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See below my reply to Bath Chronicle, sent this morning


So Mike Dolan would have us believe that international guidelines support the claim that the mobile phone industry, which he represents, is squeaky-clean as to health effects (Letters, 5th May). Rather than bandy words, let's look at what those ICNIRP Guidelines actually say. I quote:

"these guidelines are based on short-term immediate effects such as ... shocks and burns ... elevated tissue temperatures ... In the case of potential long-term effects of exposure, such as increased risk of cancer, ICNIRP concluded that available data are insufficient for setting exposure restrictions"

Note that the guidelines don't say 'No evidence of long-term non-thermal health effects', but 'Insufficient data on which to base a safety threshold for such effects - so these guidelines don't cover them'. Exactly what the phone & mast health lobby keeps saying, and the Government keeps ignoring.

Of the six studies to date on phone masts, EVERY ONE has shown significant ill-health effects. A recent 4-year EU-backed study by twelve partners in seven countries repeatedly showed irrefutable evidence of phone emissions, at levels within ICNIRP guidelines, causing double-strand DNA breaks of the sort that lead to cancer. Details of these studies, and many more, can be seen on my website http://www.starweave.com.

Mr Dolan would also have us believe that the NRPB, advisers to Government that he claims support his view, are independent. We've heard from Government advisers before - on asbestos, BSE and the like. Anyone who dares to publicly advise the Government that this particular multi-billion pound cash cow is a health hazard may well find their services no longer required.

Mr Dolan is either singularly ill-informed on this subject, central to the industry he serves, or out to mislead the public. Either way his fitness to represent that industry to the public must surely be questioned.

Dr Grahame Blackwell


There is a fundamental flaw in thinking here, pervasive throughout the whole of WHO, NRPB/HPA, ICNIRP, AGNIR, etc. It is that the only ELF bio-effect is in the magnetic field. Hence they all separate out the bioeffects into magnetic fields at ELF, and electric fields at RF.

What they fail consistently to recognise is that RF modulated at ELF can have multiple effects. They also ignore anything except energetic effects, so they only account for the electric and magnetic field vectors. The vector potentials or scalar components are not treated as having any impact on living systems at all, yet this may be the one area where most is happening. Scalar waves are extremely difficult to detect by their nature, but their presence may be part of the reason why the creation of standing waves may be particularly crucial as well.

ICNIRP guidelines separate the magnetic and electric ELF / RF components out, so when ICNIRP was adopted early in 2004 it was for the magnetic field ELF levels in relation to power lines, and not in any way in (overt) response to RF at all. But RF levels came as a bundle.

Anyone else care to add to this? The argument is not that ICNIRP is too low, but that there is too little research into these aspects of EMR, so ICNIRP was unable to include any guidance on them.



ICNIRP Guideline Critique


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