There is already proof of adverse effects

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Dear Stacy,

My sincere apologies! I was interrupted, and when I came back I had somehow inadvertently sent your email without signing it. I am really sorry. Here is the finished, signed email and the premature email forwarded.

Very sincerely,

Gill Lyden

Dear Stacy,

Thankyou for your reply to my email. I hear that there is a difference between emissions from television, computers and other electrical appliances; the difference being that the latter are not pulsed and those from base stations are pulsed at a rate dangerously close to waves from our brains.

There have been 3 cases of stroke near the Orange mast in Kensworth and one 51 yr old man had a severe heart attack/stroke in late summer 2004 100 metres from mast (his wife and a lady living opposite [who also has insomnia and headaches] have reaised white bloodcell count for which their doctors can find no explanation. (See 'The Pandora Document' re: American Embassy in Tchaikovsky Street Moscow in 60s and 70s.)

One man about 20 metres from the mast had a stroke on first activation of the mast in September 2001 and a severe stroke at the end of April 2002 when the mast was turned on again after a period of inactivity he is now disabled.

Two pets have died after suffering restlessness, sometimes meowing or howling in apparent pain, the symptoms coinciding with activation of the mast. The cat was operated on for a tumour in the throat, was never able to eat properly again and died last year; the dog had small growths all over its paws and neck and died within a year of the mast's arrival. Both animals refused food and kept throwing up orange vomit (they were 16 to 30 metre from th mat).

Other animals up to 100 metres from the mast have also developed tumours on paws.

If you have seen this document, you have read about the scientific tests which proved beyong doubt that emissions from the Transmitter inSchwarzenburg had caused all the suffering endured by residents for around 30 years. The fact that melatonin was found to be reduced in animals and humans is quite enough explanation for people near emissions to have developed benign tumours; sarcomas etc. as without it the tcelss which kill off mutated cells are not activated and therefore anyone with a propensity through genes to develop cancer is likely to do so.

Why are you ignoring this and when will your team and other experts insist on bringing this to the attention of our blinkered government?

(This should have been the ending of my email to you). There is plenty of evidence now in the public domain which proves that EMR frequency emissions cause similar symptoms and damage to health wherever they have effects, not least the list of the most usual and basic symptoms of Chronic insomnia and headaches; nausea and vertigo; earache and tinnitus; sore bloodshot eyes; nosebleeds; rashes etc.

There is evidence in the book by Paul Brodeur, 'The Zapping of America' for instance, that thermal emissions (microwaves) alone can cause cataracts to develop in certain circumstances (Dr. Milton Zaret, 1960s, an opthalmologist and clinical associate professor of opthalmology at the New York University, Chapter 5. pages 54 to 65) and that:-

Page 52- Dr. Allan Frey (a biophysicist doing research into the effects of microwaves upon the nervous system at Cornell University for the GEC and for the Office of Naval Research in America in the 1960s) noted that (Page 51, depending on the width of the pulse and its rate of repetition), radio-frequency sound was perceived as buzzing, ticking, hissing or knocking; ( See; 'tinnitus' suffered by residents of Kensworth) that it could be induced several hundred feet from an antenna the instant the antenna's transmitter was turned on; that it could occur at average power densities far below the (in those days 'safe' American level) ten milliwatt level"; could be perceived by people who were blindfolded and people who were deaf and that it always seemed to come from within or a short distance behind the head.";

I hope you and the Essex Team will do everything you can to prevent the injustice of forcible positioning of masts too close to habitation and to note the suffering of those heroes, who knowing the damage that can be done to their health, still volunteer to be 'zapped' in your laboratory as well as suffering in their own homes in the hope that the evidence you collect will be used to prevent: A) Masts being erected too close to homes and B) Phone companies from encouraging children to use mobile phones. Yours sincerely,

Gillian Lyden.


Here's the answer to my email. They are not committing themselves to any discussion.

Best regards,

Gill Lyden

Dear Gill,

Many thanks for your comments and observations. If you would like to learn more about our research protocol please follow this link: http://www.essex.ac.uk/psychology/EHS/pages/phase_2.htm

Kind regards, Denise Wallace

EH Study Professor Elaine Fox Professor Riccardo Russo Dr. Stacy Eltiti Denise Wallace Konstantina Zougkou Electromagnetics and Health Laboratory Department of Psychology University of Essex Wivenhoe Park CO4 3SQ Telephone: 01206-87-3784

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