Masts making us ill

By Samantha Payne

Bromley News

A SCIENTIFIC researcher says residents are being directly affected by high levels of mobile mast radiation found in their homes.

Ingrid Dickenson, director of scientific studies at anti-phone mast group Mast Sanity, recorded high levels of the radiation in four homes near to the 3G mast antennaes in Chislehurst Road, Orpington.

Residents, who have been campaigning for four years to remove the phone mast, say they have been suffering from headaches, sleeplessness and dizziness.

Mrs Dickenson says these symptoms, which also include tinnitus and nose bleeds, are the effects of non-thermal mobile mast radiation.

Susan Green, 40, and her 10-year-old son Christian, have been experiencing the symptoms since the 3G antennaes were put up in March.

They say the link between the masts and their ill health was confirmed a fortnight ago when they were switched off for a week's maintenance and their complaints disappeared.

Mrs Dickenson has been working on phone mast emissions with radiation experts from Europe and America since 1995.

She says the Government's current advice on mobile masts is misguided.

Mrs Dickenson said: "They say mobile phone radiation is not high enough to heat the body so is therefore safe.

"The National Radiological Protection Board is stubbornly refusing to look at the non-thermal effects.

"But non-thermal radiation does have a real effect, with the first symptoms being sleep disturbance, headaches and nosebleeds."

Mrs Green said: "I was not expecting the readings to be sky high. The news is devastating for me and my son."

Her next door neighbour Heather Lewis said: "My family have been suffering from headaches and sleeplessness.

"Mrs Dickenson's readings showed our bedroom was saturated with pulse radiation.

"I'm now going to buy metallic blinds to stop the radiation from coming through the window."

1:59pm Wednesday 4th May 2005


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