Exposed - Corruption in Social Security Fight

You've probably never heard of Jim McCrery, but he just gained tremendous power over your future. He's President Bush's ally and is the man charged to push Social Security privatization through the House of Representatives. As the new House leader on Social Security, McCrery will make key decisions like... Whose Social Security benefits get cut and by how much? How much money will Wall Street make off the deal? Do we increase our national debt by $2 trillion to fund Bush's scheme?

There's something even more disturbing about McCrery's power over our Social Security. McCrery's accepted nearly $200,000 in campaign contributions from the very Wall Street firms that stand to benefit the most from privatization. It's hard to imagine how McCrery could possibly represent the people who depend on Social Security when he's in the back pocket of the Wall Street firms looking to unravel it.

With your help, we can break McCrery's conflict of interest and protect our Social Security. Please help us raise the $18,500 needed to launch a multi-media advertising expose on McCrery starting with powerful full-page ads in his two hometown newspapers - which will reach tens of thousands of his own voters and attract the national spotlight. Help us remind McCrery that he's been hired to work for Main Street NOT Wall Street.


Congressmen are entrusted to represent the interests of the people who elect them. When they forget who they're working for, we can -- and should -- remind them in a way that gets their attention!

Rep. Jim McCrery has a choice to make: push a Social Security privatization scam that delivers hundreds of billions in profits to Wall Street OR represent American people, who will face up to $152,000 in benefit cuts if privatization passes.

Let's put pressure on McCrery to make the right choice. Help us expose McCrery's conflict of interest to tens of thousands of his own voters and the American public -- and let him know that this spotlight will remain until he rises above his conflict and commits to defending our Social Security.


Corruption in Congress only survives when politicians are free to operate outside of the public's watch. The Campaign for America's Future is committed to shining a bright light into Congress' shadowy halls and back rooms -- to eliminate these breeding grounds for major corruption. Please help us stamp out McCrery's corruption on Social Security today.


Thank you again.


Ellen S. Miller, Deputy Director
Campaign for America's Future

P.S. Please let your friends and neighbors know about this campaign! Forward this message to them, post it on your favorite blog, and do what you can to help spread the word: the man at the center of the Social Security fight -- Congressman Jim McCrery -- needs a reminder that he's NOT working for Wall Street, he's working for us!


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