Cindy Sheehan a 'threat to national security'? President Continues To Do As He Pleases

One of my favorite "posters," Jack Dalton, said this: "To call Cindy Sheehan, the mother of Casey Sheehan who was killed in Iraq, and whose blood is on Bush/Cheney’s hands, a 'threat to national security' because she demands to know from Bush why her son died shows how low this nation has been dragged." http://jack-dalton.blogspot.com/ and http://jack-dalton.blogspot.com/2005/08/cinday-sheehan-threatened-with-arrest.html or http://tinyurl.com/7683q

Remember Helen Thomas? Here is one of her recent articles! So petty have the Bush press briefings been that they had no longer recognized her as Senior Correspondent, or whatever the name is for the person who starts with the first question.

Lame Duck Bush Has Swagger, Not Waddle
President Continues To Do As He Pleases
Helen Thomas, Hearst White House columnist
POSTED: 4:16 pm EDT August 3, 2005
The BostonChannel.com Channel 5

President George W. Bush is not letting his lame duck status stop him from displaying an arrogance of power.

When a Texas newspaper reporter told him, "Power is perception," Bush corrected him, saying, "Power is being president."

In fact, Bush is proving that a lame duck has a lot of power to do what he wants to do since he doesn't have to be re-elected and, therefore, is answerable to no one.

Furthermore, he indicates he could care less whether he goes up or down in public opinion polls. With more than three years left in his presidency, the president's only political constraints may come from members of his own party. [...] Read the whole article at http://tinyurl.com/e3yu2

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