Pimping A War

Iran could be only months away from the atomic bomb.

From Information Clearing House

The Nobility of Slaughter

Tom Friedman, the Imperial Chronicler

"The war in Iraq is the most important liberal, revolutionary US democracy- building project since the Marshall Plan. It is one of the noblest things this country has ever attempted abroad." (New York Times)


From Information Clearing House

British Intelligence Warned of Iraq War

Blair Was Told of White House's Determination to Use Military Against Hussein.


Stop the Crime of the Century

In Iraq, there is a crime of breathtaking proportions taking place. Breathtaking, but not necessarily surprising. We know from the historical record that governments will lie and deceive, and we've rarely seen one as immoral and venal as the Bush administration.

by David Michael Green

What has turned this crime into an astonishing demonstration of the depth of American democracy's decay is the complicity of the media establishment in hiding the original crime, and in thus doing so, ripping a gaping hole in the fabric of our political system.


`America kept in dark' as carnage escalates

U.S. TV accused of ignoring situation - Iraq on brink of civil war, analysts say


While American TV viewers turn to runaway brides, fast-food fingers and the daily Michael Jackson aberration, they are missing the story of an increasingly massive foreign policy failure.


Still, stark und stoisch



Eine Maschine pflanzt sich fort.

Democrats Maneuvering for Bolton Filibuster



by Eli Sanders
New York Times
May 14, 2005

SEATTLE - Unsettled by a series of dry winters in this normally wet city, Mayor Greg Nickels has begun a nationwide effort to do something the Bush administration will not: carry out the Kyoto Protocol on global warming.

Mr. Nickels, a Democrat, says 131 other likeminded mayors have joined a bipartisan coalition to fight global warming on the local level, in an implicit rejection of the administration's policy...

More under: //www.nytimes.com/2005/05/14/national/14kyoto.html

Informant: NHNE

Denn sie wissen, was wir tun


Omega-News Collection 14. May 2005

Earth Lightens Up

Yellowstone Rated High for Eruption Threat

The Warming Planet: Before the Flood

As world warms, vegetation changes may influence extreme weather

Britain faces big chill as ocean current slows

Ireland Faces Big Chill as Ocean Current Slows

The vanishing flowers of Britain: one in five species faces extinction

Crops 'Widely Contaminated' By Genetically Modified DNA

The last of Canada's rainforests are at risk: Its time to protect them

Speak up for Saskatchewan's Wildlands

Whales 'led astray by magnetism'

Help Protect Whales from Deadly Sonar

Vote USA 2004

Iraq War

Is Iran next?



EMF-Omega-News 14. May 2005

EMF-Omega-News 14. May 2005

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack on the United States?

Clusters in England

Vatican Radio officials convicted


Permanent mutations in fruit flies by cell phone radiation

Emissions from Cell Sites below International Guidelines

Computational modeling evidence of a nonthermal electromagnetic interaction mechanism with living cells


Lloyd Morgan of the Brain Tumour Registry

The Precautionary Principle and Regulation of Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

Mast-Victims Website

SCANDAL: WHO denied Prof. Olle Johansson the democratic right to add a formal reservation (update)

Citizen Group Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Order the FCC to Study Health Effects of Cell Tower Emissions


Inquiry into cancer cluster fears at 'tower of doom'


Orange says new masts not needed



Mast this happen?

Masts making us ill

Man arrested at phone mast demo

Peace deal hope on mobiles mast

The authorities decide to move away the new school from three antennas

Phone mast blunder puts antenna too close to homes


Phone mast opposition


I'll quit vows pub landlord

Hardline approach by Fife Council on future masts in the town




Concern as youths access phone mast roof

Better cover of mobile telephony with less antennas

Call my cell

Magenta News from Mast Network

Bush Belligerence Caused N. Korea Crisis


Wiretapping the People


US, Allied Outsourcing of Torture under Fire


Bolton Fight Widens Rift in GOP


GOP Wants Far Right Judges, "Nuclear Option" Nears



Mit einer symbolischen Aktion haben Attacies parallel zur Bundestagsentscheidung in Berlin gegen die EU-Verfassung protestiert. "Für ein soziales, friedliches, ökologisches Europa - darum: Nein zu dieser EU-Verfassung" stand auf einem zehn Meter großen Transparent, das quer vor dem Besuchereingang des Reichstagsgebäudes aufgespannt wurde.

"Entgegen aller Schönrederei im Bundestag schreibt diese Verfassung eine neoliberale und militaristische Politik dauerhaft fest", sagte Stephan Lindner von der EU-AG.

Der komplette Text der Presseerklärung zu der Aktion findet sich unter //www.attac.de/presse/presse_ausgabe.php?id=452 , schöne Bilder von der Aktion unter //www.attac.de/eu-verfassung/non/ .

In Frankreich ist der Kampf um das NON zur EU-Verfassung noch in vollem Gange - aktuelle Informationen finden sich regelmäßig unter //www.attac.de/eu-verfassung/ .

Aus: Attac-d-info Nachrichtensammlung, Band 38, Eintrag 2

Lloyd Morgan of the Brain Tumour Registry


.....sent by Milt Bowling, Hans Karow.

Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2005 11:31 PM
Subject: Lloyd Morgan of the Brain Tumour Registry

This is brilliant. Enjoy.


Cancer Clusters in Vicinity to Cell-Phone Transmitter Stations

Conditions for Torture Persist in US Policy

An Amnesty International report entitled “USA: Human dignity denied: Torture and accountability in the ‘war on terror’” catalogues the United States’ three-year descent into the use of torture and warns that without a comprehensive, independent investigation into the United States’ torture and ill-treatment of detainees, the conditions remain for further abuses to occur.

Based on an analysis of relevant policy decisions and specific incidents of abuse, the report cites more than 65 specific recommendations that, if implemented by the US government, would provide substantial safeguards against further torture and abuse. Among these is a call on President Bush to make public and revoke any measures or directives that have been authorized by him or any other official that could be interpreted as authorizing “disappearances,” torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, or extrajudicial executions.

The report was released to mark the six month anniversary of CBS News’ first broadcast of the photographs of torture at Abu Ghraib. Research by Amnesty International suggests that these are not isolated incidents, but rather evidence of a systemic failure to protect the rights of detainees in accordance with international law. Amnesty International has received frequent reports of torture or other ill-treatment from released detainees who were held in US-run facilities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, and elsewhere. Detainees have told Amnesty International that they were tortured and ill-treated by US and UK troops during interrogation. Methods often reported include prolonged sleep deprivation; beatings; prolonged restraint in painful positions, sometimes combined with exposure to loud music; prolonged hooding; and exposure to bright lights. Virtually none of the allegations of torture or ill-treatment has been adequately investigated by the authorities.

Amnesty International calls for a thorough and impartial investigation into torture and other abuses in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, and elsewhere, and for assurances that those who perpetrated crimes and those who contributed to a command climate that facilitated crimes are brought to justice. Amnesty International seeks the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry consisting of experts who would examine – up the chain of command – US interrogation practices in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo and elsewhere. Hearings and findings should be made public. Amnesty International also calls for the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate the reports of abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison and other detention facilities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo and elsewhere; to establish whether acts of torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and other violations of relevant federal statutes have been committed; and to seek prosecution of those who perpetrated crimes and those up the chain of command responsible for creating a climate that facilitated such crimes. Within the US justice system, the Special Counsel is the most independent mechanism for conducting an investigation and prosecution.


Rebiya Kadeer's Associates At Risk of Torture

May 13, 2005

We've heard the alarming news that authorities in China have arrested business associates of Rebiya Kadeer in Xinjiang, China.

Amnesty International is concerned that these individuals could be at risk of torture or ill-treatment and we need your help to send appeals to authorities in China. Rebiya Kadeer is a former prisoner of conscience, a prominent businesswoman, and human rights activist who was recently released in March and flown to the United States. Since her release she has been vocal about her experiences in prison and continuing abuses in Xinjiang.

ACT NOW: //takeaction.amnestyusa.org/ctt.asp?u=677776&l=13021

Learn more:

About Rebiya Kadeer

China: Full coverage

Amnesty International USA
Online Action Center

The Men Who Stare at Goats


‘I Will Not Kill’: Say ‘NO’ To Killing



News from The Fellowship of Reconciliation

‘I Will Not Kill’ Campaign to be launched in Washington: New FOR initiative supports right to resist war

New 'I Will Not Kill' campaign launches Monday

As U.S. military recruiting numbers fall, the military is stepping up efforts to entice youth to join their ranks. The launching of the Fellowship of Reconciliation's ‘I Will Not Kill’ campaign is an effort to educate youth about the reality of war and their right to say ‘no’ to killing.

Let your friends know about the "I Will Not Kill' campaign


Learn more about the Fellowship of Reconciliation

I Will Not Kill will hold a press conference on Monday, May 16th, at 3:30 p.m. at the U.S. Capitol Building (Room HC-9 – basement level on the House side). FOR members and supports in the area are welcome to attend as well! //ga3.org/ct/XpL8B5110Xs9/

Co-sponsoring organizations include the Center on Conscience and War and the office of Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA). Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) will also attend. //www.centeronconscience.org/

“The human right to say no to militarism and killing must be unconditionally supported for everyone,” said Ibrahim Ramey, coordinator of FOR’s disarmament program. “It is only when we refuse to kill that real peace and justice, in this nation and throughout the world, becomes a living possibility”.

The mission of the I Will Not Kill campaign is to raise awareness of resistance to war, educate youth about the impacts of war, oppose a future draft, dismantle the selective service system, promote a culture of life and promote conscientious objection to war as a positive alternative to violence and a way to strengthen and uplift communities and all of civil society.

The campaign will target high school and college age youth of color and youth from rural and impoverished white communities. With this audience in mind, the coalition of organizations sponsoring this campaign stress the importance of participation by youth and people of color.

For more information, follow this link

For more information, use this link or call Anita at 845-358-4601 x32. //ga3.org/ct/XdL8B5110Xsi/

51 House members call on Gonzales to appoint special counsel on alleged U.S. 'war crimes'


Informant: David Edwards

Gericht verbietet Mobilfunkantennen - Anlage im Wohngebiet muss abgebaut werden

Steinheim (ed) - Im Rechtsstreit um Mobilfunkantennen auf dem Dach eines Wohnhauses der Baugenossenschaft Steinheim an der Johannes-Machern-Straße hat sich die Stadt vor dem Verwaltungsgericht durchgesetzt. Die Antennen, gegen die es Proteste aus dem Kreis der Bewohner gab, müssen abgebaut werden. Das sagte Günter Lenz, stellvertretender Leiter des Hanauer Bauaufsichtsamtes, auf Anfrage unserer Zeitung. Am Dienstag wurde bereits eine Antenne mit einem Kranwagen vom Dach der Wohnanlage gehievt.

Die Mobilfunkantennen waren vor fünf Jahren ohne Bauantrag auf dem Dach installiert worden. Bewohner, die im Vorfeld nicht informiert worden waren, hatten nach Inbetriebnahme der Antennen über gesundheitliche Beeinträchtigungen geklagt. Mit Unterschriftenlisten forderten sie den Abbau der Antennen. Unterstützung fanden die Mieter in der Hanauer Stadtverwaltung. Der Bebauungsplan weist das Areal als Wohngebiet aus. Dort seien zwar grundsätzlich gewerbliche Nutzungen nicht störender Art zulässig, im vorliegenden Fall schließe der Bebauungsplan aber gewerbliche Anlagen ausdrücklich aus, sagte Lenz.

Die Mobilfunkbetreiber, damals die Firmen Viag Intercom und Mannesmann, stellten nachträglich Baugenehmigungen für die Antennen. Wegen der eindeutigen Festsetzungen im Bebauungsplan lehnte die Stadt die Anträge ab. Im Gegenteil: Die Firmen wurden aufgefordert, die Anlagen unverzüglich wieder zu entfernen. Sowohl gegen die Abbauverfügung als auch gegen das Versagen der Baugenehmigung legte ein Funknetzbetreiber zunächst Widerspruch beim Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt ein und klagten dann vor dem Verwaltungsgericht Frankfurt.

Das Gericht habe am 3. März die Haltung der Stadt bestätigt, sagte Lenz. Der heutige Betreiber, die Firma O², habe keine Rechtsmittel eingelegt. Lenz geht davon aus, dass auch die noch verbliebenen Antennen auf dem Dach nach dieser Gerichtsentscheidung entfernt werden müssen. Weitere Gerichtsverfahren wegen Mobilfunkantennen seien derzeit nicht anhängig. Die jetzt noch genutzten Standorte seien mit der Stadt abgestimmt, so Lenz.

05.05.2005 12:37 Uhr


Dazu auch:



Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, werte MitstreiterInnen,

mit unserer gestrigen



OFFENBACH POST 6.05.2005-05-06 Online


hatten wir über die Demontage der 1. Antennenanlage von O2 (Viag Intercom) berichtet. Die Anlage hätte übrigens noch weitere 15 Jahre gesendet.


Der Pressebericht erschien auch im Übrigen in der Hanauer Post am 5-05-05.

Die in der PM gemachte Angabe, dass die Anlagen vor fünf Jahren installiert wurden ist nicht stimmig, sie wurden bereits in den Jahren 1997 und 1998 installiert.

Dass es zu dieser Entwicklung gekommen ist, ist eindeutig auf das Engagement einer mutigen und couragierten Kämpferin zurückzuführen.

Frau M.O. bis vor geraumer Zeit selbst wohnhaft im Hochhaus, welches mit den Antennen bestückt war, hat unermüdlich gekämpft. Sie hat in der Vergangenheit sachlich und fachlich Anwohner, Presse, Politiker und Bevölkerung aufgeklärt. Viele ihrer Leserbriefe wurden dokumentiert.

Sie und ihre Familie, sowie weitere Anwohner waren von erheblichen Befindlichkeitsstörungen betroffen; von Schlafstörungen, Tinnitus, Kribbeln am Körper u.ä.m. Nachdem die Beschwerden unerträglich wurden und keine Ärzte helfen konnten, zog die Familie die Konsequenz und vollzog im vergangenen Jahr einen Umzug.

Die früheren Beschwerden waren am neuen Wohnsitz wie weggeblasen!

Frau O. sieht sich in der Bewertung der Gesundheitsgefährdung und Schädigung der Mobilfunksenderstrahlung bestätigt; auch wenn sie und ihre Familie nun die Reduzierung durch die Demontage nicht mehr persönlich dort erleben kann, freut sie sich natürlich für ihre ehemaligen Hausmitbewohner. Die dürfen sich alle bei ihr bedanken!

Der Kampf “David gegen Goliath“ hat sich gelohnt!

Mit großem Respekt dankt der HLV Frau O. ganz herzlich für ihr wirklich vorbildliches soziales Engagement, welches allgemein Mut machen sollte.




Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

mit unseren HLV Infos Nr. 68 + 69 hatten wir Ihnen die Pressemitteilungen der Offenbach Post und der Hanau Post über die gerichtlich (VG) angeordnete Demontage der Anlagen in Hanau-Steinheim zur Kenntnis gebracht.

Die mutige Kämpferin Frau M.O. hat in einem heutigen Leserbrief auch im HANAUER ANZEIGER den Ablauf thematisiert.


Seltsam, dass wie im vorliegendem Fall Erkrankungen in der Praxis, also sozusagen “in vivo“ belegt, wie vielerorts unisono und sogar via Studien bewiesen sind bzw. wurden, nach wie vor von der Politik ignoriert werden und zu keinen konkreten Vorsorge-Sofortmaßnahmen führen. D.h. der Freilandversuch am Menschen muß weiterlaufen, weil wirtschaftliches Wachstum vordergründig die Politik und die Lobbyisten interessierter Kreise beherrscht. Die diesbezügliche Verzahnung zur Mobilfunkbranche ist der Grund dafür, dass weiterhin Menschen in eine leidende Opferrolle gedrängt werden.

Die Zwangsbestrahlungen stellen eine inakzeptable Nötigung dar, welche nur durch die kollektive Macht der Zivilgesellschaft abgeschafft werden kann – der Weg dorthin ist steinig und mit weiteren Opfern gepflastert.

Nochmals Dank an Frau Oechsle!

Alfred Tittmann


I'm convinced the Real ID is not to protect Americans against terrorism, but for more control over Americans. I also believe that it is a set up that makes Americans vulnerable to being rounded up and taken to the fenced in F.E.M.A. centers that are essentially concentration camps. I've heard one of the government officials, either Tom Ridge or John Ashcroft, speak of Americans going to such F.E.M.A. centers in the event of another attack like 9-11. I've read about the New World Order plan to depopulate the earth drastically. From all I've learned thus far, I believe they will attempt to do that unless they are stopped somehow.

Some of our government officials, possibly most of them, are of the New World Order people. Americans that are still associated with the two main political parties, no doubt, are still having hopes that their political party will do right by them. I've given up on the two main political parties and I don't think any of the third party political parties will gain strength quickly enough to stop the New World Order's deadly ways.

It would be good for there to be boycotts to bring attention to the New World Order and it's deadly plan. Some industries and companies that sell products and services are, no doubt, part of the New World Order people.

One industry that comes to my mind is the movie industry. I don't see that industry doing what needs to be done to try to save people from the New World Order. It seems to me that the movie industry is for the New World Order. A boycott of not going to watch the movies at theatres is something that would not hurt citizens but would work to wake up that industry that unless they expose the New World Order for what a deadly plan it is, that people will not go to watch their movies at theatres. This is a boycott that could be carried out on a worldwide basis.

Do you have any suggestions for other industries and companies, that either through their actions or inactions are going along with the New World Order plan, that should be boycotted? We need to think up a list of as many as possible. Please send in your suggestions.

Deborah Reid

Report of Koran desecration at Guantanamo causing violent anti-American demonstrations in five countries


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Better cover of mobile telephony with less antennas

The installation of the optical fiber network through the sewage system will allow a greater cover of the apparatuses of mobile telephony with no need to install telephony antennas, a question that the ocal rejection causes and is subject to the obtaining of license. Specially in different zones from the historical centre, several companies of mobile telephony have problems of cover indeed by the difficulty to install antennas.

Diario de Mallorca. Editora Balear, S.A. C/. Puerto Rico,15 (Polígono de Levante) - 07006 Palma de Mallorca - Teléfono Centralita 971170300


Informant: Sylvie

Concern as youths access phone mast roof

by Sarah Woods

YOUTHS have been making their way onto the roof of a controversial mobile phone site in Barnes because of the permanent ladder in place, according to residents.

Homeowners at Carmichael Court objected in April to phone company O2 over three new masts which were erected on top of the building. It was claimed that the masts were unsightly, a health risk and unsafe due to the structure.

Now it is said that the ladder in place on the side of the building is enabling youngsters to climb up onto the roof.

One resident, Megan Murning, said: "We said all along that the safety of the equipment would enable people to get up and down easily as there is a ladder, which they are. This has all been quite painstaking to try and find out where we stand but we have been told by our lawyer that if the directors have agreed to the masts then we don't have a leg to stand on.

"But we are still moving forward, we want them to remove these things and we want to find out what our rights are."

O2 representative Jim Stevenson, said: "The ladder should have been locked over which stops anyone from using it. I will check that. It should not be happening. We have not been advised of this."

10:10am today


Informant: Sylvie




COUNCILLORS are to seek further health and environmental assurances on a controversial 10-metre mobile phone mast earmarked for a South Derbyshire village.

Mobile phone giant Orange is planning to erect the mast and equipment cabin on a grass verge in Egginton Road, Etwall, within 150 yards of a residential street.

As reported last month in the Mail, villagers have raised a series of health concerns over the mast, also questioning its intrusive appearance and the need for extra coverage in an area they claim already has excellent mobile phone signals.

Although fears about health risks are not grounds on which a proposal for a mast can be refused, South Derbyshire District Council’s development control committee agreed to ask Orange for more details over the siting and appearance of the structure.

Councillor Frank Hood, who represents the Etwall ward, said: "I wasn’t particularly happy with the siting of this and would be happier if it was moved.

"I don’t think it’s in a very safe position, particularly as the report says it is rather near Little Jack Horner’s Day Nursery, and I would have thought there would be better sites for it."

While Councillor Bob Southern raised his worries about the mast’s 'overpowering' effect on residents, council leader Barrie Whyman said he was frustrated that another mast was proposed in an area that currently enjoyed good reception.

In its application, Orange says the level of radio frequencies the mast will emit are within EU guidelines, and the company points out that the structure will be only 2.5 metres higher than neighbouring lamp posts in the street.

The company also stresses the need for a mast to fill in a gap in a signal to meet the latest 3G video phone technology near to the A50 road.

The district council is currently in the process of drawing up a set of guidelines to represent the views of residents about mobile telephone mast applications.

As yet, the document is still in draft form, but it is expected to include location preferences for new masts — for example not too near any school.


Informant: Sylvie

Hypotheses of Fraud Remain Credible

For Immediate Release - Press Conference Today

2004 Presidential Election: Hypotheses of Fraud Remain Credible; New Scientific Study Released

Contact: Kathy Dopp, US Count Votes, President

(435) 608-1382 kathy@uscountvotes.org electionarchive.org

The persistence of credible hypotheses of election fraud, six months after the election, underscores the fragility of the U.S. electoral system. US Count Votes continues its systematic statistical study of the discrepancy between the Edison-Mitofsky exit polls and November's reported presidential election results.

Miami, FL. – Ron Baiman, Ph.D. of US Count Votes and the Institute of Government and Public Affairs of Chicago, will release the new results at the meeting of the American Association of Political Opinion Researchers today, Saturday at a 2:15 p.m. Press Conference in the Hotel Fontainebleau Hilton Resort lobby, 4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140.

Peter Pekarsky, the lead attorney being sued by Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, will be available to talk about what has happened in Ohio, and why the election needs to be investigated.

Mitofsky, of the Edison/Mitofsky group who released an analysis on January 19th of their November 2nd exit poll that had predicted a strong win for Kerry, will also be in attendance at the AAPOR conference.

The National Election Data Archive (NEDA) today has released a new report, demonstrating that data from the Edison/Mitofsky analysis is consistent with the hypothesis of a corrupted vote count, and inconsistent with the competing idea that Bush voters were under-sampled in the poll. Using numerical modeling techniques to simulate the effect of polling bias, NEDA scientists are able to reproduce signature patterns in the Edison/Mitofsky data by incorporating a general shift in the official vote tally in the model.

Most telling is the fact that the highest participation rates and the peak disparity between poll and official returns both occurred in precincts where Bush made his strongest showing. This feature of the data is inconsistent with the Edison/Mitofsky assumption that polling bias was responsible for the gap.

For the complete report, see

This paper follows an earlier study released on March 31, 2005, by a group of statisticians for the National Election Data Archive Project, Analysis of the 2004 Presidential Election Exit Poll Discrepancies.

Head of Abu Ghraib Prison Speaks Out

Janis Karpinski, the former Army Reserve brigadier general who was in charge of Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, maintains she and other reservists have been unfairly scapegoated for the prisoner abuse scandal that shocked the world last year, and the the mistreatment of detainees may still be occurring.


U.S. to Expand Prison Facilities in Iraq

The number of prisoners held in U.S. military detention centers in Iraq has risen without interruption since autumn, filling the centers to capacity and prompting commanders to embark on an unanticipated prison expansion plan.


Operation Matador: Fresh chronicles of slaughter

Body Counts

The morning news from Iraq today brought fresh chronicles of slaughter. Yes, even more than usual. American troops are waging an offensive they call Operation Matador in a remote stretch of desert near the Syrian border, while suicide bombs are going off in Iraq’s towns and cities, including the capital. Who’s winning? Who’s losing? Who knows?


Nicht-thermische DNA-Brüche durch Mobilfunkstrahlung (1800 MHz) in menschlichen Fibroblasten und in veränderten GFSH-R17 Granulosazellen von Ratten in vitro


Abstract: Rattenkulturzellen (diploide Fibroblasten und Granulosazellen) wurden in intermittierender und kontinuierlicher hochfrequenter elektromagnetischer Strahlung (RF-EMF) mit verschiedenen spezifischen Absorptionsraten (SAR) und unterschiedlichen mobilfunktypischen Modulationen exponiert. Die Brüche der DNA-Stränge wurden mit Hilfe der alkalischen und neutralen Comet Assay-Methode bestimmt. Die RF-EMF Exposition (1800MHz; SAR 1,2 oder 2W/kg; unterschiedliche Modulationen; während 4, 16 und 24 Stunden; intermittierend 5 min an / 10 min aus oder kontinuierliche Wellen) bewirkte DNA Einzel- und Doppelstrangbrüche. Diese Wirkungen traten nach einer Exposition von 16 Stunden in beiden Zelltypen auf und nach unterschiedlichen Mobilfunkmodulationen. Die intermittierende Exposition zeigte stärkere Auswirkungen beim Comet Assay als die kontinuierliche Exposition, woraus die Autoren schließen, dass die Schädigung der DNA nicht durch thermische Effekte verursacht wird.

Bibliographische Angaben: Diem E, Schwarz C, Adlkofer F, Jahn O, Rudiger H., Mutat Res. 2005 Apr 30; [Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Druck]


Die Studie ist ein Teilergebnis im Rahmen des Europäischen REFLEX-Projekts.

Aus: FGF-Infoline vom 12.05.2005

Das Waldsterben


Schäden an Bäumen


Politik soll Sofortmaßnahmen gegen das Waldsterben ergreifen

Mobilfunk und Bäume

Voruntersuchung zur Wirkung elektromagnetischer Felder sehr hoher Frequenzen auf das Chlorophyll der Robinie //omega.twoday.net/stories/691472/

Voruntersuchung zur Wirkung elektromagnetischer Felder sehr hoher Frequenzen auf das Chlorophyll der Robinie


Aus dem Abstract: Die Chlorophylle der Blätter von Robiniensämlingen (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) wurden nach Exposition in hochfrequenten elektromagnetischen Feldern (400 MHz) quantitativ untersucht. Nach dreiwöchiger täglicher Exposition (1, 2, 3 und 8 Stunden) wurde die Menge des Chlorophylls gemessen. Dabei wurde festgestellt, dass die Menge an Chlorophyll-a als auch die an Chlorophyll-b gesunken war, außer bei einer Expositionszeit von zwei Stunden, bei der eine beträchtliche Steigerung zu verzeichnen war. Der Versuch zeigte, dass das Verhältnis der beiden Haupttypen des Chlorophylls logarithmisch abnahm in dem Maße wie die tägliche Exposition andauerte.

Bibliographische Angaben: Sandu DD, Goiceanu IC, Ispas A, Creanga I, Miclaus S, Creanga DE., Acta Biol Hung. 2005;56(1-2):109-17.


Aus: FGF-Infoline vom 12.05.2005

Robinia pseudoacacia L.

Mobilfunk und Bäume

Schäden an Bäumen

Politik soll Sofortmaßnahmen gegen das Waldsterben ergreifen


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