Mobile Phones Trigger Symptoms

I've just caught this article in today's (25.01.2005) IRISH EXAMINER, print edition. It gives additional information on what is being submitted by the IDEA (Irish Doctors Environmental Association) to the Irish Government Committee investigating possibilities/actualities of mobile phone health Hazards. You might like to add it to the below.

Best, Imelda, Cork.

IRISH EXAMINER. Tuesday, 25.01.2005, page 3.

"Mobile Phones Trigger Symptoms"

[by] Juno McEnroe

Mobile phone users sensitive to radiation are suffering from a range of symptoms including nausea, headaches and burning sensations, an Irish study has found.

Blood and physical examinations of people who claim to have been adversely affected by mobile phone technology will be part of a preseentation to an Oireachtas committee today.

The snapshot study was carried out by the Irish Doctors Environmental Association (IDEA), and precursors further research into screening mobile phone mast radiation.

The IDEA will tell the Joint Committee on Communications, Marine and Natural Resources that no statutory group is addressing any concern about adverse effects from handsets or related technology.

The medical group, comprising 30 doctors, studied a group sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Those tested and examined reported a range of symptoms, including burning sensations, nausea, feeling faint and headaches.

Worldwide research has suggested that up to 5% of a population may be super-sensitive to mobile phone technology.

The Oireachtas committee, headed by TD Noel O'Flynn, will today hear that current levels of radiation are too high and measures need to be taken of sensitive groups in Ireland.

IDEA member Dr. Elizabeth Cullen last night said: "We have doubts that the current levels are safe for everybody. Research has shown an increased leaking of capillaries in brains."

The report, which will be presented today, concluded:

"This descriptive study demonstrates the devastating effects that exposure to electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields can have on apparently sensitive individuals. "What is required now are further studies to investigate the relationship between this exposure and the symptoms."

Meanwhile, the Department of Communications' chief technical adviser Bob Hanna will answer questions today about mobile phone safety for children, following a British study which warned about those under eight using handsets."

Deputy Noel O'Flynn's email is:

Greetings: This needs fast response, immediately, if possible. And even if you do not get to act on it right now, please email the supportive international scientific data demonstrating adverse bioeffects from mobile telephony to Chairperson Noel O'Flynn when you can, as the committee investigation will continue of course well beyond today's meeting with Irish telecom officials.

I've transcribed the below from today's THE IRISH TIMES. What I am particularly alarmed about--and the reason for sending you all this urgent email-- is Deputy Noel O'Flynn's statment in this article, quoted as follows: "Mr. O'Flynn said there had been 26 separate international studies carried out, and THERE HAD BEEN NO CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE OF A HEALTH RISK FROM MOBILE-PHONE USE." (capitalisation mine)

If you can, without too much inconvenience, come up with title, etc. of published international research projects that show CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE OF A HEALTH RISK FROM MOBILE PHONE USE. Please email it quickly to noflynn@eircom.net

Deputy Noel O'Flynn's website is: http://www.noeloflynn.ie

The meeting is this afternoon. Also cc. to IDEA (Irish Doctors Environmental Association) at
Contact Mr Con Colbert, Secretary IDEA.
E-mail: info@ideaireland.org
Web: http://www.ideaireland.org

And of course I would also appreciate being cc'd.
Thanks. Imelda, Cork.

THE IRISH TIMES, Tuesday, January 25, 2005. Page 6

"Department does not share mobile phone concerns
[by]Martin Wall

The Department of Communications will tell an Oireachtas committee today that it does not share concerns expressed in a recent UK scientific study which suggested that there may be health risks attached to mobile-phone use, particularly by children.

The Chairman of the Joint Committee on Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, Mr. Noel O'Flynn, has told THE IRISH TIMES that it would be asking technical experts from the Department on the level of investigations it had carried out into possible dangers associated with mobile phones.

The committee will also hear from the Irish Doctors' Environmental Association, which Mr. O'Flynn said had written to it on a number of occasions expressing concern at the risks from mobile phones.

Mr. O'Flynn said there had been 26 separate international studies carried out, and there had been no conclusive evidence of a health risk from mobile-phone use. However, he said it was important for the committee to hear from technical experts in the Department on the issue.

A spokesman for the Department of Communications said that its technical experts would tell the committee today that it does not share concerns about health risks posed by mobile-phone use. The Department of Communications has studied a report published this month by the British National Radiological Protection Board (BNRPB) but does not concur with its warnings about the use of mobile phones by children.

The chairman of the BNRPB, Prof William Stewart, last week advised parents not to give mobile phones to children. "If there are risks--and we think there may be risks--then the people who are going to be most affected are children, and the younger the child, the greater the danger."

Mobile phones no threat to people's health, Oireachtas told



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