Police handcuffed a 7-year-old boy

Police handcuffed a 7-year-old boy outside his elementary school this week after he allegedly assaulted three teachers and two police officers.


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The insular American

"Many Americans are in a mental bunker. Any information that tries to penetrate that bunker is rejected as enemy intellectual action."


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Rumsfeld: Iran aids rebels

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld charged yesterday that Iran is fueling the deadly insurgency in Iraq with money and fighters.


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Defense Department Invokes Geneva Conventions to Withhold Torture Photos

"Until now, this administration has shown only contempt for the Geneva Conventions, and it has built its policies dismissing the application of international humanitarian law," said Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU.


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Ex-UN envoy: U.S. feared discovery of prison abuse

Cherif Bassiouni, the DePaul University law professor who last week lost his post as UN human-rights investigator in Afghanistan, said Thursday he believed the U.S. pushed him out to hide abuses in American-run prisons in the country and the possible transfer there of as many as 200 prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.


From the Song Ve Valley to Abu Ghraib

That first investigation found that "a total 18 soldiers committed crimes, including murder and assault but no one was ever charged" according to the Blade, even though as the newspaper determined, Rumsfeld's office was sent a copy of the report.


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U.S. contracting firm accused of bilking millions and running wild in Iraq

Custer Battles security guards have also been accused of firing at unarmed civilians. They have been accused of crushing a car filled with Iraqi children and adults.


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Nobel Prize Winner Airs Global Warming Warning


Informant: NHNE



Informant: Sylvie

ADD and your kids - Ritalin is speed

Good advice for any situation dealing with officials.

Due to the severity of this problem, this needs to be circulated far and wide and so I send it to you in hopes you will read it and feel sufficiently motived to send it to everyone on your list. We must step in and take action to protect our precious children before it is too late. Love & Blessings, Suzy Star

What to do if the school board says: "you have to put your ADD child on drugs." http://www.resultsproject.net/schoolsay.html

1.. Get them to put it in writing and sign it. (They are prescribing drugs without a license.) Do not be intimidated by the school board, and always remember that they work for you. Treat them as "your" employee and hold them accountable. They do not know what is best for your child, you do. You are the parent. Parents raise kids. School boards only run schools.

2.. If they tell you "The law says if your child is disruptive in class you have to put the child on Ritalin," ask them to show you the law in writing. The law will usually say that if your child is physically endangering other children, then you must seek medical help or special classes. Remind them that medical help doesn't always mean drugs.

3.. If they tell you to sign a release for your child's medical records because it's the law, again ask to see the law in writing. You are the parent, you raise kids, they are the school board, and they deal in education.

4.. Whenever you go before a review board or conference regarding your child, record the meeting on a tape recorder. Not hidden but in plain sight. Explain that you can't take notes and you want to remember every word they say. If they say the meeting is private and confidential and can't be recorded, ask them to put that in writing. Remember, confidentiality is your child's right, not the school board's. You never need to be in a closed-door session regarding your children.

5.. According to every book on the market, ADD/ADHD children usually have a higher I.Q. than most normal school children, so ask them why they have such a hard time teaching the smartest kids in school.

6.. Ask the board if they are aware that if your child takes Ritalin past the age of 12, according to the 1999 Military Recruitment Manual, that child may not join the Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines untill after a doctor has signed a paper stating that the person has been off Ritalin for four years. Because the child is a class 2 drug user.

7.. Ask the board if they were aware that if your child uses Ritalin, the State or Federal Government could not hire him or her if the job involves state secrets or national security, because your child is a class 2 drug user. (They can run for office, but they can't be hired.)

8.. Ask the board if they were aware that if your child uses Ritalin, some insurance companies will turn down that child, or even your entire family, for being a class 2 drug user. Others will raise your rates and write in a pre-existing condition clause, excluding some coverage for your child.

9.. Ask the board how much money they get if your child goes on Ritalin and has to attend the special education class for learning disabilities. If they say they don't know, tell them to go find out because someone turns in those forms every month. Check under the Individual Development Education Assistance Act of 1985. The government allotted over $2 billion for this program.

10.. Ask what percentage of kids in this school district are on Ritalin. (Anything over 5% is suspicious.)

11.. Ask if they know that according to the DEA, Ritalin is the number 2 drug illegally sold on the playground. (Kids grind it up and snort it, which according to doctors is worse than cocaine because Ritalin is made to be taken orally and will destroy the nasal passages.)

12.. Ask if they know why the side effects of Ritalin and Cocaine are almost identical. (It's because the two are almost identical in chemical compounds.)

Throw some fact their way such.....

Testimony of Bruce Wiseman - Presented to The Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 20,1999

Bruce Wiseman is National President of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) and opposes the use of psychiatric medications.

These graphs show the alarming increase in the production of Ritalin from 1985 to 1995 as well as the number of ADD/ADHD diagnoses from 1988 to 1997. Bearing these in mind, consider the events of the last two years alone:

1. On May 25, 1997 18-year-old Jeremy Strohmeyer raped and murdered a 7-year-old African American girl in Las Vegas, Nevada. Strohmeyer had been diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Dexedrine, a Ritalin-like drug, immediately prior to the killing.

2. On October 1st, 1997, in Pearl Mississippi, 16-year-old Luke Woodham stabbed his mother--50-year-old Mary Woodham--to death and then went to his high school where he shot nine people killing two teenage girls and wounding seven others. Published reports say he was on Prozac.

3. Exactly two months later on Dec 1, 1997, Michael Carneal, a 14-year-old opened fire on students at a high school prayer meeting in West Paducah, Kentucky. Three teenagers were killed, five others were wounded, one of whom was paralyzed. Carneal was reportedly on Ritalin.

4. Then in February, 1998 a young man in Huntsville, Alabama on Ritalin went psychotic chopping up his parents with an ax and also killing one sibling and almost murdering another.

5. On March 24, 1998 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, 11-year-old Andrew Golden and 14-year-old Mitchell Johnson shot 15 people killing four students, one teacher, and wounding 10 others. According to one report, the boys were believed to be on Ritalin.

6. Two months later another grisly school massacre occurred. On May 21, 1998 15-year-old Kip Kinkel of Springfield, Oregon murdered his parents and proceeded to his high school where he went on a rampage killing two students and wounding 22 others. Kinkel had been prescribed both Prozac and Ritalin.

7. On April 16th, 1999, 15-year-old Shawn Cooper of Notus, Idaho took a 12-guage shot gun to school and started firing, injuring one student and holding the school hostage for about
20 minutes. Terrified students ran for their lives, some barricading themselves in classrooms. Cooper had been taking Ritalin when he fired the shotgun's rounds.

8. The incident in Idaho did not make the national press (no one, thank God, was killed). But all that changed four days later when 18-year-old Eric Harris killed 12 students and a teacher at Columbine High School before killing himself. Harris was on one of the SSRI anti-depressants called Luvox.

9. One month later to the day, on May 20th of this year TJ Solomon, a 15-year-old high school student in Conyers, Georgia on Ritalin opened fire on and wounded six of his class mates. Thankfully, none were killed.

10. Then there's 14-year-old Rod Mathews who had been prescribed Ritalin since the third grade and beat a classmate to death with a bat.19 And 19-year-old James Wilson who had been on psychiatric drugs for 5 years and took a .22 caliber revolver into an elementary school in Breenwood, South Carolina killing two young girls, and wounding seven other children and two teachers!

11. Secondly, as also mentioned previously, testing revealed that Eric Harris one of the dead suspects in the Columbine, Colorado incident, had therapeutic levels of the anti-depressant Luvox in his blood.


Citizens Commission on Human Rights - What should Someone do if they know of a Psychiatric Abuse?

If you believe your rights or the rights of someone you know have been violated by psychiatry, immediate action must be taken! The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) stands ready to assist you. They do not give medical or legal advice but can help you in how and where to file a complaint against psychiatric abuse. At this website you'll find; more details, a "Psychiatric Abuse Summary Information Form" you can email from anywhere in the world, a Tollfree (US only) "Psychiatric Crime Hotline," and a list of their 124 offices in 28 countries around the world to help you.


The Bazelon Center has published an 84-page report, Relinquishing Custody, The Tragic Result of Failure to Meet Children's Mental Health Needs, available from their bookstore.

The Bazelon Center and the Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health have produced a 32-page guide for family advocates, Staying Together: Preventing Custody Relinquishment for Children's Access to Mental Health Services, available on this site (see below).


"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." Fredric Bastiat, "The Law", 1846

Informant: Andy

How Far Will The Army Go?

As military recruiting tumbles and casualties escalate, the news report below asks, "How far will U.S. Army recruiters go to bring young men and women into their ranks? An Arvada West High School (Colorado) senior recently decided to find out." In addition to the story below, the CBS News 4 web site contains an eight minute investigative report. Watch it and see what really happened in one town.


Unready for combat

When Dustin W. Peters, an Air Force supply technician, arrived in Kuwait in January 2004, all he and his fellow airmen knew was that they would be supporting US troops in Iraq. But when their unit received its assignment, they recalled, they were stunned: They would be protecting supply convoys traveling along Iraq's violent roadways.


Germs, warfare

Since prehistoric times, wars have killed combatants and civilians — by weapons but also by infections. In addition to creating crowded, unsanitary conditions, wars expose people to bacteria and viruses to which they have no immunity.


Fiddling While Crucial Programs Starve

Notice the price of gasoline lately? Isn't it great that we have secured Iraq's oil? And as Congress signs off on yet another huge supplementary grant to supposedly protect U.S. interests in the Mideast, our president pathetically begs his Saudi buddies for a price break. As the fall of Rome showed, imperialism never pays.


Omega-News Collection 30. April 2005

Ozone layer most fragile on record

Global warming 'proof' detected

Scientists Confirm Earth's Energy Is Out Of Balance

Climate change poses threat to food supply

Amazon Pollution: Victims of 'Toxico'

STOP SMALL POX genetic engineering

Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from Oil Drilling

Indigenous people resist DNA-project

GM industry puts human gene into rice

Monsanto versus Farmers

Stop Monsanto From Controlling Food Supply

US Government and Biotech Firm Deceive Public on GM Corn Mix-up

China hype is deja vu

Treated wood preservatives linked to aquatic damage, human illness, and death - a societal problem

US Forest Service Sued Over Logging in Oregon

Battle for the heart of Borneo

Challenge the Board of Directors of Kimberly-Clark to Stop the Company's Forest Crimes Now!

One fifth world's reefs destroyed

Coral Reef Damage Could Have Global Impact

Norwegian Fleets Kill 25 Whales in Season's Start

Polar Bear, Walrus Under Threat in Greenland

Who Will Save the Albatross?

Declarations of Human Responsibilities

Vote USA 2004

Iraq War

Is Iran next?



EMF-Omega-News 30. April 2005

EMF-Omega-News 30. April 2005

SCANDAL: WHO denied Prof. Olle Johansson the democratic right to participate in a workshop


Non Thermal Studies

Mobile mast plans raise cancer fears


The mayor gets rid of all the antennas

Community very concerned with effect of RF

People who are dealing with illness from cellphones or celltowers

EMF and radiation problem simply doesn't exist...and the cancer cases grow

Bouygues Télécom must dismount its antennas this week

Dutch municipality withdraws building-licence UMTS mast

Football phone mast plan rejected



Fury as mast goes up near nursery

Farnham Phone Mast Protest


Council takes stand in phone mast row

Residents' groups take on mobile phone firms

Mobile mast battle: first round to residents

Bro'ty folk rally to oppose mast plan

Football phone mast plan rejected

T Mobile seem to be running up against more opposition in Brighton & Hove

Mobile phone mast campaign summit

Meeting of Affected by antennas of telephony with Minister in Spain

Magenta News from Mast Network

Omega-News Collection 30. April 2005

A Thousand Clowns


Kinobesitzer gegen Handy-Manie: Störsender könnten schon bald für Ruhe sorgen


Who Will Save the Albatross?


Thousands die early as poverty gap widens

Thousands of people are dying prematurely in deprived inner cities as the gap between rich and poor in Britain widens. The difference in life expectancy between the poorest and most affluent parts of the country has grown to 11 years and is now more pronounced than in Victorian times, researchers say.


From Information Clearing House

Discharged and dishonored: Shortchanging America's veterans

Like thousands of his fellow veterans of America's wars, Alfred Brown died waiting.


From Information Clearing House

Iraq Through the Eyes of Unemebedded, Independent Journalist Dahr Jamail

People who want to go back into that city (Fallujah) have to get retina scans, all ten fingers fingerprinted, then they're issued an ID card. People inside the city are referring to it as a big jail. It is a horrendous situation.


From Information Clearing House

Beyond Erin Brockovich


DeLay Is Likely to Be Found Culpable


Benefits and Costs of the U.S. Government’s War Making

If the government were able and willing to carry out an effective global “war on terrorism” by means of its present policy of empire building and naked aggression (politely called “preventive war”), would the benefits of that policy justify the costs being borne? Not for a moment.


From Information Clearing House

Another Lost Opportunity

A convicted terrorist was providing U.S. officials with very specific information about a terrorist attack three months before 9/11.


From Information Clearing House

Pentagon releases 360 photos

The Department of Defense released to him and the National Security Archive 360 additional photographs of soldiers' remains as they were returned to U.S. bases, from Dover to Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii.


Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression


From Information Clearing House

Blix insists there was no firm weapons evidence

The head of the United Nations weapons inspectors in the run-up to the Iraq war, Hans Blix, last night undercut one of the main grounds offered by the attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, in his legal advice to Tony Blair.


Secret Iraq war advice published

Publication of a secret 2003 memo from the government's top lawyer questioning the Iraq war's legality buffeted Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday, just a week before the May 5 election.


Full Text :

Advice from Attorney General on legality of Iraq war

From Information Clearing House

Pentagon Report On Abuse Has To Be Joke

The Pentagon has got to be kidding.

Abu Ghraib Torture Victim Speaks Out

A former prisoner who says he was the man under the black hood in the gruesome photo from Abu Ghraib speaks out on this week's edition of the PBS newsmagazine "Now."


IRAQ: Doctors warn of increasing deformities in newborn babies

Health officials and scientists said this could be due to radiation passed through mothers following years of conflict in the country.


From Information Clearing House

Brigadier shocks and awes: there is no war on terrorism

The so-called global war on terrorism does not exist, a high-ranking army officer has declared in a speech that challenges the conventional political wisdom.

By Cynthia Banham

In a frank speech, Brigadier Justin Kelly dismissed several of the central tenets of the Iraq war and the war on terrorism, saying the "war" part is all about politics and terrorism is merely a tactic.



Haida Struggle Continues





· Support the Haida
· Weyerhaeuser AGM
· Donate to RAN
· New website


After a month of blockades that have effectively halted Weyerhaeuser's logging operations on the island of Haida Gwaii, the Haida Nation is in lengthy negotiatiations with the Government of British Columbia to protect their livelihood and the island of Haida Gwaii from corporate logging.

Send a message to Weyerhaeuser, telling them to support Haida Title and stop logging endangered forests on Haida Gwaii. Go to: http://action.ran.org/ctt.asp?u=2844473&l=90977



Thank you for working with us to pull off a great Annual General Meeting demonstration.

We hung 8 large banners on overhangs along Seattle's main highway, Interstate 5. We also had 60 to 70 people demonstrating on Weyerhaeuser's corporate headquarters. Solidarity demonstrations were organized in Vancouver, Winnipeg, New York and Toronto.

Over 100 people rallied against Weyerhaeuser at the Toronto Stock Exchange, demonstrating their support for the Haida Nation blockades. Speakers representing Native communities, environmental NGO's and human rights groups expressed their support for Indigenous struggles to protect the land and gain self-determination. Throngs of business people in the heart of the financial district were confronted by the sound of Native drummers, raging grannies, colorful banners, and pamphlets exposing Weyerhaeuser as an unethical and unsafe investment.

Back in Seattle, over 20 allies attended Weyerhaeuser's 1 and a 1/2 hour Annual General Meeting. This is the only time that allies gain a chance to speak directly to the very decision makers that control vast amounts of our resources, and people wanted to make the most of this opportunity. Leaders from various groups, including Amnesty International, the Steelworkers Union, leaders of the green building industry, Haida First Nations representatives, the Native Forest Council, the Boreal Songbird Initiative, the Sierra Club, Jobs with Justice, socially responsible investors and members of RAN all expressed their concerns to Weyerhaeuser's Chief Executive Officer, Steve Rogel, during the meeting.

Their concerns ranged from Weyerhaeuser's destructive logging practices in British Columbia and the Boreal, Weyerhaeuser's decision to buy wood from national forests, Weyerhaeuser's refusal to accommodate and consult with the Haida First Nation, Weyerhaeuser's poor record with labor, and Weyerhaeuser's treatment of indigenous first nations tribes.

Unfortunately, Weyerhaeuser made the decision to change the format of their question and answer session so that concerned shareholders couldn't ask questions directly to Steve Rogel.

Regardless, our concerns were heard - some allies expressed their concerns during the meeting; others voiced their concerns to the media. We generated press across Canada and the United States, including in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, CBC Radio and the New York Times.

One interesting point - the world's largest mutual fund, CalPERS, the Californian Public Employees Retirement System, put Weyerhaeuser on their "watch" list because of Weyerhaeuser's poor corporate governance record. Weyerhaeuser's share price has since dropped about 5 percent. We hope that other investors and shareholders will investigate Weyerhaeuser and choose to stop owning a portion of this environmentally destructive company.

The Old Growth Team extends their thanks to everyone who worked with us. I sincerely hope we can continue to work together and build and strengthen our coalition in the future.

Thank you.


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