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Computational modeling evidence of a nonthermal electromagnetic interaction mechanism with living cells

Computational modeling evidence of a nonthermal electromagnetic interaction mechanism with living cells: microwave nonlinearity in the cellular sodium ion channel

Stoykov, N.S. Jerome, J.W. Pierce, L.C. Taflove, A.
Rehabilitation Inst. of Chicago, IL, USA;

This paper appears in: Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on
Publication Date: Aug. 2004
Volume: 52, Issue: 8
On page(s): 2040- 2045
ISSN: 0018-9480
INSPEC Accession Number: 8076144
DOI: 10.1109/TMTT.2004.831924
Posted online: 2004-08-02 08:42:34.0


A computational hydrodynamics model consisting of a system of four coupled time-domain partial differential equations is applied to study the response of the cellular sodium ion channel to a microwave electric-field excitation. The model employs a dynamic conservation law formulation, which has not been previously applied to this problem. Results indicate that the cellular sodium ion channel exhibits an electrical nonlinearity at microwave frequencies, which generates an intermodulation spectrum when excited by an amplitude-modulated electric field. Intermodulation products having frequencies down to 50 MHz, and very likely well below 50 MHz, appear possible. This is a new nonthermal microwave interaction mechanism with living tissues that, if observable below 0.1 MHz, could enable the stimulation of excitable biological tissues, and thereby have significant implications for human health and safety.


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Mast-Victims Website - Internationale Website für Mobilfunkgeschädigte

Welcome to http://www.mast-victims.org

This is a website dedicated to a international community of people suffering adverse health effects from masts and antennas in the vicinity of their homes.

The purpose of this website is to bring together people from all over the world that have become victims of insensitive mast and antenna siting. Telecommunications companies are drowning us in radiation and they are in a state of complete denial on whether these masts and antennas have any negative health impact on the population. Credible scientific research shows that especially mobile phone mast radiation is harmful and people are suffering. Some have even been forced to abandon their homes after becoming ill from radiation.

This has got to change. So far only few people have come forward against the telecommunication industry and those who have deserve to be known and heard.

http://www.mast-victims.org is built as an online community where people living under the threat of masts and antennas can create journals and share their thoughts.

by G J Hyland
Associate Fellow
Department of Physics
University of Warwick*, UK
Executive Member
International Institute of Biophysics*
Neuss-Holzheim, Germany

The views expressed below are those of the author, and
do not necessarily represent those of the Institutions with which he is affiliated.

I fully commend the initiative to establish a Website dedicated to the victims of microwave radiation from mobile telecommunication Base-stations (Cell towers). Since the advent of this technology, an ever-increasing number of people in many different countries have been reporting a similar array of adverse health symptoms of a predominantly neurological kind, such as sleep disturbance, headache, inability to focus and concentrate, impaired memory, confusion, and sensation of pressure in the head. The severity of these symptoms displays a wide range of subjective variation, ranging from mild discomfort to great distress - so great, in some cases, that those affected have been forced to sell their houses at financial loss and move to areas that are less electromagnetically polluted in this way.

This is a totally unacceptable state of affairs, which arguably contravenes the Human Right Act, and which, in many cases, has had a quite devastating effect on the families involved. Despite the existence of many well-organised and extremely well-informed local citizen groups, there is an identifiable need for a mechanism of global communication and cooperation whereby the experiences of those who have been affected can be pooled and shared, not only to provide a robust defence against the 'establishment' view that this technology is harmless, but also, hopefully, to identify and focus future epidemiological research requirements; this Website makes a valuable and much needed contribution to realising this important goal.

Sadly, people cannot rely on the protection of their governments in this field of environmental pollution, since governments freely admit to a vested interest in continuing to promote the growth of mobile telephony. In the UK, for example, the Government netted £22.5 Billion from the auction of the 3G licences, whilst the annual revenue from mobile telephony is currently around £1 5Billion; clearly, it is in governments interests not to find any problems with this bounteous technology. Accordingly, we have, in the UK, the obscene spectacle of the government body responsible for protecting the public from adverse effects of electromagnetic exposure (the National Radiological Protection Board, NRPB) being engaged by the mobile phone industry to speak at meetings in support of the safety of their products: the industry knows that it will not be disappointed.

Neither can the public expect an unbiased hearing either in Public Inquiries or in the Civil Courts. For the whole procedure is biased in favour of the Industry, since a judgement against the phone companies would have potentially serious consequences not only for the continued, effectively unregulated expansion of mobile telecommunications, but also, more importantly, on government revenue - a situation that will not be allowed to happen, as has repeatedly been demonstrated.

Given their experience with official cover-ups in the case of BSE/CJD - with initial assurances of no risk and subsequent revelations of cover-ups - the public is now understandably wary of safety assurances from 'official' scientific sources in the case of exposure to electromagnetic fields. Quite justifiably, the public remains sceptical of attempts by governments and the mobile phone industry to reassure them that all is well, particularly given the unethical way in which they often operate symbiotically so as to promote their own vested interests, often under the brokerage of the very statutory regulatory bodies (such as the NRPB in the UK) whose function it supposedly is to ensure that the health and well-being of the public is not compromised by electromagnetic exposure. This scepticism is enhanced when those with views contrary to the 'official' perceived wisdom are treated as mavericks who, at worst, should be silenced, or, at best, studiously ignored.

Official assurances of safety in the case of exposure to the microwave radiation used in mobile telecommunications is based on the fact that the levels of emission in publicly accessible areas in the vicinity of Base-stations are thousands of times lower than the levels stipulated in the safety guidelines published by the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). The nonsense of being content with such compliance is that these guidelines protect against what is here not actually a hazard - namely getting overheated; the intensity of the radiation is simply far too low for this to occur. At the same time, however, these guidelines neglect the most discriminating feature of all, namely the 'aliveness' of those exposed. When (and only when) alive, the body supports a number of electrical bio-rhythms characterised by different frequencies; perhaps the most familiar are those associated with the activity of the brain and the heart. These rhythms are intimately connected with biological functionality, some being involved in maintaining the delicate balance of biochemicals essential to health, whilst others play a role in the transmission of biological information essential to maintaining well-being.

The fact that the frequencies of some of these bio-rhythms are close to those that characterise the mobile telephony signals makes these electrical rhythms vulnerable to non-thermal electromagnetic interference (just as can occur in the case of radio reception), whereby the integrity of these bioelectrical rhythms can be undermined, and, in turn, health adversely affected - even when the signals are too weak to be able to cause any heating. Thus the potential of the radiation to exert adverse effects arises not because it does any actual material damage, but rather because it interferes with bio-functionality - particularly, in would appear, with natural processes that are intended to afford protection against the development of disease.

It is precisely because of the possibility of a similar deleterious electromagnetic interference between mobile phone signals and electronic control systems that the use of mobile phones is prohibited on aircraft: the prohibition is not thermally driven. Our internal, biological electrical control systems are similarly vulnerable.

It should be particularly emphasised that the repercussion of these electromagnetic sensitivities on the health of those exposed varies from person to person, according to their physiological/neurological/genetic predispositions at the time of exposure. Thus - just as in an epidemic - not everyone is equally affected. Indeed, the health of many people appears (at least up to now) not to be affected at all by exposure to the signals from a Base-station. This situation is, of course, exploited by those with a vested interest in not wishing to find any problems, and is cited in support of their claim that 'there are no established adverse health effects of exposure to these signals'. On the other hand, there are people that are extremely electro-sensitive, who can become very badly affected.

It is a gross scandal that, in the absence of adequate testing to ascertain the extent to which it might be harmful, mobile telecommunication technology has been allowed to be rolled out (and continues so to be) in an essentially unregulated way that results in the involuntary exposure of the majority of the population - a situation that does not obtain in the case of a new drug or foodstuff, which, by contrast, are subject to quite rigorous testing before being licensed. In the case of exposure to mobile telecommunication signals, the 'establishment' view is that if the signals do not heat you, they cannot harm you. In attempts to strengthen this position, every effort is made to rubbish any experimental findings that might suggest otherwise, whilst results that do not pose a threat to safety are uncritically accepted. What, in their view, is considered as an absence of proof of harm is erroneously, but conveniently, taken as proof of absence of harm.

It is impossible to continue to responsibly support this stance - unless one is prepared to dismiss the reports of ill-health as purely psychosomatic - given (i) what is now known about the biological effects that mobile telecommunications signals have, in particular effects allied to their shapes and repeat patterns (which differ between GSM, TETRA & UMTS/3G), and (ii) the fact that since the reported adverse health effects cannot be due to overheating (dependent on intensity) they can only be due to non-thermal interference against which the current safety guidelines offer absolutely no protection. Whilst, in some cases, a psychosomatic element can indeed be a confounding factor, the striking consistency between the nature of the symptoms reported by many people in different countries cannot be ignored - particularly when many of the symptoms were initially discovered under 'blind' conditions - i.e. those affected did not become aware of the presence of a Base-station in their locality until after they experienced ill-health. Furthermore, the consistency between the nature of the reported symptoms and the kinds of non-thermal effects that the signals are known, from laboratory experimentation, to provoke is a compelling reason to take these reports of ill-health seriously, rather than peremptorily dismissing them, as does the 'establishment'.

Given the experience of adverse health reactions provoked by exposure to GSM signals, it is even more irresponsible that TETRA and UMTS were ever allowed to be rolled-out with absolutely no investigations to ascertain whether their particular signals might provoke adverse health reactions in some people.

There is now accumulating evidence that supports the reality of adverse non-thermal influences of the radiation from all kinds of Base-stations. In the case of exposure to GSM, particular mention should be made of the significantly elevated incidence of cancer that correlates with proximity and duration of Base-station exposure found in a recently published study in Bavaria [1], and of adverse effects on well-being and sleep found in two recent Austrian studies not yet published [2]. In the case of exposure to UMTS, many of the symptoms found under controlled conditions in the Dutch TNO laboratory study [3] are precisely the same as some of those reported by members of the public exposed to commercial UMTS Base-stations, endorsing the suspicion that their signals are not as benign as had been assumed. In the case of TETRA, on the other hand, the furore that its roll-out provoked in the UK has resulted in a belated programme of experimentation; this is still in progress, but, from the way it has been designed and conducted, is unlikely to corroborate earlier work suggesting that these particular signals could well affect the integrity of the nervous system.

The commonality of many of the symptoms reported under exposure to the microwave emissions from GSM, TETRA and UTMS Base-stations, despite the quite significant differences between their signals, suggests, however, that non-thermal influences of the kind discussed above cannot be the whole story, and that a more general non-thermal influence of the radiation (which still remains to be identified) must also be at work; one possibility could be that the electromagnetic vector potential is involved in some way.

This Website makes a valuable contribution to the on-going debate over the safety of mobile telecommunications technology by affording a mechanism whereby reports of ill-health attributed to exposure to the signals emitted by Base-stations of all kinds can be registered and recorded. This will permit the possibility of a more systematic study of correlations between reported symptoms of ill-health and exposure conditions than is currently possible, which will hopefully help focus the direction of future research.

1. H. Eger et al. Einfluss der räumlichen Nähe von Mobilfunksendeanlagen auf die Krebsinzidenz, Umwelt Medizin Gesellschaft 17, 326-332 (2004).

2. G. Oberfeld, H. Schimke & G. Bernatzky; H. Leitgeb et al.

3. TNO-report: FEL -03-C148, 2003. Effects of Global Communication system radio-frequency fields on Well Being and Cognitive Functions of human subjects with and without subjective complaints.

Mast-Victims.org - A website dedicated to a international community of people suffering adverse health effects from cellphone masts in the vicinity of their homes.


Informant: Christine Kind



Volunteers needed for scientific study in Dresden, Germany

Created: 19 May 2005
Updated May 20:

Mrs. Christine Kind is lending her radiation contaminated house in Dresden, Germany, to a scientific study into the effects of mobile phone masts. The study will be controlled by trusted! and respected scientists. The 4 volunteers needed for this study must be between 18 and 35 years of age and with good health condition. Volunteers must spend from 8 to 14 days in the house.

If you would like to volunteer or want to know more about the study, please send an email to: study@mast-victims.org

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CIA Refuses Release of 35-Year-Old President's Daily Briefs

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'Propaganda' bill nixed in House

House Republicans Wednesday soundly rejected an effort by Democrats to ban the Department of Education from spending money on "covert propaganda."


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Elation in Harlem as Girl Held in Terror Inquiry Is Released

Having held the girls for six weeks in a Pennsylvania detention center, the government has quietly released one of the girls and is allowing the other to leave the country with her family.


U.S. says it upholds U.N. torture rules, critics object

The United States said in a report on Friday it was abiding by global anti-torture rules and any abuses of detainees in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars were not systemic but critics charged the report was a whitewash.


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"Pork-Laden" Iraq Bill

Just when you thought it might be impossible for the Bush administration and House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to stoop any lower, they have sunk to a new depth. They are now, in the well-chosen words of one member of the U.S. House, "using America's fighting men and women as human shields to pass pork-laden legislation."


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On the eve of a meeting with President Bush in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin lashes out at the American president, raising questions about his election in 2000 and his decision to go to war in Iraq.


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Silence about U.S. torture tactics is abhorrent

Torture is worse than murder. A murder victim usually dies quickly with his or her dignity intact. Torture takes an individual to the brink of death repeatedly. In addition, it creates an atmosphere of degradation equivalent to rape.


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Soldier lifts lid on Camp Delta

Erik Saar, an Arabic speaker who was a translator in interrogation sessions, has produced a searing first-hand account of working at Guantánamo. It will prove a damaging blow to a White House still struggling to recover from the abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq.


International court hears anti-war claims

Lawyers acting for anti-war groups yesterday presented the international criminal court with evidence which, they say, shows that the government acted unlawfully by participating in the US-led invasion of Iraq.



Bereaved accuse ministers of war crimes:

The group of 10 bereaved families claims that British troops were unlawfully ordered to use cluster bombs near civilian areas and to destroy essential power supplies which affected hospitals and water.


Happy Mothers Day, Mr. Bush

Name Withheld Pending Notification

by Cindy Sheehan

Sorrowfully, there are 1579 families in this country who have "Iraq" carved on their hearts and souls for eternity. We have sacrificed more than the $1.99 it costs to buy a "Support the Troops" magnet for our cars.


Geomagnetic Storms Hit Right On Time

May 8th 2005


Geomagnetic Storms Hit Right On Time

Early this morning, a series of plasma waves in the form of charged particles hit the Earth’s magnetic field. This occurred as a result of the first of two M-Class flares beginning on May 6th. What we see today is the first wave, I expect a second wave to hit within 24 hours as related to the second M-Class flare set off on May 7th.


Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

It is now believed the 2nd M-Class flare was followed by a “halo” CME, which “is” Earth directed. There is a moderate chance the upper North American continent will witness auroral activity. There is a small chance the northern lights may dip down to lower Canada or the northern border of the United States . Not much chance of any harm to power grids or satellites, but it might present a beautiful array of colorful skies. However, the effects to our ‘weather’ may be another story. Watch for “extreme weather” to be announced in various parts of the world.

Kp Index: http://www.n3kl.org/sun/images/noaa_kp_3d.gif?
Electron Flux: http://www.n3kl.org/sun/images/noaa_elec_3d.gif?

Mitch Battros

Unser „Leben“ am Vodafone D2 Sender - Schutz hinterm Hasendrahtzaun

5. Mai 2005

Im November 1998 zogen wir (noch freudig) in unser neu erbautes Haus ein, ab Februar 1999 begann der Leidensweg meines Lebensgefährten Herrn Hübner. Es ging los mit Allergien, Bluthochdruck, körperlichen Zusammenbrüchen, er war ständig krank. Im Dezember 2003 und Februar 2004 bildeten Allergieschocks den Höhepunkt.

Seit wir im Haus wohnen wurde er nachts plötzlich wach, war schweißgebadet und hatte regelrechte „Zustände“. Mit den Worten „ich halts hier nicht aus“ verzog er sich zum Schlafen in den Keller, dort stand eine alte Couch. Ehrlich gesagt, ich dachte der spinnt ein bisschen, konnte mir das nicht erklären.

Wie Sie sich denken können suchten wir nach der Ursache, es lag nahe, dass seine Erkrankungen mit dem Haus zu tun hatten. Nichts zu finden, wir hatten biologisch gebaut.

Meine ständigen Erkältungen, Augenentzündungen, Mandelentzündungen, etc. schob ich immer auf Stress.

Meine Eltern wohnen hinter unserem Haus, mein Vater erhielt im Februar 2002 die Diagnose Prostatakrebs mit Knochenmetastasen. Nicht so schlimm im Alter von über 71 Jahren dachte ich mir, mein Großvater wurde 92 mit dieser Krankheit. Aber anders bei meinem Vater, der PSA-Wert verdoppelte sich fast mit jedem Monat. Der Krebs wurde immer schneller, keine Chemo konnte ihn stoppen, im Dezember 2003 verstarb er.

Im März 2004 suchten wir wieder nach der Ursache für die Erkrankungen meines Lebensgefährten und erfuhren von einem unserer Gemeinderäte, dass wir an einem Mobilfunksender wohnen. Wir wussten nichts davon, er ist an unserem Feuerwehrturm angebracht und kaum sichtbar.

Nun holte ich mir alle Informationen die ich kriegen konnte und war geschockt auf was ich da gestoßen bin. Permanente Mikrowellenbestrahlung, 24 Stunden. So ließ ich Messungen für über 1.000.- Euro im Haus durchführen, im Schlafzimmer hatten wir 112 µW/m². Der biologische Grenzwert liegt bei 1 µW/m², der gesetzliche bei 4.814.324 µW/m². Wie würde es uns bei einer Strahlung von 4.000.000 µW/m², noch unter dem gesetzlichen Grenzwert, gehen? Da wären wir alle schon tot!

Und wir haben nicht nur einen Sender im Wohngebiet, nein zwei! Nun wollte ich wissen wie es denn unseren Nachbarn geht und ich machte eine Umfrage. Diese sehen Sie unten. Es geht ihnen teilweise schlechter als uns. Einige leiden ganz furchtbar unter der Strahlung. Sie können gerne mit den Menschen sprechen. Obwohl die Grenzwerte eingehalten sind.

Im März/April 2004 hatte ich keinen Stress, war im Urlaub und trotzdem ständig kränkelig. Ich ging zum Arzt, ließ ein Blutbild erstellen und der Arzt riet mir daraufhin nicht mehr im Schlafzimmer zu schlafen, auch meine 5-jährige Tochter wäre angeschlagen, nur eine Frage der Zeit wann sie krank wird. So zogen wir zu ihrem Papa in den Keller. Und Sie werden es nicht glauben, seit wir im Keller schlafen, uns kaum mehr in den vorderen Bereichen des Hauses aufhalten und den Garten meiden sind wir alle gesund, keine Beschwerden mehr.

Meine Blutwerte haben sich leider immer noch nicht erholt, ich habe ein Blutbild wie ein Krebskranker. Und nicht nur ich, 2 weitere dieser speziellen Blutwerte aus unserem Viertel liegen mir vor, alle ähnlich schlecht. Ich habe schon einiges versucht diese Werte zu verbessern, leider vergeblich. Jetzt beginne ich mit einer neuen Therapie...Wahrscheinlich wird alles erst besser wenn wir hinter einer Wand aus Hasendraht wohnen, dem Strahlenschutzgitter für ca. 8.000.- Euro. Armes Deutschland... Keine Lebensqualität mehr, aber telefonieren können wir sogar im Keller. Sollte der Ausbau der Mobilfunksender fortgeführt werden, müssen wir wohl bald tiefer graben, Glück wer noch einen alten Bunker auf dem Grundstück hat.

Ich schaffte mir ein Messgerät an, im Schlafzimmer haben wir in der Zwischenzeit über 2.000 µW/m², auch im Kinderzimmer. Da würde ich nicht einmal unseren Hund schlafen lassen.

Im September 2004 mussten wir meine Mutter ins Krankenhaus einweisen lassen, ihr Blutdruck ging hoch auf über 200/128. Sie blieb 5 Tage im Klinikum Bogenhausen, dort keine Beschwerden, der Blutdruck blieb normal. Mein Messgerät zeigte an, dass ihr Krankenzimmer frei von Strahlung ist. In ihrem Schlafzimmer messe ich im Bett über 100 µW/m². Das Bett meines Vaters war noch schlimmer verstrahlt. Kaum zu Hause fing der Blutdruck wieder an sich zu bewegen, aber nicht nur nach oben, auch nach unten, da hatte sie dann nur noch einen Puls von 40. Nachdem wir die ganze Front ihres Schlafzimmers mit einem Swiss Shield Vorhang zum Masten hin abschirmen, waren die Beschwerden weg.

Ich wehre mich gegen diese Zwangsbestrahlung, werde Vodafone verklagen und habe einen Bauantrag für ein Strahlenschutzgitter (21 x 7,55 m) gestellt. Dieser wurde mir genehmigt, werde ihn diesen Sommer errichten lassen. Tja, um mir einen Sender vor die Nase zu setzen brauchen die Mobilfunkbetreiber keine Genehmigung...

Die Grenzwerte sind zu hoch, ich verlange dass auf meinem Grundstück nicht mehr als 1µW/m² zu messen ist, wir gesund in unserem Haus wohnen und wieder aus dem Keller ins Schlafzimmer ziehen können. Vor allem meine Tochter will wieder in ihr Zimmer.

Ich weiß dass es beim Mobilfunk um sehr viel Geld geht, aber die Mobilfunkbetreiber müssen durch die Regierung gezwungen werden die gepulste Strahlung abzustellen und mit anderen Technologien arbeiten. Das ist sicher möglich.

Aber nicht nur Mobilfunksender bestrahlen uns permanent, wo keine Sender sind übernehmen das DECT-Telefone, Wireless-Lan und was es da noch so alles gibt. Ich habe in Wohnungen Werte von über 1.000 µW/m² gemessen, obwohl in der Wohnung keines der funkenden Geräte stand. Ganze Wohnblocks sind verseucht, es funkt permanent durch die Wände. Einige merken nichts, andere werden richtig krank, Schlafstörungen sind normal. Nach entfernen der DECT-Telefone berichten mir die Leute, dass Kopfschmerzen, Migräne und Schlafstörungen weg sind.

Es muss alles getan werden damit wir wieder ein normales Leben ohne Zwangsbestrahlung führen können und die Industrie gezwungen wird eine andere Technologie zu benutzen.

Wussten Sie dass alle Handys bei einer Strahlung von 0,265 µW/m² funktionieren?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

M. B.

Auswertung der Umfrage vom 3. April 2004

Es wurden Anwohner der Mobilfunkmasten Feuerwehrturm und Merowingerstraße 14 befragt. 46 Bögen wurden abgegeben.


Allergische Reaktionen 17 / 36,96 %

Kopfschmerzen und Migräne 26 / 56,52 %

Chronische Erschöpfung 22 / 47,83 %

Innere Unruhe 27 / 58,70 %

Schlaflosigkeit oder Tagesmüdigkeit 43 / 93,48 %

Ohrgeräusche 27 / 58,70 %

Infarktanfälligkeit 3 / 6,52 %

Nerven- und Weichteilschmerzen, die mit üblichen Ursachen nicht erklärlich sind 13 / 28,26 %

Lern-, Konzentrations- und Verhaltensstörungen bei Kindern (z.B. Hyperaktivität) 5 / 10,87 %

Blutdruckentgleisungen, die medikamentös immer schwerer zu beeinflussen sind 12 / 26,09 %

Herzrhythmusstörungen 12 / 26,09 %

Krebserkrankungen wie Leukämie und Hirntumore 4 / 8,70 %

Hirndegenerative Erkrankungen (z.B. Morbus Alzheimer) und Epilepsie 1 / 2,17 %

Benützen Sie in ihrer Wohnung ein Schurlostelefon nach DECT-Standard? 23 / 50,00%

Bürgerinitiative Mobilfunk Kirchheim, Marianne Buchmann, Kreuzstraße 6, 85551 Kirchheim, Tel. 089/9019903-0, Fax -1

Aus: Elektrosmognews vom 08.05.2005


Schutz hinterm Hasendrahtzaun

Familie Buchmann errichtet Bollwerk gegen Mobilfunkstrahlen

Kirchheim - Jetzt macht Marianne Buchmann in Kirchheim ernst. Die Gründerin der Bürgerinitiative Mobilfunk hat die ersten Fundamente schon betonieren lassen. Ab heute wird darauf auf sechs Meter Länge ein 7,70 Meter hoher Hasendrahtzaun errichtet, der größte seiner Art im weiten Umkreis. Hasendraht, so sagen Wissenschaftler, sei der beste Schutz gegen Mobilfunkstrahlen.

Buchmann hofft, mit dem imposanten Zaun endlich Ruhe vor den Strahlen der nahen Mobilfunkantenne auf dem Feuerwehrturm Kirchheim zu haben. Den sechs ersten Metern sollen weitere 15 folgen. Dann hofft die Familie, die seit Monaten nur noch im Keller nächtigt, ihr Grundstück an der Kreuzstraße endlich optimal geschützt zu haben.

Buchmann und ihre Mitstreiter sind überzeugt, dass Schlafstörungen, Unruhe und Herz-Kreislauf-Probleme von der umstrittene Sendeanlage kommen. Jetzt hat die Frau auch die Anlieger an der neuen Sendeanlage am Parsdorfer Weg 10 aufgerufen, an medizinischen Reihenuntersuchungen teilzunehmen: "Um zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt den Nachweis führen zu können, dass durch die Sender Gesundheitsschäden entstanden sind."

Buchmann hat dafür mit dem Kirchheimer Gemeinderat und Praktischen Arzt Thomas Heinik einen Pauschalpreis von 20 Euro pro untersuchter Person ausgehandelt. Heinik wird die Ergebnisse in einem Ordner für eventuelle spätere Verhandlungen und Klagen sammeln.

BR kommt mit Kamerateam

Auch für die Anwohner der Feuerwehr-Sendeanlage ist eine Reihenuntersuchung geplant. Dabei gehe es um den Nachweis von reduzierten "natürlichen Killerzellen". Drei Blutbilder mit sehr schlechten Werten lägen ihr schon vor. Um aber die Aufmerksamkeit des Umweltministeriums zu erhalten, bräuchte man zehn. Die versuche sie jetzt noch zu bekommen, sagt Buchmann.

Ihr eigenes Blutbild und die Werte der Familienmitglieder würden sich ab heute konsequent verbessern, so hofft die Kirchheimerin zumindest: Dann, wenn die ersten sechs Meter des 7,70 Meter hohen Zauns stehen.

Das Bayerische Fernsehen hat sich die ungewöhnliche Zaunerrichtung schon als Termin vorgemerkt und wird heute Mittag mit einem Kamerateam in Kirchheim vertreten sein. Marianne Buchmann sagt, sie wäre nicht traurig, "wenn zu diesem Anti-Mobilfunkanlagen-Event auch noch viele weitere empörte Anwohner kämen". A. Ganssmüller-Maluche




Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Handystrahlung: Erbgut wird geschädigt


Honoring Mothers, Human and Wild


Special Video of Wild Buffalo Moms and Babies:
Real Player:
Windows Media:

Source: http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/




Interview mit Vandana Shiva

Boden Fruchtbarkeit (S&K 1/2005)

25.000 Bauern nahmen sich das Leben (S&K 1/2005)

Bücher von Vandana Shiva

Biopiraterie – Kolonialismus des 21. Jahrhunderts.
Unrast Verlag 2002, 3-89771-416-7
Der Kampf um das blaue Gold. Rotpunktverlag 2003, 3-85869-251-4
Ökofeminismus. Rotpunktverlag 1995, 3-85869-122-4

Freiheit für Greenpeace Aktivisten in Thailand!


Die Umwelt in der Globalisierungsfalle: Wie hängen Umweltzerstörung und Globalisierung zusammen?

c. mcplanet.com - konsum . globalisierung . umwelt

Der Kongress von ATTAC, BUND und GREENPEACE, in Kooperation mit der Heinrich Böll Stiftung und dem Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt, Energie. 03. bis 05. Juni in der Universität Hamburg

Und was habe ich damit zu tun? Kann ich so leben, wie ich will – und reicht es, meinen Müll zu trennen? Wie viel kann ich überhaupt verändern angesichts von Konzernmacht und politischen Blockaden? Oder steckt der Fehler bereits im System? Was geht verloren in der globalen Wirtschaftslogik? Was sind die Alternativen und was kann ich dafür tun?

Rückblick ( http://www.mcplanet.com/rueckblick.php )

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Deine Stimme gegen Armut!


2005 ist ein Schlüsseljahr. Fünf Jahre nach Verabschiedung der Millenniumserklärung der Vereinten Nationen wird auf verschiedenen Treffen auf internationaler Ebene Zwischenbilanz gezogen. Ein UN-Expertenbericht vom Januar hebt hervor: Wir können die extreme Armut halbieren, wir können sie vielleicht sogar ganz beenden - wenn wir jetzt anfangen. Dafür braucht die Welt viele Stimmen - auch deine. Um die Regierungschefs dieser Welt zu überzeugen, noch heute die richtigen Entscheidungen zu treffen. Beteilige dich!

Deine Stimme gegen Armut!

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Weißes Band

Das weiße Band ist das Symbol für die gemeinsame globale Kampagne zur Überwindung der Armut. Am 1. Juli und am 10. September wird es auf den internationalen White-Band-Days in mehr als 60 Ländern zu sehen sein. Und es kann auch sonst jederzeit als Ausdruck der Verbundenheit mit der Aktion getragen werden. Jeder und jede kann es leicht mit einfachsten Mitteln herstellen - aus Papier, aus altem Stoff. Wer will, kann sich hier ein Band bestellen. ( http://www.weltfairsand.de/ )

The secret Downing Street memo


Informant: Diana Davies


Peace deal hope on mobiles mast

May 4 2005

By Dave Black, The Journal

A row over plans by a mobile phone company to erect a new 50ft-high mast in a Northumberland village looks set to be resolved.

Vodafone sparked anger last month after threatening to invoke emergency powers under the Telecommunications Act to put up the temporary mast behind the working men's club in Guide Post, near Ashington.

Local people - who already have an Orange mast on the same site - were horrified at the move and Wansbeck District Council accused Vodafone of adopting a cavalier attitude to the community to force through its wishes.

Now - following discussions between Vodafone officials and council bosses - both sides are working together to come up with an alternative site for the new mast, on both a temporary and permanent basis. In addition, Vodafone has agreed to co-operate with the council to bring together other mobile phone companies to examine ways of minimising the impact of masts on local communities.

The row erupted when Vodafone announced it intended to use the special powers to erect the temporary mast, without having to first seek the approval of the council or local community.

The tower was intended to replace an existing Vodafone mast which the company had been ordered by a court to remove from a nearby haulage yard in Guide Post to make way for a housing development.

Yesterday Vodafone said the haulage yard mast has now been taken down, leading to a deterioration in service for local mobile phone customers, but efforts are continuing to find an alternative site. Last night Wansbeck Council deputy leader, Coun David Nicholson, said: "The message which has come out of this situation is that all operators have to put communities first.

"At Guide Post, putting another mast 15m from people's homes was just not acceptable to us."

Vodafone spokeswoman Jane Frapwell said: "We are working very closely with the council to come up with an amicable solution."

Stan Latimer, 76, who lives with his wife Margaret just 30m from the working men's club and Orange mast, said: "I get very depressed thinking about it.

"We already have one monster mast out here, which is not nice to live with, and we didn't want a second one."

Man arrested at phone mast demo

A man protesting over the construction of a phone mast in a Staffordshire town's high street has been arrested.

He was detained at a demonstration on Wolstanton High Street after grabbing the controls of the machine being used to install the mast, police said.

The 02 mast replaces another taken down after an enforcement notice from Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council.

That structure breached the planning consent originally granted by the authority three years ago.

Police said the man arrested on Wednesday was being held on suspicion of threatening to cause criminal damage and assaulting a police officer.

The council's decision to allow O2 to put up the 15-metre replacement mast has been met with opposition from many locals.

One protester, Lynn Smith, told BBC Midlands Today: "It's just so obtrusive, it's so big.

"It's supposed to be the size of a lamppost, but it's absolutely enormous."

Many residents do not agree with claims that the mast blends in with street lamps.

Masts making us ill

By Samantha Payne

Bromley News

A SCIENTIFIC researcher says residents are being directly affected by high levels of mobile mast radiation found in their homes.

Ingrid Dickenson, director of scientific studies at anti-phone mast group Mast Sanity, recorded high levels of the radiation in four homes near to the 3G mast antennaes in Chislehurst Road, Orpington.

Residents, who have been campaigning for four years to remove the phone mast, say they have been suffering from headaches, sleeplessness and dizziness.

Mrs Dickenson says these symptoms, which also include tinnitus and nose bleeds, are the effects of non-thermal mobile mast radiation.

Susan Green, 40, and her 10-year-old son Christian, have been experiencing the symptoms since the 3G antennaes were put up in March.

They say the link between the masts and their ill health was confirmed a fortnight ago when they were switched off for a week's maintenance and their complaints disappeared.

Mrs Dickenson has been working on phone mast emissions with radiation experts from Europe and America since 1995.

She says the Government's current advice on mobile masts is misguided.

Mrs Dickenson said: "They say mobile phone radiation is not high enough to heat the body so is therefore safe.

"The National Radiological Protection Board is stubbornly refusing to look at the non-thermal effects.

"But non-thermal radiation does have a real effect, with the first symptoms being sleep disturbance, headaches and nosebleeds."

Mrs Green said: "I was not expecting the readings to be sky high. The news is devastating for me and my son."

Her next door neighbour Heather Lewis said: "My family have been suffering from headaches and sleeplessness.

"Mrs Dickenson's readings showed our bedroom was saturated with pulse radiation.

"I'm now going to buy metallic blinds to stop the radiation from coming through the window."

1:59pm Wednesday 4th May 2005

Mast this happen?

00:00, May 4 2005

By Mandy Little, Greenwich Mercury

A COMMUNITY is outraged that an appeal is set to go ahead on siting four mobile phone masts near a school for children with learning disabilities.

News that O2 is appealing to the Planning Inspectorate for masts near Charlton School in Charlton Park Road has come as a bombshell to some of the nearby community who are concerned about the effects on children's health.

An application for two 15m masts outside the school and a later plan for two 12.5m masts about 200m down the road were turned down by Greenwich council in October, 2004.

There have been no objections to the appeal and residents claim they only found out about it after a mum spotted a notice on a lamp post.

At a packed meeting at the school organised by the campaigners and attended by a representative from O2 on Tuesday last week, concerns were raised about errors in the original applications.

Campaigners found two "bungles": The company consulted two other primary schools by mistake It marked the applications as "amber" but they should have been "red" for higher sensitivity as both are by a school and close to a listed Jacobean wall.

A spokesman from Charlton Residents' Against the Mast said: "The appeal was a bombshell to people. Hardly anyone knew."

The group has written a 15-page letter highlighting the errors to the inspectorate and demanding a public hearing.

Mum-of-two Jenny Chalice, 48, from Cemetery Lane alerted people by delivering notes to 100 houses after spotting the notice.

She said: "The children at the school already have enough to cope with. I don't want to think in 20 years time these children and my own kids have been made sick."

The Charlton sites are also close to an under-fives club and family picnic areas.

Jim Stephenson from O2, said the errors were "genuine mistakes".

Greenwich council said it has fulfilled its requirement by law and notified the school and residents about the appeal.


Tamworth Herald


10:30 - 05 May 2005

Planning applications for mobile phone masts in North Warwickshire are to be circulated to elected members for the first time.

Following complaints from councillors that they are not being told about masts appearing in their wards, North Warwickshire Borough Council has agreed to rectify the situation - even though they have no legal obligation to do so.

Coleshill Cllr Peter Fowler, who requested the change of policy, says the public has missed out on a 'vital window of opportunity for consultation and objection' for far too long.

The five major mobile networks in the UK provide an annual roll out plan for local councils detailing plans to erect new masts or carry out upgrades to existing base units.

Despite the fact no planning permission is required for masts under 15 metres tall under existing 'prior approval' legislation, local authorities still have 56 days to submit any objections to the plans.

But in the past, ward councillors have not always been informed of the plans, leaving them little room to object on behalf of the electorate once mast building work begins.

Jeff Brown, acting assistant director of planning at NWBC has confirmed that from now on, notifications of individual masts and the yearly telecommunications operators' roll out plans will be given to councillors.

Cllr Fowler said: "It may be there's nothing we can do, the objections may turn out to be futile, but if we know about these masts at least we can do our bit to have our voice heard.

"Protestors in Coleshill managed to halt the installation of a 3G mast at Coleshill Hotel's Cameo Suite and the company is now looking for alternative sites.

" "People DO have power, but only if they know what they're objecting against."


Hailsham News


PLANS for a mobile mast near Grovelands school have been thrown out.

Residents from Cameron Close, Grovelands Road and the surrounding area presented a 700-signature petition to the council. And speaking at a planning meeting, committee chairman Dick Angel said there were more objections to Vodafone's application than 'almost any I can remember'. The packed meeting room heard the mobile phone giants didn't need planning permission to put up the mast.

Wealden's planning boss Ian Kaye said, 'The mast was put up on previous permitted development rights. 'And this is a replacement, albeit three metres higher.'

Grovelands school governor Jane Smith spoke out about the application. She said, 'we have concerns regarding the health of the children and the proximity between our pupils and the mast.
'The council should also consider the financial implications for the school.

'The government's chief medical officer recommends that children should not be exposed to mobile phones. 'The granting of this application would undermine this.'

The 15-metre mast would have been located on top of the St John Ambulance station in Grovelands Road.

Local councillor Ian Haffenden said he had received more letters and phone calls on this application than any other. And he attacked both St John Ambulance and Vodafone. He said, 'I think Vodafone should be ashamed and I think St John Ambulance should be ashamed of their greed. 'I think it's shocking that it should give a mast to a mobile phone company. 'Shame and disgrace on them. 'A lot of parents did not realise the existing use of the mast on top of the building. 'A lot of people thought it was being used by the St John Ambulance. 'The mast is not being extended or replaced — it's being moved.'

Government rules say health considerations are not allowed to be taken into account when dealing with mast applications. This is because the health risk is not yet known. But Cllr Haffenden said, 'Children will be walking directly under this in order to get to and from school. 'You used to be able to buy cigarettes with no health warning on them. 'And how many people lived with asbestos in their houses? 'Now if you get a tiny bit of asbestos, people go up the wall. 'People now know the health risks of these things and risks are a concern in this location because of the children.'

The planning committee rejected the application on the basis of its siting and recommended Vodafone share O2's mast in Gleneagles Drive.


05 May 2005

Orange says new masts not needed

6/5/05 New Now website

PHONE company Orange has revealed that it had originally planned to erect 56 mobile phone masts throughout south Farnham. The company is currently facing vociferous protest against its current plans for 13 of the phone masts in an area covering Compton, Bourne, Lower Bourne, Shortheath and Boundstone. But the company had previously wanted to put up 56 low-level micro masts which would have been scattered throughout the area. The idea was rejected after opposition from Waverley Borough Council. Orange has been trying to solve the problem of poor coverage on its network in the south Farnham area for the past 11 years. Last week the company held a public consultation exercise at the Bush House Hotel to try to allay fears about its proposals. The meeting attracted a protest by hundreds of parents, children and residents who oppose the phone masts, saying they should not be placed close to homes or schools until safety to children can be proven. Orange said its preferred option would be to use the existing 25 metre phone mast tower which is owned by ntl in Aveley Lane. This would depend, however, on ntl and the land owners, Surrey County Council, coming to an agreement. A spokesman for Orange said: “Our current plans are not our preferred option but we have really run out of alternatives. “We did originally approach the local council with plans to put up 56 low-level masts in the area but the local authority wasn’t happy. “The best solution to this problem would be if we could use the existing tower which is owned by ntl in Aveley Lane. “If that was given the go-ahead, it would replace the need for the current masts - including the one located near to the school. “Unfortunately, this is a decision which is out of our hands as we’re reliant on NTL and Surrey County Council. “In the past we’ve applied for planning permission to do this but it was turned down and then our appeal was rejected.” A spokesman for Surrey County Council confirmed that the council leases the land on which the Aveley Lane mast stands to ntl and that in 2003 it varied the lease to allow the mast to be shared with Orange, among other operators. But the variation limited what equipment Orange could use and the company would require a further variation. The problem, she said, was that there was a large rent review outstanding, which ntl was “not dealing with”. “Once we have sorted out the rent review, we can look at the business of Orange changing its equipment. We need ntl to negotiate with us about their own situation first. “Obviously we have to look after public money. That’s two years we have been waiting for them to negotiate. “We are doing our best to resolve both issues - we are not trying to stand in the way of this being sorted out,” said the spokesman. The government has called on mobile phone companies to improve the way in which they consult with local communities over the issue of phone masts. Keith Hill, planning minster, said: “It seems like we’re all using mobile phones these days and this means we need masts. But those masts need to be sited sensitively to minimise their environmental impact and local concern. “When I’ve talked to people about this they tell me they’re not against masts in principle, but rather masts going up without any sense of public consultation. People have a right to know where masts are located.” The minister also set out the need for local councils to take into account the need for communications developments in their local development documents, and to make clear the local strategy for such developments. “Rather than just waiting for the operators to contact them with specific proposals, councils should be thinking strategically. This way they can stay one step ahead of the game.”




PLANS are being developed to build a mobile phone mast at a Woking school — despite fears that radio waves could be damaging to children.

Mobile phone service provider Orange has written to interested parties stating that it wants to build the mast at St John the Baptist School in Elmbridge Lane, Kingfield.

This comes as a government report earlier in the year said it was advisable not to allow children under the age of eight to use mobiles and for those aged up to 14, parents had to judge the risk for themselves. The report, compiled by Sir William Stewart, chairman of the National Radiological Protection Board, earlier this year, points to a number of studies which raise health concerns connected with mobile phone use.

Bob Hely, who has a daughter at the comprehensive school, sixth form and language college, said: “I don’t like the idea of phone masts near the school because we don’t know how safe they are. “I admit I do use a mobile phone but I am very unhappy about this plan and I’m quite sure they can find somewhere else to put the mast.”

Yet despite concerns over the health implications of masts, planning guidance from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister states that such issues should not be considered when determining mast applications.

In a letter leaked to the News and Mail, Orange has asked Woking Borough councillors and governors at the school to give their opinions on the proposal. In it the company expresses its wish to install the mast or radio base station at the school to improve its coverage in the area. Orange said: “A possible location has been sensitively selected so as to minimise the wider impact on the environment.” Further on the company adds that the mast at the school “would provide the solution we require and we think the design is well suited to the existing environment”. This letter is a part of Orange ’s consultation process before it submits a full planning application to Woking Borough Council.

A statement issued on behalf of the council states that it has not yet received an application for the mast. Adrian Bishop, the council’s deputy borough planning officer, said: “The council does not have a specific planning policy precluding mobile phone mast applications near schools. “However, any application will be assessed against central government advice and local plan policies while taking into account any representations received from the school and the public generally.”

Cllr Ken Howard, chairman of the council’s environment overview and scrutiny committee, believed that this was a Catch 22 situation.



10:30 - 05 May 2005

Education chiefs have moved to reassure parents at St Edward's Catholic Primary School in Coleshill that the phone mast within the school grounds is safe.

With mast operator O2 organising tests on the unit on May 11, headteacher of the Packington Lane school, Gillian Owen, confirmed that the most recent official tests also gave an apparently safe reading.

But she's added that the mast location is still 'far from ideal' and that the school would like to see it moved away from the site altogether.

"The phone mast has been on land owned by BT since before the school opened eight years ago," Gillian Owen explained.

"We have been told that it does not have 3G capability and we are assured that we should be consulted if there are any plans to upgrade it."

A spokesman for O2 said that the tests were being conducted as a way to reassure parents and school staff.

"The emissions from all of O2's cell sites are well below international guidelines," he added.

"Nonetheless, to reassure parents of children attending the nearby schools we have offered to arrange and pay for an independent test of emissions from the site.

"The findings of the analysis will then be compared with international guidelines and set out in a report, which will be sent to the headteachers of the three schools in the area.

"We will then seek a meeting with the schools to discuss the findings."

l Turn to p.29 for more news on the battle against phone masts in North Warwickshire.


It is not the degree of ICNIRP or that matters. Of course the industry complies. ICNIRP simply does not address the right mechanisms, and indeed, whatever the mechanisms are, and whatever chains of events take place to cause the suspected biological impacts, we may well find that it is not as simple as a power-dose relationship. The matter of accumulated effects is not embodied in any national or international guidelines.

So we don't want to argue with anyone for a more stringent ICNIRP, just so that we can continue to have a microwave environment that is 10^13 (that's ten with 13 zeros) times higher than nature but spread more evenly. We need to recognise the impact of living in that environment and change the technology of talking.

Source: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/571130/

Emissions from Cell Sites below International Guidelines

It is misleading nonsense to write that only heating effects from RF exposure have been established as a health risk. The peer-reviewed scientific literature is full of papers showing, often replicated, biological effects that are likely to have serious health consequences (e.g. heat-shock-protein cellular stress responses) occurring at levels far below those that cause heating. The current MTHR research programme is mainly funding further investigations in this area. The UK Government (in the "Maastricht Treaty" and "Our Common Future" and other papers) is pledged to apply a precautionary approach when the science suggests problems that are not yet proven; this is the case with TETRA. Plenty of concerning evidence about the biological effects of RF carriers modulated with low frequency pulsing has been published, some of it decades ago.



Mobile Telephony: Standards more than insufficient

Measure people, not masts

ICNIRP Guideline Critique

The Inadequacy of the ICNIRP Guidelines

Trust Us, We're Experts: How Industry Manipulates Science


U.N.'s ElBaradei warns of nuclear apocalypse

If the world does not take steps to limit access to technology for making nuclear bomb fuel, we could be headed for a nuclear apocalypse, the head of the United Nations atomic watchdog said on Friday.


Report Documents Use of Psychological Torture by US Forces

Abu Ghraib-One Year Later: Comprehensive Report Documents Use of Psychological Torture by US Forces

One year after the release of scandalous photographs of US personnel torturing Iraqi detainees at the US-run Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, a new report provides extensive evidence that psychological torture was systematic and central to the interrogation process of detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantánamo.


Kinderbüro Graz: Kostenloser Infofolder "Elektrosmog - Gefahr und Risiko?"


Ingrid Grubauer (Risiko Mobilfunk Österreich) aus Graz hat den Folder mit ins Leben gerufen und mit konzipiert.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Michael Meyer
Plattform Sozialstaat Österreich - Netzwerk Zivilcourage
A-5165 Berndorf, Stadl 4

APA0211 5 CI 0225 Do, 05.Mai 2005


Elektrosmog-Broschüre von Grazer Kinderbüro präsentiert

Utl.: Folder soll auf drohende Gefahren aufmerksam machen =

Graz (APA) - "Elektrosmog - Gefahr und Risiko?" nennt sich eine Broschüre, die vom Grazer Kinderbüro gemeinsam mit Risiko Mobilfunk Österreich und dem Steirischen Landesverband der Elternvereine herausgegeben wurde. Sie soll an Pflichtschulen verteilt werden und auf die möglichen gesundheitlichen Schädigungen bei Kindern durch Elektrosmog hinweisen.

Die aktuelle Diskussion rund um mögliche Belastungen wie z.B. Mobilfunksender nahm das Kinderbüro zum Anlass, eine Broschüre herauszugeben, die die Gefahren des Elektrosmogs aufzeigt und praktische Tipps vermittelt. Bernhard Seidler vom Kinderbüro: "Viele Eltern sind sich gar nicht bewusst, was sie ihren Kindern antun, wenn sie sie mit Handys telefonieren lassen". Mit der Broschüre wolle man nun Eltern und Kinder aufklären.

Gerhard H.J. Fruhmann vom Steirischen Landesverband der Elternvereine: "Wir wollen Empfehlungen abgeben, die jede Schule ohne Probleme selbstständig umsetzen kann: Computerräume nur mit geschirmter Installation betreiben, Schüler über die sinnvolle Nutzung der neuen Technologien im Unterricht aufklären und eine Hausordnung für die Handynutzung erlassen." Wichtigster Punkt sei aber, keine hochfrequenten Sender in und um Schulen zu installieren, so Fuhrmann.

(Schluss) zeh/gu

APA0211 2005-05-05/12:48

051248 Mai 05 (Auszug)

Big Pharma's Attempt to Subjugate Planet Earth

Codex Alimentarius: Big Pharma's Attempt to Subjugate Planet Earth

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Saturday, May 7th, 2005

Last week I went to a "Codex" conference in Washington DC. There a large and, so far, loosely knit coalition was formed to exchange information. We began to coordinate the battle to stop the Big Pharma controlled European Union from inflicting "Codex Alimentarious" health standards on the rest of the world.

It will take me some time to absorb all of the information I heard, and read, but for now, let me make something clear - "Codex Alimentarious" is a plot to inflict "the German Model" of health care on all of Planet Earth. The primary targets are Europe (almost completed), Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.

The plot was hatched in Germany, I believe, and frankly, reeks more of a "world domination" scheme than a movement towards standardizing health care on Planet Earth.

The group formed in Washington will focus on crushing the attempt to harmonize North American laws with "Codex," thereby preventing "the German Model" of health care from becoming the law of the North American continent.

Did I actually say "World Domination?"

Yes, I did. For good reason.

To read the whole article, click on the URL below...


US imprisons Iraqi journalists without charges


Informant: Steven L. Robinson

'Smoking gun' & 'most explosive leak of war'


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

An Unrealistic 'Real ID'


© Virginia Metze

An Open Letter to Howard Dean


© Virginia Metze

Secret Service Searches Home of Protester


© Virginia Metze



© Virginia Metze

Two on Ethics Panel Won't Probe DeLay


© Virginia Metze

Rumsfeld's Press Crackdown


© Virginia Metze

Pelosi's Badge of Honor


© Virginia Metze

Threat to veterans' care seen


© Virginia Metze

Documented Rove-Owen connection shows real reason for pushing Bush judicial nominees


© Virginia Metze

Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare by Leonard Horowitz


The Crude Truth



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