On "Moral Values" : Code Words For Emerging Authoritarian Tendencies In Americans


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Whatever Happened To Peace On Earth?


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2000 Bush Tallies Used to Fake 2004 Tallies?


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Another sad tale of the utilities and politicians putting the dollar first, the people last

Substation issue outcome

I cannot remember who I have already shared the following with. Another sad tale of the utilities and politicians putting the dollar first, the people last.

In 2004 I was involved in two rounds of resisting an electrical substation proposed to be placed first in a rural residential area and then among dairy farms. We won the first round, last February, lost the second this December. The second time around the Town Plan Commission and Board treated the townspeople in a way I had imagined could only occur in the Deep South. They told the people to their faces that it didn't matter a bit to them what concerns anyone had nor how many of them signed a petition. (Over 140 signed the petition this time, as many as usually vote in that township, I am told.) The Commission and Board arrogantly refused to become informed regarding possible health dangers to people and their livestock, and speedily gave the utility what they had requested. (High-frequency electrical pollution is concentrated in the area around a substation, as about 75% of the current returns to the substations via the earth, and that 75% is mostly the health-damaging hig frequencies, due to the "skin effect" that causes these to spread out and be impossible to return via the outdated wiring system.) The chairman almost called the police when his gaveling did not shut me up. During the public meeting a local electrician on the Board, who had refused to listen to information about electrical pollution when I attempted to speak with him personally by phone, made slanderous remarks about the RF filters created by Dr. Graham and Dave Stetzer, calling them "snake oil." I believe he could be presecuted for this - if Dave and Dr. Graham had the leisure to take it up. The Good Ol' Boys win again.

This occurred in Holland, WI, USA township. We have videos of both meetings, if they are of interest.

Better news is that those who have installed the filters in their homes, schools, etc. are experiencing relief from a wide range of symptoms and diseases. Dr. Magda Havas recently presented a paper to WHO regarding this. The paper will soon be posted at http://www.stetzerelectric.com in the research section. Meanwhile, I will be glad to send to to anyone who wants to see it. Conditions improved include diabetes, MS, chronic fatigue, ringing in the ears and sleep disturbance.

In my own case, my symptoms included spells of suddenly skyrocketing blood pressure and pulse rate, accompanied by terrifying arrythmia. I also had strange pains and numbness that led to testing for a brain tumor. $18,000 worth of tests found nothing to account for my symptoms, which also included insomnia so severe that I could sleep only 4-5 hours out of 12 spent trying. I became a semi-invalid. All these symptoms disappeared after we installed the RF filters and took steps to avoid or remove unfilterable exposures. (The filters plug into electrical circuits, but RF also skims on water pipes, phone lines, etc. In our house, even hollow wooden doors and rattan porch furniture.)

I remain electrically sensitive, but symptom free if I avoid RF, and I am much less sensitive to exposure than I was, which is encouraging for the long-term prognosis for ES people. Since recovering, I do a workshop on electrical pollution and how to remediate your personal environment. I would like to write a book about this, as none is presently available that addresses the RF specifically, which is the real culprit. ("Clean" EMF does not cause "radio sickness" problems. More research needed regarding this.) Any info. about finding a publisher, etc. will be most appreciated.

Shivani Arjuna Small
Belgium, WI, USA

Media Whites Out Vote Fraud


Green Party Presidential Candidate David Cobb Will be a Featured Speaker at two Rallies on Thursday in Washington, DC, Calling on Congress to Reject Ohio's Tainted Electoral College Votes


Watchdog Groups Condemn U.S. House Efforts to Eviscerate Ethics Rules


Center for Constitutional Rights Opposes Nomination of Alberto Gonzales for U.S. Attorney General


U.S. House Should Strengthen, Not Weaken, Ethics Rules

U.S. House Should Strengthen, Not Weaken, Ethics Rules on Jan. 4

Dialing In For Democracy - Now Is Critical


Sontag and Tsunami


eFAX 20 Senators to Urge them to Challenge the Ohio Electoral Vote on January 6, 2005


eFAX 20 Senators to Urge them to Challenge the Ohio Electoral Vote on January 6, 2005


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An alle Hundefreunde : Airdale-Terrier Rico - Schussopfer - sucht dringend neue Heimat bei lieben Menschen

Airedale Terrier
ca. 4 1/2 Jahre


Der Rasse entsprechend ein drahtiger u. freundlicher Haudegen. Freundlich, lebendig, bei sachkundiger Führung gehorsam. Rico liebt Menschen, die ihm mit etwas Konsequenz u. viel Möglichkeit zum Spielen entgegenkommen. Zu kleinen Kindern sollte er nicht vermittelt werden. Rico ist eine ehrliche Haut u. verträgt sich sehr gut mit Hündinnen. Er sollte im Erdgeschoss leben, da er durch eine alte Schussverletzung eine Behinderung des Ellenbogengelenkes aufweist. Zu seiner Genesung hat er auch noch eine Augen OP hinter sich gebracht. Der Rüde ist recht vital u. lebensfroh, jedoch sind längere Spaziergänge aufgrund seiner Behinderung nicht möglich. Rico wurde schwerverletzt mit zerschossenem Ellenbogengelenk, abgemagert, mit Geschwüren u. starkem Entropium beider Augen ausgesetzt aufgefunden.

C. Schürmann
Bullterrier in Not e.V.
Tel. 05221/3939

Nachricht von Ursula Obermann

Iraq 2004 : What went wrong

In 2004, Iraq went badly wrong - except for supporters of the insurgency, in which case it went grimly well...

Why George Bush's war in Iraq is wrong

There are some quite specific legal reasons why George Bush's war in Iraq is wrong, and why his "War of Terror" has led to legal inconsistency coupled with political chaos...

The crime of war : from Nuremberg to Fallujah

A review of current international law regarding wars of aggression, and its implications for U.S. policy in Iraq and elsewhere...


From Information Clearing House

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions...

Torture, dictatorship, phony "elections", and endless war


More on this topic

From Information Clearing House

Electoral tempest in Iraq

In countless interviews with Western journalists, Iraqi recruits have made clear that they have no intention of turning their guns on fellow Iraqis who have chosen to fight the United States.

Guantanamo Briton 'in handcuff torture'

A British detainee at Guantanamo Bay has told his lawyer he was tortured using the 'strappado', a technique common in Latin American dictatorships...

Iraq battling more than 200,000 insurgents

Iraq battling more than 200,000 insurgents: intelligence chief :

"I think the resistance is bigger than the US military in Iraq. I think the resistance is more than 200,000 people," Iraqi intelligence service director General Mohamed Abdullah Shahwani said in an interview ahead of the January 30 elections.

The Question of Torture

Open letter to Alberto Gonzales From Over 200 American Religious Leaders:

As a self-professed evangelical Christian, you surely know that all people are created in the image of God.- You understand that torture — the deliberate effort to undermine human dignity — is a grave sin and affront to God. You would not deny that the systemic use of torture on prisoners at Abu Ghraib was fundamentally immoral, as is the deliberate rendering of any detainee to authorities likely to commit torture.

The Government's Attorneys and Abu Ghraib

The Bush administration's assault on the Geneva Conventions has caused collateral damage to the legal offices of the executive branch and the military.


The most obvious victims of the brutal treatment of prisoners at American military jails are the men, women and children who have been humiliated, sexually assaulted, beaten, tortured and even killed. But, as in all wars, the Bush administration's assault on the Geneva Conventions has caused collateral damage - in this case, to the legal offices of the executive branch and the military.

The Mire of Death, Lies and Atrocities

Fisk says, "Over the past year, there has been evidence enough that our whole project in Iraq is hopelessly flawed, that our Western armies - when they are not torturing prisoners, killing innocents and destroying one of the largest cities in Iraq - are being vanquished by a ferocious guerrilla army, the like of which we have not seen before in the Middle East." Fisk joins us from Beirut, Lebanon.

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Elephants saved tourists from tsunami

03 January 2005

KHAO LAK: Agitated elephants felt the tsunami coming, and their sensitivity saved about a dozen foreign tourists from the fate of thousands killed by the giant waves.

"I was surprised because the elephants had never cried before," mahout Dang Salangam said on Sunday on Khao Lak beach of the eight-elephant business offering rides to tourists.

The elephants started trumpeting - in a way Dang, 36, and his wife Kulada, 24, said could only be described as crying - at first light, about the time an earthquake measured at a magnitude of 9.0 cracked open the sea bed off Indonesia's Sumatra island.

The elephants soon calmed down. But they started wailing again about an hour later and this time they could not be comforted despite attempts at reassurance.

"The elephants didn't believe the mahouts. They just kept running for the hill," said Wit Aniwat, 24, who takes the money from tourists and helps them on to the back of elephants from a sturdy wooden platform.

Those with tourists aboard headed for the jungle-clad hill behind the resort beach where at least 3800 people, more than half of them foreigners, would soon be killed. The elephants that were not working broke their hefty chains.

"Then we saw the big wave coming and we started running," Wit said.

Around a dozen tourists were also running towards the hill from the Khao Lak Merlin Resort, one of a line of hotels strung along the 10km beach especially popular with Scandinavians and Germans.

"The mahouts managed to turn the elephants to lift the tourists onto their backs," Kulada said.

She used her hands to describe how the huge beasts used their trunks to pluck the foreigners from the ground and deposit them on their backs.

The elephants charged up the hill through the jungle, then stopped.

The tsunami drove up to 1km inshore from the gently sloping beach which had been so safe for children it made Khao Lak an ideal place for a family holiday. But it stopped short of where the elephants stood.

On Sunday, the elephants were back at work giving rides to the tourists on whom the area depends.

German Ewald Heeg, who said he came from a small town near Frankfurt, said his charter company had offered his family - wife, two daughters and one of their boyfriends - the chance to go straight home, but he had turned it down.

"Our family is OK so we stay here to make our holiday," he said.

"Today, we make a safari. We go by elephants at first, then we make a boat trip.

Informant: Laurel

Pannen, Pleiten und Widerstand

Auch im neuen Jahr beschäftigen die Hartz-Reformen Demonstranten, Politiker und wohl bald auch die Gerichte...


Kenneth Blackwell should be fired from his position as Ohio's chief elections officer

Mr. J. Kenneth Blackwell should be fired from his position as Ohio's chief elections officer - Elections Director.

Why? How?

Because Mr. Blackwell denied public access to public records, as evidenced by affidavits from Ohio recount volunteers Eve Roberson and Joan Quinn.

Roberson stated Greene County Board of Elections Director, Carol L. Garman, told recount volunteers Roberson and Quinn:

"........Secretary of State Blackwell had ruled that all voter records for the State of Ohio were 'locked down' and that they now were 'not considered public records.'"

The penalty for denying citizens of Ohio access to Ohio public election records is immediate termination, defined in Ohio state law as:

Ohio Revised Statute Title XXXV, Elections, Sec. 3599.161 (C)provides that failure to allow inspection of election records is a minor misdemeanor and requires that Board of Elections officials who are found guilty of prohibiting inspection of election records must be dismissed from their position with the Board of Elections.


"Quinn and I then entered the office of Carole Garman, Director, Greene County Board of Elections and requested copies of the sheets. She did not agree with our request and telephoned the office of Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell. She conveyed our request to Pat Wolfe, Election Administrator for the Secretary of State. After some conversation Garman hung up the phone and informed us that Secretary of State Blackwell had ruled that all voter records for the State of Ohio were “locked down” and that they now were “not considered public records.” I asked what legal authority Blackwell had given for “locking down” those public records. Garman responded that it was Blackwell’s decision she was following. I then asked Garman if we could have the requested copies if we paid for them but she refused. Quinn then handed Garman copies of the following Ohio Elections Code which required her to comply with our request for inspection and copying of public election records. Garman then left the room and copied and returned the documents to Quinn."

Informant: David Diggins


Please pay very close attention to this message. A little more than three years ago, the US government while still under Clinton approved $40,000,000 for the the establishment of over 100 'mental health courts' to be ready by 2005. Just recently the US government has approved $20,000,000 to 'screen' the US population for 'mental illness'. Forced psychiatric medication is just around the corner. (Remember the Bush family are major shareholders in Ely Lilly)

For action check Article #2 in this message

Article #1


Disclaimer: Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Free Republic or its management. All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works.




The Congress has quietly authorized establishment of not more than one hundred(demonstration) mental health courts in the United States. An amount of $40,000,000 (over four years) was authorized to set up the courts under the supervision of the US Justice Department.

The original bill (S1865) was sponsored by Sen. Mike Dewine of Ohio and co sponsored by Sen. Domenici of New Mexico, both Republicans. However, it was rewritten by Sen. Orin Hatch (R. Utah) in his Senate Judiciary Committee and reported to the floor without a written committee report.

The bill passed the Senate on Sept 26, 2000 under “unanimous consent” (without objection). The House adopted it on Oct. 24th by voice vote under a suspension of the rules. President Clinton signed it into law on Nov. 13th.

Thus, there is no record of how anyone voted on the measure or how many were present at the votes.

That’s the history. Now for the law’s provisions.

The law would apply to all “preliminarily qualified offenders” defined as persons having, “previously or currently been diagnosed by a qualified mental health professional as having a mental illness, mental retardation, or co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorder, or manifest obvious signs of mental illness, mental retardation or co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders during arrest or confinement or before any court..”

The term “mental illness” means a diagnosable mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder that meets diagnostic criteria within the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association.

It provides for continuing judicial supervision, including periodic review of “preliminarily qualified offenders” who are charged (not convicted, but charged) with misdemeanors or nonviolent offenses. The list of offenses that would subject a person to the jurisdiction of these “mental health courts” is to be developed by the Attorney General in consultation with the Secretary of Health and Human Services and any other officials deemed appropriate.

The law also provides for “centralized case management” involving, “consolidation of all of a mentally ill or mentally retarded defendant’s cases, including violations of probation, and the coordination of all mental treatment plans and social services, including life skills training, such as housing placement, vocational training, education, job placement, health care, and relapse prevention for each participant who requires such services..”

Would opposition to a “Gay Rights city ordinance” be enough to bring one under the jurisdiction of a mental health court? You bet. For years the American Psychiatric Association classified homosexuality as a mental disorder. About fifteen years ago they dropped that and added “homophobia” (disapproval of homosexuality) as a mental disorder. If this law were enforced as it is authorized to be, that would be evidence enough to make the person a “preliminarily qualified offender.” Off to mental health court he would go.

You say it can’t happen in America. Well, it is.

Permission is granted to reproduce this article in its entirety.

The author is a free lance writer based in Romulus, Michigan. He is a former newspaper editor and investigative reporter, a retired customs administrator and accountant, and a student of history and the U.S. Constitution.

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Article #2

IAHF Webmaster: Breaking News, Urgent Alert, Whats New, What to Do,Eugenics

IAHF List: Americans- please follow the urgent alert below to protest Congress's evil appropriation of $20 Million to "Screen" the entire US population for "mental illness."

This is a nightmare come true- the Eugenics Agenda of the New World Order is going into high gear and this is NOT a joke or a hoax.

Please forward this widely, and if you value your access to supplements, also donate to the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplements Directive. Encourage more people to sign on to the IAHF email distribution list at http://www.iahf.com and to join you in forwarding this URGENT ALERT. Live outside the USA? Forward this anyway to as many people as you can world wide.

Also, see Chapter 3 in the unauthorized biography of George Bush, about the Bush family's long standing involvement with the Eugenics Movement http://www.tarpley.net/bush3.htm

I don't want to hear any more garbage from Bush supporters like I did the last time I sent this information out. This is not a joke or a hoax, I sure wish it WAS- See the Action Alert below and don't give me any more crap- I don't support Kerry either because Bush and Kerry are both Skull and Bones- Its high time people WAKE UP--- Please forward this massively:


The House Appropriations Committee Funds President’s New Freedom Commission Initiative That Includes Plan To Screen All U.S. Citizens For Mental Illness ­


Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee approved $20 million in new federal dollars to begin implementation of the plans set forth by the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (NFC) to get every man, woman and child in America “screened” for “mental illness.”

Amidst broad public concern that many of the antidepressants being prescribed to Americans are under federal investigation for causing suicidal reactions, the New Freedom on Mental Health Commission’s campaign for national mental health “screening” ­ will result in millions more Americans being diagnosed with fraudulent and unscientific mental disorders, and prescribed dangerous and deadly psychiatric drugs.

Now, $20 million has been approved by the House Appropriations Committee for “State Incentive Transformation Grants,” in order to begin nationwide implementation of the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health’s plan. It’s the beginning of a “Brave New World” should the Senate fund this.

The Commission based its entire findings on the definition of mental illness as defined by psychiatry’s billing bible, the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The methods of mental health “screening” recommended by the New Freedom Commission are lists of arbitrary questions based on this DSM. If this “sweeping mental health initiative” is implemented, millions more American’s will certainly be diagnosed and drugged given the subjective diagnoses.


Ø The New Freedom Commission on Mental Health’s report states that “mental illnesses are shockingly common,” but neglects to address or even mention the fact that there is no medical or scientific means by which to diagnose mental “illnesses.” Psychiatrists and mental health proponents promote psychiatric “disorders” as a disease, or an illness that can be diagnosed in the same manner as real physical illness. This is a fraud. There are no blood tests, brain scans or chemical imbalance tests to validate any mental disorder as an illness or “disease.” With no scientific/medical criteria to substantiate these claims, anyone could be diagnosed as mentally ill based solely on a checklist of behaviors.

Ø The DSM contains hundreds of psychiatric mental “disorders” which are a list of behavioral symptoms that are literally voted into existence and inserted into the DSM. Such diagnoses include “Caffeine-Related Disorder,” “Mathematics Disorder,” “Disorder of Written Expression,” and the all-encompassing “Phase of Life Problem.” These “disorders” are simply a classification of symptoms that are drastically different from, and foreign to, anything in medicine.

Ø The New Freedom Commission is blatantly promoting the coercive and manipulative tactics that have led to millions of children being falsely labeled with mental disorders in our public schools. Schools have become mental health clinics where children are diagnosed based on subjective questionnaires, instead of given proven educational solutions. This fact was substantiated by a report from the President’s Commission on Excellence in Special Education, which found that 2.4 million children had been diagnosed with mental “disorders” and placed in Special Education, when in fact these children had simply not been taught to read.

Ø The issue of coerced child drugging in public schools has become so prevalent that the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Child Medication Safety Act in May 2003, to prevent schools from forcing a parent to drug their child as a condition of attending school.

Ø Due to psychiatric influence, parents have been reported to Child Protective Services and charged with medical neglect for refusing to give their child a psychiatric drug, such as those currently under investigation for causing suicidal reactions. Parents have been charged with “medical neglect” for refusing psychiatric treatment ­ despite the fact that there is no scientific proof that there is anything medically wrong with the child.

Ø In a recent report by Allen Jones, a former investigator in the Pennsylvania Office of Inspector General (OIG), Bureau of Special Investigations, condemning the New Freedom Commission (NFC), he states, “Despite a nearly 500% increase in American children being prescribed mental health drugs during the past 6 years, the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health found that not enough adolescents are benefiting from mental health treatment. The NFC recommendations prominently call for mandatory mental health screening for all high school students, with follow-up ‘treatment’ as required ­ this means more kids on mind-altering and potentially lethal psychiatric drugs.”


1) Oppose any federal, state, or local plans for universal mental health screening. Contact the White House (202-456-1111), the Speaker of the House (Rep. Hastert at 202-225-2976) and the Senate Leader (Senator Frist at 202-224-3344), your own Members of Congress (go to www.congress.org), the House Education and Workforce Committee Chairman John Boehner at 202-225-6205, and the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee Chairman Judd Gregg at 202-224-3324 and tell them to STOP funding this New Freedom Commission on Mental Health plan in the Labor/HHS appropriations bill. Alert your state legislators and oppose school board initiatives to add psychiatric screening programs.

2) Support the Child Medication Act (S. 1390) currently stalled in the Senate by Senator Edward Kennedy - This legislation prohibits schools from coercing parents to place their children on psychiatric medications that are on the controlled substances list. Senator Kennedy, with large support from pharmaceutical companies, has not let this very modest proposal even receive a hearing, saying that it needs more study. Senator Kennedy (202-224-4543) as well as Senator Gregg (202-224-3324) the Committee chairman, and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (202-224-3344) need to hear from the public.

3) Check to see if your state has a provision in state special education law that prohibits a school district from overriding parental refusal to submit their child to a special education or mental health evaluation. If yes, alert other parents, and if not, work for one.

Peter Dockx
Government Affairs
CCHR International
For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Road
Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA
800-333-2553 N.America
360-945-0352 World

Informant: Andy Thames

Ambient Air Pollution : Health Hazards to Children

With thanks to Teresa Binstock

Ambient Air Pollution: Health Hazards to Children

PEDIATRICS Vol. 114 No. 6 December 2004, pp. 1699-1707 (doi:10.1542/peds.2004-2166)

Ambient (outdoor) air pollution is now recognized as an important problem, both nationally and worldwide. Our scientific understanding of the spectrum of health effects of air pollution has increased, and numerous studies are finding important health effects from air pollution at levels once considered safe. Children and infants are among the most susceptible to many of the air pollutants. In addition to associations between air pollution and respiratory symptoms, asthma exacerbations, and asthma hospitalizations, recent studies have found links between air pollution and preterm birth, infant mortality, deficits in lung growth, and possibly, development of asthma. This policy statement summarizes the recent literature linking ambient air pollution to adverse health outcomes in children and includes a perspective on the current regulatory process. The statement provides advice to pediatricians on how to integrate issues regarding air quality and health into patient education and children's environmental health advocacy and concludes with recommendations to the government on promotion of effective air-pollution policies to ensure protection of children's health.

Full article as html:

Full article as PDF:

Posted by
Deborah Elaine Barrie
4 Catherine Street
Smiths Falls, On
K7A 3Z8

Ten preliminary reasons why the Bush vote does not compute


Informant: Laurel

Kinder, Konsum und Suche nach Identität


Kinder, Konsum und Suche nach Identität

Weg vom Markenwahn das kann ein guter Vorsatz in manchen Familien sein. Doch Eltern müssen mit gutem Beispiel vorangehen.Bielefeld. Das Sweatshirt guckt Marc (11) nicht einmal an. "Das ist assi, so kann ich doch nicht rumlaufen." Form und Farbe sind zwar in Ordnung, doch das richtige Label fehlt. Und auf die Marke kommt es an zum Leidwesen der Eltern, die oft bereits das Handy oder Diddl-Figuren finanziert haben und sich spätestens bei Markensportschuhen für 200 Euro die Frage stellen, ob es nicht auch die Modelle für 100 tun.

"Der Wert der Ware definiert sich über den Preis. Reduzierte Sachen oder Fälschungen riechen Jugendliche sieben Meter gegen den Wind", sagt der Soziologe Professor Klaus Hurrelmann von der Universität Bielefeld. Teure Handys oder Turnschuhe erhöhen den Wert der eigenen Person, glauben viele Heranwachsende. "Gerade in der Pubertät fehlt ihnen der innere Halt, und damit geht ein geringes Selbstwertgefühl einher", sagt Pädagogikprofessor Peter Struck von der Universität Hamburg.

Mütter und Väter seien gefordert, das Selbstbewusstsein der Kinder zu stärken und ihnen auch ein Gefühl für den Wert des Geldes zu vermitteln, sagt Struck. "Eltern sollten den Kindern nicht jeden Wunsch und schon gar nicht sofort erfüllen." Noch wichtiger ist jedoch, die Kinder zu überzeugen, dass nicht nur das Äußere zählt. "Man kann auch einem Fünfjährigen schon erklären, dass man sich die teuren Adidas-Schuhe nicht leisten kann", so Struck. Dafür empfiehlt er die "Prime-Time" der Kinder, etwa nach der Gute-Nacht-Geschichte. "Wenig Erfolg hat man, wenn man mit dem Kind diskutiert, während es in einem Kaufhaus cholerisch ausrastet."

Die Psychotherapeutin Anna Schoch aus München rät: "Die meisten Erwachsenen sollten erst einmal ihre eigenen Maßstäbe überprüfen." Oft schielten auch sie nach teuren Marken. Eltern sollten Kindern verdeutlichen, dass sie auch mit guten Leistungen in der Schule, sportlichen Erfolgen oder sozialem Engagement punkten können. "Kinder müssen lernen, Massentrends zu widerstehen und Nein zu sagen."

Wie stark sich Kinder an Konsum und Marken orientieren, hängt vor allem vom familiären Umfeld ab. "Wenn Kinder zu viele Spielsachen oder Markenartikel bekommen, entwickeln sie schnell eine Konsumabhängigkeit", sagt Albert Wunsch, Leiter des Katholischen Jugendamtes in Neuss. Man solle ihnen in erster Linie Sachen schenken, die man nicht kaufen kann.

Spätestens in der Schule werden Kinder mit bestimmten Logos oder Marken konfrontiert. Bis zum zehnten Lebensjahr sind die Ansichten der Eltern noch wichtig. Danach zählt vor allem die Meinung der Gleichaltrigen. Mit dem Eintritt in die Pubertät suchen viele Kinder verstärkt nach der eigenen Identität. Die Werbung spricht gezielt diese Gruppe an. "Dem Kind wird suggeriert, dass nur ein bestimmter Schuh der richtige ist: Wenn du den nimmst, bis du ein anderer Mensch", sagt Hurrelmann. Diese Aufwertung durch ein Produkt sei natürlich nur eine Illusion. "Aber das Kind glaubt, jetzt von anderen anerkannt zu werden.

Wenn Kinder sagen "Das haben alle", sollte man das Wort "alle" hinterfragen. "Meist handelt es sich nur um Gruppen", sagt Hurrelmann. Eine Lösung kann auch sein, den Kauf um zwei, drei Monate zu verschieben und zu schauen, ob der Wunsch dann immer noch so stark ist. Bleibt der Wunsch bestehen oder wird das Kind tatsächlich wegen seiner Kleidung in der Schule gehänselt, rät Hurrelmann, nachzugeben. "Der Druck auf die Kinder ist in manchen Schulklassen wahnsinnig hoch. Wenn ich dem Kind nicht helfe, dränge ich es unter Umständen in eine Außenseiterrolle." Beim Kauf eines teuren Markenprodukts könnten Eltern auch das Kind einen Anteil vom Taschengeld bezahlen lassen. "So bekommen Kinder ein Verständnis, dass Marken ihren Preis haben."


Von Britta Schmeis und Carina Frey

Verbraucher aktuell


Nachrichtr von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Wie Wissenschaft im Dienste der Wirtschaft verfälscht wird

Junk Science/FEMU Aachen

Parteipolitik und Lobbyismus behindern Umweltschutz

Jahresbilanzen der Umweltverbände: Parteipolitik und Lobbyismus behindern Umweltschutz (03.01.05)

Parteipolitisch motivierte Blockaden im Bundesrat haben im Jahr 2004 notwendige Reformen im Umwelt- und Tierschutz verhindert. Diese Bilanz zog der Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz (BUND). Die Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) fasste das abgelaufene Jahr zusammen, die Umweltpolitik befinde sich "in den Fängen des Raubtierlobbyismus großer Konzerne". Während es in der Umweltpolitik der 90er Jahre darum gegangen sei, gesetzliche Regelungen für einen besseren Umwelt- und Verbraucherschutz durchzusetzen, müssten heute Umwelt- und Verbraucherverbände für die Einhaltung der Gesetze kämpfen. Teile der Wirtschaft versuchten zunehmend, unter massivem Druck auf die Politik Recht und Gesetz zu umgehen.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:



Wollen Sie Ihren Job verlieren?

Forscher und Forschungsergebnisse von der Industrie bezahlt

Siemens bezahlte Vorsitzende des Forschungsausschusses

Lobbyismus entschärfen - Nebeneinkommen offen legen

Lobbyismus entschärfen – Nebeneinkünfte veröffentlichen

WTO-Geburtstagsparty auf dem Rücken der Armen

Zehn Jahre Welthandelsorganisation: "WTO-Geburtstagsparty auf dem Rücken der Armen" (03.01.05)

Die Welthandelsorganisation WTO hat in den zehn Jahren ihres Bestehens eine "Politik einer Liberalisierung um jeden Preis" betrieben. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommen das globalisierungskritische Netzwerk Attac und der Verein für Wirtschaft, Ökologie und Entwicklung Weed. Die Politik der WTO habe vor allem den Exportinteressen der Industrieländer gedient und erheblich dazu beigetragen, dass die Kluft zwischen Arm und Reich immer größer geworden sei. So habe das WTO-Agrarabkommen in vielen Ländern des Südens zu einer Flut billiger Importe geführt, die vielen in der Landwirtschaft arbeitenden Menschen die Existenzgrundlage entziehe. Die Privatisierung der Wasserversorgung in vielen Ländern des Südens benachteilige durch massive Preiserhöhungen vor allem die Armen. Auch die Bundesregierung unterstütze diese aggressive Politik zugunsten europäischer Wasserkonzerne.

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Ab sofort Klagen gegen zu dreckige Luft möglich

EU-Grenzwerte verbindlich: Ab sofort Klagen gegen zu dreckige Luft möglich (03.01.05)

Der Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) und die Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) bereiten Klagen gegen verschiedene Städte und Gemeinden wegen zu dreckiger Luft vor. Mit dem Überschreiten der seit Jahresbeginn verbindlichen EU-Grenzwerte für feine Staubpartikel in vielen Kommunen werde sich der BUND nicht abfinden. In verschiedenen Städten, darunter in Berlin, würden derzeit Musterklagen von Anwohnern stark befahrener Straßen auf Einhaltung der Grenzwerte vorbereitet, die der BUND unterstützen wolle. Die Umweltschützer forderten mehr Anstrengungen zur Luftreinhaltung.

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A hot report from the field

* Today there was a meeting of the immigration reception committe in the Parliament, and Dr. Zamir Shalita reported from the meeting:

Dr. Shalita presented Usefie Map of sickness and mortality (180+ people got cancer, 85 have died, 99% of them live close to cellular & radio antennas. In the area where several people live near antennas and don't have cancer, the antennas have been there not more than two years).

Chairman of the committe, Mrs. Kolet Avital, asked Prof. Manfred Green, head of the disease control center of the Israeli Health Ministry, what he thought of the map. He answered: I have no data. If I receive the data, I will make a statistical analysis, but as Dr. Shalita explained it was a fifth grade mathematics, not more. Dr. Shalita was asked how they came up with these results, and he told that they went from house to house and asked for medical documents which detail the citizen's diseases. Shalita told that the standard was determined by one degree increase when heating a sugar water small bag. Kolet Avital was shocked and asked Prof. Stelian Galberg, head of the radiation department in the Env. Ministry, whether it was true. He said it was indeed true. She asked him whether all the citizens in the country are exposed on this basis. Galberg said that he was not interested in health, because he is a physicist. He was attacked by a parliament member who told him: you approve all the antennas in this country and you are not interested in health? Galberg's face became red. (He is the ONLY person in charge of the antennas in Israel), also he was embarrassed when a citizen read in front of everybody a letter he had written to Galberg, accusing him of crimes.

This citizen, who lives near cellular antennas told that the Env. Ministry had given him results of measurements of antennas before the antennas were operated. This story of the false measurements was also on the national TV and the Env. Ministry was totally ridiculed in the programme. Indeed, there is some change in the TV reporting as more and more reporters are exposed to the truth about the jungle and bias of regulatory bodies in Israel , also on the local TV, the reporter said about the way of burning the antennas, that it is a way that the citizens can think about when trying to solve the threat of the antennas.

Back to the meeting: Someone else reported that people who live in elderly insitutions under antennas suffer from health effects, for example glaucoma, headaches, depression. Prof. Manfred Green said that everything is psychological.

The citizen told that near his house 13 antennas were erected while the law enables only 6 antennas.

An elderly institution executive who was sitting there, said that if that were the true story, the antennas on the roof of his institution are going to fly from the roof today.

Prof. Manfred Greeen said that there are no proofs for negative health effects.

More from this week:

* The Haifa neighbourhood Vardia, caught a cellular company preparing the basis antennas in the neighbourhood, in the middle of the night. The company lied to the people but they didn't lose. They burnt the basis for the antennas in front of the eyes of the vice mayor, who had given his approval for these antennas. He has always said he resists antennas and yet he approved them. But when the companies wanted to erect antennas near his house several months ago, he didn't let it happen! The mayor came and told them that by the law, he cannot do anything the minute the Env. Ministry approves the antennas. Someone else from the municipality told the citizens off the record (and one of the citizens told it on the local TV) that they can take the law into their hands, and that what the municipality cannot do, they can do. The municipality clarified that the next step would be consulting with the citizens before deciding what to do next.

Yet, the next thing that happened was that the cellular company came together with the police, to build the antenna. Again, the citizens didn't let it happen. Now they want to throw all the other antennas from their area, and think seriously of a class action lawsuit against the 3 cellular companies.

The story made its way to the local newspaper. The cellular company has filed a complaint at the police and called to the police to do judgement about these criminals who prevent the possibility to provide cellular communication to the citizens in the area.

One of the citizens said: "Motorola will decide whether I will be sick or healthy? Where have we come?" And another said that he has a phone but he doesn't want reception in his neighbourhood.

* The center of the Israeli authorities has suggested to the municipalities this week, to take taxes from citizens who agree to put cellular antennas of their roofs, because they are actually running a commercial bussines on their roof. Also the head of the authories center clarified this week that no new antenna will be approved until the company provides a compensation document for future lawsuits of property value reduction. They want to do order with the antennas jungle. Meanwhile, the companies do whatever they want because that's the Israeli law, and of course, they say that they respect the law...

Anyway, these are certainly new encouraging developments.

Iris Atzmon

The practise is the very same here in Canada. Cities and Municipalities are prevented from action by our central government in Ottawa ever since the Health Ministry put in place Safety Code Six which I believe is the same as that which you describe in Israel. There is growing awareness and concern here also but we must persevere and oblige our governments to put humans before corporate profits.

The truth is being revealed and with that we shall prevail. Any further information will be sincerely appreciated. There may be a golden opportunity coming up here in two weeks time to further our campaign and expose microwave radiation towers.

Larry Blackhall
Aldergrove BC

Did We Bounce An Election?

Warren Stewart



I'll admit it; my checkbook is not very tidy. Like many people, I don't scrupulously reconcile my bank statements and I don't record every trip to the ATM or check card purchase the way my dad taught me. Usually everything works out fine but every once in a while I bounce a check and suffer the consequences of my sloppiness. It seems our public officials are being just as reckless with our votes. An examination of the New Mexico canvass report of the November 2 election suggests that the state might be running the risk of bouncing an election.

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Did We Bounce An Election?

Warren Stewart



I'll admit it; my checkbook is not very tidy. Like many people, I don't scrupulously reconcile my bank statements and I don't record every trip to the ATM or check card purchase the way my dad taught me. Usually everything works out fine but every once in a while I bounce a check and suffer the consequences of my sloppiness. It seems our public officials are being just as reckless with our votes. An examination of the New Mexico canvass report of the November 2 election suggests that the state might be running the risk of bouncing an election.

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Former Congressman Peter Deutsch To Assist Constitutional Challenge Of Electors


December 31, 2004

The Committee to ReDefeat the President, a federal PAC better known by the name of its popular ReDefeatBush.com Web site, has secured the assistance of Peter Deutsch, who will conclude his tenure as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives at noon on Monday, Jan. 3, 2005. Deutsch will help ReDefeatBush and other organizations that are working on a Constitutional Challenge to the electoral votes of Florida, Ohio and potentially other states.

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Video of the wave

Video of the (supposedly) initial wave before the big swell. Taken by a person on the beach...


Informant: Debi Clark

Asian Tsunami Disaster


Informant: Debi Clark

Wirkungen von Mobilfunk und anderer EMF auf das Fortpflanzungssystem


Handys machen unfruchtbar

Unfruchtbarkeit hat viele Gesichter

Handys können Fruchtbarkeit reduzieren - Einfluss elektromagnetischer Wellen auf die Spermienmotilität - Kinderlos durch Mobilfunkstrahlung?

Schädigt Handystrahlung Spermien?

Zahl Hodenkrebserkrankter steigt

Weniger Kinder durch das Handy

Laptops machen unfruchtbar

Aspects of Treason


Informant: Shanti Renfrew

Supreme Court to Overturn the Magna Carta


Informant: Shanti Renfrew

The Press

Our Soviet-Like Press

They are about as compliant, says Harry Browne:

A Discourse on Civil Irreligion

Civil Irreligion

Kirk W. Tofte on our savior, Bush:

The Lying State

15 Lies the State Tells

Laurence M. Vance on the nature of the US government:

Hartz IV kontra Grundgesetz - Wissenschaftlicher Dienst zweifelt an Verfassungsmäßigkeit von "Hartz IV"

Datum: 03.01.2005
© www.sozialisten.de

Hartz IV kontra Grundgesetz

Zu den Äußerungen des Wissenschaftlichen Dienstes des Bundestages zu den Arbeitsmarktreformen und dem heutigen Protesttag gegen Hartz IV erklärt der Bundesgeschäftsführer der PDS, Rolf Kutzmutz:

Selbst der Wissenschaftliche Dienst des Bundestages zweifelt an der Vereinbarkeit der Hartz IV-Reformen mit dem Grundgesetz. Und damit befindet er sich in bester Gesellschaft mit den Gewerkschaften, Sozialverbänden und mit der PDS.

Die PDS hat von Anfang an darauf hingewiesen, dass Hartz IV dem Grundgesetz in mehrfacher Hinsicht widerspricht. Eine von der PDS in Auftrag gegebene gutachterliche Stellungnahme verweist auf zehn Punkte, die die Verfassungsmäßigkeit der Hartz IV Gesetze in Frage stellen. Darunter:

* Demontage des Sozialstaatsgebots, wie im Grundgesetz normiert,
* die mittelbare Diskriminierung von Frauen durch Anrechnung des Partnereinkommens,
* die Zumutbarkeitsregelungen in Verbindung mit dem sanktionsbewährten Zwang, jede Arbeit anzunehmen und
* die Beschränkung der Leistungen für Bezieher von Arbeitslosenhilfe, die die so genannte 58er-Regelung in Anspruch genommen haben.

Betroffene sollten daher von ihrem Widerspruchsrecht Gebrauch machen.

Die PDS unterstützt den Arbeitslosenverband dabei, Betroffene bei ihrem Weg durch die Instanzen zu begleiten.

Die PDS erklärt sich solidarisch mit dem vielfältigen, phantasievollen und gewaltfreien Protest gegen die unsozialen Reformen.


Bundestag: Wissenschaftlicher Dienst zweifelt an Verfassungsmäßigkeit von "Hartz IV" (03.01.05)

Der Wissenschaftliche Dienst des Deutschen Bundestages hegt in einem vorläufigen Gutachten Zweifel an der Verfassungsmäßigkeit der Gesetze, sagte ein Sprecher am Wochenende. Die "Bild am Sonntag" zitierte aus dem Gutachten des Bundestages, das "Hartz IV"-Gesetz enthalte Klauseln, "die im Grundgesetz ausdrücklich weder bestimmt noch zugelassen sind". Falls dies zutreffe, wären alle 2,66 Millionen Bescheide über ALG II rechtswidrig. "Das heißt, die Bürger, die durch sie möglicherweise in ihren Rechten verletzt sind, können sie anfechten", betone das Gutachten. Vor allem die Arbeitsgemeinschaften von Kommunen und Arbeitsagenturen seien verfassungsrechtlich "überprüfungsbedürftig".

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Finnischer Mobilfunk-Netzbetreiber soll Mitarbeiter und Journalisten überwacht haben

Finnischer Abhörskandal: Sechs hohe Sonera-Angestellte unter Anklage

Sechs hochrangige Angestellte des finnischen Telekommunikationskonzerns Sonera, heute TeliaSonera, sind am Montag wegen groben Verstoßes gegen das Kommunikationsgeheimnis unter Anklage gestellt worden. Sie stehen im Verdacht, in den Jahren 2000 und 2001 in großem Stil die Telefonverbindungen aller Mitarbeiter und einer Reihe von Journalisten überwacht zu haben. Derartige Überwachungen sind in Finnland aber nur der Polizei bei Vorliegen gerichtlicher Genehmigungen gestattet.

Unter den Angeklagten befindet sich auch Kaj-Erik Relander, der zurückgetretene Geschäftsführer des Unternehmens. Relander erklärte in einem E-Mail seines Anwalts an die finnischen Medien seine Unschuld.

Vier weitere Angeklagte sind bei dem schwedisch-finnischen Großkonzern TeliaSonera beschäftigt. Jyrki Karasvirta, der Direktor von Telia Sonera Communications, erklärte, das Unternehmen werde zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt über das weitere Arbeitsverhältnis der vier entscheiden. (APA)


American shame: treatment of Guantanamo prisoners

The big question is why Bush has not ordered a full stop to this shaming of America.

The FBI has blown the whistle on the Defense Department's military investigators by accusing them of abusive treatment of prisoners of war in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The FBI was especially outraged that the interrogators of suspected terrorists had posed as FBI agents. Administration officials are usually pretty clubby folks who close ranks in times of trouble. But apparently, the FBI was not ready to take the fall for the Pentagon's atrocious treatment of some prisoners of war. The International Committee of the Red Cross has labeled the Pentagon's behavior as "tantamount to torture." The big question is why President Bush has tolerated inhumane treatment of detainees and why he has not ordered a full stop to this shaming of America.

He has to accept some of the blame for rejecting the Geneva Conventions on humane treatment of prisoners of war for so-called "enemy combatants" at Guantanamo Bay, site of a U.S. Navy base and the prison holding about 550 people from 40 different nations.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - January 3rd, 2005

G8 crackdown for eight-year-olds

Police will issue ID cards to eight-year-olds as part of security measures at next year's Gleneagles G8 summit.

As many as 500 locals will be asked to carry photographic identification in order to pass checkpoints and roadblocks surrounding the meeting. Under-eights will not require any ID as they can be included on their parents' or guardians' cards. Tayside Police said the measures were "standard procedure" for a gathering of the world's most powerful leaders. The photo IDs will be handed out to residents of neighbouring Auchterarder. "What are the police going to do if someone goes out to do their shopping and forgets their card or when kids are in and out from their homes like normal kids during the holidays? "Are they going to be subjected to police checks at every turn? "My fear from the beginning was that this was the sort of thing that would happen.

"Here it starts and I suspect this will only be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to disruption to the everyday lives of the people of Strathearn."


Aftermath News
Top Stories - January 3rd, 2005

Teen dies after being shot with Taser gun by Collier County deputies

Hernandez's relatives say he was badly beaten.

A teenager died after he was zapped with a Taser gun and doused with a substance similar to pepper spray during a fight with Collier County sheriff's deputies, officials said. Christopher Hernandez, 19, of Fort Myers, was the third suspect to die in Florida this month after being subdued with a Taser gun. Hernandez died Tuesday, several hours after officials say he attacked deputies, kicking and ripping their uniforms. He ignored orders to stop. Hernandez, who had no local criminal record, was taken for treatment at Naples Community Hospital for a cut above his eye, but Collier County sheriff's spokesman Dennis Huff said there had been no indication that Hernandez' wounds were life-threatening. An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

But Hernandez's relatives say he was badly beaten. They said that when they saw him at the emergency room his head was swollen, his eyes were ``blood red'' and his arms and face had road rash. Blood from somewhere on his head stained the hospital pillow.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - January 3rd, 2005

Facing a future without anonymity

Who's Watching? Canada Under Surveillance: Second in a series. With the introduction of biometric wizardry, home will be the only place to find privacy. [or will it?]

In London, Ont., 16 video cameras mounted on traffic poles keep a 24-hour watch on downtown streets for the city's police. In New York City, more than 2,400 outdoor video cameras - many operated by private companies - gaze out over the streets of Manhattan alone. "No matter what, walking through the world these days, you're going to end up on video camera," Halifax privacy lawyer David Fraser said. Public surveillance isn't a new phenomenon. But despite its creeping presence, Canadians have maintained a measure of anonymity when we venture outside our homes. Video cameras might be watching us in public places, but unless we're famous or infamous, they usually can't identify who we are. Until now. New biometric wizardry - called face-recognition technology - is about to change the way governments do business, and could soon remove the last shreds of anonymity Canadians enjoy in public.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - January 3rd, 2005

Print scans: retail tool or invasion of privacy?

When Carly Johannesson takes her post at the IDA drugstore's cash register in Medicine Hat, Alta., she places her finger on a small pad that reads the fingerprint and electronically gives her access to the system.

The biometrics system has wider uses and implications, which touch consumers too: Some U.S. retail chains already are piloting the scans for shoppers. Customers at the checkout can get their purchases automatically recorded on their credit card, along with loyalty rewards, simply by leaving their fingerprint. While touted as an efficient and usually full-proof means of identification, privacy advocates and unions have raised the spectre of the information getting into the wrong hands and being used for unintended purposes. "There's a potential for abuse," says Michael Fraser, national director of the United Food and Commercial Workers, which represents many grocery and drugstore employees. He is wary of bosses introducing fingerprinting into workplaces because it's generally associated with criminal activity.

Ottawa's Office of the Privacy Commission is keeping a close watch on the impact of the new technology and is already fielding queries from concerned consumers, says spokeswoman Renée Couturier.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - January 3rd, 2005

Blair to fly back from Egyptian trip today

Tony Blair is to fly home from his holiday in Egypt today following mounting criticism about his decision to remain in a Red Sea resort after the tsunami disaster. The Prime Minister's decision came as politicians attacked him for not flying back from Sharm el-Sheikh last week to direct Britain's response to the catastrophe.

Yesterday the Tory leader Michael Howard said on BBC1: "I think if I had been in his position, I would have come back. Other leaders have. But everybody has got to make their own decisions about this and do these things in their own way."


Aftermath News
Top Stories - January 3rd, 2005

"All these people died unnecessarily" : Experts fend off accusations tsunami warning was too slow

Within hours, Japanese and U.S. tsunami experts knew enough about the massive undersea earthquake off Sumatra to predict its horrific consequences, but by then it was far too late. More than 100,000 people on coasts around the Indian Ocean had already been killed by the monster waves. Warnings were needed in minutes, not hours. Accusations have been levelled at scientists at the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, charging that they were slow to warn of the catastrophic waves sweeping across the Indian Ocean. But the world's most sophisticated tsunami-prediction centre says it did well with only limited data from an area far beyond its jurisdiction. "All these people died unnecessarily," said Nirj Deva, a British member of the European Parliament, who was in Sri Lanka when the tsunamis roared ashore. "Nobody was warned."

A widely published initial response from Charles McCreery, the geophysicist in charge of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, didn't help. "We don't have contacts in our address book for anybody in that part of the world," he said two days after the epic disaster, suggesting that a lack of telephone numbers prevented a timely warning reaching the threatened coasts.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - January 3rd, 2005

Human Hand behind earthquake and Tsunami?

It is time for Indian Navy to investigate!

Was this an earthquake creation experiment that ran out of control? Many countries are working on methods of creating massive earthquakes as means to defeat the enemy. The technologically advanced countries are working on this project. If an earthquake and Tsunami can be created artificially and directed to a specific enemy, it can literally create havoc to the enemy. Weather control, controlling tectonic plate movements, electromagnetic wave simulated weaponry are all on the table of many countries. The planetary alignment can cause many earthquakes all around the world of magnitude the modern mankind has never seen before. Many all around the world are puzzled with the fact that Tsunamis never happen in South Asia.

Also is perplexing is the fact that Tsunamis traveled 1000 miles at a speed of 500 miles an hour and smashed the coastal lines of South and South east Asia where Tsunamis do not happen. There are technologies on the research table that is used to create electromagnetic effects to release the gravitational effects which can cause this kind massive earth movements.

Another astonishing feature of this earthquake and Tsunami is the amount by which the Kar Nicobar Islands have displaced. The level of devastation simulates 10 or higher Richter scale earthquake.

Aftermath News
Top Stories - January 3rd, 2005

US had advance warning of tsunami

US had advance warning of tsunami: Canadian professor

A Canadian expert has claimed that the US Military and the State Department were given advance tsunami warning and America’s Navy base on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean was notified but the information was not passed on to the countries that bore the brunt of the disaster. Prof. Michel Chossudovsky of the University of Ottawa asks in an analysis produced for the Venus Project why fishermen in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand were not provided with the same warnings as the US Navy and the US State Department. He wants to know why the US State Department remained mum on the existence of an impending catastrophe. With a modern communications system, why did the information not get out? By email, telephone, fax, satellite TV, he asks, as it could have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Prof Chossudovsky writes that the US authorities had initially recorded 8.0 on the Richter scale. As confirmed by several reports, US scientists in Hawaii, had advanced knowledge regarding an impending catastrophe, but failed to contact their Asian counterparts. According to him, Charles McCreery of the Pacific Warning Centre in Hawaii confirmed that his team tried desperately to get in touch with his counterparts in Asia. According to McCreery, the director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s centre in Honolulu, the team did its utmost to contact the countries.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - January 3rd, 2005

Asian Tsunami Horror Update


Asian Tsunami Horror Update

A multinational force of aid workers, military aircraft and ships descended on Asia.

A legion of ships and planes has delivered aid to millions of Asian tsunami survivors after New Year revellers around the world paused to mourn victims of one of the worst disasters in living memory. U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan called for a major logistical operation to help countries shattered by Sunday's tsunami, which by the latest count had killed 125,930 after India added another thousand fatalities. The U.N. emergency relief operations coordinator said the death toll was approaching 150,000, with a third or more of them believed to be children.

"We mourn, we cry, and our hearts weep, witnessing thousands of those killed left rigid in the streets," Indonesia President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said in a subdued New Year address.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - January 3rd, 2005

Testing free speech in America

by M. Shahid Alam



Americans have been trained to see only their own greatness, not the human costs that others have been made to pay, and continue to pay, for these successes. Can peace -- for America and the world -- be founded on such greatness? One might imagine that this was the question that the attackers of 9-11 were asking Americans. Sadly, the United States has answered this question with a war on terrorism. In the words of Michael Scheuer, to establish peace, the United States must now 'proceed with relentless, brutal, and, yes, blood-soaked offensive military actions until we have annihilated the Islamists who threaten us.' I part company with Michael Scheuer on this prognostication. Perhaps that is why some elements of America's right wing would have me packed off to gitmo, hang me from a rope, or fry me with a J-Dam -- only some of the colorful threats I have received...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Some lessons from the tsunami

by Jim Peron

Institute for Liberal Values


Seismologists said they knew within minutes that a tsunami was a real threat. In spite of that, people died hours later even though only a few minutes warning was all that was needed to save their lives. The consensus in the media was that the seismologists didn't know who to contact in many of these countries. No official warning system existed. That appears true. And many people see this as a failure of government. They argue that millions must be spent to create a new system to handle this type of rare situation. Certainly we can see the deadly results when people are not warned of a deadly disaster speeding down upon them. But more went on here than is first apparent. Why was an 'official' channel of warning necessary?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Government-enhanced disaster

by Timothy D. Terrell

Ludwig von Mises Institute


As of this writing, the death toll from the south Asian tsunami has reached 120,000, with concerns that disease may claim tens of thousands more. The countries affected include some of the poorest in the world, and as the tragedy unfolds, the economic loss promises to be devastating. Many have noticed that poorer nations are more severely affected by natural cataclysms than developed nations. Earthquakes, tropical cyclones, tsunamis, and flooding strike the wealthiest as well as the poorest nations, but the loss of life can be much higher where income is low...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


When will we ever learn?

by David Krieger



As with all wars, the war in Iraq is neither simple nor predictable. We are learning once again that raw military power is not sufficient to prevail, even against an opponent vastly inferior in military strength. For those of us who lived through the war in Vietnam, it is both sad and distressing that that war was not sufficient to teach this lesson to the present leadership of the United States. As with Vietnam, there is a growing unease among the people of the United States about this 'war of choice' in Iraq. More than 1,300 Americans have died there and many more have been injured for life. The number of Iraqi casualties is far higher, perhaps higher than 100,000. And there is no end in sight...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Has Congress created "Federal police power?"

Fox News

Every American is just a few steps away from committing a crime. That point is raised in new publications that seek to cast a critical eye on lawmakers for their aggressive approach to going after supposed wrongdoing. 'I think we should be alarmed on a number of different levels,' said Bob Barr, a former Republican member of Congress from Georgia who also used to be a U.S district attorney. 'We?re changing the very nature of society -- the over-criminalization of society.'

From environmental infractions, to corporate crime and prosecuting vice crimes already covered by state law, the federal criminal code has grown 33 percent since 1982, with an estimated 4,000 punishable crimes on the books today, according to 'Measuring the Explosive Growth of Federal Crime Legislation,' published by the Federalist Society in 2004.Has Congress created "Federal police power?"...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Geologen registrierten, Behörden versagten


Tesla and the Asian Tsunami



I have heard LOTS about Tesla.......but did not know about this??

IF.....it was a "man-made" earthquake.....it hit in a place where it would kill the most dark skinned persons....which is a NWO agenda item. It also hit in a place where the tsunami warnings were not "up"........Lots of "coincendences"......and I just don't trust our government at all.

I had done some reading on this quake...In fact about 3 days before this hit......There was a quake ....magnitude...8.1 and I thought the tsunamis were from THAT ONE. I read that WE KNEW (USA) it was going to hit there somewhere......and we didn't warn them....They said it was.....because there is no warning system in place........What I want to know??? WHY didn't they TRY to warn them? Call the Hotels on the coasts and tell the sunbathers to get inland.....I read that 15 minutes would have saved the people......They could have walked in far enough to be safe. I think they let it happen.

Did you know that these waves came in at 500 MPH??? That is why they did so much damage...

ALSO......this gets the heat off of the Admin for Iraq. To busy focusing on Asia.

Again....Thanks Hazel!!! I will be sharing this will the groups!!


Hazel wrote:

Phil Schneider spoke of Martial Law through geophysical warfare, earthquakes, floods, drought and cyclones with UN involvement.

It would appear that “nature” is on Bush’s side in the ‘war on terror’ as all the recent (telegeodynamic) earthquakes have occurred in countries earmarked by Kissinger for destabilisation, Indonesia, Iran, Algeria etc. The UN is now poised for deployment in Southeast Asia, and no nuclear bombs were necessary.


see also:

Kissinger, Eugenics And Depopulation

The Great Wave

This is from Illuminati News. Before 9/11 I would have said hog wash, but now I am open to the possibilities of this being true.

M Jenny

The Great Wave

by Hazel W.M. McKinlay

The season to be jolly was brought to an abrupt and traumatic end the day after Christmas, with harrowing news of a gargantuan seaquake which leapt off the Richter scale. Measuring 9.0 and at a very shallow depth of only 6 miles, it caused tidal waves which swept across the Indian Ocean without warning, traveling at jet-speed.

Coincidentally, the Iranian Citadel of Bam was also leveled to the ground last year on December 26th by an earthquake, close to the surface, registering 6.6 which killed over 40,000 Islamic people. The death toll from the tsunami which followed in the wake of the Asian quake could exceed 60,000, as we become desensitized to mass graves.

The epicenter was closest to war-torn Aceh, a province in Northern Sumatra, rich in liquid natural gas, which sustained the majority of casualties and like most of Indonesia, is overwhelmingly Muslim, but the devastating impact was felt from India and Sri Lanka to Thailand, and as far away as Somalia in East Africa.

The former director of the CIA, George Tenet, publicly named these countries as part of an “axis of evil” which would face either covert or open military operations by the USA, secretly authorised by George Bush. Citing ‘terrorists,’ methods of covert intervention were outlined in 1997 by Defence Secretary William Cohen.

“Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes, remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...” The threat is real!

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Tom Bearden explains in ‘The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics’ how longitudinal weaponized waves can inflict “unprecedented and mind-boggling” havoc at any point on the earth from a control room. The energy of the blast comes from the vacuum of space at the location of the target itself.

“Take a convenient fault zone or set of them. (Indian/Eurasian) Focus the interferometry on the fault zone, in the “diverging” mode, and deposit EM energy there in the rocks on both sides, increasing (slowly) the stress in the rocks by the reverse piezoelectric effect (deposit excess energy, get crystal mechanical movements).”

“Do it slowly, and the stress will build up to large pressures well-above a plate slip minimum energy required. At some point, the rocks yield and one or both sides “slip” and move rather sharply, giving a very large earthquake in that zone. Do the same thing down in the earth (remember, LWs easily penetrate right through the earth and ocean) and so the “interference zone” focus can be inside the earth or beneath the ocean, at will.”

In 1999, Jason Jeffrey posed a poignant question in New Dawn No. 57, Nov-Dec: “Could the recent earthquakes in Turkey, Taiwan, Greece and Mexico be experimental test runs? If so, how many more earthquakes will it take before this technology can be directed at a chosen 'enemy'? It's a disturbing thought and one we all should consider as the forces of the New World Order gather pace in their quest for global control.”

By my estimation, this query was answered in Southeast Asia on Boxing Day 2004. Described as a “megathrust” -- a grade reserved for the most powerful shifts in the Earth’s crust, the power of this quake was equivalent to detonating a million atomic bombs. If this is warfare in the modern era, it amply demonstrates the merciless and indiscriminate cruelty of those who apply science, to blame nature.

For the Global Elite who wish to depopulate the world community by two-thirds, this loss of life is a ‘drop in the ocean’ (pardon the pun) but it has the knock-on ‘Tesla Effect’ of keeping the developing nations immersed in perpetual poverty, dependency and disease. In the aftermath, the United Nations need not invade; they will be invited to intervene, as in Haiti, flooded by a hurricane.

The media were quick to label the Asian catastrophe, ‘The Great Wave’ - a double entendre and insider joke…? Nicola Tesla was credited with the discovery of the electromagnetic propagation effect and experimented with giant standing waves which could be combined to produce a focused beam of immense energy and used to trigger earthquakes in distant places.

The late Phil Schneider, a geological and structural engineer who turned ‘whistleblower’ claimed that the tell-tale signature of man-made earthquakes, like Kobe, is that they are shallow and not accompanied by a pulse wave… none, unlike a normal tremor. Similar disasters in Gujarat, Iran and Algeria may have been further examples of the diabolical ‘telegeodynamic’ Tesla device.

This terrible event has temporarily sidetracked the quagmire in Iraq, but there is a surreptitious war going on all around us, in the guise of “Earth Changes” - floods, drought, volcanoes, avalanches and earthquakes.

Tsunamis and Nuclear Power Plants


Tsunami warning halted ‘for tourist industry’

Just minutes after the earthquake in the Indian Ocean on Sunday morning, Thailand’s foremost meteorological experts were sitting together in a crisis meeting. But they decided not to warn about the tsunami “out of courtesy to the tourist industry,” writes the Thailand daily newspaper The Nation.

Human Engineered Earthquakes


Informant: Laurel

Did Animals Sense Tsunami?


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Where are all the dead animals? Sri Lanka asks


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5 Million Displaced By Tsunami

Up to five million people have been displaced by the devastating tsunamis that pummelled large tracts of Asia over the weekend, the World Health Organisation said on Thursday...


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Tsunami's Historic Devastation

A collection of pictures and video updated every hour

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Scientific Background on the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

Includes Tsunami Animation


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Death toll reaches 100,000

The death toll in the tsunami disaster soared past 100,000 today - and is set to climb higher...


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55,000 Dead : The Role of U.S. Criminal Negligence on a Global Scale


Informant: People Judge Bush

Earthquake: Coincidence or a Corporate Oil Tragedy?


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9.0 Earthquake Makes Earth Rotate Faster


Informant: NHNE

Maldives loses 42 islands as tsunami toll hits 117


Informant: Anna Webb

India's last active volcano erupts on Andamans


Informant: Anna Webb

Interview with American Tsunami Expert Walter Dudley


Informant: Anna Webb

Volcanic Eruption Could Unleash Giant Tsunamis on U.S.


Informant: CHEROKEE


Global Weather Systems in Chaos


Informant: MessiahTwain

Quake may have made earth wobble, shortened days

Daily Times [Pakistan]


The deadly Asian earthquake may have permanently accelerated the Earth's rotation -- shortening days by a fraction of a second -- and caused the planet to wobble on its axis, US scientists say. Richard Gross, a geophysicist with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, theorized that a shift of mass toward the Earth's centre during the quake on Sunday caused the planet to spin 3 microseconds, or 3 millionths of a second, faster and to tilt about an inch on its axis."


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

RFID-Systeme nicht am Kunden vorbeiplanen


Bonn – „Elektronische Kennzeichnungssysteme für kontaktlose Identifikation“ (Radio Frequency Identification, kurz RFID) rufen mittlerweile die unterschiedlichsten Organisationen auf den Plan. Beispielsweise das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) http://www.bsi.de/ oder der „Verein zur Förderung des öffentlichen bewegten und unbewegten Datenverkehrs e.V.“ http://www.foebud.org (FoeBud), einer Initiative des Bielefelder Allround-Künstlers „padeluun“. Das BSI stellte vor kurzem die Studie „Risiken und Chancen von RFID-Systemen vor“ und FoeBud brachte den Feldtest „Future Store“ der Metro mit heimlich in Kundenkarten eingesetzten RFID-Chips an die Öffentlichkeit. RFID polarisiert, was man aktuell an den Planungen für die Fußball-WM 2006 in Deutschland erkennen kann, wo die Eintrittskarten durch RFID fälschungssicher gemacht werden sollen. „Erwartungsgemäß hat sich sofort eine Initiative gegen Tickets mit RFID-Tags formiert. Kommunikationstechnisch ist das Vorgehen hierbei genauso verkehrt wie das von der Metro. Im Metro-Fall wurde die Einführung heimlich gemacht, in Fall der Fußball-WM wird das Thema als eine bahnbrechende Errungenschaft kommuniziert. Auch das muss unweigerlich Widerstand hervorrufen“, so die Einschätzung von Sabine Sohn, Kommunikationsexpertin von nic-pr in Bonn http://www.nic-pr.de , einer Agentur, die auf Marktkommunikation spezialisiert ist.

Zunächst einmal müsse der Datenschutz und die Datensicherheit beim Einsatz von RFID-Tags zufrieden stellend geregelt sein. „Das ist eine Vorbedingung“, so Sohn. Tatsächlich fordere selbst FoeBud nicht etwa ein Verbot für diese Technik, sondern nur Minimalrichtlinien, die die Persönlichkeitsdaten eines Einzelnen vor Missbrauch schützen. Dazu zähle FoeBud Transparenz und Datensicherheit genau wie die Angabe des Zwecks einer RFID-Anwendung. „Von den Eigenschaften her lassen sich RFID-Tags durchaus mit den Cookies von Internetseiten vergleichen. Auch Cookies dienen der Markierung, etwa des Besuchs von Internetseiten, erleichtern in vielen Fällen das Surfen, aber können auch Informationen beinhalten, von denen der Anwender nichts weiß. Und ähnlich wie Cookies können RFID-Tags vom Anwender unbemerkt existieren. Was hier fehlt, ist die Kontrolle des Anwenders über die Identifikatoren. Ich kann von Endverbrauchern nicht erwarten, dass sie sich RFID-Scanner zum Auffinden und Deaktivieren anschaffen, um ihre private Umgebung nach verborgenen RFID-Tags abzusuchen“, beschreibt Sohn die Situation. Man sollte daher nur Anwendungen realisieren, bei denen die RFID-Tags dem Verbraucher Vorteile bringen.

Viele der angepriesenen Vorzüge seien zwar zweifellos nützlich für den Anbieter, bringen dem Anwender aber nichts. „Wenn ein Handelsunternehmen seine Ware mit RFID-Tags ausstattet, um seine Lagerhaltung, Warenverteilung und Inventarisierung effizienter zu machen, bringt das noch nicht eindeutige Vorteile für den Endkunden. Und wenn ein Hersteller von Druckern oder etwa auch Autos mittels RFID-Tags dafür sorgt, dass nur Original-Ersatzteile oder Verbrauchsmaterial benutzt werden kann, so sichert er zwar dadurch sein Geschäft gegen sogenannte Third Party-Anbieter, aber es entstehen keine Vorteile für den Benutzer. Der hat in diesen Fällen gar keine Wahlmöglichkeit mehr, sich für preisgünstigere Alternativen zu entscheiden.“ Die Bonner Kommunikationsexpertin sieht ihre These dadurch bestätigt, dass im reinen Geschäftskunden-Markt der Einsatz von RFID-Technik in vielen Fällen kein Diskussionsthema sei. Ob RFID-Tags in Karten zur Zutrittsauthorisierung, ob Long-Range Tags für automatische Container-Verladung, die Vorteile für die Geschäftsprozesse seien offensichtlich. „Das kritischste Einsatzgebiet liegt bei Konsumgütern. Für viele Anwendungsfälle sind zur Zeit die RFID-Tags einfach noch zu teuer. Das wird sich ändern, wenn die Stückpreise auf 10 bis 15 Cent gefallen sind. Natürlich werden dabei die Marketingstrategen versuchen, diese Technik für eine gezielte Ansprache der Verbraucher zu nutzen. Hier treten aber sehr schnell Akzeptanzbarrieren auf. Technische Marketing-Möglichkeiten ersetzen nicht die tatsächlichen Produktvorteile und eine intelligente Kundenbindung“, führt Sohn aus.

Auch die aktuelle Studie des BSI sei zu sehr in der Technik verankert, so das Resümee von nic-pr. Zumindest aber werde darin klar gestellt, dass auch die RFID-Technik nicht sicher gegen Fälschung und Manipulation sei. Zwar sei dazu ein gewisser technischer Aufwand erforderlich, aber das Resultat sei dann offenkundig authentisch. „Da darf man sich nichts vormachen: eine elektronische Kodierung lässt sich leichter perfekt imitieren als eine physikalische Kodierung. Man sollte nicht die Möglichkeiten von RFID überbewerten. Wir empfehlen zum Einsatz der RFID-Technik die auch in Zukunft sehr aktuelle Guideline ‚Klasse statt Masse’. Die Technik dort einsetzen, wo sie für alle Beteiligten Vorteile bringt und dabei dem Verbraucher eine Wahlmöglichkeit lässt“, rät Sohn. Die Bonner Agentur geht davon aus, dass sich der Durchbruch von RFID in den Massenmarkt über mehrere Jahre hinziehen wird. Nicht übersehen werden dürfe, dass umwälzende technische Neuerungen sich auch selten alleine ohne Veränderungen in anderen Bereichen ereignen würden. nic-pr sieht durchaus Akzeptanz und Nutzen von RFID in einem sich verändernden Konsumverhalten, zum Beispiel im Markt von stark Lifestyle-orientierten Gütern.

Firma: medienbüro.sohn
Ansprechpartner: Silke Landwehr

Freigabedatum: 03.01.05


Mobilfunk- und Prozessorenfrequenzen wirken auf Wasser und Sauerstoff

Mobilfunk- und Prozessorenfrequenzen wirken auf Wasser und Sauerstoff


Mobilfunk- und Prozessorenfrequenzen wirken auf Wasser und Sauerstoff

Die Mobilfunkfrequenz 1,8 GHZ = Resonanzfrequenz von Sauerstoff

Beweis: http://www.aladin24.de/htm/progs/resonanz.gif

Nichts geschieht ohne Grund! Alle technologisch verwendeten Frequenzen, die in unserem Alltag eine Rolle spielen wirken auf Flüssigkeiten wie Wasser, Körperflüssigkeiten oder Sauerstoff.

Die Küchenmikrowelle, UMTS wie auch RFID arbeiten mit 2,4 GHz der Resonanzfrequenz von Wasser.

Quelle http://www.industrieanzeiger.de/O/108/Y/81599/VI/30235432/default.aspx

RFID gibt es in Frequenzbereichen zwischen 120 kHZ (langwellig) bis über 2,4 GHZ (Mikrowelle). Die Physik lehrt, dass sich Langewelle anders ausbreitet, als Mikrowelle. Man denke nur an den Mikrowellenherd, der die Resonanzfrequenz von Wasser nutzt. Wasser absorbiert 2,4 GHZ, die Energie wird in Wärme umgewandelt, das Wasser kocht, wasserhaltige Materialien erhitzen sich.

(Hierdurch werden alle flüssigkeitsabhängigen Stoffwechselvorgänge beeinflusst)


Dr. Ross Adey hat herausgefunden, dass es möglich ist, bei einer Stärke von 0,75 Milliwatt/cm² mit pulsmodulierten Mikrowellen der Frequenz 450 MHz alle Aspekte menschlichen Verhaltens zu kontrollieren!"

Ich habe das Such-Häkchen im Programm angeklickt, links alle Elemente zur Auswahl geschaltet, und bei Frequenz die 450 MHz eingetragen und CR gedrückt. Ergebnis: Mit 0.12%iger Genauigkeit findet man: Ge Z=32 N=33 f=449,542 MHz L=66,6884 cm = Rumpflänge, Armlänge des Menschen. Wieder mal die Super-Resonanz bei N=33. Das erklärt vielleicht die positive Wirkung von Ge auf den Menschen. Ge ist voll resonant zu Sauerstoff und Helium (Faktor 4 statt nur Faktor 2). Und dieses wieder zum Uratom, das 18 mal im Wasserstoffatom vorhanden ist (eine weitere 2, was Faktor 4 zu Helium bedeutet).

450 MHz Frequenz von Prozessoren multipliziert mit 2 = 900 MHz = Mobilfunkfrequenz

900 MHz = GSM-Mobilfunk - multipliziert mit 2 = 1800 MHZ = Mobilfunkfrequenz

1800 MHz Frequenz von Prozessoren + GSM-Mobilfunk

Nachricht von Gerd Zesar


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