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Von Siemens bezahlte Politikerin legt wichtigste politische Ämter nieder

Bevorstehende Wahlkämpfe: Von Siemens bezahlte Politikerin legt wichtigste politische Ämter nieder (25.01.05)

Die von Siemens co-finanzierte FDP-Bundestagsabgeordnete Ulrike Flach legt ihre wichtigsten politischen Ämter nieder. Sie trete wegen der Affäre um Nebenverdienste mit sofortiger Wirkung von ihrem Vorsitz im Bundestagsausschuss für Bildung, Forschung und Technikfolgenabschätzung sowie von ihrem Amt als stellvertretende Vorsitzende des FDP-Landesverbandes Nordrhein-Westfalen zurück, teilte Flach am Montag in Berlin mit. In einer Rede hatte sich Flach ganz im Sinne von Siemens für die Förderung deutscher Kraftwerkshersteller und für die Atomenergie eingesetzt.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


Siemens bezahlte Vorsitzende des Forschungsausschusses

Reining In Cheney

by Ray McGovern, TomPaine.com Exclusive

A former CIA analyst on Cheney's habit of playing fast and loose with the facts about Iraq -- and now Iran.


The New Bush Doctrine

by George Soros, TomPaine.com Exclusive

Bush ignores an essential element of democracy: the recognition that nobody possesses the ultimate truth.


Demand Full Disclosure and Investigation of Bush Administration Torture Policies

From: Matt Howes, National Internet Organizer, ACLU

Subject: Demand Full Disclosure and Investigation of Bush Administration Torture Policies

Senate leadership is trying to steamroll the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General, but your senators still have an opportunity to demand that Gonzales appoint an independent special counsel to investigate the development and implementation of U.S. interrogation and torture policies and to fully release all torture-related documents.

Until senators get those commitments, they should oppose voting on the Gonzales nomination. They cannot fully exercise their constitutional duty to “advise and consent” on the Gonzales nomination until they have critical information on his record on torture and until a commitment is made to an independent investigation. Otherwise the Senate would be setting up a situation where Gonzales would be investigating matters in which he himself participated.

Last week, members of the ACLU Action Network generated tens of thousands of letters to Congress in support of freedom and equality. We need to keep up the pressure and ensure Congress commits to accountability and responsibility for the torture and abuse of prisoners.

America is a land of laws and we cannot let the actions at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay cripple our credibility and moral standing at home and abroad. Let Congress know that you consider the use of torture to be a grave injustice that needs to be stopped.

Take Action! Urge your senators to oppose voting on the nomination of Alberto Gonzales until the Bush Administration agrees to full disclosure of torture-related documents and Gonzales commits to appoint an outside special counsel to investigate the use of torture and relevant policies.

Click here for more information and to take action! http://www.aclu.org/NationalSecurity/NationalSecurity.cfm?ID=17357&c=24

Journalism's vacation from the truth

by Frank Rich, The New York Times

The strange death of American democracy: Endgame in Ohio


The increasingly irrelevant mainstream news

by Carol Rawle, Unknown News

U.S. claims lawsuit over kidnapping and torture would jeopardize national security



Below is an attempt at a general comprehensive leaflet I made in 2003 on the risks of microwave comms. If anyone fancies updating and modifying it for gen use then please do.

Gary K


This leaflet has been produced to inform people of the reality behind the friendly face of the mobile phone industry and to empower them against the harm it is causing. My research for it has revealed an industry which lies, slanders, misleads and bullies in its ruthless pursuit of profit, no matter what the cost in human health, working hand in glove with governments to ensure that the concerns and rights of anyone who may be affected by this technology are steamrollered over.

About 80% of the UK population now use mobile/cell phones - the market is growing by 10% each year - and most people now live in a sea of emissions from transmitter masts, especially concentrated in town and city centres. All independent researchers in the field agree that the pulsed microwaves from these masts and from cell and digital cordless (DECT standard marked 900 megahertz or 2.4 gigahertz which emit the same radiation as cell phones) phones are responsible for a rising tide of ill-health and have generally established 500 metres as the minimum safety distance from masts for residential and other sensitive areas, although many cancer cases have been found beyond this distance and some experts are calling for much longer safety distances. The US, New Zealand and Australian governments have already banned the erection of masts in residential areas. Pressure group Mast Sanity (which is not against mobile phones and transmitters per se) is fighting for urgent and radical changes in UK law to safeguard peoples health and human rights and warns: "We also call upon the UK Government to listen to the many renowned scientific voices warning them of the Human disaster that will occur VERY SOON if the erection of these masts in residential areas is not curtailed."


1. In 2002, the Luton Mast Action Group compiled a list of symptoms suffered by people living near an Orange mast since its activation a year previously: Adults: severe, prolonged headaches, dry or ulcerated mouth, insomnia, tinnitus or pressure in the ears, nosebleeds, depression, bloodshot and itching eyes, giddiness, severe rise in blood pressure. Children: insomnia, earache and tinnitus, unusual rash, nosebleeds, severe headaches, sore mouth with ulcers. Animals: all goldfish dead in pond within a year, previously lively dog listless, developed epilepsy and died etc...

2. Using hi-tech microwave measuring equipment, Sue Webster of independent power industry watchdog Powerwatch has found consistently high levels of microwaves entering the homes of people from nearby masts all over the UK who have developed cancer since those masts were activated. In the village of Wishaw (Warks), six cases of breast cancer, two tumour cases and twenty-six other cases of acute sleeplessness, skin irritation and immune related conditions have all developed in a population of just fifty people living within a mile of a T-Mobile mast activated nine years ago. All the breast cancer victims were young with no previous family history of cancer. The villagers and independent experts in the field such as Dr. Gerald Hyland are all convinced the mast is to blame. T-Mobile deny it is. Recently the villagers were startled to find workers working on the mast at 7.30 am. When questioned T-Mobile claimed thet were "upgrading" the mast, yet measurements taken by the villagers revealed that the power output had been increased without the consultation with them now legally required.

3. Long-term research in Sweden has showed a clear link between cell and DECT phones and increased tumour rates. Dr. Leif Salford of the study also rated brain damage from cell phone use a "probability rather than a possibility." Radiation emitted from these phones erodes the blood brain barrier (BBB) which shields brain cells - the only human cells which are not replaced - from toxins and T-cells. The toxins released into the brain cause headaches whilst the T-cells destroy brain cells, first causing symptoms such as forgetfulness and short-term memory loss, before the rapid onset of dementia. Powerwatch has discovered such an increase in early onset dementia in the UK (under 55) that many hospitals are setting up new treatment centres to deal with it.

4. Recent studies have shown that electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) from masts and cell phones cause calcium loss from the brain and general disruption of calcium metabolisation.

5. Studies from various countries have shown that even short cell phone calls by children can slow their brain activity for up to several hours, often causing mood changes and behavioural and learning problems. Others link cell phone use to memory loss and impaired immune function in children.

6. Recent insurance studies in the UK showed that drivers using mobiles had reduced overall functionning and slower reaction times compared to drivers who had drunk four pints of lager. Many insurance companies will not insure against possible biological harm from cell phones and transmitters.

7. A recent study showed that single 5 minute cell phone calls affected the brain activity of adults for up to a week.

8. Many studies have shown that mast and cell phone emissions reduce melatonin production in the brain, necessary for deep sleep when it also clears out cancer cells, which may help explain the high incidences of sleep problems and cancer around masts. Melatonin also shores up the immune system, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, helps prevent Alzheimers, Parkinsons and heart disease, and diabetes."Make no mistake: anything that messes with melatonin messes with you in a big way....The effects of EMFs on melatonin have been known for at least 10 years." -Don Maisch on a seven year study by the Electric and Magnetic Fields Program, California.

9. A recent report by the Environmental Health Trust concluded that a few minutes exposure to cell phone type radiation can transform a 5% tumour into a 95% active cancer.

10. THE FREIBURGER APPEAL: In September 2002, a group of German doctors published a document detailing research on their own patients and a list of demands as an International petition called "The Freiburger Appeal" to be presented to the World Health Organisation. They found "...after carefully-directed inquiry - a clear temporal and spatial correlation between the appearance of disease and exposure to pulsed high-frequency microwave radiation (HFMR)..." such as that from phone masts, intensive cell phone use and DECT phones in homes or in the neighbourhood. They linked HMFRs to: "in recent years, a dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases among our patients" particularly: learning, concentration and behavioural disorders (e.g.ADD), extreme fluctuations in blood pressure (ever harder to influence with medications), heart rhythm disorders, heart attacks and strokes among an increasingly younger population, brain-degenerative diseases (e.g Alzheimer's) and epilepsy, cancerous afflictions (leukaemia, brain tumours) and dramatic increases in less serious conditions. Their demands include an end to further network development, major reductions in emissions levels, a say by local people on the placing of masts, a ban on mobile use by small children and restrictions on use by adolescents. In the UK, Mast Sanity is collecting signatures and particularly want doctors to sign it and to become much more aware of the effects of this technology on peoples health. They also intend to approach the EU and the British government with the petition.

This is just A FRACTION of the evidence available. Other well documented effects of microwave phone use and phone masts include: cararacts, retina damage, eye cancer, scalp nerve damage, joint pain, multiple sclerosis, digestive problems, asthma, thyroid conditions, embryo damage, miscarriages, even suicide amongst others. Some operators routinely break their own (inadequate) industry safety guidelines, operating masts at unecessarily dangerous levels in sensitive areas. The dangers to children are especially high because the relative thinness of their skulls allows more radiation to enter their brains and also because the higher rate of cell division due to growth increases the risk of chromosonal damage. Many campaigners are demanding bans on cellphone use by small children and stringent restrictions on their use by adolescents. Even the Department of Health, in accordance with the recommendations of its own Stewart Report (2000) advises that children under 16 should only use mobiles in real emergencies - advice which it does not publicise. Some researchers advise that this should also apply to adults. Microwaves pass virtually unimpeded through almost anything including brick walls, and are magnetically attracted to biological organisms. Cell and DECT cell phones, even on standby, emit microwaves into ANY body part in contact with or near them, so even hands-only use will cause harmful microwaves to enter the body. Dr. Hyland has found that earpieces actually channel radiation into the user’s ear. Small wonder researchers everywhere are warning of an imminent health catastrophe.

"Let us see positive action from John Prescott. Let him give justice to the thousands of communities being destroyed by this technology." Chris Maile of Mast Sanity.


The current (third) generation (3G) of mobiles requires a potential 30,000 masts - 4-16 times as many as second generation (2G) phones - which due to the type of data (internet, pictures etc) also need to be closer together. The presently unfolding Tetra system for use by the emergency services will require 50,000 masts and affect us all eventually and cost the taxpayer over £3 billion. Mast Sanity has slated Tetra as even more dangerous than the existing public (GSM) system, and declared their total opposition to it. In 10 police forces, where the system is already in use, police officers have complained of ill-health after using the mobile handsets. In Lancashire, hundreds of officers have already reported sick with Tetra associated conditions - skin blisters, rashes, headaches, migraines, nausea, sleepnessness, warming of the kidneys to name but a few - after using the system. Yet the opinions and fears of officers speaking out have been completely ignored by the police federation, and in October 2002, Mireille Levy, Home Office Health and Safety Minister in charge of Tetra, allegedly said "I do not believe they are ill, they are not ill enough to stop this trial. Nothing will stop Tetra, if the officers don't like it they can resign." Mast Sanity has declared "We cannot comprehend the potentially bleak future for all the people who we rely on so much" and are asking concerned emergency services workers to contact them and assure strict anonymity. They are also furious that Net Rail (formerly Railtrack) have started installing masts - according to one report every 200 metres - along railways right across the country for their new in-house communications system. This will affect both railway employees and huge numbers of people living and working near railways. Mast Sanity refute Net Rails' assertions that the new system is safe and their belief that the masts require no planning permission. Detailed briefings and help are available on all these issues from Mast Sanity.


Since the mid-1990s, thousands of communities all over the UK have fought operators attempting to site masts near their homes, faced with a planning system loaded in favour of the operators which attaches little importance to human health.

The Exchequer makes billions from the telecommunications industry - 2% of GNP (government's own figure) - which must help explain why government policy so aggressively promotes the industry's growth. Written into operators' contracts is the requirement for 95% coverage for mobiles, and the gov't insists that there is no proof of adverse health effects - never mind the precautionary principle. ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation) guidelines are those currently used by the gov’t to assess the safety output of masts but they only take the thermal emissions into account whilst the real health danger has long been recognised by researchers in the field as the pulsing frequency (ICNIRP/WHO/NRPB conferences on the health effects of EMFs - paid for by taxpayers or industry vested interests -go to great lengths to exclude independant researchers). The present government Planning Policy Guidelines state (PPG8 para 29): "Health considerations and public concern can in principle be material considerations for planning permission and prior approval.." but in paragraph 30:"..in the government's view, if a proposed mobile base station meets the ICNIRP guidelines for public exposure, it should not be necessary for a local planning authority, in processing an application for planning permission or prior approval, to consider further the health aspects or concerns about them." It needs to be remembered that this is only the government’s view, it is NOT law. Governments also told us that Thalidomide, Asbestos, BSE and power lines were safe. In each case they were proven wrong.

Planning laws reflect government policy in that they mainly exist to ensure that antennae are not visually offensive and are distributed to ensure maximum coverage. As health effects are not recognised, only concerns about health from people concerned about living near a mast have up to recently carried weight (eg. the fear and worry caused) although most planning authorities have taken the government's view as law and dismissed such concerns anyway. Furthermore, not only are obligations by local councils to inform people of mast applications ludicrously minimal, but it is an everyday occurrence that a mast application is refused but because the decision does not reach the operator, for various reasons, within 56 days, it is approved by default. And to quote Mast Sanity:"With the heavy handed threats of appeal and the constant haranguing of departments with repeated applications it is not surprising that many councils succumb to the bullying tactics of the operators and the government." In 2002, the London borough of Harrow sent a consultation document to all planning authorities asking if they were happy that current planning laws RE phone masts adequately protected local communities. Over 90% said NO: the law must be changed. More encouragingly four recent separate High Court judgements have ruled that planning departments MUST take health concerns into account or they are acting unlawfully, and councils ignoring these concerns risk having their decisions overturned on appeal and incurring heavy financial penalties.

Due to the above-mentioned planning criteria, many masts don't require planning permission. They fall within either General Permitted Development Orders (GPDOs - a government tool to allow operators to bypass the normal planning process) or general licence notification. This is a godsend to operators who want to keep new transmitters free from public objections whenever they can. They are hidden in street signs, petrol stations, church spires and even treetops. Hutchison 3G and Orange have openly admitted that this now common practice is to keep their location secret from the public. Mast Sanity are demanding that ALL masts go through full, democratic planning procedures and are asking people to BOYCOTT the following as they regularly put up antennae on their properties in unacceptable locations: Shell, Texaco, McDonalds, Trusthouse Forte, Northwest Gas, Manchester United, Stockport County & Glasgow Celtic football clubs, the Church of England, Branningtons, Witherspoons, and Network Rail. They are also demanding an immediate moratorium on further masts, and for existing antennae in sensitive locations - esp. residential areas, schools and hospitals - to be switched off until the health effects have been clarified and state "It is the only way of diverting the huge public health disaster that we believe is going to occur."


Using hi-tech microwave measuring equipment I have taken readings throughout Brighton city centre of an almost unbroken sea of microwaves at levels known to cause biological effects including cancers. Many people live in these areas as they do in many outlying areas where similar readings have been taken up to 500 metres away from transmitters. Suggestions for action:

Educate local residents and community groups about these issues. Publicise them in local newsletters and newspapers (eg The Argus letters page).

Educate your GP about these issues and ask him/her to sign the Freiburger Appeal (Download from Mast Sanity website).

Mast Sanity advise checking for mast applications with the councils planning department every two weeks. Form an action group if an application is made to erect a mast near you. Contact Mast Sanity for advice as you will be dealing with PR experts. Remember that 40% of appeals are won by anti-mast campaigners and the Human Rights Act can and is being used successfully in these fights. There have been encouraging successes in stopping Tetra masts in Gloucestershire, Somerset, Cornwall and Suffolk, and other communities have persuaded their councils to have dangerously sited Tetra masts thrown out.

Planning departments should also provide details of existing masts erected under licence notification. The locations of some existing masts are also on the sitefinder website: http://www.sitefinder.radio.gov.uk, but as transmitter registration for this website is only voluntary for operators, it cannot be relied upon. Specialised equipment is available for hire or purchase from Perspective Scientific (Tel: 0207 4866837), which will detect and measure the emissions of transmitters and DECT phones. Again contact Mast Sanity for advice if you find a mast near you.


http://www.mastsanity.org - Invaluable website with links to other sites. Tel: 08704 322377

http://www.powerwatch.org.uk. Powerwatch, 2 Tower Road, Sutton, Ely, Cambs CB6 2QA

http://www.neilcherry.com. Website of world renowned researcher into health effects of electro-magnetic fields.

http://www.energyfields.org .

Deadlier than the H-Bomb The terrifying truth about mobile phones and microwaves. Dave Starbuck and Tim Rifat BSc ed. £7. Cheques/POs payable to Dave Starbuck. Send to: 52 Lancaster Avenue, Aldridge, Walsall,WS9 8RQ. http://www.revelationtapes.com

Please copy and distribute this leaflet freely


The message enclosed in microwave madness claims erroneously that NZ does not permit towers in populated areas. This is untrue as towers are being built as close as 50 metres to houses and on top of schools. Many are disguised as lamp posts etc. Little is published in our papers on the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation as nearly all our media and news papers are now owned by companies who also have interests in the phone spectrum.

Best wishes Penny Hargreaves

URGENT: Tell your friends about Tuesday's Senate debate on Condoleezza Rice

There's also a PAC which can be contributed to below.



Only 2 Senators in the committee (Barbara Boxer and John Kerry) voted against Condi Rice in her hearing. Please support Senator Boxer in raising awareness and accountability about the misinformation and incompetence surrounding the Iraq war.

All the Best

Barbara Boxer <info@pacforachange.com> wrote:
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 22:49:13 GMT
From: "Barbara Boxer"
To: "David Greene"
Subject: URGENT: Tell your friends about Tuesday's Senate debate on Condoleezza Rice

Dear David,

Last week, more than 70,000 concerned citizens like you came together to sign my petition and demand the truth from Condoleezza Rice. Your support emboldened me during Dr. Rice's confirmation hearings to ask the tough questions that Americans deserve to have answered. I can't thank you enough, and America can't thank you enough.

Perhaps even more importantly, the groundswell of support you created forced the Republican Senate leadership to give us what we wanted -- not a rubber stamp of Dr. Rice's nomination by voice vote last Thursday before the Republicans dashed off to Inaugural parties, but nine full hours of debate on the floor of the United States Senate.

With your support, our voices are being heard -- in the halls of Congress, in the White House, and across the country. So today I ask for your support once more:

Help me add thousands more signatures to our petition to hold Condoleezza Rice accountable. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to sign our petition, so that when I stand up on the Senate floor Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm speaking with the power of tens of thousands of Americans behind me.

White House Chief of Staff Andy Card has attacked me as "small" for seeking the truth. But I won't allow this Administration to try to sweep the facts about our failures in Iraq and the war on terrorism under the rug. I'm taking the "advice and consent" role, granted to the Senate in the U.S. Constitution, seriously.

During the full Senate debate over Condoleezza Rice's nomination tomorrow, I intend to take the floor, joined by many other of my Democratic colleagues, to express my frustration about Dr. Rice's lack of candor during the confirmation hearings -- her unwillingness to level with the American people about the misleading statements she made about aluminum tubes, mushroom clouds, and connections between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda to try to justify the war in Iraq.

Condoleezza Rice refused to come clean about the actual number of trained Iraqi forces on the ground. And perhaps even more disturbingly, she refused to tell us why she personally intervened to kill an anti-torture provision in a recent intelligence bill.

I refuse to let these misstatements, misjudgments, and poor decisions go unanswered. So I ask you one last time, before the Senate debate Tuesday and final vote on Wednesday, to tell everyone you know about our petition. Help me find thousands more Americans who are willing to sign our petition and stand with us.

I can't thank you enough for everything you've done over this past week. Now, in these final 48 hours before the vote on Dr. Rice's nomination, I ask for your help once more. Join me as we continue to fight for what's right -- because the process of democracy is as important as the outcome.

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator

P.S. After forwarding our petition to everyone you know, be sure to call or email your Senators and encourage them to join us in Tuesday's debate. Americans deserve a full and open debate about Dr. Rice's confirmation, as well as the important issues like Iraq, the war on terrorism, and the use of torture that underlie her nomination.

The American Indian And The "Great Emancipator"

History Untold!: The American Indian And The "Great Emancipator":

The false sainthood and adulation afforded Lincoln has its basis in the incorrect assumption he fought the war to free an enslaved people. To believe this propaganda one must ignore most everything Lincoln said about the Black race and his continued efforts at colonization. Lincoln's treatment of the American Indian has been very much ignored, though not exactly misrepresented.


From Information Clearing House

Americans struggle to make ends meet

Like Nero, Bush and GOP fiddle while Iraq burns


From Information Clearing House

Bush Is Bankrupting America

President Bush is bankrupting America and the Congress is helping him get away with it.

Ethnic Cleansing Of Universities Is The New Mantra In America

American neo-conservatives and followers of President George W. Bush pride themselves on taking no prisoners in their ideological quests. Now they seem to have set their sights on a new target: the stifling of academic freedom in the United States.


From Information Clearing House

A Tale of Two Iraq Investigations

While investigators zero in on what happened to billions of dollars allegedly siphoned away in the Oil-for-Food scandal, a less high-profile probe is under way into spending in Iraq. Investigations into how the U.S-led coalition spent Iraq’s oil revenues after the fall of Baghdad in 2003 have found several problems.


From Information Clearing House

Dream On America: The U.S. Model

For years, much of the world did aspire to the American way of life. But today countries are finding more appealing systems in their own backyards.

U.S. may run out of reserve troops in a year

At the current pace of U.S. deployments to Iraq, the Pentagon may be hard-pressed by next year to provide enough reserve combat troops suitable for the mission, judging from the military services own estimates of available manpower.


From Information Clearing House

US and UK 'ignore torture by Iraqi police'

Iraqi security forces have been committing widespread torture and other human rights abuses while US and British authorities turn a blind eye, according to a report.


From Information Clearing House

Torture Continues at Hands of New Government

Iraq: Torture Continues at Hands of New Government:

Police Systematically Abusing Detainees: Iraqi security forces are committing systematic torture and other abuses against people in detention, Human Rights Watch said in a new report released today.

Torture in Iraq still routine

Torture in Iraq still routine, report says:

Twenty months after Saddam Hussein's government was toppled and its torture chambers unlocked, Iraqis are again being routinely beaten, hung by their wrists and shocked with electrical wires, according to a report by a human rights organization.


From Information Clearing House

Army Closed Many Abuse Cases Early

Army personnel have admitted to beating or threatening to kill Iraqi detainees and stealing money from Iraqi civilians but have not been charged with criminal conduct, according to newly released Army documents.

Army failed to probe torture, says rights group

Investigative files released today by the American Civil Liberties Union suggest that the Army failed to aggressively investigate allegations of detainee abuse. Some of the investigations concern serious allegations of torture including electric shocks, forced sodomy and severe physical beatings.

U.S. Man Seized in Iraq

Video Appears to Show U.S. Man Seized in Iraq:

"I'm not asking for any help from President Bush because I know of his selfishness and unconcern to those who've been pushed into this hellhole," he says.


From Information Clearing House

Smash my Phone

Wie man auf erotische Weise sein Handy entsorgen kann: http://www.telepolis.de/tp/r4/artikel/19/19304/1.html

Ein Grad Celsius von der Klimakatastrophe entfernt?

Eine "International Taskforce" will mit einer dramatischen Warnung die Regierungen unter Druck setzen, schnell Maßnahmen gegen die Klimaerwärmung zu ergreifen...


Ärzte-Initiative „Bamberger Appell“ gewinnt namhafte Referenten

Mobilfunk-Symposium am Samstag

Ein Mobilfunk-Symposium über mögliche Gesundheitsgefahren von Mobilfunkantennen, Handys, W-Lan, DECT-Telefonen usw. veranstaltet am Samstag von 9 bis 18 Uhr die Ärzte-Initiative „Bamberger Appell". Es findet in den Räumen des Markushauses der Universität statt.

Der Ärzte-Initiative gehören 130 Medizinerinnen und Mediziner aus Bamberg und Umgebung an. Sie haben im Sommer bundesweit von sich reden gemacht, als sie an Politik, Mobilfunkfirmen und Verbraucher appellierten, die elektromagnetische Strahlung der Mobilfunktechnik nicht zu unterschätzen und Schädigungen der Gesundheit zu verhindern (der FT berichtete ausführlich).

Das Symposium am Samstag richtet sich in erster Linie an ein medizinisches Fachpublikum, steht aber auch interessierten Bürgern offen (für Studierende ist der Eintritt frei).

Bei den neun Referenten handelt es sich um Ärzte verschiedener Sparten sowie Biologen und Ingenieure. Über die Schädigungen durch Hochfrequenzsender spricht etwa Dr. Ulrich Warnke von der Universität des Saarlandes. Epidemiologische Untersuchungen schildert Dr. Gerd Oberfeld vom Amt der Salzburger Landesregierung in Österreich. Die Folgen von elektromagnetischen Strahlen für das menschliche Schlafverhalten sind das Thema von Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht aus Berlin.

Tagungsort ist das Markushaus der Universität, Markusplatz 3. Anmeldung und genauer Programmablauf unter http://www.Aerzte-warnen-vor-Mobilfunk.de oder bei Dr. Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam, Telefon 23777, Fax 2972506.

Mit dem Symposium setzen die Ärztinnen und Ärzte des „Bamberger Appells“ ihr aktives Engagement fort. Erst vor einer Woche kamen auf ihre Einladung hochrangige Behördenvertreter von Bundes- und Landesebene nach Bamberg, berichtet Dr. Waldmann-Selsam: Dr. Axel Böttger vom Bundesumweltministerium und Dr. Evi Vogel vom Bayerischen Umweltministerium, beide im Bereich Strahlenschutz tätig, ließen sich vor Ort konkrete Krankheitsfälle von Patienten und Patientinnen schildern. Die beiden Vertreter des Bamberger Appells, Dr. Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam und Dr. Helmut Heyn, wollen nun diese Krankheitsverläufe medizinisch dokumentieren. Sie sollen dann u.a. Gegenstand eines Fachgesprächs sein, das man im Bundesumweltministerium für die nächste Zeit plant.


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Symposium „Ärzte und Mobilfunk – Auswirkungen auf Mensch und Umwelt“

Nach Freiburger Appell jetzt Bamberger Appell

Bamberger Appell – Ärzte gegen Mobilfunk

"Bamberger Appell"

Symposium in Bamberg: Ärzte und Wissenschaftler warnen vor Gesundheitsgefahren

1. Bamberger Mobilfunksymposium

Die Naila-Studie

"Freiburger Appell" - Umweltmediziner fordern Senkung der Grenzwerte

Kein Kinderspielzeug

Warnungen der Nationalen Strahlenschutzbehörde legen nahe, dass Kinder einem größeren Risiko ausgesetzt sind, wenn sie ihre Mobiltelefone benutzen. (Richard Pohle) The Times (online) UK

Tumorrisiko durch Mobiltelefone bei Kindern.

von Alexandra Blair,12. Januar 2005 in einer Übersetzung von Evi Gaigg

Kinder unter einem Alter von acht Jahren sollten keine Mobiltelefone benutzen, wurde gestern Abend in einem amtlichen Bericht geraten, denn der häufige Gebrauch wird mit dem Entstehen von Ohren- und Hirntumoren in Verbindung gebracht und er schloss damit, dass von den meisten Ärzten die Risiken bisher unterschätzt wurden.

Prof. Sir William Stewart, Vorsitzender der Nationalen Strahlenschutzbehörde (NRPB), sagte, dass der Beweis von potenziellen schädlichen Wirkungen in den 5 letzten Jahren mehr an Überzeugungskraft gewonnen hat.

Diese Neuigkeit verursachte Forderungen nach Telefonen mit darauf angebrachten Gesundheitswarnungen und Panik bei Teilen der Industrie. Ein britischer Hersteller nahm sofort ein Telefon für Vier-bis Achtjährige vom Markt.

Die Anzahl der Mobiltelefone hat sich seit dem ersten, von der Regierung gesponserten Bericht, im Jahr 2000 auf 50 Millionen verdoppelt. Die Zahl der Kinder, im Alter zwischen fünf und neun Jahren, die Mobiltelefone benutzen, hat sich im gleichen Zeitraum verfünffacht. In seinem Bericht „Mobiltelefone und Gesundheit“ sagte Sir William, dass vier Studien zu Besorgnis Anlass geben.

Eine Zehnjahresstudie in Schweden lässt darauf schließen, dass intensive Mobiltelefonbenutzer anfälliger für nichtmaligne Ohr- und Hirntumore sind, während eine holländische Studie auf Veränderungen der kognitiven Funktionen hindeutet. Eine deutsche Studie weist auf einen Anstieg von Krebsfällen rund um Basisstationen hin, während ein von der EU unterstütztes Projekt den Beweis von Zellschädigungen ergeben hat, die typisch sind für Felder der Mobiltelefone.

„Alle diese Studien müssen noch repliziert werden, sie sind von unterschiedlicher Qualität, aber sie lassen sich nicht von der Hand weisen“, sagte Sir William. Wenn es da ein Gesundheitsrisiko gibt – was bisher noch unbewiesen ist – so würde dies eine größere Wirkung auf die jüngeren als auf die älteren Menschen bedeuten, fügte er hinzu.

„Bei Kindern im Alter von 8 bis 14 Jahren müssen die Eltern selbst die Risiken und Vorteile beurteilen. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass sie für Drei- bis Achtjährige so leicht beurteilt werden können“, sagte er.

David Hart, der Generalsekretär der Nationalen Gesellschaft der Hauptlehrer, verlangte gestern Abend ein Verbot von Mobiltelefonen in Schulen. Die Mobilfunkgesellschaften reagierten wütend, indem sie sagten der Bericht würde die Angst in der Öffentlichkeit schüren, ohne neue Forschungsresultate vorzuweisen. Der Jugendmarkt ist hochlukrativ, weil Teenager wahrscheinlich mehr die Video-Downloads benutzen als andere Dienste.

Die WHO ist daran, einen internationalen Bericht über Hunderte von Studien, die in den letzten 10 Jahren durchgeführt wurden, herauszugeben, der viel Hoffung für die definitive Beurteilung für Sicherheit bei Mobiltelefonen gibt. Der Bericht sagt, dass die Forderung nach Vorsorge beachtet werden sollte, solange es noch so starke Informationslücken über Gesundheitsschäden gibt. Sir William sagte: „Gerade deswegen, weil es 50 Millionen von Benutzern gibt, heißt das nicht, dass sie absolut sicher sind.“

Eine Schule im Nordosten hat damit begonnen, den Schülern den Gebrauch von mobilen Scannern in der Klasse zu verbieten. „Außerhalb der Schulstunden ist das Sache der Eltern, aber was uns betrifft, so werden Mobiltelefone konfisziert, wenn sie bei Kindern gefunden werden und an die Eltern zurück geschickt“, sagte David Riden, der Vorsteher des Tollbar Business und Enterprise Colleges in New Waltham.

Eine Gruppe, die wie es scheint, junge Benutzer als Zielpublikum hat, ist Richard Branson’s Virgin Mobile, welche viel von ihren Einnahmen dem Markt der 16-35-Jährigen verdankt. Sie bestreitet, Jugendliche unter 16 Jahren zu bewerben, aber sie hat sich ein großes Stück vom Kuchen des Jugendmarktes gesichert mit einfachen Stimm- und Textnachrichten. (SMS)


Akustische Neurome sind gutartige Tumore des Hörnervs. Eine Studie in Schweden hat gezeigt, dass sie bei Mobiltelefonbenützern doppelt so häufig vorkommen. Und sie treten außerdem viermal mehr als gewöhnlich auf der Seite auf, an der das Telefon gehalten wird. Von Hörnervtumoren werden 100 000 Menschen pro Jahr befallen und diese können Taubheit verursachen. Sie können operativ behandelt werden und in den meisten Fällen wird das Gehör der Patienten wieder hergestellt.

Pro Jahr gibt es in Großbritannien ungefähr 4 700 neue Patienten mit Hirntumor, und sie werden immer häufiger. Das Auftreten ist in 30 Jahren um 45 Prozent gestiegen.

Die Ursachen eines Primär-Hirntumors sind unbekannt, darum fällt es schwer, spezifische Risikofaktoren zu identifizieren.


Kinder und Mobilfunk

Keine Handys in Kinderhände

Mobile Phones Trigger Symptoms

I've just caught this article in today's (25.01.2005) IRISH EXAMINER, print edition. It gives additional information on what is being submitted by the IDEA (Irish Doctors Environmental Association) to the Irish Government Committee investigating possibilities/actualities of mobile phone health Hazards. You might like to add it to the below.

Best, Imelda, Cork.

IRISH EXAMINER. Tuesday, 25.01.2005, page 3.

"Mobile Phones Trigger Symptoms"

[by] Juno McEnroe

Mobile phone users sensitive to radiation are suffering from a range of symptoms including nausea, headaches and burning sensations, an Irish study has found.

Blood and physical examinations of people who claim to have been adversely affected by mobile phone technology will be part of a preseentation to an Oireachtas committee today.

The snapshot study was carried out by the Irish Doctors Environmental Association (IDEA), and precursors further research into screening mobile phone mast radiation.

The IDEA will tell the Joint Committee on Communications, Marine and Natural Resources that no statutory group is addressing any concern about adverse effects from handsets or related technology.

The medical group, comprising 30 doctors, studied a group sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Those tested and examined reported a range of symptoms, including burning sensations, nausea, feeling faint and headaches.

Worldwide research has suggested that up to 5% of a population may be super-sensitive to mobile phone technology.

The Oireachtas committee, headed by TD Noel O'Flynn, will today hear that current levels of radiation are too high and measures need to be taken of sensitive groups in Ireland.

IDEA member Dr. Elizabeth Cullen last night said: "We have doubts that the current levels are safe for everybody. Research has shown an increased leaking of capillaries in brains."

The report, which will be presented today, concluded:

"This descriptive study demonstrates the devastating effects that exposure to electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields can have on apparently sensitive individuals. "What is required now are further studies to investigate the relationship between this exposure and the symptoms."

Meanwhile, the Department of Communications' chief technical adviser Bob Hanna will answer questions today about mobile phone safety for children, following a British study which warned about those under eight using handsets."

Deputy Noel O'Flynn's email is:

Greetings: This needs fast response, immediately, if possible. And even if you do not get to act on it right now, please email the supportive international scientific data demonstrating adverse bioeffects from mobile telephony to Chairperson Noel O'Flynn when you can, as the committee investigation will continue of course well beyond today's meeting with Irish telecom officials.

I've transcribed the below from today's THE IRISH TIMES. What I am particularly alarmed about--and the reason for sending you all this urgent email-- is Deputy Noel O'Flynn's statment in this article, quoted as follows: "Mr. O'Flynn said there had been 26 separate international studies carried out, and THERE HAD BEEN NO CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE OF A HEALTH RISK FROM MOBILE-PHONE USE." (capitalisation mine)

If you can, without too much inconvenience, come up with title, etc. of published international research projects that show CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE OF A HEALTH RISK FROM MOBILE PHONE USE. Please email it quickly to noflynn@eircom.net

Deputy Noel O'Flynn's website is: http://www.noeloflynn.ie

The meeting is this afternoon. Also cc. to IDEA (Irish Doctors Environmental Association) at
Contact Mr Con Colbert, Secretary IDEA.
E-mail: info@ideaireland.org
Web: http://www.ideaireland.org

And of course I would also appreciate being cc'd.
Thanks. Imelda, Cork.

THE IRISH TIMES, Tuesday, January 25, 2005. Page 6

"Department does not share mobile phone concerns
[by]Martin Wall

The Department of Communications will tell an Oireachtas committee today that it does not share concerns expressed in a recent UK scientific study which suggested that there may be health risks attached to mobile-phone use, particularly by children.

The Chairman of the Joint Committee on Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, Mr. Noel O'Flynn, has told THE IRISH TIMES that it would be asking technical experts from the Department on the level of investigations it had carried out into possible dangers associated with mobile phones.

The committee will also hear from the Irish Doctors' Environmental Association, which Mr. O'Flynn said had written to it on a number of occasions expressing concern at the risks from mobile phones.

Mr. O'Flynn said there had been 26 separate international studies carried out, and there had been no conclusive evidence of a health risk from mobile-phone use. However, he said it was important for the committee to hear from technical experts in the Department on the issue.

A spokesman for the Department of Communications said that its technical experts would tell the committee today that it does not share concerns about health risks posed by mobile-phone use. The Department of Communications has studied a report published this month by the British National Radiological Protection Board (BNRPB) but does not concur with its warnings about the use of mobile phones by children.

The chairman of the BNRPB, Prof William Stewart, last week advised parents not to give mobile phones to children. "If there are risks--and we think there may be risks--then the people who are going to be most affected are children, and the younger the child, the greater the danger."

Mobile phones no threat to people's health, Oireachtas told


Was ist ein Beweis, was Spekulation?

Manche Bürger im Land können sich den Aufgabenbereich einer Pressesprecherin eines Konzerns vorstellen, gerade wenn es um eine unklare Gefährdungslage eines nicht unerheblichen Anteils der Bevölkerung betrifft und einen bedrohten Milliardenmarkt. Die Rolle der werten Frau Hoy, ihr Arbeitsplatz, gibt den Inhalt ihrer Aussagen vor und relativiert die Aussagen.

13 Jahre nach Einführung der digitalen Handytechnologie gibt es vielerorts in Deutschland, Europa und der Welt, aber eben auch in Thüringen Widerstand gegen Sendeanlagen im direkten Wohnumfeld.

Waren es Anfangs oft laienhafte Befürchtungen, dass Strahlung einfach nicht gut sein kann, oder unklare Beschwerden die zu Protesten führten, sind wir heute, gerade im Jahr 2005 doch mehrere Schritte weiter, viel weiter als in ihrem Artikel beschrieben.

Eine maßgebliche Studie, die REFLEX- Studie, beauftragt nach der milliardenschweren UMTS Versteigerung zur grundsätzlichen Überprüfung einer krebsauslösenden Wirkung von Handystrahlung, wurde nun nicht nur veröffentlicht und ist für jedermann im Internet recherchierbar, sondern auch endlich von der EU anerkannt. Grund genug für die Betreiber nervös zu werden. Doch kein Wort dazu von Seiten der Frau Hoy.

Omega siehe hierzu „REFLEX-Studie“ unter:
Da wissenschaftliche Zusammenhänge oft schwer mit einfachen Worten darzustellen sind, nutzen viele, gerade das geschulte Personal der Konzerne, die Emotionen der Zuhörer aus, und versuchen ein Licht der Unglaubwürdigkeit auf die Kritiker zu werfen.

Was denkt ein Normalhörer, wenn er von "methodischen Mängeln" liest?

Ein von Amt wegen kritisierter Mangel war die fehlende Unterscheidung zwischen männlichen und weiblichen Betroffenen in Naila, also ob ein Mann oder einen Frau der reale Krebspatient war. Ändert dies etwas an der Häufigkeit oder dem räumlichen Bezug zu den Sendeanlagen? Nein, Frau Hoy. Auch war die gesamte Arbeit keine Studie, sondern ist eine Datenerfassung, angeregt durch unsere Offiziellen nach der UMTS Auktion, um den Zustand vor Ort zu bewerten, also ein IST- Analyse, und diese wurde in Form einer öffentlichen Präsentation vorgestellt, von Ärzten die ihre Patienten seit Jahren kennen und viel Zeit in ihren Praxen verbringen. Und die Daten der Patienten zu veröffentlichen verbietet sich für jeden Arzt!

Verursachen nun die Ärzte eine Belastung oder die Mobilfunkanlagen Frau Hoy?

Und der ermittelte Zusammenhang zwischen Krebs und der Nähe zur Mobilfunkanlage ist kein Einzelfall, und schon gar nicht der erste Ort, der diesen vermuteten Zusammenhang zeigt.

Omega siehe hierzu „Die Naila-Mobilfunkstudie“ unter:

Vor Jahren wurde in Spanien in einzelnen Schulklassen mehr Krebsfälle gezählt als bei 100.000 Kindern statistisch zu erwarten wäre. Und? Der Klassenraum der Schule lag direkt gegenüber einem, mit Funkanlagen bestückten Haus. Doch auch dort versuchten die Betreiber Hand in Hand mit der Politik weg zu diskutieren, was jeder sehen konnte, was letztlich auf Druck der Bevölkerung scheiterte und tausende von Anlagen in kritischen Bereichen demontiert werden mussten.

Omega siehe hierzu „Spanien: Krebsfälle im Umfeld von Sendern“

Wie lauten die Meldungen aus Israel, einem der "fortschrittlichsten" Ländern in Hinblick auf die Mobilfunkabdeckung? Auch dort werden von den Bürgern Karten von Krebsfällen, sowie in Steinbach-Hallenberg gezeichnet, um die Nähe der Erkrankungsfälle zu den Sendeanlagen visualisiert.

Omega siehe dazu „Usfie Cancer Cluster“unter: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/421932/
und http://www.buergerwelle.de/pdf/fw_sthg1_05.jpg

Nun, Bürger ermitteln unwissenschaftlich, aber klar erkennbar ist eine Relation von Krebs und Sendeanlagen. Warum überprüfen nicht staatliche Stellen die Sachlage, warum entziehen sich bisher auch in Thüringen die verantwortlichen Politiker, die wir persönlich bereits Ende 2004 bei einen Termin im Erfurter Landtagsgebäude informierten haben?

Prof. Adelkofer und seine Kollegen weisen erstmalig wissenschaftlich nach, dass Mobilfunkstrahlung in praxisorientierten Stärken das menschliche Erbgut schädigen kann, was wiederum eine Grundlage für das Entstehen von Krebs ist.

Und die Politik, die Betreiber?

Sie setzen weiter auf die Karte Beschwichtigung, bezeichnen alles als Einzelfälle, Bürger die sich für offene Aufklärung und vorbeugenden Schutz gerade für die Kinder einsetzen, werden als missionarische Einzelpersonen bezeichnet oder verleumdet und um uns herum sterben immer jüngere Leute an Krebs. Und Probleme mit Sendestationen gibt es nirgends, nur bei Ihnen, hören wir oft von den Betreibern.

Das Krebsregister Baden Württembergs zeigt eine klare Tendenz:

Ja, da gewinnen die Aussagen wirklich einen bitteren Beigeschmack, wie Herr Weigl zitiert wird.

Haben wir in diesem Land wirklich verlernt aus Beobachtungen zu lernen, Aufmerksamkeit zu erregen und genauer nachzusehen?

Ja, das Handy, für Kinder der Ersatz von Teddy, Gameboy, Spardose und Freund in einem, für Erwachsene oft ein Bindeglied um die Einsamkeit und Ängste zu überwinden, ist eine Gefahr, vor der seit vielen Jahren gewarnt wird, und zwar von offizieller Seite, wie vor der Nutzung der Handys durch Kinder, und diese Technologie ist eine der wenigen, die flächendeckend auf fast alle Menschen einwirkt, so dass es kaum verwunderlich ist, dass nun auch die Steinbach-Hallenbergschen Erkrankungszahlen nur Durchschnitt sein sollen.

Doch die Frage ist doch, wie wäre die Fallzahl und Verteilung ohne die Sendeanlage, ohne die allgemeine Wachstumsrate beim Krebs? Wie stieg der Durchschnitt an?

In anderen Gemeinden Thüringens zeigt sich dies deutlicher ab. Von einer unterdurchschnittlichen Sterberate vor Senderinstallation, sowie unterdurchschnittlicher Krebsrate stiegen diese nun nach den ersten Betriebsjahren des Senders auf 50% über dem Bundesdurchschnitt, bei einer nun an den Durchschnitt angenäherten Sterberate.

Aber das Land hat andere Probleme, Hartz4, Nachwuchsmangel, Kinderarmut, Überalterung, leere Sozialkassen und Pisa nicht zu vergessen. Wie können da so geringe Probleme wie bei dem Mobilfunk für Aufregung sorgen?

Dabei wird völlig vergessen, dass bereits 1991 die Strahlenschutzkommission von Wirkungen schrieb, "deren Existenz heute als gesichert gilt." Und weiter: "Hervorzuheben ist, dass die SAR-Werte hierbei teilweise kleiner als 0,01 W/kg sind und damit erheblich unterhalb der thermisch relevanter Intensitäten liegen."

Bis heute gilt für jedes Handy ein Grenzwert von 2 W/kg, also dem 200fachen Wert und die dutzende von Handy morgendlich in den Schulbussen erzeugen vermutlich noch höher Belastungen. Und Studien über die sinkende kognitive Leitung gerade von Kindern unter Mobilfunkbestrahlung wurden auch bereits veröffentlicht.

Doch das eigentlich brisante an der REFLEX- Studie ist, dass sie die gesamte Diskussion und Festlegung, die zu dem geltenden Grenzwert führte, ad absurdum führt.

Schäden, die REFLEX sicher zeigt, wurden bisher ausschließlich der energiereichen, ionisierenden Strahlung zugeschrieben, wie sie von radioaktiven Substanzen ausgeht und für die nicht- ionisierende, elektromagnetische Strahlung prinzipiell ausgeschlossen wurde, ja es wurde von der Wissenschaft sogar gesagt, dass dies physikalisch nicht möglich ist.

Omega siehe hierzu „Nicht-ionisierende Strahlung und Krebserkrankungen“ unter:

Nun, auf dieser Annahme basiert der gesamte deutsche und die meisten internationalen Grenzwerte, und dies Annahme ist nun gekippt, und als falsch zu bezeichnen. Damit wird sichtbar, dass die Befürchtungen, die Feststellungen und die tatsächlichen Fallzahlen von Krebs um die Sendeanlagen sehr wohl in Verbindung mit den Anlagen stehen können.

Doch erwarten wir Bürger nicht zu viel von unseren Volksvertretern, Bayern und die dortigen Ministerien haben schon vor Jahren Studienergebnisse manipulieren wollen, Ergebnisse verheimlichen und bei der dann doch folgenden öffentlichen Präsentation völlig falsche Aussagen über die Studienergebnisse gemacht, denen die Verfasser der Studie deutlich widersprachen, und z.B. ein Dr. Wenzel öffentlich dagegen Stellung nahm. Die bayerischer Rinderstudie zeigte deutlich, trotz der Versuche der Ergebnismanipulation durch Verbreiterung der zu Grunde gelegten Datenbasis, dass Mobilfunk Rinder gesundheitlich beeinflusst und dass dies kein Placebo- Effekt ist.

Omega siehe „Die "Rinderstudie" unter:

Wissenschaftlich als schädlich bewiesen ist bisher keiner der Einflüsse, und namhafte Wissenschaftler erwarten sogar, dass ein solcher Beweis praktisch nie möglich sein wird, auch da sich manch nötiger Versuch an Menschen verbietet.

Omega es gibt genügend Beweise und Hinweise siehe „Wissenschaft und Mobilfunk“ unter: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/293807/

Doch wofür ist ein wissenschaftlicher Beweis überhaupt nötig?

Für Forschung, Technik und Theorie der Wissenschaft sicherlich, aber für uns Menschen und den verantwortlichen Politiker, wird nirgends in der EU- Vorsorgerichtlinie für sofortiges Handeln ein wissenschaftlicher Beweis gefordert, alleine die Möglichkeit einer Schädigung eines Teiles der Bevölkerung reicht völlig aus Maßnahmen zu ergreifen. Auch müssen die Bürger keine Schädlichkeit nachweisen, sondern der Verursacher, hier die müssten die Netzbetreiber eine Schädigung ausschließen, und zwar wissenschaftlich!

Darüber hätte Frau Hoy berichten sollen, und davon, dass sich die bekannten Versicherungsunternehmen aufgrund des nicht kalkulierbaren Risikos keinerlei mögliche Folgen der Mobilfunk- Strahlung versichern. Neben der Atomkraft, für die der Staat gerade steht, ist dies somit die einzige Technologie, deren Folgen nicht versichert werden. Und wir sollen einfach nur glauben, dass alles völlig harmlos ist, kaufen und telefonieren, konsumieren, Umsatz machen.

Abschließend empfehlen wir einen Blick auf die Verstrickungen von Privatwirtschaft, den Politikern und den heute Verantwortlichen, die Verteilung der Gewinne aus dem Markt, denken an Laurenz Meyer und seine Kollegen, an RWE, Siemens und VW, erinnern uns an die höchsten Stromkosten in der EU, teuere Telefonate und all die anderen Entscheidungen, die dem Bürger wenig dienlich waren und sind, und erkennen, dass der Traum der grenzenlosen Kommunikation doch noch zum Alptraum werden kann.

Omega siehe „Siemens bezahlte Vorsitzende des Forschungsausschusses“ unter:

Bernd Schreiner

Landesverband Thüringen "Bürger-gegen-Elektrosmog"

Spanien: Krebsfälle im Umfeld von Sendern

Valladolid: Krebsskandal an spanischer Schule - Richter lässt Mobilfunksender sofort abschalten u.a.

Spanien: Schulkinder an Krebs erkrankt - Urteil gegen Mobilfunk-Antennen

Spanien: Krebsfälle im Umfeld von Sendern

Spanische Senderstudie

Spanien: Metaliste, Krebscluster aus ganz Spanien

Navarra: Spanische Regionalregierung stellt Betreibern Ultimatum zum Abbau von Mobilfunkantennen von Schulen

Spanien schaltet Mobilfunksender ab!

Im spanischen Valladolid hat ein Richter Mobilfunk-Sendemasten direkt neben einer Grundschule still legen lassen

Spanische Presseberichte über Anhäufungen von Krebs- und anderen Erkrankungen in der Nähe von Mobilfunk-Sendeanlagen 2000 - 2003

Leukämieopfer in Spanien




Valladolid: Krebsskandal an spanischer Schule - Richter lässt Mobilfunksender sofort abschalten u.a.


Politische Kündigung von Inken Wanzek durch Siemens

Beendigung Kündigungsschutzprozess: ein paar persönliche Worte von Inken Wanzek vom 21.01.05

"Ich habe am Di, den 18.01.05, mein Arbeitsverhältnis mit der Siemens AG beendet. Vor dem Arbeitsgericht München wurde nach längeren Verhandlungen ein Vergleich geschlossen, der sich am Sozialplan aus der Betriebsvereinbarung 2002 von Siemens Hofmannstraße orientiert.

Es ist richtig, ich hätte den Prozess aller Voraussicht nach gewonnen. Ob Siemens mit ihrem Antrag auf Zerrüttung vor Gericht durchgekommen wäre oder nicht, hätte allein beim Richter gelegen. Ich möchte mich bei allen, insbesondere aber bei den NCI-lern und den Kollegen von Netzwerk IT, für die große Unterstützung bedanken, mit der sie mich in meiner persönlichen Auseinandersetzung mit Siemens begleitet haben…."


Der LAG-Termin am 25.01.05 entfällt hiermit….

Siemens bezahlte Vorsitzende des Forschungsausschusses

SWPAT: Straßenraubpartien und Autoindustrien

SWPAT: Straßenraub/partien und Auto/industrien (q/depesche)

Sind es wirklich nur Nokia, Siemens, SAP und ein paar andere mehr, die einen solchen Druck entfesseln können, dass sich EU-Rat inklusive Kommission lieber in Serie blamieren, anstatt vernünftige Vorlagen abzufassen, die mehrheitsfähig sind?. Natürlich nicht, sondern es ist eine in hundert Jahren zum Schwergewicht herangewachsene Hardware-Industrie, die sich in dieser Sache nobelster Zurückhaltung befleißigt, weil sich ihre Produktklassen vielfach nur noch in der Software unterscheiden.

In absolutem market value haben die noch dazu rasant ansteigenden Softwareimplementationen der europäischen Autoindustrien weitaus mehr Gewicht, als alles andere zusammen. Nur wenn man dem Eigentümer Re-Engineering der Steuerungssoftware für den Motor verbieten kann, wird das künftige Vermarktungsmodell auch funktionieren.

In den USA gehen seit Monate Proteste unabhängiger Autowerkstätten durch Medien: protestiert wird dagegen, dass für Reparaturen immer mehr proprietäres elektronisches Equipment der Hersteller angeschafft werden muss.

post/scrypt: Wenige Meter vom Verfassensorte dieser q/depesche parkt ein Renault Clio Williams. Die ursprünglichen etwa 140 Pferdestärken wurden bereits vom Vorbesitzer durch einen simplen Software/Hack auf 170 angehoben. Ein großer Hacker war der Mann nicht, sondern vielmehr ein Angestellter des Herstellers. Das obgenannte Lenkgeschoß ist genau zehn Jahre alt.

Danese Cooper, "Chief Open Source Diva" bei Sun Microsystems über "Wirtschaft als Krieg", Steve Ballmer, "mangelnde Umgangsformen" und Boxkämpfe mit Microsoft

Das Patentsystem sei dereinst geschaffen worden, um Forscher, Erfinder und Entwickler zu belohnen, und nicht um die heutigen "Straßenraub-Szenen" rund um Erfindungen im Software-Bereich möglich zu machen, sagte Danese Cooper, ihres Zeichens "Chief Open Source Evangelist" der Firma Sun, am Freitag zur futurezone.

Wie wenig sich die herkömmliche Methode der Patentierung von Hardware aller Art auf Software anwenden lasse, zeige schon ein Vergleich der Produktlebenszyklen. Während man bei herkömmlicher Hardware eine Gesamtlebensdauer von 20 Jahren und mehr voraussetzen könne, seien im Bereich Software mittlerweile Innovationszyklen von sechs Monaten üblich, so Cooper weiter.


Industrieführer vom Schlage eines Steve Ballmer - "So ein interessanter Typ!" - seien von Haus aus keine bösen Menschen. Wer freilich Wirtschaft als Form des Krieges ansehe, neige dazu, wenig Wert auf Umgangsformen zu legen. Sun habe jedenfalls seine Patente stets nur zu Verteidigungszwecken eingesetzt.

Mehr dazu mit Links

relayed by Harkank

Aus: quintessenz-list Digest, Vol 22, Issue 13

Siemens bezahlte Vorsitzende des Forschungsausschusses

January 20 Impeachment Reportback

Excerpts from the New York Times

Friday, January 21, 2005

Never before had the Park Service granted a protest group dedicated space for the inaugural parade, organizers said ... Ramsey Clark, an antiwar figure who served as attorney general under President Lyndon B. Johnson, appeared early and told the crowd that the Bush administration had "made the world a more dangerous place. It's because of what we've done and what we're doing right now," Mr. Clark said, adding, "Impeachment now is essential to the integrity of the U.S. government and the people of the United States."

The response to our massive presence on the inaugural parade route has been overwhelming. The large bright yellow and black impeachment signs were all over the inaugural parade route, as well as in the antiwar bleachers. CNN carried the story "Thousands of demonstrators chanted 'Impeach Bush' as the presidential motorcade passed." There was widespread coverage on other television networks, the New York Times, Associated Press and in media all over the world.

More than 10,000 people cheered as Ramsey Clark addressed the crowd at 4th St. and Pennsylvania Ave. Thousands more were held two blocks away behind a Secret Service check point at 3rd and C Sts. and blocked from gaining access to the rally site but even there people held their own spontaneous demonstrations.

We have included below the text of Ramsey Clark's address to the January 20 CounterInaugural demonstration.

The impeachment movement got a huge boost through this important effort. Thousands of people took off one, two or even three days of work in order to get on buses and to travel by car caravan to Washington DC from all over the country. In Washington DC, volunteers worked night and day, overcoming all of the logistical hurdles that were designed by the National Park Service and the Bush/Cheney Presidential Inaugural Committee as a method for preventing the demonstration from taking place. Many people who could not come sent a financial contribution to help cover all of the expenses. Everyone should feel very proud. There has never been an inaugural day like the one on January 20 because of the efforts of the ImpeachBush/VoteToImpeach.org members and other people of conscience.

The next few months are critical. We intend to use all available avenues to promote the impeachment movement so that Congress will feel the pressure of this growing movement.

We can keep this work going because of the tremendous support from individuals from around the country who believe that impeachment is an essential tool to save the constitution and to hold Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others in the government accountable for their crimes. We are depending on your support to help this effort grow. You can make a contribution through the online donation form and the secure server, where you can also get information to write a check, by clicking here:

Ramsey Clark's address
to the January 20, 2005 CounterInaugural demonstration
at 4th St. and Pennsylvania Ave.

Let me warm you up for a minute by telling you about how cold it was on January the 20th of 1961, literally. The Potomac River was frozen over and I remember seeing a guy ride across it on a motorcycle. And my feet haven't thawed out yet. I stood up for about 12 hours out here. There was over 20 inches of snow. And the best scene of the inauguration was when a buffalo with a rider came charging down Pennsylvania Avenue, reminded us that this country can be a beautiful place where the buffalo roam, but no more.

We're the ones that are here really to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. We have to take the Constitution back. Back from Crimes Against Peace, from War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. You know the Nuremburg Tribunal called the War of Aggression the supreme international crime, and it is. And George W. Bush has waged a war of aggression against Iraq. He's killed more than 100,000 people. Were their lives worth nothing? Can we have a moment of silence in memory of all the people who died in Iraq because of the criminal acts of George W. Bush in waging this war of aggression.

Every moment of their lives is fraught with danger right now because of us. The world is the most dangerous place it's ever been now because of what our country has done and is doing. And we have to take it back. We can't wait four more years.

There can't be any more Fallujahs. Fallujah is the 21st century equivalent of Guernica. We just went in and destroyed that city. Drove the people out, killed them, thousands, we don't know how many. They won't even bother to count whose been killed or how many or estimate how many. They just keep killing. Almost every day we're reading about another check point where some family got wiped out cause they didn't do what they were supposed to do according to the military there.

Abu Ghraib is unbelievable in the innocent times of 1961, that we would torture people that way and on the instructions of the President of the United States and his highest legal advisors. Torture is okay, they said, go for it fellows. If we can't renounce that and remove it from office then the Constitution doesn't work anymore.

We've got to do more than take back the Constitution. There has to be accountability for what has happened. The Constitution says that the President, Vice President and other officials of the United States shall be removed from office upon impeachment for and conviction of high crimes and misdemeanors.

If you care about the Constitution you'd better start talking to your member of the House of Representatives and say impeachment now is essential to the integrity of the United States government and to the future of the United States. We've had more than 500,000 people sign on to ImpeachBush.org/VoteToImpeach.org. We need to get 5 million and we need to get 5 million on there quick.

And then the Congress will react. The Congress understands something when the people demand it. And the power is in the people. It always has been. The question is whether the people have the will to exercise it.

I think the imperative challenge of the American people now is to live up to the Constitution and demand the impeachment of George W. Bush and other officials of the government who are responsible for these crimes.

To view photographs of the January 20 CounterInaugural demonstration in Washington DC, click below:

We encourage you to forward this email to a friend and urge them to participate in the impeachment movement by voting online at http://www.ImpeachBush.org.

--All of us at ImpeachBush/VoteToImpeach.org

Coronation farce deepens

Mix of Quake Aid and Preaching Stirs Concern


Wolfowitz Story Falsified


Walking Wounded


Global Warming Approaching Point of No Return


'U.S. at War to Control Oil'


Election Divides a Nation


An Appeal to Global Conscience


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news



For quite a few years, I've been reading about and collecting dreams and information about Two Suns. Many are searching for information as to 'why' they are dreaming about or seeing two suns. It was time to move this information into the collective public eye so that others can share their experiences if they care to, but more so to discover the meaning behind the symbol.



Informant: Di

Election Campaign Being Pushed In Nationalist Direction

24 January 2005 By Nicolas Rothwell, The Australian News

Tension, as much as anticipation, marks the run-up to Iraq's first democratic elections on Sunday, with political contenders making their last-minute pitches and insurgents pressing their violent campaign of intimidation.

On the campaign trail, a defiant appeal to nationalist sentiment was the key theme, and the prospect of a moderate Shia-dominated government determined to stress Iraqi control of national affairs solidified.

The most likely prime minister after Sunday's vote, Shia Muslim cleric Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, gave a strong signal that his electoral grouping, the United Iraqi Alliance - known simply as the "Shia House" - would push for U.S. forces to leave the country.

Mr. al-Hakim, in comments to London's The Sunday Times, spelled out his broad position and stressed that the government he hoped to form would ask for U.S. troops to withdraw as soon as possible.

"No people in the world accept occupation and nor do we accept the continuation of American troops in Iraq," he said.

"We regard these forces to have committed many mistakes in the handling of various issues, the first and foremost being that of security, which in turn has contributed to the massacres, crimes and calamities that have taken place in Iraq against the Iraqis."

The inevitable drift of the political campaign has been in this direction.

The Iraqi mainstream is increasingly being courted by a rhetoric of national unity and rebirth, which has the inevitable effect of painting the U.S. occupiers as extraneous forces.

After almost a year of intense political activity, under the cloak of constant insurgency and violence, a new political flavour is beginning to emerge in post-Saddam Iraq.

The nationalist message now predominating in a bid to knit together the country's fractured communities bears a distinct resemblance to the language deployed by the old dictator's Ba'ath Party.

Informant: Fred Feldman

From ufpj-news

Bush Vows Freedom-Spreading Mission


A Party Without Virtue


Broadband on powerlines coming to Australia

Broadband Over Power Line (BPL) (also called: Power Line Communications PLC), is a new technology that uses short-wave RF (1.7 to 80 Mhz + harmonics) pumped into the powerline grid so that residential and business people can simply connect to Broadband internet services.

There are a lot of problems with this system, especially interference with other services but it is being actively promoted in Australia without acknowledging the problems, and ignoring others, such as possible health implications.

Now that there will soon be public submissions on this technology it is important that this issue gets some publicity in Australia. Simply, this technology may transform your home wiring into an antenna, your bedside lamp, electric blanket, etc etc all will be radiating an RF signal. This signal is of sufficient strength to cause interference with ham radio operators and this problem has caused some BPL trial systems in the US to be shut down.

The Australian Communications Authority (ACA) mentions the need to protect radio communications from harmful interference, but no one is mentioning the question of possible interference with human health being addressed. It may not be a health problem but until that possibility is addressed it will remain a public health issue.

According to a report prepared by the U.S. National Association for Amateur Radio, (ARRL) because power lines are not designed to prevent RF energy transmissions BPL represents a significant interference source for all radio services using this frequency range.Overhead power lines and residential wiring act as antennas that unintentially radiate the broadband signals as short wave radio signals throughout entire neighborhoods [and homes] and along roadsides. Interference has been observed nearly one mile from the nearest BPL source.

(Note that Ross Adey was a former member of the ARRL Bioeffects Committee)

From the ARRL report:

An April 27, 2004 report released by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration in the US found that current FCC Part 15 measurement techniques may "significantly underestimate" peak BPL field strength and that "interference risks are high under existing FCC Part 15 rules.

Although BPL proponents dispute these claims of interference to licenced services, they have provided little in the way of calculations or measurements of BPL radiation levels - and what they have provided has been flawed by technical errors. Until now, BPL systems have been limited to small, little publicised test areas. Even so, the number of complaints of actual interference is growing steadily and efforts to resolve them have had limited success.

See the article at
http://www.arrl.org/tis/info/HTML/plc/files/Barry.pdf for a tutorial section that explains several BPL technologies.

I use broadband over telephone lines, which requires a filter to block out interference with telephone reception. No problems with RF in my home. However I do not like the idea of shortwave RF being broadcast from my home wiring. RF filters installed at the service drop may be a solution but who would have to pay for the expense of purchasing and installing them? An interesting legal question.

Also see: http://www.arrl.org/tis/info/HTML/plc/ for a wealth of information on Broadband Over Power Line (BPL)

Don Maisch

Broadband grid rules closer


Staff writers

JANUARY 21, 2005

THE communications regulator may soon seek public input on regulations for delivering broadband over powerlines. The Australian Communications Authority (ACA) said it planned issue a discussion paper on technology for delivering broadband over powerlines (BPL) in April.

However, an ACA spokesman said that the regulator wouldn't be able to put a firm time-line on the release of the final regulations until the discussion paper was released.

"The challenge for the ACA is to set regulatory arrangements that do not unnecessarily inhibit the adoption of BPL but at the same time protect radio communications from harmful interference," ACA acting chairman Bob Horton said.

The establishment of BPL standard could provide a cheap, alternative last-mile infrastructure for delivering broadband to household at speeds up to 20 Mbps. It could also give householder a simple method for interconnecting household devices.

Three electricity companies are conducting trials of the technology in Australia. Energy Australia and Country Energy are currently trialling the technology in Newcastle and Queanbeyan respectively, while Aurora Energy is testing BPL in Tasmania.

Pomp without substance

by Harley Sorenson

San Francisco Chronicle


Ah, there is no end to the duplicity of politicians. ... I've lived through 18 inaugurations, and every president from Franklin Roosevelt to George W. Bush has promised to lead us through the current 'crisis.' Sometime the crises are real. Roosevelt came into office shortly after the onset of the Great Depression and continued on through World War II.

When that ended, the Cold War began, and each president in his turn had to shepherd us through that crisis. They milked the Cold War for all it was worth, from Truman through Reagan.

... If it had been up to me, last week's inauguration would have been held in the Oval Office or some similar venue, with perhaps only a few dozen people on hand. It would have cost ... perhaps $12. Instead of paralyzing the District of Columbia and turning it into a kind of fortress prison, it would have inconvenienced almost nobody...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

FDR & GWB: Some unsettling similarities

by Robert Higgs

The Independent Institute


In view of the ideological chasm that seems to separate the admirers of Franklin D. Roosevelt from those of George W. Bush, one might suppose that these two presidents exhibited completely different character and conduct, yet a close examination reveals that they actually have much in common. The similarities, however, are scarcely reassuring to those who are worried about what President Bush might do next.

Roosevelt and Bush came from similar class backgrounds, each being the scion of a wealthy, well established Northeastern family.

... Neither man ever achieved any notable success on his own in the private sector, and both leaped at opportunities to trade on their family background and social connections by involving themselves in politics at an early age...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Bush's widening credibility gap

by Rami G. Khouri

Tom Paine


President George W. Bush's inauguration speech Thursday left most people in the Middle East unimpressed and unmoved, and more concerned than ever about U.S. foreign policy directions. The prevalent reaction in this region was that he has merely raised the level of American double standards in the world to a new level of incredulity, given the massive gap between America's rhetorical commitment to democracy and freedom and the reality of its often whimsical foreign policy priorities.

Five specific problems in Bush's speech stand out starkly in the eyes of observers in the Middle East. The first is that Bush's ringing endorsement of freedom and liberty ... do not necessarily match the priorities of most people in the developing world, where national liberation, development, dignity, justice and meeting basic human needs tend to be much more urgent and common demands...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Brothers in arms

by Douglas Herman

Strike the Root


When a soldier sees too much with his own eyes -- too many fallen comrades and too many dead civilians -- he's no good for war any more; he finally begins to question the false rationale. He begins to question the media slogans and military propaganda. He begins to believe his own eyes instead, his own conscience, his own heart...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Freedom, alone, does not a US ally make

by Dante Chinni

Christian Science Monitor


Say what you will about President Bush's second inaugural speech, as rhetoric goes, it was a fine effort. The president is for freedom and wants to make the world freer. He doesn't want to tell the world what to do with freedom -- that's up to the newly freed folks, as he might say. ...

OK, there were a few points to quibble on. There were the obvious contradictions between the president's stated goals and the reality of his first term. Freedom, after all, isn't exactly on the march in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or China or even Russia for that matter. ... There was [also] the weird incongruity of talking about 'oppression, which is always wrong, and freedom, which is eternally right,' as the president said, in a city where the parade route was essentially walled off from the rest of the city. No ticket? Find a TV...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Second-term test

by Pat Buchanan

The American Conservative

An historic victory this was not. No wartime president had ever been turned out of office. But Bush came closest. A turnaround of 60,000 votes in Ohio, and he would have lost to a liberal from Massachusetts with a voting record indistinguishable from Teddy Kennedy's. I have political capital in the bank and I intend to spend it, says the president. But that capital is shrinking as fast as the dollar. What, then, are the yardsticks of success for a second Bush term? (for publication 01/31/05)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

All taxes hurt the poor

by Don Newman

Hawaii Reporter


Quoting Bob Zahradnik, senior policy analyst at the Washington-based Center on Budget and Policy Priorities referring to the current income tax, the line was, 'This income tax burden has the effect of making poor working families poorer ...' 'What's wrong with that statement?' -- one might ask, and you would be right to do so. What is wrong with that statement is that it is biased, too narrow in its scope. The income tax burden in this nation, and in Hawaii in particular, makes not only working families poorer, it makes everyone poorer: poor, lower middle class, middle class, upper middle class, and wealthy alike. It hurts everyone alike, not just the poor...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The road to a draft goes through an unwilling Army

by Erin Solaro

Seattle Post-Intelligencer


If you're the U.S. Army, how do you say,'Hell No, We Won't Go? By proclaiming, loud, clear and often, your opposition to the draft. Put bluntly: The U.S. Army has no desire to be large enough to implement the Bush/neocon agenda of 'cauldronizing the Middle East' or anywhere else, and it will oppose by every means at its disposal, any attempt to so enlarge it. And it is right to do so -- militarily, politically and morally.

According to an oft-documented Vietnam legend, an anonymous Army general vowed: 'I'll be damned if I permit the United States Army, its institutions, its doctrine, and its traditions, to be destroyed just to win this lousy war.' In Iraq, the destruction is already well under way. But if the Army is not prepared to lose in Iraq to save itself, it is ready to remain a force that cannot prevail there, let alone invade anywhere else...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Cultural genocide

by Ron Beatty

The Libertarian Enterprise


Ladies and gentlemen, we are in a war, a war, which just like Iraq, is undeclared, and unconstitutional. Also like the war in Iraq, those who are innocent of any wrongdoing are the ones who suffer most in this war. This war is against a culture, a way of life, a mind set that many in our nation's capitol can not understand. This war I am speaking of is no less than a cultural genocide. This war is aimed at the total destruction of freedom and individuality in the United States.

Under the aegis of the war on terror, the fools, scoundrels and cowards in Washington have passed several totally unconstitutional and illegal laws, laws which violate every principle of our history, culture, and political system. These include the so-called Patriot Act, the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act, and the Intelligence Reform Act...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Taking oaths and stealing freedoms

by Lady Liberty

The Price of Liberty


Michael Newdow is -- and you'll pardon the use of the term -- on a crusade to rid the government of all traces of religion. While I appreciate and even agree with his motives, his absolute intolerance is at least as discriminatory as he accuses his opposites of being. His notion of freedom is one that would ensure his own sensibilities are never offended. That, in turn, makes it certain that others would lose their own valued liberties.

Mr. Newdow needs to remember that the United States government is constitutionally prohibited from having any official position on religion. That means that it can't take a position against religion any more than it can act in favor of religion.

President Bush won't appreciate the comparison, but in his own way, he's a lot like Mr. Newdow...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The sociopathic cult

by Butler Shaffer



President Bush tells the world that his second term will employ state power -- presumably in the form of military action -- to promote 'freedom' throughout the world. He talks of 'freedom' in much the same way that a streetwalker might speak of 'love.' Are mass killings, torture, and other forms of state violence to be considered tools of liberation? Minds that have been thoroughly inculcated in sociopathic dogmas will have no difficulty synthesizing such rhetoric into their confused and contradictory thinking...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Should Iran be the next target?

by Ivan Eland

Independent Institute


As unbelievable as it might seem, despite its disastrous martial adventure in neighboring Iraq, the administration appears to be once again leaning toward using the military option to deal with a country that it believes is attempting to get nuclear weapons. U.S. government intelligence agencies believe that Iran is still three to five years from getting such a weapon, but given their recent track record of failure on the Indo-Pakistan nuclear tests, the September 11 attacks, and Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs, no one can be sure if they are correct...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Government - our irresponsible child

by Bob Smith

No Force, No Fraud


The idea of sovereign immunity invites abuse, by separating action from consequences. While normal American citizens are held responsible for their actions that violate laws or cause even unintentional harm to others, our government officials, who are charged with the protection of our rights, are free to do what they choose, no matter how destructive the results may be ... and are not likely to ever be held responsible ... either criminally or civilly...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Enter Robespierre

by Paul Craig Roberts



The Jacobins saw themselves as virtuous champions of universalist principles that required them to impose 'liberty, equality, fraternity' not merely on France by a reign of terror, but also on the rest of Europe by force of arms.

Unlike America's Founding Fathers, who exhorted their countrymen to cultivate their own garden, Jacobins were not content with revolutionizing France. They were driven to revolutionize the world.

President Bush's second inaugural speech is Jacobin to the core. It stands outside the American tradition...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Britain leans away from Iran attack

The Age [Australia]


The British Government has moved to curb American enthusiasm for an attack on Iran by issuing a dossier outlining the cause for military peace, it was reported in London yesterday.In marked contrast to Britain's publications in support of the Iraq invasion, the dossier has been released quietly but makes no secret of the Blair Government's preference for a 'negotiated solution' to Iran's nuclear program. ...

Speculation about an imminent U.S. attack on Iran was refreshed last week by President George Bush's inauguration speech promising that he would use his second term to spread democracy and freedom across the globe 'by force of arms if necessary.'

Vice-President Dick Cheney reinforced that undertaking. 'You look around at potential trouble spots. Iran is right at the top of the list,' he said...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Administration adds $80 billion to butcher's bill

Houston Chronicle


The Bush administration plans to announce Tuesday it will request about $80 billion more for this year's costs of fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, congressional aides said today. The request would push the total provided so far for those wars and for U.S. efforts against terrorism elsewhere in the world to more than $280 billion since the first money were provided shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, airliner attacks on New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The package will not formally be sent to Congress until after President Bush introduces his 2006 budget on Feb. 7...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Outcry Over Creation of GM Smallpox Virus

This ultimately affects us all - regardless of country of residence. FYI - Anna (I can't help but wonder if this issue is why we have lost some of our top scientists over the past couple of years). Maybe we need to find out who to write to in order to give OUR input on this issue - since we all have a stake in this.

If anyone has any ideas of who to voice our opinions to - please post it to the groups - or to me, and I'll forward the information on. Please forward on to your groups and friends as you deem appropriate.

In Lak'ech - Anna
"I am another you."

ECO FOCUS: Outcry Over Creation of GM Smallpox Virus

Outcry over Creation of GM Smallpox Virus
By Steve Connor
The Independent U.K.

Saturday 22 January 2005

Senior scientific advisers to the World Health Organisation (WHO) have recommended the creation of a genetically modified version of the smallpox virus to counter any threat of a bioterrorist attack.

Permitting researchers to engineer the genes of one of the most dangerous infections known to man would make it easier to develop new drugs against smallpox, the scientists said. But the man who led the successful global vaccination campaign to eradicate smallpox from the wild said he opposed the move on the grounds that the scientific benefits were not worth the risks to public health.

Professor Donald Henderson, of the Centre for Biosecurity at the University of Pittsburgh, said he feared that tinkering with the genetic makeup of the variola virus - which causes smallpox - might accidentally produce a more lethal form of the disease.

Here is a list of contacts to email your views regarding the genetically modified smallpox virus that World Health Organization is currently considering. Thank you Bonnie for the idea!

American Medical Association - Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, Institute for Ethics, Ethics Resource Center
Your shorter link is: http://makeashorterlink.com/?O1703115A

Dr. Lee Jong-wook, Director-General of WHO
(I guessed on his email - given that according to the email addy's of his PR people are "last name, first name initial @who.int I sent him an email at the above addy - and it DID not come back undeliverable after 20 minutes). I urge you to email him right away before he has the opportunity to block Key words from his mail - or to list this subject line Urgent Attention: Smallpox Modification - as junk mail. You may want to change the subject line - but make sure it doesn't appear as spam.

It is important when emailing the Director-General of WHO, that we be diplomatic - to get our point across without being rude. I have attached a sample email (the one I sent to test the email addy). Feel free to copy and paste this - with your own signature. The more emails he receives, the better. He needs to know that we are paying attention and that we no longer will stand by as "guinea pigs" and allow viruses to be transported and modified without OUR consent - since is US that were the 300 million + who were killed the first go 'round with this virus, IMO.

Mr. Simpson and Ms. McNab are the PR people for WHO. It wouldn't hurt to email them as well.

Mr Iain Simpson
Telephone: +41 22 791 3215
Email: simpsoni@who.int

Ms Christine McNab
Telephone: +41 22 791 4688
Email: mcnabc@who.int

Sample email (this is what I emailed to Dr. Jong-wook)

Dear Dr. Jong-wook,

I am emailing you to request your urgent attention to a matter of great concern. It has come to my attention that Senior scientific advisors have recommended the creation of a genetically modified version of the smallpox virus to counter any threat of a bio-terrorist attack.

I urge you to consider that smallpox is one of the biggest killers in the history of infectious diseases killing at least 300 million people in the 20th century alone. I urge you to consider that modifying this virus, while with good intent, is risky and puts everyone on this planet in danger. In addition, transporting this virus from two secure labs to other research labs in the world also puts everyone on this planet at risk.

I trust you will not act on this new recommendation and keep the smallpox virus where it belongs, under lock and key at the two secure labs where it currently resides. I urge you NOT to open this potential Pandora's Box; modifying this deadly virus is not guaranteed to be a beneficial solution to bioterrorism.

I appreciate your urgent attention and consideration in advance.

Anna Webb
Loveland, Ohio
World citizen, United States of America

Iraqi Elections are Illegal, According to Geneva Convention

London, Jan 24 (Prensa Latina) Foreign occupation forces in Iraq have no legal authority to restructure the politics, society and economy of this Arab country and even less to call for elections, the London BBC radio station said Monday.

In an interview with the BBC, the president of the Arab Lawyer Association in Great Britain, Sabah Mokhtar, stressed that Geneva and Vienna Conventions stipulate that occupation troops of a state have no legal power to restructure it.

"Iraq is not currently a sovereign nation, but an occupied one, in which foreign forces have proclaimed a Constitution and legislation for elections and the creation of political parties," said Mokhtar when answering a BBC question about the motive of the Iraqi resistance to oppose the US-led elections scheduled for January 30.

The Arab leader added that the Iraq had 300 laws when the US-British forces launched their aggression in March 2003, most established in the 1920´s. He admitted some of those needed to be reformed, but they can only be changed by a legal authority.

Mokhtar also emphasized that a State in war can not legally call for elections, even less when at least 100 insurgent attacks are reported in Iraq daily.

Iraqi citizens fear to go to the polls, are unable to vote and there is no information about election candidates.

Addressing US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld´s recent statements, Mokthar said that elections should be properly held, despite irregularities prevailing in the Arab country.

If elections take place now it will only be because US President George W. Bush has made an incorrect decision, concluded Mokhtar.


Informant: Walter Lippmann

How societies commit suicide


Informant: Andy Caffrey

Stop more money for Iraq war


A statement of conscience against war and repression


Informant: Friends

Is Big Brother watching you while you surf?


Informant: Andy Thames

Antiwar activists reach out to marines




Another Secret Bilderberg conference



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