EMF RAPID Interagency Committee Report has never been presented to Congress

Dear Roy: We just spent a very nice night at the charming, new country home -- about 70 miles north of us in Hinckley, Minnesota, with my sister, Sue and her husband, Jon.

One of Jon's "extended family," Marilyn and her husband, Arden, were staying overnight on the property in their motorhome. Since we hadn't met previously, it didn't take long for me to make a comment that led to my explaining why I am researching EMR.

Arden was appropriately shocked when I described improvement in grandsons after moving their beds away from electric meters. Likewise, when I told about Bud's improvement after moving the electric clock radio as well as a couple other quick stories about electric clocks and health effects -- one re disastrous results and one re significant improvement.

I also briefly commented about the 2002 EMF California Report and findings re Leukemia, brain cancer, Lou Gehrig's Disease and miscarriage with a reference to their recommendation of 300 ft. distances from high voltage powerlines. I mentioned increases in telecommunications' antennae.

Arden said, "well, why isn't this being announced......why isn't the public being told?" He seemed upset when I told him the EMF RAPID Interagency Committee Report has never been presented to Congress and even made a point of asking which agency of the government, etc. Marilyn and Arden smiled and agreed that only one of their homes had an electric clock by the head of their bed (they have park model in Arizona, a main farm home, a lake place up north and a motorhome).

Marilyn and Arden "were aghast" that the news media wouldn't carry my stories. My sister, Sue, mentioned "even Oprah wouldn't do the story" and mentions of many other contacts, including politicians and cancer societies were briefly discussed. Sue is usually as quiet about my work as she is about most things.

I interjected that "greed and money" is behind it all and how industry and government are controlling "the whole show." I mentioned "worry about stocks," etc. and immediately, all of the concern about children suffering and dying (as well as others) was washed away when Jon stood taller and proclaimed "its those damn lawyers you have to do something about!!!" It is ALL the lawyers' fault!!!!

Arden folded his arms and said, "I would need to know that there are studies showing millions of persons were not affected who are not sleeping by appliances and millions were affected who sleep close to appliances......."

I did not ask whether he still plans on moving his electric clock from the headboard behind their bed in their Arizona park model.

None of this changes my plans of continuing to speak out on behalf of children with Leukemia/Leukaemia (plus every health problem for all ages) that we know are affected by chronic, prolonged exposures to low levels of EMR. Take care - Joanne

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Dear Roy: As you know, the evidence re EMF/EMR-related health problems continues to mount.

The EMF Interagency Committee Report has never been presented to Congress!!!

I think "the time is right" for everyone to forward this email and/or to send a copy by regular mail to those who are declaring intentions to run for political office in 2006 along with a short note demanding the enthusiastic candidates give this issue "high priority attention."

Our country's "Code Blue Status" re our health system requires "a focus on prevention and prudent avoidance" particularly in regard to childhood electrical pollution exposures such as electrical appliances/devices that are close to childrens' beds as well as high frequencies on electrical wiring in homes, schools, daycare centers, etc. Attention must also be directed toward the "willy-nilly, thoughtless installations" of cell towers and antennae. All of these exposures affect persons of every age but, as you know, children are even more vulnerable due to developmental stages of cells throughout their bodies.

The EMF Interagency Committee Report must be presented to Congress!!! Candidates for political office -- whether incumbents or not, need to force this issue and take responsibility for reporting who is resposible for withholding this information from the public.

Take care - Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller Guinea Pigs R Us
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18 October 1999

Originally posted as:

EMFguru#7-98, Inertia and Malfeasance...... (Sep 98) .......Edited and Revised October 15, 1999


To end..... ......Inertia and Malfeasance.......

"Now the public will know what the members of the EMF research community have known for years"

The speaker who made the above statement was one of thirty or so scientists who were present at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) sponsored EMF/health effects research review project recently completed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the U.S.A. There, the "working group," a panel of 30 scientists who had been selected by NIEHS to write the final EMF report, agreed to the final draft of a report summarizing more than five years of studies by literally hundreds of researchers worldwide. In the report, the panel voted 19-8 to identify EMF (power frequency electromagnetic fields) as a class 2B carcinogen.

As it happens, I was seated next to that scientist during the final three days of that historic gathering. He (like myself) was not an actual participant on the panel. He was an "observer."

Fortunately, the editor of MicroWave News (MWN) heard the statement and recorded those words in the pages of MWN. I can certainly vouch for the fact that the statement is consistent with some of my conversations with the speaker, Dr. Michael Marron, of the Office of Naval Research in Arlington Virginia.

I also learned that my fellow U.S. Navy seat-mate is an extremely well qualified and knowledgeable expert about EMF, going as far back (in his involvement with the issue) as the 1973 SANGUINE Project -- a U.S. Navy communications project (later abandoned) that is reported in Ellen Sugarman's latest book, "Warning, the electricity around you may be hazardous to your health."

I know of no better commentary or summary for the final results of the five year, $45 million, EMF RAPID research project (as it was designated) than Dr. Marron's pronouncement above. Here it is again, as it appears in MicroWave News:

"Now the public will know what the members of the EMF research community have known for years," commented Dr. Michael Marron of the Office of Naval Research in Arlington, VA. Marron is a member of the EMF Inter agency Advisory Committee, which must submit its own report on the EMF RAPID program to Congress." [MicroWave News, vol XVIII, No. 4; July/August 1998, pp. 5.]

It is, I submit, particularly noteworthy that a person of such unchallengeable qualifications and background in the EMF subject should observe: ...Now the public will know what we "have known for years"......

In other words, "we" (the scientists researching EMF) have known about the bio-effects that account for the "possible" (many still believe "probable") carcinogenic effects of 50 or 60 Hz power line frequency EMFs for a long time!!! Only the public has been kept in the dark!!!

But, Dr Marron, will the public know??? Will the public THIS TIME be given the WHOLE story??? Or, as so many times in the past -- when other equally qualified, equally legitimate scientific panels had reached substantially the same conclusion (As early as 1990, the "working level" scientists at EPA reached the same verdict.) -- will the public once again be cheated of its "right to know" by a government that has criminally controlled and distorted the flow of EMF information to the public for so long???

Oh, you gasp, surely not "criminally." Yes, the word is "criminally." That is exactly the judgment a good lawyer would seek if pursuing a corporate corrupter of the truth in a similar situation -- corporate CEOs (like the tobacco chieftains) who knowingly misled the public about the safety of their product, or a pharmaceutical official who "knowingly" withholds from the public vital information about tests of his product which show it may be unsafe; thus withholding information about possible harm to the public to the extent that innocent lives could be lost or innocent children stricken with leukemia.

That is what our government has done! Knowingly.... And, not once, but repeatedly, since at least the 1990 EPA study that was buried by political operatives (not by the scientists who had done the work).....

Any good lawyer would go after "punitive" damages based on the criminal negligence/malfeasance behavior of the officials involved in that case ... and others subsequent to it ... in a history that is full of distortions, withheld and dissembled public information, which (as Ellen Sugarman has written) apparently began with the SANGUINE project, if not earlier. In the 1960s and early 70s the Soviet Union used EMF against the personnel of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. That information, too, has not been fully revealed to the public or to the families of the embassy people who were exposed. Or, take the case of the government officials in France who are being prosecuted for malfeasance because they withheld from the public information they had about the presence of HIV infected blood in the nation's blood supply....

In keeping with such examples as well as with the conclusion of Dr. Marron (above), I say that the charges against our government -- for failing to inform the U.S. public about the bio-effects of EMF ... and obfuscating, dissembling, or distorting the resultant EMF hazards ... that "we" (the insiders) have "known for years" -- should be characterized as: "deliberate and criminal negligence and malfeasance of office....."

Of course, the industries who have a vested interest in the EMF issue are also guilty of dissembling, obfuscating (and sometimes lying) about the EMF realities, too..... Their conduct (motivated by profits and the protection of the value of their company on Wall Street) is, it seems, more acceptable to our "profit driven" society. Probably, they would not be charged with "criminal" negligence and malfeasance -- only greed.....

Well, it will happen again -- just like in the past -- the public will not be given the truth by our government, if we allow the same national sense of "inertia" that has governed our actions about the EMF health hazard to date ... to continue in the future....

The brutal reality is that the health and safety of the citizens of the U.S. are still subordinate to a bureaucracy (of RICH health agencies, like the NIH, NCI, NIEHS triumvirate) that has been "staffed" by the same political influences which have for decades guaranteed that 'public interests' in health and safety matters come AFTER the profits of the industry special interest groups, the big $$$$$$$ political contributors and the patrons of the political/bureaucratic structure..... I'm afraid that I no longer have one scintilla of confidence in a governmental system which FUNCTIONS to ignore or deny the public's health and safety needs when those needs are in conflict with the powerful vested interests who control the executive and legislative branches of our government and who often exert undue influence even within the judicial branch. The record clearly shows that it is not just our legislature or executive branches that have "sold out" to the special interests. The bureaucracies as well are either "staffed" by friends of the big spenders (that's NOT Joe public) or ... they are often intimidated and living only for their retirement and/or the day they will leave the government and go to work for one of the 'big spender' companies....

This will not change unless we 'the people' demand it...... Absent a tidal wave of public indignation that DEMANDS the publication of information which has been withheld for years (as Dr. Marron implicitly observed), the INERTIA of the existing political/bureaucratic system -- a system of big political "insiders" who "buy" the bureaucratic machinery of our government as well as the 'hearts' of our legislators -- will continue to deny public protection from the kind of exploitation that has been recorded so far in the EMF story....

A public policy that rightfully should be dedicated to protect the "people" of our democracy (read: oligarchy) and foster the formation of policies that recognize the ubiquitous nature of the looming EMF health hazard will not occur unless we demand it, fight for it, manifest a willingness to "throw out" the political leadership that stands in the way......

Clearly, the ubiquitous looming EMF health hazard is (within the lifetime of my "generation X" children) the most serious single environmental threat to public health and safety that has yet been identified..... All the scientific evidence of this scientific paradigm, the bio-effects of EMF which we have just BEGUN to comprehend, points toward two major conclusions which were NOT decided by the NIEHS panel that met in Minnesota. They were not even considered.

Yet it is manifestly apparent to "the insiders" that the results of the Minneapolis meeting portend the future acknowledgment -- perhaps SOON in the future -- of the following two additional bio-effects" realities:

(1) It is not the 60 Hz (power line) frequencies, alone, that constitute the health threat of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. The evidence of EMF research worldwide in many other wave-bands of the electromagnetic spectrum is clearly trying to tell us that ALL "EMF" signals (microwave, RF, etc., of whatever frequency) should be considered suspect!!! The Russians have known for more than thirty years....

(2) The Minneapolis verdict was the "easy," obvious verdict. (As Dr. Marron's statement implies.) Many, if not "most," of the scientists on that panel realize full well that the 'truly appropriate' judgment would have been to define the EMF health threat as a "2A" category carcinogen -- a "probable" carcinogen rather than the "possible" that was decided.

Take careful note!!! The balloting was conducted in an "open" balloting procedure (where all those who "control" the funding were able to "observe" how each scientist voted!!!). I believe that if a secret ballot had been allowed -- as I suggested on the EMF-L network some months past -- the 2A category ("probable" carcinogen) would have been more likely to have been the resultant "judgment." Failing that, the 2B verdict would have turned out to be even more decisive than the count recorded: 19 to 8. I observed that in all the votes taken there were five "scientists" -- all "tied-in" in some way with the electric industry -- who voted consistently against any finding that would have put EMF in an adverse health category...... Consider how overwhelming the judgment becomes if those five (clearly voting in a conflict of interest situation) were excluded. Instead of 19 to 8, suddenly the ratio is 19 to 3, an overwhelming majority judgment!!!

Yes, my fellow Navy Officer and seat-mate at the historic Minneapolis conference, Mike Marron, I agree with you -- it is high time that the PUBLIC should be allowed to know "what we know" ... what we "have known" for a long time.....

Only "the usual" governmental/bureaucratic inertia of the past can now prevent it..... Let the call go forth to all Americans that we will no longer play the "docile citizen" passive role which relies on "the government" to protect "our" interests ... to tell us the truth ... a role that the U.S. government has long since 'abdicated'.....

Let it henceforth be our commitment to ourselves ... that WE are going to INSIST on 'performance' to OUR standards ... and OUR needs ... by legislators (and bureaucrats) who are 'expendable' when they fail to put OUR priorities above the "special interests" of those who have "bought" the system..... The EMF saga is a good place to start...... .....And such is the "mission" of this website.....


October 15, 1999

Roy Beavers (EMFguru)


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