Torture In A Florida Jail: "Whatever We Want To Do With You"


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The U.S. economy is at the mercy of the Bank of China


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Draft Legislation Hidden from Public


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Fear: The Foundation of Every Government's Power

The people who have the effrontery to rule us, who call themselves our government, understand this basic fact of human nature. They exploit it, and they cultivate it.


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How the oil-for-food programme was exploited

US government turned a blind eye as Bayoil, a Texas oil company, imported Iraqi oil and paid $37m of kickbacks to the Saddam regime. Also, as a member of the Security Council, Washington did nothing to prevent Saddam sellling oil worth a claimed $8bn, to Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Turkey, in violation of sanctions.


The Bayoil Indictment -- the Real Scandal

The neo-con team is brazenly acting as if Saddam did something wrong in selling Iraqi oil in violation of the United Nations embargo that we insisted by kept on for a dozen years after the 1991 Gulf War. The U.N. resolution did not prohibit Baghdad's sale of oil!!! It prohibited its purchase by U.N. members.


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There Is Blood On All Our Hands

George Bush, and you and I have started this bloody war in Iraq, where we are fighting people who not only never attacked us, but who never even had the means with which they could have attacked us. - We don’t even have the decency to count the number of infants we have killed.


Guantanamo prisoner tells of Koran abuse, US apology

An Afghan who spent three years at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre a said that interrogators frequently desecrated the Koran, which prompted a hunger strike and a US apology.


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Baghdad has turned into a giant graveyard

Iraqi Girl Blog

We are hearing of people being rounded up by security forces (Iraqi) and then being found dead days later- apparently when the new Iraqi government recently decided to reinstate the death penalty, they had something else in mind.


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Did Newsweek Damage America's Image?

Let me make sure I heard that correctly . . . . “The image of the United States abroad has been damaged.”


Angemeldete Gen-Mais-Flächen zur Hälfte zurückgezogen

Gentechnik: Angemeldete Gen-Mais-Flächen zur Hälfte zurückgezogen (17.05.05)

Nach Informationen des Umweltinstituts München wird gentechnisch veränderter Mais nur auf der Hälfte der vorgesehenen Anbaufläche tatsächlich angebaut. 2005 seien bislang von knapp 1100 Hektar Genmais, die in Deutschland zur Aussaat angemeldet worden seien, 480 Hektar zurückgezogen worden. Dies sei größtenteils durch öffentlichen Widerstand erreicht worden. Auch die Hälfte der Standorte sei nach öffentlichem Druck wieder abgemeldet worden.

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Zwei-Drittel-Mehrheit: Deutsche wollen laut Umfrage Volksentscheid zur EU-Verfassung


67,7 Prozent der Deutschen wollen eine Volksabstimmung über die EU-Verfassung. Das ist das Ergebnis einer am Mittwoch veröffentlichten Meinungsumfrage des Meinungsforschungsinstituts Omniquest für den Kölner Stadtanzeiger. Mehr als 60 Prozent der Befragten würden der Verfassung dann nach eigenen Angaben zustimmen. Allerdings hatten mehr als 63 Prozent der Teilnehmenden ausgesagt, sie seien "eher schlecht" oder sogar "sehr schlecht" über den Verfassungsentwurf informiert. Die Initiative "Mehr Demokratie" forderte die nordrhein-westfälische Landesregierung auf, sich im Bundesrat für eine Volksabstimmung über die Verfassung der Europäischen Union einzusetzen. Der Bundestag hatte in der letzten Woche dem Verfassungsvertrag zugestimmt. Der Bundesrat entscheidet hierüber am 27. Mai.

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Neue Filzvorwürfe gegen Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz

Atombehörde: Neue Filzvorwürfe gegen Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (18.05.05)

Das Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS) in Salzgitter wird mit neuen Vorwürfen konfrontiert. Wie das Hamburger Magazin "Stern" am Mittwoch berichtete, vergab das BfS mehrfach Gutachterverträge an persönliche Bekannte von BfS-Präsident Wolfram König. Demnach ging ein Gutachterauftrag über etwa 300.000 Euro an den niedersächsischen Grünen-Politiker Hans-Albert Lennartz. Dieser war in den 90er Jahren Regierungspräsident von Hannover, der heutige BfS-Präsident König war damals sein Sprecher. Das Bundesamt warf dem Blatt vor, den Eindruck zu erwecken, das BfS sei bei der Auftragsvergabe rechtswidrig vorgegangen.

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"Nuclear Option" Mass Immediate Response

People For the American Way

"Nuclear Option" Mass Immediate Response

posted 05/16/05

Sign up for the "Nuclear Option" Mass Immediate Response and receive a text message you as soon as the Senate leadership triggers the "nuclear option." Embedded in that text message will be a link to the Senate switchboard. With the push of a couple buttons, your call will go right through to the corridors of power demanding preservation of the filibuster.


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Leave Our Kids Alone


posted 05/17/05

The Leave No Child Behind Act includes a little-known provision that forces schools to turn over students' private information to military recruiters, without parental consent. Urge your member of Congress to support the Student Privacy Protection Act to restore students' privacy and put control of this information back in the hands of their families.


From Moving Ideas Blogger News, May 18, 2005

Support Galloway

Please support Galloway!

Should you all wish to congratulate G.Galloway, I have an email address for him: gallowayg@parliament.uk

or you can write to the Guardian Editors who covered the hearings: politics.editor@guardianunlimited.co.uk

CNN are asking people about their views on ywt@cnn.com on the Galloway affair.



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Tell Congress to stop dodging the draft question

PO Box 656
Sparks, NV 89432
(775) 356-9009

Please forward this message to your family and friends!

May 18, 2005

Dear members, supporters, and friends,

Today marks the 88th anniversary of the passage of the Selective Service Act. It’s a day that should serve as a solemn reminder to every mother and father in America that by simple majority vote, Congress could again pass legislation reinstating the draft.

For those of us with draft aged children, that threat is more real than many would like to believe, and far more real than Congress is willing to admit.

Top military leaders have been warning us that our military is seriously over-stretched and undermanned. Just last month, for the third straight month the U.S. Army missed its recruiting goal, but this time by a whopping 42 percent and the Army Reserve fell short by 37 percent. According to Army Reserve chief, Lt. Gen. James Helmly, the Reserve is a “broken force,” no longer able to meet its commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan. General Richard Cody, the Army’s vice chief of staff, recently told a room full of reporters that the situation is serious enough that he’s losing sleep worrying about the future of the all-volunteer military.

Whether they want to our not, it’s apparent that Congress will soon be forced to make some unpleasant decisions.

The math is simple. If there aren’t enough volunteers joining the military then Congress must either reduce our commitments, drastically increase taxes to hire a mercenary force, or draft our children. And if as predicted, our commitment to this policy of “pre-emptive war” in the “global war on terrorism” is indeed “generational,” it will swallow not only our sons and daughters in a new draft, but our grandchildren as well.

It’s time for Congress to stop dodging the draft question!

As you know, Mothers Against the Draft delivered a simple six question Compulsory Service Survey to every member of the 109th Congress. To date, only 2 of 535 members of Congress (Congressman Ron Paul of TX and Congress Barney Frank of MA) have had the courage tell their constituents the truth about where they stand on the draft. In addition, thousands of citizens have signed our online Petition to Congress Opposing Conscription. Those too have been ignored.

You have an absolute right to know if your elected officials would vote to draft your sons and daughters. And they have an absolute duty to tell you the truth.

If you are as outraged as I am, it’s time to make your voice heard!

1. Call your Congressman’s office and express your concern regarding the threat of a new draft and urge him/her to respond to MAD’s Congressional Survey on Conscription. It’s easy to do, it’s important, and it will only take a few minutes of your time. Just call the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. If you don’t know your Congressman’s name, the Operator will ask you for your address and connect you to the right office.

2. Send an email to your Congressman. We’ve already drafted one for your use, or if you prefer, you can create your own email on our website. (Click here to send an email to Congress):

3. Forward this email on to your family and friends and ask them to do the same.

All 3 Action Items will take you less than 10 minutes.

With your help, we can stop the draft before it starts!

A Nuclear Reaction: Save Yourself

18 May 2005

Tomorrow marks a critical day in Congress: the day global warming legislation is introduced. But there's nuclear fallout to an otherwise good bill - that's right, instead of setting strong limits on global warming pollution from power plants, Senator McCain plans to add massive subsidies for new nuclear power plants.

24 Hours to Stop a Nuclear Disaster

Apparently Senator McCain doesn't understand the risks. Nuclear plants are sitting ducks for terrorist attacks and there is no safe way to store nuclear waste. We need your help today to stop the Senate from nuking this landmark global warming bill.


Limiting our global warming pollution combined with strong incentives for renewable sources and energy efficiency, is the real solution to meet our energy needs.

Please take action now and tell your Senators to "knock the nukes" out of the McCain Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act. It is vitally important that we stop the nuclear industry from poisoning the most important piece of global warming legislation being debated in Congress today.

702 H Street, NW
Suite 300
Washington, D.C. 20001
(800) 326-0959

Should Big Brother Be Your Study Buddy?

“If you attend a college or university, please immediately send your race or ethnicity, financial aid info rmation, the number of classes you are taking, whether or not you are living on campus or with your family, and any varsity sports you play. When you are done doing that, please also send all of the information listed here on page 74 ( http://nces.ed.gov/pubs2005/2005160.pdf - see note below about PDF files) if you ever want to enroll in college.”

Under a new federal proposal being championed by the Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), any college or university you ever attend in the U.S. would be required to submit this personal information about you to the federal government. The data is slated to be stored indefinitely.

Why does the government want to collect and store all this information about you? To ensure students privacy and evaluate the performance of colleges and universities, the Department of Education currently collects aggregate statistics from schools. The Department of Education claims that collecting information on a student-by-student basis, rather than aggregate numbers, would help evaluate the performances of these institutions of higher education. Switching to a student unit record system, however, raises significant student privacy concerns:

* The potential exists for misuse of personal student information by government agencies. For example, the National Directory of New Hires, designed as a registry of workers who re-enter the workforce, has been accessed and misused by other government agencies to track parents who fail to pay child support or who owe non-tax debt, despite privacy assurances.

* The system is vulnerable to identity theft, arising from a concentrated storage of the very information necessary for such illegal activity.

* Who will be responsible for collecting student unit records from colleges and universities around the country? Will the government subcontract private companies, some of which have recently experienced security breaches, to collect personal student information?

* NCES database records will be stored indefinitely, creating the potential of a lifetime federal profile of individuals not involved with, or suspected of, any crime.

Congress has previously prohibited creating a national database to track students. When it created the No Child Left Behind Act (PL 107-110), Congress specifically refused to create such a database for K-12 students, according to The Campus Privacy Letter from the Council on Law in Higher Education ( http://www.clhe.org/campusprivacy/cplv1n1.pdf - see note below about PDFs). Why would it therefore be acceptable for Congress to create a federal database on college and university students?

Furthermore, despite the Department of Education's claim that “information about individuals may never leave NCES,” this assertion is wrong. Section 508 of the USA PATRIOT Act permits the Attorney General to apply for a special court order to obtain any “reports, records, and information (including individually identifiable information) in the possession” of NCES that are relevant to a terrorism investigation or prosecution. A final report of the student tracking proposal feasibility study was sent to Congress on March 21, 2005. NCES officials have indicated that they will not implement the proposal without congressional approval, which would require weakening privacy laws and appropriating funds. Amending the Higher Education Act reauthorization bill would be the most likely method for Congress to enact the student tracking proposal. FCNL and other privacy advocacy groups have grave concerns about this proposal because of the many unanswered privacy concerns that it raises.

You can keep your info rmation private by stopping this proposal from being enacted in several ways!

1) If your representative is on the House Education and the Workforce Committee ( http://edworkforce.house.gov/members/109th/mem-fc.htm ) or your senator is on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee ( http://help.senate.gov/committee_members.html ), contact him or her and say that you don't want your privacy invaded by the Department of Education's new student tracking proposal. If you don't know who your representative and/or senators are, click ( http://capwiz.com/fconl/dbq/officials/ ). Your members of Congress want to hear from you about this controversial proposal!

2) Write a letter to the editor of your school newspaper or your hometown newspaper exposing the privacy concerns raised by the Department of Education's tracking proposal.

3) Contact Chairwoman of the Department of Education, Margaret Spellings (by clicking on http://www.ed.gov/about/contacts/gen/index.html?src=gu and then clicking on the web form in the middle of the page or by calling 202-401-3000), and Commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics, Grover Whitehurst ( grover.whitehurst@ed.gov or 202-502-7442), and tell them that you don't want the government indefinitely collecting and storing your private info rmation from college.

4) Forward this email to your friends so they can do something to protect their privacy rights!

Please visit the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities website ( http://www.naicu.edu/HEA/UnitRecord.shtml ) for a comprehensive list of student newspapers and other periodicals that have decried the Department of Education's student tracking proposal.

Contact Jeanne Herrick-Stare at jeanne@fcnl.org if you have any questions about this proposal.

* To access PDF files you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you do not have this free program you can download it from Adobe's web site: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

Stop New Nuclear Weapons! Find out how, http://www.fcnl.org/nuclear

The Next Step for Iraq: Join FCNL 's Iraq Campaign

Contact Congress and the Administration: http://capwiz.com/fconl/dbq/officials/

Order FCNL publications and "War is Not the Answer" campaign bumper stickers and yard signs:
http://www.fcnl.org/new info /special_pub.htm


Friends Committee on National Legislation
245 Second St. NE, Washington , DC 20002-5795
fcnl@fcnl.org * http://www.fcnl.org
phone: (202)547-6000 * toll-free: (800)630-1330

We seek a world free of war and the threat of war

We seek a society with equity and justice for all

We seek a community where every person's potential may be fulfilled

We seek an earth restored.


A politician is a man who will double cross that bridge when he comes to it.


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They Really Are Watching You


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The Reporters Without Borders Fraud

The strong suspicions that have surrounded the dubious and partisan activities of Reporters without Boarders (RSF) were not unfounded.


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Australia's Deputy PM's address angers Islamic groups

DEPUTY Prime Minister John Anderson has come under fire for giving a speech before an anti-Muslim Christian group. Two pastors from Catch the Fire Ministries were last year found guilty of vilifying Muslims by calling them demons, liars and terrorists and suggesting they encouraged domestic violence.


Australia: Anderson catches fire

Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson last night urged Australians to find "a new relationship with God", at a meeting of around 1000 Christians in Hoppers Crossing.


Speech at Conference Assails Right Wing


Bill Moyers denounced on Sunday the right wing and top officials at the White House, saying they are trying to silence their critics by controlling the news media.


Amnesty Report: Guantánamo and beyond

The continuing pursuit of unchecked executive power: It seems rather contrary to an idea of a Constitution with three branches that the executive would be free to do whatever they want, whatever they want without a check. US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, 20 April 2004(3)


From Information Clearing House

Global Torture Ban Under Threat

Western governments are undermining the global ban on torture by transferring suspects to countries known for routinely torturing prisoners, Human Rights Watch and seven partner organizations said today in a joint statement.


From Information Clearing House

CIA kills in Pakistan shadows

The killing of a suspected operative of Al Qaeda in Pakistan with a missile launched from a remotely controlled CIA aircraft was the latest such strike in a shadowy effort that both Pakistani and American officials have sought to hide, according to two former counterterrorism officials.


From Information Clearing House

A Tale of Two Stories

Here's a question for international news hounds. Who is the ''son of a bitch'' referred to in this comment by a U.S. Defence Department spokesman?


From Information Clearing House

Britons formerly held in US camps allege they saw guards desecrate Koran

Several Britons who had been held at US military prisons in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba alleged Monday that they had seen their US guards desecrate the Koran.


From Information Clearing House

Newsweek debacle

The allegations of the blasphemous tossing of the pages of the Holy Koran down the toilet may well prove to be true, but the real tragedy is that we have flushed the pages of our Holy Bible down the toilet a long time ago and hypocritically claim the righteousness of our cause.


The NewsWeek Debacle: Credibility and the Koran

One can understand how Newsweek got itself into its current jam. But the wishy-washy retraction is frustrating. It feels as though the magazine is either trying to avoid full responsibility for a mistake -- or that it continues to believe in its story but is feeling outside pressure to withdraw it.


From Information Clearing House

Newsweek retracts story on Koran under pressure

"Based on what we know now, we are retracting our original story that an internal military investigation had uncovered Koran abuse at Guantanamo Bay," Newsweek Editor Mark Whitaker said in a statement, a day after apologizing for the report.


From Information Clearing House

Secret memo shows how U.S. 'sold' Iraq war

It finally settles this ridiculous debate about how Dear Leader Bush just wanted to bring democracy all along and we did it all for George Washington.


From Information Clearing House

Bush 'turned blind eye to Iraq deals'

The Bush administration knew about the illegal oil sales and kickbacks to Saddam Hussein's regime but did nothing about them, according to a report from Democrats on a Senate committee.


From Information Clearing House

How they forged the case against Galloway

The central document used against George Galloway this week by the US senate committee investigating Iraq’s oil for food programme is a forgery.


From Information Clearing House

Galloway rejects Senate accusations

"I gave my heart and soul to stop you from committing the disaster that you did commit in invading Iraq," Galloway said. "And I told the world that the case for war was a pack of lies."


From Information Clearing House

Rice warns Syria to close its borders to "terrorists"

"Their unwillingness to deal with the crossings of their border into Iraq is frustrating the will of the Iraqi people," and leading to the deaths of innocent Iraqis, Rice said en route home from a surprise trip to see Iraq's new leaders.


Syria demands US prove Iraq insurgent claims

From Information Clearing House

Military operations fuel Iraqi opposition

The American effort in Iraq may be locked in a "vicious circle", according to a new report that surveys Iraqi public opinion data and interviews with Iraqis. The report, released on Wednesday 18 May 2005 by the Project on Defense Alternatives, concludes that US military actions meant to quell the insurgency have increased its recruiting base.


The Media's Social Security Deception

by Mark Weisbrot, TomPaine.com

What the media's mea culpa on their failure to accurately cover Social Security might look like.


Fight For True Freedom Now


Informant: Charles Bremer

Torture's dirty secret: It works


Informant: Charles Bremer

Torture, anyone?


Informant: Charles Bremer

CIA accused of detaining innocent man


Informant: Charles Bremer

Don’t Let Congress Expand the Patriot Act in Secret


The Senate Intelligence Committee will be holding a secret meeting tomorrow to expand the Patriot Act. Instead of listening to the public concern about the Patriot Act’s infamous provisions, the Senators on this Committee will be meeting behind closed doors to discuss expanding the government power to conduct surveillance and obtain personal records.

The Patriot Act is too important to be expanded in secret. Click here to urge Congress to hold open meetings when it considers changes to the Patriot Act and to fully consider public input on these proposed expansions of government surveillance powers.

The proposed Patriot Act expansion would make permanent all those provisions that expand government power. For example, it would make permanent the section that allows the FBI to seize secretly a vast array of sensitive personal information and belongings -- including medical, library and business records -- using secret intelligence tools that do not require individual criminal activity and that do not require specific facts connecting these records to terrorism, to a terrorist, or to a spy.

Congress passed the Patriot Act in in a hurry with virtually no debate . . . don't let them do it again.

Take action! Click here to urge your Senators to hold open and public hearings on the expansion of the Patriot Act.

New Off-Highway Vehicle Route System for the Colville National Forest

#124 WILD NORTHWEST, May 17, 2005
A Message from Northwest Ecosystem Alliance
=====Keeping the Northwest Wild=====

Speak out for Wildlife and Quiet Recreation

New Off Highway Vehicle Route System underway on the Colville National Forest

In the next few weeks the Forest Service will decide where to allow off-road vehicle access on northeastern Washington's Colville National Forest (CNF), home to endangered wildlife including lynx and grizzly bear. The decision sets a precedent for other national forests as they implement a highly anticipated new rule for managing off-road vehicles in federal forests. Citizens throughout the Northwest are watching how the CNF implements this off-highway vehicle management plan with national significance for wildlife, non-motorized recreation, wild areas, clean water, and public safety.

We have a unique opportunity to make a difference as this off-road vehicle plan reaches its final phase. In the next few days, please comment using our action center, http://www.ecosystem.org/action/index.html?MessageTemplateID=3 Hand-delivered by Northwest Ecosystem Alliance staff, your site-specific comments will help Forest Supervisor Rick Brazell choose which roads to open and which to leave closed. Motorized vehicles and roads have a profound impact on wildlife, damaging habitat and disturbing natural cycles. Encourage the Forest Service to designate an off-road vehicle route system that is manageable and enforceable, that protects non-motorized recreation values, and that conserves forests and streams as habitat for bull trout, pine marten, and mountain caribou.

For more on this process, visit

And thank you for sending your personalized comments to help keep the Colville National Forest wild!

Erin Moore
Communications Coordinator
Northwest Ecosystem Alliance
1208 Bay St., Ste. 201
Bellingham, WA 98225
360.671.9950 ext. 24

Amway: “Masters of Deception”

Multi-billion dollar corporation recruits ordinary folks into the “system”, uses politicians and pastors to build its empire

by Bill Berkowitz

Like many others, Eric Scheibeler and his wife, Patty, were recruited to the Amway Corporation by close friends. Along the "guaranteed" road to success they met powerful politicians, dined with multi-millionaires and spoke to thousands of Amway members at gatherings throughout the world. Then, without warning, their house of cards collapsed: Eric Scheibeler discovered that the operation was committing massive fraud. When he took documentation to Amway Senior Management, they shut off his income and told him not to have contact with distributors he was revealing the fraud to. Scheibeler, a former federal auditor for the US Department of Energy, refused. He and his wife were threatened, ostracized, and lost all they had built over a decade....


Against the War Machine

Military Recruiters Face Youth and Student Resistance

by Ian Thompson

We'll give you up to $70,000 for college.” “You won't have to go to Iraq.” “Your service will only last four years.” Much of what recruiters promise is based on exaggeration, half-truths and outright lies. Recruiters have to fill quotas and will do almost anything to meet them, especially during wartime. The U.S. military -- the most powerful and destructive in the world -- is growing increasingly desperate to fill its ranks. In 2005 alone, the Army seeks to recruit 101,200 new active-duty regular Army and Reserve soldiers. But recruitment in nearly all branches of the military is down. The National Guard missed its recruitment quota by 13 percent last year. The Army fell short of its goal by more than 27 percent in February 2005 and is more than six percent behind its year-to-date recruiting target. The Reserve is 10 percent behind its target and the Guard is 26 percent short. January through March 2005 was the first time in a decade that the Marines missed their monthly goals. What is causing this sudden decline?


Crony Capitalists

by Ken Sanders

On Tuesday, May 10, 2005, and without a hint of shame, the Bush administration awarded Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) $72 million in bonuses for its "very good" and "excellent" work in Iraq. Excuse me? Just two months ago, the Justice Department indicted a KBR manager for "major fraud against the United States" under the same LOGCAP contract for which KBR is now being awarded bonuses. According to the indictment, former KBR manager Jeff Mazon billed the U.S. more than $5.5 million for $680,000 worth of work. In other words, Mazon inflated KBR's bill by over 700 percent....


Demonizing News Media is Attempt to Divert Attention from Policy Failures

by Robert Jensen and Pat Youngblood

If there is a political playbook for right-wing conservatives these days, it no doubt begins, “Step #1: Whenever possible, blame the news media.” What to do if the U.S. invasions/occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq have sparked resistance in those countries because people generally don’t like being occupied by a foreign power that has interests in exploiting their resources and/or geopolitical value? Blame journalists....


Flushing the Koran: Newsweek Got it Right

by Joshua Frank

White House staffers scurried this past week to souse the flames sparked by Newsweek's recent story, which revealed that an internal US military investigation had found substantial evidence interrogators at Guantanamo Bay had desecrated the Koran. Newsweek's story led to outrage against the US in Afghanistan and elsewhere where violent protests led to at least 15 deaths and hundreds of injuries. The White House damage control team has been successful, however, as Newsweek retracted their story on May 16. But for what?


The Propaganda War on Democracy

by John Pilger

In 1987, the Australian sociologist Alex Carey, a second Orwell in his prophesies, wrote "Managing Public Opinion: the corporate offensive." He described how in the United States "great progress [had been] made towards the ideal of a propaganda-managed democracy," whose principal aim was to identify a rapacious business state "with every cherished human value." The power and meaning of true democracy, of the franchise itself, would be "transferred" to the propaganda of advertising, public relations and corporate-run news. This "model of ideological control", he predicted, would be adopted by other countries, such as Britain....


The Religious Right: Pushing A Deadly Addiction

by Carolyn Baker

In a recent article, I promised readers that I would address the mindset of the religious right as an addiction. . . . For my purposes, the distinction between fundamentalist Christianity and Dominionism is incidental because what is most important to understand is that any religion, philosophy, or belief system can be addictive, fear-based, and terrorizing, and if it is used to justify changing the Constitution of the United States and creating a society in which the laws of that system are also fear-based and terrorizing, then regardless of the label, fundamentalist or Dominionist, that system is both terrorist and tyrannical. Whether one wishes to debate the differences between fundamentalist Christianity and Dominionism or not, both systems are about domination, power, control, right/wrong, win/lose. Moreover, as in my last article, I am reiterating that terrorism and tyranny, like the word addiction, have much broader definitions than crashing planes into buildings, establishing a superior race, or forcing women to cover their faces....


The American Way of Death Casts Its Shadow East

by Lee Hall

Famously exposing the avarice of the U.S. funeral industry, Jessica Mitford’s book The American Way of Death (1963) confronted death and its attendant rituals, removing the shroud of taboo. For today’s military managers, talk of death is taboo once again. Military funerals and coffins have, for as long as possible, been kept out of public view. Even less has come to light about the grief of Afghanistan and Iraq, where ordinary people deal with death as part of their everyday business....


Reporter, editor say 'Jeff Gannon' plagiarized article


A Massachusetts newspaper reporter and her then-editor have accused former White House correspondent 'Jeff Gannon' of plagiarizing an article at which the reporter was the only media witness, RAW STORY has learned.

The alleged plagiarism was discovered by blogger Ron Brynaert, who has tracked other plagiarism by Gannon and various Talon News correspondents at his blog, WhyAreWeBackInIraq.

A Jun. 17, 2003 article published by Jim Guckert, who wrote under the pen name Jeff Gannon, contains numerous identical quotes and similar phrasing to an article written by Melissa Beecher for the Waltham Daily News Tribune five days earlier. A comparison of the two articles compiled by Brynaert follows. [...] Read it all at the RawStory web site: http://tinyurl.com/clmrm

© Virginia Metze

We Were Getting it Right, But Not Right Wing

Check out the coverage of Bill Moyers' defense of PBS on Democracy Now! web site.

Bill Moyers Responds to CPB's Tomlinson Charges of Liberal Bias: "We Were Getting it Right, But Not Right Wing"

Monday, May 16th, 2005

Read it at http://tinyurl.com/8g376

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Clark Criticizes Planned Base Closings

Why do I think that Bush WANTS the military isolated from the people -- the better to turn on the people??

Clark Criticizes Planned Base Closings

Retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark Says Planned Base Closings Will Isolate the Military From Americans

by CARYN ROUSSEAU Associated Press Writer

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. May 15, 2005 — Retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark said Saturday that the Pentagon's plan to close military bases around the country and reorganize troops will isolate the military from the American people and the rest of the world.

Clark said the plan to pull U.S. forces back home from abroad and centralize bases takes jobs away from smaller towns. [...] Read the rest at: http://tinyurl.com/caxa8

© Virginia Metze

Muslims sceptical over Newsweek back-track on Koran

Hardliners reject Koran apology

Hardline Islamic parties in Pakistan say an apology by a US magazine over a story about a desecration of the Koran is a crude bid to ease Muslim anger. [...]

The head of Pakistan's conservative six-party Islamic alliance, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, told the BBC that Newsweek's clarification held no weight.

"There have been reports by the prisoners who have been released from Guantanamo Bay of desecration of the holy Koran, and different atrocities perpetrated on them. Therefore, the clarification of Newsweek has no meaning." [...] Read it at the BBC UK web page:



Muslims sceptical over Newsweek back-track on Koran

16 May 2005 10:12:49 GMT

Source: Reuters

by Sayed Salahuddin

KABUL, May 16 (Reuters) - Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan were sceptical on Monday about an apparent retraction by Newsweek magazine of a report that U.S. interrogators desecrated the Koran and said U.S. pressure was behind the climb-down.

The report in Newsweek's May 9 issue sparked protests across the Muslim world from Afghanistan, where 16 were killed and more than 100 injured, to Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Gaza.

Newsweek said on Sunday the report might not be true.

"We will not be deceived by this," Islamic cleric Mullah Sadullah Abu Aman told Reuters in the northern Afghan province of Badakhshan, referring to the magazine's retraction.

"This is a decision by America to save itself. It comes because of American pressure. Even an ordinary illiterate peasant understands this and won't accept it." [...] Read the rest at: http://tinyurl.com/72m9w

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Bill Moyers' speech to the National Conference for Media Reform

The following is the prepared text for Bill Moyers’ speech to the National Conference for Media Reform on May 15, 2005. The event in St. Louis was organized and hosted by Free Press ( http://www.freepress.net ).

Bill Moyers' speech to the National Conference for Media Reform

From Free Press, May 16, 2003

by Bill Moyers

I CAN’T IMAGINE BETTER COMPANY ON THIS BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY MORNING IN ST. LOUIS. You’re church for me today, and there’s no congregation in the country where I would be more likely to find more kindred souls than are gathered here.

There are so many different vocations and callings in this room — so many different interests and aspirations of people who want to reform the media — that only a presiding bishop like Bob McChesney with his great ecumenical heart could bring us together for a weekend like this. [...] Read it all and check out the links for audio/video of the speech. http://freepress.net/news/8120

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UK MP accused by US of benefitting from the Iraq War calls them "Republican lynch mob"

from MSNBC News Services

May 16, 2005, Updated: 12:55 p.m. ET May 17, 2005

Story: British lawmaker blasts U.S. on Iraq allegations

'Mother of all smokescreens,' he says of claims he got oil vouchers
[...] 'Republican lynch mob'

Pursued by a crowd of British journalists, Galloway arrived at the hearing just minutes before it began reviewing testimony.

“This group of neocons (neoconservatives) is involved in the mother of all smokescreens,” he said of the committee.

“I come not as the accused but as the accuser,” he added. [...] Read it from beginning to end on the MSNBC web site: http://tinyurl.com/8ggn9

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Video Of The Full Testimony Of British MP George Galloway Before The U.S. Senate

Video: Galloway takes on US oil accusers

Watch Mr. Galloway Speak Truth To Power. Real Video

Democrats Stand United against Republican Abuse of Power

by Harry Reid
t r u t h o u t | Statement
Monday 16 May 2005

Remarks as prepared for delivery:

The Majority Leader has stated that the Senate will turn to the subject of judicial nominations this week. Democrats are ready for this fight. We stand united against an outrageous abuse of power that would pack the courts with out-of-the-mainstream judges.

The time has come for Republican Senators to decide where they stand. Will they will abide by the rules of the Senate, or break those rules for the first time in 217 years of American history? Will they support the checks and balances established by the founding fathers, or vote to give the president unaccountable power to pick lifetime judges? [...] Read it all at: http://tinyurl.com/d4qja

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Prison Reform March 'Call to Arms'

My name is Kay Lee and among other things, I am currently a coordinator for Prison Reform's first 'Call to Arms': A massive march which is scheduled to take off from Lafayette Park in Washington DC on August 13, 2005.

Groups and individuals focused on many issues nationwide are making an exciting effort to bring a million concerned people together. The time has certainly come: Too many citizens have been cruelly touched by the flawed system of justice in our country - because 'justice' apparently no longer means truth and equality and basic human rights for all.

Two and a half million people incarcerated in a free nation means most of us know someone who has lived or is living in a jail or prison or on probation. Millions have watched the burgeoning system cripple prisoners, destroy families and do something terrible to the humanity of so many of its employees. And it's just getting worse.

We're striving to have at least a million people stand together in DC. If we can pull this off, never again will anyone be able to say or believe that "Nobody cares about prisoners."

We need every one in the country to know they have this one big chance to prove that people do care about prison reform and prisoner rehabilitation - True Safety - It's what we're paying for.

If you're going to make only one pilgrimage in your life on behalf of reform, this is the one.


Get all details on the Journey for Justice website. Sign up to sponsor or speak or find your state organizer onsite. If you have anything to offer or need help getting there, see the site. If you are from Georgia, see the site and contact me, Kay Lee. We'll see what we can do together to get there.

If you just can't attend, please help out by forwarding information and posting the link to http://www.journeyforjustice.org everywhere.

With great faith in the power of truth, and in you.

Kay Lee
2683 Rockcliff Road S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30316-4013

Making The Walls Transparent

Prison Reform March in Dc August 13, 2005

Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform W.O.N.P.R.

Informant: Michael Novick

China Warns of Danger of Melting Everest Glaciers


Papua: Cash Incentives Needed to Save Rain Forests


Stop Military Recruitment

Thanks to all of you who took the time to call your congress people about the Iraq supplemental bill. The amendments forbidding torture and funding for civilian victims made it into the final version of the legislation. While none of us can be pleased with the continued funding of this war, we did make our representatives take notice!

Last Wednesday, we made our second delivery of the Iraq Peace Petition in Washington, bringing the total to 50,000 who have signed our call to bring the troops home.

Our hand delivery of petitions to key senators was disrupted by the evacuation of the Capitol when a plane strayed into DC's restricted airspace. I was particularly struck by the conversations we overheard as a river of staffers and senators flowed out of the Hart Senate Office Building. Rumors that a plane was on the way towards Washington were interrupted by a construction worker who said, "You just gave $80 billion dollars to bomb Iraq, what do you expect?"

We can only hope that some of those who were evacuated will come to realize that terror from the air and living in fear will never bring lasting peace.

As you have probably heard, this Friday, May 20, the Army will suspend recruitment for one day. Recent scandals have shown how often military recruiters systematically mislead and lie to young people in order to meet their goals.

AFSC has long been at the forefront of the counter-recruitment movement and has helped hundreds of thousands of young men and women get the information they need to make an informed decision about enlistment. On Monday, Oskar Castro of our Youth and Militarism Program was part of a national news conference at the U.S. Capitol to call attention to this developing scandal.

On Friday, while army recruiters "stand down" for a day, AFSC offices across the country will be holding events to "Stand Up for Truth in Recruiting." Find events in your area at http://ga3.org/ct/9pA7S5F1pRsZ/may20.

It is important that we do all that we can to make the most of this opening. Even with all of the money spent on recruiting commercials that make war look like a Nintendo game and promise endless opportunities, the truth about the military is getting out. If you work with young people, if you are a student, if you are involved in religious and civic groups, now is the time to make your voice heard.

AFSC has a variety of resources available at
http://ga3.org/ct/97A7S5F1pRsK/youth/ that show how enlisting in the military rarely results in usable job skills or a large nest egg for college. Brochures such as "Do You Know Enough to Enlist," "What Are My Options," and "Conscientious Objection" can save a life or change a future.

Please speak out this Friday, next week, and in the weeks and months that will follow. Preventing enlistment prevents war.

For peace,
Peter Lems

If You Can't Beat 'Em Nuke 'em


The Human Conscience and the Warfare State


We Would Never Flush the Koran


Attention! Deficits Disorder


Vernachlässigte Datensorgfalt: Wir geben gerne


Clearing the air on the Patriot Act


When Assistant Attorney General Christopher Wray stepped down as head of the Justice Department's Criminal Division a few days ago, The Washington Times reported his allegation that critics have 'misled the public' about the secretive search powers authorized and expanded by the Patriot Act. ... I believe many provisions in the Act are appropriate for the government to uncover and prosecute acts of terrorism. I believe just as strongly, however, that other provisions go far beyond this vital mission and undermine our constitutional freedoms and Fourth Amendment rights. In making this point openly ... I am hardly 'misleading' anyone. ... When leading conservative groups share some of the same concerns as organizations on the other end of the ideological spectrum, I think it's time for Congress to ignore the hyperbole of the defenders of the status quo and pay attention...


from Washington Times, by Bob Barr

Building bases in Iraq sends wrong signal


A year ago, President Bush boldly said: 'Iraqis do not support an indefinite occupation and neither does America.' Yet Congress is posed to finalize the president's $82 billion request for the Iraq war that includes a half-billion dollars for permanent military bases and another half-billion for building the world's largest embassy. Despite the president's assurances, the United States is preparing for a lengthy stay in Iraq. Open-ended deployment in Iraq is bad news for the brave soldiers fighting the war and their families at home. And adding permanent facilities will actually decrease their security as they present a powerful recruiting tool for insurgent groups. As the U.S. presence has escalated, so too has insurgent recruitment. ... The overwhelming common element between the 43 insurgent groups is resentment about the U.S. military presence...


from Seattle Post Intelligencer, by Erik Leaver -- Hat Tip to Tom Paine

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Muting the conversation of democracy


Who are they? I mean the people obsessed with control, using the government to threaten and intimidate. I mean the people who are hollowing out middle-class security even as they enlist the sons and daughters of the working class in a war to make sure Ahmed Chalabi winds up controlling Iraq's oil. I mean the people who turn faith-based initiatives into a slush fund and who encourage the pious to look heavenward and pray so as not to see the long arm of privilege and power picking their pockets. I mean the people who squelch free speech in an effort to obliterate dissent and consolidate their orthodoxy into the official view of reality from which any deviation becomes unpatriotic heresy. That's who I mean. And if that's editorializing, so be it. A free press is one where it's okay to state the conclusion you're led to by the evidence...


from Tom Paine, by Bill Moyers

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

What judges do


Judges are in the crosshairs. The possible filibustering of some of President Bush's judicial nominees has Senate Republicans mulling a 'nuclear option' to force the nominees to a general vote, while Democrats fire back that they are under no obligation to allow 'extremist' nominees assume the bench. This comes on the heels of the Terry Schiavo mess, which caused some congressional Republicans to accuse the judiciary of being a bit too independent. And all of this is a prelude to the Big Kahuna: an upcoming vacancy (or two) on the Supreme Court...


from America's Future Foundation, by James N. Markels

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bushism imperiled

At this writing, it is 50-50 the president can save John Bolton, his nominee to be UN ambassador, and the media wolf pack is in full howl in pursuit of Tom DeLay. Even if Bolton survives and DeLay eludes his media pursuers and ethics committee and Justice investigators, Bush is bleeding from both battles. But it is on the great issues -- war, the economy, the budget and trade deficits, and immigration -- that his presidency could be imperiled...(for publication 05/23/05)


from The American Conservative, by Pat Buchanan

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Pinning the blame on Newsweek


If there is a political playbook for right-wing conservatives these days, it no doubt begins, 'Step #1: Whenever possible, blame the news media.' What to do if the U.S. invasions/occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq have sparked resistance in those countries because people generally don't like being occupied by a foreign power that has interests in exploiting their resources and/or geopolitical value? Blame journalists. That's exactly what the Bush administration and its rhetorical attack dogs are doing with the 'scandal' over Newsweek's story on the desecration of the Quran at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo...


from CounterPunch, by Robert Jensen and Pat Youngblood

GIs behaving badly


Are you stunned that Newsweek got it wrong? It would be major news if anyone in the corporate media reported a story accurately. Even if the specifics of that particular toilet flush incident were off, why would anyone doubt that American soldiers are capable of atrocious behavior? Perhaps such blind faith grows out of the good guy image GIs allegedly earned after World War II. Why allegedly? For one of many reasons, read on...


from CounterPunch, by Mickey Z

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Perpetual wars, poor returns for America


Halliburton may be a juicy target, but it's as good as a foil. It keeps attention away from the heart of the issue. After World War II, which boosted America's GDP by 75 percent, Harry Truman needed to keep wartime booms going in peacetime. So he invented the national security state, or what Gore Vidal has aptly called 'perpetual war for perpetual peace.' One of America's most impressive achievements since then has been to make a killing on wars either by imagining them or outsourcing them. The cold war, the war on drugs and the war on terror have all been by and large psychological constructs at home. (The carnage in Vietnam was as real as it's been in Iraq, but both wars' justifications depended on deception. Bumper-sticker sympathies aside, neither made a dent in Americans' lifestyle.) Each war had bits of truth to go on. The Soviets had to be contained. Drug addiction can be a problem. Terrorists can pull off a spectacularly heinous coup once in a while. But does national purpose have to be mortgaged to these manias?


from Daytona Beach News-Journal, by Pierre Tristam

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

REAL ID: Real problems


There are many serious problems with the Real ID Act of 2005 -- problems caused by the haste and inadequate debate with which it was passed by the House and the Senate, and problems caused by a myopic focus on 'security' without attention to either the minimal benefits or the major collateral damage from the proposed fix...


from Web Newsguy, by William S. Statler -- Hat Tip to REAL ID Rebellion

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Don't blame Newsweek


So where does all this leave us? With a story that is not only true, but previously reported numerous times. So let's drop the 'Lynch Newsweek' bull. Seventeen people have died in these riots. They didn't die because of anything Newsweek did -- the riots were caused by what our government has done. Get your minds around it. Our country is guilty of torture...


from AlterNet, by Molly Ivins

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Karimov's American fan club


[E]very time I look at the death toll, it keeps going up. Yesterday it was 500. Today it's 750 -- or maybe in the thousands. At any rate, even Karimov's chief enabler and financier, the U.S. government, is getting a little antsy about all the bloodletting .... They are going to regret propping up and feeding this regime that boiled its opponents alive and murdered hundreds at Andijan, but isn't it a little late to extend their regrets to the relatives of the dead? After all, they not only tolerated but subsidized a government that systematized torture, intimidation, and, yes, outright murder. They personally and visibly buddied up to the homicidal maniac who calls himself the 'president' of Uzbekistan. They met with him, coddled him, and gave him political legitimacy in the eyes of those poor deluded souls who see the U.S. government -- as opposed to America, the country -- as a beacon and guarantor of liberty worldwide...


from AntiWar.Com, by Justin Raimondo

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

We're all illegal aliens now


On Tuesday, May 10, 2005 America finally died. It had been a long, slow, lingering death. Some people said the dying started with the War Between the States, which gave free reign to federal power. Some said the dying started later, in 1913, the year we got both the income tax and the currency debasing Federal Reserve. A radical few said the death even started as far back as 1794, when George Washington crushed the the new nation's first tax revolt. But whenever the dying started, we know exactly when the whole experiment in freedom got cold and stiff and started to stink real bad. On that Tuesday, the U.S. Senate passed the Real ID Act. They did it unanimously. They did it without a word of debate. They did it, almost certainly, without reading it. They did it for the sake of 'one congressman with totalitarian leanings.' Without fanfare, they imposed on us a national ID card...


from Backwoods Home, by Claire Wolfe

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Rift over recruiting at public high schools


While most Parent Teacher Student Association meetings might center on finding funding for better math books or the best way to chaperon a school dance, a recent meeting here at Garfield High School grappled with something much larger -- the war in Iraq. The school is perhaps one of the first in the nation to debate and vote against military recruiting on high school campuses -- a topic already simmering at the college level. In fact, the Supreme Court recently agreed to decide whether the federal government can withhold funds from colleges that bar military recruiters. ... Some feel that's an invasion of privacy prompted by a war effort that has largely divided the American public. Others say barring recruiters is an infringement of free speech -- and a snub to the military, particularly in a time of war... [editor's note: Deja vu all over again. SAT]


from Christian Science Monitor

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

TV offensive fails to halt French drift to "no" vote on EU


A majority of French voters have indicated again that they will reject the proposed EU constitution as France enters the 'official' two-week campaign before the vote on 29 May. As the official phase of campaigning began yesterday -- with a barrage of publicly funded television declarations by the main parties -- three polls suggested that the 'no' camp had edged ahead once more. Even in so politically volatile a country as France, no recent election or referendum campaign has seen such a complex series of reversals in public opinion. Support for the EU constitutional treaty has twice led in the polls, only to succumb to the vigorous -- and sometimes misleading -- campaigns conducted by treaty opponents of left and right... [editor's note: We know, of course, that the proponents of the EU are never themselves misleading, right? - TLK]

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


from Independent [UK]

Assault on Capitol Hill: Galloway goes to Washington


George Galloway confronted the American senators who have accused him of accepting oil allocations from Saddam Hussein yesterday in one of the most extraordinary and ill-tempered exchanges seen on Capitol Hill. At one point the newly elected MP for Bethnal Green and Bow was accused of 'evasion' and of choosing to ignore the questions that were being put to him. Mr Galloway vehemently repeated his denials of having done anything wrong. He launched into a fierce attack on a series of individuals and institutions, including Sen Norm Coleman, the chairman of the sub-committee that is investigating him, the Republican party, the Senate, the US and British governments and unnamed forgers in Baghdad. ... In a bass voice rising with indignation to fill the august chamber, Mr Galloway insisted that he had been 'an opponent of Saddam when British and American governments and businessmen were selling him guns and gas.' 'Who paid me hundreds of thousand of dollars?' he asked. 'The answer is nobody...


from Telegraph [UK]

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Mobile phone health risks greater for rural users

May 17 2005

by Reuters

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the fields...

Informant: Sylvie

Mobile phones could pose a higher health risk to rural dwellers because they emit more intense signals in the countryside, Swedish scientists have found.

Base stations tend to be further apart in more remote areas, so the phones compensate with stronger signals.

Professor Lennart Hardell, of University Hospital in Orebro, Sweden said: "We found that the risk of brain tumour was higher for people living in rural areas than in towns."

"The stronger the signal, the higher the risk," he said.

Use of mobile phones has increased rapidly worldwide and there have been concerns the technology causes health problems - ranging from headaches to brain tumours. But there has been no hard evidence to back up these health concerns.

Omega there is hard evidence to back up the health concerns:

Some researchers have suggested that radio frequency fields could interfere with biological systems.

Health officials have urged the public to limit mobile phone use - or to use hands-free devices.

Hardell and his colleagues, who studied 1,429 people with malignant and benign brain tumours, and 1,470 healthy controls living in the centre of Sweden, said the health risks may not be evident until someone has used a mobile for 10 years or more.

Their research is published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

The scientists found that rural dwellers who had been using a mobile phone for more than three years were three times more likely to be diagnosed with a brain tumour than city dwellers.

The risk quadrupled after more than five years of use.

The researchers questioned both groups about how often they used their mobile phones and for how long. They also looked at whether they lived in the countryside or in towns.

Their findings were adjusted for other environmental factors that might increase the risk of brain tumours.

"We still cannot exclude that there might be other undetected risks in the countryside but we have tried to adjust the results, as far as we know," Hardell said.

He added the study was quite small and that the findings need to be duplicated.


Brain cancer linked to mobile phone use in rural areas: study

Dear Newsdesk,


As a Telephone exchange designer I know that the mobiles/cellphones are designed to increase power when the signal is low.

This has implications in two main situations
1) Rural use of cellphones.
2) In car use of cellphones.

A Car (metal car) is like a faraday cage and the signal from outside finds it harder to get in, but more important the signal inside finds it harder to get out. The phone in this situation is designed to increase the power. The exposure to the user becomes amplified.

Would be interested in a study based on car use.

Regards Donal O'Riordain B.Eng. (Electronics)

Informant: Colette O'Connell



Welcome for probe into mast

May 17 2005

by David Greenwood, Daily Post

"There is an urgent need for the problem to be sorted out for the sake of local people. We have taken this matter seriously from the outset.

"As an authority, we are very supportive of local people and we are doing what we can within the bounds of the law.

"In the agreement with MM02, there is a clause that states the mast should not cause a nuisance to our neighbours. If it can be shown it is causing the interference, we would argue that MM02 were in breach and they would have to remove it.

"I went to a public meeting about the problem recently and I think most people accept we are acting responsibly.

"We are doing everything within our power to find a solution to this problem and the findings of the independent report will be shared with local people."

Last month, Holyhead Town Council called for the mast to be taken down. People living within several hundred yards of the police station had noticed a marked deterioration in television picture quality.

Wavy lines appeared on screens and even when they tried to video record a favourite programme they claimed the sound became distorted.

Homeowners within a quarter mile radius with traditional analogue service were affected and some called in engineers to try and solve the problem but without success.

A spokesman for MM02 Airwave insisted the Holyhead mast met stringent planning and radio airwave regulations.

The Home Office added: "Current police radio systems are obsolete and incompatible with each other. New digital technology will allow for more complete coverage of the country, clearer signals and extra features such as encryption and data as well as voice communication.

"Before Airwave was commissioned, independent experts reviewed all available technologies. Only Tetra was found to meet the requirements of the police service."


Informant: Sylvie

Elektrokranke sind keine Spinner



Elektrokranke sind keine Spinner

Experten gaben in der Festhalle Auskunft – Stein des Anstoßes ist ein Silo in der Schillerstraße als möglicher Standort

OBERRIEXINGEN. Kompetente Gesprächspartner und einen stets abwägenden Bürgermeister Willi Baur erlebte das Publikum bei einer informativen Veranstaltung in der Festhalle in Oberriexingen. Das Thema war aus aktuellem Anlass gewählt worden: „Wie viel Mobilfunk verträgt der Mensch?“. Rund 80 Besucher wollten es am Freitagabend in Erfahrung bringen.

Der Wunsch des Bürgermeisters war, möglichst viele neue Kenntnisse zu bekommen. Bei der Veranstaltung der Stadt Oberriexingen und der Initiativgruppe UMTS Mobilfunkanlage moderierte Rathauschef Willi Baur gekonnt darauf hin, dass kein Streitgespräch entstand. Aufklärung, Gefahren darstellen, Positives erkennen und die rechtliche Situation klären, nannte der Moderator als angestrebtes Ziel des Abends, der mit 150 Minuten extensiv ausfiel.

Es lag an den eingeladenen Referenten, dass der Abend trotzdem wie im Flug verging. Vom TÜV München kam der Sachverständige für Umweltverträglichkeit, Dr. Thomas Gritsch, der über technische Grundlagen, Ausbreitung der Strahlen sowie über Grenzwerte und Richtwerte informierte. Über Emissionsquellen extern und im privaten Bereich, über die Wabennetz-Struktur beim Mobilfunk, über Ballungsnetze und über Funkvermittlungsstellen konnte der Experte verlässliche Zahlen präsentieren. Auch über Studien wie „Naila“ oder „Reflex“, die besagen, wie gefährlich das Leben ist. Was die Abstrahlungscharakteristiken beträfe, so sei klar: Die Strahlung zeigt eine starke Abnahme mit dem Abstand. Eine Erkenntnis des Sachverständigen, die wohl viele im Publikum bereits wussten.

Interessanter für die Zuhörer waren dann eher die möglichen Standorte in Oberriexingen. Zum einen der Stein des Anstoßes vor ein paar Monaten: Ein Silo in der Schillerstraße. Des Weiteren könnten nach TÜV-Experte Dr. Gritsch als Alternativen ein erhöhter Flutlichtmasten, der bestehende Umsetzer oder gar der Turm auf dem Rathaus in Betracht kommen.

Düster sah Dr. Claus Scheingraber aus München die ansteigende Strahlenemission der letzten Jahre. Der Zahnarzt und Elektrobiologe befasst sich seit 19 Jahren mit dem Thema Elektrosmog. Der Vorsitzende des Arbeitskreises Elektro-Biologie erwarb sich das Wissen, als seine Frau 1986 erkrankte. Für ihn ist auf jeden Fall sicher, dass ein so genannter „Elektrokranker“ kein Spinner sei. Dr. Scheingraber sprach den Leuchtturmeffekt an, der unterm Dach als sehr erheblich eingestuft wird. Auch die synergistische Verstärkung wurde als Gefahrenbeispiel genannt. Der Elektro-Biologe: „Wer länger als 25 Minuten täglich mit dem Handy telefoniert, hat eine starke Reduktion der Melantoninausschüttung. Und wer gleichzeitig niederfrequentierten Magnetfeldern ausgesetzt ist, erfährt eine drastische Wirkungssteigerung.“


Zum Thema UMTS ist sich Dr. Scheingraber sicher, dass Befindlichkeitsstörungen ausgelöst werden. Was bringt die Sicherheit durch Grenzwerte? Als Antwort darauf weiß der Experte: „Nichts, denn es sind mittelmäßige Werte, weil athermische Wirkungen, Pulsspitzenbelastungen und chronische Toxizität nicht berücksichtigt werden.“

Aussichtslos scheint die Möglichkeit, sich gegen die Errichtung von Mobilfunkstationen zu wehren. Es gäbe eine Fülle von Prozessen, doch der Bürger hätte wenig Chancen, meinte Dr. Klaus Werner Kniep, Rechtsanwalt aus Heilbronn, der die rechtlichen Grundlagen im Gesprächsabend beleuchtete. Keine Mietminderung wäre bisher durchgerungen, Eingaben der Petitionsausschüsse seien überall abgelehnt worden, und was das Strafrecht anbelangt, so sei bisher auch keine Körperverletzung von den Gerichten festgestellt worden. Auch die Vereinbarung zwischen kommunalen Spitzenverbänden und den Betreibern seien nichts wert, da eine Antenne bis zu 9,99 Meter Höhe nicht genehmigungspflichtig wäre. Eine Chance könnten städtebauliche Statuten der Kommunen sein, um mit Veränderungssperren und Satzungen einzuwirken.

Das Fazit von Bürgermeister Baur lautete: „Man darf sagen, dass Mobilfunk krank machen kann. Es muss aber auch die Möglichkeit für das Geschäftsleben bestehen, es in Anspruch zu nehmen.“

Für Karl Arnold, den Sprecher der Mobilfunk-Initiative, ist klar, dass die Sache noch nicht ausgestanden ist. Man hoffe auf eine kommunale Mithilfe, so sein Schlusswort.



Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Schills Nachfolger: Hamburger Justiz will Protestaktion gegen Kürzungen im Kitabereich kriminalisieren

Strafbefehle und Bewährungsstrafen wegen Werfen von Wattebäuschchen.

„Wer hat mit Wattebäuschchen die Hamburger Bürgerschaft beworfen? Das herauszubekommen, bemühen sich gegenwärtig satte elf Kammern des Hamburger Amtsgerichts. In Einzelverfahren sollen elf angeblich an einer Aktion am 27. Oktober 2004 beteiligte Frauen abgeurteilt werden, derer Personalien man habhaft wurde, als es Watte- und Papierwölkchen im Hamburger Parlament schneite. Dabei handelte es sich um eine der vielen Protestaktionen gegen millionenschwere Kürzungen im Kitabereich, die Sozialsenatorin Birgit Schnieber-Jastram (CDU) durchsetzte. (…) Beteiligte Rechtsanwälte wollen nun ihrerseits rechtlich gegen Peters vorgehen, da er das Recht beuge. Das Beschäftigtenbündnis der Hamburger Kindertagesstätten fordert unterdessen, alle Strafbefehle zurückzunehmen. Legitimer politischer Protest, heißt es dort, sollte nicht weiter kriminalisiert werden….“ Artikel von Andreas Grünwald in junge Welt vom 17.5.05 http://www.jungewelt.de/2005/05-17/017.php

Nächster Verhandlungstermin: 18. Mai, 10 Uhr, Strafjustizgebäude, Sievekingplatz.

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 25, Eintrag 9

Gewerkschaft zweifelt an Sinn des Entsendegesetzes

Ohne einheitliche Tarifverträge wirkt das Gesetz nicht gegen Dumpingkonkurrenz. Doch diese Verträge kommen nicht zu Stande. Die Chancen auf tariflich vereinbarte Mindestlöhne in der Fleischwirtschaft sind nach Ansicht der Gewerkschaft Nahrung Genuss Gaststätten (NGG) gering. Die Gewerkschaft versucht zwar derzeit nach eigenen Angaben, mit den Großbetrieben der Branche einen Tarifvertrag auf Bundesebene auszuhandeln, um Lohndumping zu verhindern. Der NGG-Vorsitzende Franz-Josef Möllenberg ist aber skeptisch, ob solche Regelungen überhaupt zu Stande kommen. Der Gewerkschaftschef fordert die Bundesregierung auf, gesetzliche Mindestlöhne vorzuschreiben. „Mit 1500 Euro brutto im Monat würde die Untergrenze der Existenzsicherung erreicht“, sagte Möllenberg dem Tagesspiegel…“ Artikel von Cordula Eubel in Tagesspiegel vom 17.05.2005


Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 25, Eintrag 9

EU-Arbeitszeitrichtlinie unter Beschuss

„Europaweit trommeln die Unternehmerverbände für eine Verlängerung und weitere Flexibilisierung der Arbeitszeiten. Sie finden willige Helfer in den meisten Regierungen der Mitgliedstaaten, der Europäischen Kommission und im Europäischen Parlament. Zum ersten Mal in der Geschichte der Europäischen Gemeinschaft sollen bestehende soziale Mindestvorschriften der EU ausgehöhlt werden: Es geht um die EU-Arbeitszeitrichtlinie…“ Artikel von Klaus Dräger (pdf) mit einem Info-Kasten zur Revision der EU-Arbeitszeitrichtlinie


Aktuell in Brüssel: Die Debatte um die Arbeitszeit-Richtlinie der EU.

Vor dem französischen Referendum ziert man sich ein bisschen Artikel von Bernard Schmid vom 16.5.05


Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 25, Eintrag 9

Wie Fox News und rechte Denkfabriken Kampagnen fahren


Macht der Wirtschaft - Ohnmacht der BürgerInnen


Macht der Wirtschaft

European Transparency Initiative: Aufruf für mehr Lobby-Transparenz in Europa

Europäische Nichtregierungsorganisationen fordern von der EU-Kommission Maßnahmen für mehr Lobby-Transparenz und ein Ende des privilegierten Zugangs von Wirtschaftsinteressen zu politischen Entscheidungsprozessen. Der Aufruf begleitet die heutige Diskussion der EU-Kommission über die geplante "European Transparency Initiative". Die Organisationen fordern eine verpflichtende Registrierungs- und Berichtspflicht für Lobbyisten sowie einen verbesserten Verhaltenskodex für die EU-Kommission. Dieser solle z.B. eine längere Abkühlungsphase enthalten, bevor ehemalige Kommissare oder hochrangige KommissionsmitarbeiterInnen als Lobbyisten arbeiten dürfen.

Weiterlesen unter http://www.lobbycontrol.de/blog/index.php?p=38

Ecologists denounce the "chaotic" increase of antennas of mobile telephony

Ecologists in Action denounce "chaotic" increase of antennas of mobile telephony the World-wide Day of the Telecommunications Considers necessary to approach a reform "in depth" of the General Law of SANTANDER Telecommunications, 17 May.

(EUROPE PRESS) - In the occasion of the celebration today, 17 of May, the World-wide Day of the Telecommunications, Ecologists in Action have denounced the growth and "chaotic" proliferation of stations base of mobile telephony and other infrastructures of telecommunications that, according to this organization, the uncontrolled "installation of these radioelectric networks has supposed"; a significant increase of the electromagnetic contamination and the growth of the social perception of the associated risk in these infrastructures. After emphasizing that the state legislation, done by the previous Government "and taking care of only the interests of the great operators, it has not solved of the social impact and environmental of the networks of mobile telephony", EA indicates in an official notice that have been the social mobilization and ecological the one that has forced some independent communities to establish more preventive norms and levels of most restrictive exhibition to the public. It indicates nevertheless that slope has left an European director who serves like "a real" instrument to make the development of the mobile telephony and the possible environmental affections compatible and for the public health. Ecologists in Action denounce the establishment of a "plot of the telecommunications" that has supposed a proliferation in rural means and urban of a whole series of infrastructures of antennas stations bases GSM, DCS and LMDS, repeating dipoles, antennas of high gain, picocélulas and microantennas, radio links, etc., or the new Wi-Fi systems. It notices that the installation of 55,000 new antennas stations base of mobile telephony of network UMTS is going to suppose new problems in its location and a significant increase of the electromagnetic contamination "which we are put under". It adds that to this growth it has been added, actually, a "accumulation of city-planning irregularities" that affect many facilities of mobile telephony, like the deficiency of the mandatory city-planning license; the vulneración of the peak altitude that determines municipal decrees of construction; the breach of the Spanish basic norm of protection against fires (Nbe-cpi 96) or the nonexistence of a study of load on affections to the ceilings of the buildings of the stations bases between 2,500 and 5,000 kilograms on the roofs. The REFORMATION Ecological in Action considers necessary to approach a reform "in depth" of the General Law of Telecommunications and the rights on the radioelectric space, normative -- it says -- "done to the dictation of the operators of mobile telephony". In opinion of the ecological organization, these reforms would have to contemplate aspects like "the effective" application of the principle of precaution for the possible biosanitarios effects and of principle ' ALATÁ (the minimum technically possible emission), and the establishment of a value limit of citizen exhibition below the value of 0'1 microwatts by square centimeter for the emissions of mobile telephony, until levels in which cellular changes Also do not take place pleads for the establishment of a value limit below 10 microwatts by square centimeter for the sum of odas the emissions of high frequency (radio, television, mobile telephony, radio links, antennas of radio hams, etc.); and the previous information to the installation of stations base of mobile telephony and active participation of the citizens in the local scope. It also considers that the reforms must gather a study of diverse alternative locations for the location of a station bases; a moratorium in the unfolding of the UMTS; la networks minimitation of the landscaping and environmental impacts in rural and urban means; the establishment of an urban radioelectric map that reflects the set of radioelectric emissions; and a greater control on the location of antennas and repeating dipoles in residential zones. Bet also by the creation of an inter-ministerial commission (Ministries of Health, Industria and Medio.ambiente that coordinates the unfolding of networks with criteria of prevention of the public health), with participation of the social agents and environmental organizations and the accomplishment of studies epidemiologists on populations that have been exposed to values of emission over 0'1 microwatts by square centimeter. Finally, it requests the creation of an inspection organization and pursuit of the stations bases after its installation and of a public data base as the registry of all the stations bases and its emissions, as well as by the elaboration of a code of good practices and specific campaigns against the abuse of the moving body and addictive conducts, specially between young people and adolescents.


Informant: Sylvie

Mast study focuses on TV signals


Informant: Sylvie

UK's Galloway blisters US policy on Iraq: Transcript of U.K. MP George Galloway before the U.S. Senate

The thundering testimony reprinted below should be broadcast on U.S. television news and printed in U.S. newspapers because is exposes the stack of lies told by the current U.S. administration to start the Iraq War. And is exposes the smokescreen put up by the neo-conservatives to hide their enormous blunders in occupied Iraq.



UK's Galloway blisters US policy on Iraq on MSNBC

Norman Coleman -- not quite a genius, from the Guardian.

Video-Real Audio


Hopefully I'll have more video on this later.

Via Attaturk:

The Senate report found that US oil purchases accounted for 52% of the kickbacks paid to the regime in return for sales of cheap oil - more than the rest of the world put together.

"The United States was not only aware of Iraqi oil sales which violated UN sanctions and provided the bulk of the illicit money Saddam Hussein obtained from circumventing UN sanctions," the report said. "On occasion, the United States actually facilitated the illicit oil sales."


Informant: Friends

MSNBC Reporter Keith Olbermann Demands Resignation of White House Spokesman Scott McClellan

In a brazen reversal, MSNBC reporter Keith Olbermann wants White House press secretary Scott McClellan to resign for the lies told by the U.S. government. Besides, U.S. interrogators defacing the Koran is old news: The Washington Post and other newspapers reported these facts long ago. Here are the real issues. First, the U.S. government is torturing prisoners of war in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. And, second, the White House bullies the press and clouds the issues in order to continue their mistaken policies of torturing prisoners and starting the Iraq War based on lies.


Islam as interrogation tool: need for limits?

Army Sgt. Erik Saar couldn't wait to get to Guantánamo Bay to help ferret information from the terrorists being held there. When the intelligence linguist arrived, however, he was startled to hear the Muslim call to prayer. Why, he wondered, would America make such a "concession to the religious zealotry" of the detainees?


Bombs won't 'solve' Iran


Mit Erbseneintopf werden Tötungsoptionen überspielt

Bundeswehrausstellung „Unsere Luftwaffe“ kontraproduktiv zu Konfliktlösung

Presseerklärung des Martin-Luther-King-Zentrums für Gewaltfreiheit und Zivilcourage, Werdau/Sachsen

Seitdem Deutschland „von Freunden umzingelt“ ist, wird die Bundeswehr von einer Verteidigungsarmee schrittweise zur Interventionsarmee umgebaut. Die Verteidigungspolitischen Richtlinien der Bundeswehr, die neue NATO-Doktrin sowie die Aufrüstungs- und sogenannten Beistandsverpflichtungen auch gegenüber Drittstaaten im EU-Verfassungsentwurf lassen Interventionsoptionen auch ohne UNO-Mandat zu. Der Zugang zu den Rohstoffquellen, den Märkten und die Sicherung des sogenannten freien Welthandels, der die einen reich, die anderen arm macht, soll mit militärischen Mitteln garantiert und verewigt werden.

Die Chance, dass Deutschland beispielgebend für zivile Konfliktbearbeitung wird, wurde bisher nicht genutzt. Unter dem Vorwand der Terrorismusprävention macht sich Deutschland mit seinen weltweiten militärischen Einmischungsoptionen erst zur Zielscheibe von Terrorismus.

Aus der Tradition der Friedensbewegung in der DDR und in der Alt-BRD kommend, ist es für uns unerträglich, wie mit der Faszination Technik Hunderten von Schulklassen und Tausenden von Schülern Tötungsmaschinen schmackhaft gemacht werden. Unserer Ansicht nach wird damit Gewalt verherrlicht. Die Not junger Menschen, die keinen Ausbildungs- oder Arbeitsplatz bekommen, wird ausgenutzt und ideologisiert, um Tötungspersonal anzuwerben. Mit dem Tänzchen der Offizierin mit dem Offizier auf den Tornado-Tragflächen wird Kriegstechnik verniedlicht und verharmlost. Mit Spenden aus Wohltätigkeitskonzerten und Erbseneintopf wird überspielt, wie im sogenannten Ernstfall durch Bomben und Raketen Menschenleben, und zwar immer überwiegend die von Zivilisten, ausgelöscht werden.

• Wir lehnen daher die Luftwaffenschau in Zwickau, Freiberg und anderen Städten deutlich ab.

• Wir bitten die Wirtschaft, Ausbildungs- und Arbeitsplätze zu schaffen, statt Jugendliche in die Arme von Bundeswehr-Werbern laufen zu lassen.

• Wir bitten die Beteiligten der Schau, ihren Auftrag selbst kritisch zu hinterfragen.

• Wir bitten die Lehrer, ihre Schüler auch über die Gefahren der Rüstung zu informieren.

• Wir bitten die Besucher, sich nicht unbedacht der technischen Faszination hinzugeben.

• Wir bitten alle Kritiker, die Ausstellung sichtbar und hörbar kritisch, aber fair zu begleiten.

(gez.) Georg Meusel, 1. Vorsitzender

Martin-Luther-King-Zentrum für Gewaltfreiheit und Zivilcourage e.V. Am Torbogen 5, 08412 Werdau/Sachsen

Controversy Around Cell Phone Antennas


Tower concerns in Australia


Endangered Species Act Under Attack


Schily kündigt "Nationalen Plan zum Schutz der Infrastrukturen" an


Nachricht von Bernd Schreiner

„Hühner legen keine Eier mehr“

Anwohnerin beklagt Gesundheitsschäden wegen Mobilfunkmast

Nach wie vor ist die Wirkung von Mobilfunkstrahlung auf die Gesundheit von Mensch und Tier umstritten. Immer mehr Menschen betrachten Mobilfunkmasten als Ursache für verschiedene, zum Teil schwerwiegende Gesundheitsschäden. Wie die Bürgerinitiative „Gesund leben in Allach“ berichtet, leide Elfriede Weaver wegen einem Mobilfunkmast, der aus 40 Meter Entfernung direkt in ihr Schlafzimmer strahlt, immer wieder unter Migräne, Schlafstörungen, Konzentrationsstörungen und Magenschmerzen.


Impeach the president or admit the failure of American democracy


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Republican Abuse of Power


Checkpoint America

Border Patrol checkpoints deep in the interior of the United States raise the specter of Soviet-style surveillance, and may be intended merely to habituate the public to such police intrusions.


From Information Clearing House

The Religious Right: Pushing A Deadly Addiction

My focus here is on fundamentalist Christianity and Dominionism as religious systems which complement and support tyrannical political systems, specifically, fascism.


Neoconservatives in US Planning the Next Cold War

Few ordinary Americans would knowingly support the remilitarization of international affairs and the launch of a second Cold War merely to preserve America’s position as the sole military superpower on the planet, but they will never be asked the question in those terms.


From Information Clearing House

Interim Global Strike Alert Order

Not Just A Last Resort? A Global Strike Plan, With a Nuclear Option

Early last summer, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld approved a top secret "Interim Global Strike Alert Order" directing the military to assume and maintain readiness to attack hostile countries that are developing weapons of mass destruction, specifically Iran and North Korea.


Comprehensive Report Documents Use of Psychological Torture by US Forces

A new report provides extensive evidence that psychological torture was systematic and central to the interrogation process of detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantánamo.


From Information Clearing House


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