As Andy recently quoted Japanese research which denies links between MMR and autism, I thought people might be interested in the following leaflet written by Naturopath Pat Rattigan. He's done a lot of research into medical fraud and written about 60 different leaflets on everything from cancer research to HIV/AIDS fraud, aspartame to microwaves, arthritis treatment to breast cancer, water fluoridation to vitamin B17. I can send his publications list out if people wish.

As might be expected Pat is being closely watched by Briticsh security...



The Medical Assault on Society

As the plague of adolescent and juvenile violence, social disruption, vandalism, arson, robbery, learning problems, and so on spirals further out of control, the work of the American PhD researcher Harris L Coulter becomes ever more relevant.

Dr. Coulter is, arguably, America's leading source of useful information on the effects of vaccination on the brain and, subsequently, on education and society.

In his seminal work on the subject Coulter states that "A large body of research has been done on the neurological status of persons involved in violent crime. They seem to have a very high incidence of typical post-encephalitic sequelae."

Coulter, like the other main researcher on the subject Dr Vera Scheibner PhD, is in no doubt concerning the chief cause of the encephalitis: vaccination.

The vaccines, concocted of animal-derived proteins and viruses, formaldehyde, mercury, antibiotics, gelatin, aluminium, carbolic acid .. are injected directly into the bloodstream and can create any and all physical, emotional and mental illnesses and combinations of the same.

Whilst the plague of vaccine induced asthma, diabetes, bowel disease, MS, ME, arthritis, meningitis .. and all the other physical illnesses are of great concern, the mental conditions have a profound effect on the social fabric.

The record prison population, the ever-growing numbers of "special needs" children, the exclusions from school, the morbid fascination with fire - leading to more and more arson, the rising numbers of severely depressed youngsters depending on alcohol and illicit drugs ... were all recorded by those monitoring the US experience. 25% of US youngsters are now on suppressive drugs.

As we reach the American vaccination levels the same scenario is happening here. What we have is not just a more pronounced variation of what we had a generation ago : our youngsters are, effectively, mutating.

Vaccine-induced disease is aggravated by vitamin and mineral deficiences and synthetic additives in food and drink: its effects are compounded by useless or absent parents, bad housing etc. Vaccination is a unique health threat due to the vaccine poisons being injected beneath the skin. Food chemicals, junkburgers, even cigarettes are subject to the total immune system response which begins at the mouth, nose and skin: vaccination by-passes this defence and goes directly to the blood, cells and organs; brain included.

All vaccinated children are vaccine-damaged.

The encephalitis from vaccination has been recognised for over 75 years but has been suppressed effectively by the vaccine makers, politicians and - derelict of duty, as always - the mass media.

"It is impossible to deny a connection between vaccination and the encephalitis which follows it." Journal of the American Medical Association July 3 1926.

"Cases of cerebral symptoms, suggesting encephalitis, following vaccination have been reported from Holland, Czechoslovakia and Germany." New York State Journal of Medicine May 15 1926.

The term autism was coined by the American child psychologist Leo Kanner, in the 1940s, to describe a new syndrome which appeared in the wake of the US whooping cough vaccine programme. After the war the US occupied Japan and forcibly vaccinated the children: the first case of autism was recorded, there, in 1945. In the UK the shot was subject to a large-scale promotion in the late 1950s: the first UK society for autistic children was founded in 1962.

The manic efforts, on the part of the government, the BBC etc, to resist all attempts to lay the blame for autism with vaccination are not merely to protect, at all costs, the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.

The admission that autism, a brain abberation, is vaccine-induced, could lead to a call for investigation into the whole spectrum of vaccine-induced mental illness. Denying the vaccine-autism link is a buffer protecting against this call.

Coulter is of the opinion that, "We have produced a generation of neurological defectives. The effects of vaccination have altered the very tone and atmostphere of society...the collapse of the educational system, drug abuse and the epidemic of violent crime are routed...in the...post-encephalitic syndrome...this is true for many European countries.."

The juvenile and adolescent miscreants, in the street or classroom, not only appear but actually are mentally deranged. Aside from the ones who have gone over the edge into criminal behaviour, there is a huge mass of children who are alienated, paranoid, have severe ego weakness or low self-esteem, are anxious, depressed, frustrated, precociously sexual...

The vaccine makers, medical beaurocrats, politicians, paid-per-jab GPs, on-the-payroll media "medical correspondants" .. all maintain the standard line : Edward Jenner's serum saved us from smallpox: vaccines are safe and effective ; they got rid of the infectious diseases: measles, mumps etc are dangerous conditions ... all easily refuted.

As the medical/beaurocratic/political/media set-up has abdicated responibility, other than blaming video games and TV, it is up to those at the sharp end, teachers, the police etc to demand that the debate no-go areas are opened up.

Pat Rattigan N.D.
Tel 01246 230474

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