Brighton anti mast demo

This is a reminder that there is to be an anti mast demonstration this Thursday (10th) from 3.40pm outside Brighton Town Hall where the Council will be discussing the siting of phone masts.

We have suffered (and my own measurements confirmed this almost two years ago) harmful levels of microwaves from masts in most central and many outlying areas of Brighton & Hove for years. As far back as 2002 the doctors who researched and drew up the Freiburger Appeal were demanding immediate reductions in radiation levels, an immediate end to further mast development and the siting of masts hundreds of metres away from residential areas, hospitals, schools and other sensitive sites. Yet we have seen and continue to see masts including Tetra and now 3G going up all the time and radiation levels now at obscene levels throughout central areas.

Queens Park Mast Action http://www.queensparkmastaction.co.uk will be demonstrating against a mast proposed for the junction of Queens Park Road and Pankhurst Avenue - one of about 16 planned for the Brighton & Hove area. There will almost inevitably be masts radiating you and your homes anywhere in the urban areas of Brighton and Hove and residents have virtually xero rights in preventing these and any further ones. Furthermore some Councillors on the Council planning committee do not even use the powers they do have to protect our rights and health.

Please come along if you can and demand that Councillors do everything they can to take your "health concerns" into accouint in mast siting applications from telecom companies, which they are legally obliged to do.

Gary Kemp.

From Mast Network


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