I'm convinced the Real ID is not to protect Americans against terrorism, but for more control over Americans. I also believe that it is a set up that makes Americans vulnerable to being rounded up and taken to the fenced in F.E.M.A. centers that are essentially concentration camps. I've heard one of the government officials, either Tom Ridge or John Ashcroft, speak of Americans going to such F.E.M.A. centers in the event of another attack like 9-11. I've read about the New World Order plan to depopulate the earth drastically. From all I've learned thus far, I believe they will attempt to do that unless they are stopped somehow.

Some of our government officials, possibly most of them, are of the New World Order people. Americans that are still associated with the two main political parties, no doubt, are still having hopes that their political party will do right by them. I've given up on the two main political parties and I don't think any of the third party political parties will gain strength quickly enough to stop the New World Order's deadly ways.

It would be good for there to be boycotts to bring attention to the New World Order and it's deadly plan. Some industries and companies that sell products and services are, no doubt, part of the New World Order people.

One industry that comes to my mind is the movie industry. I don't see that industry doing what needs to be done to try to save people from the New World Order. It seems to me that the movie industry is for the New World Order. A boycott of not going to watch the movies at theatres is something that would not hurt citizens but would work to wake up that industry that unless they expose the New World Order for what a deadly plan it is, that people will not go to watch their movies at theatres. This is a boycott that could be carried out on a worldwide basis.

Do you have any suggestions for other industries and companies, that either through their actions or inactions are going along with the New World Order plan, that should be boycotted? We need to think up a list of as many as possible. Please send in your suggestions.

Deborah Reid


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