Straw Fears UK Being Sucked Into Another US War


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In debt to his country

McWilliams carries the scars of battle and three years of service in Iraq, but he came away from the experience with something more -- a bill from the Defense Department for more than $3,000 and 30 days to pay it.


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International Undercover Commando Brigade to Secure the Iraqi Elections

One third of this new force are Ex-Iraqi security troops who had been given special honors and decorations by Saddam Hussen.

This election will change the world but not in the way the Americans imagined

Robert Fisk in Baghdad

America has insisted on these elections - which will produce a largely Shia parliament representing Iraq's largest religious community - because they are supposed to provide an exit strategy for embattled US forces, but they seem set to change the geopolitical map of the Arab world in ways the Americans could never have imagined. For George Bush and Tony Blair this is the law of unintended consequences writ large.

Erneute weltweite Verstrahlung zu erwarten

Leider haben aktuelle Messwerte erneue radioaktive Quellen ausfindig gemacht, deren Entwicklung noch aussteht. Insofern besteht nicht nur in der Krisenregion, sondern auch in anderen Gegenden der Erde eine akute Tsunami- und Verstrahlungsgefahr. Eine Kettenreaktion bisher nicht vorstellbaren Ausmaßes kann zumindestens nicht ausgeschlossen werden. Insofern muß man leider sogar die Helfer in den Notstandsgebieten vor erneuten Überschwemmungen warnen.


EIne NACHSORGE wird genau so notwendig wie die dringende Entstrahlung land- und gärtnerisch bewirtschafteter Gebiete, da sonst Ernteausfälle in Größenordnungen entstehen.

Ich bedauere, Ihnen keine bessere Nachricht zukommen zu lassen.

Dr. Harald Grünert




Informant: Harlan Girard

Provoking Iran - US Air Force Flies Its Combat Aircraft into Iranian Airspace

After Seymour M. Hersh's revelation that "[t]he [George W. Bush] Administration has been conducting secret reconnaissance missions inside Iran at least since last summer" (Seymour M. Hersh, "The Coming Wars: What the Pentagon Can Now Do in Secret," The New Yorker, January 24, 2005), more frightening news. Two newspapers on the left and right ends of the political mainstream report that the US Air Force is flying its combat planes into Iran's airspace, "templating" Iran's air defense positions, and daring Teheran to shoot US planes down -- an act that simultaneously prepares for the next war, serves as a provocation, seeks to create a pretext for war (if the planes are shot down), and (if nothing else) escalates its ongoing psychological warfare against Teheran. -- Full Text:


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'Unheard Of' Seismic Events Continues In Quake Areas

Actually according to the European station there have been about 75 or more 5+ quakes at Nicobar in the past 4 days:

'Unheard Of' Seismic Events Continues In Quake Areas

Informant: Anna Webb

Who's Dying in Our War?


IntelliTrack software uses RFID tags to track physical assets and inventory in offices, schools, state and federal

IntelliTrack Adds Support for Wireless Devices from American Microsystems Ltd.

[Press Release] PR Web via Yahoo! News - Jan 28 4:00 AM

Hunt Valley, MD (PRWEB) January 28, 2005 -- IntelliTrack Inc., the leading manufacturer of affordable bar code tracking software, announced today that its entire product line now supports the American Microsystems Ltd. (AML) Wireless (RF) Terminal, model M7100. IntelliTrack software uses bar codes and RFID tags to track physical assets and inventory in offices, schools, state and federal...


Informant: Mark Marks

Germany & UK Set to Drive $1 Billion West European RFID Market by 2007

[Press Release] PR Web via Yahoo! News - Jan 28 3:00 AM

(PRWEB) January 28, 2005 -- The most significant application will be in the supply chain and logistics sector, where RFID will be used to drive increased efficiencies from producer to retailer. In the retail market success for RFID will come from niche applications such as the library sector, and within mass transportation.


Informant: Mark Marks

Hotspots bleiben kalt: Outsourcing bei One


EMF-Omega-News 29. January 2004

Mission accomplished


Mobile Phones Trigger Symptoms

Structural and kinetic effects of mobile phone microwaves on acetylcholinesterase activity

Scientists serious about 'electricity sickness' claims

'I have to switch the mains off to get to sleep'

Putting Cell Phone Antennas Near Schools Is Too Risky

Persuade your District Council to inspect masts

Broadband on powerlines coming to Australia

Solar storms could disrupt mobile telephones, television

Electromagnetic weapons "tests" in Iraq

Scalar EM Weapons Testing in West Australia

Microwave oven info

Omega-News Collection 29. January 2005

Omega-News Collection 29. January 2005

Outcry Over Creation of GM Smallpox Virus

Countdown to global catastrophe

'Our land is changing - soon yours will too'

Global Warming Approaching Point of No Return

Earth Heating Up Twice As Fast As Thought

Scientist reveals a melting Alaska

Antarctic wildlife on the edge of disaster

Man-made Marine Disaster to worsen?

Environmental groups complains old-growth not being protected

Support the People of Haida Gwaii

How transnational water corporations are commodifying the earth’s water for profit


Andaman quakes leave seismologists worried

Study confirms decline in Great Lakes levels

Poison Plants: Chlorine Factories Are a Major Global Source of Mercury

Stop the field Trials with transgenic Pines

GM Cotton Fiascos Around the World

U.S. Brushes Aside N.M. Drilling Protests

Mabira Forest Endangered

Rivers Threatened By Plunder of Key Forest

Logging State Parks in Maine?

Protect Imperiled Forests and Wildlife

Stop Timber Industry Greenwashing - Protection of The Ancient Redwood Forests

Global Warming Is 'Twice As Bad As Previously Thought'

Hopi prophecy pointed to this climate change

Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy

What Do Trees Have To Do With Peace?

Tell it to Governor Schwarzenegger

The Fake Carnivore Debate, R.I.P.

The End Of Civil Rights: What The U.K.'s New Control Orders Mean For YOU

Free trade and the future of furniture

Citizen’s Oath

Vote USA 2004

Iraq War

Is Iran next?


Mission accomplished


Mobile Phones Trigger Symptoms

Structural and kinetic effects of mobile phone microwaves on acetylcholinesterase activity

Scientists serious about 'electricity sickness' claims

'I have to switch the mains off to get to sleep'

Putting Cell Phone Antennas Near Schools Is Too Risky

Persuade your District Council to inspect masts

Broadband on powerlines coming to Australia

Solar storms could disrupt mobile telephones, television

Electromagnetic weapons "tests" in Iraq

Scalar EM Weapons Testing in West Australia

Microwave oven info

RFID-Chips für Ausländer

Das US-Heimatschutzministerium will zur besseren Kontrolle der Landesgrenzen bei einreisenden Ausländern die Reisedokumente mit RFID-Chips ausstatten, die angeblich gegen Missbrauch geschützt sind...


Torture Still Routine in Iraqi Jails

Torture Still Routine in Iraqi Jails, Report Says

Informant: Harlan Girard

News Media Ignored Study of Iraqi Civilian Deaths


Complete Control of Government

Possibly, private industries and fascists interested in taking complete control of the government

What I've seen happen during and since 9/11 makes it plain that the fascists are not "interested in taking" complete control of government, they ARE in control. All that's going on now is the incremental introduction of absolute dictatorship in small doses to avoid an uprising.

You should listen to first-person accounts of encounters with police since the faked "terrorist" event of 9/11 here:


You will be stunned and will see that what I say above is true.


Informant: susan

No. 1?


Informant: Anna Webb

U.S. lawn-care industry fighting back against pesticide bans


Informant: Anna Webb

Hoping for a "Proper Election" for a "Proper Civil War"


Informant: Yoshie Furuhashi

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Human Chip Has Scary Side Affects




Life in a Socialist World Government


The Homeland Security State

Tension in the Imperial Republic

Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse on the homeland security state:

Foolish Wisdom

Bill Bonner on the insanity of crowds:

Why I Am Obsessed With War

Harry Browne on why you should be too:



Chertoff Advised CIA on Torture Methods of Prisoners

Torture Scandal Explodes: Chertoff Advised CIA on Torture Methods of Prisoners

Confirmation in Jeopardy? Michael Chertoff, who has been picked by President Bush to be the homeland security secretary, advised the Central Intelligence Agency on the legality of coercive interrogation methods on terror suspects under the federal anti-torture statute, current and former administration officials said this week."


Republicans Call for Military Draft

Breaking News: Republicans Call for Military Draft - Influential PNAC Behind Move

Using the slick and misleading euphemism, "to take the steps necessary to increase substantially the size of the active duty Army and Marine Corps," the neo-conservative Republicans who brought the world the failing Iraq War now want a full-scale military draft soon to raise 25,000 troops a year. The "back door draft" may turn into the "front door draft."


Two live grenades found in luggage of soldier returning from Iraq

According to the Associated Press, "Two live hand grenades were found in the luggage of a soldier returning from Iraq on Thursday." This raises disturbing questions, including "why" and "how" the live grenades made it from Iraq to a commercial airliner here in the U.S.. And what if the deadly grenades exploded on the plane, causing a crash?


You Know They Treat Us Like Shit Says Iraq War Veteran

Insult to injury: Some wounded soldiers back from Iraq are having to pay for meals at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Veterans' groups say it's another symptom of fighting a costly war on the cheap. One Iraq War veteran still on active duty told Salon reporter Mark Benjamin, "You know they treat us like shit up here" at Walter Reed.


Gonzales Received Questionable Payments While Judge in Texas

Another Major Scandal: When Alberto Gonzales was a Texas Supreme Court justice, he received more than $500,000 dollars in campaign contributions, some of the case came from companies that had cases before his court. However, Gonzales did not recuse himself from the cases, even though there was an obvious appearance of conflict of interest. These payoffs to judges are called ''prejudgment premiums."


The Return of the Draft

A societywide draft would also make it more difficult for politicians to commit troops to battle without popular approval. "The folks making the decisions are committing other people's lives to a war effort that they're not making any sacrifices for," says Charles Sheehan-Miles, who fought in the first Gulf War and now serves as director of Veterans for Common Sense.


Congress Declares War on Veterans

Congress Declares War on Veterans, Merges Senate Subcommittees:

The Senate declared war on the Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans groups, and veterans, according to Congressional Quarterly. The Senate plans to merge VA spending with DoD spending, sending message that VA's budget must be slashed to pay for DoD weapons systems and war, and that one day VA may merge with DoD. In other words, Republican Senators and Congressmen want to take away healthcare from disabled veterans to pay for Star Wars missile defense and the failing Iraq War.


Iraq War Coalition Crumbles: Coalition pull-out from Iraq gathers pace

The coalition of the willing, which turned into the coalition of the bribed, is now the coalition of the departing,. Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, and other nations retreat from Iraq as the war becomes worse and casualties rise. The Bush Administration lacks international leadership and respect, thus leaving the U.S. more isolated and vulnerable.


From Dictatorship to Democracy - Civilian-Based Defense

The Albert Einstein Institution offers:

We are thrilled to inform you that we have added over 50 new translations in 24 different languages to the Albert Einstein Institution web site in the last month!!!

For years, many of these translations were available only in book form. Now, we have scanned them and placed them on our web site for free download. Although we have not evaluated all of these translations—and therefore cannot vouch for some of their quality—we wanted to make them available to people interested in our work.Please look at the bottom of this email to see the list of new translations. To find out more, visit:


Or, visit our home page: http://www.aeinstein.org , click on publications, and then click on translations.

Thank you for your interest in the work of the Albert Einstein Institution.

List of new translations:

Arabic -- Nonviolent Struggle: An Efficient Technique of Political Action

Arabic -- The Intifada and Nonviolent Struggle

Arabic -- The Role of Power in Nonviolent Struggle

Burmese (Burma) -- The Role of Power in Nonviolent Struggle

Burmese -- From Dictatorship to Democracy

Burmese -- Which Way to Freedom

Chin (Burma) -- From Dictatorship to Democracy

Chinese -- Civilian-Based Defense

Dutch -- Civilian-Based Defense: Deterrence and Defense by Citizens

Dutch -- Civilian-based defense: An Option for Western Europe

Dutch -- Making the Abolition of War a Realistic Goal

Dutch -- Power and Struggle: Theory and Practice of Nonviolent Action

Dutch -- The Political Equivalent of War-Civilian Defense

Dutch -- The Problem of Political Technique in Radical Politics

Dutch -- What is Required to Uproot Oppression

Estonian -- Civilian-Based Defense

Estonian -- Self-Reliant Defense Without Bankruptcy or War

French -- Civilian-Based Defense

French -- Making the Abolition of War a Realistic Goal

German -- The Political Equivalent of War--Civilian Defense

Hebrew -- Civilian-Based Defense

Hebrew -- Considering Policy Options and Consequences for Israel Facing the Intifada

Hebrew -- Israel vs. Intifada: Policy Options and Their Consequences

Hebrew -- Nonviolent Resistance

Indonesian -- From Dictatorship to Democracy

Italian -- Making Europe Unconquerable

Italian -- Nonviolent Struggle: A Means Towards Justice, Freedom, and Peace

Italian -- The Politics of Nonviolent Action (3 vols.)

Japanese -- Mass Resistance Without Weapons: Its Military-Strategic Approach

Japanese -- Toward the Objective of Making the Abolition of War a Realistic Possibility

Jing Paw (Burma) -- From Dictatorship to Democracy

Karen (Burma) -- From Dictatorship to Democracy

Korean -- Civilian-Based Defense

Latvian -- Civilian-Based Defense

Latvian -- Self-Reliant Defense Without Bankruptcy or War

Lithuanian -- Civilian-Based Defense

Lithuanian -- Self-Reliant Defense Without Bankruptcy or War

Macedonian -- Self-Reliant Defense Without Bankruptcy or War

Mon (Burma) -- From Dictatorship to Democracy

Norwegian -- Tyranny Could Not Quell Them

Portuguese -- Power, Struggle, and Defense

Russian -- Civilian-Based Defense

Russian -- Nonviolent Struggle: A Better Means of Resolving Acute Political and Ethical Conflicts?

Russian -- The 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action

Russian -- The Historical Significance of the Growth of Nonviolent Struggle in the Late 20th Century

Serbian -- From Dictatorship to Democracy

Spanish -- Nonviolent Political Struggle

Spanish -- The Relevance of Gandhi in the Modern World

Spanish -- The Role of Power in Nonviolent Struggle

Thai -- Against the Coup: Fundamentals of Effective Defense

Thai -- Power and Nonviolent Strategy

Albert Einstein was deeply concerned about war, oppression, dictatorship, genocide, and nuclear weapons. He was willing to explore new approaches to confronting these problems of political violence, although he was not always happy with the choices available to him. At various times he was a war resister, a supporter of the war against the Nazi system, and an advocate of world government. In his later life, he became enormously impressed with the potential of nonviolent struggle. In 1950, he remarked on a United Nations radio broadcast that, "On the whole, I believe that Gandhi held the most enlightened views of all the political men in our time...."

Today, the Albert Einstein Institution continues work on that aspect of Einstein's thought, examining the potential of nonviolent struggle to resolve the continuing problems of political violence.

Jenseits von Standort- und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit

Vernetzungsinitiative der Gewerkschaftslinken: 6. bundesweites Treffen der Gewerkschaftslinken am 14./15. Januar 2005 in Stuttgart

Der Erpressungsspirale entgegentreten:
Position der PDS AG betrieb & gewerkschaft zu den Entwicklungen in
den Gewerkschaften (pdf):

Linke im Zugzwang:
Die wirtschaftliche und soziale Situation in der BRD verlangt nach Alternativen. In Stuttgart versuchten mehr als 300 Gewerkschaftslinke, solche zu finden. Kolumne von Mag Wompel in junge Welt vom 22.01.2005.

und auf der Kongress-Seite einige Bilder der Konferenz - wir danken Evrensel:

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 21, Eintrag 18

»Hartz IV«-Opfer erhängte sich


Confirmed: U.S. Air Force Flies Recon Missions Into Iran - Destabilizing Region Further

President George Bush has ordered U.S. Air Force places to fly into Iran's airspace. There can be no other conclusion than Bush and neo-conservatives are laying the groundwork for another pre-emptive unilateral war in the Middle East at a time when our military faces increasing casualties in Iraq.


Say NO to Gonzales and to the Sorry State of the Union

Alberto Gonzales, the chief legal architect of the Bush administration's once unthinkable torture policies, is poised to become the attorney general of the United States. We urge you to call your Senators immediately and ask them to speak out against torture by opposing the Gonzales nomination.

During CODEPINK’s visits to Iraq, we heard first-hand testimony from Iraqis who were tortured by U.S. troops at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere. We know that these abuses are far more widespread and systematic than most Americans are aware of, and that they are happening in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay as well as Iraq.

Alberto Gonzales’ infamous torture memo paved the way to the systematic abuse of detainees, a practice that is happening in our name! Please tell your Senators that tough questions are not enough. We need to send a message to the Bush Administration and the world that the American people do not condone torture under any circumstances!

CALL: Capitol Switchboard, (202) 224-3121.
Ask for your Senator's office.

For more information on Gonzales, visit these websites:
Peace Action: http://www.peace-action.org
Center for Constitutional Rights: http://www.ccr-ny.org

Address Bush’s Sorry State of the Union on February 2

The fact that a man who endorses the use of torture may become the attorney general of the United States is just one sign of the sorry state of the union. Another sign is the ongoing violence in Iraq, which this week resulted in the deaths of more soldiers in one day than in any other during our invasion and occupation of Iraq. The sham elections of January 30 will likely exacerbate the violence.

With an estimated deficit of $427 billion dollars, women's rights at the mercy of right-wing conservative judges lining up to take over the U.S. Supreme Court, and absolutely no exit strategy for the tragedy in Iraq, it’s time to speak up!

There's only one thing left to do: gather your friends, family and neighbors and have a get together like only CODEPINK women can have. Head to a local bar or get comfy on your favorite spot on the couch. Make a night of commiserating, laughing, and making plans to take action.

We have some great ideas to get you started:

Bring the troops home NOW,
Andrea, Carol, Claire, Dana, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Tiffany
January 28, 2005 http://www.codepinkalert.org

Protest Against Oxford University Animal Research Laboratory


Informant: Ima Vegan

Hopi prophecy pointed to this climate change

Hopi prophecy pointed to this climate change
abstracted from John C. Mohawk, Ph.D.

Beginning about 70 years ago, some traditional Hopi formulated a message to the rest of the world that there was a rising danger that humankind's lack of spiritual attention to the world was going to lead to disaster. The form this disaster would take was that there would be violent storms and all kinds of disruption that would eventually threaten human beings around the world. It had happened before, they said, and all signs, including ancient prophecies, are that it will happen again. The individual who emerged as spokesperson for this was Thomas Banyacya. A very interesting element to the message was that proof of their message was to be found in the American's own libraries and scientific papers.

There is every evidence that this is happening, just as the traditional Hopi predicted, and the major leadership of the world is not acting in an effective way to meet the threat. This August, the Bush administration finally issued a statement acknowledging that human activity may be contributing to global warming. If you think that radical Islamic terrorism is scary, wait until you see global warming.

Scientists are certain that greenhouse gases, especially CO2, have a history of altering global climate patterns, a history that goes back perhaps at least 900 million years. A dramatic but widely-held theory is that 600 million years ago the earth was an ice ball trapped in a glacial period and that it escaped this seemingly permanent condition when volcanoes released enough CO2 into the atmosphere to create a greenhouse effect which warmed things up to perhaps an average temperature of 120 F, causing hundreds of thousands of years of rain which trapped the CO2 and put it back in the earth. Eventually the earth stabilized. That was when the dramatic proliferation of life forms, including multi-cellular animals, appeared. There is pretty good evidence to support this theory. The ice may have been a kilometer thick. Greenhouse gases do cause climate change.

The earth is getting warmer and its average temperature has risen about one degree Fahrenheit since 1830 - at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The last 20 years have been the warmest in 12,000 years and the warming trend is worldwide. People who study tree rings find evidence that in the last 20 years there has been an unprecedented rate of change in the climate and among the best evidence for the effect of this change is that glaciers, worldwide, are receding and disappearing. There are glaciers in the Central Andes. Even there, glaciers have been retreating dramatically. Some are retreating at the rate of almost 100 feet per year. 40 percent of the ice has disappeared in some places. In others, numerous glaciers have already disappeared. For thousands of years, glaciers have maintained a record of what has happened over the centuries. Scientists collect ice cores from the tropics and the polar regions. They contain the history of climate going back to a half million years. Ice cores record that CO2 never got higher than 300 parts per million. Today, we find 360 ppm, strong (even irrefutable) evidence that humans are contributing to dramatic changes in the composition of the atmosphere. Scientists know there is a threshold beyond which dramatic and irreversible and unpredictable climate change will be triggered.

The impact of the climate change we have already can be seen in Alaska. In just 30 years, Alaska's temperature has risen an average of five degrees and glaciers there are melting. Since 1995 some have receded 10 to 20 feet a year. And the rate of change may be accelerating. Climatologists are alarmed. Soon there may be no glaciers in Glacier National Park. Fossil fuels are changing the chemistry of the atmosphere. It is the northern areas that will experience this warming first. In Alaska, the first thing is the meltingof the permafrost. This thawing is spreading. Already telephone poles are leaning and the ground is opening up in places, leaving holes in the land. The Alaska pipeline was built on the permafrost, but there was no planning for the possibility the permafrost might melt and the pipeline is threatened.

But the most devastating short-term impact may be from the unexpected. There are 120 million acres of forest in Alaska, and these forests are beginning to die on tens of millions of acres. The destruction has been rapid and devastating and trees on three million acres have already been killed by insect infestation. Some species which threaten forests thrive in warmer weather, like the spruce bark beetle, which eats the bark. These beetles arrived with the onset of warmer weather and in some places there are so many beetles that people have been forced to abandoned their homes and cabins. In southern Alaska, more trees have died in a few years than in the previous 70 years. !!!

In East Africa it rained excessively in traditionally arid lands and this led to extensive flooding which overwhelmed the water management systems. One result was a cholera epidemic from contaminated water. The mosquito population exploded and a malaria epidemic ensued in places in Kenya where mosquitoes were previously rare or unknown. People blamed El Nino, but global warming probably had a hand in the disasters. The problems didn't end there. As the earth heats up, the land dries up. Moisture is released through evaporation into the atmosphere, making it available for weather events. Thus there is flooding, record rainfalls and sometimes storms stronger than previously. While one place is experiencing flooding, other places experience drought. California is flooded, while Indonesia experiences drought. It is just as the Hopi warned.

The natural climate system can change rapidly. If it happened rapidly in the past, it could happen NOW! Global temperature records are being broken. It seems inevitable that we will reach four times the CO2 levels in the atmosphere from a century ago and maybe soon. Of [The emissions last for 50 years in the Atmosphere!] By the time we can [politically] 'prove' beyond a doubt that human activity is causing thewarming, it will be far [FAR] too late to do anything about it. American[and European] politicians, who compete among themselves selling visions of wishful thinking from everything from the economy to terrorism have not performed well in facing this threat. Earlier this year a movie, ''The Day After Tomorrow'', dramatized (and action-adventurized) SUDDEN global freezing (an after effect of warming), but even if the climate changes are much less dramatic [taking months rather than days or weeks] than depicted in this movie, the question arises: what about the day after the day after tomorrow? The U.S. government does see climate change as a national security threat, but it's actually much greater than that. It is a threat to species survival. [And European bankers.]

[Our survival, and the survival of millions of other fellow traveling species on planet Earth ...]

Informant: MessiahTwain

Was Kerry Bought?


Protecting Whistleblowers


Numerous Congress Members May Have Received Illegal Congressional Pay

Numerous Congress Members May Have Received Illegal Congressional Pay in 2003-2004:

Many current or former Senators and Representatives appear to have taken illegal Congressional salary payments during the current Congress, prior to the October recess...


From Information Clearing House

Boxer's Spine Gets Her Cut Off at the Knees

You wouldn't know it from reading the newspapers, but Sen. Barbara Boxer served her country valiantly last week. In her grilling of Secretary of State-designate Condoleezza Rice, Boxer finally named the elephant in the hearing room, which is more than the war itself. It's the lies that got us there.

Insult to injury

Some wounded soldiers back from Iraq are having to pay for meals at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Veterans' groups say it's another symptom of fighting a costly war on the cheap.

Returning veterans paint grim picture of war's toll

They witnessed soldiers blown to bits and mourned the loss of others who killed themselves when they returned home -- often excluded from the government's official body count.

This Pollyanna army

Bush will not admit that his troops are too exhausted to sustain his vengeful global missions...


From Information Clearing House

Ashes to Ashes

The ashes of Auschwitz are still falling on the innocents being murdered today.

By Chris Floyd

Even the strongest democracy can be subverted by leaders bent on deception and aggression. Even the strongest democracy can give rise to a ruthless, corporate-driven war machine, to secret prisons, secret armies, torture regimens and mass slaughter.

How to Stop Bush's Agenda

Everyone we know has been worried sick over what the new Bush administration is going to do to America's environment and what they have in mind for each of us. Mr. Bush and his religious right congressional followers believe that is is immoral to tax the rich to help the poor. They believe the middle class and those living in poverty have exploited corporations and the wealthy with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid--so they want to "privatize" these programs and leave the most vulnerable Americans even more vulnerable. They believe the poor and middle class have exploited corporations with unnecessary lawsuits for injuries. So Mr. Bush's agenda is to cap how much money a physically injured person can collect from those found guilty of having inflicted the injury.

Mr. Bush's agenda is possible because most of the evangelical and Pentecostal churches support whatever he wants. And many Roman Catholics have also granted their support. We thought it was time to expose the facts to American churchgoers.

The Yurica Report has published and updated a unique report titled "The Bloodguilty Churches." It is a carefully researched work (190 endnotes). It reveals the following:

The Bible prohibits: deregulation; vote rigging; privatization of Social Security; tax cuts for the wealthy; invading Iraq; oppressing the Hispanics who cross our borders; cutting Medicaid services; cutting Medicare services; hurting the environment; failing to answer all the questions from the 9/11 families; Tort Reform; torture; lying to congress; bribes; tampering with the justice system; appointing prejudiced nominees to the bench; tipping the scales of justice to favor big corporations.

If you haven't already read The Bloodguilty Churches By Katherine Yurica, this is the URL: http://www.yuricareport.com/Religion/TheBloodGuiltyChurches.html

The Yurica Report did something else: we prepared a Congressional Handbook in a PDF file by excerpting portions of The Bloodguilty Churches so that our readers could send the link to members of congress to inform them what the biblical position is on Mr. Bush's specific agenda items. This is a PDF file with 494 kb. The URL is:


NEW: The Madness of George W. Bush

A reflection of our collective psychosis: Bush's sickness is our own

By Paul Levy

George W. Bush is ill. He has a psycho-spiritual disease of the soul, a sickness that is endemic to our culture and symptomatic of the times we live in.


Katherine Yurica

Tell Your Senator That America Can Find a Better Attorney General

From: "TrueMajority" <alerts@truemajority.org>

Alberto Gonzales Supported Torture and Won't Answer Senators' Questions

Tell Your Senator That America Can Find a Better Attorney General

Alberto Gonzales duly renounced torture during his Senate confirmation hearings. But, excuse me, this does not erase his frightening record of supporting torture! As the top White House attorney, he opined that our country should not be bound by laws or agreements such as the Geneva Conventions that prohibit torture. This opened the door to the Abu Ghraib disaster.

As if this weren't enough, Gonzales refused under intense questioning to explain his role in the development of the Bush administration's policies on interrogation and torture. That is why yesterday, even under immense pressure from the president and Senate leadership, eight members of the Senate Judiciary Committee voted against recommending Gonzales to the full Senate—just two votes shy of an outright rejection.

Our country can surely find an attorney general whose record is not fundamentally at odds with our values of decency and compassion—and who's willing to answer basic questions about his record.

If you'd like to send a message (text below) to your senators urging them to oppose the Gonzales nomination, and you're a TrueMajority member, just click "reply" and "send" in your e-mail program. If this was forwarded to you or you'd like to customize the message to your senators, click here:


Click here for more information on the Gonzales nomination: http://www.humanrightsfirst.org/

Yours for an attorney general we can trust,

Darcy Scott Martin
TrueMajority Washington Liaison

Here's the message that we will send to your senators:

Dear Senator:

I'm sure you and I agree on the qualities we'd like to see in our nation's attorney general: honesty, compassion, decency, and respect for the rule of law.

Unfortunately, President Bush's nominee for attorney general, Alberto Gonzales, seems to lack these basic qualities. First, you have to question the compassion and decency—not to mention the respect for the rule of law—of anyone who would ever argue that our nation should allow torture. As you know, this is what Gonzales did as the White House's top attorney.

Then, later, during his Senate confirmation hearings, Gonzales brought his honesty into question by refusing to explain his role in the development of the Bush administration's disastrous policies on interrogation and torture.

Our great country deserves a great attorney general, and Alberto Gonzales does not fit the bill. Please vote against him.

(We'll put your name and address here.)

Informant: Martin Greenhut

Return Of Internment Camps In Britain

IT has begun, Sylviane! The two super powers, the UK and the US, wind into parallel territory! Not pretty for either country!

Behind The Rhetoric: Return Of Internment Camps In Britain

London Telegraph | January 27 2005

We have, of course, been here before. Charles Clarke will not be the first Home Secretary to restrict the movement and association of British citizens: in 1940, Sir John Anderson made orders for the detention of no fewer than 1,428 people - some in internment camps.

One of these was Jack Perlzweig, who was apparently suspected of involvement in commercial fraud, of contact with suspected enemy agents and of being the son of a rabbi. I say "apparently" because all he was told at the time was that the Home Secretary believed he was a "person of hostile associations": these "charges" emerged later.

Mr Perlzweig was taken to Brixton Prison in May 1940, and remained there until his release in January 1942. Before then, under his assumed name of Robert Liversidge, he challenged his detention in a case that reached the House of Lords. Liversidge v Anderson is famous for the dissenting speech of Lord Atkin, attacking his fellow judges for being "more executive-minded than the executive".

Lord Bingham, who tells the full story in The Business of Judging (OUP), says we can be "proud that even in that most extreme national emergency, there was one voice, eloquent and courageous, which asserted … the priceless gift, subject only to constraints by law established, of individual freedom".

Now, of course, individual freedom is to be further constrained, as a direct result - it could be argued - of the judgment delivered by Lord Bingham and his fellow law lords last month. If they had not found that a law allowing detention only of suspected foreign terrorists discriminated against the home-grown variety, it would not have been necessary for Mr Clarke to announce yesterday that his new control orders would apply to suspected terrorists regardless of nationality.

But terrorism is not the fault of Lord Bingham. What worried the senior law lord was a finding by Siac, the anti-terrorist court, that the threat to Britain was not confined to the foreign nationals currently detained in Belmarsh prison.

"There was," he said, "evidence before Siac that 'upwards of a thousand individuals from the UK are estimated … to have attended training camps in Afghanistan in the last five years' … and that 'the backgrounds of those detained show the high level of involvement of British citizens.' "

So, should we be relieved that the Government is taking powers to "control" suspected British terrorists against whom there is not enough evidence for a criminal prosecution?

Mr Clarke has promised that the controls used will be proportionate to the threat that he believes each individual poses. Tagging and curfews may be used; people may be banned from communicating with named individuals, or with the outside world through the internet and other technology. "At the top end, control orders would include a requirement to remain at their premises."

Liberty, the human rights group, said that such restrictions were legitimate only so long as a criminal trial was in prospect. "Adherence to the rule of law should not be a game of cat and mouse," said Shami Chakrabarti, Liberty's director. "The Government should not swap one human rights opt-out for another."

Even though house arrest must be better than Belmarsh, it may still breach the right to liberty under Article 5 of the Human Rights Convention, as the Home Secretary implicitly acknowledged when he said there might have to be a fresh derogation from, or suspension of, Article 5.

The right to liberty may be suspended only if there is a "public emergency threatening the life of the nation", and then only "to the extent strictly required by the exigencies of the situation". A majority of the law lords agreed that the current emergency meets that test.

In fact, some of Mr Clarke's "control orders" may not require any suspension of human rights at all. The Human Rights Court in Strasbourg has held that a curfew, or an order preventing an individual from leaving a particular area, is not a deprivation of liberty. On the other hand, it is a breach of Article 5 to confine people to their homes or other premises - even if they are not formal prisons.

David Pannick, QC, added yesterday that it would be difficult to challenge the new laws under Article 6 - which protects the right to a fair trial - as the courts take the view that an order made to protect the public is not a criminal charge under this part of the convention.

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of the Government's proposals is that it will be up to the Home Secretary, and not a court, to decide whether to impose a control order - and which controls to impose in each case. There will be an appeal to Siac, but the controlled person is not likely to be told what information the Home Secretary has on him. That will presumably be disclosed only to the Special Advocate - if there are still any lawyers prepared to take on this controversial, behind-the-scenes role.

Ultimately, it all depends on whether we can trust the Home Secretary of the day. If Mr Clarke and his successors exercise their new powers sensibly, imposing controls that are no greater than necessary while protecting us from an undoubted terrorist threat, we should be grateful to the law lords for forcing the Government to replace ineffective and discriminatory controls with bespoke orders that are less repressive than confinement in Belmarsh.

If not, we can only hope that Siac - and, ultimately, the law lords - prove a greater bastion of our freedom than, with the honourable exception of Lord Atkin, they did more than 60 years ago in Liversidge v Anderson.

Blair Defends House Arrest Plan:

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