Leukemia in children will continue growing

El Mercantil Valenciano. Thursday 24 of February of 2005.

CLAUDIO J. GÓMEZ-PERRETTA - Doctor-investigator of the Hospital La Fe. Until it makes few years the critical exposition on the true nature of the denominated development or progress was little less than patrimony of the Marxist movements, pawned according to its opposites on fighting the capitalist methodology blindly. The set of scientists, headed by Pierre Curie critical and legitimized of the use of the nuclear energy with warmongering aims found so single echo in the groups near the European lefts. With the new sciences, methodologies able are developed to consider a priori the relative risk of human and environmental impact of a certain technology, balancing the benefit with the possibility of undesirable damages. Thus, of this form the risk no longer appeared tie to the ideology but to the turn out to apply a mathematical function. This philosophy follows effective still, when the Commission of Ecotoxicologie of the European Union advised against to take measures the electromagnetic exhibition as opposed to, when considering that the children who could live next to high tension cables and therefore exposed to chronically undergo levels of radiation over 0,3 microTeslas (100 are the legal limit) and risk of undergoing leukemia, represented single a 1% of the population. Thus, the socioeconomic balance between cancer risk and transfer or reframing of demarcation of high tension cables invited to leave the things as they are. Not even a pursuit of the group of risk children was advised, since officially this situation was not recognized. More lucky people have been the electrical workers since for years studies have been made in the labor atmosphere where by system the levels of contamination and environmental risk are maximum and where in addition the scientific evidence causa/effect is easier to complete.

An article appeared east year in the American magazine of epidemiology concluded that the cancer of prostate in electricians was associated with the exhibition to habitual the electromagnetic field of work in front other substances of recognized harmful action. Of this form, in the countries with investigating tradition the meticulous controls to the risk populations are already frequent at least. The rest of population of the nonlabor and more dispersed risk or would not at the moment count on the doctor-social shelter and nor at least the annual statistical count by areas of maximal electromagnetic radiation, that contributed to deepen in the origins of leucemias. Paradoxicalally, scientists assigned to the department of health in the USA recently recognized an increase maintained of leucemias/year from the beginning of the generalization of the electrification in our world and recent tips of incidence in the countries developing. And clearer still it appears the association between electromagnetism of industrial origin with the dependent cancers hormonal, of prostate and sucks when scientists of the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm, described to an increase in men and women of cancer of breast, up to 7 times greater if in addition these last ones had less than 50 years and its tumor were employee of the rate of estrogens. This month of August, this newspaper published very alarming data on the tropospheric ozone concentration, referred to Maestrazgo in the mountains of Castellón.

In this case, it would be no longer possible to speak of a cold calculation and examiner of accounts. The referred levels, as soon as inferior units at the tolerable maximum level are already precatastrophic. Their origin, the originating industrial contamination mainly of thermal power stations and automobiles that paradoxicalally undergo in greater degree those than less contaminate. The wind regime, the valleys and their peripheral mountains make the rest. This bad ozone is known that differentiate it from the good one that it gives rise to the Ozonosphere, is a very powerful toxic for the plants, altering its development and that conduct their purifying battle of the carbonic anhydride. Thus, degrading the surroundings and the economic development of those places in addition the frightful effect is caused with more intensity conservatory. Thus, it is not worth to act like firemen, or whom the alarm does not spread not to injure interests of third. Nor to hide information or either to contaminate it with the appearance in scene of pseudo-scientists on salary, who even deny with a smile in face form any form of evident risk. From this form, the crudest information arrives with dropper at the population that lives trusted without taking measures that humanized more serious the acute effects at least. For example, to avoid the hour tips on the 12 of the ozone noon in the areas of risk for the most vulnerable population remaining within house, or in the case of the electromagnetic radiations of avoiding the interminable hours front to the computer moving away of the screen and of any other electrical device beyond the 50 centimeters of distance.

Luckyly, the most contemporary history has shown almost always, that the own technological advance ends up correcting or moderating the damages of long ago, but the greater term to us or smaller of attainment it did not have to be a period of submission and ignorance leaving events pass them, hoping that single the chance avoids that the most pessimistic prognoses are fulfilled. No longer is it a secret for almost anybody, that those zones with more environmental toxicity have a greater rate of morbidity and minor life expectancy. The population, scared by political distrust and before the exclamations of the retriever voices does not request with more frequency studies epidemiologists when it perceives generally that cases of cancer are accumulated in his surroundings. Unfortunately, most of studies they conclude, in spite of the statistical evidence with clear contradictions between the findings and the ruling pro-government philosophy in our world. One not only demands the statistical affirmation but the causal congruence, and this last one is frequently unsalvable. It is as if to accept the relation of the bacillus of Koch with the tuberculosis, that had had to demonstrate to the mechanism of action of the germ in the ganglia and lungs. Thus, a time essential gains not to tomorrow injure to powerful economic interests while the some solution, distracting attention with circumstantial expired chivos thinks about best of the cases in, now the ionizing tobacco and radiations, and perhaps peculiarly the so far officially but only officially safe ones, the electromagnetic ones.


Informant: Sylvie

Translation Spanish/English: omega


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