Depleted uranium victims plead for understanding, help


Depleted uranium victims plead for understanding, help


Informant: Davey Garland

It’s Not Your Imagination if you thought the weather lately is ‘out of whack’

May 22nd 2005


It’s Not Your Imagination…

If you thought the weather lately is ‘out of whack’, you are absolutely correct. Others may go further to say “people have been acting different lately”. This too, may not be off base. The weather is extreme and unusual, and as you will see from the articles below, the words “freak storm” and “record breaking” are used quite often.

Why? Well you know this, but certainly worth mentioning again. It’s the Sun. Always has been throughout history. We are at the beginning of a sharp increase in unstable weather conditions. And guess what? We are right on time… The Earth has seen this many times before and at much greater extremes. Most Earth scientists say we simply have been in a long period of stable conditions which is really more the “exception” rather than the rule.


Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

It’s all about cycles, and although we are the supreme species of the world (although some would argue this point), we have very little to do with climate and weather. Sorry global warmingest, but you’re just not that important. Empirical scientific data from ice core, tree ring, and lake bottom samples spanning thousands and even millions of years show clearly the Earth has seen carbon levels up to hundreds of times higher than anything we can show today. That’s right, there was so-called global warming at much higher levels prior to the invention of fire and the wheel. Actually, prior to any community of humans walking the Earth.

But fear not, your corporate saviors are on the way. Yes, I am saying the very people the global warming regime blames for our changing climate, are the very people who will come forward to announce their new found mission “to fight the evil doers”. In fact Shell Oil is one of the first, BP Oil was not far behind. What I am suggesting, is the very people the global warming regime is fighting, is the institute which is “funding them”.

Who was it that said…”follow the money”?

Using the same game plan as the Bush regime with telling you weapons of mass destruction was the prime reason for invading Iraq, the corporate oil cabal has sucked you into believing global warming caused by fossil fuel and other human pollutants is “the cause” for climate change. This is a “lie”, just as we were lied to about “the mushroom cloud”.

Once again my reminder to those who are anti-pollution. Guess what, so am I.

I am for strict laws on air and water pollution. I do more than most people reading this article to be environmentally responsible. This is our home, and we should be the stewards of our local and world communities. But this has nothing, or very little at best, to do with climate and weather. You have been duped by a very clever Karl Rove style ‘watch the bouncing ball’ technique.

I can only hope a majority of people will wake up and turn their attention to “awareness and preparedness” for the coming extreme earth changing events. It is about cycles, and we are heading into an unstable pattern we have not seen for a long time. But just because ‘we’ have not witnessed such events, does not mean the Earth has not.

Lets take a look at what has occurred in just the last 72 hours…

Record Heat to Continue on Sunday

National Weather Report

An unseasonable strong upper level high pressure system centered over West Texas will bring “record heat” to North Texas again on Sunday. High temperatures will reach the upper 90’s across North Texas with heat index values approaching 105 degrees. These forecasted temperatures should break the daily records for both Dallas/Fort Worth and Waco on Sunday.

Because this is the first episode of hot weather this year, residents are encouraged the reduce outdoor activities. Drink lots of water or other non-alcoholic beverages. Wear light colored-light weight clothing, and if possible spend more time in air conditioned or well ventilated areas.

15,000 Flee as Freak Tide Hits

Australia Broadcast Corporation

In southern India, upwards of 15,000 villagers have been forced to flee their homes, following a freak wave. Small fishing hamlets in Kerala State were flooded by seawater, prompting fears of a tsunami. Sixteen makeshift camps have been established to house the evacuees and fishermen have been warned not to take their boats out to sea. It is unclear at this stage what triggered the high tides.

Freak Storm Shocks Forecasters


Senior forecaster Geoff Doueal said the first and most severe of two storm cells developed in about 10 minutes about 5.30pm (AEST)yesterday, leaving no time for the Bureau of Meteorology to issue a severe weather warning.

The temperature in Brisbane dropped by five degrees in a matter of minutes and up to 50mm of rain fell in some suburbs. More storms were forecast for the Brisbane area later today, due to the mid-level cold air pool, he said. "Most of the havoc was from the large amount of small hail but pea-sized hail doesn't fit our warning criteria because it doesn't do any damage." Some of the hail covered the ground early today in some inner-western suburbs.

Rescue Planes Brave Freak Weather Conditions to Search for 26 Missing

Associated Press - Chile

The 17th Infantry Battalion was trapped by a “tsunami of snow” as the soldiers made the 25 km journey from a camp in Los Barros to another known as Las Cortinas. “The problem is that when the extreme weather took hold, it was difficult to maintain order. It’s complicated when you loose visibility. Wind was coming at them from above and below, and the weather changed from minute to minute,” Cheyre said.

NOAA: Busy Hurricane Season Ahead

Associated Press

Government forecasters said Monday the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season will be worse than average along the East and Gulf coasts -- with up to five major hurricanes forecast. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting up to 15 tropical storms, with as many as nine developing into hurricanes.

Nein zur Folter, Ja zum Rechtsstaat


Omega-News 22. Mai 2005

Angemeldete Gen-Mais-Flächen zur Hälfte zurückgezogen

Giftige Pestizide finden sich in immer höheren Mengen in unseren Lebensmitteln wieder

Macht der Wirtschaft - Ohnmacht der BürgerInnen

European Transparency Initiative: Aufruf für mehr Lobby-Transparenz in Europa

Wie Fox News und rechte Denkfabriken Kampagnen fahren

Luft ist sauberer - doch damit nimmt auch der Treibhauseffekt zu

80 Prozent der Schmetterlinge in Deutschland vom Aussterben bedroht

Denn sie wissen, was wir tun

Das unfehlbare Ministerium

Störung des natürlichen Gleichgewichts des Universums

BKA-Chef Ziercke: Kontrolle im Internet muss gestärkt werden

Kein Zweck heiligt die Mittel: Amnesty betont ausdrückliches Folterverbot auch in Zeiten von Krieg und Notstand

Bundesregierung will Datenschutz massiv einschränken

Einfluss nehmen auf Pestizid-Gebrauch

Kommunikationsprobleme beim US-Militär

Verhindern Sie die EU-Richtlinie zu Softwarepatenten

Eine Million Europäer verlangen den Ausstieg aus der Atomenergie

2004: Starker Anstieg der Terroranschläge

Fast alle Lebensmittelskandale der vergangenen Jahre hatten ihren Ursprung in Futtermitteln

Monsanto walzt deutsche Landwirtschaft mit Genmais platt

BUND befürchtet verwässertes Gentechnikgesetz

Haltet den Dieb?

Syngenta will Monopol auf genmanipulierten Reis

Kalter Krieg im amerikanischen Senat

Digitaler Opportunismus

Mensch ist schuld an globaler Erwärmung

Gletscher schmelzen in alarmierendem Tempo

Mehr als die Hälfte der Flüsse fließen nicht mehr

NABU-Studie zu Auswirkungen von Gen-Pflanzen auf biologische Vielfalt

Forscher befürchten Gesundheitsschäden durch Nanopartikel

Bundesdatenschützer warnt vor Vorratsspeicherung von Telefondaten

Militäroperation Hollywood

Stalking: Zypries will Straftatbestand gegen Telefonterror, Auflauern und Bedrohung

Weltbank laut Studie für Waldzerstörung und Armut verantwortlich

Gesetzliche Regelung zum Urwaldschutz dringend notwendig

Wasserkraft ist nur im Kleinen ökologisch

Schmetterlinge brauchen Hilfe

Der Zugang zu Wasser ist ein Menschenrecht und darf nicht privatisiert werden


Landbesitzer verhindern Anbau von Gen-Mais auf ihren Äckern

Neue Politik - oder Untergang bei Neuwahlen

Attac Deutschland
Frankfurt, 22. Mai 2005

* Attac fordert nach NRW-Wahl Politikwechsel von Rot-Grün
* "Neue Politik - oder Untergang bei Neuwahlen"

Das globalisierungskritische Netzwerk Attac hat nach dem Absturz von Rot-Grün in Nordrhein-Westfalen eine Kehrtwende in der Politik der Bundesregierung gefordert. "Die SPD hat die Quittung für ihre Politik der sozialen Kälte bekommen. Ein 'Weiter so!' geht jetzt nicht mehr", sagte Oliver Moldenhauer vom Attac-Koordinierungskreis. "Die SPD muss jetzt ihren kapitalismuskritischen Worten auch Taten folgen lassen - oder sie wird bei den angekündigten Neuwahlen im Herbst untergehen."

Besonders in der Steuer- und Sozialpolitik müsse es jetzt massive Veränderungen geben, forderte Attac. Neben dem Verzicht auf die geplante Senkung der Unternehmenssteuern und einer stärkeren Belastung von Vermögenden seien auch sofortige Änderungen bei Hartz IV erforderlich, sage Werner Rätz von der Attac-Kampagne "Genug für alle": "Statt die Arbeitslosen zu bekämpfen, sollte die Regierung endlich gegen die Arbeitslosigkeit vorgehen - etwa mit Arbeitszeitverkürzung und einem sozialen und ökologischen Investitionsprogramm."

Für Rückfragen:
* Oliver Moldenhauer, Tel. 0163-3071523
* Werner Rätz, Tel. 0228-212222

Malte Kreutzfeldt
Pressesprecher Attac Deutschland
Post: Münchener Str. 48, 60329 Frankfurt/M
Tel.: 069/900 281-42, Fax: 069/900 281-99
Mail: presse@attac.de



Informant: Charles Bremer

Uncontrolled (and Controlled) Electromagnetic Field Effects On Life Processes

For the maximum information on the Hazards (and Healing) aspects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), please check out the information, references and links on my website, http://www.emfinterface.com There is a table of contents to the 40+ documents, references and detailed discussion of EMF bioeffects contained in my data CD (which now, in addition, contains my 129 page Bioelectromagnetics Health Effects Update publication.)

Note that EMFs of known frequencies, waveforms and intensities have been used in various successful healing applications around the world (primarily in Europe and Russia for over 75 years. IF KNOWN, CONTROLLED, APPLIED, SUCCESSFUL APPLICATIONS OF EMFS CAN HEAL VARIOUS AILMENTS AND PROMOTE LONG TERM HEALTH, THEN UNKNOWN, UNCONTROLLED, RANDOMLY EXPOSED APPLICATIONS OF EMFS, OVER TIME, WILL CERTAINLY CAUSE HEALTH ABNORMALITIES IN SENSITIVE INDIVIDUALS. There is absolutely no doubt about the hazardous and healing aspects of EMFs....As a retired AeroSpace engineer, with a patent on Electrostatic Cooling of Aluminum Welds, I have been able to collect maximum data in this area, professionally and in personal networking, for over 45 years. There are thousands of reports available (especially recently, from Europe, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) indicating effects on animals, birds, fish, insects, microorganisms, cell cultures....and even human beings!...Enuff said!

James B. Beal
EMF Interface Consulting

Bush Implicated in Oil-for-Food Scandal


Galloway tongue-lashes Coleman; committee documents show Bush political friends and family paid Oil-for-Food kickbacks to Saddam Hussein.

By Wayne Madsen
Online Journal Contributing Writer

May 21, 2005

Informant: Charles Bremer


Chief Of Police Who Received Verichip Advocates Forced Government Chipping To Buy And Sell


Informant: Dani Djinn

Die Politiker können nie behaupten, sie hätten keine Hinweise zur Schädlichkeit des gepulsten Mobilfunks erhalten

Eine Mail, die uns im Kopie erreichte, die an alle Fraktionen der im Bundestag vertretenen Parteien ging und das Dilemma, in dem wir uns befinden, in kurzer Form sehr deutlich darstellt. Hier können die Politiker nie behaupten, sie hätten keine Hinweise aus der Bevölkerung bekommen. Denn Mails dieser Art, sind mittlerweile zu Tausenden bei ihnen eingegangen. Das Einzige, was die Herrschaften gemacht haben, ist dass sie ihre Mail-Adressen verändert haben, so dass die Mails teilweise an den Absender als unzustellbar zurückkamen und die Leute sich die neuen Mailadressen heraussuchen mußten, um den hochdotierten, aber unfähigen Politikern ihre Meinung kundzutun.

Sehr geehrte Dame, sehr geehrter Herr,

Die Risiken des Mobilfunks sind nicht abschätzbar. Meines Erachtens ist es unumstritten, daß Menschen durch die Strahlung krank werden oder schon geworden sind.

Welche Volkswirtschaft kann sich das leisten (von persönlichen Schicksalen abgesehen)?

Wer bezahlt die Krankheitskosten der Zukunft?

Weshalb werden die Risiken nicht objektiv beurteilt?

Es mag Menschen geben die nicht unter Elektrosmog leiden. Doch haben die anderen nicht auch das Recht zu leben?

Ich appeliere an Ihr Gewissen - wer Verantwortung übernimmt hat auch eine Pflicht.

Vor allem die Pflicht sich umfassend zu informieren. Es gibt zahlreiche Studien die die Gesundheitsgefährdung belegen.

Omega siehe "Wissenschaft zu Mobilfunk" unter:

Mir sind persönlich Menschen bekannt die in abgeschirmten Kellerräumen schlafen müssen. Das tun diese Menschen nicht freiwillig - sie sind dazu gezwungen. Sie als Regierende tragen Schuld an diesem Mißstand - jeder Einzelne persönlich. Denn Sie sind bereits heute informiert.

Weshalb wird nicht über die Gefahr bei DECT-Telefonen informiert?

Meines Erachtens wäre es sinnvoll, Sende- u. Empfangsantennen zu trennen. Sendeantennen raus aus Wohngebieten.

Auch wenn dies Mehrkosten beim Ausbau des Mobilfunknetzes bedeuten würde, volkswirtschaftl. betrachtet ein Gewinn (Krankheitskosten).

Sie sind in der Pflicht die Bevölkerung über die Gefahr von Elektrosmog zu informieren und die Interessen der Bürger zu berücksichtigen.

Nach meinem Demokratieverständnis sollten hierbei die Mobilfunkbetreiber, Mobilfunkkritiker u. Ärzte angehört werden.

Von Interesse ist vor allem die Auswirkung auf Mensch u. Natur, physikalische Aspekte des Elektromagnetismus sind zweitrangig.


H. D.

Aus: Elektrosmognews vom 22.05.2005

Macht der Wirtschaft

Natur ja, Mensch nein


Der NABU unterstützt die nachhaltige Entwicklung der flächendeckenden Versorgung mit Mobilfunk


Vodafone engagiert sich für Gartenvögel und Fledermäuse


Vögel und Mobilfunk

Fledermäuse und Mobilfunk

Invisible Poisons

"Und bist Du nicht willig, so strahl' ich Dich krank"


Der NABU paktiert mit Vodafone, weil er in Wirklichkeit gegen Vodafone ist


Cell Phones: The Dangers




Ignacio Chapela: Enemy of the state


Chapela gets tenure! (20/5/2005)

Informant: Gerald Hernesmaa

Congress and GAO Slam Pentagon on Iraq War Veterans

Representative Michael Bilirakis, Chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation, issued a press statement saying, “I seek to ensure that Seamless Transition becomes a reality. As a result of today’s hearing, I am concerned to learn that service personnel and their families are suffering because of a legal interpretation of a law." According to the General Accountability Office, the Department of Defense isn't sharing information about Iraq War casualties with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) so that VA can provide healthcare.


Muslim World Largely Anti-American


Anti-American feelings are widespread in the Muslim world and extend to U.S. consumer brands, according to a report released Wednesday. It suggested the U.S. burnish its image with a change in tone and by publicizing aid programs.




Betroffene gesucht für Dokumentation zum Thema “Hochfrequenter Elektrosmog“



Eilnachricht – Mithilfe erforderlich!

Mathias Engelbrecht 21-05-2005


Sehr wichtig!

In Rheinland-Pfalz und Hessen bitte massenhaft verbreiten!

Gestern rief mich eine Redakteurin von SAT 1, Frau Helsper, an. Der Sender möchte eine Dokumentation zum Thema “Hochfrequenter Elektrosmog“ (Masten und Handys) machen. Frau Helsper sucht daher Personen aus RLP und Hessen, die aufgrund der Bestrahlung durch Masten sowie durch Gebrauch von Handys Befindlichkeitsstörungen am eigenen Körper erfuhren und bereit wären, dies vor laufender Kamera zu schildern.

Also: bei wem/ in wessen Leben haben sich körperliche Parameter seit der Mast-Inbetriebnahme bzw. durch die DECT- oder Handynutzung zum Negativen verändert? Hilfreich sind hier also auch Leute, die aufgrund der Einblicke in Studien ihr Handy weggeschmissen haben (zertrümmert ist gut!) und denen es nach dieser Maßnahme eine Steigerung ihrer Lebensqualität bzw. Gesundheit verzeichnen konnten. Bitte nutzen Sie diese Möglichkeit, unser Anliegen der Aufklärung bzw. allumfassenden Informierung einer größeren Bevölkerungsschicht nahe zubringen und rufen Sie bei Frau Helsper SAT 1 an.

Tel. 06131/ 6002536

Frau Helsper geht davon aus, dass sich am Montag oder Dienstag doch ein paar Leute bei ihr melden. Bitte machen Sie mit!

M. Engelbrecht

Cell Phone Dangers Are Real


Informant: Gerald Hernesmaa

The Rules of Disinformation


Informant: Gerald Hernesmaa

China lässt kahl schlagen

"Unser Wirtschaftswunder ist bald zu Ende" hatte Chinas Umweltminister Pan Yue kürzlich im "Spiegel" (10/2005) angekündigt.


136 US-Bürgermeister für Kyoto-Protokoll

George W. Busch ist nicht die USA. Seine Regierung weigert sich nach wie vor, das harmlose Kyoto-Protokoll zu unterzeichnen. Er führt eher weitere Kriege um Öl als Energie einzusparen und auf erneuerbare Energien umzusteigen.


GOP Continues Crusade against Public TV


Aircraft carrier will guard Bush at G8

Story in full AN aircraft carrier packed with hundreds of US marines will be anchored off the west coast of Scotland during the G8 summit, according to security sources.


From Information Clearing House

Is The USA Addicted To War?

First Consider The Evidence, Then Draw Your Own Conclusions.

Bush political friends and family paid Oil-for-Food kickbacks to Saddam Hussein

Committee documents show Bush political friends and family paid Oil-for-Food kickbacks to Saddam Hussein:

The total sum in kickbacks from George W. Bush's cousin-in-laws to Saddam's bank accounts: $1,294,620.


Battling the windmills while Iraq burns


From Information Clearing House

Patriarch denounces U.S. evangelicals in Iraq

The head of Iraq's largest Christian community denounced American evangelical missionaries in his country on Thursday for what he said were attempts to convert poor Muslims by flashing money and smart cars.


From Information Clearing House

Probe Finds 'Rendition' Of Terror Suspects Illegal

The basic facts of the Stockholm rendition were reported last year; this article is based on newly released documents from the parliamentary probe that provide elaborate details about an operation that normally unfolds entirely out of public view and about the government deliberations that preceded it.


The unknown unknowns of the Abu Ghraib scandal

The 10 inquiries into prisoner abuse have let Bush and Co off the hook.


Tarnished image abroad fails to register with Americans at home

Mr Bush and the defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, had authorised US interrogators and military prison officials to ignore the statutory rights of detainees. In February 2002, Mr Bush ruled that the Geneva convention did not apply to the conflict with al-Qaida, and that Taliban fighters would not be accorded the rights of prisoners of war.


Afghanistan is on the brink of another disaster

"This is a secret war," the Special Forces man told me. "And this is a dirty war. You don't know what is happening." And of course, we are not supposed to know. In a "war against terror", journalists are supposed to keep silent and rely on the good guys to sort out the bad guys without worrying too much about human rights.


The Whole Soy Story


I did a 144 page soy research paper on the many serious health hazard of eating soy for both humans and animals. It took me a year and a half to research and write it, and it has been on the internet since Nov. 2004. Did you know that the science on the many very serious and sometimes DEADLY health hazards of soy to human and animal health goes way back to 1911?

Did you know that ... there are almost 2 dozen serious health hazards from eating soy, for both humans and animals ?? Including in that almost 2 dozen list of health hazards is that ... soy causes existing cancer cells to grow, soy also causes cancer, soy also causes a reoccurrence of cancer ... Genistein in soy is proven to be and is classified as a "Topoisomerase II-poison" ... Soy has NOT passed -- the W.H.O. food safety standards ... or ... US FDA GRAS status ! ... It is NOT Legal to put Soy Protein Isolate, SPI, in food -- because Soy has NOT been given Pre-Market Approval.

There is a new book out (April 2005,) called ..."The Whole Soy Story", with 1,798 scientific research references, going back to 1911, at ... http://www.thewholesoystory.com/index.php .

The 144 page Soy Research Paper, with 205 scientific research references (abstracts) goes way back to 1911, on the many serious and sometimes DEADLY health hazards of eating soy for both humans and animals. In November 2004, my 144 page soy research paper was put on the internet. It took me a year and a half to research and write. It can now be found in the Health Section of the Mayan Majix website ... (Articles section) ... check out the subsection in Health ... The Dangers Of Soy ... http://www.mayanmajix.com/soy.html . Click on the links below to my easy to read ... 144 page Soy Research paper ... “Soy – Abundance of Health Hazards,” the links to it are below at ... - http://www.mayanmajix.com/soy_summary.pdf ... Short Summary PDF -- ( one page ) ... “Soy – Abundance of Health Hazards,” - http://www.mayanmajix.com/soy1.pdf ... ... .. ... ... Intro PDF, (page 8 ) - http://www.mayanmajix.com/soy01.pdf . ... .. ... ... Full 144 page PDF. - http://www.mayanmajix.com/soy01.html ... .. ... ... Full 144 page HTML.

The US FDA's ... " Poisonous Plant and Plant Parts Database " ... at... http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov/~djw/pltx.cgi?QUERY=SOY , and http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~djw/plantox.html ... documents ---- Soy – Flax-Linseed – Canola-Rapeseed ---- as “poisonous plants ” since 1911, and 1850, and the FDA recommends that if you are injured by these plants, to contact your local “ Poison Control Center ” at … http://www.aapcc.org/, or call 911. { Einstein said, “... the world is a dangerous place to live in, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it...”, http://en.thinkexist.com/ }. No safe cigarettes, No safe soy... Unsafe at any speed. “ The Precautionary Principle ” pages 113–114, and ... http://www.biotech-info.net/rachels_586.html ... The obligation to prevent harm. * Soy does not pass ... the “ WHO Food Safety Standards,” or US FDA GRAS, “ Generally Recognized As Safe ” status. In fact, it is not even legal to put it in our food, pages 5-8, *55, 63, 96-106, 109, 113, 119, 143 . . . For Legal action against the soy industry, manufactures and sellers, pages 119 - 121.

For more information on the many very serious health hazards of eating soy, see ... “Soy Online Service” website at … http://www.soyonlineservice.co.nz/… Uncovering The Truth About Soy.

Also, read ... (The best (and bravest) daily newspaper on the world wide web, brave for printing this truthful story, in the face of threats and lawsuits from the soy industry, mainly from Monsanto.), “The Observer,” UK News, Nov. 7, 2004 Soy article at ... http://observer.guardian.co.uk/foodmonthly/story/0,9950,1342291,00.html ... “They hailed it as a wonderfood. Soya not only destroys forests and small farmers – it can also, {destroy}, be bad for your health,” by Anthony Barnett.


Can you "please" also include this information and the above links on the many very serious dangers to health from eating soy on your website.

Please forward this valuable, life saving, unique, and hard to find Truthful information to as many people as you can.

From ... Gerald Hernesmaa
Vancouver, BC

Afghan prisoners were 'tortured to death' by American guards

Shocking and detailed accounts have emerged of how two Afghan prisoners were tortured to death by American interrogators and prison guards at Bagram air base, outside Kabul.



2 Afghan death certificates: A U.S. cover-up?

Both classify Dilawar's death as a homicide. But in one death certificate, he is a Caucasian of unspecified age and religion. In the other, he is a Muslim of "approximately 35 years," who was "found unresponsive in his cell while in custody."



Report implicates top brass in Bagram scandal

A leaked report on a military investigation into two killings of detainees at a US prison in Afghanistan has produced new evidence of connivance of senior officers in systematic prisoner abuse.


Mr Galloway, please accept from this American three cheers for a job well done

In the belly of the beast

Mr Galloway, please accept from this American three cheers for a job well done.

Scott Ritter

In the recent parliamentary elections, the British people, given the choice between standing for the rule of law or embracing partisan politics, chose the latter, voting with their pocketbooks, even though it meant re-electing a man who led Britain into an illegal war of aggression, based on lies and misrepresentation of fact.




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