DANGER: TETRA on the roof of a Brighton Hospital

Calling activists in Brighton

I found the following leaflet in Brighton.



You may have noticed signs when you came into the hospital warning you to turn off your mobile phones. This is because the signal from your phone may interfere with equipment necessary for saving life. The County Hospital has allowed O2 Airwave to put a Tetra mast above the postnatal unit on the roof. This gives off a very powerful signal and according to a report commissioned by the Police Federation, the Trower report, some of the health effects are as follows: heart problems, blood problems, interference with bone marrow, tumours, increased arthritis, skin problems, ear problems, risk of leukaemia, childhood cancer, sleep problems, depression, memory loss, headaches, fatigue, miscarriage and infertility. Obviously the management of the hospital don't care about anyone's health and think it's alright to fry new born babies.

Peter Sitch O2 Airwave "We comply with government regulations. It may turn out that those guidelines are wrong but that's what we comply with. We're all going to die and environmental factors will have something to do with that, you cannot make anything in life absolutely safe."

If you think this is an outrage you could ring the hospital and ask to speak to the management on 696955 or ring the Argus or ring the union Unison covering the hospital on 01737733300.

Dear Garry,

I have emailed the info to Bill Randell of the Green Party and written the letter below to The Argus. I will try to think what else can be done later.


Dear Sir,

Letter for publication please.

The leaflet below was brought to my attention as a committee member of Mast Sanity, a voluntary organization set up to help anyone with queries or problems about masts on a nation level.

I was appalled to see that this Airwave TETRA mast is sited at the hospital, and horrified that it should be on the roof above the post natal unit.

This form of microwave radiation, Airwave TETRA, is the most lethal in Europe, but even with other variations of this technology animals near masts can miscarry, or develop tumours, as research shows.


Of particular interest is a much cited study of cattle, Loescher & Kaes (1998), which when kept close to a base station, recorded reduced milk yields, emaciation, spontaneous abortions, abnormal behaviour patterns, conjunctivitis, heart failure and still births. When cattle were moved away from the base station, their condition and milk yields improved. The severe symptoms reappeared when the cattle were moved back to their original field beside the base station. The symptoms only appeared when microwave transmitters were added to an existing television transmitter. Loescher and Kaes also report the profound effects experienced by the farmer and his family since the microwave transmitters were installed. Similar cases of health effects induced by electromagnetic field exposure were cited. Loescher postulates that the effects are connected to changes in melatonin levels.

More recent reports by Barrie Trower, (Report on the Death of Officer Neil Dring), and G J Hyland (December 2003) have declared that TETRA is a real health risk.

Omega see:
TETRA: A Critical Overview into the death of Officer Neil Dring

I hope you will report the contents of this leaflet in full, or run a campaign so that those who are worried about it can voice their objections to the relevant parties concerned. This is about our children and their future and needs to be addressed.

If you cannot run a campaign, please direct people to Mast Sanity for assistance.

http://www.mastsanity.org Advice Line 08704 322 377

Sandi Lawrence

From Mast Network

Residents protest at mobile mast


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