Greenwashing as "corporate responsibility"


In Message "Greenwashing as "corporate responsibility" it was mentioned that the UK carrier O2 got an award for its "corporate responsibility policy".

Flush with that so-called "award" O2 is now going after an even bigger award. - Becoming an essential provider for government services by helping to create the "mobile government".

What's next on O2's Christmas wish list for Santa? How about legislation requiring all UK citizens who collect government benefits to have a mobile phone so that they can communicate with their "mobile' government? Or how about a special "welcome to the world" phone contract attached to all birth certificates - complete with a mobile phone shaped dummy so that the toddlers get use to handling the phone?

I can imagine O2's department of spin doctors working overtime, much like Santa's little band of elves, dreaming up all this stuff!

Note below that The mobile government conference, exhibition and seminar sessions are planned to take place on Tuesday 8th March 2005 at the QEII Conference Centre, London.

Wouldn't it be interesting if all the UK anti-mast organisations had a mass rally at the QEII Conference Centre on the same day - with speakers giving another perspective on the mobile revolution.

Don Maisch


"The high levels of mobile phone penetration mean it is vital to think about [mobiles] as a delivery mechanism for government services" e-Government Unit Spokesperson, 'Government Goes Mobile', BBC Online.

Mobile Government promises to play a major part in the electronic delivery of government services. However, its potential is above and beyond that of the 2005 government online targets. There are opportunities for mobile government to have a bearing on every single service delivered by the public sector: from parking to health, and in every single way: from how public sector staff do their jobs to direct public interaction with government.

The UK is well set for a mobile government revolution. We have one of the highest levels of mobile handset penetration - the necessary basic ingredient to encourage the m-citizen alongside the e-citizen.

"People, companies and governments need to understand how the mobile has re-shaped society for good" - Richard Brown, group public affairs director of O2.

The platform for successful mobile government is already in place. Suppliers in the market place have established relationships with the public in terms of mobile content and there is a space for applications of mobile government. Coupling this with other applications such as digital pens, the Blackberry and positioning systems - all of which can facilitate and improve the quality of services delivered - the mobile government age is surely upon us.

With this in mind, GovNet Events are proud to present this timely strategy event for central & local government departments, the wider public sector and public sector suppliers, providing a programme that will examine the potential for mobile government and showcase successful applications currently making a difference in central and local government departments all over the UK and Europe. The morning sessions will concentrate on mobile applications facilitating efficient public sector working. The afternoon sessions will look at how citizens can interact more closely with government through mobile technology.

Key senior figures from organisations at the centre of mobile government implementation will report on their experiences to develop services that benefit both their staff and the citizen, whilst remaining secure.

Over 300 key decision makers will join 20 speakers and 20 exhibitors for this high profile and prestigious event. The conference, exhibition and seminar sessions take place on Tuesday 8th March 2005 at the QEII Conference Centre, London.


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