Below is an attempt at a general comprehensive leaflet I made in 2003 on the risks of microwave comms. If anyone fancies updating and modifying it for gen use then please do.

Gary K


This leaflet has been produced to inform people of the reality behind the friendly face of the mobile phone industry and to empower them against the harm it is causing. My research for it has revealed an industry which lies, slanders, misleads and bullies in its ruthless pursuit of profit, no matter what the cost in human health, working hand in glove with governments to ensure that the concerns and rights of anyone who may be affected by this technology are steamrollered over.

About 80% of the UK population now use mobile/cell phones - the market is growing by 10% each year - and most people now live in a sea of emissions from transmitter masts, especially concentrated in town and city centres. All independent researchers in the field agree that the pulsed microwaves from these masts and from cell and digital cordless (DECT standard marked 900 megahertz or 2.4 gigahertz which emit the same radiation as cell phones) phones are responsible for a rising tide of ill-health and have generally established 500 metres as the minimum safety distance from masts for residential and other sensitive areas, although many cancer cases have been found beyond this distance and some experts are calling for much longer safety distances. The US, New Zealand and Australian governments have already banned the erection of masts in residential areas. Pressure group Mast Sanity (which is not against mobile phones and transmitters per se) is fighting for urgent and radical changes in UK law to safeguard peoples health and human rights and warns: "We also call upon the UK Government to listen to the many renowned scientific voices warning them of the Human disaster that will occur VERY SOON if the erection of these masts in residential areas is not curtailed."


1. In 2002, the Luton Mast Action Group compiled a list of symptoms suffered by people living near an Orange mast since its activation a year previously: Adults: severe, prolonged headaches, dry or ulcerated mouth, insomnia, tinnitus or pressure in the ears, nosebleeds, depression, bloodshot and itching eyes, giddiness, severe rise in blood pressure. Children: insomnia, earache and tinnitus, unusual rash, nosebleeds, severe headaches, sore mouth with ulcers. Animals: all goldfish dead in pond within a year, previously lively dog listless, developed epilepsy and died etc...

2. Using hi-tech microwave measuring equipment, Sue Webster of independent power industry watchdog Powerwatch has found consistently high levels of microwaves entering the homes of people from nearby masts all over the UK who have developed cancer since those masts were activated. In the village of Wishaw (Warks), six cases of breast cancer, two tumour cases and twenty-six other cases of acute sleeplessness, skin irritation and immune related conditions have all developed in a population of just fifty people living within a mile of a T-Mobile mast activated nine years ago. All the breast cancer victims were young with no previous family history of cancer. The villagers and independent experts in the field such as Dr. Gerald Hyland are all convinced the mast is to blame. T-Mobile deny it is. Recently the villagers were startled to find workers working on the mast at 7.30 am. When questioned T-Mobile claimed thet were "upgrading" the mast, yet measurements taken by the villagers revealed that the power output had been increased without the consultation with them now legally required.

3. Long-term research in Sweden has showed a clear link between cell and DECT phones and increased tumour rates. Dr. Leif Salford of the study also rated brain damage from cell phone use a "probability rather than a possibility." Radiation emitted from these phones erodes the blood brain barrier (BBB) which shields brain cells - the only human cells which are not replaced - from toxins and T-cells. The toxins released into the brain cause headaches whilst the T-cells destroy brain cells, first causing symptoms such as forgetfulness and short-term memory loss, before the rapid onset of dementia. Powerwatch has discovered such an increase in early onset dementia in the UK (under 55) that many hospitals are setting up new treatment centres to deal with it.

4. Recent studies have shown that electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) from masts and cell phones cause calcium loss from the brain and general disruption of calcium metabolisation.

5. Studies from various countries have shown that even short cell phone calls by children can slow their brain activity for up to several hours, often causing mood changes and behavioural and learning problems. Others link cell phone use to memory loss and impaired immune function in children.

6. Recent insurance studies in the UK showed that drivers using mobiles had reduced overall functionning and slower reaction times compared to drivers who had drunk four pints of lager. Many insurance companies will not insure against possible biological harm from cell phones and transmitters.

7. A recent study showed that single 5 minute cell phone calls affected the brain activity of adults for up to a week.

8. Many studies have shown that mast and cell phone emissions reduce melatonin production in the brain, necessary for deep sleep when it also clears out cancer cells, which may help explain the high incidences of sleep problems and cancer around masts. Melatonin also shores up the immune system, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, helps prevent Alzheimers, Parkinsons and heart disease, and diabetes."Make no mistake: anything that messes with melatonin messes with you in a big way....The effects of EMFs on melatonin have been known for at least 10 years." -Don Maisch on a seven year study by the Electric and Magnetic Fields Program, California.

9. A recent report by the Environmental Health Trust concluded that a few minutes exposure to cell phone type radiation can transform a 5% tumour into a 95% active cancer.

10. THE FREIBURGER APPEAL: In September 2002, a group of German doctors published a document detailing research on their own patients and a list of demands as an International petition called "The Freiburger Appeal" to be presented to the World Health Organisation. They found "...after carefully-directed inquiry - a clear temporal and spatial correlation between the appearance of disease and exposure to pulsed high-frequency microwave radiation (HFMR)..." such as that from phone masts, intensive cell phone use and DECT phones in homes or in the neighbourhood. They linked HMFRs to: "in recent years, a dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases among our patients" particularly: learning, concentration and behavioural disorders (e.g.ADD), extreme fluctuations in blood pressure (ever harder to influence with medications), heart rhythm disorders, heart attacks and strokes among an increasingly younger population, brain-degenerative diseases (e.g Alzheimer's) and epilepsy, cancerous afflictions (leukaemia, brain tumours) and dramatic increases in less serious conditions. Their demands include an end to further network development, major reductions in emissions levels, a say by local people on the placing of masts, a ban on mobile use by small children and restrictions on use by adolescents. In the UK, Mast Sanity is collecting signatures and particularly want doctors to sign it and to become much more aware of the effects of this technology on peoples health. They also intend to approach the EU and the British government with the petition.

This is just A FRACTION of the evidence available. Other well documented effects of microwave phone use and phone masts include: cararacts, retina damage, eye cancer, scalp nerve damage, joint pain, multiple sclerosis, digestive problems, asthma, thyroid conditions, embryo damage, miscarriages, even suicide amongst others. Some operators routinely break their own (inadequate) industry safety guidelines, operating masts at unecessarily dangerous levels in sensitive areas. The dangers to children are especially high because the relative thinness of their skulls allows more radiation to enter their brains and also because the higher rate of cell division due to growth increases the risk of chromosonal damage. Many campaigners are demanding bans on cellphone use by small children and stringent restrictions on their use by adolescents. Even the Department of Health, in accordance with the recommendations of its own Stewart Report (2000) advises that children under 16 should only use mobiles in real emergencies - advice which it does not publicise. Some researchers advise that this should also apply to adults. Microwaves pass virtually unimpeded through almost anything including brick walls, and are magnetically attracted to biological organisms. Cell and DECT cell phones, even on standby, emit microwaves into ANY body part in contact with or near them, so even hands-only use will cause harmful microwaves to enter the body. Dr. Hyland has found that earpieces actually channel radiation into the user’s ear. Small wonder researchers everywhere are warning of an imminent health catastrophe.

"Let us see positive action from John Prescott. Let him give justice to the thousands of communities being destroyed by this technology." Chris Maile of Mast Sanity.


The current (third) generation (3G) of mobiles requires a potential 30,000 masts - 4-16 times as many as second generation (2G) phones - which due to the type of data (internet, pictures etc) also need to be closer together. The presently unfolding Tetra system for use by the emergency services will require 50,000 masts and affect us all eventually and cost the taxpayer over £3 billion. Mast Sanity has slated Tetra as even more dangerous than the existing public (GSM) system, and declared their total opposition to it. In 10 police forces, where the system is already in use, police officers have complained of ill-health after using the mobile handsets. In Lancashire, hundreds of officers have already reported sick with Tetra associated conditions - skin blisters, rashes, headaches, migraines, nausea, sleepnessness, warming of the kidneys to name but a few - after using the system. Yet the opinions and fears of officers speaking out have been completely ignored by the police federation, and in October 2002, Mireille Levy, Home Office Health and Safety Minister in charge of Tetra, allegedly said "I do not believe they are ill, they are not ill enough to stop this trial. Nothing will stop Tetra, if the officers don't like it they can resign." Mast Sanity has declared "We cannot comprehend the potentially bleak future for all the people who we rely on so much" and are asking concerned emergency services workers to contact them and assure strict anonymity. They are also furious that Net Rail (formerly Railtrack) have started installing masts - according to one report every 200 metres - along railways right across the country for their new in-house communications system. This will affect both railway employees and huge numbers of people living and working near railways. Mast Sanity refute Net Rails' assertions that the new system is safe and their belief that the masts require no planning permission. Detailed briefings and help are available on all these issues from Mast Sanity.


Since the mid-1990s, thousands of communities all over the UK have fought operators attempting to site masts near their homes, faced with a planning system loaded in favour of the operators which attaches little importance to human health.

The Exchequer makes billions from the telecommunications industry - 2% of GNP (government's own figure) - which must help explain why government policy so aggressively promotes the industry's growth. Written into operators' contracts is the requirement for 95% coverage for mobiles, and the gov't insists that there is no proof of adverse health effects - never mind the precautionary principle. ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation) guidelines are those currently used by the gov’t to assess the safety output of masts but they only take the thermal emissions into account whilst the real health danger has long been recognised by researchers in the field as the pulsing frequency (ICNIRP/WHO/NRPB conferences on the health effects of EMFs - paid for by taxpayers or industry vested interests -go to great lengths to exclude independant researchers). The present government Planning Policy Guidelines state (PPG8 para 29): "Health considerations and public concern can in principle be material considerations for planning permission and prior approval.." but in paragraph 30:"..in the government's view, if a proposed mobile base station meets the ICNIRP guidelines for public exposure, it should not be necessary for a local planning authority, in processing an application for planning permission or prior approval, to consider further the health aspects or concerns about them." It needs to be remembered that this is only the government’s view, it is NOT law. Governments also told us that Thalidomide, Asbestos, BSE and power lines were safe. In each case they were proven wrong.

Planning laws reflect government policy in that they mainly exist to ensure that antennae are not visually offensive and are distributed to ensure maximum coverage. As health effects are not recognised, only concerns about health from people concerned about living near a mast have up to recently carried weight (eg. the fear and worry caused) although most planning authorities have taken the government's view as law and dismissed such concerns anyway. Furthermore, not only are obligations by local councils to inform people of mast applications ludicrously minimal, but it is an everyday occurrence that a mast application is refused but because the decision does not reach the operator, for various reasons, within 56 days, it is approved by default. And to quote Mast Sanity:"With the heavy handed threats of appeal and the constant haranguing of departments with repeated applications it is not surprising that many councils succumb to the bullying tactics of the operators and the government." In 2002, the London borough of Harrow sent a consultation document to all planning authorities asking if they were happy that current planning laws RE phone masts adequately protected local communities. Over 90% said NO: the law must be changed. More encouragingly four recent separate High Court judgements have ruled that planning departments MUST take health concerns into account or they are acting unlawfully, and councils ignoring these concerns risk having their decisions overturned on appeal and incurring heavy financial penalties.

Due to the above-mentioned planning criteria, many masts don't require planning permission. They fall within either General Permitted Development Orders (GPDOs - a government tool to allow operators to bypass the normal planning process) or general licence notification. This is a godsend to operators who want to keep new transmitters free from public objections whenever they can. They are hidden in street signs, petrol stations, church spires and even treetops. Hutchison 3G and Orange have openly admitted that this now common practice is to keep their location secret from the public. Mast Sanity are demanding that ALL masts go through full, democratic planning procedures and are asking people to BOYCOTT the following as they regularly put up antennae on their properties in unacceptable locations: Shell, Texaco, McDonalds, Trusthouse Forte, Northwest Gas, Manchester United, Stockport County & Glasgow Celtic football clubs, the Church of England, Branningtons, Witherspoons, and Network Rail. They are also demanding an immediate moratorium on further masts, and for existing antennae in sensitive locations - esp. residential areas, schools and hospitals - to be switched off until the health effects have been clarified and state "It is the only way of diverting the huge public health disaster that we believe is going to occur."


Using hi-tech microwave measuring equipment I have taken readings throughout Brighton city centre of an almost unbroken sea of microwaves at levels known to cause biological effects including cancers. Many people live in these areas as they do in many outlying areas where similar readings have been taken up to 500 metres away from transmitters. Suggestions for action:

Educate local residents and community groups about these issues. Publicise them in local newsletters and newspapers (eg The Argus letters page).

Educate your GP about these issues and ask him/her to sign the Freiburger Appeal (Download from Mast Sanity website).

Mast Sanity advise checking for mast applications with the councils planning department every two weeks. Form an action group if an application is made to erect a mast near you. Contact Mast Sanity for advice as you will be dealing with PR experts. Remember that 40% of appeals are won by anti-mast campaigners and the Human Rights Act can and is being used successfully in these fights. There have been encouraging successes in stopping Tetra masts in Gloucestershire, Somerset, Cornwall and Suffolk, and other communities have persuaded their councils to have dangerously sited Tetra masts thrown out.

Planning departments should also provide details of existing masts erected under licence notification. The locations of some existing masts are also on the sitefinder website: http://www.sitefinder.radio.gov.uk, but as transmitter registration for this website is only voluntary for operators, it cannot be relied upon. Specialised equipment is available for hire or purchase from Perspective Scientific (Tel: 0207 4866837), which will detect and measure the emissions of transmitters and DECT phones. Again contact Mast Sanity for advice if you find a mast near you.


http://www.mastsanity.org - Invaluable website with links to other sites. Tel: 08704 322377

http://www.powerwatch.org.uk. Powerwatch, 2 Tower Road, Sutton, Ely, Cambs CB6 2QA

http://www.neilcherry.com. Website of world renowned researcher into health effects of electro-magnetic fields.

http://www.energyfields.org .

Deadlier than the H-Bomb The terrifying truth about mobile phones and microwaves. Dave Starbuck and Tim Rifat BSc ed. £7. Cheques/POs payable to Dave Starbuck. Send to: 52 Lancaster Avenue, Aldridge, Walsall,WS9 8RQ. http://www.revelationtapes.com

Please copy and distribute this leaflet freely


The message enclosed in microwave madness claims erroneously that NZ does not permit towers in populated areas. This is untrue as towers are being built as close as 50 metres to houses and on top of schools. Many are disguised as lamp posts etc. Little is published in our papers on the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation as nearly all our media and news papers are now owned by companies who also have interests in the phone spectrum.

Best wishes Penny Hargreaves


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