Mobile Phones Again Linked to Cancer - in this Case specifically to Acoustic Neuromas

Dear Colleague:

A team from the Karolinska Institute headed by Prof. Anders Ahlbom has found that the long-term use of mobile phones may indeed lead to higher rates of cancer --specifically acoustic neuromas.

This important news will be officially released at a press conference in Stockholm tomorrow, Wednesday October 13.

I encourage you to read our complete story which is now posted on our Web site. Simply go to http://www.microwavenews.com.


Louis Slesin, PhD

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Mobile Phone Use and the Risk of Acoustic Neuroma


"Biologically Bizzare"?

It is interesting to note that Prof. Anders Ahlbom who led the study, and who is also an ICNIRP member http://www.icnirp.de/cv.htm , stood behind the quotation that the thought that cell phones might be able to cause brain tumors is "biologically bizzare". (Gunni Nordstrom, "The Invisible Disease".)

I don't think he will say that again.


The commercial T.V channel reported yesterday about the new study, and Dr. Sigal Sadezki, the epidemiologist who leads the Israeli arm of the INTERPHONE study said that the findings of benign tumors do not prove that it causes malignant tumors.

It is acually a change that she admits that the phone's radiation actually does something because she used to say that no study is good enough to convince her that there is damage. A year after, she said that it is not proved that there is damage and it is not refuted that there is damage. That was her line until yesterday. In a parliment committe she said some time ago that although she doesn't say there is damage, she cannot ignore the study that was published in the scientific peer reviewed journal [she meant Hardell study] "that found what it found" as she put it, without saying the word cancer.

The cellular companies response was that they have all the approvals.

The two big national newspapers did not write a word about the study today, it is not clear whether they will write something in the coming days. Haaretz newspaper did report it, with small headlines and a short item.

Iris Atzmon


Mobile Phones Again Linked to Cancer



Dr. Savitz urges caution on cell phones and children???

In reference to the last message from Microwave News about the latest cell phone research by the Karolinska Institute take special note of Dr. David Savitz's ill-conceived, and ill thought out attempt to down play the study. Sure to go into his "things I should not have said" file!

After he called the findings "still highly unlikely" he went on to state:

"This uncertainty regarding long-term use should not distract from the growing evidence, enhanced by this study, that neither acoustic neuroma nor brain tumors is associated with cell phone use of less than ten years."

Well, fine - so its okay to give my 12 year old son a cell phone provided I take it off him when he is 21. (?)

If we can take Dr. Savitz at his words then it may be forgivable to assume that he is now advising against selling children cell phones?

David - expect a call from Motorola ASAP!

Don Maisch


Following are comments from Lloyd Morgan Director, Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States on the latest Swedish acoustic neuroma study.


Dear Don

I am sure you are aware of the acoustic neuroma study from the Karolinska institute. Here is an earlier email sent to others in our EMF concerned community (3 attachments included):

Mobile Phone Use and the Risk of Acoustic Neuroma

Presentation from Kjell Hasson-Mild (from BEMS 2004 meeting)

Mixed Signals on Cell Phones and Cancer (Commentary)

Best regards,
Lloyd Morgan

I am attaching the full text (unfortunately without the tables and figures) of the acoustic neuroma study from Epidemiology and a David Savitz commentary from the same journal. The highlights are mine. I will obtain the tables and figures, but it will be sometime next week before I can do so.

I believe the most important aspect of this report is that while they have a very strong finding for use of a cellphone for 10 years or more, they also report that cumulative hours of use of cumulative number of uses does not show an increased risk. How could this be?

My interpretation: cellphones are showing the classic latency time from exposure to tumor diagnoses seen with known carcinogens. My concern: the classic latency time is 25 years (2 or 3 decades). If we are seeing such a dramatic effect at 10 years, what will the increased risk show in another 15 years?

It is also well known that the increased risk for children exposed to a known carcinogen (e.g., ionizing radiation) is far larger than adults receiving the same exposure. I am attaching a presentation received from Kjell Hasson-Mild (from BEMS 2004 meeting). It shows a 6 fold risk for 20 years olds, but a more like a 1.5 fold risk for older groups (see slide 7). While this presentation is not statistically strong (at least not to the 95% confidence level) the shape of the graph is quite suggestive of similar cancer data from ionizing radiation.

Finally, I have the number of USA cellphone subscribers in 6-month increments since the inception of cellphones. I did a "what if" calculation. What if cellphones doubled the risk of brain tumors and the latency time is 10 years. This would increase the number of brain tumors by slightly less than 1%. One percent is within the margin of error for incidence rates. In other words, at 10 years, no increase in overall incidence of brain tumors would be detectable. That an increase is being detected implied either that the risk is more than a doubling, or the latency time is less than 10 years or both.

Best regards,

Lloyd Morgan
Director, Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States
510 841-4362


The Swedish study has finally reached the Danish media. I had several interviews this morning with journalists from radio and newspapers. One from the press bureau Ritzau, the main supplier of news items to Danish media. So it will certainly reached all the other papers. I stressed the danger of mobilphones and children and that more Danish research was necessary on this subject. However, my proposal for such a research project was turned down by the Research grant committee fro Mobilphone research. I also gave them the 2 comments on this list following the information about this study. I also referred to the Leukaemia and Children meeting and the outcome.

To those who understand Danish (=Scandinavians) I will send the Danish newspaper article.

Sianette Kwee


Mobile phone use and acoustic neuroma

Mobile phones tumour risk to young children

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If any of you hasn't read Dr George Carlo (you will have heard of him), "Cell Phones. Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age" 2001, (£9.54 from Amazon) do.

Omega find it under: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0786708182?v=glance
>>>Look inside this book
>>>further un der "Next Page" and so on

Carlo was appointed in 1993 by the US telecoms industry to allay the fears of mobile phone users through scientific research. Carlo is a public health scientist, epidemiologist and lawyer, so no fly-by-night. In June 1999 he stood up in public and instead announced his findings that mobile phones cause cancer and that no-one should hold one to their head. Ever.

Could you wish for a more competent whistle-blower? Recent studies confirming acoustic neuromas from ten years' use only add to what he said. What emerges from the industry in fighting him, is only repeated in our BBC3 programme with T-Mobile etc. This industry will trash the best scientists, hence what they are doing to Trower, Hyland, Johansson even now. And every would-be whistleblower, and every MTHR scientist knows it too.

Eventually, like our Venezuela surgeons, as with those reporting from Hayward's Heath in Sussex, we will all just "know" in the face of industry denial. Will it stop phones being used so much and start masts coming down? Watch your Christmas TV adverts and tell your friends and family not to use mobile phones. Not so easy is it?


From Mast Network


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