House Bill Proposes Savage Cuts in Land Protection Funding

Tongass Rainforest at Risk



Take action! Ask the mayor of Ulsan to do the right thing and not build the whale meat factory.


Source: http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/ebulletin/16052005.htm

Man wird ausspioniert und weiß es nicht einmal


'Reliable sources' say Bush's Iran timetable requires Bolton 'ready for action' at UN by June


Informant: jensenmk

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Three New M-Class Flares Fire Off

May 16th 2005


Three “New” M-Class Flares Fire Off

Three new M-Class flares have fired off in the last 12 hours. NOAA has already put out warnings to power companies, satellite manufactures, and the FAA to warn against high flights. Airlines will be ordered to fly at lower altitudes, especially the Boeing 747 and 777.

What is it that is causing the Sun to act out with such fervor? First I would suggest it is a natural rhythmic cyclical event which is consistent with what I call a “Mega Cycle”. But this still does not tell us what is the “cause”. I am suggesting there is some cyclical occurrence with happens in near by galaxies with emits energy waves as part of its own cycles. Just what these waves are I can only guess. Perhaps they are related to GRB’s (gamma ray burst), or it could be plasma or photon fields. Maybe from our own Milky Way, or perhaps our neighbor the Andromeda galaxy.


There is also the possibility of unique events which have occurred. Pulsars, Quasars, Nova’s, and the discharge of magnetic or charged particles which have just recently made their way to our Sun. This is the exact subject matter which will be outlined in my upcoming book “Cosmic Rain”, due out next spring.

(3) M-Class Flares: http://www.sec.noaa.gov/rt_plots/xray_5mBL.html

Kp Index: http://www.sec.noaa.gov/rt_plots/kp_3d.html

Watch for continued “extreme weather” to unfold. Also, watch the northern skies for beautiful aurora’s, maybe to be seen in the northern US or southern Canadian border.


Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

The Republican leadership in the Senate is proposing to fundamentally alter the function of the US government

No Compromise

General Tommy Franks calls for Repeal of US Constitution


This is a grim reminder of the statement made. Anna

Rove's Fingerprints on Radical Bush Nominee


MP Lynne Featherstone is proposing a motion on changing guidelines for mobile phone masts near schools

ELECTION: Surprise victory ruffles feathers

13 May 2005

MP Lynne Featherstone has pledged to hit the ground running in her first days in parliament.

Ms Featherstone, who was sworn in on Thursday, is proposing an early day motion on changing guidelines for mobile phone masts near schools.

She said: "I am going to be exactly the same as I have been for the last ten years to deliver the sorts of things that I have campaigned on nationally and locally. My first priority is to represent the people of Hornsey and Wood Green and I will work in the same way I have always done.

"The first thing I am looking to ask for is a ten-year plan from Haringey Council for school places. I am not happy with the planning and fiascos like St James's school in Muswell Hill where mistakes led to them not being given extra places.

"The government was going on about choice in schools. In Hornsey and Wood Green parents have been putting down three choices and 140 are without a place."

After weeks of fervent campaigning, it wasn't until 11.30pm last Thursday that the Lib Dems were told a shock win was on the cards. After the count Ms Featherstone celebrated with champagne at her Highgate home with around 60 supporters. And the new MP is also in line to collect a second time having had a substantial bet on herself to win the seat.

On Sunday party leader Charles Kennedy called her to congratulate her and his wife Sarah, an old friend, also applauded her victory.

In her acceptance speech on the night Ms Featherstone said: "The voters of Hornsey and Wood Green made their voice heard with this fantastic result. They have sent shock waves through the Labour government. This seat had previously been a safe seat for Labour.

"The people have said no it's not acceptable to wage an illegal war on a false premise, it's not acceptable to take away civil liberties, it is not acceptable to play fast and loose with the trust of the British people."

Ms Featherstone is a member of the London Assembly but she told Broadway she didn't want to quit until she had tied up a few loose ends. "I want to secure extra beat officers for Highgate and complete my brief to look at parking enforcement in London," she said.

She will also continue as a councillor for Muswell Hill until local elections are called next year.


Respected Scholarly Journal Exposes 911


Informant: Debi Clark

Navy Judge Finds War Protest Reasonable


Informant: Ell Kinder

Bush Administration Endangers One-Third of Last Pristine National Forests




Defense Dept. Scrubs Report Criticizing Rumsfeld


Informant: kevcross5

American troops dessert to escape Iraq blood-bath


Iraq is a bloody battlefield despite American lies


Iraq becomes Vietnam as America destroys entire villages


Feds admit Agent Orange death

Background Note:

2,4-D, mixed with other phenoxy herbicides, is one of the most widely used weed-killers for lawns and gardens across North America. It was a component of Agent Orange used in the Vietnam War and dropped by U.S. warplanes over Vietnamese rainforests to defoliate the forest and flush out Vietcong troops from their jungle hideouts. Agent Orange was a 50-50 mixture of two herbicides: 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy-acetic acid (2,4,5-T) and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D).

The 2,4,5-T component of Agent Orange, was banned following a serious industrial accident involving the escape of a toxic dioxin 2,3,7,8-TCDD in Seveso near Milan, Italy, in 1976. The industry now blame the toxicity of Agent Orange on the banned Agent Orange component.

2,4-D, is one of the 22 pesticide active ingredients identified within Quebec's Pesticide Management Code to be banned for sale and use on lawns and gardens across the Province of Quebec.

Also see:

Major Problems with PMRA's Feb. 21, 2005 Review on 2,4-D Herbicide http://www.flora.org/healthyottawa/fs-5.htm

Sun, May 15, 2005

Feds admit Agent Orange death

Ottawa Sun

Greg Weston discovers how a widow's crusade ended 40 years of denials by the federal government

By GREG WESTON, Parliamentary Bureau

KINGSTON -- Forty years after the American military was allowed to test-bomb a New Brunswick army base with deadly Agent Orange herbicide, the Canadian government is finally admitting veterans are dying as a result of being poisoned.

The Department of National Defence has confirmed that in 1966, U.S. forces doused forested areas of the Gagetown base with the infamous chemical defoliant, testing it for clearing jungle during the Vietnam War.

Since then, Agent Orange has been linked to a horrifying array of cancers, diabetes, respiratory diseases and blindness among U.S. veterans -- not to mention two generations of sick Vietnamese -- and even birth defects in children of vets.

For decades, the Canadian military refused to acknowledge the Gagetown horror ever happened, much less any connection between Agent Orange and sick vets.

The Sun has learned that 10 months ago, for the first time in four decades, the government quietly accepted a medical compensation claim from a retired Canadian brigadier general stricken with leukemia.

A decorated officer of foreign wars with the Calgary Highlanders, Gordon Sellar rose to the very top of Canada's military, retiring as head of land forces.

But during his storied career, he also commanded the Black Watch regiment at Gagetown -- sadly, at the precise time the U.S. was poisoning the place with Agent Orange.


In a landmark decision, the Department of Veterans Affairs has ruled that Sellar's cancer was caused by his exposure to Agent Orange. "The department is aware that Agent Orange was used as a herbicide for defoliation on the training grounds of CFB Gagetown," the confidential memorandum states. "The department accepts the medical opinion (of Sellar's doctors) and the results of published U.S. medical research that establishes a causative relationship between Agent Orange exposure and the development of chronic lymphocytic leukemia."

The decision was so strong and unequivocal, it provided the maximum possible pension compensation.

More significantly, it should open the door to similar claims from potentially thousands of other sick and dying Canadian vets exposed to Agent Orange at Gagetown.

An official at Veterans Affairs admits the department has done nothing to publicize the Sellar decision, nor otherwise reach out to help victims of Agent Orange. "Perhaps when your article appears, more will come forward," the official said.


If so, the Sellar decision will stand as a fitting final salute to a revered general who cared deeply about the men in his command, a soldier who would have done anything to spare others the medical misery wrought upon their ranks.

A decorated war hero who survived the bloody battlefields of Europe and Korea, it is surely beyond cruel that Gordon Sellar would be felled on a chemical killing field at his own army base.

On Oct. 1, 2004, two weeks after the first compensation payment appeared in his pension cheque, the brigadier-general lost his final battle, a 15-year fight with the cancer he inherited from Agent Orange.

At his side as she had been throughout his long illness was Gloria, his wife and soulmate of 60 years. At 77, for all the hard years of caring for her ailing husband, she remains a remarkable woman of quiet grace, intelligence and wit.

If the Agent Orange victory belongs to anyone in this country, it is to this elegant lady of steely tenacity for whom even the indomitable defence bureaucracy was clearly no match.


The first time Gloria saw the chemical drums with their telltale orange stripes was in the U.S. army trucks parked at the Oromocto Hotel next to the Gagetown base.

"We were between houses and staying at the hotel," she recalled during an interview last week. "The American soldiers were staying there, too, and would come in every evening filthy dirty. It was no secret what they were doing. Of course, no one realized the potential of what was happening at the time. I hate to think what happened to those poor men."

Gordon Sellar began his career fighting overseas in World War II with the Calgary Highlanders. By the time he reached Gagetown in 1963, he was a colonel and commanding officer of the 1st Battalion, Black Watch, with more than 1,000 men under him.

Like all infantry in training, they probably spent more time on their bellies than on their feet. Little did they know they were crawling through an invisible swamp of deadly poison.

"We exercised for lengthy concentrated periods in the contaminated areas," he would later write in an official memo. "We lived on the ground in camp and trained both day and night. Our food was prepared there ... in areas that had been defoliated.

"We didn't know it was Agent Orange."

Gloria has trouble looking at photographs from those days; the one of Gordon in his full field gear, another of the two of them when they were leaving Gagetown in 1967.


"I look at the two of us in that picture, and think, gosh, we just didn't have a clue what had happened... By then, it (Agent Orange) was already there; it had started."

Over the next decade, Sellar continued to the top of the military, retiring in 1977 as the director general of Canadian land forces.

Gloria said the ensuing 15 years were a dream fulfilled, living on a 58-acre country estate north of Kingston, close to their three grown children, free to pursue a lifelong passion for horses that first brought the couple together as kids growing up in Calgary.

As always, Gordon kept in top physical condition. Until one day in 1994 when the dizzy spells started.

A simple blood test revealed the horrible truth: He had a form of leukemia that could spread cancer anywhere in his body at any time --one of the diseases being associated with Agent Orange.

By then, the effects of the odious Vietnam herbicide were being loudly debated in the U.S., with hundreds of thousands of vets on a special government health watch.

Before long, Gloria put it all together with the orange barrels and the American soldiers at the Oromocto Hotel.

"We were obviously shattered by all this, and I said to the doctor at the time that this man was exposed to Agent Orange.

"And he just said, 'Oh?' He didn't know anything about it."


The living area of the Kingston condominium is dominated by two large oil paintings on opposite walls, portraits of Gordon and Gloria Sellar staring out at the one thing that mattered most in their six decades together -- each other.

On this day, the two faces painted in happier times are looking across a huge dining table covered in stacks of books, research papers and correspondence.

It is all the ammunition in Gloria's arsenal, a 15-year campaign to bring sense to the unthinkable -- her husband's slow decline into a medical hell not of his making.

It started with debilitating bouts of pneumonia that put him into hospital, his immune system all but wiped out by the leukemia. Then came the tumors -- first one under his eye, then on the side of his head, then one in his ear, reduced with so much chemotherapy that his trips to the cancer clinic became daily.


Every time her husband was examined by doctors from Veterans Affairs, Gloria was on their case about Agent Orange.

Why was it not being recognized by the Canadian government, the same government that let the Americans spray it all over Gagetown? And what about thousands of other men exposed?

She started burying Veterans Affairs in letters and thick files of information she had gathered on Agent Orange.

"They were actually very good with me. They seemed quite surprised by some of the information I was giving them. It's just that everything moves so very slowly."

Everything except her husband's cancer. By 2000, he was in a wheelchair, and their beloved country estate, horses and their teams of prize hunting dogs were all gone.

In May 2003, he entered a chronic care hospital to recover from an emergency hernia operation. He would never go home.

Despite virtually moving in to the hospital, Gloria kept up her crusade for justice. All she wanted was a simple recognition that Agent Orange was killing her husband, and possibly others like him.

She tried to track down members of the Black Watch who had served under him. Many were sick. Many more had already died. All were afraid to talk about the dirty secret of Gagetown.

The Canadian defence department wasn't helping. As late as February 2004, the Canadian military posted a stunning "health bulletin" on its government website. By then, more than 10,000 American veterans of the Vietnam War were in active treatment for cancers and other diseases related to Agent Orange. Another 312,000 were under medical surveillance.

Yet the Canadian bulletin stated "extensive research" had concluded that "Agent Orange was unlikely to be the cause of the (Vietnam) veterans' symptoms or illnesses."

Only months after the bulletin was issued, Gloria won her case with Veterans' Affairs, the government having finally acknowledged that Agent Orange had indeed given her husband terminal cancer.

He died a few weeks later.


Gordon Sellar's funeral attracted some of Canada's finest soldiers. One of them had been a young lieutenant in the Black Watch at Gagetown during the Agent Orange tests.

"How are you doing?" someone asked.

"Not too well," the man replied. "No one seems to know why but I have throat cancer and I have never smoked."

greg.weston@tor. sunpub.com



Veteran Lawsuits - Agent Orange

Pesticide Information Profiles - 2,4-D

2,4-D: Research Shows It Is Not As Safe As We Are Led To Believe


The Hatfield Group, West Vancouver, British Columbia


Agent Orange: two words that cause shudders for anyone who remembers the Vietnam war, among the first to use chemical weapons to target the environment. Decades later, the impact of chemical warfare in Vietnam is still being felt. Canada has played a part in the international effort to mitigate that impact, and the Hatfield Group of consultants won a prestigious award in 2000 for its contribution to that effort. CIDA and the Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters Canada singled out Hatfield "in recognition of excellence in communicating private sector contributions to international cooperation issues." Specifically, Hatfield was honoured for focusing international attention on the residual environmental impacts of Agent Orange. In September 2002, the Viet Nam Veterans of America will honour the firm's work on Agent Orange through investiture in the Legion of Honour in Cape May, New Jersey.

Hatfield Group participated in the Team Canada 2001 trade mission to China, which, says Tom Boivin, President and Principal, was "superb and very profitable, enabling us to get our foot in the door." During the mission, the company signed an agreement with Petro-China that is funded through the Canadian Space Agency. The project will use data from the Canadian Radarsat satellite to develop environmental products and services to facilitate oil and gas exploration and environmental impact assessments in the Tarim river basin of Xinjiang province in western China.

With a staff of 50 professionals working out of offices in Vancouver, Jakarta, Bangkok and Santiago, the Hatfield Group markets its environmental consulting services to private industry, governments, and international development agencies throughout North America, Asia and the Pacific Rim countries.



Viet Nam, Agent Orange, and Dioxin:
Further Resources

Hatfield Consultants Ltd.
Suite 201-1571 Bellevue Avenue
West Vancouver, BC,
Tel:(604) 926-3261
Fax:(604) 926-5389

Hatfield Consultants Ltd. - Staff


Quebec's Pesticide Management Code

The following pertains to the Code for 2005:

All pesticide products that contain the active ingredients that will be prohibited in Quebec (see the list below at Annex 1) must not be available directly to the consumer. They must be sold from behind a manned counter (such as a locked compartment, the back of the store, etc.). Furthermore, all Class 4 pesticides (with some exceptions) are added to this category.

To view a list of products that are allowed to be on the shelves in stores:


The Regulation is as follows: "it is prohibited to display products intended for domestic use in a way which makes these products accessible to the public, as of April 2005".

Also inclusive are the regulations for 2004 and 2003. Please see below for details.

The following pertains to the Code for 2004:

Sale Rules:

it is prohibited to sell fertilizer-pesticide mixtures and mixed packages (e.g. herbicide and insecticide), as of April 2004; it is prohibited for commercial users to apply on lawn spaces pesticides that are impregnated or mixed with a fertilizer, unless these products are stored in separate containers.

The following pertains to the Code since 2003:

Annex 1 is the list of pesticides that are prohibited for use on public, semi-public and municipal green spaces.

Pesticides are prohibited for use inside and outside all daycares, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, areas where there are activities with children, 14 years of age, or less. Only a small list of bio-pesticides may be used in these areas, and that too, only under a strict protocol of application. This list is below at Annex 2.
If you see:

· that prohibited products are being sold in stores (eg. weed and feed or mixed packages such as insecticides and herbicides, etc.)

· or that domestic pesticide products are not behind a manned counter (see above for the 'allowed' list),

· or that a red sign indicating that pesticides have been used in protected areas.

To lodge a complaint, please call (418) 521-3830 or at 1 800 561-1616, choose language of choice, then dial 0 for information for your local Environment centre for complaints, by e-mail at
info@menv.gouv.qc.ca, info@menv.gouv.qc.ca, info@menv.gouv.qc.ca or, you can find the Environment Office in your area at:

The highlights of the Pesticide Code of Quebec can be found at:




2,4-D (all chemical forms)
Chlorthal dimethyl
MCPA (all chemical forms)
Mecoprop (all chemical forms)


Boric acid
Silicon dioxide (diatomaceous earth)
Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate
Ferric phosphate
Insecticidal soap

Calcium sulfide or calcium polysulfide

Acetic acid
Conjugated decanoic and pelargonic acid
Herbicidal soap

Active ingredients approved by the federal government*

For detailed information on this project, contact :(418) 521-3830 or
at 1 800 561-1616, by e-mail at
info@menv.gouv.qc.ca or on the Internet
at http://www.menv.gouv.qc.ca


Deborah Elaine Barrie
4 Catherine Street
Smiths Falls, On
K7A 3Z8

Child Labor Growing Problem in Iraq


How a Fire Broke Out in the Muslim World


Bid to secure cash for masts research

Created: 10 May 2005

Wishaw campaigner Eileen O'Connor is to lobby the European Commission in person in an attempt to secure extra funding for research into the health effects of mobile phone masts.

Click here to download press release as a PDF file.
Published in Sutton Coldfield News, 6 May 2005

Informant: Sylvie

Richard Rhodes on Oppenheimer and the atomic bomb


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Strafanzeige gegen Grundstücksbesitzer von Senderstandorten

Strafanzeige gegen Grundstücksbesitzer von Senderstandorten in Wolfratshausen

Dr.-Ing. Hans Schmidt
Gebhardtstr. 2d
82515 Wolfratshausen
WOR, den 14.05.05

An die Staatsanwaltschaft München I
per Einschreiben mit Rückschein
Arnulfstr. 16-18
80335 München

Ich bin elektrosensibel und in den letzten Monaten ist ein starkes Gesichtsbrennen als Symptom dazugekommen, wenn ich mich in stärkeren Mobilfunk-Feldern aufhalte. Ich vermute, dass dies Felder von UMTS sind, da die Symptome vor einem Jahr (d.h. vor der Einführung von UMTS) noch nicht aufgetreten sind.

Nun war ich auf der zweiten Anhörung der GRÜNEN im Bayerischen Landtag, die am 29.04.05 stattfand. Bamberger Ärzte haben hier berichtet:

“Die gerade ausgewerteten ärztlichen Erhebungen in Oberfranken bei 356 Personen unter häuslicher Langzeitbelastung belegen:

§ Die gepulsten hochfrequenten elektromagnetischen Felder (von Mobilfunkanlagen, von schnurlosen DECT-Telefonen u.a.) führen zu einem neuen, bisher unbekannten Krankheitsbild mit charakteristischem Symptomenkomplex

§ … (Broschüre siehe Anlage)

Meine eigenen, schon länger bekannten Symptome (Schlafstörungen, Benommenheit, Konzentrationsstörungen, Vergesslichkeit, Wortfindungsstörungen, Tinnitus, Nasenbluten, Sehstörungen, Herzrhythmusstörungen, nächtliches Schwitzen) und auch die relativ neuen Symptome, eben mein starkes Gesichtsbrennen (Nervenschmerzen) habe ich hier wiedergefunden.

Diese Ärzte haben in einem relativ kleinen Gebiet in Oberfranken mehr als dreihundert Betroffene gefunden, die dieses neue, bisher unbekannte Krankheitsbild aufweisen. Ich bin überzeugt, dass bei entsprechenden Untersuchungen in anderen Gebieten, auch in Wolfratshausen, ähnliche Symptome massenweise aufgedeckt würden. Doch das Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz weigert sich, diese einfachen Untersuchungen kurzfristig durchzuführen.

Diese vielen Krankheitsfälle können nicht mehr mit dem Hinweis auf die Einhaltung der Grenzwerte der 26. BIMSchV auf die Seite geschoben werden. Ich bitte Sie deshalb, dem Grundrecht auf körperliche Unversehrtheit wieder Geltung zu verschaffen für die Menschen wie ich, die unter dieser Technologie leiden.

A) Ich stelle deshalb Strafanzeige wegen Körperverletzung gegen die Grundbesitzer folgender Liegenschaften in Wolfratshausen:

1. Sauerlacher Straße 28,

da ich seit einigen Wochen ein starkes Gesichtsbrennen bekomme, wenn ich mich in einem der Nordzimmer meines Hauses in Richtung auf die auf diesem Flurstück installierten vier Mobilfunksendeanlagen aufhalte. Dieses Gesichtsbrennen (Nervenschmerzen) hält mehrere Stunden an und ist auch durch kaltes Duschen nicht wegzubekommen. Ich habe vor meinem Computerarbeitsplatz ein Abschirmgitter (Metall-Fliegendraht) angebracht, was es mir wenigstens erlaubt, ohne größere Schmerzen am Computer zu arbeiten. Ich unterstelle, dass die stärkere Empfindlichkeit meiner linken Gesichtshälfte vom Arbeiten an diesem Platz kommt, da ich lange Zeit die starke Belastung durch die Mobilfunksender ignoriert habe.

2. Pfaffenrieder Str. 1,

weil die Hauptbelastung unseres nach Süden orientierten Schlafzimmers von diesem Grundstück ausgeht, auf dem insgesamt fünf Sendeanlagen montiert sind. Ich bekam im letzten Jahr immer stärkeren Tinnitus nachts und bin schließlich mit schreiendem Tinnitus und leise stechenden Ohrenschmerzen aufgewacht. Die Ohrenärztin hat nichts, keine Entzündung gefunden und konnte sich deshalb die Ohrenschmerzen nicht erklären. Ich habe die Strahlung nachgemessen und festgestellt, dass der Hauptanteil von Süden kommt, eben von den Sendern auf obengenanntem Grundstück. Ich habe dann unser Schlafzimmer mit Abschirmfarbe (Selbstkosten ca. 1,000 Euro) isoliert, worauf die Schmerzen ganz weggingen und der Tinnitus deutlich schwächer wurde. Allerdings hat der Tinnitus nachts wieder zugenommen, was mich sehr bedenklich stimmt – ich habe jetzt keine weitere Abschirmmöglichkeit mehr. Soll ich aus meinem Haus ausziehen? Soll ich mich nur noch im wenig belasteten Keller aufhalten? Soll ich als leidenschaftlicher Gärtner dieses Hobby aufgeben, weil der nach Süden orientierte Garten für mich zu stark bestrahlt wird? Soll ich die nach Süden ausgerichtete Gartenveranda nicht mehr zur Erholung und gemütlichem Sitzen und Essen nutzen können?

Versteht der Gesetzgeber das Recht auf körperliche Unversehrtheit und Unantastbarkeit der Wohnung so, dass Strahlung ausgenommen ist, obwohl diese Ärzte ein neues Krankheitsbild feststellen? Die 22 ausgewählten Kasuistiken der Bamberger Ärzteinitiative belegen eindeutig, dass es nicht um Einzelfälle geht – und auch Einzelfälle wären Menschen, die Anspruch auf Schutz haben!

B) Ich stelle deshalb Strafanzeige wegen unterlassener Hilfeleistung, Verletzung der ärztlichen Sorgfaltspflicht und Untätigkeit im Amt, obwohl Gefahr im Verzuge ist, gegen den verantwortlichen Fachbereichsleiter im Bundes-Umweltministerium, den Arzt Dr. Böttger

Ebenfalls am 29.04. bei der Anhörung der Grünen im Bayerischen Landtag ist bekannt geworden, dass Herr Dr. Böttger Betroffene und Elektrosensible, die ihm ihre Krankheitssymptome schriftlich schildern, damit abweist, sie wären nur Einzelfälle. Gleichzeitig waren im Jahr 2000 im Umweltministerium schon mehr als 1,000 Schreiben mit Schilderungen von Krankengeschichten (wie in der beiliegenden Ärztebroschüre) eingegangen. Heute, 2005, müssen es etliche Tausend sein. Diese Verhöhnung von Kranken ist unglaublich und muss geahndet werden. Wenn der verantwortliche Arzt im Bundesumweltministerium wichtige Informationen und Unterlagen unterschlägt und damit eine Änderung der Gesetzgebung verhindert, ist dies angesichts der Tragweite (flächendeckende Bestrahlung mit extrem hoher Leistung) ungeheuerlich und muss dringend geahndet werden.

Wegen der für Elektrosensible nur schwer erträglichen Situation bitte ich um dringende Bearbeitung.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Anlage: Dokumentierte Gesundheitsschäden unter Einfluss hochfrequenter elektromagnetischer Felder (Mobilfunkanlagen, DECT, WLAN u.a.) 22 Kasuistiken (Bamberg, den 26.04.05, Dr. med. Waldmann-Selsam, Dr. Säger, Ärzteinitiative Bamberger Appell)

Dokumentierte Gesundheitsschäden unter dem Einfluss hochfrequenter elektromagnetischer Felder http://omega.twoday.net/stories/669003/


Kritische Wissenschaftler, die sich gegen die Interessen einer mächtigen Lobby äußern, werden häufig diffamiert


Aktionen, Informationen, Musterbriefe, Muster Unterschriftenlisten gegen Mobilfunkanlagen

Sibel Edmonds: Gagged, But Not Dead

In the past three years, I have been threatened; I have been gagged several times; I have continuously been prevented from pursuing my due process; all reports and investigations looking into my case have been classified; and every governmental or investigative authority dealing with my case has been shut up.


Arab American prosecutions symbolize the new American Gulag

If anyone in the Arab World has any doubts about the bankruptcy of the American pledge to bring Democracy and freedom to their country, all they need do is examine the case of Sami Al-Arian.


From Information Clearing House

MI6 boss 'tried to sex up' Iraq study

Sir John Scarlett, head of MI6, has been accused of trying 'to sex up' a report by the Iraq Survey Group, the body charged with finding weapons of mass destruction after Saddam Hussein was toppled.


A hard march for the volunteer Army

Given the expressions of patriotism and jingoism that accompanied our invasion of Iraq and assault on the Taliban in Afghanistan, you'd think the military would be so deluged with volunteers that it would have to turn kids -- and greybeards too -- away.


From Information Clearing House

Families frustrated in quest for the truth

They paid the ultimate price on the battlefields of Iraq -- some killed by the enemy, others by their own side. For that sacrifice, some families of slain troops say the U.S. military has paid them back in lies and a lack of information.


In pictures: Iraq Uncensored

Iraq Uncensored photographers present insights and subtleties beyond what daily news reporting can provide.


From Information Clearing House

"They Destroyed Everything"

US influence is on the retreat in Nineveh province, as it is in the rest of Iraq. There are few troops on the ground: no more than six thousand American soldiers remain in an area with a population of nearly three million.


From Information Clearing House

Amman, Iraq, and Al-Qaim

Of course it behooves the military to claim they are battling “foreign fighters,” because as in Fallujah and elsewhere, it doesn’t look good in the press to admit that they are fighting Iraqis who are fighting for their independence from the occupiers of their country.


A “Welcome Parade” of Blood and Seething Anger

As if to add insult to injury, with over 400 Iraqis killed in violence during the first two weeks of the newly sworn in Iraqi “government,” USSecretary of State Condoleeza Rice made a surprise one day visit to the newest US colony.


From Information Clearing House

Trigger-happy US troops 'will keep us in Iraq for years'

The officer said: "US troops have the attitude of shoot first and ask questions later. They simply won't take any risk. - "I explained that their tactics were alienating the civil population and could lengthen the insurgency by a decade. Unfortunately, when we ex-plained our rules of engagement which are based around the principle of minimum force, the US troops just laughed."


US troops kill Iraqi civilians

US troops have shot and killed eight Iraqis, including five civilians, during an attack on a patrol.


From Information Clearing House

Anger as US backs brutal regime

Uzbek president defends firing on crowd; 300 believed killed

Soldiers were seen by witnesses pulling up four trucks and a bus to load the bodies of men, women and children shot to death by Uzbek troops in the eastern city of Andijan.


Heated criticism was growing last night over 'double standards' by Washington over human rights, democracy and 'freedom' as fresh evidence emerged of just how brutally Uzbekistan, a US ally in the 'war on terror', put down Friday's unrest in the east of the country.


Fraud, nepotism and torture mark Karimov's reign

President Islam Karimov was born in the historic town of Samarkand in 1938, and rose to become first secretary of the Communist party in Uzbekistan and then the country's first president in 1990, writes Nick Paton Walsh. A series of fraudulent elections and referendums have extended his rule.


From Information Clearing House

Video: Just Who Is Our New Best Friend

This 29 minute video explores the reality of life in Uzbekistan.

More on "Uzbekistan"

The battlefield is a great place for liars

Iraq is a bloody no man's land. America has failed to win the war. But has it lost it?

"The battlefield is a great place for liars," Stonewall Jackson once said on viewing the aftermath of a battle in the American civil war.

By Patrick Cockburn

The great general meant that the confusion of battle is such that anybody can claim anything during a war and hope to get away with it. But even by the standards of other conflicts, Iraq has been particularly fertile in lies.


Iraq: how we were duped

All three leaders of the "Coalition of the Willing" - the United States, Australia and Great Britain - had survived politically after a war that divided citizens and challenged long established principles of international law.

By Gary Hughes

The three leaders survived despite evidence - still emerging - that now seems to prove that the detailed justifications for the war were not only wrong, but in many cases known to be wrong or uncertain before the war began. This is the second battle for Iraq - the battle for the truth.


Minister angry with 'those in power who claim moral values are on their side'


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

The deserters: Awol crisis hits the US forces

As the death toll of troops mounts in Iraq and Afghanistan, America's military recruiting figures have plummeted to an all-time low. Thousands of US servicemen and women are now refusing to serve their country. Andrew Buncombe reports

16 May 2005


Informant: Steven L. Robinson

From ufpj-news

CBC 911 Video: Secrets Revealed


Informant: Tom Kennedy

State Secret: Thousands Secretly Sterilized


Informant: Dani Djinn

Report paints grim picture of Iraqi life

In the wake of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, the country still struggles with high unemployment, inconsistent utility services and widespread poverty, a joint survey from the Iraqi government and United Nations indicates.


Warum Bannmeilen Stoibers Haus schützen

Dr.-Ing. Hans Schmidt
Sprecher der Bürgerinitiative Wolfratshausen-Stadtgebiet gegen Elektrosmog
Gebhardtstr. 2d
82515 Wolfratshausen
WOR, den 16.05.05


An die
Lokalredaktion der Süddeutschen Zeitung
fax 431 680

Sehr geehrter Damen und Herren,

ich beziehe mich auf Ihren Artikel „Warum Bannmeilen Stoibers Haus schützen“ im WOR-Lokalteil vom 13.05.05 und bitte um Veröffentlichung folgender Zeilen (geht parallel auch als e-mail an Sie):

Ganz Wolfratshausen war im Belagerungszustand am letzten Freitag: Hundertschaften von Polizisten und Bundesgrenzschutzbeamten schützten das Anwesen des Ministerpräsidenten vor 50 bis 70 Demonstranten. Wie die SZ ausführte, wurde die Bannmeile um Stoibers Haus im Jahr 2000 juristisch so begründet: „Die vorzunehmende Güterabwägung zwischen der Bedeutung der Versammlungsfreiheit und dem nach Art. 2 Abs. 1 Grundgesetz gebotenen Schutz des unantastbaren Bereichs der privaten Lebensgestaltung fällt hier zu Gunsten der zu schützenden Privatsphäre aus.“ Die Familie des Ministerpräsidenten habe ein Recht auf „Freihaltung ihrer Wohnung und Wohnumgebung von Einwirkungen von Demonstrationen“.

Welch Privilegien für eine Person des Öffentlichen Lebens, die ich ihm gar nicht verwehren möchte – ich verlange nur Gleichstellung für andere Menschen, die wesentlich stärker in ihrer „privaten Lebensgestaltung“, ja in ihrem Grundrecht auf körperliche Unversehrtheit (Art. 2 Abs. 2 GG) eingeschränkt sind. Es geht um elektrosensible Menschen, die stärker als Normalbürger auf die Hochfrequenzstrahlung von Mobilfunksendern und Schnurlostelefonen reagieren. Hier in Wolfratshausen haben vor mehreren Jahren 14 von ihnen Strafanzeige wegen Körperverletzung gegen Unbekannt gestellt und auf die zunehmende Gesundheitsgefährdung durch diese Belastung hingewiesen. Diese Strafanzeige wurde von der Staatsanwaltschaft München niedergeschlagen mit dem Argument, die Grenzwerte würden eingehalten, ohne überhaupt in die Beweisaufnahme zu treten, ohne ihre ärztlichen Atteste anzuschauen. Auch die Revision beim Oberstaatsanwalt wurde mit der gleichen Begründung verworfen. Ihnen wird zugemutet, dass sie nur noch im Keller schlafen, ihren „unantastbarer Bereich der privaten Lebensgestaltung“ mit Tausenden von Euro abschirmen und ihren Garten und bestimmte Zimmer ihrer Wohnung meiden, weil sie sonst krank werden. Ihnen wird zugemutet, dass ihre Freizeitgestaltung sich immer mehr einschränkt, weil die Verseuchung des öffentlichen Lebens mit Elektrosmog immer stärker wird – Lebensqualität pur.

Ich wehre mich gegen die Einteilung der Bürger in Klassen: in privilegierte Menschen wie den Ministerpräsidenten, und in rechtlose Menschen wie die Elektrosensible, was übrigens auch gegen das Grundgesetz verstößt – Art. 3 Abs. 1: Alle Menschen sind vor dem Gesetz gleich. Der gemeine Bürger hat im Gegensatz zum Ministerpräsidenten kein „Recht auf Freihaltung seiner Wohnung und Wohnumgebung“ von Einwirkung krankmachender Strahlung, obwohl dies für den Personenkreis der Elektrosensiblen wesentlich drastischer ist als die „Einwirkung von Demonstrationen“ für den Ministerpräsidenten.

Vielen Dank im Voraus für die Veröffentlichung.

Der Funkbaum


Victory: ABC News Backtracks & Apologizes


Air Force Removes Chaplain From Post

Officer Decried Evangelicals' Influence

By T.R. Reid
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, May 13, 2005; A04

DENVER, May 12 -- An Air Force chaplain who complained that evangelical Christians were trying to "subvert the system" by winning converts among cadets at the Air Force Academy was removed from administrative duties last week, just as the Pentagon began an in-depth study of alleged religious intolerance among cadets and commanders at the school.

"They fired me," said Capt. MeLinda Morton, a Lutheran minister who was removed as executive officer of the chaplain unit on May 4. "They said I should be angry about these outside groups who reported on the strident evangelicalism at the academy. The problem is, I agreed with those reports." [...] You say we are not a theocracy? Read it all at The Washington Post: http://tinyurl.com/876vk

© Virginia Metze

Why is Congress failing to keep watch?

ASK THIS | May 11, 2005

It used to be that the oversight role – the 'informing function' – of Congress was considered even more important than its legislating one. A law professor identifies some areas that beg for increased Congressional vigilance.

By Charles Tiefer
Nieman Watchdog -- Questions the press should ask

Q. We are facing an appalling deficit and intense demands for government savings. The Government Accountability Office routinely publishes reports regarding fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement in areas of government. Congressional committees with oversight jurisdiction could readily convene hearings and solicit testimony from the GAO and outside watchdogs. So why do the chairs of Congressional committees and subcommittees currently fail to conduct such oversight?

[...] That is the first question and there are more. Read it at the NiemanWatchdog web site: http://tinyurl.com/77twt

© Virginia Metze

Communities still feeling past closures

By David E. Williams
Friday, May 13, 2005 Posted: 8:16 PM EDT (0016 GMT)

(CNN) -- Military officials predict that the latest proposed base closings will make the armed forces more flexible and efficient, while shaving billions of dollars from the Pentagon's budget.

But the changes will come with a high cost -- especially to communities that have hosted the facilities. Anthony Principi, the head of the nine-member Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC), compared the recommendations to last December's natural disaster that devastated tens of thousands, saying the closings "will be tsunamis in the communities they hit." [...] Read the rest of it at CNN web site: http://tinyurl.com/djjwl "Why I still like Ike" (from an internet post):

"Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes that you can do these things.

Among them are a few Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or businessman from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid."--Dwight D. Eisenhower in a Nov. 8, 1954 letter to his brother Edgar.

© Virginia Metze

DeLay's Conservatives Go Commie

David Corn
The Huffington Post
May 13, 2005

Last night, 800 or so conservatives and lobbyists gathered together at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC, to pay tribute to the scandal-scented Tom DeLay. The media accounts have noted that several prominent cons were MIA. Only about two dozen or so House Republicans bothered to show. (That's about one-tenth of DeLay's GOP colleagues.) House Speaker Denny Hastert sent a video message. (How warm and supportive!) According to The New York Times, conservative mastermind Grover Norquist, who earlier in the day told the paper that "the only way DeLay would be damaged is if his friends walked away from him," was not seen at the dinner and "seats at his table remained empty." When Representative Scott Garrett, a Republican from New Jersey, was called to the dais to speak, he was not present. (Was traffic that bad?) My favorite no-show was Representative David Dreier, the chairman of the powerful Rules Committee. His excuse: he had a previously scheduled event at the Nicaraguan embassy. Perhaps he really, really likes Central American food. [...] Read it all at the Huffington Post blog: http://tinyurl.com/ae6mk Let me see if I have this right. We are facing dangers to people IN THIS COUNTRY but we are taking all of the protection close to the people AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE... HUMMMM. We save $40 billion in 10 years. Close down the Iraq war and we save -- what was latest figure? -- over 700 billion IN ONE YEAR...

© Virginia Metze



Informant: Dani Djinn

Pylons blamed for sickness


Informant: Sylvie

A "benevolent dictator"

In a recent discussion of the problems our country is facing, someone suggested that we need a 'benevolent dictator' like Abraham Lincoln. A comment like this is usually made by a person who, like many Americans, has neither the time nor the inclination to look beyond the establishment's portrayals of history. And court historians with the help of a complicit media, have prevented the true Lincoln from being unmasked for a generation or more. They admit that Lincoln was a dictator, but try to sanitize his actions as being those of a 'benevolent dictator,' dismissing his illegal and cruel acts as simply minor abuses of power. ... The actions of dictators often cause the loss of lives, yet dictators believe that their actions are defensible because the end justifies the means, however harsh they may be"... [editor's note: A must read for those who still lionize "the American Lenin" - SAT] (05/14/05)


from LewRockwell.Com, by Gail Jarvis

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Moral indifference


Suddenly, if a twenty or more year ramp can be considered sudden, everyone is talking about morality. Exit polls from the recent presidential election suggest that Bush voters made their choice based 22% on considerations of Moral Values. (Or was it that 22% of voters made their choice based on considerations of moral values? It doesn't matter. We won't get into whether those polls are in any way meaningful, or what they actually imply.) Pundits, both right and left, are suddenly filling the airwaves with their interpretation of what this means and what it implies. And how the Democratic party can use this information to actually win an election again before it disintegrates entirely. But whatever the causes or long-term effects, the subject is back on the table again. And this is a damned good thing... [editor's note: This article was actually published some time ago, but I only just now became aware of it; so much for editorial omniscience! - TLK]


from The Atlasphere, by Jeffrey Perren

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Wars kill empires as well as people


As the US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan continue down their bloody paths, we should study the lessons of The Vietnam War. Vietnamese refer to that period between the early 1960s and April 1975 as 'The American Phase.' They suffered periods of foreign domination by Chinese, Japanese and French occupiers who, unlike the Americans, learned the painful lesson of trying to subdue and occupy that land. US leaders adamantly refuse to learn that some people, like Koreans, Vietnamese and Iraqis, for examples, do not submit to force and brutality. How to teach that simple lesson? Teachers will have shared the experience of trying to educate students who have not ingested their own history. Instead of inculcating historical context from first grade on, US students learn a kind of patriotic mythology disguised with words like 'unbiased' as if along with critiques of US behavior in Vietnam or Iraq -- one had to present the good side of torture, mass murder and the napalming of villages...


from CounterPunch, by Saul Landau

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

On Abu Ghraib: One sergeant's courage a model


Major questions hang over the prosecution of low-level soldiers for their involvement in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. How could such widespread criminal abuse result from the misconduct of a handful of rogues? What was the role of government policy on the interrogation of prisoners and the high-level officials who implemented it? Abu Ghraib undermined American values and credibility around the world. The pictures of military personnel physically assaulting Iraqi prisoners and forcing them to perform indecent acts have been widely condemned as evidence of serious abuse, including torture, under both domestic and international standards for the treatment of prisoners. How responsibility for this criminal conduct is ultimately assessed will determine the quality of our commitment as a nation to the rule of law. It will also have a practical impact...


from Christian Science Monitor, by John Shattuck

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Strengthen the NPT -- or else


One of the more hilarious charges leveled against Bonkers Bolton recently was that he was too preoccupied with winning confirmation as ambassador to the United Nations to prepare the U.S. delegation for the Seventh Review Conference of the Treaty on Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons. Levelers of this charge assume that Bush and Bolton want to strengthen the NPT. Wrong. There was entirely too much 'strengthening' of the NPT at the Sixth RevCon, five years ago, to suit Bush-Bolton. The final report of the Sixth RevCon began by reaffirming the recommendations contained in the final report of the Fifth Revcon. But it took delegates to the Seventh RevCon two weeks to even agree on an agenda because the U.S. delegation -- led by a Bolton underling named Rademaker -- didn't want the final report of the Sixth RevCon to even be discussed, much less be reaffirmed...


from Antiwar.Com, by Gordon Prather

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Tired of empire?


Last week I wrote about some of the reasons it is just possible that we won't see another major imperial military adventure during the Bushlet's second term. The reasons ranged from the second-term blues that afflicts most two-term presidencies, to the resources tied up (or tied down) in Iraq, to the fact that North Korea and Iran are moving toward at least the credible threat of possibly having nuclear weapons, to sagging morale and recruitment problems in the military, especially the National Guard and the reserves. At the risk of being declared hopelessly deluded, I'd like to extend the thought to suggest that while the United States certainly presides over what by any reasonable definition must be accounted an empire, I suspect that the imperial era will not last all that long. The American people, I suggest, are simply not made of especially stern imperial stuff...


from Antiwar.Com, by Alan Bock

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

War on his mind


It has been just over two years since President Bush –- in commander-in-chief mode -– landed on the USS Lincoln and spoke these words in front of a 'Mission Accomplished' banner: 'Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the Battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.' And now our coalition is engaged in securing and reconstructing that country. But the mission was not accomplished, for out of the 1,614 American combat deaths in Iraq, 1,477 occurred after Bush's 'Mission Accomplished' speech. How many more Americans must die before Bush's 'mission' is accomplished?


from LewRockwell.Com, by Laurence M. Vance

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

REAL ID has problems


Without a public hearing or public input of any kind, the Senate has passed a bill that will require drivers to provide proof of citizenship before they can obtain or renew their driver's licenses. Up until now, Washington was one of nine states that did not check citizenship or immigration status of someone seeking a driver's license. ... The bill was tacked on to the $82 billion spending bill to support the military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The act should have been debated in the light of day, not hung on the military spending bill. The approach used by its supporters speaks volumes about their confidence in passing a stand-alone Real ID Act of 2005...


from Olympian, by staff

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

America's right to know war news


An astonishing message came forth on May 12, 2005 from ABC News political unit's The Note. I shall quote verbatim from Mark Halperin and his associate editors: '... Democrats are so thoroughly spooked by John Kerry's loss -- and Republicans so inspired by their stay-the-course Commander in Chief -- that what is hands down the biggest story every day in the world will get almost no coverage. No conflict at home = no coverage.' ... Is ABC's excuse wholly understandable? Can't this and other networks do much more to investigate what has been going on and then ask the Democrats when they interview them about their findings? Can't the networks provide more coverage to the conflict represented by the dissenting military families, by the coalitions of labor, religious, civic, veterans and other groups...


from Common Dreams, by Ralph Nader

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Wake up, America!


We've seen a few false dawns, and heard a few birds begin to sing an early warning. But the passage of the REAL ID Act is a loud and clanging alarm. The morning of the last days of freedom in America is here. We must wake up and see the reality of what's happening to us and our precious liberties. If we fail to do so, the nightmare will become the permanent reality for us all, and liberty the long lost dream...


from Lady Liberty, by Lady Liberty -- Hat Tip to REAL ID Rebellion

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Carnival of clowns


The other day, I noted one of the more remarkable aspects of what happened when a small plane veered off course over Washington, D.C.: how one George W. Bush became the completely dispensable President. Apparently the Commander in Chief isn’t required to command anything at all, or even to know what’s going on, when a genuine emergency might beckon. (The balance of that post discusses how the quick air response, including the scrambling of jets, represented a very different situation from that on the morning of 9/11, and how a huge number of unanswered questions still remain about why our skies remained largely undefended on that day.)


from The Light of Reason, by Arthur Silber

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Open letter to President Bush on the REAL ID Act


Comrade Bushnev, Congratulations on signing the National ID into law. Now that all Americans are going to be tracked from birth to death in one huge database, I'm sure you'll be able to prevent anyone from doing anything you or your handlers don't like. Liberty was so messy! When the Twin Towers were destroyed in 2001, you said it was because they hate our freedoms. Problem solved. We no longer have any freedoms. Bravo!


from End the War on Freedom, by Bill St. Clair

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

A police state?


One of the hallmarks of a police state is a restriction on travel. You know you live in a police state when you can't travel without some form of government restriction. Many of us have made that 'our line in the sand,' the event that will trigger us to active resistance of governmental policies. It is my opinion that the backers of those in power in Washington right now, those who are actually pulling the strings, so to speak, know this, and are attempting to camouflage their attempts to actually institute travel restrictions. Can I prove it? Nope. What I can do is point to some disturbing events, trends and facts, and leave you to see if it leads you to the same conclusion I've reached...


from The Libertarian Enterprise, by Ron Beatty

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

One scenario: Chief Justice Scalia?


Of all the possible candidates mentioned for a US Supreme Court post, none seems more primed for all-out warfare in the Senate confirmation process than Antonin Scalia. Justice Scalia, who has served on the high court since 1986, is frequently mentioned as a potential nominee for the top post should Chief Justice William Rehnquist announce his retirement. ... A Bush nomination of Scalia as chief justice would throw down a White House gauntlet to liberal advocacy groups. It would reassure religious conservatives that their support of President Bush in the 2004 election was not unappreciated. And, if confirmed, it would lay the groundwork to continue a nearly 40-year rightward shift at the high court by replacing a conservative chief justice with an even more conservative chief...[editor's note: The real point would be having a "strict constructionist" at the helm, regardless of "left/right" issues - SAT]


from Christian Science Monitor

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

National ID battle continues


Legislation supporting a standardized national driver's license may have won unanimous approval in the Senate on Tuesday, but the bill's apparently smooth passage left some jagged edges in its wake. The Real ID Act appeared in take-it-or-leave-it spending legislation, which effectively forced lawmakers to sign on to the whole measure even if they disagreed with a portion of it. Several Republican and Democrat senators who cast favorable votes for the bill simultaneously railed against the provision authorizing the new driver's license rules. They're not the only ones refusing to accept the bill peacefully. The National Governors Association is threatening lawsuits to fight the legislation. And some states are threatening to ignore the legislation because they say it will cost up to $700 million for states to comply and will place a heavy burden on Department of Motor Vehicles workers...


from Wired News

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

UK: Fast track for ID cards


The cabinet has decided to rush through its controversial identity cards legislation, one of the centrepieces of tomorrow's Queen's Speech, to try to take advantage of the Tories' post-election disarray to get it through the Commons, Whitehall sources have confirmed. Ministers privately believe they can overcome any renewed Labour rebellion over the legislation by relying on the backing or abstention of some Tory MPs to get it through its second reading vote within a fortnight...


from Guardian [UK]

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Articles for Impeachment of Bush Government


National ID Revolution


Bolton Embarrassment Latest Setback for Bush Hawks



Failing Everywhere You Look: We’re On Plan


The Myth of Redemptive Violence


The Bush-Bolton Plan to Bomb Bushehr




Informant: NHNE



TROTZ STELLENABBAU: Commerzbank-Chefs genehmigen sich saftige Gehaltserhöhung


Informant: ymorgan


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