dem Bürgermeister ist wichtig, dass die Gemeinde von niemandem haftbar gemacht werden kann. Deshalb fügt er in den Vertragsentwurf Paragraph 7a ein, der da lautet: "Der Pächter stellt den Verpächter von allen Ansprüchen Dritter, die sich aus dem Bau, dem Betrieb oder dem Rückbau sowie sonst aus der Nutzung der Pachtsache ergeben, frei."

Für die Deutsche Funkturm ist das zuviel. Sie streicht den generellen Haftungsausschluss. In den verklausulierten Vertragstext, der der Ahrensburger Zeitung auszugsweise vorliegt, lässt sie einfügen, dass die Deutsche Funkturm "lediglich im Rahmen und im Umfang ihres Versicherungsschutzes" hafte. Wie hoch der ist, will die Deutsche Funkturm auf Anfrage nicht beantworten. "Vertragsinhalte kommunizieren wir nicht öffentlich", sagt Sprecherin Corinna Kielwein (29).

Außerdem sieht die von der Deutschen Funkturm vorgeschlagene Haftungsklausel vor, dass Ammersbek im Falle eines Schadens vor Gericht ziehen müsste, um Ansprüche gegen den Turmbetreiber geltend zu machen. Nach Auskunft der Deutschen Funkturm sind das standardisierte Vertragsklauseln, auf die sich alle Vertragspartner einließen. Nicht so der Ammersbeker Bürgermeister. Bärendorf: "Ich will in kein Gerichtsverfahren hineingezogen werden, und ich will mich nicht mit Versicherungen herumschlagen müssen. So einfach ist das."

Theoretisch könnte die Deutsche Funkturm nun versuchen, für irgendein Privatgrundstück in der Nähe ihre Vertragsbedingungen durchzusetzen. Doch das Interesse scheint verflogen. Sprecherin Corinna Kielwein: "So, wie es aussieht, wird es keinen Funkturm geben."

erschienen am 29. Juni 2005

Copyright © 2005 Hamburger Abendblatt


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim


Matt Taibbi on the troubles with military recruitment, and the possible "solution." (NB: some crude language.)


Informant: Lew Rockwell

Wag the Dog

The movie that explains US foreign policy.

Informant: Lew Rockwell

War? What war?


Informant: Lew Rockwell

The Armstrong Williams NewsHour


Informant: Lew Rockwell

Bush Is Right to Link 9/11 With Iraq


Military thinkers vs. Bush


Bush & Co.: the ultimate relativists


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Government Of The Ignorant, By The Ignorant And For The Ignorant


Informant: Neo Mulder

Pressearbeit kurz vor und während der heißen Phase des Volksbegehrens "Gesundheitsvorsorge beim Mobilfunk"

An alle
Vorsitzenden, Aktionskreissprecher,
unterstützende BN-Kreis- und Ortsgruppen,
Bürgerinitiativen und weiterer Verteiler

Textvorschläge für die lokale Pressearbeit in der heißen Volksbegehren-Phase

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

kurz vor dem Start der Eintragungszeit für das Volksbegehren "Gesundheitsvorsorge beim Mobilfunk" empfehlen wir Ihnen noch folgende Aktivitäten:

1. ab jetzt: Pressemitteilung "kurz vor dem Start" (s.u.)

2. am ersten Eintragungstag: Erstunterzeichner-PM (siehe Aktionsleitfaden)

3. PM "Krank oder verreist - wie kann man sich trotzdem eintragen?"

4. Muster-Bürgerantrag - jetzt einreichen!
Entweder mit Unterschriftenliste (Anhang) oder durch Mandatsträger! Bitte Presse informieren!
siehe unter: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/804408/

Außerdem schicken wir Ihnen während der Eintragungszeit an folgenden Tagen gegen 11.30 Uhr Zwischenstandsmeldungen vom Vortag:

6.7. // 8.7. // 12.7. // 14.7. // 15.7. // 17.7.

Textvorschläge für kommentierende PM anläßlich dieser Stichtagsdaten finden Sie ebenfalls im Aktionsleitfaden, der Ihnen vorliegen müßte und auf unseren halb nichtöffentlichen Seiten unter http://www.gesundheitsvorsorge-mobilfunk.de/werbung abrufbar ist.

Den vielen Unterstützern, die jetzt täglich neben den Flugblättern auch Hintergrundinformationen zum Thema Mobilfunk haben wollen, schicken wir eine gut gemachte 16-seitige Broschüre des Umweltinstituts München e.V. Sie können diese unter http://www.umweltinstitut.org einsehen und bei größerem Bedarf direkt dort bestellen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Urban Mangold

zu 1 . gebrauchsfertige Muster-PM kurz vor dem Start (bitte lokalisieren!)

Am Dienstag beginnt die Eintragungszeit für das Mobilfunk-Volksbegehren

Initiatoren wollen öffentliche Genehmigungsverfahren mit Nachbarschaftsbeteiligung statt Nacht- und Nebelaktionen

xy: "Wer keinen Mobilfunksender vor seinem Schlafzimmer will, kann jetzt sein Mitspracherecht sichern!"

Am Dienstag (5.7.) beginnt die Eintragungszeit für das Volksbegehren "Gesundheitsvorsorge beim Mobilfunk". "Sendemasten sollen den Bürgern nicht mehr in Nacht- und Nebelaktionen vor die Schlafzimmer gestellt werden können", formuliert xy, der Dorfhausener Volksbegehrensprecher das Ziel. xy betont aber, dass sich "die Initiative nicht grundsätzlich gegen Mobilfunk richtet". "Durch öffentliche Genehmigungsverfahren mit Nachbarschaftsbeteiligung und kommunale Vorsorgeplanungen sollen vielmehr unproblematischere Standorte ausgewählt und die Strahlenbelastung deutlich reduziert werden. Die Mobilfunkbetreiber sollen ihre Sendemasten nicht länger hinstellen können, wo sie wollen", fordert xy.

Inzwischen wird das Volksbegehren von einem breiten Bündnis unterstützt. Neben der ödp und den Wähler Bayern sind auch der Bund Naturschutz und der Anbauverband Bioland mit im Boot, außerdem die Kreisverbände von Partei A und Partei B, die Intiative ... , landesweit 650 Ärzte und Apotheker, zahlreiche Bürgerinitiativen und sogar 116 bayerische Bürgermeister.

Das Volksbegehren ist aber nur erfolgreich, wenn sich vom 5. bis 18. Juli zehn Prozent der Wahlberechtigten in den Rathäusern eintragen. Sollte das Begehren diese Hürde überspringen, müssen künftig die Nachbarn vor der Installation von Sendemasten informiert und ihre Einwendungen gehört werden. Außerdem kann die Kommune in Vorsorgeplanungen Tabuzonen und unproblematische Standorte festlegen. xy: "Wir müssen jetzt handeln. Denn die vielen Hinweise auf die gesundheitsgefährdende Wirkung der Mobilfunkstrahlung (Erbgutschäden, Krebs ...) verdichten sich zu Beweisen. Trotzdem will die Mobilfunkindustrie auch im Landkreis ....... weitere Sendemasten ohne Bürgerbeteiligung aufstellen wie zum Beispiel in ................... . xy: "Wer sich sein Mitspracherecht dagegen sichern will, sollte vom 5. bis 18. Juli unterschreiben ".

Informationen können unter 0851/931171 angefordert oder im Internet unter http://www.gesundheitsvorsorge-mobilfunk.de abgerufen werden.

zu 3. PM "Krank oder verreist - wie kann man sich trotzdem eintragen?" (bitte lokalisieren, am besten kurz nach dem 5.7.)

Pressemitteilung vom ...

Beim Volksbegehren verreist oder erkrankt?

So können Sie sich trotzdem eintragen:
Bei dem vom 5. bis 18. Juli laufenden Volksbegehren "Gesundheitsvorsorge beim Mobilfunk" gibt es keine Briefwahl. Das Innenministerium läßt dies gemäß Landeswahlordnung nicht zu. Der Gang zum Rathaus ist demnach erforderlich. Trotzdem können Bürger, die innerhalb Bayerns verreist sind oder denen wegen Alter und Krankheit der Weg zum Rathaus ihres Wohnortes nicht zuzumuten ist, das Volksbegehren mit einem sogenannten Eintragungsschein unterstützen. Dieser kann bei der Gemeinde zwar nicht telefonisch, jedoch formlos per Post, Fax oder eMail unter Angabe des Grundes beantragt werden. Auch eine persönliche Abholung ist möglich.

Mit diesem Eintragungsschein kann man sich dann in jeder anderen Gemeinde Bayerns in die Unterschriftenliste eintragen, außerhalb Bayerns jedoch nicht. Kranke und gebrechliche Menschen können mit dem Eintragungsschein eine Hilfsperson beauftragen, die die Eintragung im Eintragungsraum stellvertretend und unter Vorlage eines Ausweises übernimmt.

Bürgerantrag zum Thema Mobilfunk gem. Art. 18 b Gemeindeordnung


Nachricht von Urban Mangold

Bush creates National Security Service


Informant: Kev Hall

Debate over Vaccines, Autism Continues



California Farmers Clean Up Using Solar Power


Bush at Fort Bragg - fear-mongering, lies and desperation


Informant: Friends


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