Asian Tsunami Special Report - Jan 1st, 2005


Animals appear to have escaped massive deaths


December 30, 2004

YALA NATIONAL PARK, Sri Lanka - Wildlife officials in Sri Lanka expressed surprise yesterday that they found no evidence of large-scale animal deaths from the tsunamis - indicating that animals may have sensed the wave coming and fled to higher ground.

An Associated Press photographer who flew over Sri Lanka's Yala National Park in an air force helicopter saw abundant wildlife, including elephants, buffalo, deer, and not a single animal corpse.

Floodwaters from Sunday's tsunami swept into the park, uprooting trees and toppling cars onto their roofs - one red car even ended up on top of a huge tree - but the animals apparently were not harmed and may have sought out high ground, said Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne, whose Jetwing Eco Holidays ran a hotel in the park.

"This is very interesting. I am finding bodies of humans, but I have yet to see a dead animal," said Wijeyeratne, whose hotel in the park was destroyed.

"Maybe what we think is true, that animals have a sixth sense."

Yala, Sri Lanka's largest wildlife reserve, is home to 200 Asian elephants, crocodile, wild boar, water buffalo and gray langur monkeys. The park also has Asia's highest concentration of leopards. It covers 391 square miles, but only 56 square miles are open to tourists.

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Animals invited to help forecast earthquakes

Coalition Urges Congress to Act Against Election Fraud

Common Dreams


WASHINGTON -- December 30 -- Massachusetts Elector Tom Barbera and local activists with the Coalition Against Election Fraud (CAEF) will call on members of Congress to take action in response to election fraud at a Rally for the Republic, to be held inside of Faneuil Hall on Monday, January 3 at 7:00 p.m. Organizers invite all those concerned about preserving our voting rights to gather at 6:30 p.m. at the State House entrance to Boston Common for a march to the indoor Rally at Faneuil Hall.

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Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of our country

Message from TruthInVoting.org:

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of our country.

Rep. Conyers has committed to contesting the 2004 Ohio Electoral College vote on January 6th. Given the incredible pressure to ignore all the alleged vote fraud and not to question whether Bush's alleged victory was a sham, Conyers' actions show uncommon courage. Is there even one Senator who can match Conyers' courage and dedication?

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Re-Vote Ohio

by Ted Glick



(This article was put together with much assistance from colleagues who have been deeply involved in the Ohio recount.)

Our next governor should enter office without any doubt about the legitimacy of his or her office. The people of Washington deserve to know that their governor was elected fair and square. Unfortunately, the events of the past few weeks now make it impossible for you or me to take office on January 12 without being shrouded in suspicion.

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Animals invited to help forecast earthquakes

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Animals invited to help forecast earthquakes
Updated: 2004-07-31 13:59

Animals in a northeast China zoo are now there not only for people to visit but also for monitoring possible earthquakes.

The Anshan Zoo, named after the city where it is located, in Liaoning Province, was brought into the city's seismological macro-observation network this week.

"About one week before an earthquake happens, animals' behaviors would become obviously abnormal," said Xu Jing, deputy chief engineer of the city's seismological bureau. And the more abnormal the animals act, the stronger the earthquake would probably be.

The zoo keepers therefore were given a new mission besides taking care of the animals: report to the seismological bureau whenever they find the animals acting strangely.

Together with the micro-monitoring result done with instruments, the local seismological administration believed that its earthquake forecasting would become more accurate and in time.

It is believed that more than 100 kinds of animals can "predict " earthquakes, including horses, donkeys, pigs, cattle, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, rats, snakes, and fish. Some are restless, some are dazed and some change their habits.

China, located between the circum-Pacific seismic belt and the belt ranging from the Mediterranean to the Himalayas, experiences the most earthquakes in the world.

Liaoning Province has reported three earthquakes measuring above 5.0 on the Richter scale since 1970. It has succeeded in forecasting one earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale which hit Yingkou and Haicheng, two densely populated places in southern part of the province, on Feb. 4, 1975. More than 2,000 people died in that tremor.

The most tragic quake to occur in China was the one hitting Tangshan of Hebei Province, the province surrounding Beijing, on July 28, 1976. Measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, it killed some 242,000 people.


Animals appear to have escaped massive deaths

Proof and Pictures of Weather Modification Warfare

Weather Warfare: Could It Be Affecting Our Racing Pigeons?

Informant: John Johnson

Central Indian Government failed to act on time and then panicked all with false warning


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http://www.iris.edu/seismon/ IT IS REALLY CENTERING AGAIN...SEE THE RED BLOBBING....this is what occurred before tsunami...

Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt

Irak: Die US-Bilanz der amerikanischen Toten

Expected Earthquake Activity for the Next Days - Are YOU Prepared?


Informant: CHEROKEE

The Ends of the World as We Know Them


Selbstverpflichtung der Mobilfunknetzbetreiber vom 05.12.2001

...Den Mobilfunkbetreibern ist bewusst, dass bestimmte Bereiche für die Errichtung von Sendeanlagen besonders im Fokus der öffentlichen Diskussion stehen. Dies gilt insbesondere für Kindergärten und Schulen. Ungeachtet der auch in diesen Bereichen durch die geltenden Grenzwerte gewährleisteten Sicherheit vor Einwirkungen elektromagnetischer Felder sind die Betreiber bereit, den Besorgnissen verstärkt Rechnung zu tragen und vorrangig andere Standorte zu prüfen...


Selbstverpflichtung der Mobilfunknetzbetreiber

Handystrahlung beschädigt Erbgut - Neue Schock-Studie der EU

Keine Mobilfunkanlagen mehr in reinen Wohngebieten

"Das Mobiltelefon am Ohr ist der Gau"

Ganzes Dorf gegen Mobilfunk

Mobilfunkantenne: „Wir haben keine Wahl“

Mobilfunker stellen sich selbst Gutachten aus und lassen sie von der Bundesregierung vorlesen

Scientific Background on the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami


Why W. Dosen't Go To Church

Empty Pew: Why W. Dosen't Go To Church:

What most--including many of the president's fiercest supporters--don't know, is that Bush doesn't go to church.


From Information Clearing House

Preventive War 'The Supreme Crime'

Noam Choamsky: Preventive War 'The Supreme Crime':

Iraq: The invasion that will live in infamy

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Westboro Baptist Church leaders have released the following statement regarding the tsunamis

Thanks God for the tsunami and 2,000 dead Swedes!!!:

Westboro Baptist Church leaders have released the following statement regarding the tsunamis which hit Southeast Asia earlier in the week.


From Information Clearing House

Christian fundamentalist organizations appear to be suffering from a compassion deficit

Organizations are missing in action when it comes to responding to the disaster in southern Asia. None of their web sites are actively soliciting aid for the victims of the earthquake/tsunami...


Global analysts dispute perceived US generosity

On a per capita basis and as a percentage of the nation's wealth, America's emergency relief in Asia and development aid to poor countries actually ranks at the bottom of the list of developed nations


From Information Clearing House

The stingy U.S. - An appalling performance

As the Bush administration is wont to say, actions speak louder than words, and America's actions in recent days have painted the United States as a rich, self-absorbed and uncaring nation that had to be shamed into anything approaching appropriate concern about this catastrophe.


From Information Clearing House

Dick Cheney’s Song of America

The Plan is for the United States to rule the world. The overt theme is unilateralism, but it is ultimately a story of domination. It calls for the United States to maintain its overwhelming military superiority and prevent new rivals from rising up to challenge it on the world stage. It calls for dominion over friends and enemies alike. It says not that the United States must be more powerful, or most powerful, but that it must be absolutely powerful.

Civilization vs. Barbarism

An Interview with Noam Chomsky:

"It's not correct that the media haven't reported the war crimes. They often report them and celebrate them. Take for example the invasion of Fallujah.."

Time to leave Iraq

The Bush administration's New Year's resolution should be to pull out of Iraq. Already, the United States has lost 1,300 soldiers, and 10,000 U.S. soldiers have been wounded, at a rate now of almost 1,000 a month.


From Information Clearing House

Faces of the fallen

These photographs are grouped in solemn rows without statistics to show the extent of U.S. military losses (in Iraq) in one view.


From Information Clearing House

Big California Earthquake Long Overdue


It Gets Personal

December 31, 2004

When reality is too horrible to comprehend, we humans sometimes turn to art for answers. As I started to write this column, I recalled an old black and white movie that I watched once, in a small theater that showed little-known art films, about a conniving reporter played by a young Kirk Douglas. I can't remember the exact words, but the reporter made a comment that comes to my mind today, about how he could write a more compelling story about the misfortunes of one man than he could about an event of mass destruction.

Maybe that explains why I can't find the words to write about the incomprehensible disaster that has happened in Southeast Asia this week. What can I possibly write about a death toll that keeps rising in remote locations with names I never heard before? What can I say about the loss and suffering of millions of people whose lives are so unlike my own that I wouldn't presume to understand what they are feeling? How can I describe rescue and rebuilding needs that are so massive they boggle the mind?

Last night I met a couple at a party here in San Diego who lost everything they owned in the fires that overtook this region last year. They had moved in only six months before the fateful night that firemen drove down their street with bullhorns blaring, warning them to leave their houses immediately. They left with hardly anything, not fully comprehending the approaching danger until they turned on the TV in their hotel room just in time to see a film clip of their own house burning to the ground. This is the second couple I've met this month who lost their home in that inferno. When I think how close my father's house came to being one of the several thousand that burned, their loss becomes all the more tangible. I could probably write a book about what they have endured because it's so easy to empathize with them. But that's not the story I need to write today.

I turn on the news and see one disturbing clip after another of the devastation left by the tsunami that struck most of the countries surrounding the Indian Ocean. I look at the wide, distant look in each survivor's eyes and try to fathom what could be going through their minds. Are they so different from me that I can't imagine what I would be thinking in their situation? In a matter of minutes their lives were ripped apart without warning. Whatever was important to them a week ago is suddenly insignificant. Loved ones are missing or maybe known to be dead. Perhaps they even had the horror of seeing a child or sibling or parent swept away in the merciless wave. How can it feel to look around and see your entire village or city leveled? To have no resources for food, or water or shelter or medical care? And for everyone around you to be in the same helpless situation? Where to you start? How can you start when you are still in shock? How can you pray when your God has clearly abandoned you? And if you cannot pray, how can you hope? And if you cannot hope, how do you go on?

Is it the sheer number of victims that makes it so hard to fully grasp this human tragedy or is it because it has befallen people whose way of life is so different from our own? Don't they still cherish their children, fall in love, feel hungry, enjoy a good laugh? What difference does it make where the bed is that they sleep in at night, don't they still dream and make love? Can you allow yourself to imagine the millions of individual human beings on our planet who just experienced this horrible trauma? Each one, a unique person who sees the world from their own eyes -- eyes that may close to sleep but will inevitably open to see that their collective nightmare is still there. Eyes that a reporter's camera will capture, to make this story personal, if we will only look into them.

Most of us living outside the nightmare feel compelled to help in any way we can when we hear of human suffering of this magnitude. Mostly that means giving money. While the governments of the United States and Britain have offered pathetic l contributions when you compare them to the amount spent every day on our war on Iraq, generous individuals from around the world, including those two countries, have swamped phone lines and websites to make donations. Unfortunately the infrastructure of most of the devastated countries was disorganized to start with and this disaster has compounded the problems. So translating financial donations into actual aid delivered to the victims seems to be an almost insurmountable logistical nightmare. Those involved in making it happen deserve a guaranteed direct escort into heaven or any other afterlife reward of their choosing.

Death and destruction is not new to some of the areas hardest hit by this disaster. But unlike the earthquake that caused their current crisis, previous tragedies were manmade. In the providence of Aceh, journalist Allan Narin reported on "Democracy Now" that the Indonesian military crushed a popular movement for independence by assassinating and disappearing thousands of activists. He said that the current casualties are dwarfed by the military massacres carried out by the Indonesian military in various places, including 200,000 killed in Timor in 1999. He fears that the Indonesian military will use this disaster as a cover to further the killing of the Acehnese and that the Pentagon may use the disaster as an excuse to restore aid to the Indonesian military.

I had to get out my world map to see where Aceh is (it's on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra). While I was at it, I must confess that I had to search for a number of other locations I've been hearing were affected by the tsunami. I also located the island of Diego Garcia, a 17 square mile island south of India. The interesting thing about Diego Garcia is that it was the only place that was warned about the tsunami and "miraculously" seems to have suffered no damage! Would it surprise anyone that this British dependency is a joint US - UK air and naval refueling and support station? The story of how the indigenous population of this island was forcibly relocated 1,000 miles away to the slums of Mauritius, so the island could be turned into a military base, is yet another example of a human tragedy wrought by humans. The fact that we managed to warn our military base of the tsunami, but not anywhere else, just makes me sick.

Even as the casualty count from this natural disaster climbs, there is another casualty count we cannot overlook, which the American people are directly responsible for - and that is our attack on the people of Iraq. We cannot control the forces of nature, but the human tragedy of war is entirely manmade. And the preemptive war in Iraq turns out to not have anything to preempt. Fallujah was home to 300,000 Iraqi civilians - husbands, wives, children, friends, lovers, teachers, workers, artists, dreamers - real human beings, every one of them. The US tsunami leveled that city and any civilians who did not escape to refugee camps were slaughtered by our brave troops. No act of God can be blamed for the nightmare we inflicted on these people. And no outpouring of humanitarian aid is being collected to help them. No reports of this devastation are being broadcast on the nightly news. No effort to rebuild has been organized. On the contrary, we have deliberately destroyed the entire infrastructure that makes a place inhabitable - electricity, water, hospitals, schools and mosques are all gone. The former inhabitants of Fallujah have nothing to go back to.

That the Indian Ocean tsunami occurred on the other side of the world this time was just a matter of chance. Last autumn the forces of nature struck closer to home when an unprecedented four powerful hurricanes ravaged the Caribbean, Florida and the southeast United States. Arguments can be made for and against these and other natural disasters being related to global warming, but you can't deny that there seems to be an increase in both their numbers and intensity. In the long run, it may turn out that these too are really manmade disasters. In any case, if it's your neighborhood that is consumed by fire, or your trailer park that's smashed to bits, or your town that's inundated by flood, tragedy gets real personal. For millions of people living on the rim of the Indian Ocean, and hundreds of thousands living in Iraq, it's gotten very personal. And, as Kirk Douglas' character in that movie would agree, that's about as compelling as a story gets.

Wishing all of us a New Year filled with happiness and love.

©2004 Jeeni Criscenzo

Send all comments and suggestions to Jeeni@cpr4democracy.com

Giant Tsunami Strikes and Bush Goes AWOL for 3 Days


The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction :"Owning the Weather" for Military Use


Informant: Joseph Ares-Berziga



If these new signals are off the land mass the earthquake will be greater than the 9.0 magnitude in the Indian ocean. A more specific epicenter may be determined upon further data received from additional main signals. If such data is received, than at that time, the location and percentage of certainty will be adjusted accordingly.

Currently the percentage of probability is 80% that a quake will occur in these locations specified with a magnitude measuring 8.0 - 9.0. Magnitude may be greater if the earthquake originates offshore in the water. This forecast is in effect immediately through January 14, 2005. The most likely dates are today December 29, 2004, January 1st, 6th, 13th and 14th 2005; plus or minus 9 to 15 hours towards sunrise/sunset. Additional main signals could result in the release of seismic activity before these most probable dates noted above. We will continue to monitor the situation and bring you further news and updates as it may develop.

Los Gatos, California
Phone 408.829.4381
Fax 408.376.0728

Press Release

Phone: (408)829-4381


11:45 AM PDT, December 29, 2004



On December 29, 2004 an early warning earthquake detection was observed for the second time for the region as stated in the December 23, 2004 press release for the 8.1 magnitude off the coast of New Zealand across Australia to the epicenter of the 9.0 magnitude quake and tsunami on December 26, 2004. These newly detected main signals received December 29, 2004 are not at the same epicenters as the underwater disturbances of the 8.1 magnitude quake off the coast of New Zealand on December 23, 2004 or the magnitude 9.0 quake off the west coast of Northern Sumatra on December 26, 2004.

Two (2) sets of main signals (quartz crystal under pressure producing short bursts of radio signals-see Coles Method) were detected 23 minutes apart from each other indicating multiple epicenters most likely on land. These main signals were greater than the 8.1 magnitude quake or the 9.0 magnitude quake as predicated on December 11, 2004 at http://www.syzygyjob.net/jackcoles/.

If these new signals are off the land mass the earthquake will be greater than the 9.0 magnitude in the Indian ocean. A more specific epicenter may be determined upon further data received from additional main signals. If such data is received, than at that time, the location and percentage of certainty will be adjusted accordingly.

Currently the percentage of probability is 80% that a quake will occur in these locations specified with a magnitude measuring 8.0 - 9.0. Magnitude may be greater if the earthquake originates offshore in the water. This forecast is in effect immediately through January 14, 2005. The most likely dates are today December 29, 2004, January 1st, 6th, 13th and 14th 2005; plus or minus 9 to 15 hours towards sunrise/sunset. Additional main signals could result in the release of seismic activity before these most probable dates noted above. We will continue to monitor the situation and bring you further news and updates as it may develop.

“All we want to do is save lives” Jack Coles

For References See: AP Wire Service January 17-19th, 1994, Hard Copy, American Journal (Inside Edition January 19, 1994) and the L.A. Weekly News; “The Myth of Solid Ground” April 9-16th, 1999 top of page 34; the “Thurston Clark’s book “California Fault” see pages 254-258 and 397-398; along with many other publications for television, radio, and newspaper from Canada to Japan down to Columbia; nationwide in the United States.

Coles Method Of Detecting Earthquakes

There are two types of earthquake signals, “Initial” build-up and “Main” signals that are seismic events in progress that result in earthquakes as much as 90% of the time. “Initial Signals” are build-up types of indicators and may be compared to a rumbling or elevated background noise from the earth’s normal two to twelve hertz or the sudden lack of sound coming from normal rotation of this sphere we live on. These “Initial Signals” eventually have yielded quakes approximately 5-to-15% of the time depending on the area and can be followed by a main signal that could give us as much as a 90% forecast with larger quakes. These could and most of the time takes months or years. This could be a “get ready” warning stage. A long period of “initial signals” with a sudden change could be an indication to “get set” and when the “Main Signal” hits that would be “go”! This is the time interval that one starts to pay extreme attention. Even so, “Initial Signals” by themselves are still good for about 5-to-15% of the forecast.

“Main Signals” are the detections of the earth as it sparks as a beacon flaring radio noise and sometimes travels around the globe. These are the signals which give us the most likely possible dates, times, location(s), and magnitudes. They happen at one day (four-to-twenty four hours 1x1), four days (fifty six-to-ninety six hours 2x2), nine day (3x3), sixteen day (4x4), etc. At 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, etc. those most likeliest dates have occurred on 1,4,9,16 days and only three quakes that have gone 25 days with three that have taken 28 to 30 days (see eruption cycle at Mt. Saint Helens); this could be due to a lunar cycle. On January 21, 1994 twenty-one main signals occurred and it took 361 days for the quake to happen at Kobe, Japan on January 16, 1995. (19x19) Before the quake there was also four day, nine and sixteen day signals. These signals can be picked up on a SPECTRUM ANALYZER. This could be likened to a pencil under pressure sounding off with no visible signs of cracking. Matter of fact, most all-solid objects under stress will sound off before apparent cracking or breaking occurs. More so, quartz crystal sends off radio noise (piezoelectricity) just before breakage despite “Nay Sayers” that profess that it isn’t so! (See Nova, “Are we Alone”, Colorado Department of Mine segment). Also it may be brought to our attention that some rocks decay and are radioactive for tens of thousands of years. Who says that radio noise does not come out of rock? Some of the brightest and deadliest radio waves come from small orb made from rock and put under explosive pressure making nuclear pulse; the Atom bomb.

An example of a final main signal would be 2:57 A.M. Friday the 14th of January 1994. Counting the day that it happened as “day one”, “day four” would be Monday morning January 17th. If these “main Signals” happen in the in the afternoon or evening the quakes most likely happen the morning of the fourth day. The midway portion of these signals toward sunrise would place the time at 4:27 A.M. The Northridge Quake in 1994 hit at 4:31 A.M. four minutes off the exact dead center. The Kobe, Japan Quake in 1995 gave off the most “Main Signals” starting the 2nd of January 1995 giving a distinct echo to indicate distance, location, and magnitude killing nearly 6,000 thousand people sixteen days later.

If a person that would have listened to “Initial Signals” and “Main Signals” like they did back in the early days of radio in Los Angeles: Tune your AM radio down to 530khz and then slowly go up the dial until you have reached a quiet spot in between radio stations with little or no buzz. Next turn the volume up to where there is constant static then turn the volume down until you can barely hear it. You will hear lightning crackling during a storm, lights being turned on and off, or some kinds of electric tools being used. These need to be subtracted from the earth’s upward cascading harmonic emissions from the 2-to-12 hertz range. Write down the exact time and dates and you will be hearing these initial and main signals. Don’t forget to go about the normal activities of the day. These anomalies will be loud enough that you can hear them at the time they happen even though the volume is low. When the “Main Signal” is detected an earthquake is in process. There will be a sixteen (16) day window period with three most likely dates, if the quake doesn’t happen in the first 24 hours. A good example would be if a “Main Signal” happened on the 1st of any given month, the window would start on the first (1st) and go through the seventeenth (17th) of that month. The most likeliest dates would be the first, fourth, ninth, and sixteenth (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4). The time would be based on +/- 9 to 15 hours toward sunrise/sunset and could be either side of the dates mentioned. If a signal happens late at night the following would apply. The 4th and 5th, or 9th and 10th, or the16th and17th with the last day being the18th.

Please stay prepared... “All we want to do is save lives" JackColes
For References See: AP Wire Service January 17-19th, 1994, Hard Copy, American Journal (Inside Edition January 19, 1994) and the L.A. Weekly News; “The Myth of Solid Ground” April 9-16th, 1999 top of page 34; the “Thurston Clark’s book “California Fault” see pages 254-258 and 397-398; along with many other publications for television, radio, and newspaper from Canada to Japan down to Columbia; nationwide in the United States.


Informant: CHEROKEE

Temple of Death


Our Planet, and Our Duty


UCD Team: We Predicted Quake


Informant: Joseph Ares-Berziga

Pacific coast's tsunami threat


Informant: Joseph Ares-Berziga

Scalar Electromagnetics and Weather Control - SOVIET SCALAR ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS


Did Animals Have Quake Warning?


Informant: Joseph Ares-Berziga

Ohio's official non-recount ends amidst new evidence of fraud


Informant: Diana Davies

An amateur geophysicist's opinion of what caused the Tsunami

Posted on one of my groups. FYI - Anna Webb

Begin forwarded message:

On Dec. 23, 2004 an 8.1 quake struck off the SW coast of New Zealand. The epicenter of this quake was very close to an area of maximum intensity in the earth's magnetic field - see map F at

The quake was also located along the perimeter of the Indo-Australian Tectonic Plate. This in itself was a "Great Quake". Only an average of 1 occurs worldwide per year (prior to this, only 13 quakes greater than 8.0 had occurred since 1990).

This quake would have set up reverberations around the "Ring of Fire", especially along the perimeter of the Indo-Australian Plate.

Two days and 10 hours go by and the earth, sun and moon align. It's a full moon and the earth is being pulled in one direction by sun and another direction by moon. It's like tripping a mouse trap - all of sudden a tremendous amount of energy is released by a small gravitational tug, and a 9.0 earthquake strikes off Sumatra - also along the perimeter of the Indo-Australian Plate. The rest is history, in fact it is history still in the making.

But it's my opinion that the pre-existing conditions I've described set up conditions that caused Mega-Quake and the massive Tsunami that followed.


Deep Black Lies, In-Depth Reporting of Crime and Corruption in High Places


Informant: Shanti Renfrew

Sea Change

by William Thomas


Please feel free to publish and redistribute. Also, please post these other links if you are so inclined: Shame Campaign--At Least One Senator!

http://makethemaccountable.com/misc/DemocratsShame2001.htm also at
http://angrylime.com.nyud.net:8090/congressdropstheball2001.wmv, http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/video/congressdropstheball2001.wmv, http://amsam.org/flicks/congressdropstheball2001.wmv and other mirrors.

Daniel P. Welch

Washington Foreknowledge of A Natural Disaster


From APFN daily update

Diebold tampered with voting machines

Included in Arnebeck's motion is a two-page testimony taken in the presence of a court reporter where alleged witness Catherine Buchanan says she was told Diebold reprogrammed voting machines while present at her local Board of Elections. Webpage Includes Photograph of Sworn Statement.


Informant: John Johnson

Shock, awe and the human body

Torture reconsidered: Shock, awe and the human body

William Pfaff on the US of torture:

Informant: Lew Rockwell

Ultimate Terrorist

Tsunamis or governments? Article by Charley Reese:


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