Hidden Church masts - A church in Edinburgh refused Vodafone permission to erect a 3g mast on the church

The local paper in Oxford (Oxford Times) has run a big story this w/e about a proposal from QS4 acting for Vodaphone and O2 to put a hidden mast inside a church tower in N. Oxford. The story only came to light because they need planning permission because the church is a listed building. It says in the report that Lincoln college recently put a mast disguised as a tree up in their sports ground, first we had heard of that. If they don't need planning permission then low level masts can be stuck up anywhere. Frighteneing.

Chris Gretton for QS4 was quoted as saying 'If it is a case of the mast not going in the OCMS building (church), then it will be built somewhere in the vicinity. It is possible the masts will take the form of street works - horrible monopoles on the roadside. You will need more of them and they will have to be more highly powered because they are working at ground level.'

What nasty threatening toads these people are.

Ann Furtado


Hi Ann

A couple of points - in addition to Yasmin's suggestion make your church aware of the reasons a church in Edinburgh refused Vodafone permission to erect a 3g mast on the church - St. Martin's Vestry, Dairy Road. Edinburgh

Vodafone offered the church over £100.000 over 15 years but the church said that because a number of residents made it clear they feared the health effects the church wasn't prepared to agree a course of action which would make people feel unsafe in their own homes. The church said they existed to help promote the well being of the community and area in which they are set and in which they witness to the Gospel. The wellbeing of the community was their main focus.

I experienced the same situation in my own community. Hutchison wanted to put a mast on our village Grade 1 listed church. The church eventually refused them permission because the community was against the mast. So Hutchison said well it has to go somewhere so if the church won't have it we will put it as a street lamp solution nearby, that nearby happened to be outside my back bedroom window about 15 meters from my house. Everyone was so outraged by their attitude that we ran a huge campaign and I complained about them absolutely everywhere including the DTI and got organisations like Corporate Watch writing about them. We got rid of them and they eventually got permission 800 meters away in a field 200 meters from the nearest house so give them as good as they give you - they are a disgrace.


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