Concern as youths access phone mast roof

by Sarah Woods

YOUTHS have been making their way onto the roof of a controversial mobile phone site in Barnes because of the permanent ladder in place, according to residents.

Homeowners at Carmichael Court objected in April to phone company O2 over three new masts which were erected on top of the building. It was claimed that the masts were unsightly, a health risk and unsafe due to the structure.

Now it is said that the ladder in place on the side of the building is enabling youngsters to climb up onto the roof.

One resident, Megan Murning, said: "We said all along that the safety of the equipment would enable people to get up and down easily as there is a ladder, which they are. This has all been quite painstaking to try and find out where we stand but we have been told by our lawyer that if the directors have agreed to the masts then we don't have a leg to stand on.

"But we are still moving forward, we want them to remove these things and we want to find out what our rights are."

O2 representative Jim Stevenson, said: "The ladder should have been locked over which stops anyone from using it. I will check that. It should not be happening. We have not been advised of this."

10:10am today


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