Say NO to Gonzales and to the Sorry State of the Union

Alberto Gonzales, the chief legal architect of the Bush administration's once unthinkable torture policies, is poised to become the attorney general of the United States. We urge you to call your Senators immediately and ask them to speak out against torture by opposing the Gonzales nomination.

During CODEPINK’s visits to Iraq, we heard first-hand testimony from Iraqis who were tortured by U.S. troops at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere. We know that these abuses are far more widespread and systematic than most Americans are aware of, and that they are happening in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay as well as Iraq.

Alberto Gonzales’ infamous torture memo paved the way to the systematic abuse of detainees, a practice that is happening in our name! Please tell your Senators that tough questions are not enough. We need to send a message to the Bush Administration and the world that the American people do not condone torture under any circumstances!

CALL: Capitol Switchboard, (202) 224-3121.
Ask for your Senator's office.

For more information on Gonzales, visit these websites:
Peace Action: http://www.peace-action.org
Center for Constitutional Rights: http://www.ccr-ny.org

Address Bush’s Sorry State of the Union on February 2

The fact that a man who endorses the use of torture may become the attorney general of the United States is just one sign of the sorry state of the union. Another sign is the ongoing violence in Iraq, which this week resulted in the deaths of more soldiers in one day than in any other during our invasion and occupation of Iraq. The sham elections of January 30 will likely exacerbate the violence.

With an estimated deficit of $427 billion dollars, women's rights at the mercy of right-wing conservative judges lining up to take over the U.S. Supreme Court, and absolutely no exit strategy for the tragedy in Iraq, it’s time to speak up!

There's only one thing left to do: gather your friends, family and neighbors and have a get together like only CODEPINK women can have. Head to a local bar or get comfy on your favorite spot on the couch. Make a night of commiserating, laughing, and making plans to take action.

We have some great ideas to get you started:

Bring the troops home NOW,
Andrea, Carol, Claire, Dana, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Tiffany
January 28, 2005 http://www.codepinkalert.org


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