Cell Towers and Health Risks to School Children

Message from Don Maisch:

I got your e-mail address from Milt Bowling of Vancouver, B.C. I'm a health policy analyst and parent of kids in the Fairfax Co., Virginia (Washington, D.C. area) school system. I began investigating the health risks of cell phones and cellular transmission antennas at the beginning of the year. I am very concerned about the mass-marketing of cell phones to kids and placement of cell towers near schools and homes.

In our county, the school board has entered the cellular business by signing contracts with the wireless industry to site cell towers and rooftop antennas at schools. Together with another parent, I began a group called Protect Schools. We set up a web site to help educate the public about the health risks of wireless technology and to try to convince the school board to get out of bed with the wireless industry and stop putting our kids at risk. Surprisingly, when one examines the deal closely, the school system may actually be losing money on it!

Milt said that you have a mailing list providing information about RF health effects. The piece you did on cell phones and kids in the Journal of Australasian College of Nutritional & Evironmental Medicine is one of the best I've read about cell phones and kids and I have been passing copies of it out for months. Thanks for writing it.

Please check out our web site:

We welcome any suggestions/comments.

Karl Polzer
Health Policy Analysis/Research
Co-founder, Protect Schools



Cell Towers and Health Risks to School Children

We are parents of children attending schools in Fairfax County, Virginia. We've established this web site because we have become very concerned about Fairfax County Public Schools' contracts with Milestone Communications and cellular telephone companies to build wireless transmission facilities on school grounds. So far, cellular monopoles have been erected at six schools and many more are in the works. By entering this commercial venture, the school system is exposing children to increased levels of radiofrequency/microwave radiation from cellular antennas. This issue is of concern to all people living in Fairfax County who want schools to maintain a safe learning environment for all students.

Our concerns are based on research that shows biological effects and potential health impacts near cellular towers. We don't think the schools' commercial venture with Milestone and cellular telephone companies is a wise policy. It is not worth the risk to our kids' health and capacity to learn, especially for the relatively small amount of money the school system is receiving in return. With this web site we would like to share information about this issue and provide a forum for further discussion and action.

Our Protect Schools Coalition is growing and includes people from a variety of backgrounds, including parents of kids whose schools are directly targeted for cell towers. Please sign our Petition.

Under this deal, Milestone and the school system actively market schools as sites for cellular transmission facilities. Virtually all county schools are candidates.


Go to the web site http://www.protectschools.org/ for more.

Schools & Cellular Antennas


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