Inquiry into cancer cluster fears at 'tower of doom'

Residents' Association chairman Bill Marrow, 65, said: "Every time I pick up a headache these days I'm worried I could be the next person to be struck down.

"We're a very close-knit community here and it's our friends and family who keep falling victim to the disease at an alarming rate."

Neighbour Reg Blakemore, 77, who is currently nursing his wife Monica back to health after she fell victim to cancer, said: "We love it here. It's been a fantastic place to retire to but we're so worried that our health is suffering with each passing day. I fear that one day someone will come along and tell us we were right about this all along."

Eileen O'Connor of Seriously Concerned Residents Against Masts (SCRAM) says the Liscard House curse reflects a growing trend.

She said: "Every piece of research undertaken shows that at buildings where many masts are present there is always a cancer cluster within 400 yards. This case follows a survey in Birmingham where a number of residents in high-rise flats were suffering serious illnesses."

Duncan McGraw, community liaison officer for Orange, said last night the telecommunications company would do everything possible to work with the PCT during its investigation.

He said: "The radiation coming from the mast is well below the guidelines from ICNARP (the International Commission of Neon Ironising Radiation). But we will do everything possible to allay the residents' concerns.."

Vodafone was unavailable for comment last night.



Informant: Sylvie

Clusters in England


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