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Informant: CHEROKEE

EMF-Omega-News 15. January 2004

The NRPB and its cautionary never-never land

With all the hype about the NRPB Stewart report on mobile phones it is worthwhile remembering how the NRPB is (mis)handling the power frequency issue.

The NRPB's latest sales pitch for accepting the ICNIRP guidelines is taking the definition of a precautionary approach even further into never-never land. It is available from their web site at:


(Advice on Limiting Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (0-300 GHz)
Volume 15 No.2, 2004)

We have the usual 'feel good' but meaningless statements about precautionary approaches, etc. but the document's idea of following a precautionary approach is to adopt the ICNIRP guidelines. To Quote from the Conclusions and Recommendations:

"The review of current scientific knowledge, the adoption of a cautions approach to the interpretation of these data, and a recognition of the benefits of international harmonization, combine in a recommendation to adopt the ICNIRP exposure guidelines for occupational and general public exposure to electromagnetic fields between 0 and 300 GHz."

SO now a precautionary approach is defined as adopting ICNIRP. BUT what does ICNIRP's Paulo Vecchia say about precautionary approaches?

See: http://www.emfacts.com/papers/moscow_conf.pdf

"Futire developments in ICNIRP , by Paulo Vecchia

"ICNIRP only considers acute effects in its precautionary principle approach. Consideration of long term effects [are] not possible."

"Precautionary actions to address public concerns may increase rather than mitigate worries and fears of the public. This constitutes a health detriment and should be prevented as other adverse effects of EMF."

So ICNIRP must now class precautionary actions as a thermal effect!

SO where does this leave the NRPB's platitudes about precautionary actions/approaches?

The NRPB report acknowledges that "There is some epidemiological evidence that time-weighted average exposures to power frequency magnetic fields above 0.4 uT is associated with a small increase in the absolute risk of leukaemia in children" but then does a questionable numbers game to discount that fact. The report claims that such exposures ( 0.4 uT or 4 milliGauss) "are seldom encountered by the general public (again, questionable) in the UK" and then suggests that the risk may not be real, thus conveniently discounting all the epidemiological evidence. Later in the report it is stated that "It is concluded that restricting time-weighted average magnetic flux density of 40 mT for whole-body exposure is appropriate for the general public." For occupational exposure (this would include pregnant workers) the "appropriate" exposure level is set at 200 mT.

Appropriate for whom?

Is this the NRPB's idea of a precautionary approach???

In Section 136 "Power frequency fields" the NRPB then goes on add one of their feel good but meaningless statements: " There remains concerns about possible effects of exposure of children to power frequency fields. The view of NRPB is that it is important to consider the possible need for further precautionary measures in respect of exposure of children to power frequency magnetic fields."

I wonder what those further measures could possibly be? Perhaps they may tell us in 15 -20 years time....

Its interesting that no matter how much solid evidence is presented that ICNIRP is severely flawed, national EMF standard setting bodies such as the NRPB uncritically accept it's assurances. Forget science - its really a social class thing - elites supporting their fellow elites in a global power sharing game. The Australian aboriginals have a name for it, "secret men's business".

Don Maisch

Source: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/469074/


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Brave New Era for Privacy Fight

The administration has made it clear that they do intend to continue their move to dramatically reduce privacy and constitutional protection for our citizens," said former Republican congressman Bob Barr...


From Information Clearing House

The Blue Pill People

There are none so blind as those who will not look. If you are one of those who will look, take a look around. You are surrounded -- surrounded by millions who will not look. These are the blue pill people. Who are these blue pill people and why won't they look?


'No Women in Combat'? Tell It to the Kids

Although everyone knows women face what amount to combat situations every day in Iraq, President George Bush says his policy is "no women in combat."


From Information Clearing House

Cheerleading for torture that shames us all

Forced a detainee to eat from a toilet, and watched while a soldier urinated on a detainee.


From Information Clearing House

Iraq War Cost $102 Billion Through September

Iraq War Cost $102 Billion Through September, Pentagon Says:

Bush administration officials in February may seek as much as $70 billion in additional Iraq funding in a request separate from the fiscal 2006 defense budget.


From Information Clearing House

War's 'Hidden Cost' Called Heavy

War's 'Hidden Cost' Called Heavy; Billions Eyed to Replenish Forces

Bush's War on Iraq Creating New Generation of Terrorists

CIA: Bush's War on Iraq Creating New Generation of Terrorists

The Christians I Know

An Icelandic Experience: The Christians I Know:

None of the Christians I know here think George Bush is anything but a boor and a bully, fearing him much more than any tin pot dictator the US supports then disposes of with growing fickle regularity.


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Surfing the Apocalypse

It is a well-known and widely accepted fact that, during wartime, news companies and governmental representatives fuse their voices together into one univocal beam of support for the national military objective.

The Human Cost of War

This film is our soldiers’ perspective of the Iraq War, and how they are being treated upon returning home. It goes beyond the war stories to look underneath our American tradition of engaging in war and then abandoning the warrior.

Rights group warns U.S. losing credibility

Responding to U.S. complaints that they violated human rights, foreign governments have cited U.S. mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners, a development that indicates U.S. credibility has been undermined by the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, Human Rights Watch said Thursday.


From Information Clearing House

'NYT' Obtains 10 Emails, with Photos, Sent by Accused Abu Ghraib Abuser

The New York Times has obtained 10 previously undisclosed e-mails, including attached photos, sent by Spc. Charles A. Graner Jr., now on trial in the Abu Ghraib abuse scandal, around November 2003.


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Babylon wrecked by war

US-led forces leave a trail of destruction and contamination in architectural site of world importance.


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Dear John

by Sheila Samples

A recent exchange with my new best friend, John, forced me into some serious soul-searching as to why I remain a Democrat. John suggests that the two major parties have morphed into one blundering, inept, very destructive and divisive entity. He maintains that, through aggressiveness of one side and acquiescence of the other, our Constitution and Bill of Rights are being dismantled with arrogant impunity by both Republicans and Democrats.

My Brother Died in Vain

It's Official: My Brother Died in Vain

After two years, the government has called off its fruitless hunt for WMD.

By Dante Zappala

My family and I have lived with the grief of losing a loved one. We have struggled to explain his death to his son. We have gazed at the shards of life scattered at our feet, in wonder of its fragility, in perpetual catharsis with God.

Bush Leads Drive in Framing Another "Crisis"

Bush Leads Drive in Framing Another "Crisis" (Now Social Security)

The Bush administration this week set out to convince a skeptical public that Social Security is "heading for an iceberg" and promote private accounts as the answer.

President George Bush hosted an event eerily reminiscent of his election campaign where pre-screened participants touted White House policies. He took pains to reassure seniors that they will still get their checks and tried to target younger workers by warning that Social Security would be "flat broke" by the time they retired. He offered no details but promoted private accounts as the solution.

Privately, White House officials acknowledge that private accounts alone do almost nothing to address Social Security's future shortfall and benefit cuts will be needed.


"Those days of politicizing Social Security, I hope, are in the past."
- George Bush, 1/11/05

"Why stir up a political hornet's nest...when there is no urgency?"
- Rep. Rob Simmons (R-CT), 1/11/05, regarding the president's Social Security plan "The president is again crying wolf to justify an ideological agenda," said George J. Kourpias, president of the Alliance for Retired Americans. "Try as he may to blunt the political clout of America's seniors, we are not fooled. We do have a dog in this fight, and fight we will with all we have to protect, preserve and pass on Social Security to our children and grandchildren."

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office projects that Social Security will be solvent until 2052 at which point it will be able to make 81% of its benefit payments. The Alliance believes minor adjustments should be made today to ensure Social Security's long-term health but is strongly opposed to private accounts because they cut guaranteed benefits, divert money from the trust fund and worsen the program's financial outlook.

Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI), who replaces the late Rep. Robert Matsui as the chief Democrat on the House Social Security subcommittee, said "Social Security faces a challenge, not a crisis. Our first priority must be to prevent the Bush administration from wrecking that bedrock of income security protection."

Karl Rove Masterminding Social Security Campaign of Fear President Bush's "conversation on Social Security" event this week signals the beginning of a multimillion-dollar White House juggernaut, one that will adopt many of the strategies used in the president's re-election bid. Masterminded by Bush's top political strategist Karl Rove, the drive to privatize Social Security will use "campaign-honed techniques of mass-repetition, never deviating from the script and using the politics of fear to build support," reports The Washington Post.

The White House is also relying on outside front groups like Progress for America, which has close ties to Rove and supports privatizing Social Security, to get out their message. The group has been airing ads on CNN and Fox News that use the image of Franklin Delano Roosevelt while promoting Bush's privatization plan. James Roosevelt, Jr., the grandson of FDR, protested the group's use of his grandfather's likeness in a letter stating, "My grandfather would surely oppose the ideas now being promoted by this administration and your organization...I would ask that you cease using my grandfather's image in your advertising campaign." Progress for America said in a statement that it would continue running the ad in its entirety.

Despite the President's urgency, many Republicans remain resistant to his plans and question the wisdom of pushing them so hard. Some GOP members argue there are more pressing needs such as shoring up Medicare financing and the war in Iraq. Conservative editor William Kristol told The Washington Post that Republicans were "bewildered why this is such a White House priority...I don't buy the partisan argument that Republicans benefit by somehow carving up this Democratic program."

Bush Administration Proposes Premium Hike for Pension Insurance Agency

Labor Secretary Elaine Chao announced plans to raise premiums paid to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. (PBGC) by companies with traditional defined benefit pension plans. PBGC a government agency that insures 30,000 pension plans. Today it covers 34 million or 20% of the nation's workforce. The proposal would also give the PBGC more authority to set industry-based premiums. "We have to watch these developments very closely," said Ruben Burks, secretary-treasurer of the Alliance. "This could have unintended consequences of having pension plans terminated if the PBGC goes too far with its authority and premium levels."

Medicare Drug Card Enrollment Still Sluggish

Almost six months after the Medicare prescription drug discount card program was rolled out, the program has seen little interest from seniors. As part of the Medicare law, the drug discount card program was established for elderly Americans to save money, yet seniors often receive better benefits through Medigap, their retiree health benefits or their state prescription drug program. Many seniors also have trouble sorting out which discount cards provide the best benefits because there are dozens of different prices for the same medications.

Get the Facts on Social Security

MYTH: "This system of ours [Social Security] is going to be short...by about $11 trillion, unless we act. That's trillion with a 'T.' That's a lot of money, even for this town." - George Bush, 1/11/05

FACT: This exaggerated figure calculates Social Security's expenses-forever. Experts agree a more accurate figure is the trustees' projection for the next 75 years: $3.7 trillion. Hardly a "crisis" when you compare it with the cost over 75 years of Medicare's drug benefit: $8.1 trillion or Bush's tax cuts: $11.6 trillion. Private accounts are estimated to cost at least $2.2 trillion over coming decades and the national debt ballooned to $7.6 trillion during Bush's first term. That's trillions with a "T."


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Bureau of Public Debt

Social Security Network


Join up with Retired Americans:

Informant: Bigraccoon

Bush using trust funds to promote lies

This is from Jeffery Feldman, who is trained in framing the progressive message. ..... Deb Conley

For your consideration:

ALERT - The following word is being used by the Bush White House in their latest media gimmick to deceive Americans about Social Security:


Do not use this word to describe Social Security. The Bush White House is using this word with one purpose: to convince Americans that Social Security should be dismantled.

TO DISCREDIT BUSH - Describe his latest public appearance as a "media gimmick" "publicity hoax" or stunt." "million-dollar PR stunt

USE BETTER WORDS - To explain how Americans really understand Social Security use these words:

fair, protect, healthy

"Social Security is healthy and successful." "Americans who hard and play buy the rules deserve a retirement protected by their government."

WARNING - This latest Bush gimmick pushes the idea that all Americans, and particularly young Americans, are greedy. This is not true. Americans believe in fairness and responsibility.

The Million Dollar PR Man

The keywords in this effort are not just "account," it's the idea of a "personal account." This idea has been cooked up by Bush's million-dollar PR man, a guy named Frank Luntz. Using secret focus groups and covert research methods, Frank Luntz has figured out that Americans want their retirement money to be protected. Astonishingly, rather than coming up with a way to make Americans feel safe about their retirement, Frank Luntz used his PR techniques to find those words that make Americans feel that their retirement money is most threatened.

That's right. The President paid a PR firm to help him find those keywords that--when repeated over and over again in the media--make Americans the most worried about their retirement.

According to Luntz, the key to making Americans feel most insecure about their retirement is to describe Social Security as being in "crisis," to talk about it as an "account" that is slowly dwindling, and to propose dismantling Social Security in favor of "personal retirement accounts." All these words are being used by the President.

Why do these words make Americans panic? Well, they make us panic because they advance a deceptive frame that defines social security as a big pile of money that's dwindling at the hands of government mismanagement--a big pile of cash being scattered to the winds by the inevitable march of the aging US population. The solution in the retirement horror story purchased from Frank Luntz by George Bush is to appeal to American greed, to convince thatm that the only way to retire rich is to grab their share of the pile of Social Security cash and stick it in the stock market.

The Bush Social Security Fear Machine

Let's take a quick look at Bush's Social Security story in action. The following is a quote from Bush's remarks at a discussion about Social Security held January 11, 2005 at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium, Washington, DC. Just to make sure I have the "right" version of Bush's remarks, this quote comes directly from The White House press release:

"The Social Security system is not a personal savings account. The Social Security system is not an account where money is earned. The Social Security system is an account where money comes out to pay for retirees and is put in the system by people who are working. And that's changed. More and more retirees have taken out money relative to the number of people putting money in. In the '50s, there were 16 workers for every beneficiary. So the system was in pretty good shape. Today, there's three workers for every beneficiary. Relatively quickly, there's going to be two workers for every beneficiary. And that's a problem. And that's a problem because in the year 2018, in order to take care of baby boomers like me and -- (laughter) -- some others I see out there -- (laughter) -- the money going out is going to exceed the money coming in."

Notice how Bush starts out by describing what kind of "account" Social Security is not. This is pretty deft rhetorical trick for someone who's not supposed to be good at public speaking. It seems like Bush was prepped pretty well for this publicity stunt. The key phrase is this: "The Social Security system is an account." That's it--it's been defined as an account where more money's going "out" than "in." If any American listening happens to have a checking or savings account (ehem!), then they would immediately understand that pretty soon the Social Security "account" is going to be empty. Which is bad. But just in case anyone didn't catch that, the President makes sure to dangle some images of retirement horror before us:

"That's not a good thing. It means that you're either going to have to raise the taxes of people, or reduce the benefits. And the longer you wait, the more severe the pain is going to be to fulfill the promise for a younger generation of workers coming up. As a matter of fact, by the time today's workers who are in their mid-20s begin to retire, the system will be bankrupt. So if you're 20 years old, in your mid-20s, and you're beginning to work, I want you to think about a Social Security system that will be flat bust, bankrupt, unless the United States Congress has got the willingness to act now. And that's what we're here to talk about, a system that will be bankrupt."

No, Martha, an empty Social Security "account" is not "a good thing." But take a quick look back at that last paragraph. I wonder how many hours President Bush spent with his million-dollar PR script from Frank Luntz before he memorized those lines? Here are all the bad words: "raise taxes" (bad!) "reduce benefits" (ouch!) "severe pain" (yikes!) "bankrupt" (oiy!) and "bankrupt" (oof!).

Oh, my. Where do I sign to avoid all this pain and bankruptcy!! Just gimme my pile of dough from the account and let me buy Enron stock!

Why Does Bush Push This Line?

Bush advances this logic because he wants to dismantle Social Security. In his view, Social Security is immoral because it puts government in between individuals and the market place. The only truly just world, in Bush's view, is a world where there are absolutely no controls placed on the markets. In that just world, the people who do well in the market place are the people who deserve secure and protected retirements. People who don't do well in the markets, well, there's something wrong with them in Bush's view.

Bush wants a government that has no programs to protect people from the market place. Bush wants all programs dismantled, so he's starting with Social Security. And he's run up a pretty big deficit to put pressure on the system.

The deficit, you see, is a problem in Bush's mind. It's an achievement. It's an achievement because it can be used to put pressure on all the programs that Bush wants to dismantle. Once he had that deficit, he could put that million-dollar PR campaign to use.

Unfortunately, President Bush's view is wrong and his efforts must be stopped. In fact, Social Security is one of the most successful programs of all time. It is a healthy system and can be kept that way through minor increases in the tax salary cap, responsible federal spending, and investments in the economy.

President Bush's plan would cost trillions of dollars, send tens of millions of senior citizens--nest egg in hand--into the unregulated stock markets, and it's all based on accounting forecasts that even Republicans reject.

The Solution

The solution is to talk about social security as what it really is: a system to protect Americans from having to rely on the risks of the open markets in retirement, and a safety net for those Americans who fall victim to terrible loss that leaves them without other options.

Americans who work hard and play by the rules deserve a retirement protected from the risks of the open markets.

Social Security is a fair system well-worth the investment to keep it up and running.

If he dismantles Social Security, President Bush will weaken this entire country.

By investing in Social Security, we invest in the welfare of this nation's future.

The key to taking back control of this debate is to focus attention on the core American values of "fairness" and "responsibility."

Based on the value of fairness and responsibility, Americans have worked together on the issue of retirement. Social Security is the policy solution based on that effort.

President Bush's scheme is based on greed, and encourages Americans to think and do for themselves at the risk of all others. The "personal retirement account" is the Bush policy based on that disturbing vision of America.

Fairness and responsibility are the heart of this country.

Now let's stop using Bush's words and take back this debate

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January 16, 2005

Agency Running Social Security to Push Change

Ring of Steel as Bush Sworn In


A Global Gulag to Hide the War on Terror's Dirty Secrets


The Bush Zone


The Military's Plan to Alter the Ionosphere


Informant: Andy Thames

Military Weapons target genetic Groups

The new sale of "3G licences" represents the making available of more of the UK radio spectrum (2.5 to 2.7 MHz) but for unspecified use (any radio, wifi service etc.) rather than for a designated (eg 3G) mobile phone infrastructure. The advantage of higher frequencies is greater data capacity, but lower range per Watt. How the industry will respond, given the failure of 3G to fly and earn back on the last investment, remains to be seen. May be a case of "buy it or lose it".

3G is third generation. 4G (fourth) represents a future that is still an intention rather than a commercial offering yet. Whatever it brings, it will be further integration of national security, personal identification (possibly tracking), focussing all means of communication, of personal data records, lifestyle activity etc. into a single stream. We might at present (might) think it terribly efficient to have a big central database where we can identify the rogues and curtail their activities. It would be really easy to link the national DNA database and spot genetic trends for crime, even health, and of course for personal profiling (and sell this info to marketing people who desperately would like it, to help pay for the whole thing). There has already been considerable work done by the military on weapons that target genetic groups (David Kelly, it seems, was involved with such work in Israel.) Put all that together and find a government in fear, working with its military, and its usefulness is rather different from the efficient e-government we are being offered now.

4G (if it is of the terahertz variety circulated a few days ago) is a whole new ballgame, with global military communications and weapons linkage, potential primary defence funding etc. but it is a only logical extension of where we are going already. And it ain't good.


From Mast Network

Can the FBI Monitor Your Web Browsing Without a Warrant?


Zigaretten und Mobiltelefone – vergleichbare Risiken?

Technewsworld: Zigaretten und Mobiltelefone – vergleichbare Risiken?

„Heute sind in den USA Zigaretten vom Arbeitsplatz verbannt, weil Forscher feststellten, dass sie Krebs erzeugen; aber bis dahin war es ein langer Weg. Wir können heute nicht wissen, ob sich diese Situation in Folge der REFLEX-Studie wiederholt, denn diese ist zu der Schlussfolgerung gelangt, dass elektromagnetische Strahlung ein gesundheitliches Risiko beinhaltet.“ Der Leiter der REFLEX-Studie, Franz Adlkofer von der Verum Stiftung, betonte, dass „Vorsorgemaßnahmen ihre Berechtigung haben“. Da niemand weiß, ob eines Tages Anwälte IT-Manager belangen, weil sie etwas zum Schutz ihrer Angestellten hätten unternehmen müssen, wird in dem zitierten Artikel mit einem Augenzwinkern darauf hingewiesen, IT-Manger, wenn sie auf Nummer Sicher gehen wollten, Geräte, welche HF-Strahlung aussenden, wie z.B. Komponenten von Funknetzen und Mobiltelefone, möglicherweise aus ihren Büros verbannen könnten, aber sie sollten vorgeben, es aus Gründen der Systemintegrität zu tun.“

Aus: FGF-Infoline vom 13.01.2005


Organic Bytes #48



The Spy Who Billed Me


Informant: Shanti Renfrew


Die ICNIRP-Story: Ein privater Altherrenclub hält die Welt zum Narren

Es ist nicht einfach zuzugeben, auf die Schwindeleien von Regierungen, Bundesämtern, Vollzugsbehörden und vor allem von den Mobilfunkbetreibern hereingefallen zu sein. Diese haben nämlich die Internationale Strahlenschutzkommission für nichtionisierende Strahlung, abgekürzt ICNIRP, stets als UNO- resp. WHO-Gremium vorgestellt. Wohlweislich nie greifbar schriftlich, dafür aber mündlich bei jeder Gelegenheit an allen öffentlichen Auftritten im Fernsehen oder am Radio und anlässlich öffentlicher Orientierungsveranstaltungen. Und die ICNIRP selber hat sich in dieser Rolle gefallen und nie die geringsten Anstrengungen unternommen dieses Image öffentlich zu korrigieren.

Hans-U.Jakob, 29.9.2001

Gruppe Hans-U. Jakob
Schweizerische Interessengemeinschaft Elektrosmog-Betroffener
Flüehli 17, CH-3150 Schwarzenburg
Tel. 031 731 04 31/Fax: 031 731 28 54

Schwarzenburg, 28.September 2001

An den Bundespräsidenten der Eidgenossenschaft
Herrn Moritz Leuenberger
Zu Händen des Gesamtbundesrates
Bundeshaus Nord
3003 Bern


Sehr geehrter Herr Bundespräsident Leuenberger,
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren Bundesräte,

Unser Verein, die Gruppe Hans-U.Jakob, hat vor 9 Monaten an den UNO-Generalsekretär, Mr. Kofi Annan, eine Petition eingereicht, die weltweit von 65 Organisationen aus 19 Ländern mit insgesamt über 40'000 Mitgliedern und von 63 Wissenschaftern aus 16 Nationen mitgetragen wurde und zudem von einigen Tausend weiteren Menschen jeder Hautfarbe aus 26 Ländern mit unterschrieben war. Darin haben wir Mr. Kofi Annan gebeten, er möge dafür sorgen, dass in der ICNIRP die dort vertretenen Mitglieder aus der Wirtschaft oder solchen, die dieser nahe stehen, durch unabhängige Wissenschafter ersetzt werden.

Sowohl der Direktor des UNO-Sitzes Genf als auch der Direktor der UNO Wien haben sich jedoch geweigert, diese Petition entgegen zu nehmen, sodass wir die Sendung mit dem ganzen Material im Januar 2001 direkt an das Sekretariat von Mr. Kofi Annan in New-York verschicken mussten.

Nach mehrmaliger Nachfrage beim Sekretariat von Mr. Kofi Annan, hat uns schließlich nach einer Wartezeit von vollen 9 Monaten in dessen Auftrag die WHO Direktorin Ann Kern aus Genf sinngemäß Folgendes mitgeteilt:

Die ICNIRP ist weder eine WHO- noch eine UNO- Organisation, sondern schlicht und einfach eine private NICHTREGIERUNGSORGANISATION (NGO), die allerdings in enger Verbindung zur WHO und zur UNO stehe.

Dazu stellen wir Folgendes fest:

In der NIS-Verordnung und ganz besonders in den erläuternden Bestimmungen dazu werden unübersehbar die Empfehlungen der ICNIRP als Grundlage für diese Verordnung deklariert. Ebenso unübersehbar wird die ICNIRP immer in engster Verbindung zur WHO oder gar zur UNO gebracht.

In mündlichen Äusserungen unserer obersten Politiker und der Mobilfunkbetreiber wird die ICNIRP dem Volk, das ja über die Zusammenhänge kaum umfassend orientiert ist, sogar als UNO- oder WHO-Organisation vorgestellt.

Uns drängen sich dabei die folgenden Fragen auf:

1. War sich der Bundesrat bei der Inkraftsetzung der NIS-Verordnung bewusst, dass

die ICNIRP weder eine UNO- noch eine WHO- Organisation, sondern schlicht und einfach ein selbsternannter Club älterer Herren ist?

die ICNIRP weder ein Mandat der UNO noch der WHO hat?

die ICNIRP weder ein Mandat einer demokratisch gewählten Regierung, noch irgend- einer nationalen Behörde hat?

2. War dem Bundesrat bekannt, dass die ICNIRP ihre Mitglieder selber ernennt oder absetzt?

3. Wenn die ICNIRP weder von der UNO noch von der WHO noch von einer Landesregierung finanziert wird,

hat der Bundesrat je einmal die finanzielle Abhängigkeit der ICNIRP von den Elektrizitätsgesellschaften, den Mobilfunkbetreibern, überhaupt der einschlägigen Industrie hinterfragt?

4. Hat der Bundesrat je einmal die Rechtsform der ICNIRP abgeklärt?

Falls diese überhaupt Statuten hat, könnte ihr bestenfalls die Rechtsform eines Vereins zukommen.

Falls diese Statuten fehlen, ist die ICNIRP juristisch gesehen gar nicht existent.

5. Falls es die ICNIRP als juristische Körperschaft gar nicht gibt,

wie kommt der Bundesrat dazu, etwas, was es gar nicht gibt, als Grundlage zu einer gesetzlichen Verordnung heranzuziehen?

Weitere Fragen:

Wie kommt es, dass ein Australier namens Dr. Michael Repacholi in der ICNIRP als Vertreter der Schweiz aufgeführt wird? Wer hat diesen gewählt, bzw. als Schweizer Vertreter abdelegiert?

Sehr geehrter Herr Bundespräsident,
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren Bundesräte,

Wir hätten gern Aufschluss über die Verflechtung der WHO mit der ICNIRP und vor allem mit der Industrie.

Wir sind sehr genau darüber informiert, dass sowohl im dreizehnköpfigen Gremium Leute aus der interessierten Industrie sitzen, die an öffentlichen Veranstaltungen, sowie in Fernsehdiskussionen die rein thermische Sicht der elektromagnetischen Strahlung vehement verteidigen und ebenso vehement das Vorhandensein der biologischen athermischen Wirkungen dieser Strahlung in Abrede stellen. Auch unter den konsultativen Mitgliedern der ICNIRP befinden sich solche Vertreter, die wegen Interessenverflechtungen alle diese wichtigen Tatsachen konsequent leugnen.

Die ICNIRP lehnt überhaupt alle vorhandenen Erkenntnisse, die auf nichtthermischen Effekten beruhen, konsequent ab, genauso wie Forschungsergebnisse, die in epidemiologischen Studien niedergelegt sind. Wer bei der ICNIRP nichtthermische Effekte erwähnt, verletzt den selbst auferlegten Ehrenkodex und wird automatisch aus diesem Gremium ausgeschlossen. Studien, die andere als thermische Effekte belegen, werden erst gar nicht zur Prüfung entgegen genommen. Aus dieser unverantwortlichen Haltung der ICNIRP resultieren die vielen gesundheitlichen Folgen, die schon jetzt weltweit ein nicht mehr zu tolerierendes Ausmaß angenommen haben.

Fast überflüssig zu sagen, dass trotz Einladung, ICNIRP-Vertreter an internationalen Kongressen, an welchen nichtthermische Wirkungen der NIS behandelt werden, wie z.B. an jener von Salzburg im Juni 2000, erst gar nicht erscheinen.

Mit immer grösserer Klarheit zeigt sich, dass die ICNIRP als ein illustrer privater Klub ist , der sich bei Bedarf das Mäntelchen von WHO und UNO umhängt, um damit beim meist uninformierten Publikum den Eindruck von Seriosität und Kompetenz vorzutäuschen. Dazu gehört schon ein beträchtliches Mass an Unverfrorenheit.

Wir sind allerdings bestürzt, wie gutgläubig und unkritisch Regierungen und Behörden die von diesem Klub aufgestellten Grenzwertempfehlungen in ihre nationalen Verordnungen und Richtlinien übernehmen. Denn "Internationale Strahlenschutzkommission" darf sich jedes x-beliebige Komitee nennen. Das ist kein geschützter Name.

Wir bitten Sie, sich dafür einzusetzen, dass die Rolle der ICNIRP lückenlos aufgeklärt und die Grundlagenarbeit für eine sichere Grenzwertempfehlung an ein Gremium von wirtschaftsunabhängigen und verantwortungsbewussten Wissenschaftern delegiert wird.

Da auch wir eine Nichtregierungs-Organisation sind, welche sich mit dem Schutz vor nichtionisierender Strahlung befasst, hoffen wir auf eine rasche Antwort des Bundesrates.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Hans-U.Jakob, Präsident
L.Gaigg, Sekretärin

Kopie an:
Herrn Marc Furrer, Direktor BAKOM
Herrn Dr. Th. Zeltner, Direktor BAG
Herrn Dr. Ph. Roch, Direktor BUWAL

Brief von Mrs. Ann Kern
Executive Director, Stustainable Development
and Healthy Environment

Abschrift des englischen Originaltextes


Teléphone Cetral /Exchange (+41 22) 791 21 11
direct /+4122)791

In reply please refer for: E15-445-11
Prière de rappeler la référence:

Gruppe Hans U. Jakob
Flüehli 17
CH 3150 Schwarzenburg

14. September 2001

Dear Sir

I have been asked to respond to your letter to Mr. Annan and Dr. Brundtland regarding your concerns about possible health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from mobile telecommunications.

ICNIRP is an independent scientific commission of eminent scientists established by the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) to provide advice on non-ionizing radiations in the same way as the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) has done for ionizing radiation for over 65 years. It is an independent and separate organization. It is not "under-organization of WHO" as stated in your letter.

However, ICNIRP is one of a very large number of NGOs in official relations with WHO and it has been working with WHO on matters related to the protection of people from exposure to non-ionzing radiation.These radiations include EMF, UV, static fields and ultrasound. ICNIRP uses WHO's health risk assessments to draft guidelines on human exposure limits, which have now been accepted for guidance or mandated into law in many countries.

Dr. Repacholi has been a staff member of WHO since 1995 and coordinates the International EMF Project. He facilitates and provides aministrative support for implementation of this Project. When meetings are held he is only a member of the WHO secretariat for the meeting and acts exclusively in that capacity. When giving presentations on behalf of WHO that include recommandations and conclusions of the EMF Project, he can only provide information that has been agreed by international meetings or working groups WHO convened or from other international or national authorities.

WHO is aware that Dr. Repacholi has published an animal study suggesting that exposure to radiofrequency fields could promote the incidence of lymphoma in genetically modified mice. However, WHO requires that, before scientific studies are accepted into the body of established literature, they must be independently replicated or confirmed in another laboratory. Since this study is important, there are currently two laboratories (one in Australia and one in Italy) trying to reproduce these results. If the Repacholi study is confirmed, it will be assessed along with all the other studies to reach conclusions abour the possible health effects of EMF exposure. However, until it is confirmed, it merely raises a hypothesis that needs to be tested and cannot be used for health risk assessments.

WHO applies strict rules for dealing with industry and for potential conflicts of interest for statt and experts. These are being adhered to by the EMF Project.

I hope this answers the concerns that you have raised.

Ann Kern

Executive Director, Stustainable Development
and Healthy Environment

M. Marta Mauras, Deputy Secretary-General'Office, UN, New York
Mr.Patrizio Civili, Assistant Secretary-General for Policy,Coordination and Inter-Agency Affairs
Mr. R. Leclair, DD/WUN, New York
Dr. F. Bassani, D/WUN, New York
Dr. B. P. Kean, D/ECP
Mr. G.L.Burci, LEG

Deutsche Übersetzung


Teléphone Cetral /Exchange (+41 22) 791 21 11
direct /+4122)791

In reply please refer for: E15-445-11
Prière de rappeler la référence:

Gruppe Hans U. Jakob
Flüehli 17
CH 3150 Schwarzenburg

14. September 2001

Sehr geehrter Herr

Ich wurde gebeten, Ihren Brief an Mr. Annan und Dr. Brundtland betr. Ihr Anliegen über mögliche Gesundsheitsauswirkungen durch die Exposition durch elektromagnetische Felder (EMF) der Telekommunikation zu beantworten.

Die ICNIRP ist eine unabhängige wissenschaftliche Kommission von hervorragenden Wissenschaftern, die durch die International Protection Association (IRPA) gegründet wurde, um vorsorgliche Ratschläge für die nichtionisierende Strahlung herauszugeben, in der gleichen Weise, wie das die International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) für die ionisierende Strahlung seit über 65 Jahren tut. Sie ist eine unabhängige und separate Organisation. Sie ist keine Unterorganisation der WHO, wie Sie in Ihrem Brief gesagt haben.

Jedoch ist die ICNIRP eine von einer grossen Anzahl Nichtregierungs-Organsiationen, die in einer offiziellen Verbindung zur WHO stehen. Sie arbeitet mit der WHO in Angelegenheiten zusammen, die mit dem Schutz der Menschen vor Exposition durch nichtionisierende Strahlung in Verbindung stehen. Inbegriffen sind Strahlungen wie EMF, UV, statische Felder und Ultraschall. Die ICNIRP benutzt die Bewertungen der WHO, um Grenzwert-Richtlinien für Gesundheitsrisiken für Menschen zu entwerfen. Diese werden nun als Empfehlung oder als Gesetzesvorschrift von vielen Ländern akzeptiert.

Dr. Repacholi ist seit 1995 Mitglied der WHO und koordiniert das Internationale Projekt für EMF (elektromagnetische Felder) Er fördert und betreut den adminstrativen Support zur Ausführung dieses Projekts. Wenn Meetings abgehalten werden, ist er nur ein Mitglied des WHO-Sekretariats für das Meeting und agiert ausschliesslich in dieser Eigenschaft. Bei Präsentationen durch die WHO, die Empfehlungen und Schlussfolgerungen für das EMF-Projekt enthalten, kann er nur Informationen weiter geben, über die an internationalen Meetings, durch die WHO oder durch andere Arbeitsgruppen oder international oder national einberufene Behörden, eine Einverständnis erzielt wurde.

Die WHO weiß, dass Dr. Repacholi eine Tierstudie veröffentlicht hat, die darauf hindeutet, dass die Exposition durch radiofrequente Felder das Auftreten von Lymphomen in genetisch veränderten Mäusen begünstigen könnte. Jedoch fordert die WHO, dass wissenschaftliche Studien vor ihrer Aufnahme in die etablierte Literatur in einem anderen Labor unabhängig wiederholt bzw. bestätigt werden müssen. Weil diese Studie wichtig ist, versuchen gegenwärtig zwei Laboratorien (eines in Australien, das andere in Italien), die Resultate zu reproduzieren. Wenn die Studie von Dr. Repacholi bestätigt wird, wird sie mit allen anderen Studien bewertet werden, um Schlussfolgerungen über die möglichen Wirkungen auf die Gesundheit durch EMF-Exposition zu ziehen. Bis jedoch dies bestätigt ist, gibt es nur Hypothesen, die geprüft werden müssen und vorher nicht für die Bewertung von Gesundheitsrisiken gebraucht werden können.

Die WHO gibt strenge Regeln für das Geschäftsverhalten der Industrie heraus sowie für potenzielle Interessenkonflikte von Körperschaften und Experten. Daran hält sich auch das EMF-Projekt.

Ich hoffe, dass dies Ihre Anliegen beantwortet, die Sie gestellt haben.

Ann Kern

Executive Director, Stustainable Development
and Healthy Environment

M. Marta Mauras, Deputy Secretary-General'Office, UN, New York
Mr.Patrizio Civili, Assistant Secretary-General for Policy,Coordination and Inter-Agency Affairs
Mr. R. Leclair, DD/WUN, New York
Dr. F. Bassani, D/WUN, New York
Dr. B. P. Kean, D/ECP
Mr. G.L.Burci, LEG

Petitionstext an UNO Generalseketär (unter WHO/ICNIRP/CH-Behörden):

Quelle: http://www.gigaherz.ch/373/

Mitglieder der ICNIRP

Bewertung von Mobilfunk-Strahlung durch die Bundesregierung aufgrund von Empfehlungen der Internationalen Kommission zum Schutz vor nichtionisierenden Strahlen (ICNIRP)

Das ICNIRP -Spiel

WHO und UNO distanzieren sich von der ICNIRP



Eine private Organisation entscheidet über unsere Gesundheit

Die ICNIRP-Story

Internationale "Strahlenschützer"

Nicht-ionisierende Strahlung und Krebserkrankungen

Helsinki Appeal 2005



A Break-through in Understanding Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Field Effects

Letter and attachment to the WHO in response to its Precautionary Framework

Care needed on mast sites


HLV INFO 11—19-01-2005/AT

Pressemitteilung des BMU Nr. 010/05

Berlin, 17.01.2005

Neue Strahlenschutzkommission berufen

Bundesumweltminister Jürgen Trittin hat die Mitglieder der Strahlenschutzkommission (SSK) neu berufen. Die mit 18 Experten besetzte SSK berät das Bundesumweltministerium ehrenamtlich in Fragen des Schutzes vor den Gefahren ionisierender und nichtionisierender Strahlen. Die Mitglieder der SSK werden in der Regel für die Dauer von zwei Jahren berufen.

Erneut berufen wurden:

Bernd Franke, Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung, Heidelberg
Prof. Dr. Peter Jakob, GSF, Neuherberg
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jürgen Kiefer, Uni Giessen
Dipl.-Phys. Christian Küppers, Öko-Institut, Darmstadt
Prof. Dr. Norbert Leitgeb, Technische Universität, Graz
Prof. Dr. Dr. Reinhard Loose, Institut für Radiologie, Klinikum Nürnberg-Nord
Prof. Dr. Rolf Michel, ZSR, Universität Hannover
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang-Ulrich Müller, Institut für med. Strahlenbiologie, Uni Essen
Prof. Dr. Brigitte Stöver, Klinik für Strahlenheilkunde, Charité Berlin

Neu berufen wurden:

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Böhm, PTB, Braunschweig
Prof. Dr. E.W. Breitbart, Dermatolog. Zentrum, Kreiskrankenhaus Buxtehude
Prof. Dr. Friederike Eckard-Schupp, GSF, Neuherberg
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Herrmann, Technische Universität Dresden
Prof. Dr. K-H. Jöckel, Institut für Med. Informatik, Universitätsklinikum Essen
Dipl.-Phys. J. Kopp, KZVA Stabsstelle, Augsburg
Dr. habil. Florentin Lange, GRS, Köln
Prof. Dr. Löbrich, Universität des Saarlandes, Homburg
Prof. Dr. Dr. H.E. Wichmann, GSF, Neuherberg

US Army Dugway Secrecy Challenged by Watchdogs


Begin forwarded message:

The Sunshine Project
News Release - 13 January 2005

US Army Dugway Secrecy Challenged by Watchdogs

Dispute Over Report on Effects of Chemical Weapons on Ethnic Groups

Call for Greater Transparency and Oversight of Dugway Proving Ground

(13 Jan 2005) - Watchdogs are appealing the US Army's refusal to release a study that compared the effects of different chemical, and possibly biological, weapons on different ethnic, gender, and age groups. The US Army has refused to release a single page of the study, which was conducted in 1999 by the US Army Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. The experiments harken back to dark Cold War days, when Dugway used religious minorities in weapons tests.

The watchdogs, the Sunshine Project (Austin, TX) and Citizens Education Project (Salt Lake City, UT), are demanding two things:

First, they want the report Chemical Warfare Agent Toxicity for Both Genders from Different Age and Ethnic Groups to be immediately released. They requested it under the Freedom of Information Act in August 2004. The Army replied in December acknowledging that the report exists; but refusing to release it.

This week, the groups have filed an appeal with the US Army General Counsel's Office.

"We want to know how and why the US Army is researching chemical weapons effects on different kinds of people," says Sunshine Project Director Edward Hammond, "We see no valid defensive purpose to build data on ethnic chemical warfare. On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons why this research might make others nervous. Did the Army segregate people based on ethnicity, gender, and age and then expose them to weapons agents?"

The US Army reply to the watchdog's request for the report mentions biological agents in addition to the chemicals. According to the watchdogs, that these studies may extend into biological weapons is more cause for concern. Says Hammond "The Army's reference to biological agents is all the more reason why it must disclose this report to explain what it has done and why it wants data on the effects of prohibited weapons on ethnic groups."

Secondly, the watchdogs want increased transparency and public oversight of Dugway Proving Ground (DPG). DPG is in the middle of a massive expansion of its biological and chemical activities, building new BSL-3 labs, expanding the perimeter of the base, and adding a new counter-terrorism training mission. Steve Erickson of the Citizens Education Project says the expansion is "like nothing we've seen since the Cold War days when Dugway was in its heyday of chem-bio testing and human experimentation." "As it stands now, Dugway can claim that everything they do now or in the future is to protect the nation from bad guys with bad intentions. But studying ethnic specificity of chemical or biological weapons? How can that not be viewed by other nations as provocative? Given Dugway's track record and the money the feds are throwing at perceived threats at the expense of serious, identified public health problems, a healthy dose of skepticism and oversight is in order," Erickson said.

Utah State Senator Gene Davis has filed a bill (SB 85) which would re-establish a committee of Utah legislators, regulators and citizen representatives, disbanded in the 1990s, to assure a modicum of state oversight of federal facilities in Utah like the Dugway Proving Ground, and to keep the public informed on developments at those installations that could affect their health and safety.


FOIA correspondence concerning release of Chemical Warfare Agent
Toxicity for Both Genders from Different Age and Ethnic Groups:

Citizens Education Project Information Page on Dugway Proving Ground: http://www.citizensedproject.org/dugway.html


Steve Erickson, Citizens Education Project, Salt Lake City, UT
Tel: (801) 554 9029

Edward Hammond, The Sunshine Project, Austin, TX
Tel: (512) 494 0545

Informant: Anna Webb

Pandemic Nears as Cosmic Ray Mutated Virus Unleashes Its Power - Pandemie immer wahrscheinlicher aufgrund erhöhter kosmischer Strahlung


Informant: Andy Caffrey

Pandemie immer wahrscheinlicher aufgrund erhöhter kosmischer Strahlung

In oben zitiertem Artikel wird die erhöhte kosmische Strahlung für die rasche Mutation des Vogelgrippevirus H5N1 verantwortlich gemacht.

Am CDC, Center for Desease Control, USA, laufen Versuchsreihen über das Virus. Dr. Robert Webster, weltweit anerkannter Experte für Grippeviren: "Dies ist das schlimmste Virus das ich je gesehen habe."

Das schlimmste vorstellbare Szenario in dem sich das Virus verbreiten könnte ist nun durch die Folgen des Tsunami vom Dezember Realität geworden. Hunderttausende Tote und zehntausende Hilfskräfte sind in engem Kontakt in den Ursprungsfeldern des Virus H5N1. Vor dem tragischen Ergeignis bestätigte der Direktor der WHO für den Westpazifischen Raum: "Wir sind nun so nahe an einer Pandemie wie noch nie in den Jahren zuvor."

Ein Forschungspapier, "Analyse über Einflüsse Kosmischer und Geophysikalischer Faktoren auf die Reproduktion von Influenza-Viren" stellt fest: "Unter Einfluß solarer und geophysikalischer Aktivität haben wir die Reproduktion des Influenza-Virus in Gewebekulturen studiert. Dabei wurde beim verwendeten Material (Hongkong 1/68(H3N2)) in statistsich nachweisbarer Höhe eine quantitativ höhere Ernte infektiösen Materials gewonnen, bei gleichen Laborbedingungen.

Weiters wurde erkannt, dass "Influenzaausbrüche oftmals durch neueingetragene Virusstämme aus dem All verursacht wurden. Einige Beweise deuten darauf hin, dass die schlimmsten Epidemien mit den Maxima in den Sonnenzyklen übereinstimmen."

Es gibt keine technisch verfügbare, wirtschaftliche und leicht anwendbare Barriere gegen diese kosmische Strahlung. Sie durchdringt viele Meter Erdreich, Fels oder Metall. Nachdem sie 16.000km schützender Magnetosphäre und an die 1000km atmosphärischer Moleküle durchdrungen hat, sind die Partikel immer noch energetisch genug um bis zu 6m Fels zu durchdringen.

Kosmische Strahlen ionisieren auch Wassermoleküle in den Zellen, wobei sie Hydroxyl-Radikale hinterlassen, die dann im Zellkern DNA-Veränderungen hervorrufen - nach russischen Forschungsergebnissen.

Zusätzlich zu der erschreckenden Dringlichkeit der laufenden Ereignisse kommt nun eine wachsende Zahl an Forschungspapieren heraus, die beweisen, dass Massensterben auf diesem Planeten in zurückliegenden Perioden nicht auf Meteorimpakte, sondern auf "Hausgemachtes" zurückzuführen sind.

Weiters im Link:

Das rasante Abschmelzen der Eisberge in der Antarktis; die McMurdo-Station ist von 3,5m dickem eis eingeschlossen. Die Versorgung ist äußerst schwierig, da die kalbenden Eisberge den Sund verschließen.

Eisberge sind nun auch südlich Neuseelands, das erste mal seit 57 Jahren zu einem Problem für die Schifffahrt geworden.

Der größte Gletscher auf Grönland, Jakobshavn Isbrae, ist der schnellstfließende weltweit, er allein ist derzeit für einen 4%iges Ansteigen der Weltmeere verantwortlich.

Unterschiedlich zu Russland, wo die Menschen eher in höheren Regionen siedeln würden, bevorzugt man im Westen weiterhin küstennahe Regionen (!).

Wichtig erscheint mir vor allem, die nur spärlichen Informationen über den weiteren Verlauf der Vogelgrippe-Forschung und Beobachtung des asiatischen Raumes im Auge zu behalten. Neben den Hauptschlagzeilen geht so manches interessante Puzzlestück verloren.

Auch der antarktische Sommer wird interessant...waren die letzten auch schon nicht ohne...



Desolate Fallujah

Destroying a City To Save It

For the military-industrial complex, that is. Article by Tom Engelhardt and Michael Schwartz.


Die Montagsdemonstrationen gegen Hartz IV und Agenda 2010 werden fortgesetzt

Die Montagsdemonstrationen gegen Hartz IV und Agenda 2010 werden fortgesetzt. Deswegen soll auch die aktuelle Übersichtsliste mit möglichst allen Terminen aktuell bleiben. Wer Termine hat, bzw. seinen Ort in der Terminübersicht vermißt, wird um eine Benachrichtigung per Mail an: news@joergfischer.biz gebeten.

Die ständig aktualisierte Liste findet sich auf


31. Januar ist Widerspruchstag


Das Unding "Hartz IV" und das Unwort "Humankapital"

Protesters Plan to Mark Bush Inauguration


ImpeachBush movement at Jan. 20 inauguration

Coronation farce deepens - These Companies gave Money for Bush's Innauguration

Inaugural Protests in Many Cities

ImpeachBush movement at Jan. 20 inauguration

George W. Bush and his administration have been doing everything in their power to "sanitize" Pennsylvania Avenue on January 20th by trying to banish thousands of people holding Impeach Bush signs and banners. But they have not succeeded.

Not only will ImpeachBush members cover the parade route, but we will have the opportunity to sit in bleachers prominently arranged at 4th St and Pennsylvania Ave. We are joining with the antiwar movement, which has obtained a permit to build bleachers and hold a mass rally along the Inaugural route. This is the first time in Inaugural history that the antiwar movement has secured access to build bleachers along the parade route.

George W. Bush and the presidential motorcade will have to drive right in front of the bleachers and mass rally. Military family members whose loved ones are in Iraq, members of the Arab-American and Muslim communities, and people from all walks of life will hold signs reading "Bush Lied: Thousands Died," "Impeach Bush," "Save the Bill of Rights," among other slogans. We are pleased to announce that Ramsey Clark and others will be featured speakers in the rally that will take place at 4th St. and Pennsylvania Ave.

Bush wants to cleanse the Parade route of dissenters so that he can falsely assert the legitimacy of his government. Nixon used the same tactic at his second inauguration. Let us not forget that Nixon chose to resign rather than be impeached just 20 months after his second inauguration.

The political effort to affirm our rights could not have happened without the support and commitment of so many people who believe strongly in the impeachment movement. The world media will be in Washington DC on January 20, and everyone should feel proud that our movement will be so visible. The people of the world must see that the people of the United States insist that Bush and other high officials be held accountable for their criminal acts.

Buses and car caravans are coming from more than fifty cities. People are flying from the West Coast to join us at 4th St. and Pennsylvania Ave. Volunteers are making signs, posters, handing out leaflets, answering phones and doing the one hundred and one other tasks to make this an effective mobilization.

If you are unable to come to Washington DC but want to help by making a much-needed contribution, we are in urgent needs of funds to cover the many costs. We have grown stronger only because of the continued generosity and commitment of ImpeachBush/VoteToImpeach.org members.

Congratulations to everyone for their hard work and we hope to see you in Washington DC on January 20th. We'll be sure to send a report of the activities following January 20th for those of you that can't be there.

-- All of us at ImpeachBush/VoteToImpeach.org

Coronation farce deepens - These Companies gave Money for Bush's Innauguration

Protesters Plan to Mark Bush Inauguration

Glaciers Melting at Alarming Rate


Health impacts of weak electromagnetic fields - Mobile phones "the largest human biologic experiment"

Fields of Influence - Mobile phones "the largest human biologic experiment"

Debate over the health impacts of weak electromagnetic fields continues unabated as more and more biological effects are documented. This mini-series began in Science in Society 17, where we described how a new physics of the organism that can account for those effects has been systematically ignored and excluded from mainstream discourse. The situation has hardly changed since and requires radical steps to be taken in scientific research funding and in science education.

Mobile Phones & Brain Damage

Rats exposed to mobile phones for two hours showed brain damages that persisted 50 days later. But current exposure standards are still highly inadequate to protect the public. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho reports:

Sources for this article are posted on ISIS members' website. Details

Mobile phones "the largest human biologic experiment"

Researchers found "highly significant" evidence for damages to brain cells in rats exposed for 2 hrs to microwaves from mobile phones; and these damages were still seen 50 days after the exposure.

One quarter of the world's population is now exposing themselves to microwaves from hand-held mobile phones. The research team in Lundt University, Sweden, led by Leif Salford, referred to this as "the largest human biologic experiment ever". They point out that soon, microwaves will be emitted by an abundance of other appliances in the `cordless' office and in the home.

Most researchers have concentrated on the question of whether radiofrequency electromagnetic fields can induce or promote cancer, but the evidence appears conflicting.

Sir William Stewart hit out at mobile phones lobby but exposure limits still highly inadequate.

In his keynote address to a Children with Leukemia conference in September 2004, Sir William Stewart, who chaired an enquiry that resulted in the Stewart Report on Mobile Phones and Health in 2000, hit out at the mobile phones lobby for reporting that, "Stewart report says there are no adverse health effect for mobile phones". He said there are biological effects below the current exposure guidelines, and people can vary in their susceptibility. He had warned that children may be more susceptible, and should limit their use of mobile phones.

In his speech, he also said, "Don't ignore non-peer reviewed findings." These have to be carefully independently confirmed, and have to be put to the public "simply and clearly". Not only the results reporting impacts of mobile phones on health need to be independently confirmed, but also negative findings of no impacts. At the moment, there is a bias towards accepting negative findings without question.

A recent health survey carried out in La Òora, Mucia, Spain, nearly two 900/1800Mhz mobile phone base stations showed statistically association between the measured electric field and a number of symptoms, especially depressive tendency, fatigue, sleeping disorder, difficulty in concentration and cardiovascular problems, and also loss of memory, visual disorder and dizziness. It confirms the findings of several earlier published studies. On the basis of this work, D. Oberfeld Gerd of the Public Health Department of Salzburg, Austria, is advising a reduction of exposure levels to no more than 1 microWatt/m². The current exposure limit set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) Guidelines is 10 W/m², or 10 million times that recommended.

Sir William now chairs the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB), which is being merged into the Health Agency. The NRPB is due to publish advice to the government that the ICNIRP standards - already shown to be highly inadequate - should be adopted for the UK. As the NRPB's own report admits, the standards are "intended to prevent adverse effects due to excessive whole- and partial-body heating", totally ignoring non- thermal effects, which are increasingly documented in many laboratories all over the world.

Mobile phones undermine the blood-brain barrier

Lundt and colleagues have been studying the effects of 915MHz radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in rats since 1988. "In a series of more than 1,600 animals, we have proven that subthermal power densities from both pulse- modulated and continuous RF EMFs - including those from ...mobile phones - have the potency to significantly open the blood-brain barrier such that the animal's own albumin passes out of the bloodstream into the brain tissue and accumulates in the neurons and glial cells surrounding the capillaries."

These results have been duplicated in at least two other laboratories. One group showed that the animals' own albumin injected into the brain of rats led to damage of the neurons at the site of injection when the concentration of albumin in the injected solution is at least 25% of that in the blood.

Brain damage persists 50 days after exposure

In a study published in June 2003, Salford and colleagues exposed rats to RF EMF in special transverse electromagnetic transmission line chambers (TEM-cells) designed by scaling down previously constructed cells at the National Bureau of Standards. These cells generate uniform EMF s for standard measurements. A mobile phone with a programmable power output was connected via a coaxial cable to the TEM-cell; and no voice modulation was applied. The TEM-cell is enclosed in a wooden box (15x15x15 cm) that supports the outer conduction and central plate. The outer conductor is made of brass net and is attached to the inner walls of the box. The centre plate, or septum, is made of aluminium. The TEM cells were placed in a temperature-controlled room, where room air is circulated through holes in the wooden box.

The rats were placed in plastic trays (12x12x7cm) to avoid contact with the central plate and outer conductor. Thirty-two male and female Fisher 344 rats 12-26 weeks old and weighing 282 + 91 gm were divided into four groups of eight rats each. Three experimental groups of rats were exposed to peak power densities of 0.24, 2.4 and 24 W/m2, resulting in average whole-body SARs (specific absorption rates) of 2mW/kg, 20 mW/kg and 200 mW/kg respectively. The fourth (control) group of rats was simultaneously kept for 2 hr in non-activated TEM-cells. The animals in each exposure group were allowed to survive for about 50 days after exposure and carefully observed daily for neurologic and behavioural abnormalities.

At the end of the period, the brains were removed and sectioned and stained.

The exposed rat brain showed multiple spots of albumin leaking out from the blood vessels. On high power, dark, dead neurons can be seen interspersed with the living ones. There is an apparent dose-response relationship between the level of exposure and the number of dead neurons found.

Previous studies by the same group showed that albumin leakage into the brain occurs within hours after exposure in about 40% of the animals. But in the present study, there is still albumin leakage after 50 days. This suggests that there might have been a "vicious circle" started by the initial leakage, leading to long lasting effects.

Teenagers most affected

The researchers pointed out that 12-26 week old rats are comparable in age to human teenagers, the most frequent users of mobile phones. This level of damage to the nerve cells is worrying, as "it may result in reduced brain reserve capacity". In other words, the teenagers' brains may age prematurely. A study by retail analysts Mintel found that up to 80% of 11 to 14 year-olds have a mobile phone in the United Kingdom.

There is now evidence that a wide range of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum can have biological effects from DNA damage in brain cells to childhood leukemia (see "Eelectromgnetic fields, leukaemia & DNA damage", this series).

Source: http://www.i-sis.org.uk/FOI1.php

Informant: Shanti Renfrew


"...direct and indirect evidence suggests that AC electric and magnetic fields increase the risk of certain cancers....and other...abnormalities...Although how this happens is not fully understood, both magnetic and electric AC fields that surround the body can produce AC electric current inside the body. The best available theory is that this current interferes with normal transport of ions across cell membranes.(EPA Draft report March 1990. See Nature, vol. 345,6-7, pg. 463.) At a continuous exposure of about one billionth of an amp of AC current per square centimeter (give or take a factor of three), biological effects begin to be observed.

Very preliminary results show that at five times that level, for example, an increase in protein production in cancer cells is seen; but when the field is increased 1000 times further, the increase in protein production is only three times greater (not 1000 times greater). These changes are seen for AC current at several different frequencies, including 60 Hz. If the cell-membrane-interference theory is correct, the body should be sensitive to current at any frequency up to about 1000Hz; above that sensitivity will decrease (the exact frequency is not known and experimental measurement of it has not been attempted). The currents induced by artificial fields may also affect the nervous system directly, and the evidence of this is somewhat stronger than that of the cancer effect...This field strength is the strongest typically encountered in the home, but weaker fields may produce more subtle effects that take longer to manifest themselves..."

Informant: quaixemen


Electromagnetic Fields Double Leukemia Risks

Mobile Phones Break DNA & Scramble Genomes

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Electromagnetic Fields, Leukaemia and DNA Damage


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Mobile Phones Break DNA & Scramble Genomes


The Excluded Biology


Fields of Influence - Mobile phones "the largest human biologic experiment"

Mobile Phones Break DNA & Scramble Genomes


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Non thermal effects of exposure to EMF

A Break-through in Understanding Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Field Effects

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Intermittent extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields cause DNA damage in a dose-dependent way

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The effects of radiofrequency fields on cell proliferation are non-thermal

Fields of Influence - Mobile phones "the largest human biologic experiment"

Mobile Phones Break DNA & Scramble Genomes


Mobile Phones & Cancer


Fields of Influence - Mobile phones "the largest human biologic experiment"


Mobile Phones Break DNA & Scramble Genomes

Electromagnetic Fields Double Leukemia Risks


Fields of Influence - Mobile phones "the largest human biologic experiment"

Mobile Phones Break DNA & Scramble Genomes


FCC to Investigate Bush Deal with Armstrong Williams


Fear Stalks City Where the Police Hide behind Masks


Torture in the Senate


Soros Group Raises Stakes in Battle with U.S. Neo-Cons


Stand up and Reaffirm the World's Peace Mandate

Stand up and Reaffirm the World's Peace Mandate on January 20th

Before the invasion of Iraq, countless millions of us across the globe came together and spoke out like never before, stating in no uncertain terms our collective mandate for peace, justice, and a rational foreign policy.

On Thursday, January 20, as George W. Bush is inaugurated for a second term, he will no doubt use the day to usher in his ‘mandate’ for never-ending war, greed, and a bullying, unilateral foreign policy.

Warmongering leaders have never kept us down, and the next four years will be no exception. Make January 20th the day you stand up, speak out, and reaffirm your commitment to working for peace and justice. Show your friends, neighbors, and the world that you aren’t in mourning, but rather part of an energized, mobilized and determined anti-war movement.

Count me in. What can I do?

CODEPINK strongly urges everyone who possibly can to run, swim, fly, caravan, shuttle, or two-step your way to Washington, DC on January 20th with a suitcase full of pink to join what promises to be the fun, raucous, peace-loving counter-inaugural activities. As the warmongers party on the inside, outside we’re going to fill the streets of DC with peacemongers as far as the eye can see! (Check out http://www.codepinkalert.org/National_Actions_J20.shtml#calendar to see the creative actions we’ll be participating in.)

Can’t go to DC? As the saying goes, “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.” Here are some ideas:

1) Get thee to the protest nearest you and make some serious noise! There is no shortage of folks speaking out against the Bush agenda on the 20th. Protests and rallies are being planned all over the country. Check out unitedforpeace.org to find what’s happening near you, or organize something yourself. Organize? Are you kidding? All you need to make an effective statement is a sign or two, a public place, a couple of friends, and the desire to speak out in opposition to the Bush agenda. Presto; you’ve organized your first protest. Email us at webmistress@codepinkalert.org so we can be sure to help you get the word out about your event, large or small, on our website.

2) Before you protest, pick up the phone. On the 20th, let’s not only flood the streets, but the White House phone lines with our unified message: no endless war and occupation. Call the White House directly and demand a clear exit strategy at 202-456-1111.

3) Not One Damn Dime. It's important to put your money where your protest signs are and shop your values everyday. But on January 20th, CODEPINK is joining people throughout the country who aren’t putting their money anywhere. "Not One Damn Dime” Day is a way for those who oppose what is happening in our name in Iraq to speak up with a 24-hour national boycott of all forms of consumer spending. So on Inauguration Day, don't spend any money. Not one damn dime for gasoline. Not one damn dime for coffee, or for impulse purchases. Nothing for 24 hours.

4.) Be visible in your community. At the very least, wear a button or a t-shirt, carry a sign to and from work, put a sign in the windows of your home and car – anything to let your community know what you think about four more years of George W. Bush. You never know how something as seemingly simple as a button can encourage or inspire someone else to action. Some ideas: “Not My President.” “I Say No to the Bush Agenda.” “Another Peacemaker in It for the Long Haul.”

5.) Start planning your Sorry State of the Union party to coincide with George Bush's State of the Union Address on February 2nd. This is a great way to get together with your community, get riled up, and start organizing for the coming year. Email webmistress@codepinkalert.org to have your event posted on the website.

See you in the streets,
Andrea, Carol, Claire, Dana, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Tiffany
January 12, 2005 http://www.codepinkalert.org


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