It’s Not Your Imagination if you thought the weather lately is ‘out of whack’

May 22nd 2005


It’s Not Your Imagination…

If you thought the weather lately is ‘out of whack’, you are absolutely correct. Others may go further to say “people have been acting different lately”. This too, may not be off base. The weather is extreme and unusual, and as you will see from the articles below, the words “freak storm” and “record breaking” are used quite often.

Why? Well you know this, but certainly worth mentioning again. It’s the Sun. Always has been throughout history. We are at the beginning of a sharp increase in unstable weather conditions. And guess what? We are right on time… The Earth has seen this many times before and at much greater extremes. Most Earth scientists say we simply have been in a long period of stable conditions which is really more the “exception” rather than the rule.


Sunspots => Solar Flares => Magnetic Field Shift => Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents => Extreme Weather and Human Disruption (mitch battros)

It’s all about cycles, and although we are the supreme species of the world (although some would argue this point), we have very little to do with climate and weather. Sorry global warmingest, but you’re just not that important. Empirical scientific data from ice core, tree ring, and lake bottom samples spanning thousands and even millions of years show clearly the Earth has seen carbon levels up to hundreds of times higher than anything we can show today. That’s right, there was so-called global warming at much higher levels prior to the invention of fire and the wheel. Actually, prior to any community of humans walking the Earth.

But fear not, your corporate saviors are on the way. Yes, I am saying the very people the global warming regime blames for our changing climate, are the very people who will come forward to announce their new found mission “to fight the evil doers”. In fact Shell Oil is one of the first, BP Oil was not far behind. What I am suggesting, is the very people the global warming regime is fighting, is the institute which is “funding them”.

Who was it that said…”follow the money”?

Using the same game plan as the Bush regime with telling you weapons of mass destruction was the prime reason for invading Iraq, the corporate oil cabal has sucked you into believing global warming caused by fossil fuel and other human pollutants is “the cause” for climate change. This is a “lie”, just as we were lied to about “the mushroom cloud”.

Once again my reminder to those who are anti-pollution. Guess what, so am I.

I am for strict laws on air and water pollution. I do more than most people reading this article to be environmentally responsible. This is our home, and we should be the stewards of our local and world communities. But this has nothing, or very little at best, to do with climate and weather. You have been duped by a very clever Karl Rove style ‘watch the bouncing ball’ technique.

I can only hope a majority of people will wake up and turn their attention to “awareness and preparedness” for the coming extreme earth changing events. It is about cycles, and we are heading into an unstable pattern we have not seen for a long time. But just because ‘we’ have not witnessed such events, does not mean the Earth has not.

Lets take a look at what has occurred in just the last 72 hours…

Record Heat to Continue on Sunday

National Weather Report

An unseasonable strong upper level high pressure system centered over West Texas will bring “record heat” to North Texas again on Sunday. High temperatures will reach the upper 90’s across North Texas with heat index values approaching 105 degrees. These forecasted temperatures should break the daily records for both Dallas/Fort Worth and Waco on Sunday.

Because this is the first episode of hot weather this year, residents are encouraged the reduce outdoor activities. Drink lots of water or other non-alcoholic beverages. Wear light colored-light weight clothing, and if possible spend more time in air conditioned or well ventilated areas.

15,000 Flee as Freak Tide Hits

Australia Broadcast Corporation

In southern India, upwards of 15,000 villagers have been forced to flee their homes, following a freak wave. Small fishing hamlets in Kerala State were flooded by seawater, prompting fears of a tsunami. Sixteen makeshift camps have been established to house the evacuees and fishermen have been warned not to take their boats out to sea. It is unclear at this stage what triggered the high tides.

Freak Storm Shocks Forecasters


Senior forecaster Geoff Doueal said the first and most severe of two storm cells developed in about 10 minutes about 5.30pm (AEST)yesterday, leaving no time for the Bureau of Meteorology to issue a severe weather warning.

The temperature in Brisbane dropped by five degrees in a matter of minutes and up to 50mm of rain fell in some suburbs. More storms were forecast for the Brisbane area later today, due to the mid-level cold air pool, he said. "Most of the havoc was from the large amount of small hail but pea-sized hail doesn't fit our warning criteria because it doesn't do any damage." Some of the hail covered the ground early today in some inner-western suburbs.

Rescue Planes Brave Freak Weather Conditions to Search for 26 Missing

Associated Press - Chile

The 17th Infantry Battalion was trapped by a “tsunami of snow” as the soldiers made the 25 km journey from a camp in Los Barros to another known as Las Cortinas. “The problem is that when the extreme weather took hold, it was difficult to maintain order. It’s complicated when you loose visibility. Wind was coming at them from above and below, and the weather changed from minute to minute,” Cheyre said.

NOAA: Busy Hurricane Season Ahead

Associated Press

Government forecasters said Monday the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season will be worse than average along the East and Gulf coasts -- with up to five major hurricanes forecast. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting up to 15 tropical storms, with as many as nine developing into hurricanes.


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