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Electoral Vote Challenge Meets Venomous Response in Congress

by Brian Dominick and Ariella Cohen

The NewStandard


In special sessions of both chambers of Congress Thursday, Republican lawmakers met a handful of Democratic colleagues with vitriolic diatribes when the latter raised concerns about electoral irregularities that took place during Ohio's controversial November 2 election process. The Democrats' challenge came on the heals of a congressional report detailing numerous allegations of disenfranchisement in Ohio.

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Dems' challenge for good reasons

By The Sentinel


A fair amount of grumbling accompanied Congress' counting of the electoral vote on Thursday, once the Democrats chose to challenge the vote by the Ohio delegation. But the handful of Democrats who delayed the proceedings by a few hours had a point they wished to press. They wanted America, if for only the short amount of time it took to bring up their challenge and have it voted down, to think about the need for reform of the way elections are conducted in this country.

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Ohio letter seeks illegal contributions

The Associated Press


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The state's chief elections officer, accused of mishandling the presidential vote in Ohio, sent a fund-raising letter for his own 2006 gubernatorial campaign that was accompanied by a request for illegal contributions. A pledge card with the letter from Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, a Republican who co-chaired the Bush-Cheney election campaign in Ohio, said "corporate & personal checks are welcome."

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January 25th 2005 the EU will vote to BAN 300 known safe health supplements


Earthquake causing techno-weapons documented


Warning From a Student of Democracy's Collapse


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Kick für die Erdrotation

Das Erdbeben vor Sumatra hat die Erdrotation beschleunigt. Verwüstung und Tod hat das Erdbeben vom 26. Dezember gebracht. Die freigesetzte Energie war so hoch, dass die Erde schneller rotiert.


Asian Tsunami Special Report - Jan 9th, 2005


Changes in Congress Raise Fears of Veterans

There may be very bad news on the horizon for veterans seeking healthcare from the Department of Veterans Affairs. According to the article below, "The Republican House leadership's decision last week to boot the chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee two years early might signal a partisan shift in veterans' policies." The sudden change may also mean a sharp decline in the power of the traditional major veterans groups.


Buyer and Republicans Plan Major VA Cuts

Alarm Among Veterans Groups: Buyer and Republicans Plan Major VA Cuts

In a statement Thursday, [Rep. Steve] Buyer said he wants to focus the Veterans Administration "on its core constituency to honor our commitment to ensure that VA benefits and health care are sustainable in the future." That set off alarms among veterans advocates in Washington that there could be moves to trim the VA health care system.


With Election Past, Bush and Principi Close VA Hospital in Iowa

The other shoe falls. With the election over, VA Secretary Anthony Principi does the dirty work of the Bush Administration by closing a VA hospital in Iowa. This way, the new nominee for VA Secretary, Jim Nicholson, an Iowa native, won't take the heat for slashing veterans' healthcare benefits.


Bush and Congress Plan to Slash Veterans Healthcare Budget

With military hospitals and VA hospitals filling up with wounded, injured, ill, and disabled combat casualties from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, "The Bush administration plans to freeze most spending in programs for agriculture, housing and veterans to help cut the budget deficit in half by 2009, the Senate majority leader's top budget aide said." President Bush is sending a very disturbing signal to our troops on the front lines that when they return home, they won't be receiving the healthcare and benefits they need and earned.


Families of Soldiers Killed in Iraq Gather

Two Years: Families of Soldiers Killed in Iraq Gather Near Fort Bragg on March 19

Families of some U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq plan a strong protest to mark the second anniversary of the invasion. The group 'Military Families Speak Out' will hold a demonstration in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in the United States March 19. As of now 1,340 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq.




'The Salvador Option'

'The Salvador Option': The Pentagon May Put Special-Forces-led Assassination or Kidnapping Teams in Iraq.


Targeting Teens for Troops


Many Americans Refuse to Concede 'Stolen Election'


Gepulste Hochfrequenz


Das Handy, die Jugend und ich


Earth still shaking after earthquake

Earth still shaking after earthquake: Australian scientists Indo-Asian News Service

Canberra, Jan 9 (IANS) The Earth is still ringing like a bell about two weeks after the earthquake that shook the Indian Ocean and triggered the tsunamis in Asia, according to Australian scientists here, Xinhua reported.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation Sunday quoted Herb McQueen from the Australian National University as saying that a gravity meter is still detecting ringing from the rare seismic event.

He said scientists across the world were studying the data.

"Normally a reasonably large earthquake will continue reverberating for a couple of days on our charts, but this one has been going steadily for the last 12 to 13 days and shows no signs of letting up actually," McQueen said.

"There's still a measurable oscillation and I've never seen the earth ringing this long after an earthquake," he said.

Indo-Asian News Service

For clarifications/queries, please contact IANS NEWS DESK at
2616-5778/8546, 2617-3369 or mail us at


I think the Sioux Indian in me rises...

It will have to take a BIG VOICE from the PEOPLE to really get some changes

My name is Sandi Lawrence and I am one of the new Mast Sanity committee members. If I communicate with politicians or phone companies (especially 02 Airwave) I make sure they know that I am in this to the finish i.e. healthy results for humans and animals, or scatter my ashes to the wind over the sea, whichever comes first! That is the way it is for me.

I think the Sioux Indian in me rises to any threat to Our Creator's wish, that we take care of this Earth; the animals of the air, land, and sea; and every human, whatever race or tribe.

I wouldn't let my brother kill woodlice when I was young, so sure as hell, I am not going to let those with power and money hurt humans, animals and the environment without a determined and lifelong effort to oust them! Even female part Native Americans can be warriors when the blood is up, you know!

Far from being dead and buried, Mast Sanity now has a new committee to propel it forwards and upwards and carry on the work Lisa and co started before we arrived on the scene. Sorry, but I cannot name the "and co" because we have been too busy trying to take over the reins temporarily for Lisa, and I did not think about what has been, only what must be done now!

I hope you, and all new mast campaigners to come, will benefit from what we are trying to achieve for you all. I also hope that we will have your support in return.

My personal opinion is that I think it will have to take a BIG VOICE from the PEOPLE to really get some changes, unless a miracle happens, so exercise those vocal chords everyone and join hands across the UK, incase a miracle doesn't happen!

(We are just normal, everyday people, you know, so we cannot do it all. We need you, too, and more help with Mast Sanity!)


U.S. Soldiers Flee to Canada to Avoid Iraq


Mobile Phones and Health - Get off that mobile, expert tells children

Note - S Times article shows 'Son of Stewart' Report particularly attacks use of mobiles by kids. Looks a bit encouraging.


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Times report today

January 09, 2005

Get off that mobile, expert tells children

Sarah-Kate Templeton

AN OFFICIAL report into the safety of mobile phones will warn that adults’ and children’s use of the technology is in danger of “running out of control” despite previous warnings of possible health risks.

Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency, is expected to say this week that new evidence of potential health problems reinforces the need for children to use the phones only for essential calls.

He issued similar advice five years ago and is known to be concerned that it has been largely ignored. The proportion of children with phones has doubled since then as companies have promoted their use to the young. Stewart, who has barred his own grandchildren from using the technology, accepts that although there is no proof that mobile phones damage health, children need to limit their use as a precaution.

Omega: There is proof that mobile phones damage health. See under: http://www.buergerwelle.de/body_science.html

His scientists believe that if there are as yet unknown risks from mobiles, children may be more vulnerable because of their developing nervous systems, the greater absorption of energy into the tissues of the head and a longer lifetime of exposure.

Stewart, chairman of the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB), was appointed by the government to monitor mobile phone safety. His guidance, to be published on Tuesday, is expected to call on mobile telecoms companies to stop targeting children.

Among the most controversial moves have been attempts to encourage their use among children at primary schools. The British firm Communic8 recently launched MyMo, a phone aimed at children aged from four to eight.

According to a report by Mobile Youth, a mobile telecoms consultancy, a quarter of primary school children now own a mobile. The figure rises to 90% among 11 to 16-year-olds, according to research by Sheffield Hallam University.

The industry has directly challenged the NRPB’s advice that children should limit their use of mobiles. The Motorola website states: “There is no scientific basis to restrict the use of mobile phones by children and this remains a matter open for parental choice.”

Omega: There is scientific basis to restrict the use of mobile phones by children. See under: http://www.buergerwelle.de/body_science.html

The Stewart report is, however, expected to advise children and adults to take a “more precautionary approach”.

It will question whether mobile phone use is in danger of getting “out of control” and say that, though the weight of evidence does not show that mobile phones are dangerous, they have only been in use for a relatively short time and the possibility of health risks remains.

Of particular concern to the NRPB is a report published by researchers at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute in October, which showed that people who had used mobile phones for 10 years or more had an increased risk of developing acoustic neuroma, a benign tumour regarded as serious because of its position next to brain tissue.

In December, EU-backed research found that mobile phones can potentially cause cancer. The £2.2m Reflex study did not prove that mobile phones represent a serious health risk but provided worrying results in laboratory tests.

Human tissue was exposed to mobile phone radiation and the results showed that the radiation was able to damage DNA in human cells.

Omega: Mobile Phone Radiation Harms DNA


A spokeswoman for the Mobile Operators Association, which represents the five UK network operators, said: “It is up to parents whether they give their children phones. They must weigh up the possibility of future unknown health risks with the security benefits to children of carrying a mobile.”

Omega: Richard Branson stopped all Virgin Mobile Phone stores from selling mobile phones to under 16 year old children

Copyright 2005 Times Newspapers Ltd.

Same information also from Imelda O'Connor.

Mobile Phones and Health

Sir William Stewart, Chairman of the NRPB, said:

“In relation to mobile phone technology, our primary focus at NRPB is to ensure that the health and well-being of the general public is not being adversely affected by this technology. Today there are over 50 million mobile phones in use in the UK compared with 4.5 million a decade ago and numbers in use have doubled since 2000. The fact is that the use of mobile phones is now part of every-day life as an important means of easy communication by industry, security services, and the general public – and sometimes even as a fashion accessory. But because everyone has one does not necessarily mean that they are without potential adverse health effects".

Sir William also said:

"The fact is that the widespread use of mobile phones is a relatively recent phenomenon and it is possible that adverse health effects could emerge after years of prolonged use. The evidence base necessary to allow us to make firm judgements has not yet been accumulated. What we can say is that there is as yet no hard evidence of adverse health effects on the general public, but because of the current uncertainties we recommend a continued precautionary approach to the use of mobile phone technologies. This approach should be adopted by all involved in this area – including government, the mobile phone industry and all who choose to purchase a mobile phone for themselves, or their family, or their children”.


Informant: Mast Network

Mobile phones tumour risk to young children

Expert spells it out: health fears mean young should not use mobile phones

Fields of Influence - Mobile phones "the largest human biologic experiment"

Mobile Phones Break DNA & Scramble Genomes

Mobile phones are emphatically not safe


Golfplatz statt Naturwald - Proteste in der Türkei

Wir möchten Sie auch noch auf ein absurdes Tourismus-Projekt aufmerksam machen. An der türkischen Riviera nahe Antalya soll ein wertvoller Wald abgeholzt werden, um auf dem Gelände einen Golfplatz zu errichten. Inzwischen hat sich in der lokalen Bevölkerung heftiger Widerstand formiert, der von Umweltorganisationen aus mehreren Ländern unterstützt wird.

Wir haben einen Musterbrief formuliert, in dem wir den türkischen Botschafter in Deutschland bitten, sich dafür einzusetzen, dass nicht für ein paar Golfer die Natur zerstört wird. Den Brief finden Sie ebenfalls direkt auf unserer homepage


Inaugural Excess


Pentagon May Use Death Squads in Iraq


Hoax: Naturkatastrophe in Südasien - 10-jährige sucht Angehörige

Naturkatastrophe in Südasien: 10-jährige sucht Angehörige


Wir sind hier leider gutmeinend einem Hoax aufgesessen! Siehe unter

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Tsunami May Have Severely Damaged Coral Reefs


Conyers, Boxer & Co.: In Defeat, a Victory?


Campaigning in Iraq Has Worsened Ethnic, Religious Tensions


No Geneva Conventions for Non-Iraqi Fighters



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