Electrical pollution may be killing you

by Dan Small

Sound like science fiction or a grocery-store-tabloid headline? I would have thought so a year ago, but now I am convinced that “dirty” electricity is among the most significant of pollutants, as well as the most overlooked, covered up and insidious.

Electricity is termed “dirty” or polluted when its normal, 60-cycle sine wave carries with it various high frequencies, which are known to damage sensitive electronics and can harm plants, animals and people. Electricity becomes polluted when it passes through anything electronic, which chops up the sine wave and dumps high frequencies into the current as it moves downstream. These high frequencies (radio frequencies, or RF) can cause or complicate neurological, cardiac, respiratory, ophthalmologic, dermatological problems and conditions ranging from headaches, fatigue and attention-deficit disorder (ADD) to pneumonia, psychosis and strokes. Modern generators produce clean power, but the power that reaches us is very polluted, due to the array of electronic devices used in home and industry.

For every electron that leaves a substation, one returns. Because electricity polluted with RF spreads out in what is called the skin effect, the utility wiring system causes up to 70 percent of the return current to flow across the earth’s surface. This ground current enters buildings on water pipes, gas mains and phone lines, increasing the RF exposure already present in your electrical service. Metal structures, such as wiring, lamp cords, heating units and even bedsprings broadcast these harmful frequencies nonstop, whether or not any appliances are operating.

Many people are concerned about exposure to electro-magnetic fields but are unaware that it is specifically the RF in those fields that causes health damage. In schools and homes where RF levels are lowered, chronic disorders ranging from ADD and chronic fatigue syndrome to diabetes have abated.

Last year, my wife developed mysterious symptoms, including cardiac arrhythmia and spikes in blood pressure and heart rate. Expensive medical tests found nothing wrong. We finally discovered that RF was the cause of her symptoms. Research led her to David Stetzer, an electrical consultant who specializes in power quality. His tests showed we had exceptionally dirty power. Due to her extreme exposure, Shivani became a walking RF meter. She experienced symptoms if she went near a television, telephone, computer, even the water pipes in our house. Under Stetzer’s guidance, we installed RF filters; shielded phone lines; replaced wiring components, rheostats and fluorescent lights and reduced our use of electrical appliances. Shivani now uses a speaker phone and battery-powered laptop, avoids high-field parts of the house and yard and rides in the back seat of the car. She remains electrically sensitive, but to the extent that she can avoid RF, she functions normally.

People’s reactions to the chronic stress of RF vary widely. Most never make the connection between their symptoms and dirty electricity until they spend time in an electrically clean environment and notice that certain health problems disappear.

As modern communicators, we rely on electricity to live and work. A clean electrical environment should be as important to us as clean air and water.

An OWAA member since 1981, Dan Small lives in Belgium, Wis. This piece is adapted from an article researched and written by his wife, Shivani Arjuna, a holistic health practitioner and wellness consultant. E-mail Small for references or the full story. For more information, go to http://www.electricalpollution.com .


The health effects of electrical pollution


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