The Allegations of religious Desecration at Guantanamo are common among ex-prisoners

Newsweek Got Gitmo Right

Contrary to White House spin, the allegations of religious desecration at Guantanamo published by Newsweek on May 9, 2005, are common among ex-prisoners and have been widely reported outside the United States. Several former detainees at the Guantanamo and Bagram prisons have reported instances of their handlers sitting or standing on the Koran, throwing or kicking it in toilets, and urinating on it.


The Bible and the Koran

This informed former officer has suggested the real reason for which some in the Pentagon are so angry about the Newsweek story. It may well so focus international outrage on Guantanamo that Rumsfeld will lose his little psych lab.


From Information Clearing House

Stay what course?

America has been taken hostage. Nobody wants to take responsibility for the terrible scenes that will surely unfold if we leave (even though terrible scenes are unfolding while we're there). Nobody wants to tell the grieving parents of American soldiers that their children died in vain.


Stay what course?

Cato Institute
by Gene Healy and Justin Logan


At the start of the Iraq War two and a half years ago, President Bush declared that American troops would stay in Iraq 'as long as necessary, and not a day more.' How long that would be wasn't clear then, and it isn't any clearer today. During recent congressional testimony, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was asked, 'Do you think five years from now some American forces will have come out?' She replied, 'I don't want to speculate.' Then a softer version of the same question: 'What about 10 years from now?' After some brief wrangling, Rice replied, 'I don't know how to speculate about what will happen 10 years from now.' That's not good enough...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

What Is The Dowingstreet Memo?

The contents of the memo are shocking.

The minutes detail how our government did not believe Iraq was a greater threat than other nations; how intelligence was manipulated to sell the case for war to the American public; and how all the talk of "war as a last resort" was mere hollow pretense.


From Information Clearing House

What drives support for this torturer - Uzbekistan's Nightmare: Made in Washington

Oil and gas ensure that the US backs the Uzbek dictator to the hilt. The bodies of hundreds of pro-democracy protesters in Uzbekistan are scarcely cold, and already the White House is looking for ways to dismiss them.


Uzbekistan's Nightmare: Made in Washington

Why our government stands by Karimov – even as he massacres his own people.


From Information Clearing House

The Scourge of Nationalism

Our citizenry has been brought up to see our nation as different from others, an exception in the world, uniquely moral, expanding into other lands in order to bring civilization, liberty, democracy.

By Howard Zinn


News Media and "the Madness of Militarism"


Muslims Skeptical Over Newsweek Back-track on Koran



The arrogance of undiluted power in the hands of elected officials who are not bound to respect the law is manifesting its deadly consequences every day as Bush's Iraq invasion unravels into non-stop bloodshed and carnage. The human toll is staggering and there is no let up in sight.

New revelations of Bush's fabrications in his campaign to wage illegal war have led to a sharp drop in his approval rating. With each day the disgust of the people is mounting not only with the endless bloodshed in Iraq but with the Administration's trashing of the Constitution.

Bush lied to the people. He lied to Congress. He waged an unprovoked war of aggression based on a neo-conservative fantasy that might makes right. More than 100,000 Iraqis have now died. Nearly 1,000 have been killed in just the last three weeks. The real casualty numbers for U.S. personnel are not really known. Thirty thousand have been evacuated from Iraq due to severe wounds, psychiatric and other illness, while nearly 1,600 have been killed so far.


A number of recent revelations confirm that the Administration knowingly lied about the war and its causes. From their own mouths we know with certainty that they cooked up an explanation for the war that would most scare people - the facts be damned. Paul Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld's key aide, was quoted in Vanity Fair magazine as saying, "For bureaucratic reasons we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction, because it was the one reason everyone could agree on." Since the Administration was flooded with angry letters, undoubtedly many from families of U.S. soldiers, following the publication of the Wolfowitz interview, the Pentagon attempted to do damage control, asserting that he was misquoted. But that didn't help much either. The Pentagon's own version of the interview has Wolfowitz saying: "The truth is that for reasons that have a lot to do with the U.S. government bureaucracy, we settled on the one issue that everyone could agree on which was weapons of mass destruction as the core reason."

The public now knows, as does every member of Congress, that in April 2002 Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair secretly agreed to wage unprovoked war against Iraq at a meeting at Bush's Crawford ranch in Texas. This fact and other incriminating information about the secret maneuvers to wage unprovoked war are contained in British government documents, obtained by Michael Smith, a defense specialist writing for the Sunday Times of London. They include a memo of the minutes of a meeting July 23, 2002, between Blair and his intelligence and military chiefs; a briefing paper for that meeting, and a Foreign Office legal opinion prepared before an April 2002 summit between Blair and Bush in Texas.

In a letter to Bush earlier this month 89 House Democrats expressed shock over the documents. They asked if the papers were authentic and, if so, whether they proved that the White House had agreed to invade Iraq months before seeking Congress' OK. (Los Angeles Times, May 12, 2005)

"If the disclosure is accurate, it raises troubling new questions regarding the legal justifications for the war as well as the integrity of our own administration," the letter says.

"While the president of the United States was telling the citizens and the Congress that they had no intention to start a war with Iraq, they were working very close with Tony Blair and the British leadership at making this a foregone conclusion," the letter's chief author, Rep. John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, said Wednesday.

The evidence is clear. As Ramsey Clark recently stated: "Impeachment now is the only way we, the American people, can promise ourselves and the world that we will not tolerate crimes against peace and humanity by our government. Knowing what we know, to wait longer is to condone what has been done and risk more."


Between now and the July 4 weekend the ImpeachBush/VoteToImpeach.org movement is unleashing its own Impeach Bush Spring Offensive. Using the quick and easy-to-use advocacy mechanism on the ImpeachBush.org website, people across the country will be able to send personal customized letters to the representatives from each of their districts and states. To send a letter, just click here:


New international law for ancient forest protection

New York City. 16 May 2005--Forest ministers from around the world will gather today to discuss the future of the forests at the start of the Fifth Conference of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) at the UN's headquarters in New York. Greenpeace is calling on governments to bring an end to the UNFF talk-shop which to date has done nothing to protect the forests nor the communities or the biodiversity that they house and create a legally binding agreement that will ensure the protection of the world's last remaining ancient forests.

Since the UN Summit on Environment and Development in Rio in 1992, the loss of the world's last ancient forests continues at alarming rates. During the last 13 years the world lost an area of forest greater than the size of France, Spain, Sweden and Germany combined.

The many international meetings by governments to address this issue, including the UNFF, have so far proved to be ineffective, unproductive and a major financial drain of public money.

Greenpeace is urging the international community to focus their efforts instead on the adoption of a legally binding Protocol on forests under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which has a much stronger track record in making agreements that are in the interests of local communities, indigenous peoples and biodiversity.

This agreement should establish measures that will help governments achieve the global goal set by the World Summit on Sustainable Development 10 years after Rio to reduce and halt the loss of forest biodiversity by 2010, by facilitating new money to fund forest conservation and ecologically responsible forest management as well as regulating the uncontrolled international timber trade.

The last ancient forests in both the North and the South, contain over two third of the world's terrestrial biodiversity. Biodiversity loss is a global concern, which requires global action. International trade from producer to consumer regions is a key factor causing this forest crisis. A strong, effective, fair and legally binding multilateral environmental agreement is essential to help address this problem.

"The current crisis facing the world's ancient forests, such as accelerating rates of species loss and deforestation, requires immediate attention and strong political will to shift the devastating trend," said Martin Kaiser, Greenpeace International Forests Campaigner. "Forest dependent peoples do not need any more recycling of "nice" words on 'UN paper'. World leaders need to take their cue from the Kyoto Protocol and create a similar legally binding agreement for the last Ancient Forests."

For more information

Martin Kaiser, Greenpeace International Forests Campaigner, +49 171 8780 817

Gina Sanchez, Greenpeace International Communications, +31 627 00 00 64

Gina Sanchez
Acting Chief Media Officer
Greenpeace International
Office: +31 20 718 2051

Informant: STRIDER

Dangers of GM Foods

"Normally you wouldn't expect a fish to mate with a tomato," said Jeffrey M. Smith (seedsofdeception), a researcher who was the sounding the alarm about genetically modified (GM) foods, when he appeared on Tuesday's program. "We let the genie out of the bag way too soon, " with a large percentage of such crops as soy, corn and cotton now being GM, Smith noted.

While companies such as Monsanto claim the benefits of biotech farming are "real and compelling," and lead to increased productivity, Smith warned that GM foods could create any number of harmful unintended side effects. "Super diseases" that are resistant to antibiotics could arise and "even worse," he said genetically engineered "promoters" could lead to uncontrolled, possibly cancerous cell growth.

Smith said that biotech industry tests showing GM safety were rigged and advocated for people to become politically involved in such agendas as thecampaign.org which seeks to have all genetically engineered food labeled, and the Biosafety Protocol, a program being ratified by the United Nations.

Informant: Anna Webb

The Campaign to protect Tasmania's ancient Forests continues


Australian Forest Victory Welcomed
Further Protest Needed to End Ancient Forest Loss

By Forests.org http://forests.org , a project of Ecological Internet, Inc.

May 16, 2005


Let Australian government know the Tasmania forest issue is not settled, industrial development of ancient forests must be halted.


The Australian government has bowed to intense domestic and international pressure and agreed to protect large swathes of the highly threatened Tasmanian forests. These ancient forests - containing massive eucalyptus trees - have astonishingly long been clearcut to produce paper pulp, mostly for the Japanese market. The plan will establish approximately 150,000 hectares of public land in new reserves, including about 120,000 of old-growth forest. Clearfelling is to be reduced significantly but not eliminated, though conversion of native forest to plantation is to end in 2010. All of the much publicized Tarkine temperate rainforest wilderness will be protected, but only half of the Styx Valley, which contains some of the oldest and largest trees in the world. Much of the rest of the state remains a "woodchip wonderland". The announcement included much talk of ending conflict about Tasmania's forests, but this is NOT the case. This plan does not go far enough and the campaign to protect Tasmania's ancient forests continues. Ancient forests will still be logged, even clearcut, for a throw away consumer products. This is unacceptable. Forests.org's first email action alert was in 1993 on behalf of the Tarkine temperate rainforests which were protected under this plan. Our network has issued half a dozen action alerts and circulated local campaign materials to our huge network for years. The Tasmanian forest campaign continues apace, albeit with a few victory notches under our belt. Take action now at

Networked by Forests.org, Inc., gbarry@forests.org

"The New Nuclear Danger: George Bush's Military Industrial Complex"

Due to the importance of George Bush's new nuclear danger, I have put our excellent interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott of 5/12/05 into the free show link on my site.


I will leave it there for the next two weeks. It is imperative that you get every list, every friend, everyone you know to listen to it. If we don't address our very real nuclear danger, all other "issues" will become a thing of the past - Thank you -

Meria Heller and Mark Elsis - Co host of the bi monthly
"Earth News Hour" heard at http://www.Meria.net


5/12/05 - Earth News Hour with Meria, Mark Elsis and special guest Dr. Helen Caldicott

Mark Elsis ( http://www.lovearth.net ) and I have an uninterrupted hour with Dr. Helen Caldicott on the nuclear danger facing us all, every second of every day. With this crazed administration in place, we are close to total annihilation every second. We were on optimum nuclear alert on 911; Helen has authored five books, I strongly recommend reading and sharing "The New Nuclear Danger: George Bush's Military Industrial Complex" (see booklist on site). What is nuclear winter? How many hydrogen bombs are pointed at YOUR city? There are 30,000 nuclear bombs in the world, Russia & the U.S. own 90% of them; Who wasn't at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation meeting at the UN yesterday? What did Robert McNamara have to say about apocalypse soon?; Are we at 3 minutes to midnight on the nuclear clock? See Randy Atkin's film "Deadly Arrogance" at http://www.arsenalofhypocrisy.com; The dangers of new nuclear plants and their waste pools; what is the Price Anderson Act? Iraq is a NUCLEAR WAR, over 3,000 tons of depleted uranium have been used to date; the effects of DU; Helen contends the U.S. needs a Gandian Revolution; Where was Clinton on nuclear disarmament (since he fancied himself like JFK); Helen says "the problems aren't the bombs, but the minds of the men who control them"; We are the curators of life on Earth, will we speak up? Can we achieve nuclear disarmament in five years? See http://www.nuclearpolicy.org; Check out Mark's excellent site http://www.nonuclear.net; Only 240 major cities in the Northern Hemisphere yet thousands of bombs targeting them; Every city with over 50,000 people is targeted; How close did we come when Yeltsin was drunk? "In the event of a nuclear war, the living will envy the dead"; Diplomats terrified of the danger right now; and so much more. Check out http://www.HelenCaldicott.com for more information. This is the number one issue facing all life on Earth. Please share this interview with everyone you know.

**Please share this interview FREELY. All our lives and all living things on this planet (including the planet) depend on it. This is the greatest gift you can give anyone - please tune in. This show is the tip of the iceberg.

Meria Heller

Massive Sun Storm

My animals told me something was wrong.

The horses were lined up at the gate, asking to go into their stalls Saturday night. That is totally wrong, because they are gobbling succulent green Spring grass in the pasture, and I usually have to chase them down to get them out. Not this time. They wanted in, and that troubled me.

Then my Lab Retrievers told me they didn't want to be out for the night. They went into their kennel and looked at me, telling me they wanted to stay there. That is very unusual. I closed their gate and they retired to their den. Something was up!

Normally, when my animals tell me these things, it means they detect an earthquake coming, and that is what I thought they sensed. Wrong. What they sensed was a solar storm flare about to hit earth.

At 3:00 AM PDT Sunday, my power went out as I was watching a movie. My house was totally dark, but I saw a glow outside, so I walked out on my bedroom balcony and saw a huge fireball east of Eagle Point, where I live here in Oregon. It lit up the whole sky, then it gradually died down to nothing.

What happened was that a "power glitch" caused the Eagle Point power substation to blow up! We were without power most of Sunday as repairs were made.

My animals never lie, but I am often at a loss to interpret what they are trying to tell me. Clearly, these solar flares are not harmless to life on this planet.

Carl F. Worden


I've been tracking solar activity with the following graphs, since the mid 90's. Yes, something big did happen on Sunday. What most people don't know, is that every time a nuke was tested on earth in the past, it caused the sun to act up. Also, on the other side of the earth from the testing grounds in Nevada (about where India is) earthquakes occured. The sun is always affected, because nukes cause a disturbance in time and gravity.

Here's my website, which has a link on it to the solar plots:
http://www.data4science.net/quantum/ and click on "Solar Activity Updated every.." on the left side.

You can see a photo of Sunday night at http://www.spaceweather.com/


US, Britain, Australia to Protest over Japan Whaling


Gangetic river dolphins struggling to survive


Informant: Deane

Trial by Jury


The Propaganda State


Crooked Cops Are Enemies to Freedom


Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment


The political economy of fear


All animals experience fear -- human beings, perhaps, most of all. Any animal incapable of fear would have been hard pressed to survive, regardless of its size, speed, or other attributes. Fear alerts us to dangers that threaten our well-being and sometimes our very lives. Sensing fear, we respond by running away, by hiding, or by preparing to ward off the danger. To disregard fear is to place ourselves in possibly mortal jeopardy. Even the man who acts heroically on the battlefield, if he is honest, admits that he is scared. To tell people not to be afraid is to give them advice that they cannot take. Our evolved physiological makeup disposes us to fear all sorts of actual and potential threats, even those that exist only in our imagination. The people who have the effrontery to rule us, who call themselves our government, understand this basic fact of human nature...


from Ludwig von Mises Institute, by Robert Higgs

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Secret way to war


What the Downing Street memo confirms for the first time is that President Bush had decided, no later than July 2002, to 'remove Saddam, through military action,' that war with Iraq was 'inevitable' -- and that what remained was simply to establish and develop the modalities of justification; that is, to come up with a means of 'justifying' the war and 'fixing' the 'intelligence and facts ... around the policy.' The great value of the discussion recounted in the memo, then, is to show, for the governments of both countries, a clear hierarchy of decision-making. By July 2002 at the latest, war had been decided on; the question at issue now was how to justify it -- how to 'fix,' as it were, what Blair will later call 'the political context...


from Mother Jones, by Mark Danner

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Death notices for the warrior theocracy


Though few commentators have dared to broach the topic, it is almost impossible not to recognize that there is something else, something other than shock, loss, and grief at work in these public declarations of the goodness, decency, selflessness, and nobility of America's fallen heroes. The public statements now in vogue are irrefutable evidence of the families, evidently felt need to defend the honor and integrity of their loved ones. There can be little doubt why the families of America's war dead find it necessary to issue such statements. They are a response to the ugly, demoralizing truth about America's so-called war on terror...


from CounterPunch, by Michael Gillespie

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Coverage reflects acceptance of imperial presidency


Less a shaper of public opinion in a market economy with many sources of news, media coverage largely reflects what people want to see, hear and read. People choose media outlets based on their preconceived notions. And they want to see, hear and read about what the imperial president and his celebrity advisors, such as Rice and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, are saying and doing. The U.S. presidency has become so powerful compared to what the nation's founders had intended that the public has come to expect that the chief executive and his entourage will lie to us for our own good—even on issues as vital to the republic as war and peace. In fact, the people, through their representatives in Congress, no longer have a real say through a declaration of war, whether the nation engages in violence or remains at peace...


from Independent Institute, by Ivan Eland

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The lure of military society

Review of The New American Militarism: How Americans are Seduced by War, by Andrew J. Bacevich. "'Militarism' will sound harsh to many, hysterical to some, but this superb screed makes a depressingly good case. It is not just another shrill polemic, although it is a polemic in the best sense of the word. Eloquent, wry, sober, deftly cutting, with undertones of anger, sadness, and hope, Bacevich writes like Paul Fussell with a political sensibility. Whatever exaggeration of the problem there may be is just the right amount to drive the point home"... (for publication 05/23/05)


from The American Conservative, by Richard K. Betts

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

A reputation in tatters


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Mobile phone use in rural areas carries three times the cancer risk


Übergabe von zentralen Texten mit Forderungen der Sozialbündnisse und gewerkschaftlichen Erwerbsloseninitiativen an DGB-Chef Michael Sommer

Kontakt: Telefon: 0341-463 99 79; Fax: 0341-463 99 78; e-Mail: info@aktionsbuendnis-leipzig.de

Internet: http://www.aktionsbuendnis-leipzig.de ; http://www.montagsdemonstration-leipzig.de


Übergabe von zentralen Texten mit Forderungen der Sozialbündnisse und gewerkschaftlichen Erwerbsloseninitiativen an DGB-Chef Michael Sommer heute in Leipzig

Aus Anlass eines heute in Leipzig stattfindenden sogenannten "2. Runden Tisches" zu Hartz IV mit DGB-Chef Michael Sommer, werden Vertreter der Sozialbündnisse und gewerkschaftlicher Erwerbsloseninitiativen ein Schreiben an Michael Sommer und die anwesenden Gewerkschaftssekretäre sowie Texte mit zentralen Forderungen der über 200 Protestinitiativen der Bundesrepublik gegen Hartz IV übergeben.

Die Aktion wird vor dem Beginn der Veranstaltung (14:30 Uhr, Leipzig, Neues Rathaus) stattfinden.

Ziel der Aktion ist es, die DGB-Führung und die anwesenden Gewerkschaftssekretäre über die Forderungen der nicht eingeladenen gewerkschaftlichen Erwerbsloseninitiativen und Sozialbündnisse zu informieren.

Den Text des Schreibens an Michael Sommer erhalten Sie als Anlage vorab in einem Presseexemplar zugesandt. Wir bitten Sie darum, den Text nicht vor Beginn der Veranstaltung um 14:30 Uhr bekannt zu machen.

Presseauskünfte erhalten Sie während der Aktion unter 0177-406 78 95 und unter 0177 406 78 96.

PS: Als Anhangsdatei erhalten Sie das Schreiben in einer Druckversion.


Leipzig, den 17. Mai 2005

Sehr geehrter Herr Michael Sommer, liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen aus den Einzelgewerkschaften,

mit Verwunderung haben wir zur Kenntnis genommen, dass am heutigen Tag ein „2. Runder Tisch in Leipzig“ stattfindet an dem Sie „den Hartz IV-Monitoringprozess diskutieren und Fehlentwicklungen aufzeigen“ wollen. Dabei wollen Sie „unterschiedliche Aspekte berücksichtigen“, wobei das „Treffen ... auch den weiteren Gesprächen mit der Politik (u.a. mit dem Bundeskanzler) dienen“ soll. Nach einer Pressemitteilung des DGB hätten Sie zu der von Ihnen anberaumten Gesprächsrunde neben Gewerkschaftern und Kirchenvertretern auch „Mitglieder örtlicher sozialer Initiativen“ eingeladen. Keine der Organisationen der sozialen Bewegung hat eine solche Einladung für den heutigen Tag erhalten. Und ob die Einladung eines Vertreters der gewerkschaftlichen Erwerbsloseninitiativen, eine ausreichende Berücksichtigung der Interessen der Erwerbslosen darstellt, bleibt mehr als fraglich.

Sie, Herr Sommer, hatten uns am 27. August beim ersten von Ihnen so genannten Runden Tisch zu Hartz IV fest zugesagt, dass Sie mit den über 200 in der Bundesrepublik zu Hartz IV existierenden Initiativen, Sozialbündnissen und gewerkschaftlichen Erwerbsloseninitiativen einen Dialog über Hartz IV beginnen wollen und es keinen „2. Runden Tisch“ zu Hartz IV mit Ihnen geben wird, weil der Begriff missverständlich sei.

Nun gibt es doch einen von Ihnen initiierten 2. sogenannten Runden Tisch zu Hartz IV und Gespräche zwischen der DGB-Führung einerseits und den Protestinitiativen sowie gewerkschaftlichen Erwerbsloseninitiativen andererseits haben bisher nicht stattgefunden.

Tausende Menschen - darunter viele aus gewerkschaftlichen Erwerbsloseninitiativen - protestieren noch immer Montag für Montag mit Demonstrationen und Kundgebungen in rund 80 Orten der Bundesrepublik gegen die sogenannte Arbeitsmarktreform Hartz IV. Wir fordern Sie dringend auf deren Forderungen, die mittlerweile von vielen Gliederungen der Einzelgewerkschaften mitgetragen und unterstützt werden, in den Monitoringprozess einzubeziehen. Berücksichtigen Sie die zentralen Forderungen dieser Initiativen:

- deutliche Anhebung des Regelsatzes auf ein Niveau, das zur Finanzierung des Lebensunterhaltes ausreicht

- Schluss mit dem Annahmezwang jedweder auch deutlich untertariflich bezahlter Arbeit und Schluss mit den nicht sozialversicherungspflichtigen Arbeitsgelegenheiten und Mini-Jobs

- Schluss mit der Sippenhaftung durch Anrechnung von Partnereinkommen, Kindergeld und Unterhalt

- Schluss mit der Benachteiligung der Erwerbslosen in den Sozialversicherungssystemen

Zur Verdeutlichung unserer Positionen und Forderungen bleibt uns – da die Organisationen der sozialen Bewegung und die gewerkschaftlichen Erwerbsloseninitiativen für heute nicht eingeladen wurden – nichts anderes übrig, als Ihnen hiermit als Anlage zu diesem Schreiben einige zentrale Texte zu überreichen.

Sollten Sie darüber hinaus an einem Gespräch mit den Organisationen der sozialen Bewegung und den gewerkschaftlichen Erwerbsloseninitiativen über die Situation der Erwerbslosen und deren Forderungen Interesse haben, so wenden Sie sich bitte an die bundesweite Koordinierungsstelle dieser Initiativen in Leipzig.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen und den besten Wünschen für Ihre Arbeit zum Nutzen der Arbeitnehmer und Erwerbslosen im Auftrag

Peter Heller, Oliver Kloss, Maybrit Preuss, Thomas Rudolph, David Spenn, Florian Tuczek, Michaela Ziegs


Zur Regelsatzverordnung der Hartz IV-Gesetzgebung

• 1. Die 48 Positionen des Regelsatzes der Hartz-IV-Gesetzgebung (Haushaltsvorstand)

(Download http://www.soziale-bewegung.de/SOFORT-Massnahmen/Regelsatz-Bundesregierung.pdf)

Bundesweite Forderungen der Erwerbsloseninitiativen und Sozialbündnisse

• 2. Für ein Gesetzgebungsverfahren zur Sicherung des Lebensunterhaltes

(Download http://www.soziale-bewegung.de/Texte/Forderungen%20an%20den%20Gesetzgeber-120305.pdf)

Bundesweite Unterschriftensammlung gegen Hartz IV

• 3. Saarbrücker Resolution „Weg mit Hartz IV“

(Download http://www.soziale-bewegung.de/Texte/SAARBRUECKER-RESOLUTION.pdf)

Schluss mit der gegen die Existenzinteressen der Erwerbslosen gerichteten Politik

• 4. Brief an Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder vom 4. Mai 2005

(Download http://www.aktionsbuendnis-leipzig.de/print/Brief-Bundeskanzler-040505.pdf)

We need all mast factions to come together

Chris Maile has asked me to put this message on to the mast email network. Sian

In recent months I have been approached by two organisations that it appears are either in the process of, or have set up new National Mast organisations, there also seems to be circulating some confusion over my position and help and advise to these groups, I therefore set out below my position, I hope in a clear and concise manner so that there is no confusion.

Planning Sanity is independent of all mast groups. I neither work for or am a member of any organisation other than Planning Sanity, albeit that I was a co-founder with Lisa Watts in the setting up of Mast Sanity, indeed it started life as a branch of Planning Sanity, and I was its first chair. I fully support its principles and its general thrust which as far as I am aware is still based on the criteria set in place by myself and Lisa. On stepping down as chair just after the 2002 Trafalgar Square Rally I have taken no further part in the running of Mast Sanity, but have acted as an advisor and supporter. Indeed in my view it is the only credible national organisation and the only mast group that I support as a national organisation.

However, my private expressed view is that we need all mast factions to come together, I do not see that happening, but if it could be achieved by no other means then I favour the type of group that we tried to set up after Trafalgar in that there should be a national steering group of all organisations, independent of each other, but coming together every quarter to share ideas and to take part in joint campaigns. I only support this notion as I do not realistically see those other groups doing what they should and join forces with Mast Sanity. I though would not become a member of that group nor would Planning Sanity as it is a planning campaign and NOT a mast campaign. I wish to make it very clear I have not, or if it appears I have then that is a mis-understanding offered to join or become part of any new national group other than in the two contexts set out below.

One group rightly wants to see a nationally organised campaign to see applications for compensation under Code 16 payable by the operators, this potentially could cost the operators £millions if we can get it off the ground, and again potentially see dozens of sensitive installations removed.

I have written a briefing for this campaign and intend to take a full and active role in promoting it. Any other aspect or extention of that which might be planned by other members that are or might be involved in excess of that aspect of the campaign does not at this stage have my support, indeed I do not actually know whether any extention of that aspect of the campaign is or has been planned.

The other campaign is that relating to children and schools, whilst I am not a member or indeed have not stated that I actually support the campaign in the context suggested to me, I fully support the principle of highlighting the worst aspects of telecoms developments, particularly those that affect schools and hospitals. It would be totally against all I stand for if I refused to help and assist any campaign that is attempting to reduce the adverse effect upon the worst affected sections of society. I have therefore offered my technical help and support, primarily for the reason that if I failed to offer that support then any changes in legislation might be inferior to that which I have helped draft and offered advise on. As I say above I do not support that groups intention of setting up a rival national organisation to Mast Sanity, to my mind that is a question of dividing our forces and efforts, but as it is going to happen anyway I want to ensure that they have the best advise in the context of reducing the effect on schools and hospitals.

There are some sections of the movement that I consider are unethical in the way they have acted in the past and therefore I have withdrawn my support, and indeed any help and assistance that I would normally offer them, I will not name them but most of those that know me know who they are and why I would not support them. My general policy is that I offer all those that seek my help appropriate advise, I do not restrict that help, nor do I ask who the person is and what groups they belong to, that is irrelevant to whether they are successful in their endeavours, andtherefore benefit others, and I will continue in that way. If though I consider that any person or group is acting inappropriately then I reserve the right to withdraw any help and support that I offer them.

I will though reiterate before closing that I will always above all other groups acknowledge Mast Sanity as the only national organisation. I do not believe that as it is at the moment any other group can fulfil that role, and I would urge the whole movement to unite under the single banner of Mast Sanity. Yes continue your own local and regional campaigns, but there is strength in numbers, make it a single national campign movement and it will be that much harder for the operators and the government to break, as well as easier to attract media attention. Mast Sanity has now been going for nearly 5 years, it has taken this long to evolve into a strong network of resources, any new group has to again start from scratch, will you be where Mast Sanity is today in 5 years time, trade on the experiences and name built up over this period, do your own thing within Mast Sanity, but be truely national, in a single campaign.

I would also state that all the documentation on the Planning Sanity WEB site is as the copyright notices state available for use by all individuals and groups within their campaigns but acknowledgement of Planning Sanity should be given. Please circulate this message far and wide to stop the rumours and mis-understandings as to my position on the various planned campaigns. And I apologise if anyone has been mislead by anything that I might have indicated to the contrary.

Chris Maile

Campaign for Planning Sanity http://www.planningsanity.co.uk Helpline 0871 750 3992 - 12noon to 7pm (calls cost 10p per minute)

Stop the 21st century killing you


Informant: Sylvie

Gablitz: Ein Handymast im Ortszentrum kommt weg

Aktuelle Information Nr. 12

Gablitz: Ein Handymast im Ortszentrum kommt weg

(Wien, 17.5.2005 – 1. Gablitzer Bürgerpartei lud zum 2. Bürgerstammtisch; Thema waren Auswirkungen der Mobilfunkmasten und der Handys; 50-60 Anwesende; Hr. Haas, Besitzer des GH Stadelmaier: „Ein Handymast kommt weg“.)

Die 1. Gablitzer Bürgerpartei lud vergangenen Donnerstag zu ihrem zweiten Bürgerstammtisch im Gasthof „Zum Schreiber“. Thema waren die Handymasten im Gablitzer Ortszentrum. GR Dr. Peter Stockenhuber von der 1. Gablitzer Bürgerpartei fasste in seinem Einleitungsreferat die derzeitige Rechtssituation zusammen, wobei sehr viele verschiedene Rechtsgrundlagen zu berücksichtigen sind. Die wichtigsten sind das Telekommunikationsgesetz (TKG), das Allgemeine Bürgerliche Gesetzbuch (ABGB), die Bauordnung, das Gemeinschaftsrecht und das Strafgesetzbuch (StGB). Der Bürgermeister kann eine Untersagung der Aufstellung eines Sendemasts aufgrund des Ortsbildschutzes erreichen. Die rechtlichen Möglichkeiten, die Nachbarn und Anrainer in unmittelbarer Nähe gegen Emissionen - die von einem Grundstück ausgehen - ergreifen können, sind zwar begrenzt. Tritt allerdings eine Schädigung ein, dann kann man aus dem ABGB Ansprüche ableiten. Ein weiteres Problem sind die Wertminderungen der umliegenden Grundstücke und Wohnungen. Da der eingeladene praktische Arzt verhindert war, fasste er auch die wichtigsten Studien und Forschungsergebnisse zusammen, die sich mit den gesundheitlichen Auswirkungen der Mobilfunkstrahlung beschäftigen.

Der ebenfalls anwesende Besitzer des Gasthof Stadelmaier, Herr Haas, erklärte gleich zu Beginn, dass der alte Sendemast auf seinem Gasthof seit 9 Jahren bestehe und bis dato keine Beschwerden an ihn herangetragen wurden. Der ältere der zwei Sendemasten auf seinem Hotel wird wieder abgebaut werden wird. Die Umstellung wird in ca. 3 Wochen erfolgen. Dann wird der ältere Sendemast abmontiert. Während auf dem alten Sendemast nur GSM 900 Sender installiert sind, werden auf dem neuen Sendemast auch UMTS Sendeantennen angehängt. Die Erträge aus der Monatsmiete betragen lediglich 600 Euro exkl. UST. Wenn es Zweifel an der Unbedenklichkeit der Sendeanlagen geben sollte, so wird er den Masten selber „umsägen“, so Herr Haas am Ende der Veranstaltung.

Mag. Robert Marschall, Präsident des IVMK Interessensverbandes der Mobilfunkkunden, httP://www.ivmk.at erläuterte zunächst die Mobilfunkbetreiberlandschaft in Österreich. Derzeit gibt es in Österreich 11 flächendeckende Mobilfunknetze – 2x GSM 900 MHz (Mobilkom und T-Mobile), 4x DCS 1800 MHz (Mobilkom, T-Mobile, ONE, Tele.ring) und 5x UMTS (Mobilkom, T-Mobile, ONE, Tele.ring, Huchtison). Dazu werden über Österreich verteilt zig-Tausende von Sendemasten mit noch viel mehr Antennen benötigt. Diese 11 Mobilfunknetze senden 24 Stunden am Tag und senden permanent Mikrowellenstrahlung aus. Die Mikrowellenstrahlung der Mobilfunksender können bei Anrainern in der unmittelbaren Umgebung gesundheitliche Beschwerden und Schäden hervorrufen. Die gesundheitlichen Auswirkungen sind einerseits von der Sendeleistung des Senders, anderseits von der Dauer des Aufenthalts im strahlungsintensiven Bereich abhängig. Die persönliche Belastungssituation des Einzelnen ist aber auch von der Verwendung des eigenen Handys abhängig. Aufgrund der geringen Entfernung zum Kopf wirkt bei Telefonaten über das Handy die Strahlung vom Handy aus mehr, als die Strahlung vom weiter entfernten Sendemast. Dafür ist man der Strahlung, die vom Mobilfunksender ausgeht 24 Stunden am Tag ausgesetzt, auch wenn man gar nicht telefoniert oder auch gar kein Handy hat.

Ing. Michael Fichtenbauer, Geschäftsführer von der e2io.com IT-Services GmbH e2io.com http://www.computerdienste.at erklärte die Schwierigkeiten, die bei Hochfrequenzmessungen im Mobilfunkbereich auftreten. Bei allen Messungen sind die Auswahl eines geeigneten Messgerätes und eine genaue Protokollierung ein absolutes MUSS. Die Messergebnisse kann man dann mit den verschiedenen gesetzlichen Grenzwerten vergleichen und sieht somit seine eigene Gefahrensituation. Abhilfe gegen übermäßige Strahlung kann man beispielsweise durch bauliche Maßnahmen ergreifen, mit denen man die Strahlung abschirmen kann.

Bei der Veranstaltung waren ca. 50-60 Personen anwesend. Einige Interessierte konnten leider in der Gaststube keinen Sitzplatz mehr finden. Die Veranstaltung von in einer sehr sachlichen Atmosphäre statt, wenn auch einige Anwesende ihre individuelle Betroffenheit zum Ausdruck brachten.


Es sollen und werden noch weitere Fakten zum Thema der Mobilfunkstrahlung in Gablitz gesammelt werden, ehe die rechtlichen Schritte überlegt werden. Es sollen in Gablitz Strahlungsmessungen durchgeführt werden und es ist auch das Feedback der Bevölkerung über gesundheitliche Beschwerden notwendig.

Der IVMK-Interessensverband der Mobilfunkkunden ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein, der die Interessen der rund 6 Millionen Mobilfunkkunden Österreichs in der Öffentlichkeit vertritt. Für Rückfragen steht Ihnen der Präsident des IVMK, Mag. Robert Marschall, unter der Mobilfunknummer 0676-4039090 und unter der E-Mail Adresse robert.marschall@ivmk.at persönlich zur Verfügung.

A Note Of Appreciation From The Rich


Informant: Andy



Informant: Andy


This is Exeter

12:00 - 17 May 2005

Telecoms giant Vodafone today pledged to press on with its plan for a controversial new city phone mast despite so far failing to submit a planning application.

In under three weeks more than 700 people signed a petition organised by the Echo against the siting of the so-called third generation transmitter outside Exeter's maternity unit and close to several schools and nurseries.

In March, Vodafone said it was about to submit a formal planning application.

But the company has so far held back from tabling its bid for the mast on Heavitree Road.

However, it insists the location is still its number one choice on technical grounds and is continuing to discuss the mast's design and siting requirements.

A Vodafone UK spokesman said: "We are still currently working with the local authority to find an acceptable design and meet the terms as to what would be seen as an acceptable site.

"We are still in the exploratory, pre-application stage and won't move forward until we have covered all the issues."

An Exeter City Council spokeswoman confirmed no formal application had so far been received. The Echo presented its 703-name petition to the company last month and appealed to Vodafone to look elsewhere.

Residents expressed concern about the possible health risks of a mast close to their homes and children's schools, despite the company stating that the mast would work at levels below current international guidelines.

Vodafone has also said that other landowners in the area have been unwilling to offer alternative sites.

How Vodafone's expected planning application is dealt with will depend on the size of the mast. If taller than 15 metres, it will be subject to the normal planning process. But if it is lower than that height it may be eligible for the 'prior approval' process.

If the local planning authority does not respond within 56 days of such a 'prior approval' application, it is automatically passed.

Planning authorities can object, but they are instructed to "first explore with the operator the possibility of modifying the siting and appearance of the proposed development".

Councils should also take account of the need for masts and technical issues.

The Express & Echo launched its Shock Waves campaign in 2002. It is calling for more research into the health effects of mobile phone masts.

Iraq War’s Big Lie revealed


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Mobile phone over-use leads to premature aging


Mobile phone over-use leads to premature aging


CAIRO, May 14 (KUNA) -- Use your mobile phone too much and you would risk health problems associated with old age, a bio-physics and radio-physics study indicated.

The study, conducted by researchers at Cairo University headed by Professor of bio-physics and radio-physics Dr. Fadhil Mohammad Ali, said much of today's technology that uses short and micro waves poses threats to the human biology and bodily functions.

Exposure to this kind of waves in the home and work place causes damage to human cells and red blood cells in particular. Performance of blood enzymes is also affected as a result of damage in the enzyme-producing cells, the researchers said.

As for recommendations, the team said it is best to re-set international safe limits for both exposure and resulting damage with use of microwaves and kin technology. They specifically urged the public to return to the usual phone lines whenever possible to limit use of mobiles.

This was a 15-year study of three phases that included surveys of the electromagnetic and electric fields in certain areas like homes and offices near high-voltage towers and plants where powerful electric currents are used. The safe distance from such a strong field or power tower was found to be over 20 meters. As for radio broadcasting towers, it was advised to stay a kilometer away.

Exposure to such conditions in plants was proved to have led to health problems among the workers like heart problems, tension, allergies and other ailments.

The voltage used in Egypt was examined and the researchers found the magnetic and electromagnetic fields have affected liver enzymes, glands, muscles, hormone balance, the heart and bone-marrow. Exposure affected fetuses in lab rats and the pregnant rats developed blood and lymphatic cancers, the study showed.

The researchers analyzed their findings and the manner the human body cells are affected and formulated a new theory they hope would help manipulate and reduce the harmful effects of microwaves. They even aspire it would make it possible to correct cancerous cells' behavior without the usual surgical, radiation or chemical intervention. (end) az. wsa

KUNA 141104 May 05


Micowaves and the Secret State

Extract below from article by Brighton resident and leading European authority on microwaves Tim Rifat.


An example was Brighton police van, parked outside the Brighton Pavilion which was used to beam UHF and microwaves at vagrants to clear them from the area. All Brighton's city centres are bombarded with microwaves when vagrants congregate to make them so ill they have to flee. The Evening Argus newspaper asked the police if the white van which was parked in the Brighton Pavilion grounds for months, was their van, they replied it was one of their 'surveillance' vehicles. On Wednesday, 4th of February the author was passing Brighton Police station with a frequency counter which detects microwave weapons, and I detected a 452 MHz microwave beam being directed at two young offenders sitting on a wall opposite the station. I confronted the police with the reading, Robert Galloway, spokesperson for the police stated, "they were not interested in microwaves even if they were a danger to health." The author has uncovered widespread use of microwave weapons in Brighton by the police and MI5 as a test programme to clear vagrants from the city centre.

Contacting researchers in this field of enquiry, they all complain of microwave-like symptoms, headache, nausea, giddiness, eye damage, ear problems... Readings I have taken show that the 750-1000 MHz range is used by the intelligence services for inducing nervous and physical collapse. Microwave ovens give off 1000 MHz.

On the Channel 4 programme, For the Love of…New World Order, shown on Monday night at 12pm, on April 6th, the author revealed some of these facts on television. The presenter, and researchers of this programme complained of severe headaches in the days preceding filming symptomatic of microwave attack. As the foremost non-military expert microwave weapons, remote viewing (psychic spying) and Psi-warfare, the author became aware of the microwave problem when he was targeted to stop his forthcoming book on remote viewing being released. This book on psychic spying, published by Century Books, is the first book by a scientist on the subject of Psi-warfare and the techniques the superpowers developed.

Subsequent to the filming of the Channel 4 programme, he was arrested by Brighton Police on February I5th outside their building and his frequency counter was confiscated to stop him recording the use of microwave weapons around the police station and in public places around the town. Even though no law was broken. It appears Brighton Police are worried that their use of microwave weapons on Brighton's vagrants is coming to light. The UK government has also bought up all the readily available frequency counters, these being the Watson FC-128 frequency counters, and the Optotronic devices, and the manufacturers now market a 'modified' model, which most probably has a digital filter so that the microwave weapon frequencies given above, cannot be shown. The author's frequency counter has still not been returned. With such high-level manipulation of events it seems that microwave mind control is part of a secret policy which is being practised on the general public in this county. As part of a covert government policy of harassing and disabling critics, this means of attack is not covered by the law and highly deniable, the perfect intelligence device for civilian control. The author's flat is targeted with a 900 MHz beam which seems to be designed to cause massive neurological damage and produce tumours.

The BT phone network has the potential to be used for docilisation of the UK public. A 30-40 MHz signal is carried by the phone. When the earpiece is placed against the head, bone conduction carries the ELF component into the brain of the phone user. A ELF signal which can effect behaviour or health is therefore passed into all BT phone users. It appears from experts I have consulted on the subject that the digital phones have been designed to carry this mind control carrier frequency. Vodaphone have supplied a mobile phone to a friend of mine that pumps out an 847 MHz signal at over 100 mW/cm2, this is equivalent to 4x100 watt lightbulbs being turned on in the body of the user. This means that mobile phones can potentially be used to kill or so disable a person they no longer become a problem to the establishment. Another Vodaphone tested pumped out 50 mW/cm2. UK safe levels for microwave ovens are 5 mW/cm2 - which are not held near the head. There are reports by military researchers that 1 mW/cm2 will cause swelling of nerve cells exposed to microwave.


Everyone of us is part of a vast radiation experiment - result unknown

As the points Dr. Dave J Aldridge's makes in his published letter are applicable to other countries, I am sending it along to you for posting.

Imelda, Cork.


Everyone of us is part of a vast radiation experiment - result unknown

IN relation to the debate in your letters columns last month concerning the hazards of cell-phone and other non-ionizing radiation, I find it inconceivable that any responsible official or body would claim such radiation to be ‘safe.’

Certainly no one with a grasp of the complex science involved would do so.

The following points need sombre reflection:

1. Every man, woman and child in Ireland is taking part, involuntarily, in one vast and irreversible non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (NI-EMR) exposure experiment, the ethics of which are highly questionable, and the long-term outcome unknown.

2. Based on experience with microwave radiation over the last 50 years and my current investigations, I believe the current maximum permitted public exposure to low band (900 mhz) cellphone radiation is 4,500 times too high and 9,000 times too high for the cell-phone high band (1.8 ghz).

Lowering this to 1mw/m2 for public exposure in ‘living spaces’ and 100mw/m2 for ‘sleeping spaces’ would provide a starting point to protect the general population against those effects not covered by the International Committee Non-ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) Guidelines (ICNIRP guidelines).

3. Government ministers and officials continue to claim cell-phone microwave radiation is ‘safe,’ quoting ICNIRP guidelines, and stating that the safety of this radiation is supported in ‘the literature.’

Yet, the actual text of the ICNIRP guidelines states something very different: that the only effect taken into consideration when framing the guidelines, and against which protection is provided, is heating effect and the guidelines are not intended to protect against cancer or other long-term effects.

I have been studying ‘the literature’ for some years - for the last five on a full-time basis.

Most of the published research has a serious shortcoming in that the sponsor of many of the projects going back the 1950s was the US military. They had - and still have - a strong interest in the denial of low-level bio-effects.

Controlling the funding, it insisted that experiments be designed to find ‘thermal only’ outcomes and that high power should be employed. Many of the investigators were not biologists, and there was extensive criticism of the behavioural test methods in the discussions of results.

For many experiments the power levels were such as to preclude observation of any bio-effects, and the behavioural tests used were so poorly selected and so insensitive as to render it impossible to detect a positive response if such occurred. When the data from a Department of Defence-sponsored experimental series claiming to show no bio-effects was re-analysed, it was shown that due to poor statistical technique and the use of the wrong mathematical model, observations of bio-effects had been conveniently lost in the ‘noise.’

If there are no low-level bio-effects, why is the US Defence Advances Research Projects Agency (DARPA) spending over $3 billion per year on EMR-based weapons research?

4. In addition to the well known microwave hearing ‘tinnitus’ effect, the list of EHS symptoms, as defined by the WHO, includes tingling of nerves, sleepiness, headache, dizziness, unconsciousness, pain, muscle spasms, palpitations, flushing, tachycardia or edema because of impairment of the circulatory system; pressure in ears, tooth pains, tightness in chest, dyspnea, nausea, belching, burning eyes and itching, burning or prickling skin.

5. Based on anecdotal evidence, I estimate that 20% of the Irish population is likely to be experiencing low-level EHS effects, and not identifying it as such. And, in turn, around 20% of that mildly affected 20% - or 4% of the total population - are experiencing it to such an extent that it effects their way of life beyond a point where it can’t be considered just inconvenient.

Since the average GP has no in-depth knowledge of EHS, one of the difficulties for the medical profession is that the symptoms mimic the onset of mental illness. Consequently, many EHS sufferers (possibly as high as 50%) are believed to have been misdiagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia.

6. Comparing AM, FM and TV broadcast signals is like comparing apples with plums and grapes. While they all are non-ionising radiation, only the 625-line TV signals in Ireland use microwaves, defined as wavelengths below 1 metre and extending from 300 mhz to 300ghz.

TV transmitters, however, due to the range required and massive power used, are placed on remote mountaintops. By contrast, cell-phone base stations are placed in close proximity to people, often against their objections.

7. The location of many cell-phone base station aerials and towers is ill advised. When possible, those aerials utilised by vets, gardaí, ESB, creameries, taxis, fire and ambulance services should be relocated from rooftops to remote hilltop bases. This measure would reduce the exposure level of the population to electro-smog and reduce the incidence of EHS effects.

The cell-phone base station, regardless of the aerial being placed on a building or tower, needs to be located in the centre of its ‘cell,’ yet its location requires careful consideration of the type of population and exposure created.

8. Co-location is a very bad idea as the radiation from each source is additive in its effects and creates ‘RF hotspots.’ It is questionable if network operators should continue to be permitted to duplicate each other’s coverage for this reason. What is needed is a national coverage plan and well documented ‘safe areas’ where NI-EMR levels are kept low. I know of a number of EHS sufferers who have built (wooden) houses in low signal level areas only to find now that their lives are being severely affected by radiation from new emitters, some far away and being transported and re-radiated by above-ground clutter such as rural ESB feed lines.

9. The Irish Doctors Environmental Association are to be applauded for their efforts in bringing the plight of EHS sufferers to the attention of the Joint Committee on Communications, Marine and Natural Resources.

However, that committee apparently does not have the mandate to deal with the wider aspects of EMR hazards, including the health hazards and risks of NI-EMR associated with its application and use. NI-EMR covers all radiation from static EM fields to ultraviolet. I believe a new joint committee will be needed. The Irish Doctors Environmental Association has been handicapped as a doctors’ group only without the benefits of a biophysicist to untangle the complexities of NI-EMR/human interactions.

I hope this helps to clear away the ‘spin’ originating from the Government and its officials, as well as cellphone and other players.

Dave J Aldridge
Co Mayo


Dave J Aldridge
The Irish Anti-War Movement: Community member

A preliminary study on ultra high frequency electromagnetic fields effect on black locust chlorophylls


Informant: Iris Atzmon

Non-thermal DNA breakage by mobile-phone radiation (1800MHz) in human fibroblasts and in transformed GFSH-R17 rat granulosa cells in vitro


Informant: Iris Atzmon

Muting The Conversation Of Democracy

by Bill Moyers, TomPaine.com

The more compelling NOW's journalism, the angrier the radical right of the Republican party became.


US and UK are enemies of freedom and democracy

The US and UK only act in support of "freedom" and "democracy" when it serves elite interests.

“It's for the people to decide on a change of regime, not outsiders.” -- UK Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, referring to Uzbekistan (15 May 2005)

“We want the removal of Saddam Hussein's government.”
-- UK Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, referring to Iraq (9 April 2003)

The US and UK supported Iraq while it served their agenda. When the Iraqi regime could no longer be controlled they imposed a decade of sanctions and then invaded to install a new government and bring the nation back within their control.

Now, rather than impose sanctions on Uzbekistan, which might actually improve freedom and democracy there, the US and UK are actively supporting the regime with substantial financial, military and diplomatic aid.

Don't be fooled by the propaganda about why invaded Iraq. The truth is too obvious to miss.


Krebsgefahr in ländlicher Idylle?

Wichtige Meldung fürs Volksbegehren Mobilfunk

Krebsgefahr in ländlicher Idylle?

Auf dem Land ist das Hirntumorrisiko dreimal so hoch. Nach einer schwedischen Studie kommt dies offenbar von einer dort höheren Handy-Eigenstrahlung. Für die Studie wurden 1400 Hirntumor-Patienten in Schweden nach ihren Handygebrauchsgewohnheiten befragt.

Das Forscherteam um den Krebs-Spezialisten Lennart Hardell von der Universitätsklinik Örebro vermutet, dass die starke Eigenstrahlung der Handys für den schädlichen Effekt verantwortlich ist. Sie liege auf dem Lande höher, weil die Relaisstationen der Funknetze dort weiter auseinander stünden als in den Städten.

Die Forscher aus Örebro warnten bereits mehrfach, dass intensiver und langfristiger Gebrauch der digitalen GSM-Funknetze die Wahrscheinlichkeit der Erkrankung an einem Hirntumor erhöhe.


In ländlichen Gebieten ist die Strahlenbelastung höher, fand eine schwedische Studie. Mehr Gehirntumore sind die Folge.


Hintergrundinfos: Hohe Sendeleistung auf dem Land

Nachricht vom Informationszentrum gegen Mobilfunk (IZGMF)

Zum gleichen Thema auch:




Krebscluster in der Nähe von Funkantennen

Use of cellular telephones and brain tumour risk


Bath Chronicle

11:00 - 17 May 2005

Residents protesting against a controversial mobile phone mast being sited close to their homes will have to wait another month to discover whether their campaign has been successful. Councillors last night put off making a decision on whether to allow phone company Hutchinson 3G to put a mast on top of the Smile convenience store in Bear Flat, and will now visit the site.

Yesterday's meeting was the latest twist in the long-running saga over the siting of masts in Bear Flat.

Earlier this year, local anti- mast protesters had their hopes lifted when phone operator O2 agreed to consider siting a mast away from the residential area, and instead install one at Alexandra Park.

But Hutchinson 3G then applied for a mast in the same area, which is at the junction of Wellsway and Wells Road.

Councillors at yesterday's meeting of Bath and North East Somerset Council's Bath south local committee were recommended by officers to permit the flagpole-type mast and dish.

Cllr David Bellotti (Lib Dem, Lyncombe) voiced his opposition to the proposal, and called on Hutchinson 3G and O2 to share a site. He said: "I am greatly concerned by the recommendation in this report because as a committee we have lodged our opinion of masts in Bear Flat.

"The Government is quite clear that mobile phone operators should talk to each other with a view to sharing sites.

"We all know that O2 is going to put in an application in Alexandra Park and should we decide that location is acceptable, Hutchinson should be told to go there and share that mast."

Objections to the new application have been fierce and the proposal prompted 182 letters of protest. Concerns have ranged from worries about potential health risks to concerns about the impact on property prices.

Hutchinson 3G has so far ruled out mast-sharing with O2 in the Bear Flat area.

Mehrheit für den Sendemast


Mitglieder des VfB Helmbrechts stimmen nach hitziger Diskussion mit 66 zu 34 für Verpachtung

Mehrheit für den Sendemast

Die Mitglieder des VfB Helmbrechts haben den Weg freigemacht für die Errichtung eines Sendemastens auf dem Vereinsgelände. Am Freitagabend sprachen sich 66 von 102 Stimmberechtigten für die Verpachtung eines Grundstücks an den Mobilfunk-Anbieter Vodafone aus. Nur rund jedes sechste Mitglied war zu der außerordentlichen Versammlung erschienen.

HELMBRECHTS – Die Abstimmung war auf Wunsch zahlreicher Teilnehmer schriftlich und damit geheim durchgeführt worden. Mit 34 Gegenstimmen gab es fast genau eine Zwei-Drittel-Mehrheit für die Verpachtung, von der sich die Vorstandschaft eine neue Einnahmequelle erhofft, um die laufenden Kosten des Vereins zu decken und den Schuldenberg abzubauen.

Zu Beginn hatte ein von Bürgermeister Mutterer eingeladener Mitarbeiter des Landesamtes für Umweltschutz eine Stunde lang zum Thema Mobilfunkanlagen und mögliche gesundheitliche Gefährdungen referiert. Diplom-Ingenieur Gampel wies unter anderem daraufhin, dass bei über 4000 Messungen in der Nähe von Mobilfunkanlagen bundesweit erheblich niedrigere Werte gemessen worden seien, als es die Vorgaben zulassen.

Omega siehe dazu „Strahlenmessungen“ unter: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/326599/

Er erläuterte, dass sich mit der Aufstellung eines Mastens außerhalb einer Stadt die Leistung am Ohr erhöhe. Die eigentliche Strahlungsbelastung gehe also vom Handy und nicht vom Mast aus. Seine Schlussfolgerung: „Wer gegen Mobilfunkmasten ist, sollte sein Handy wegwerfen.“

Omega berücksichtigt werden muss aber auch, dass eine Basisstation rund um die Uhr strahlt und sich die Anwohner dieser Strahlungsbelastung nicht freiwillig aussetzen. Die Dauerbelastung über Monate und Jahre ist dabei nicht besser als die Kurzzeitbelastung durch Handys mit hoher Strahlenbelastung. Das Handy kann man ausschalten, wegwerfen, nicht benutzen. Die Basisstation steht strahlend vor der Haustür. Siehe weiter unter: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/616226/

Zudem wies Gampel auf die Schwächen der Nailaer Studie hin, die das Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS) festgestellt hatte. Die Behörde hatte kritisiert, dass die Studie wesentliche wissenschaftliche Kriterien nicht erfülle. Gleichzeitig heißt es im Fazit des Bundesamtes aber: „Trotz Schwächen der Nailaer Mobilfunkstudie wird der Einzelbefund eines möglicherweise dreifach erhöhten Krebsrisikos vom BfS ernst genommen.“

Omega Dr. Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam berichtete von nachgewiesenermaßen erhöhten Fallzahlen von Tumorerkrankungen in unmittelbarer Nähe zu Sendemasten (Studie Naila), doch keiner gehe hin und überprüfe, warum das der Fall sei: "Der Grund liegt auf der Hand: Man will schlichtweg nichts finden", betonte die Referentin.

Gleiche Beobachtungen habe man in Hof gemacht: Hier stehe seit zehn Jahren ein Mast direkt im Wohngebiet, im Umkreis von 100 Metern sei es zu 40 Karzinom-Erkrankungen gekommen: "Diese Zahlen sind Wahnsinn - doch es passiert nichts, keiner kümmert sich." Dass elektromagnetische Felder und Hochfrequenzen keine Gesundheitsgefahren darstellen, sei eine irreführende Behauptung: "An keinem einzigen Standort Deutschlands wurde vom Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz oder anderen Wissenschaftlern eine Erhebung über Kopfschmerzen oder Schlafstörungen gemacht. Außerdem sind nicht die Physiker und Radiologen Experten für die menschliche Gesundheit, sondern wir Ärzte", mahnte sie.

„Wer gegen Funkmasten ist, sollte sein Handy wegwerfen“
Ein Vertreter des Landesamtes für Umweltschutz

Omega und was macht der, der kein Handy hat und gegen Funkmasten ist?

Auch im Hinblick auf andere Risiken, die durch den Mobilfunk entstehen, führt das BfS derzeit ein umfangreiches, 50 Millionen Euro schweres Forschungsprogramm durch.

Lautstark und hitzig geführt wurde die anschließende Diskussion, in der Gegner wie Befürworter zu Wort kamen. Uwe Friedrich, Konrektor der benachbarten Realschule übergab Vorsitzendem Manfred Gareiß eine Unterschriftenliste von Eltern, die sich gegen den Funkmasten richtete. Zudem wies Friedrich auf eine Reihe von Untersuchungen und Studien hin, die von einer gesundheitlichen Gefährdung durch Mobilfunkanlagen ausgehen würden.

Auf die Frage nach der Haftung erklärte Gareiß, für Errichtung und Betrieb des Mastes sei ausschließlich Vodafone zuständig. Die Höhe des Mastes gab er mit 28 bis 30 Metern, die Vertragsdauer mit zehn Jahren an, „wobei noch nichts unterschrieben ist“. In Hinblick auf die Schule fragte Friedrich, der mehrfach unterbrochen und nach Angaben mehrerer Mitglieder zum Teil übelst beschimpft wurde, wer die Verantwortung für mögliche Schäden übernehme. Dritter Vorsitzender Kurt Hoyer warf dazu ein, seine Nachforschungen hätten ergeben, dass an Schulen zwar die Handys ausgeschaltet sein sollten, was aber keiner der Lehrer überprüfe. Dass laut Hoyer deshalb alle Schüler ihre Handys eingeschaltet ließen, wies Friedrich zurück.

„Einige Kritiker wurden mundtot gemacht“

Gründungsmitglied Mai über das plötzliche Diskussionsende

Befürworter der Anlage wollten wissen, warum die Gegner nicht protestiert hätten, als auf dem Kirchberg und bei Knopf‘s Sohn Masten errichtet wurden. Auch habe es gegen Anlagen am Krankenhaus Münchberg und auf dem Dach einer Schule in Rehau keine vernehmbaren Proteste gegeben.

Nach mehr als zwei Stunden erklärte der Vorsitzende die Diskussion trotz bestehender Wortmeldungen für beendet. Ein Vorgang, den Gründungsmitglied Karl-Heinz Mai gestern gegenüber unserer Zeitung so kommentierte: „Ein unwürdiges Schauspiel. Einige Kritiker wurden mundtot gemacht.“ Laut Mai, der zu den Gegnern des Sendemastes gehört, sei das Verhalten des Vereins für viele Helmbrechtser nicht mehr nachvollziehbar. Er wirft der Vorstandschaft „fachliche Inkompetenz“ vor. Wichtige Informationen über die Sendeleistung des Mastes oder über mögliche Regressansprüche lägen ebenso wenig vor wie Antworten auf die Frage, ob der Verein die Gemeinnützigkeit verlieren könne: „Schon einmal hat der Verein versucht, Finanzamt und Krankenkassen auszutricksen versucht. Die Folgen ja sind bekannt.“

Bürgermeister Manfred Mutterer will sich nun mit Hilfe eines staatlichen Förderprogramms im Stadtrat dafür stark machen, dass Experten am Vereinsgelände Messungen durchführen, „um so zu erfahren, wie intensiv die Belastung wäre und dann anhand von Fakten die Emotionen aus der Diskussion zu nehmen“. Die Kritik von Seiten der Realschulleitung („ein sensibler Bereich“) und zahlreicher Anwohner nannte er gestern „verständlich und nachvollziehbar“.

So bald der Bauantrag von Vodafone vorliegt, beginnt ein Genehmigungsverfahren, in dem die Stadt Stellung nehmen kann. Laut Mutterer wird es dazu eine Beratung im Bauausschuss geben. Entscheidungsträger sei das Landratsamt. awu

Wir mussten draußen bleiben


„Schreien gegen Argumente, Geifer gegen Intelligenz, Hetze gegen Sympathie – armer VfB“. So drastisch hat im Internetforum des Vereins gestern einer unter dem Namen „Helmetzer“ das zusammengefasst, was am Freitagabend passiert ist. Ob er Recht hat ?

Wir, liebe Leser, können das nur unzureichend beurteilen. Gerne hätten wir wie gewohnt aus erster Hand berichtet, Informationen geliefert, Argumente präzise gegenübergestellt und den Verlauf des Abends detailliert wiedergegeben. Genau das hat uns die Vorstandschaft des Vereins verwehrt. Auf Initiative des dritten Vorsitzenden Kurt Hoyer, der bereits nach der Hauptversammlung Mitte April unseren Berichterstatter beeinflussen wollte, machte der neue Vorsitzende Manfred Gareiß von seinem Hausrecht Gebrauch und teilte uns mit, dass die Heimatzeitung – und damit mittelbar die Öffentlichkeit – nicht erwünscht sei. Bürgermeister Mutterer und andere, die dem Verein seit Jahrzehnten nahe stehen, haben dieses Verhalten gestern verurteilt.

Die neue Vorstandschaft – das zeigte auch der Freitagabend – tut sich schwer, wenn es um Werte wie Transparenz und Meinungsfreiheit geht. Der Imageschaden, den sich die Macher des VfB jenseits der zweifellos diskutablen Frage, ob der Mast gesundheitsschädlich sei oder nicht, zuzuschreiben haben, ist enorm. Insider munkeln von abgesprungenen Sponsoren oder von 20 (zum Teil namhaften) ausgetretenen Mitgliedern. Der nach der Insolvenz in mühsamer Kleinarbeit erarbeitete gute Ruf des Vereins ist massiv in Gefahr.

Aber damit umzugehen, da hat eben jeder seine Art. Die einen rennen gegen Windmühlen, die anderen sitzen die Sache aus, vertrauen auf ihren Erfolg – und auf die Macht des Vergessens. Die aber haben schon andere überschätzt.




„Wir sind sauer !“

HELMBRECHTS – Die Würfel sind gefallen. Wie berichtet, haben sich bei der außerordentlichen Mitgliederversammlung des VfB 98 Helmbrechts zwei Drittel der Anwesenden für einen Mobilfunk-Sendemast auf dem Vereinsgelände ausgesprochen. Einer, der stets ein gut nachbarschaftliches Verhältnis zum VfB 98 gesucht hat, aber jetzt von den Verantwortlichen des Vereins enttäuscht ist, ist der Direktor der Realschule Otto Günther.

Wie geht es Ihnen ?

Otto Günther: Leider Gottes habe ich das Ergebnis der Mitgliederversammlung mitbekommen. Meine Einstellung hat sich nicht geändert: So lange weder die Gefährlichkeit noch die Ungefährlichkeit der Strahlung bewiesen ist, bin ich strikt gegen den Mast. Ich bin bitter enttäuscht.

Über den Mast ist aber abgestimmt worden . . .

Otto Günther: Während die Befürworter eine Stunde lang einen Mann vom Landesamt für Umweltschutz referieren ließen, sind die Argumente der Gegner, die sich gut vorbereitet hatten, auf einen Satz zusammengestutzt worden. Dies ist mir berichtet worden und dies zeugt nicht von einem ausgeprägten Demokratieverständnis.

Was bedeutet das Ergebnis für Sie als Schulleiter ?

Otto Günther: Wenn an einem Elternsprechtag 90 bis 95 Prozent der Eltern sich unaufgefordert in eine Liste gegen die Errichtung des Mastes eintragen, wie neulich geschehen, ist das für uns als Schule natürlich ein Hammer. Umso erschütterter bin ich, seit ich weiß, dass der Mast nicht, wie ich ursprünglich dachte, zehn, sondern 28 Meter hoch sein soll.

Halten Sie das Thema nach dem klaren Abstimmungsergebnis nun für „gegessen“ ?

Otto Günther: Die Sachlage stellt sich jedenfalls so dar, dass der Mast beschlossen und damit legitimiert ist. Deshalb sehe ich keine Möglichkeit mehr, auf den VfB einzuwirken. Allerdings behalte ich mir persönlich und von Seiten der Schule weitere Schritte vor.

Die da wären ?

Otto Günther: Heute werde ich mich mit meinen beiden Stellvertretern Wilhelm Stiller und Uwe Friedrich treffen und darüber beraten. Ich persönlich überlege mir künftig zwei Mal, ob ich dem Verein nach wie vor jedes Jahr 50 Euro für die Jugendarbeit spenden soll. Und Uwe Friedrich, der die Leichtathletikjugend des VfB trainiert, grübelt auch über seine Tätigkeit nach. Ach, ganz einfach: Wir sind sauer. M. BÄUMLER


Nachrichten von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Omega weitere Berichte zum Thema VfB Helmbrechts und Sendemast sind unter http://tinyurl.com/dud79 und http://omega.twoday.net/search?q=HELMBRECHTS zu finden.


MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media

May 17, 2005


The BBC Has Failed To Respond To Doubts About Its Claims On US Atrocities In Iraq.

"The truth is replaced by silence, and the silence is a lie." (Yevgeney Yevtushenko).

Last week, the editors of Media Lens wrote to the BBC’s director of news, Helen Boaden, about her failure to respond to public concerns over BBC misreporting from Iraq:

10 May, 2005

Dear Helen Boaden,

We trust you are well. As you may recall, Media Lens issued a media alert on 18th April: 'Doubt Cast on BBC Claims Regarding Fallujah'. This was in response to your Newswatch article at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/newswatch/ukfs/hi/newsid_4390000/newsid_4396600/4396641.stm

Our media alert* noted that your article failed to address the many specific and detailed allegations of atrocities committed by US forces in their assault on Fallujah last November. Moreover, statements made to us by Human Rights Watch cast doubt upon your firm assertion that HRW could "compellingly" rule out the use of banned weapons by US forces in Fallujah. Both of these points surely merit a reply from the BBC.

We note that around 100 people - perhaps more - emailed you, [BBC reporter] Paul Wood and [BBC news online editor] Pete Clifton with their deep concerns about the Newswatch article. Nobody has yet received a reply, as far as we are aware. Could you possibly tell us when we might expect a BBC response, please?

best wishes,
David Cromwell & David Edwards

* See: http://www.medialens.org/alerts/05/050418_doubt_cast_on_bbc.php

We have not yet heard back from Helen Boaden.

The BBC relentlessly proclaims its commitment to "providing trusted and impartial news and information that helps citizens make sense of the world" (Letter from BBC chairman Michael Grade to David Cromwell, 21 March, 2005). Such grandiose statements are delivered as if on tablets of stone, to be received with gratitude by the multitudes. Thus, Grade again: "I know that BBC News, led by its new Director Helen Boaden, is passionate about delivering a news service that is independent, impartial and accurate and that commands the confidence of licence payers." (Ibid.)

In the real world, the BBC diligently diverts public attention from the responsibility of western governments for the horrendous suffering of the people of Iraq. In 1998, Denis Halliday, the UN humanitarian coordinator in Baghdad, resigned in protest at the devastating western sanctions which had led directly to the deaths of over a million Iraqis, half of them children under five. His words should haunt those who facilitated such a tragedy, and who continue to apologise for power now: "History will slaughter those responsible." (Quoted, John Pilger, The New Rulers Of The World, Verso, 2002, p.54)


The goal of Media Lens is to promote rationality, compassion and respect for others. When writing emails to journalists, we strongly urge readers to maintain a polite, non-aggressive and non-abusive tone.

Write to Helen Boaden, director of BBC news
Email: helenboaden.complaints@bbc.co.uk

Ask why her Newswatch article does not address the BBC's failure to cover reports of alleged US war crimes. Ask her for further details of what the BBC discussed with Human Rights Watch (HRW), and of the "investigations" that HRW supposedly undertook into the use of banned weapons by US forces.

Copy your emails to the following:

Pete Clifton, BBC news online editor
Email: pete.clifton@bbc.co.uk

Mark Thompson, BBC director general
Email: mark.thompson@bbc.co.uk

Michael Grade, BBC chairman
Email: michael.grade@bbc.co.uk

Please send copies of all emails to us at:
Email: editor@medialens.org

You may also wish to consider lodging an official complaint (which guarantees an answer) about the Newswatch article at:

Visit the Media Lens website: http://www.medialens.org

Use of cellular telephones and brain tumour risk

Study Title: Use of cellular telephones and brain tumour risk
Authors: L Hardell, M Carlberg and K Hansson Mild.

Published in the June 2005 Issue of Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Summary: A new Swedish study has found a 3-fold increase in rural people who have used a digital mobile phone for at least 5 years.

Lennart Hardell and colleagues have continued to analyse their data on 1429 Swedish cell-phone users who were diagnosed with a brain tumour between January 1997 and June 2000. The major finding that they announced was a 1.5 fold (1.4/0.9) higher risk of brain tumours in rural users compared with users who used their phone mostly in urban settings, rising to a 3.5 fold (3.4/0.9) increased ratio for people who had used their digital phones for 5 years or more. This rose to a six-fold (8.4/1.4) difference when only malignant brain tumours were considered. They suggest that this difference may be due to the fact that mobile phones uses "adaptive power control" which reduces the transmitted microwave power when they are used close to base stations - as is usually the case in urban areas.

Digital GSM Handsets can radiate 1000 times more power when they have to communicate in a poor signal strength area compared to when they are close to a base station. They also normally use full power at all times while they are "dialing out" and waiting for the called person to answer their phone, so it is a good idea to hold the phone away from your head during this time.

More interesting, though not mentioned in the paper's abstract, are the latency time trends - that is the overall rates for all users depending on how many years they have used their phones over.

For analogue phone users, over all tumours, there is a 1.9-fold increase (i.e. almost a doubling) after using the phone for 10 years. This is especially the case for people who use their phone for over 90 minutes per week (about 15 minutes per day). Below that level of usage there are too few cases to meaningfully calculate an odds-ratio. For all users, combined, the OR is still 1.6 (1.1-2.5), which is a significant result. For malignant tumours only the result is stronger; overall showing a significant OR of 2.1 after 10 years (1.1-4.0)

For GSM users, data is not available for 10 years use. The overall results for 1 and 5 years are not significant, but do increase for people who use their phone for more than 10 minutes per day from 0.9 after one year to 1.4 after five years. Note that these are not heavy users.

For cordless phones (not clear if analogue or DECT or other type) there is a significant 1.4-fold increase after 5 years (1.5-fold in heavy user group), rising to a non-significant (too few cases) 2.1-fold increase after 10 years (0.7-6.3).

This study suggests that calls are best made in areas close to a base station for the particular handset's network, as that will reduce the microwave radiation levels the user will be exposed to.

However, Powerwatch's overall conclusion is that this study confirms that regular mobile and cordless phone use may well at least double the risk of developing a brain tumour over time, especially a malignant one, and that people should be advised to use such phones only when necessary and they should make most calls on an old-fashioned wired landline phone or wired (not Bluetooth) voice-over-internet (e.g. Skype) network.


Informant: Sylvie


Tumour Risk For Rural Cell Phone Users


Informant: Iris Atzmon


Thank you very much for this information!

I am happy to see Örjan Hallberg's and my own results*** now being much further substantiated by Hardell and his team! Remember that when our studies were published, we were heavily attacked by certain Swedish epidemiologist for being "wrong", for being "amateurs", for "publishing our results in the wrong journal", etc. It will be very nice now to rather read Hardell's and coworkers comments about our papers instead!

***e.g. Hallberg Ö, Johansson O, "Mobile handset output power and health", Electromag Biol Med 2004; 23: 229-239


Hallberg Ö, Johansson O, "1997 - A curious year in Sweden", Eur J Cancer Prev 2004; 13: 535-538

Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm


This also appears in today's Daily Mail


Today's Independent reports the latest analysis by Lennart Hardell, Sweden, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Mobile phone use in rural areas carries three times the cancer risk


From Mast Network


Rural mobile phone use 'riskier'

Mobile phone health risks greater for rural users



Think Centre Calls for a moratorium on Death Penalty





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