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Graham/Stetzer Filters Improve Power Quality in Homes and Schools, Reduce Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics, Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms, and Headaches


Prohibitions of cell sites for residential areas

The County of Santa Cruz (in California) is close to adopting a very good telecom ordinance that has prohibitions of cell sites for residential areas, and mandatory setbacks of 300' from residential property boundaries where commercial and residential land use zoning is adjacent (subject to the possibility of exception under stringent findings that there are no other suitable places, and requiring alternatives analysis).

What may be important there is their information on RF as a pollutant on electrical lines, and the relationship to electrosensitivity. Dave Stetzer, Marty Graham and Lloyd Morgan have been working on this aspect, and are finding that blood sugar levels in diabetics are very dependent on RF high frequency transients on electrical wiring systems.



To Whom It May Concern

My name is Angela Olstad and I am one of the many people in the Melrose-Mindoro School District who are feeling better because of the recent electrical clean up. This problem is known as electrical pollution or "dirty" electricity. I suffered for 3.5 school years with unexplainable health conditions. The most frightening included numbness, exhaustion, severe headaches, double vision, and memory loss. I went to see a neurologist. After two MRI's of my brain and many other tests, I was diagnosed with benign MS. Benign MS, which I believe, is a term given when no other answer can be found.

To clean up the electrical pollution the electricians rewired the computer lab and put filters into the many outlets throughout our building. This took a few days and the costs were minimal. Yes, it was that easy. However, the demand on electrical wiring is getting greater everyday, everywhere. Our school, for example, is 36 years old. The wiring in those days does not stand up to the demands of today.

Since feeling better I have decided to learn more about this very serious problem. I have spent much of my summer reading peer reviewed reports, EPA reports and books. I realize now how endless these reports are and how the right people are not acknowledging they've read them.

While working with Mr. Dave Stetzer I've found an endless supply of sad and happy stories.

I've worked with children for 14 years. The children in my school are now learning in the safest environment possible. I want all children to have the opportunity to learn without worrying about suffering the consequences of electrical pollution. Every night I go to sleep and hope tomorrow the electric companies do something about this problem.

If you would like more information about this problem see-


I hope this information is helpful in your search to help others who are suffering needlessly.

I have attached an article I wrote that will be included in the WI Teacher magazines this fall, and a letter from our school nurse.

If I can be of any help please feel free to email me.

Thank you,

Angela Olstad

Many people in the Melrose-Mindoro School District are feeling better because of the recent electrical clean up in our schools. This problem is known as electrical pollution. The staff suffered from unexplainable health conditions for years. The list of symptoms includes: fatigue, memory loss, facial flushing, rashes, headaches, numbness, eye irritation, depression, sleep disturbances, double vision, asthma difficulties, sinus infections, bronchitis, loss of taste and smell. These health conditions began when school started and gradually went away throughout the summer months.

Mr. Dave Stetzer, a power quality manager, was hired to evaluate the electrical condition of our schools. He found many problems in the electrical system. The ubiquitous meter readings should have been zero, but our school had numbers as high as 150+. Dr. Martin Graham a professor from University of California, Berkeley has defined ubiquitous pollution.

Dr. Neil Cherry a professor from Lincoln University says a safe level of exposure to RF (radio frequency) is zero. To clean up the electrical pollution the electricians rewired the computer lab and put filters into the many outlets throughout our building. This took a few days and the costs were minimal. Yes, it was that easy. The readings in the building are now averaging 15 or below. An acceptable level could be below 20.

The Mindoro Elementary School, for example, is 36 years old. The wiring in those days does not stand up to the demands of today. The demand on electrical wiring is growing rapidly everyday, everywhere.

Mr. Stetzer has also evaluated the electrical condition for Blair-Taylor, and Brighten Schools. These schools are now living the benefits from their electrical clean up. Problems were also found in the Marshfield and Spencer School Districts.

The results are incredible- healthy people! Staff attendance has improved greatly, and students are now being called their right names. Every symptom above is gone or has improved significantly. Once again we enjoy teaching.

The students are also benefiting from the electrical clean up. The school nurse has documented no need for the commonly used asthma nebulizer and inhaler use is down. In addition the attitude and effort of the students has improved.

It is important that if you or others you know are having these same symptoms that you do something about it. Do not let these problems ruin your life. The Melrose-Mindoro School District is very lucky, the school board and superintendent came to us with this information. In order to get the help needed talk to your school administrators about electrical pollution until they listen. Do the research and know the facts.

Yes, electrical companies deny this is happening, but soon they will have to open their eyes and admit there is a problem. People are suffering for no reason. Are you one of those people? Electrical pollution can be cleaned up and help is available, affordable and necessary. Do not let another day go by without doing something to help yourself and those around you. Insist that your schools get checked for electrical pollution so you can start feeling better today. Your health can improve that quickly, ours did.

For further information


May 21, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

Angela Olstad asked me to document some of the health changes I have noticed in myself during my time at Mindoro Elementary.

I am the reading specialist at Mindoro Elementary. I have worked in this position for the past 10 years. Traditionally I have experienced fatigue, headaches, stress, and general feelings of malaise throughout the school year, with the end of the year being the most unpleasant.

These changes were pronounced enough to prompt my husband to comment each year that when June came around he would get his "real wife" back. And he was right because after being out of school for a short period of time, the symptoms would disappear only to reappear over the course of the falling school year. I have always attributed these symptoms to job stress; however, at the end of this year, I do not feel ill at all despite having many of the same, plus some additional, situations to deal with. I now have the energy to complete my tasks at work and enjoy my evenings.

I began noticing a change in myself in January. As a Title I teacher I conduct three parent teacher conferences throughout the school year. Conferencing can be a tiring experience; in the past I remember leaving the school feeling extremely exhausted and headachy. Knowing how I would feel at the end of the night I would dread having to spend the extra time in the building in the evenings for conferences. After the January conferences I was pleasantly surprised to notice that I did not have the same level of fatigue that I usually would; I was tired, but not wiped out. I also was able to concentrate much more easily than I had been at the November conferences or conferences in previous years. I wasn't sure what had made the difference, but it was a very pleasant change. The same was true at the March conference times.

I have not changed my work habits or anything in my personal life that would contribute to these changes I have noticed.

If you would like to contact me to personally discuss these comments feel free to call me at school 857-3410 or at home 781-3843.


Constance M. Alvin



Info resources on EHS, plus some people contacts

This message is for Lavone Darnel in Calgary, Alberta - 403-272-3789

Note that she found Jenelle Tuttle in Arizona to be very helpful on EHS. (Electro Magnetic Hypersensitivity). Also she promised to copy me a letter from Robert Bradley of Health Canada.

G'day, Lavone - you rang me yesterday about information on ElectroMagnetic Hypersensitivity. I understand you have what is called "24 hour Hum".

Here are the resources and people contacts on my "radar screen". Note that I am not a specialist on EMF/EMR/EHS - just a housing researcher Some of these items may prove helpful for you, but I can't vouch for them. Please keep me posted as to your progress, and send me Mr.Bradley's letter.

PS - If anyone else has comments then please do share - I can't research this stuff on my own! I am supposed to focus on Healthy Housing and Sustainable Communities, but I'll flag the EHS issue if this deserves CMHC's attention - OK?

Christopher Ives, Senior Researcher, Housing Technology Group Policy & Research Division, CMHC, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation
700 Montreal Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0P7, Canada
613-748-2312 and cives@cmhc.ca - http://www.cmhc.ca

The EMR Alliance was formed to provide a forum for effective communication and organization for citizen actions groups involved in the EMR issue.

brought to you by the La Crosse Tribune, a site dedicated to covering the important agricultural and environmental issue of stray voltage.

EMR/RFR bioeffects and public policy

C.U.R.E. (Citizens United for Responsible Electricity),
P.O. Box 43, Brantwood, WI 54513, Phone/Fax 715 564 3362 - email: darvr@newnorth.net (with articles posted at http://www.strayvoltage.org )
Website - http://www.electricalpollution.com/

This mentions Graham-Stetzer filters, eliminating exposure to high frequencies. An inexpensive and simple to use instrument called a Microsurge Meter is also described. It produces a digital reading related to how harmful the electrical pollution is to humans in that micro-environment.

In "Mitigation of Electrical Pollution in the Home," released on 19 April 2002, Professor Emeritus at University of California in Berkeley Dr. Martin Graham discusses how people can cheaply and easily identify whether they are exposed to electrical pollution, as well as, a safe easy way to mitigate the problem once it is identified. He suggests using an inexpensive portable hand held AM radio to detect electrical pollution (See "Mitigation of Electrical Pollution in the Home," for details). In the paper, he also discusses the use of filters to reduce/eliminate exposure to electrical pollution. Each filter is made from a 20µf motor run AC dry film capacitor with a bleeder resistor (for safety) and a properly attached cord. Approximately 20 such filters are needed to reduce exposure to electrical pollution in the average home. These filters have advantages over previous filters in that they are small, portable (they plug into any outlet.), have a higher frequency range, and any person who knows how to plug in an electrical cord can install them.

Assembled units are available from Stetzer Electric,Inc. They can be reached by phone at (608) 989-2571 or by email at

Dr. Graham provided pictures of spectra of electrical pollution from a spectrum analyzer.



Before anyone gets carried away with this ill considered idea, get a copy of Dr. Martin Graham's (U.C. Berkeley, Emeritus Prof. of EECS) report entitled "A Ubiquitous Pollutant" about RF currents on powerlines. This is Memorandum # UCB/ERL M00/55 from the Electronics Research Laboratory of the College of Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, CA. The first sentence of Dr. Graham's abstract says "High frequency voltages present on the electrical power wires in homes, offices, schools, and factories should be considered a potential pollutant."

Dr. Graham built a filter to be attached to the power line to permit the low level RF voltage to be separated from the normal powerline voltage and measured. One simply plugs his filter into a voltmeter that reads RMS averaged voltages and then plugs the filter into the powerline at an ordinary wall outlet. If the meter reads more than about 30 millivolts (the exact level is arbitrary) there is RF pollution of the powerline.

If there is RF current flowing, it follows there has to be RF radiation from the powerline, and sometimes I have found it with my RF field meter. People who are electrically sensitive are very uncomfortable in these surroundings. Room light dimmer switches are bad sources of RF on the powerline. The dimmer on the lights in my dining room, when set half way to maximum brightness level caused a reading of 82.6 millivolts.

This was 4 times as much as the readings I got in our computer room, where 2 computers were operating at the same time. Computers sometimes leak RF current back into the powerline. Switching transients on industrial equipment cause RF current flow. There are enough uncontrolled sources of RF on powerlines already. Dave Stetzer in Wisconsin has worked with Dr. Graham to document the detrimental effects on dairy cattle caused by use of the ground as a return path for powerline currents that also contained RF currents.

One of the likely unintended consequences of using the powerlines to carry RF currents will probably be RF also on the telephones. I have measured radiation from telephone wall outlets in a house where the telephone lines were picking up radiation from a nearby FM radio station. I predict that RF currents on powerlines will also induce RF currents in telephone lines, unless special measures are taken to prevent it. Now is the time to stop this foolishness before no one's house is safe from unwanted RF fields.

Bill P. Curry, Ph.D. Physics is fun
(630) 858-9377 Fax (630) 858-9159
EMSciTek Consulting Company



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