Usfie (Osfia) Cancer Cluster

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Enclosed are some facts from Israel, the town of Usfie, sitting on the long top of Mount Carmel:

A cancer cluster was observed only in a narrow strip on which ~40 cellphone antennae plus ~15 illegal ('pirate') radio stations were posted: Cluster involved 189 sick, mostly cancers (but some stroke or neural diseae), of which 85 deceased (up to November 29, 2004). Injuries were associated with increased depression and suicidal incidence. The high students' academic achievements, dropped to last in the country, wild birds left town, and frequent birth malformations were obserbved in domestic animals.

We have full records and documents for 87 cases (sick and dead), but partial if any medical documents (besides diagnoses) for the rest (about half of them rest in peace already). The sick / dead lived close to (one or several) antenna, up to 300 meters in few cases. Medical records and information, were collected by a dedicated women committee, chaired by Mrs Myra Abuzluf, by a door to door search.

When sick and dead, and antennae were superimposed by Col. (ret) Suleiman Aburokan (Vice city mayor), on topographic city map, a grim cancer cluster appeared: http://www.buergerwelle.de/pdf/grim_cancer_cluster_usfien150099.jpg
Explaining the legend from Dr. Zamir Shalita (colored points): The blue labels are for high 1st generation masts, the yellow are for 40 cellphone + illegal radio stations transmitting to Arab countries, the green are for the sick, mostly cancer, and red are for the dead.

One picture is more effective than thousand words !

Some history: On March 14, 2000, the ' antennae of '1st antennal generation' in town, were burned down by rage citizens, after no one in authorities admitted citizens' antennal inflicted injuries. Only five of those responsible for antennal damage, were prosecuted and fined (NIS 2,000 each =US$ ~456.-) for "order disturbance, and damage to property" or similar charges.

No one was sued by the owners of the equipment turned to ashes (millions of US$ worth)...

Later on, comouflaged antennae made remarkable comback, and injuries just increased until present time.

Please see for yourselves,

Zamir Shalita

Message from Mast Network


A Cancer cluster in Usfie, Israel
(preliminary notice)

AbuRuken, S1., AbuZalaf M.2.,AbuRuken N.2 AbuSada F.2 Millak E.2 Nsar Z.2, Richter ED, MD3, and Shalita ZP, Ph.D4
1. Vice Mayor, Usfie-Daliat el Carmel, 2. Usfie women committee, 3 Unit of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and Center for Injury Prevention, Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Public Health and Community Medicine, POB 12272, Jerusalem, -972-2-675-8147., 4. Correspondending author, Consultant on electromagnetic hazards. shalita@shani.net

Usfie was established by Druz settlers in the early 1600ies, on Mount Carmel ridge (546 m over sea level). This site enabled long range observation, both to north and south, for early warning. At present Usfie is well developed, mostly Druz town, with some minorities of Arabs (Christian and Moslem), and Jews. Usfie location seemed excellent also for long range radio / cellular communications.

In recent 40 years high mast communication antennae were posted mostly along two east to west streets on the ridge. They involved forest fire alert, government, police, military, taxicabs, and emergency medical communication, followed by additional deployed cellphone and illegal radio stations. All antennae together yielded 15 high masts of 20 – 80 m, as well as 46 lower masts for cellphone and illegal radio antennae.

In the 1990ies, Usfie residents living in vicinity of those antennae, were increasingly complaining of dizziness, headaches sleep disturbance, discomfort, depression. Later on, residents were diagnosed with various sorts of cancers, as well as with strokes, abortions, and neural diseases. Residents reported also of disappearance of wild birds, and increased incidence of birth malformation in domestic animals.

Residents' complaints, were consistently ignored or rejected by ministries of environment and of health, on grounds of alleged 'genetic factors', and 'very low radiation', although power densities monitored were unsafe to risky in some areas, of up to 27 μW/cm2. while cancer and other severe ailments diagnosed, continued to climb.

On March 14, 2000, several rage citizens burned down most antennae in town. Some antennae were disassembled later by support of the ministry of envirnment, three illegal radio antennae were disassembled by court order, while one (“Cellcom”) mast remained. Five of the activists that destroyed the antennae, were prosecuted for "order disturbance, and damage to property", and were fined for ~$560.- each. However, no charges were pressed by owners of transmitters and other millions of dollars worth equipment, that was turned to rubble that day.
Later on, antennae made nocturnal comback, confidentially disguised as solar systems, water tanks, or commercial signs, etc. Incidence of injuries soared to 191 individuals (diagnosed up to November 30. 2004) mostly with cancers, but also strokes, and neural ailments, and others, that claimed 85 fatalities.

Medical records and pertinent information of the presently ill, and the deceased, were collected by a door to door search of devoted women's committee (cancer patients themselves), headed by Mrs Myra AbuZalaf (that recovered from a stroke). This search yielded detailed documentation and data for 87 mostly cancer patients (of which 20 deceased). Data included name, ID #, gender, age, occupation, distance of residence from antennae, and date diagnosed and / or deceased, No further detailed medical documentation could be achieved (except diagnosis) for the rest 104 injured (including 39 deceased).

Severe ailments in Usfie during last decade involved 26 (of which 17 deceased) with colon & rectal cancers, 21 (15) with brain cancers, 21 (19) with hepatic cancers, 14 (1) with strokes, 13 (3) with breast cancers, 10 (2) with gastric cancers, 10 (0) with ocular cancers, 8 (3) with lymphmas, 5 (3) with bone cancers, 5 with severe neurological damage, 4 (2) with lung cancers, 4 (2) with leukemias, 4 (1) with skin cancers, 4 (0) with nasopharyngeal cancers, 2 (0) with joints cancers, 1(1) pancreatic cancer, 1(1) prostate cancer, 1(1) uterus cancer 1(0) cancer in a finger and 36 (15) cancer with no further information. All together morbidities increased to 191 of which 85 deceased.

The houses of the sick and the deceased, as well as antennal locations, were superimposed on a 1:5000 topographic city map (attached): A grim picture indicated of a cancer cluster combined of small clusters, mainly in a narrow strip, in central (old) town residential zone, on which 46 cellphone antennae, plus 15 illegal ('pirate') radio stations were posted.

In addition to severe ailments, increased depression and suicidal incidence have been recorded, and Usfie high students' academic achievements, dropped to lowest grade in the country. The sick / deceased lived close to (one or several) antennae, up to 300 m in all zones. The rest zones where no antennae have been posted, included >6,000 of Usfie residents.

Prior to any statistical analysis, just simple percentage calculations, showed the following zones of morbidity / mortality on the map, depending of periods of exposure:

1. Eastern zone, in which the high mast (one blue dot on the map), and lower masts (yellow dots), posted up to the late 1990ies. The population of ~500, suffered 7 sick (6, green dots, +1 diagnosed later) and 2 deceased (1, red on the map + 1 deceased later).
Calculation: 9 injured per ~500, was 1.8%. In general population average cancer incidence in Israel was ~290 per 100,000, that was 0.29%. i.e. injured were x6.2 compared to general Israeli population.

2. Central zone, namely the old town of Usfie, in which the antennae have been assembled since the late 1960ies, and up to mid 1990ies, among population of ~3,000. It yielded 58 sick and 64 deceased.
Calculation: 122 injured per 3,000, was 4.07%. In general population average cancer incidence in Israel was ~290 per 100,000, that was 0.29%. i.e.injured were x14.02 compared to general Israeli population.

3. Christian zone (between the center and the veterans zone) in which population was ~1,000, whose antennae assembled as in central zone. They suffered 14 sick and 9 deceased.
Calculation: 23 injured per ~1,000, was 2.3%. In general population average cancer incidence in Israel was ~290 per 100,000, that was 0.29%. i.e. injured were x7.93 compared to general Israeli population.

4. Western (veterans) zone, The population of ~1,000, whose antennae assembled as in central zone. They suffered 22 sick, and 7 deceased, but several new diagnosed cancer cases have been informed later.
Calculation: 29 injured per ~1,000, was 2.9%. In general population average cancer incidence in Israel was ~290 per 100,000, that was 0.29%. i.e. injured were x10.0 compared to general Israeli population.

5. 'Scattered' zone (between Usfie and Daliat el Carmel). Population of ~1,500 included residents that lived near antennae in the past, or have lived in vision of antenna. They suffered 5 sick and 3 deceased.
Calculation: 8 injured per ~1,500, wais 0.53%. In general population average cancer incidence in Israel was ~290 per 100,000, that was 0.29%. i.e. injured were x1.83 compared to general Israeli population.

6. Beduin zone (far west) , with population of ~1500. The antennae were assembled at mid 1990ies, but were disassembled after ~2 years. Thus in relevant period, no sick and no deceased have been recorded in this area.

It was estimated that residents not exposed to remarkable antennal emissions, including the latter group was of >6,000 residents.
In short: the enclosed map shows that one picture is more effective than thousand words!
Calculation for total injuries incidence in exposed zones 1 - 5 : Total injured were 191, per exposed population of ~7000 was 2.73%, In general population average cancer incidence in Israel was ~290 per 100,000, that was 0.29%. Thus, incidence of all injured in all affected zones, were x9.41 compared to general population.

The data of zones #2 (central), #3 (Christian) and #4 (western - veterans') was also laid of aerial photograph (attached) showing these zones from right to left. A close up of zones #2 and #3 (attached) showed houses of injured and terrain in more details.

Almost all cancer and other severe morbidities were diagnosed in Usfie, in residents living on the south side of the ridge, near the antennae posted along two streets. The ever blowing winds from the Mediteranean Sea, to Usfie, heading to Haifa, strongly negated the posibility that heavy chemical pollution in Haifa might have caused morbidity also in Usfie.

Past attempts at the ministry of health to associate cancer in Usfie with genetic factors, seemed irresponsible when mentioned (2001). As map exhibited clearly that cancer cluster was just in vicinity to antennae along two east to west streets on the ridge. in central zone in town, the ‘genetic theory’ was rejected, for being totally false.

Practically speaking, cellphone antennae in Usfie have to transmit strongly in order to offer good service to callers in narrow streets between the high buildings, and due to the hilly area of Usfie. Illegal radio stations in Usfie, received calls from listeners living in Irbid (Jordan), and in Tyr (Lebanon). Thus in order to reach such remote listeners, stations have had to transmit strongly.

Although past power density measurements revealed up to 27 μW/cm2, (for example, near Hamade bakery, as measured by a tester of the ministry of environment on 23-10-2003) no measures have been taken by authorities to protect the citizens of Usfie. Other unsafe levels were recorded (further analyses are in progress). Unfortunately, present power density readings showed very low radiation. It exhibited that upon measurement, the transmission operators, observed the testers by their long and yellow power density meters, that were easily recognized from a distance. So stations output were markedly lowered... However, spectrum analyzer detected all cellular and radio frequencies that were on the air.

Those frequencies were perfectly allocated and coordinated between the transmitting companies, as well as the early warning between each other, on first sight of testers…

Confidential measurement with a small power density meter, revealed ~10 μW/cm2, at a kindergarten. It should be compared to 5 μW/cm2, revealed in the past in the irradiated American Embassy in Moscow during the ‘cold war’, for ~20 years: The radar beam (pulsed like cellular emissions) caused chromosomal aberrations, leukemia and more, to about half of American embassy team and family members, whose symptoms showed significant dose-response relationships.

On the attached map: Blue dots are for early high masts, yellow - cellphone and illegal radio antennae,
green - cancer patients, and red for those died from cancer.


Usfie Map key

Blue- 15 communication masts, over 15 meters
Yellow- 46 cellular and radio masts up to 15 meters
Green- 106 cancer patients
Red- 85 people deceased (reason: cancer).

* Our health authorities say they have no data to calculate from, so they don't know it and can't confirm it, even after they saw the map. The cancer registration manager says he had difficulties collecting data, so he left what he started. But the mayor answered that Usfie is not a refugee camp, and there is cancer registration for the city. This data is taken by door to door, collecting the medical files of the patients. Our health authorities say that the reason for the cancer in Usfie is a genetic problem they have, but the medical files don't support this claim. It is quite an interesting "genetic" problem, which attacks only the citizens who live near masts, and not the others, according to the map.

Iris Atzmon

Key words: cellular radiation, radio transmission, cellular transmitter antennas, cellphone antennae, malignant tumors, cancer, cancer cluster, electromagnetic hazard, , Usfie.


1. In Israel, in period of the number of major diagnosed cancers in Usfie (i.e. up to year 2000), had to be compared to the cancer incidence in general population at that period (based on ministry of health tatistics of ~2900 diagnosed per 100,000 per anuum.

2. The exact time per zone is not available at the moment, for several reasons:

a. The antennae (first strong communication, then cellphone + illegal radio) were posted in different times, but mainly in the central zone (2nd from right on the map, and 1st from the right on the aerial photo http://www.buergerwelle.de/pdf/usfiemap_0200.jpg ). The longer period of exposure, yielded the large number of cancers diagnosed in the central zone compared to the others. The far west zone (far left on the map, and partly not in picture) on which antennae have not been for two years, has not yielded any cancer diagnosed.

b. We would not be able to get the exact dates when antennae were posted, neither from official sources (that would not like to cooperate), nor from cellphone companies mostly from illegal radio operators...

c. We are not able to say at the moment how long was latency period of cancer until diagnosed, for you can see on the aerial photo, that the cluster is composed of small clusters in the vicinity of the antennae, in different slopes and direct lines of sight of the antennae, if any. We like to get into details of exposure in the houses, thus a lot of work has to be done in the 'field', and then in analyzing each small cluster.

We have reports of radiation measured by a tester of the ministry of environment, but it is far from covering all.

At present, when we tried to measure radiation, the antennae operators watched us and lowered output remarkably, and pass the alarm to all... They did not turned the antennae off, for they had to give service, and I could get the antennae still by my spectrum analyzer. I have all frequencies peaks, and even revealed what was licensed, and what was illegal...

We have started study the relevant aspects of this cluster, including statistical analysis, led by Dr Richter.

Zamir Shalita


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