The U.S. Role in the Destruction of the Sierra Madre Mountains

The U.S. Imperialist Role in the Destruction of the Sierra Madre Mountains

Informant: andrew robinson

Now mobile phone masts can be built right next to schools


From Mast Network

A Flood of Mentally Ill Soldiers Coming Home From Iraq

Do you know WHO most of the Homeless are? They are Vietnam vets who could not "re-enter" society......I have known these people personally....and I have watched them die on our streets.


What is being spoken of in this article is soooo sad!! It is just like getting your arms and legs blown off.....to be mentally imbalanced.....and the government "dosesn't recognize this!!"




Pentagon Seeks to Expand Role in Intelligence-Collecting

The Total Infomation Act that was changed to the Terrorist Information Act already did this. Its only about openly admitting it here.



Pentagon Seeks to Expand Role in Intelligence-Collecting


Published: December 19, 2004

ASHINGTON, Dec. 18 - The Pentagon is drawing up a plan that would give the military a more prominent role in intelligence-collection operations that have traditionally been the province of the Central Intelligence Agency, including missions aimed at terrorist groups and those involved in weapons proliferation, Defense Department officials say.

The proposal is being described by some intelligence officials as an effort by the Pentagon to expand its role in intelligence gathering at a time when legislation signed by President Bush on Friday sets in motion sweeping changes in the intelligence community, including the creation of a national intelligence director. The main purpose of that overhaul is to improve coordination among the country's 15 intelligence agencies, including those controlled by the Pentagon.

The details of the plan remain secret and are evolving, but indications of its scope and significance have begun to emerge in recent weeks. One part of the overall proposal is being drafted by a team led by Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, a deputy under secretary of defense.

Among the ideas cited by Defense Department officials is the idea of "fighting for intelligence," or commencing combat operations chiefly to obtain intelligence.

The proposal also calls for a major expansion of human intelligence, which is information gathered by spies rather than by technological means, both within the military services and the Defense Intelligence Agency, including more missions aimed at acquiring specific information sought by policy makers.

The proposal is the latest chapter in the fierce and long-running rivalry between the Pentagon and the C.I.A. for dominance over intelligence collection.

White House officials are monitoring the Pentagon's planning, as is the C.I.A. The proposal has not yet won White House approval, according to administration officials. It is unclear to what extent American military forces have already been given additional authority to carry out intelligence-gathering missions.

Until now, intelligence operations run by the Pentagon have focused primarily on gathering information about enemy forces. But the overarching proposal being drafted in the Pentagon, which encompasses General Boykin's efforts, would focus military intelligence operations increasingly on counterterrorism and counterproliferation, areas in which the C.I.A. has played the leading role.

"Right now, we're looking at providing Special Operations forces some of the flexibility the C.I.A. has had for years," said a Defense Department official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the plan has not yet been approved. "It would be used judiciously, and with all appropriate oversight controls."

General Boykin's proposal would revamp military commands to ensure that senior officers planning and fighting wars work more closely with the intelligence analysts tracking threats like terrorists and insurgency cells. Another part of the Pentagon's plan was articulated in a recent directive by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld that instructed regional commanders to expand the military's role in intelligence gathering, particularly in tracking terrorist and insurgent leaders.

While declining to comment directly on the recent directive, a Pentagon spokesman, Bryan Whitman, said, "Regional commanders are looking at ways to maximize the use of their resources to contribute to the overall intelligence picture."

In public allusions to the plan, both General Boykin and Vice Adm. Lowell E. Jacoby, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, have stuck to generalities. It is still unclear how many additional personnel may be assigned to intelligence gathering or when and where such operations may take place. But some intelligence officials say they believe those remarks open the way to more clandestine military operations intended to gather intelligence on terrorists and weapons proliferators.

Verum Reflex Presentation


Informant: FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive

EU REFLEX Project Report

Omega-News 19. Dezember 2004

Britische Antiterrorgesetzgebung verstößt gegen die Menschenrechte

Arsen im Trinkwasser, Arsen im Reis

Wahrheit und Täuschung im Informationskrieg

Das unendliche Leid der "Versuchs"-Tiere

Der EU-Haftbefehl

Wahlen in den USA und in der Ukraine

EU verantwortlich für 86 Prozent des Handels mit Wildvögeln

Langzeitstudie sieht Schmetterlinge durch Gen-Mais gefährdet

Pass-RFIDS: Mit HF analog verblasbar

Die Normalität des Unerträglichen

Kampagne gegen "zerstörerische Praktiken im Goldabbau"

Den Schreien der Tiere Gehör verschaffen

Was der Mensch den Tieren antut

Bundesregierung plant angeblich Gesetz für Massen-Gentests

Flutkatastrophe durch Abholzung

Durch Folter erpresste Geständnisse können vor Gericht verwendet werden

Der gläserne Patient im Alpenland

EU-Parlament in der Defensive, von Rat und Kommission gemobbt, erpresst

Software manipuliert angeblich Ärzte im Auftrag der Pharmaindustrie

Chip-Implantate sorgen für Gänsehaut

Fingerabdruck, nein danke

Tiefsee-Fische durch Schleppnetzfischerei stark bedroht

10 Prozent verfügen über fast die Hälfte des Vermögens

Schere zwischen Arm und Reich öffnet sich weiter

Sparmaßnahmen in Redaktionen führen zu unkritischer Berichterstattung

Staudamm-Alarm in Laos

Von wo unser Papier kommt: "Melde Totalschaden!"

WTO: Hände weg von unserer Nahrung

Die heimliche Zwangsjodierung der deutschen Bevölkerung und ihre gesundheitlichen Folgen

Kidnapping an den elektronischen Wahlurnen?

Mehrere US-Bundesstaaten wollen sich Kyoto-Protokoll anschließen

Heißes und kühles Klima in den USA

Überwachung und Kontrolle gefährden Selbstbestimmung

EMF-Omega-News 19. December 2004

Effect of 910-MHz electromagnetic field on rat bone marrow

Demsia G, Vlastos D, Matthopoulos DP.

Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Management, Ioannina University, Seferi 2, Agrinio 30100, Greece. gntemsia@cc.uoi.gr

Aiming to investigate the possibility of electromagnetic fields (EMF) developed by nonionizing radiation to be a noxious agent capable of inducing genotoxicity to humans, in the current study we have investigated the effect of 910-MHz EMF in rat bone marrow. Rats were exposed daily for 2 h over a period of 30 consecutive days. Studying bone marrow smears from EMF-exposed and sham-exposed animals, we observed an almost threefold increase of micronuclei (MN) in polychromatic erythrocytes (PCEs) after EMF exposure. An induction of MN was also observed in polymorphonuclear cells. The induction of MN in female rats was less than that in male rats. The results indicate that 910-MHz EMF could be considered as a noxious agent capable of producing genotoxic effects.

PMID: 15517102 [PubMed - in process]


Mis-reporting the Russian Cell Phone Conference

It is appalling that politicians who are supposed to serve the electorate are so determined to ignore them

The Perils Of Electropollution

New Radiation Scare from Mobile Phones

ICNIRP hopes to accomplish to lead the Russians down right to their scientific slaughterhouse

Voices and Witnesses About Electro-Hypersensitivity

Time has come for precautionary policies to reduce exposures from power-frequency EMFs

One day we'll all know - Let's hope it isn't too late

Electronic Medical Implants - Promises & Perils

Church Implants Microchips in Members' Right Hands

“Tagging” U.S. Schoolchildren

Big Pharma or Big Telco its all the same corporate tactics

The walls have eyes and ears

How NSA access was built into Windows

Get Ready for Matrix

The Birds Are Falling : Avian losses could hit ecosystems hard


Informant: Teresa Binstock

New Populex Voting Machine Receives Federal Approval


Volunteers complete local recount

This is the kind of stuff taking place in OHIO:

Man: this is just a slugging away match here: he said, she said, they said.

I assume that the numbers are correct from the person from DU.

Here is the letter that I wrote to the

Here is the article URL:

December 18, 2004


What is the reason for the below???

Here is the information re: what was posted on Election night and what your newspaper just said:


Updated: 3:38 p.m. ET

Bush (Incumbent):

9,277 57% 100% of precincts reporting

Kerry :

6,878 42%

* Source CNN.

"The Coshocton Tribune" says today:

Kerry : 7.413 votes
Bush : 9.830 votes


So how is this??? ---and 45 days after the election?

Marsha Hammond PHD

Es wird systematisch gefoltert


Und wieder sinkt ein Öl-Tanker

Der Lebensraum eines der schönsten und spektakulärsten Naturreservate ist bedroht: Vögel und Fische sterben qualvoll, Seehunde, Seelöwen und Ottern werden zu Tausenden keine Heimat mehr haben.


Mehr als zehntausend Tote jährlich durch Rußpartikel

Zwischen 10.000 und 19.000 Menschen müssen in Deutschland jedes Jahr vorzeitig sterben, weil die deutsche Autoindustrie sich geweigert hat und zum Teil noch immer weigert, Rußfilter in Dieselautos einzubauen, sagt der Berliner Umweltmediziner und Toxikologe Heinz-Erich Wichmann.


Arktis als Vorbote für die Folgen des Klimawandels

Die 250 Wissenschaftler des "Arctic Climate Impact Assessment" (ACIA) haben den bislang umfassendsten Bericht zum Klimawandel in der Arktis vorgelegt. Sie bekräftigen, dass der Klimawandel größtenteils aus den vom Menschen verursachten Treibhausgasemissionen resultiert. In 10 Thesen listet der Bericht die globalen Folgen für Klima, Flora, Fauna, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft auf und unterstreicht die Notwendigkeit, sofort Maßnahmen zur Verringerung des Treibhausgasausstoßes zu ergreifen.


Wissenschaftler warnen vor Vogelarten-Aussterben

Im Jahr 2100 werden ungefähr 10 Prozent aller Vogelarten ausgestorben und weitere 15 Prozent vom Aussterben bedroht sein. Das sagen Wissenschaftler um Cagan Sekercioglu von der Universität in Stanford nach einer akribischen Analyse von Daten bereits ausgestorbener und noch lebender Vogelarten voraus. Dieser dramatische Verlust wird die Ökosysteme weltweit stören und kann die Verbreitung von Seuchen fördern, schreiben die Forscher im Fachmagazin PNAS.


Stirbt das Great Barrier Reef?

"Korallenriffe gehören zu den wichtigsten Indikatoren des Treibhauseffektes", sagt UNO-Umweltchef Klaus Töpfer. Wenn sich die Erde erwärmt, sterben die Korallen. Das Great Barrier Reef vor Australiens Nordostküste leidet zunehmend an der Klimaerwärmung.

Ray Berkelmans vom Australischen Institut für Meeresforschung in Sydney sagte, es gebe Anzeichen für ein Ansteigen der Meerestemperaturen. Das größte Korallenriff der Welt könnte in 50 Jahren zerstört sein.


Drivers licenses changes


Informant: Laurel

How Americans Will be Nuked to Naked


Informant: Andy Thames

How NSA access was built into Windows


Talk to Congress about Rumsfeld and Social Security

This week based on your requests at the People's Email Network we have started two new issue pages where you can with one click send your personal message to all your members of Congress at the same time. Your 8,000 messages this last week through our site alone on the question of contesting the election have attracted a great deal of interest by the House Judiciary Committee in particular and we have put your submissions to them into digest mode for their ease and convenience of delivery. If you have not yet cast your vote on that issue please do so now.


As the first new question we ask if Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld should now resign based on his mishandling of our military. Some surprising voices are giving him a vote of no confidence. What do you say?


And at the same time the debate is heating up as to Social Security. Some say we have to destroy the system in order to save it. However, most economists say there is no pressing crisis and that the proposals on the table will turn the system into a high commission dice roll. Make your voice heard with one click at


And remember, if you would like for us to set up a custom issue action page for your own favorite issue, please email your request and we will set one up for you for no charge. Just show that you have a constituency who will participate on the site.

Please post this link everywhere you can to everyone you know.

BLACK ON WHITE: Voices and Witnesses About Electro-Hypersensitivity

Following along the heels of the blast free Internet book here is another, titled: BLACK ON WHITE: Voices and Witnesses About Electro-Hypersensitivity, The Swedish Experience, Compiled and commented by Rigmor Granlund-Lind and John Lind.

"This is the missing part of the official RALF Investigation. This text was originally published in Sweden in 2002 under the title: "Svart pa vitt - Roster och vittnesmal om eloverkanslighet" Its impact on public opinion has been considerable and is still growing.

Now even politicians and mobile phone producers and operators are taking heed and try to find ways to stall further damage. We hope that this English PDF-edition will add fuel to the fire. The English version has been made possible thanks to the generosity of anonymous doners. A pocket book version is due in the fall of 2004." (October 3, 2004)


Don Maisch


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