10:30 - 05 May 2005

Education chiefs have moved to reassure parents at St Edward's Catholic Primary School in Coleshill that the phone mast within the school grounds is safe.

With mast operator O2 organising tests on the unit on May 11, headteacher of the Packington Lane school, Gillian Owen, confirmed that the most recent official tests also gave an apparently safe reading.

But she's added that the mast location is still 'far from ideal' and that the school would like to see it moved away from the site altogether.

"The phone mast has been on land owned by BT since before the school opened eight years ago," Gillian Owen explained.

"We have been told that it does not have 3G capability and we are assured that we should be consulted if there are any plans to upgrade it."

A spokesman for O2 said that the tests were being conducted as a way to reassure parents and school staff.

"The emissions from all of O2's cell sites are well below international guidelines," he added.

"Nonetheless, to reassure parents of children attending the nearby schools we have offered to arrange and pay for an independent test of emissions from the site.

"The findings of the analysis will then be compared with international guidelines and set out in a report, which will be sent to the headteachers of the three schools in the area.

"We will then seek a meeting with the schools to discuss the findings."

l Turn to p.29 for more news on the battle against phone masts in North Warwickshire.


It is not the degree of ICNIRP or that matters. Of course the industry complies. ICNIRP simply does not address the right mechanisms, and indeed, whatever the mechanisms are, and whatever chains of events take place to cause the suspected biological impacts, we may well find that it is not as simple as a power-dose relationship. The matter of accumulated effects is not embodied in any national or international guidelines.

So we don't want to argue with anyone for a more stringent ICNIRP, just so that we can continue to have a microwave environment that is 10^13 (that's ten with 13 zeros) times higher than nature but spread more evenly. We need to recognise the impact of living in that environment and change the technology of talking.

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