Investing in War

The Carlyle Group profits from government and conflict

"War Is A Racket" U.S. Major General Smedley Butler:

A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small "inside" group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.


Fallugah: Raw Video sent in by US Solider

Windows Media


From Information Clearing House

Religious Fundamentalism and the Growing Threat to Democracy

With the re-election of George W. Bush, religious fundamentalism seems to be in overdrive in its effort to define politics through a reductive and somewhat fanatical moralism.


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Leo Strauss and the Grand Inquisitor:

There is a certain irony in the fact that the chief guru of the neoconservatives is a thinker who regarded religion merely as a political tool intended for the masses but not for the superior few. He therefore taught that those in power must invent noble lies and pious frauds to keep the people in the stupor for which they are supremely fit.

The majority of Canadians oppose Bush

The majority of Canadians oppose Bush, reject the war in Iraq, and don’t want him here.

Ottawa, Halifax on lockdown in preparation for Bush visit:

Helicopters, sharpshooters, riot police to protect world's most powerful politician...


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The Destruction of Iraq’s Health Care

Since the US military invasion and occupation of Iraq, Iraq’s health care system has deteriorated as a result of deliberate destruction by the US administration. The most vulnerable victims of this destruction are the Iraqi children, particularly children under the age of five.

Red Crescent has trouble treating civilians hurt in Fallujah assault

The Iraqi Red Crescent has set up a relief center in Fallujah -- but continued fighting between U-S-led troops and insurgents is making it impossible for doctors and nurses to treat the wounded.


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Farce In Fallujah

In the annals of military history, it is difficult to find a more egregious example of a military operation dictated so completely by domestic political concerns.


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Neglect Follows Siege of Fallujah

The Iraqi ministry of health is failing to provide enough support to hundreds of thousands who fled Fallujah. - Some doctors said a deliberate decision had been taken not to help people in the besieged city.


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US army blocks aid convoy for Falluja

The US military has prevented an aid convoy from reaching the besieged city of Falluja, a doctor based in Baghdad who accompanied the convoy says.


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The situation in Falloojeh is worse than anyone can possibly describe

Riverbend: Iraqi Girl Blog: Tired in Baghdad...:

The situation in Falloojeh is worse than anyone can possibly describe. It has turned into one of those cities you see in your darkest nightmares- broken streets strewn with corpses, crumbling houses and fallen mosques... The worst part is that for the last couple of weeks we've been hearing about the use of chemical weapons inside Falloojeh by the Americans.


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U.S. Accused of Using Poison Gases in Fallujah

Survivors of the week-long attack on Fallujah have reported the U.S. military used poison gas and other non-conventional weapons against civilians in the assault. We go to Baghdad to speak with independent reporter Dahr Jamail who broke the story.

Audio and transcript.

Fallujah Napalmed

News that President George W. Bush has sanctioned the use of napalm, a deadly cocktail of polystyrene and jet fuel banned by the United Nations in 1980, will stun governments around the world.


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Gulf veterans' angry plea to MoD

UK: Gulf veterans' angry plea to MoD:

Soldiers on sick leave after serving in Iraq have told a BBC programme of their anger at not receiving proper medical or financial support from the Army.


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EU-Staaten rüsten sich für Speicherung von Telefondaten

Brüssel - Die 25 EU-Staaten rüsten sich für die einheitliche Speicherung von Telefon- und Internetdaten. Ein entsprechender Entwurf einer Rahmenrichtlinie steht beim Treffen der europäischen Justizminister an diesem Donnerstag in Brüssel erstmals zur Debatte.

Eine Mehrheit der EU-Staaten strebt nach Diplomatenangaben eine Regelung an, die Anbieter von Telefon- und Internetdiensten zur jahrelangen Speicherung bestimmter Standort- und Verbindungsdaten verpflichten soll. Ziel sei die leichtere Verfolgung von Straftätern.

Die Anbieter sollen alle einschlägigen Angaben laut Richtlinienentwurf mindestens 12 und längstens 36 Monate speichern. Nationale Gesetze könnten auch längere Fristen vorschreiben. Dabei sollen Verbindungen im Telefon-Festnetz ebenso festgehalten werden wie Handy-Gespräche sowie alle Arten von Kurzmitteilungen und Infodiensten per Telefon. Außerdem schließt der Entwurf Internet- Protokolle von Emails über Telefongespräche per Internet bis zu Protokollen vieler anderer Datenübertragungen ein.

© dpa - Meldung vom 30.11.2004 12:24 Uhr


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Datenschützer schlägt Alarm wegen Ende des Bankgeheimnis


Going Broke - The USA Is Bankrupt - Now What?


New Ohio voter transcripts feed floodtide of doubt about Republican election manipulation


Informant: Heidi Chesney

Earthquakes, Volcano’s, and Tsunami’s

Earthquakes, Volcano’s, and Tsunami’s…Oh My!

by Mitch Battros – ECTV

To some it will very much seem like “Lion’s and Tiger’s and Bear’s” Oh My indeed. I would think by now, at least to those who receive this newsletter, are not the least bit surprised at the predicted escalation in earth changing events. And yes, the Kp index has shoot up to 5.5 (red) as of today, indicating geomagnetic storm activity is on the rise.

A series of large earthquakes have occurred in the last six days. Earlier today a magnitude 7.1 quake hit Hokkaido, Japan. Just two days prior to todays event, a 7.2 magnitude quake hit Papua, Indonesia; and just four days prior to this event, a 7.1 mag. quake hit off the west coast of New Zealand. If you think this is certainly an indication of something “shifting”, the word is…”More, and possibly larger quakes are just ahead between now and the middle of January. This is when the highest t! ides in thirty years will be present.

Now lets throw in volcanic activity. Hopefully by now, you have heard of the increased seismic activity at Mount St. Helens. An earthquake that registered 3.1 on Saturday has split the dome, worrying seismologists of a pending eruption.

USGS spokeswoman Stephanie Hanna said that steam and gas are occurring but nothing like the explosion in 1980. The agency issued a Level 2 Volcano advisory, which means "an eruption could occur without warning, but an eruption is not imminently underway," which gives the agency time to prepare and alert public safety authorities, she said.

Papua, New Guinea authorities began yesterday, evacuating an entire island after a volcanic eruption destroyed the 9000 inhabitants' supply of food, officials said.

The Manam islanders are mainly subsistence farmers and fishermen whose small farming plots have been covered with falling ash from the island's erupting volcano, also called Manam, a government vulcanologist said.

And how about a tsunami thrown in just to keep it interesting. Yes, a tsunami warning has been issued for Japan’s west coast. The 7.1 quake caused swaying buildings and triggered a tsunami that lashed the shore, officials said. The good news is based on location and magnitude, the earthquake was not sufficient to generate a tsunami damaging to California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia or Alaska. Some areas may experience small sea level changes in areas of intense shaking. Locally generated tsunamis can be triggered by “slumping”.

Well at least I was able to slip away for a few days to enjoy my extended family for the Thanksgiving holidays. But as you can see, it is time to roll up my sleeves and gather all the immediate and pertinent information You Need To Know. Actually, our ECTV staff has already done so. Go to the ECTV site for all the current (and fast breaking) news that you and your family should, and need, to know.

Tuesday November 30th – Jim Berkland, Geologist. Jim has been acknowledged as one of the first, and I would say most accurate, predictors of earthquakes internationally. He has something very important to tell us of the days and weeks ahead. Our hint is “the highest tides we’ve seen in years”. Jim has also alerted me to a $500 challenge he has with the University of Southern California team who ended up with egg on their face after missing a predicted 6.0 or larger quake to hit Calif. in September.

Website: http://www.syzygyjob.com

Thursday December 2nd – Robert Felix – author of “Not by Fire, But by Ice”. Robert is one of the first who has pointed to the bottom of the oceans as the cause of our current warming trend. Robert has been very vocal against those who fabricate the lies and myths that so-called global warming is caused by man alone. I go further and clearly show that man’s hand makes up only 3% to 13% of our current warming trend. There are several climatologist who suggest the lower number or less. Robert has produced a strong theory suggesting underwater volcano’s are the culprit.

Website: http://www.iceagenow.com/

U.N. Body Rejects Censure, Threatens Revolt


Informant: Paul Lion

Weapons of Mass Deception

There were two wars going on in Iraq - one was fought with armies of soldiers, bombs and a fearsome military force. The other was fought alongside it with cameras, satellites, armies of journalists and propaganda techniques. One war was rationalized as an effort to find and disarm WMDs - Weapons of Mass Destruction; the other was carried out by even more powerful WMDs, Weapons of Mass Deception.



Informant: ItalysBadBoy

Pass It On: Weapons Of Mass Deception

by Danny Schechter

To mark the second anniversary of the war in Iraq, March 20 is an international screening day for Weapons of Mass Deception, a documentary by Danny Schechter investigating how the network media promoted the war and distorted the news.

Watch the trailer and get more information here:

Source: http://www.tompaine.com/index.php#passiton

An Open Letter to Christian Conservatives


Keep Your God Off My Country, Body and Earth

From: Dr. Glen Barry <gbarry@forests.org>

Dear Red State Cousin - Keep Your God Off My Country, Body and Earth

Earth Meanders http://www.environmentalsustainability.info/

By Dr. Glen Barry

November 21, 2004

The following essay is a response to the recent American Presidential election, in which differences in moral values between the liberal "blue states" and conservative "red states" were widely perceived as decisive. I argue below in an imaginary letter to my "red state cousin" that environmental conservation is the ultimate moral issue, and insist that born again christians keep their god off my country, body and Earth.

Dear Red State Cousin,

I have read with interest your emails full of christian wit and patriotic passion. This must be a time of heady optimism for the far right faithful, as Christian crusaders are on a roll in America and throughout the world.

I thought it time to respond. Please forgive me for using this as an opportunity to clarify my own thoughts on god, the Earth, humanity's place in the universe and moral values in politics. And to take exception with christian extremism.

Firstly, let me state I do not believe in your god. I feel the passion of your belief in Christ and know this is so very important to your philosophical foundation and well-being. But not all share this believe, nor should we be required too. Diversity in all things is a virtue.

Religious self-righteousness, self-proclaimed omnipotence and blind self-assuredness are but a wee distance from nationalism, totalitarianism, and despotism. Instinctively I am leery of those who are certain in matters of faith. I note you and your president are so very sure of yourselves and your moral footing.

Oh that I could feel such sanctimonious certainty but once in my lifetime. Oh how I long to be sure of anything. The closest I have come is to be sure that we need the Earth to live. We come from the Earth, are nourished by her fruits, her waters slack our thirst, and her atmosphere constantly replenishes our lungs.

No human endeavor - be it economic, political, cultural, social, or religious - is possible without Mother Earth being healthy and stable. I can think of no more self-evident truth. I am also as certain as a human can be that religion indeed is the opiate of the masses, as conflicts over gays and prayer obscures the demise of humanity's habitat.

I would not deny anyone comfort found in acts of blind faith, but it should not free its practitioners from critical thinking. In turbulent and changing times, I would suggest decisions are best based upon scientific knowledge, humanism and ecological intuition. Not based upon what some Middle Eastern people may or may not have said and done two millennia ago.

Both muslim and christian fanatics want us to live based upon centuries old rules and an understanding of reality that no longer applies. Humanity desperately needs a new vision free of the dogmas of the past, and based upon concrete logical analysis of human and ecological necessity.

Religion should be a deeply personal experience, not something forced upon others. Too many people have died fighting for something that can never be known. My faith comes from knowing that the sun shines each day, that the seasons pass on schedule and that all types of life abound (however, the actions of your faithful president threaten the latter two).

I recently saw The Passion of The Christ. I would have been nice to see a bit more on Jesus' teachings, and a little less of him getting beaten up. In seeing Jesus' non-violence, I am at a loss to explain how much war and suffering has been and continues to be carried out in his name. I do not think Jesus would have bombed anybody, nor given tax cuts to the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

I would never presume to demand that you worship my God. But under our nation's laws I will insist that you not force me to worship yours - nor to live under laws based upon your religion's tenets.

Regarding moral values: how about a little consistency - do we stop caring about unborn children after their birth? Thousands of children die a day from bad water and hunger, where is the outrage? Many, many innocent children have died in our unprovoked invasion of Iraq. Is it moral that a few children have so much while most have so little?

Do you grasp the violence and un-ethicalness of grinding poverty and hopelessness which is the norm for most of the world's children?

One of the primary reasons I take exception to christianity is that the focus on the afterlife has, for some, become a reason not to be concerned about the condition of the Earth and all her peoples now. The demise of the Earth and the presence of grotesque poverty becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, as the faithful wait to be whisked off to paradise after their death.

Climate change, forest loss, water scarcity are all moral issues. All are various expressions of global ecological un-sustainability that threaten us all. People are dying from ecosystem collapse every day, and our species and many more are threatened with extinction.

The collapse of human civilization (such as it is) into barbarism and anarchy is a near certainty if the dominant culture - based largely upon christian traditions - continues to view rapid diminishment of the Earth's riches as a desirable norm. But if I accept Jesus as my savior, then everything is all right?

Yes I am a liberal, a free thinker, a bit of a bohemian, and a worshipper of the Earth. This is what I believe: there have been, are, and will be many prophets, a spiritual force that is good exists, and humans are on their own to live their worldly lives without divine interventions or a mystical afterlife. I find inspiration in christian values, as well as those of buddhism, islam and multitudes of pagan faiths based upon intimate knowledge of the Earth.

To presume that all human knowledge regarding what is and ought to be is tied to one rather insignificant messianic cult from way before the middle ages is dangerous and cult like thinking that will not meet the challenges of the coming millennia.

Further, I believe women are the only legitimate authority over their body. In a world rife with hate, loving relationships between adults should be supported wherever found. It is obscene that some have so much while most struggle to meet basic needs. The world will not long survive such gross economic imbalances.

Equity, justice and sustainability are universal values that must be embraced now for the world and our children to have a chance.

There are some people very angry with America - including those that terrorize innocent people. Such anger results from our opulence and arrogance, and we had best understand this fury is more than just islamic fundamentalism.

Personally, I would certainly fight to protect my family and our Earth, and perhaps even my country, but not for your or anyone else's god. Unilateral war = state sponsored terrorism, and while I feel pity for the plight of American soldiers (and their victims) overseas, there is little heroism in their brutal occupation.

Given our utter dependence upon the Earth for our every physical need, clearly we would be wise to realize that the Earth is the best representation of the father figure found throughout religious faiths.

I believe the Earth is alive and is godlike. We come from and are one with the Earth. Gaia heals our wounds, provides for our needs, and we return to her upon death.

I am writing to ask that you keep your God off my country, body and Earth.

May Gaia bless you and yours.

Informant: ItalysBadBoy

Recount in Ohio

Jules Witcover

November 26, 2004

WASHINGTON - The presidential election is over and Sen. John Kerry has conceded defeat, but the wheels are nevertheless in motion in Ohio for a recount in the state that put President Bush over the top.

The recount is being pressed even though the Kerry campaign has no hope or expectation of reversing the result. As of election night, the president carried Ohio by more than enough to avoid a mandatory retabulating of the votes.

The tally gave Mr. Bush 51.1 percent to Mr. Kerry's 48.5 percent, far in excess of the one-quarter of 1 percent winning margin that under state law would require a recount. But the law also stipulates that
any bona fide candidate may trigger one by requesting it and putting up the necessary funds, at $10 a precinct, to pay for it in each of the state's 11,360 precincts in 88 counties.

Enter David Cobb, the also-ran nominee of the Green Party, and Michael Badnarik, the certified standard-bearer of the Libertarian Party. Together, their supporters have raised more than the $113,600 required. They have petitioned Ohio Secretary of State
Kenneth Blackwell, who also happened to be a co-chairman of the Bush campaign in the state, to order the recount.

Before it can take place, however, the actual statewide vote count, including all accepted provisional ballots, must be tallied. According to James Lee, of Mr. Blackwell's office, his boss under Ohio law has until Dec. 3 to certify the outcome, at which time he can then start the recount. Elected members of the Electoral College are to meet Dec. 13 in their various states, but the new Congress will not convene to receive and verify the results until Jan. 6.

The obvious question is, why bother when Mr. Kerry has conceded? Green and Libertarian supporters say the recount can uncover fraud and other irregularities. Bloggers on the Internet have been flooding it with anecdotal examples, but Dan Hoffheimer, Mr. Kerry campaign's lawyer in Ohio, says: "Our eyes are wide open, and to this date we've found no evidence of confirmed fraud."

Nevertheless, the Kerry campaign and the Ohio Democratic Party will be sending observers into precincts to monitor the recount, he says, to fulfill a promise made by Mr. Kerry to make sure that all votes cast will be counted, including all provisional ballots.

About 155,000 such ballots were cast, Mr. Hoffheimer says, and Mr. Kerry would have had to win nearly all of them to overcome Mr. Bush's lead of 135,000 votes in Ohio on election night. "It would have to be a virtual miracle," he says. But monitoring the recount may provide lessons about how the provisional ballot procedure worked and how it can be improved for the next election.

In Ohio, 67 of the 88 counties used punch-card ballots of the sort that caused major problems in Florida in 2000. But all of the precincts used machines that have a recount capability, Mr. Lee says, and the statewide recount should be possible within a day or two of Mr. Blackwell's instructions to start it, though critics dispute that.

Several private groups, one of them led by David Lytel of the Web site ReDefeatBush.com, are also suing on grounds that large numbers of Ohio voters were disenfranchised in violation of the 14th Amendment. He expressed dismay that the Kerry campaign seems willing to settle for "meaningless political hot air" rather than striving to reverse the election outcome.

He cites numerous allegations of voter irregularities, Republican suppression and suspicious voting machine results that a true recount could substantiate. Mr. Lytel, a former Clinton White House official, says of the recount that the Republicans in Ohio are going "from a how-dare-you strategy to a run-out-the-clock strategy" instead of addressing the allegations.

Another recount is under way in New Hampshire at the request of Reform Party nominee Ralph Nader. Mr. Lytel insists that tabulation errors in Ohio can cast doubts on results from Florida and other closely contested states, further building the case for other recounts that against all odds could give the election to Mr. Kerry.

But time and the willingness of Republican election officials to cooperate make such a reversal the longest of long shots.

Jules Witcover writes from The Sun's Washington bureau. His column appears Wednesdays and Fridays.

Copyright © 2004, The Baltimore Sun


Informant: Diana Davies

Jesse Jackson Demands a Recount, Blasts Ohio Election Officials


Informant: Diana Davies

Fingerabdruck, nein danke

EU: Fingerabdruck, nein danke!

Mit welch abgefeimten Methoden der Rat der Innen- und Justizminister seine Fingerabdrucks/interessen gegenüber dem EU-Parlament durchsetzt, ist weiter unten nachzulesen.

Der in der letzten q/depesche zitierte Offene Brief an die EU-Abgeordneten steht allen interessierten Organisationen zum Unterzeichnen offen.

Ab Mittwoch Abstimmung über umstrittene Vorlage der Innen- und Justizminister | Wie Fingerabdrücke plötzlich Pflicht wurden | Die Eil-Verfahrenstricks der Innenminister | "Parlament wurde Pistole auf die Brust gesetzt", sagen Kritiker

In Europa laufen die Vorbereitungen zur Einführung von Biometrie-Pässen auf Hochtouren. Ab Mittwoch steht im EU-Parlament eine Rahmenrichtlinie des Rats der Innen- und Justizminister zu Debatte und Abstimmung.

Wichtigster Inhalt: Verpflichtende Aufnahme eines Fingerabdrucks zum digitalen Bild im Pass. Auflagen, wie etwa ein im Innenausschuss des Parlaments geforderter Verzicht auf eine europäischen Fingerabdrucks-Datenbank enthält das Ratspapier nicht.

Der Rat der Innen- und Justizminister hatte den Entwurf, nachdem er durch den Innenausschuss des Parlaments [LIBE] gegangen war, noch einmal abgeändert.

Der hierauf angerufene parlamentarische Gremium - die Generalsekretäre der Fraktionen im EU-Parlament - wertete diese Veränderungen als zu wenig erheblich, um das Dokument an den zuständigen Innenausschuss zurückzuverweisen. Diese Entscheidungsfindung der Fraktionsführer wurde durch weitere Ansagen der Innenminister gehörig "unterstützt".

Dazu wurde mit einem "Eilverfahren" gedroht, das den ohnehin geringen Spielraum des Parlaments noch weiter beschränkt hätte. Die gewählten Volksvertreter haben bei der geplanten Einführung biometrischer Merkmale in Reisepässen kein Mitentscheidungsrecht.

Das heisst: Der Ministerrat forderte das Parlament unverblümt auf, den eigenen Ausschuss zu ignorieren und die durch den Rat veränderte Vorlage abzusegnen. Obendrein wurde seitens der Innenminister noch gedroht, widrigenfalls dem Parlament die Mitentscheidungsrechte in Asyl- und Migrationsfragen, die ihm längst zustehen, weiter zu verzögern.

Mehr davon

relayed by Harkank

The Battle of Fallujah

Reporter's Diary: The Battle of Fallujah

In the article below, Knight Ridder reporter Tom Lasseter documents the U.S. attack on fallujah over several days.


The Soul Dilemma

by Christopher Robin Cox

Since the political birth of this country there has been a raging debate between those who feel the collective good of society is best gained by a government focused on maintaining the social health of its people and those who feel it is best gained by one that fosters their complete and unrestricted economic freedom. We cannot have both. This debate has been silent since the 1980s, when one side apparently lost the initiative to speak. Now is the time to reengage that debate, out loud, for all to hear. It is our duty as the citizens of a critically wounded democracy to not only question the corrupt authority that now governs it, but to deeply consider the very institutional rules of the game that allowed it to come to power. There are countries all over the world that are rebelling wildly in response to the deplorable corporate practices that we in America seem to have taken as standard operating procedure...


The Reelection of George W. Bush


The Passion of the Right : Religious Fundamentalism



Chomsky on Election 2004


Ohio Supervisor of Elections deliberately stalling Vote Counting and Recount

From: <ktr2567@b...>
Date: Sat Nov 27, 2004 9:04 pm

From: "Bernard Windham" <berniew1@e...>

Date: 2004/11/27 Sat AM 11:16:58 EST

To: "People-v-Ohio-n-Florida"

Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D.

As of election night there were 155,428 provisional ballots still to be counted in Ohio. The eagerly awaited Ohio recount cannot possibly begin until after the votes are counted for the first time.

It is now Friday, November 26, 2004. Twenty-four days have passed since the presidential election. There are 88 counties in Ohio. To my knowledge, only 13 have examined their provisional ballots, counted them, and posted the results on their websites. The 13 counties are: Ashland, Brown, Butler, Clinton, Geauga, Greene, Hancock, Montgomery, Pickaway, Preble, Tuscarawas, Union, and Warren.

Altogether, there were 23,873 provisional ballots issued in these 13 counties, or 15.36% of the statewide total. At this rate, it would take five months to count them all. This strikes me as a deliberate stalling tactic to delay the Ohio recount until after the electoral college meets in December.

Here are the unofficial results in the 13 counties, with the sum totals compared with those reported on election night, so as to compute the net gains:


County Bush Kerry Others Ballots Not Cast Counted
Ashland 16,171 8,555 234 25,739 779
Brown 12,647 7,140 105 20,281 389
Butler 109,866 56,234 696 168,976 2,180
Clinton 12,938 5,417 58 18,674 261
Geauga 29,974 19,588 205 51,286 1,519
Greene 48,377 30,530 361 80,602 1,334
Hancock 25,101 10,343 140 35,926 342
Montgomery 138,361 142,977 1,205 287,635 5,092
Pickaway 14,160 8,578 123 23,132 271
Preble 13,733 7,274 119 21,559 433
Tuscarawas 23,825 18,854 260 43,760 821
Union 15,869 6,665 96 22,911 281
Warren 68,035 26,043 337 95,512 1,097

Bush Kerry Others

Total 529,057 60.04% 348,198 39.51% 3,939 0.45%
Earlier 516,376 60.18% 337,902 39.38% 3,753 0.44%
Net Gain 12,681 54.75% 10,296 44.45% 186 0.80%

John F. Kerry is actually gaining on George W. Bush as the counting of provisional ballots proceeds. In counties that Kerry lost by 20.8% on election night, he is losing by only 10.3% among the provisional ballots counted. In the 75 counties yet to be heard from, Kerry actually held a lead on election night:


Bush Kerry Others

88 counties 2,796,147 2,659,664 25,993
13 counted 516,376 337,902 3,753
75 uncounted 2,279,771 2,321,762 22,240

There are 208,696 uncounted ballots in these 75 counties, including 131,555 provisional ballots, and 77,141 regular ballots, mostly punch cards, which will have to be examined by hand during the recount. For a county by county breakdown of the uncounted votes, read ? JOHN KERRY CONCEDED TOO SOON? at


Half of these uncounted votes, 104,748 (50.19%) are in 9 counties, 8 of which were won by John Kerry.


There are also 14,799 ballots still uncounted in the other 13 counties, according to the table above. No wonder Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell is trying to slow down the counting of provisional ballots, and trying to delay the recount until after he certifies the winner. There needs to be a firestorm of protest to cause him to recuse himself, or a restraining order issued by the courts.

Informant: S.T.Ill Freeman

It's Alive - It's Alive

November 29, 2004 | 9:25 a.m. ET

It's Alive - It's Alive (Keith Olbermann)

NEW YORK - You don’t have to have seen the entirety of the original movie “Frankenstein” to remember the over-the-top scene in which Colin Clive as the doctor recognizes the first twitching of his creation, and begins to rapturously repeat that line: It’s Alive!

It is ungenerous, but not together inaccurate, to point out that Frankenstein’s Monster’s head was shaped not unlike that of John Kerry’s. So, after the weekend’s developments in Ohio one can almost see Colin Clive hovering over the recumbent Democrat nominee and repeating his two-word claim to fame.

“John Kerry supports a full investigation” of the voting irregularities in Ohio, the Rev. Jesse Jackson told reporters Saturday before he began two days of rallies in the state to push for an investigation - and a recount. “I talked with John Kerry last night (Friday), and he supports the investigation,” The Chicago Sun-Times further quoted Jackson. “His lawyers are observing it closely.”

Well, evidently Rev. Jackson can observe the body twitching even if the rest of us are still where we were when Senator Kerry made his direct-to-video, M.C. Escher drawing of a statement: “regardless of the outcome of this election.” We’re scratching our heads with one hand, and wanting to use the other to poke the tall, supine creature with a stick to see if it really is alive.

Several reporters on Saturday’s conference call asked about the event that ensured the mainstream media silence that has been roundly mistaken as a “lock-down”: Senator Kerry’s concession speech on November 3rd.

“Kerry was inclined to believe what he was told,” begins Jackson’s quote in The Cincinnati Enquirer, “and he was told the election was over. But now we’re unearthing information that did not surface at first. I suppose the more information Kerry gets, the more you will hear from him.”

Send us a postcard, Senator.

In his news conference and at his rally Sunday in Columbus, Jackson hit the now-familiar main points of the Ohio inquiry. He called the disconnect between exiting polling and actual voting “suspicious,” invoked the infamous Multiplying Voting Machine of Gahanna, cited the Warren County lockdown, and criticized Kenneth Blackwell’s dual role as Ohio’s Secretary of State (and thus its chief electoral official) and as Co-Chairman of the Bush-Cheney reelection campaign there. Love him or hate him, Rev. Jackson still has the knack for perfect imagery. “We need to investigate, coordinate, litigate, recount and recuse. Mr. Blackwell cannot be both the owner of the team and the umpire.”

Jackson may or may not have also introduced a new rotting fish into the pile of evidence that suggests Ohio did a very lousy job of running an election four weeks ago. “We don’t want to be presumptuous, but these numbers in Butler, Clermont, Warren and Hamilton counties are suspicious.” Jackson refers in part to what several voters’ groups see as the incongruity of an underfunded Democratic candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court, C. Ellen Connally, getting a net 45,000 more votes in Butler County relative to her Republican opponent than Kerry did relative to his. She finished ahead of her party’s presidential nominee by 10,000 net votes or more in five Ohio counties; by 5,000 or more in ten others.

It is not unprecedented for a statewide candidate - especially a popular, well-publicized one - to finish “ahead of the ticket.” But Connally was a retired African-American judge from Cleveland, and Butler County is as about as far away from Cleveland (on the Indiana border, and 40 miles north of Kentucky) as you can get and still be in Ohio. Moreover, The Cleveland Plain Dealer noted that the Republican candidates in the three Supreme Court races raised 40% more in official campaign funds than did Connally and the other Democrats. The Toledo Blade showed that the fund-raising, and thus visibility, was far more lopsided than even the party documents would suggest: “Citizens for a Strong Ohio, a nonprofit arm of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, raised $3 million to fund TV and radio ads that gave the winners exposure Democrats couldn't match,” the newspaper reported on November 4th.

The fun continues throughout the Buckeye State. The Cincinnati Post Saturday quoted Chairman Tim Burke of the Hamilton County Board of Elections as saying that approximately 400 of the 3,000 provisional ballots invalidated in his jurisdiction were thrown out for an extraordinary reason. In some cases, one polling place served more than one voting precinct - and though they were in the correct building, voters were disqualified because they got in the wrong line. “400 voters were in the right place,” Burke says, “but not at the right table.” The newspaper says Burke plans to object to those disqualifications when Hamilton County meets Tuesday to certify its vote.

Other discarded provisional ballots will be sued over. Cuyahoga County tossed a third of all its provisionals, and a group called ‘The People for the American Way Foundation’ filed Friday for a writ of mandamus against Secretary of State Blackwell in the 8th Ohio District Court of Appeals, asking the court to order Blackwell to notify each of the 8,099 disqualified voters and afford them the opportunity to contest their disenfranchisement.

And lastly, though he legally has until December 6 to certify the Ohio vote, Cincinnati television station WCPO reported Sunday that Blackwell is in fact expected to do so on Wednesday of this week.

Thoughts? Email me at KOlbermann@msnbc.com


Informant: NHNE

VOW Opposes George Bush Visit from Coast to Coast

November 29, 2004

Canadian Voice of Women for Peace [VOW]

VOW Opposes George Bush Visit from Coast to Coast. VOW co-founder and Canadian Peace icon, 96 yr old, Muriel Duckworth, to lead march in Halifax.

The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace [VOW] is mobilizing, along with the entire Canadian peace movement, to oppose the visit of George W Bush to Ottawa on November 30th and Halifax on December 1st.

VOW Co-Chair Janis Alton says: "We are most concerned about his crimes against humanity and war crimes especially the Nuremberg Tribunal's 'supreme international crime' of waging an aggressive war against Iraq in defiance of international law and the Charter of the United Nations, systematic and massive violations of the Geneva Conventions Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War and Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War. We fear his visit may be misconstrued as Canada's support for his illegal actions in Iraq and around the world ."

The Voices across the country will be marching, mourning with black arm bands, and performing in mock trials to show George W Bush he is not welcome. Members of the Nova Scotia Voice of Women will be convening in the Parade Square in front of city hall to take part in a rally to oppose Mr. Bush's presence in Halifax when he speaks at Pier 21 on the waterfront on December 1st. National VOW Co-Chair, Dr Janet M Eaton, also a media team member for the Halifax Peace Coalition says: "This will be a peaceful rally with all ages represented including one ofCanada's oldest and most revered and respected peace activists, VOW member, 96 year old, Muriel Duckworth, who will be at the head of the march in her wheelchair along side Halifax Peace Coalition organizer, Tamara Lorincz who will be accompanied by her 4 month old infant son."

The Voice of Women calls upon Mr Martin to resist any pressure from Mr Bush to sign on to the misguided and ill-fated US Ballistic Missile Defence and instead insists that he ensure and enact an independent foreign and defence policy for Canada, consistent with Canadian values, long held principles of peace, order and good government, and respect for the rule of international law.

Janet M Eaton, PHD
Co-Chair, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace,
902) 670- 9195

CAMPAIGN: http://www.peaceinspace.org
SIGN OUR U.N. PETITION: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/832338563

Informant: ICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space


(Note: You would not know that the Columbus Dispatch is a very conservative paper from this article. I think the reporters did an excellent job of reporting, not slanting, the story. There's no URL because Jon Craig did not include it when he sent it to me.)

Saturday, November 27, 2004 |


by Jon Craig and Robert Vitale


The Rev. Jesse Jackson will call for an investigation of election irregularities in Ohio during a rally Sunday in Columbus, officials said yesterday.

Meanwhile, a national civil-rights organization filed a lawsuit in Cleveland seeking to count nearly 8,100 provisional ballots that were rejected Monday by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

The 3:30 p.m. rally featuring Jackson is planned at Mount Hermon Baptist Church, 2283 Sunbury Rd.

Jackson, a former Democratic presidential candidate and founder of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, called for Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell to recuse himself from the vote counting.

Jackson thinks blacks were disenfranchished by a shortage of voting machines in Franklin and other counties and doesn't trust Blackwell, who was associate Ohio chairman of President Bush's campaign, to remain neutral.

Carlo LoParo, a spokesman for Blackwell, said Ohio's election results cannot be certified by Dec. 6 if Blackwell recuses himself.

A lawsuit contesting the election is expected to be filed next week in the Ohio Supreme Court by Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections (CASE) and the Alliance for Democracy.

Jackson aims to draw attention to a formal recount requested in Ohio by third-party presidential candidates and the more than 155,000 provisional ballots still being counted. Bush leads Sen. John Kerry by an unofficial 136,000 votes in Ohio.

Jackson asked why more voting machines were not provided in inner-city precincts and whether fraud could have occurred in counties that used electronic machines: Franklin, Knox, Mahoning, Pickaway, Ross and Lake.

Earlier this week, the Government Accountability Office announced a probe of voting problems in Ohio and elsewhere.

Yesterday's lawsuit by the People for the American Way Foundation demands that the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections hand check 8,099 rejected provisional ballots against original voter-registration cards.

"It's hard to believe that thousands upon thousands of people in Cuyahoga County were trying to vote without being registered,'' said Elliot M. Mincberg, legal director for the national civil-rights foundation.

The lawsuit also seeks to count provisional ballots that were cast in the wrong precinct in cases where voters were not directed to the correct precinct by poll workers.

A federal appeals court ruled in late October that a provisional ballot cast outside a voter's home precinct isn't valid. But at several public hearings this month, voters and challengers testified that election supervisors told them their vote would count even if cast in an adjoining precinct.

In Franklin County, controversy continues over a shortage of voting machines and a distribution plan critics say led to longer waits causing potential voters to leave in predominantly black, Democratic precincts of Columbus.

Activists and lawyers who plan to challenge Ohio's election results contend a subjective formula shifted machines from city to suburban precincts.

"I'm convinced that was intentional,'' said Clifford O. Arnebeck, a Columbus lawyer representing the Alliance for Democracy. "That was not an accident.''

Franklin County Board of Elections Director Matthew Damschroder, a Republican, said distribution was determined by "a little bit of art versus math,'' based on registered voters, active voters and past turnout in each of the county's 788 precincts.

Board of Elections Chairman William A. Anthony Jr. said he's offended by accusations from "a band of conspiracy theorists.''

Anthony, chairman of the Franklin County Democratic Party, said long lines weren't caused by the allocation of machines -- a process controlled by a Democratic supervisor, he added -- but by higher turnout, the overall lack of voting machines and a ballot that included more than 100 choices for some voters.

He said board members discussed renting punch-card machines to supplement the county's 2,886 electronic voting booths, but they decided against the idea upon advice from Blackwell. LoParo said Blackwell would not have given such advice. "I doubt that was the case,'' he said yesterday.

A second type of machine would have been confusing, Anthony said, and the controversial punch cards likely would have brought objections from those asked to use them.

Anthony said he is personally offended by the allegations.

"I am a black man. Why would I sit there and disenfranchise voters in my own community?'' he said. "I feel like they're accusing me of suppressing the black vote. I've fought my whole life for people's right to vote."

Information from the Associated Press was included in this story.


Informant: Diana Davies

Usfie (Osfia) Cancer Cluster

The mayor gets rid of all the antennas - First place in the world: No antennas and no phones anymore http://omega.twoday.net/stories/657843/

Enclosed are some facts from Israel, the town of Usfie, sitting on the long top of Mount Carmel:

A cancer cluster was observed only in a narrow strip on which ~40 cellphone antennae plus ~15 illegal ('pirate') radio stations were posted: Cluster involved 189 sick, mostly cancers (but some stroke or neural diseae), of which 85 deceased (up to November 29, 2004). Injuries were associated with increased depression and suicidal incidence. The high students' academic achievements, dropped to last in the country, wild birds left town, and frequent birth malformations were obserbved in domestic animals.

We have full records and documents for 87 cases (sick and dead), but partial if any medical documents (besides diagnoses) for the rest (about half of them rest in peace already). The sick / dead lived close to (one or several) antenna, up to 300 meters in few cases. Medical records and information, were collected by a dedicated women committee, chaired by Mrs Myra Abuzluf, by a door to door search.

When sick and dead, and antennae were superimposed by Col. (ret) Suleiman Aburokan (Vice city mayor), on topographic city map, a grim cancer cluster appeared: http://www.buergerwelle.de/pdf/grim_cancer_cluster_usfien150099.jpg
Explaining the legend from Dr. Zamir Shalita (colored points): The blue labels are for high 1st generation masts, the yellow are for 40 cellphone + illegal radio stations transmitting to Arab countries, the green are for the sick, mostly cancer, and red are for the dead.

One picture is more effective than thousand words !

Some history: On March 14, 2000, the ' antennae of '1st antennal generation' in town, were burned down by rage citizens, after no one in authorities admitted citizens' antennal inflicted injuries. Only five of those responsible for antennal damage, were prosecuted and fined (NIS 2,000 each =US$ ~456.-) for "order disturbance, and damage to property" or similar charges.

No one was sued by the owners of the equipment turned to ashes (millions of US$ worth)...

Later on, comouflaged antennae made remarkable comback, and injuries just increased until present time.

Please see for yourselves,

Zamir Shalita

Message from Mast Network


A Cancer cluster in Usfie, Israel
(preliminary notice)

AbuRuken, S1., AbuZalaf M.2.,AbuRuken N.2 AbuSada F.2 Millak E.2 Nsar Z.2, Richter ED, MD3, and Shalita ZP, Ph.D4
1. Vice Mayor, Usfie-Daliat el Carmel, 2. Usfie women committee, 3 Unit of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and Center for Injury Prevention, Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Public Health and Community Medicine, POB 12272, Jerusalem, -972-2-675-8147., 4. Correspondending author, Consultant on electromagnetic hazards. shalita@shani.net

Usfie was established by Druz settlers in the early 1600ies, on Mount Carmel ridge (546 m over sea level). This site enabled long range observation, both to north and south, for early warning. At present Usfie is well developed, mostly Druz town, with some minorities of Arabs (Christian and Moslem), and Jews. Usfie location seemed excellent also for long range radio / cellular communications.

In recent 40 years high mast communication antennae were posted mostly along two east to west streets on the ridge. They involved forest fire alert, government, police, military, taxicabs, and emergency medical communication, followed by additional deployed cellphone and illegal radio stations. All antennae together yielded 15 high masts of 20 – 80 m, as well as 46 lower masts for cellphone and illegal radio antennae.

In the 1990ies, Usfie residents living in vicinity of those antennae, were increasingly complaining of dizziness, headaches sleep disturbance, discomfort, depression. Later on, residents were diagnosed with various sorts of cancers, as well as with strokes, abortions, and neural diseases. Residents reported also of disappearance of wild birds, and increased incidence of birth malformation in domestic animals.

Residents' complaints, were consistently ignored or rejected by ministries of environment and of health, on grounds of alleged 'genetic factors', and 'very low radiation', although power densities monitored were unsafe to risky in some areas, of up to 27 μW/cm2. while cancer and other severe ailments diagnosed, continued to climb.

On March 14, 2000, several rage citizens burned down most antennae in town. Some antennae were disassembled later by support of the ministry of envirnment, three illegal radio antennae were disassembled by court order, while one (“Cellcom”) mast remained. Five of the activists that destroyed the antennae, were prosecuted for "order disturbance, and damage to property", and were fined for ~$560.- each. However, no charges were pressed by owners of transmitters and other millions of dollars worth equipment, that was turned to rubble that day.
Later on, antennae made nocturnal comback, confidentially disguised as solar systems, water tanks, or commercial signs, etc. Incidence of injuries soared to 191 individuals (diagnosed up to November 30. 2004) mostly with cancers, but also strokes, and neural ailments, and others, that claimed 85 fatalities.

Medical records and pertinent information of the presently ill, and the deceased, were collected by a door to door search of devoted women's committee (cancer patients themselves), headed by Mrs Myra AbuZalaf (that recovered from a stroke). This search yielded detailed documentation and data for 87 mostly cancer patients (of which 20 deceased). Data included name, ID #, gender, age, occupation, distance of residence from antennae, and date diagnosed and / or deceased, No further detailed medical documentation could be achieved (except diagnosis) for the rest 104 injured (including 39 deceased).

Severe ailments in Usfie during last decade involved 26 (of which 17 deceased) with colon & rectal cancers, 21 (15) with brain cancers, 21 (19) with hepatic cancers, 14 (1) with strokes, 13 (3) with breast cancers, 10 (2) with gastric cancers, 10 (0) with ocular cancers, 8 (3) with lymphmas, 5 (3) with bone cancers, 5 with severe neurological damage, 4 (2) with lung cancers, 4 (2) with leukemias, 4 (1) with skin cancers, 4 (0) with nasopharyngeal cancers, 2 (0) with joints cancers, 1(1) pancreatic cancer, 1(1) prostate cancer, 1(1) uterus cancer 1(0) cancer in a finger and 36 (15) cancer with no further information. All together morbidities increased to 191 of which 85 deceased.

The houses of the sick and the deceased, as well as antennal locations, were superimposed on a 1:5000 topographic city map (attached): A grim picture indicated of a cancer cluster combined of small clusters, mainly in a narrow strip, in central (old) town residential zone, on which 46 cellphone antennae, plus 15 illegal ('pirate') radio stations were posted.

In addition to severe ailments, increased depression and suicidal incidence have been recorded, and Usfie high students' academic achievements, dropped to lowest grade in the country. The sick / deceased lived close to (one or several) antennae, up to 300 m in all zones. The rest zones where no antennae have been posted, included >6,000 of Usfie residents.

Prior to any statistical analysis, just simple percentage calculations, showed the following zones of morbidity / mortality on the map, depending of periods of exposure:

1. Eastern zone, in which the high mast (one blue dot on the map), and lower masts (yellow dots), posted up to the late 1990ies. The population of ~500, suffered 7 sick (6, green dots, +1 diagnosed later) and 2 deceased (1, red on the map + 1 deceased later).
Calculation: 9 injured per ~500, was 1.8%. In general population average cancer incidence in Israel was ~290 per 100,000, that was 0.29%. i.e. injured were x6.2 compared to general Israeli population.

2. Central zone, namely the old town of Usfie, in which the antennae have been assembled since the late 1960ies, and up to mid 1990ies, among population of ~3,000. It yielded 58 sick and 64 deceased.
Calculation: 122 injured per 3,000, was 4.07%. In general population average cancer incidence in Israel was ~290 per 100,000, that was 0.29%. i.e.injured were x14.02 compared to general Israeli population.

3. Christian zone (between the center and the veterans zone) in which population was ~1,000, whose antennae assembled as in central zone. They suffered 14 sick and 9 deceased.
Calculation: 23 injured per ~1,000, was 2.3%. In general population average cancer incidence in Israel was ~290 per 100,000, that was 0.29%. i.e. injured were x7.93 compared to general Israeli population.

4. Western (veterans) zone, The population of ~1,000, whose antennae assembled as in central zone. They suffered 22 sick, and 7 deceased, but several new diagnosed cancer cases have been informed later.
Calculation: 29 injured per ~1,000, was 2.9%. In general population average cancer incidence in Israel was ~290 per 100,000, that was 0.29%. i.e. injured were x10.0 compared to general Israeli population.

5. 'Scattered' zone (between Usfie and Daliat el Carmel). Population of ~1,500 included residents that lived near antennae in the past, or have lived in vision of antenna. They suffered 5 sick and 3 deceased.
Calculation: 8 injured per ~1,500, wais 0.53%. In general population average cancer incidence in Israel was ~290 per 100,000, that was 0.29%. i.e. injured were x1.83 compared to general Israeli population.

6. Beduin zone (far west) , with population of ~1500. The antennae were assembled at mid 1990ies, but were disassembled after ~2 years. Thus in relevant period, no sick and no deceased have been recorded in this area.

It was estimated that residents not exposed to remarkable antennal emissions, including the latter group was of >6,000 residents.
In short: the enclosed map shows that one picture is more effective than thousand words!
Calculation for total injuries incidence in exposed zones 1 - 5 : Total injured were 191, per exposed population of ~7000 was 2.73%, In general population average cancer incidence in Israel was ~290 per 100,000, that was 0.29%. Thus, incidence of all injured in all affected zones, were x9.41 compared to general population.

The data of zones #2 (central), #3 (Christian) and #4 (western - veterans') was also laid of aerial photograph (attached) showing these zones from right to left. A close up of zones #2 and #3 (attached) showed houses of injured and terrain in more details.

Almost all cancer and other severe morbidities were diagnosed in Usfie, in residents living on the south side of the ridge, near the antennae posted along two streets. The ever blowing winds from the Mediteranean Sea, to Usfie, heading to Haifa, strongly negated the posibility that heavy chemical pollution in Haifa might have caused morbidity also in Usfie.

Past attempts at the ministry of health to associate cancer in Usfie with genetic factors, seemed irresponsible when mentioned (2001). As map exhibited clearly that cancer cluster was just in vicinity to antennae along two east to west streets on the ridge. in central zone in town, the ‘genetic theory’ was rejected, for being totally false.

Practically speaking, cellphone antennae in Usfie have to transmit strongly in order to offer good service to callers in narrow streets between the high buildings, and due to the hilly area of Usfie. Illegal radio stations in Usfie, received calls from listeners living in Irbid (Jordan), and in Tyr (Lebanon). Thus in order to reach such remote listeners, stations have had to transmit strongly.

Although past power density measurements revealed up to 27 μW/cm2, (for example, near Hamade bakery, as measured by a tester of the ministry of environment on 23-10-2003) no measures have been taken by authorities to protect the citizens of Usfie. Other unsafe levels were recorded (further analyses are in progress). Unfortunately, present power density readings showed very low radiation. It exhibited that upon measurement, the transmission operators, observed the testers by their long and yellow power density meters, that were easily recognized from a distance. So stations output were markedly lowered... However, spectrum analyzer detected all cellular and radio frequencies that were on the air.

Those frequencies were perfectly allocated and coordinated between the transmitting companies, as well as the early warning between each other, on first sight of testers…

Confidential measurement with a small power density meter, revealed ~10 μW/cm2, at a kindergarten. It should be compared to 5 μW/cm2, revealed in the past in the irradiated American Embassy in Moscow during the ‘cold war’, for ~20 years: The radar beam (pulsed like cellular emissions) caused chromosomal aberrations, leukemia and more, to about half of American embassy team and family members, whose symptoms showed significant dose-response relationships.

On the attached map: Blue dots are for early high masts, yellow - cellphone and illegal radio antennae,
green - cancer patients, and red for those died from cancer.


Usfie Map key

Blue- 15 communication masts, over 15 meters
Yellow- 46 cellular and radio masts up to 15 meters
Green- 106 cancer patients
Red- 85 people deceased (reason: cancer).

* Our health authorities say they have no data to calculate from, so they don't know it and can't confirm it, even after they saw the map. The cancer registration manager says he had difficulties collecting data, so he left what he started. But the mayor answered that Usfie is not a refugee camp, and there is cancer registration for the city. This data is taken by door to door, collecting the medical files of the patients. Our health authorities say that the reason for the cancer in Usfie is a genetic problem they have, but the medical files don't support this claim. It is quite an interesting "genetic" problem, which attacks only the citizens who live near masts, and not the others, according to the map.

Iris Atzmon

Key words: cellular radiation, radio transmission, cellular transmitter antennas, cellphone antennae, malignant tumors, cancer, cancer cluster, electromagnetic hazard, , Usfie.


1. In Israel, in period of the number of major diagnosed cancers in Usfie (i.e. up to year 2000), had to be compared to the cancer incidence in general population at that period (based on ministry of health tatistics of ~2900 diagnosed per 100,000 per anuum.

2. The exact time per zone is not available at the moment, for several reasons:

a. The antennae (first strong communication, then cellphone + illegal radio) were posted in different times, but mainly in the central zone (2nd from right on the map, and 1st from the right on the aerial photo http://www.buergerwelle.de/pdf/usfiemap_0200.jpg ). The longer period of exposure, yielded the large number of cancers diagnosed in the central zone compared to the others. The far west zone (far left on the map, and partly not in picture) on which antennae have not been for two years, has not yielded any cancer diagnosed.

b. We would not be able to get the exact dates when antennae were posted, neither from official sources (that would not like to cooperate), nor from cellphone companies mostly from illegal radio operators...

c. We are not able to say at the moment how long was latency period of cancer until diagnosed, for you can see on the aerial photo, that the cluster is composed of small clusters in the vicinity of the antennae, in different slopes and direct lines of sight of the antennae, if any. We like to get into details of exposure in the houses, thus a lot of work has to be done in the 'field', and then in analyzing each small cluster.

We have reports of radiation measured by a tester of the ministry of environment, but it is far from covering all.

At present, when we tried to measure radiation, the antennae operators watched us and lowered output remarkably, and pass the alarm to all... They did not turned the antennae off, for they had to give service, and I could get the antennae still by my spectrum analyzer. I have all frequencies peaks, and even revealed what was licensed, and what was illegal...

We have started study the relevant aspects of this cluster, including statistical analysis, led by Dr Richter.

Zamir Shalita


Links Dr. Zamir Shalita:

A hot report from the field

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Die Antennen des Hillel-Senders müssen innerhalb von 10 Tagen abgebaut werden. Bekannte Experten wie Dr. Zamir Shalita und Dr. Eliahu Richter hatten auf die Wirkungen hochfrequenter elektromagnetischer Felder auf die Blut-Hirn-Schranke und Genschäden verwiesen.


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Israeli Municipalities Appeal to the High Court

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Cluster in Spain 2000-2004

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Carnavon Street: Cancer Street - Straße des Krebses

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Bush Hands Million-Dollar Public Land to Mining Company for $875

Last month the Bush administration handed a multinational mining company 155 acres of federally owned, prime mountaintop real estate near a Colorado ski resort. The price? Just $5 an acre...


Congress Pushes Penalties For Those Who Support The International Criminal Court

”The fact is, most Republicans want to see the International Criminal Court killed and see this as another nail in its coffin,” one aide said in an interview last week.

From Information Clearing House

How to Market a Siege : The US Media and Fallujah

American journalists have demonstrated that they are not journalists at all, but an essential component of the military apparatus. They have merged seamlessly with their army units, presenting a story-line that is consistent with the objectives of the American occupation.


From Information Clearing House

Shooting the Wounded : What Are the Rules Now?

In the past, the United States has tried to apply the principle of "civilized warfare." After the World War II, we tried German and Japanese officers for mistreating prisoners of war and civilians. We were one of the first nations to sign the 1949 Geneva Conventions on the conduct of war.

Iraq war veterans face long-lasting mental health issues, official says

U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J. Principi said Tuesday that the violent guerrilla tactics used by insurgents in Iraq will take a considerable toll on the mental health of troops, resulting in a lifetime of disability payments for many of those who return from war.


From Information Clearing House

Noisy Protests May Greet Bush in Halifax


Bhopal Disaster and Aftermath a Huge Violation of Human Rights

Bhopal Disaster and Aftermath a Huge Violation of Human Rights: Amnesty


Bhopal: A living legacy of corporate greed:

Meet the forgotten survivors...


December 3, 2004

"Historic aid package for Bhopal victims" a lie

Contact: Marina Ashanin, Corp. Media Relations, +41-1-728-2347
Related information: http://dowethics.com/bhopal/

Today on BBC World Television, a fake Dow spokesperson announced fake plans to take full responsibility for the very real Bhopal tragedy of December 3, 1984. (1) Dow Chemical emphatically denies this announcement. Although seemingly humanistic in nature, the fake plans were invented by irresponsible hucksters with no regard for the truth.

As Dow has repeatedly noted, Dow cannot and will not take responsibility for the accident. ("What we cannot and will not do... is accept responsibility for the Bhopal accident." - CEO Michael Parker, 2002.) The Dow position has not changed, despite public pressure.

Dow also notes the great injustice that these pranksters have caused by giving Bhopalis false hope for a better future assisted by Dow. The survivors of Bhopal have already suffered 20 years of false hope, neglect, and abdication of responsibility by all parties. Is that not enough?

To be perfectly clear:

* The Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) will NOT be liquidated. (The fake "Dow plan" called for the dissolution and sale of Dow's fully owned subsidiary, estimated at US$12 billion, to fund compensation
and remediation in Bhopal.)

* Dow will NOT commit ANY funds to compensate and treat 120,000 Bhopal residents who require lifelong care. The Bhopal victims have ALREADY been compensated; many received about US$500 several years ago, which in India can cover a full year of medical care. (2)

* Dow will NOT remediate (clean up) the Bhopal plant site. We do understand that UCC abandoned thousands of tons of toxic chemicals on the site, and that these still contaminate the groundwater which area residents drink. Dow estimates that the Indian government's recent proposal to commission a study to consider the possibility of proper remediation at some point in the future is fully sufficient.

* Dow does NOT urge the US to extradite former Union Carbide CEO Warren Anderson to India, where he has been wanted for 20 years on multiple homicide charges. (3)

* Dow will NOT release proprietary information on the leaked gases, nor the results of studies commissioned by UCC and never released.

* Dow will NOT fund research on the safety of Dow endocrine disruptors (ECDs) considered to have long-term negative effects.

* Dow DOES agree that "One can't assign a dollar value to doing what's morally right," as hoaxter Finisterra said. That is why Dow acknowledged and resolved many of Union Carbide's liabilities in the US immediately after acquiring the company in 2001. (4)

Again, most importantly of all:

* Dow shareholders will see NO losses, because Dow's policy towards Bhopal HAS NOT CHANGED. Much as we at Dow may care, as human beings, about the victims of the Bhopal catastrophe, we must reiterate that Dow's sole and unique responsibility is to its shareholders, and Dow CANNOT do anything that goes against its bottom line unless forced to by law.

For more information please contact Marina Ashanin, Corporate Media Relations, +41-1-728-2347, or reply to this email.


(1) On December 3, 1984, Union Carbide - now part of Dow - accidentally killed thousands of residents of Bhopal, India, when its pesticide plant leaked a vast cloud of lethal gas over the city. Since that date, at least 12,000 more people have died from complications, and 120,000 remain chronically ill. The Dow Chemical Corporation hereby expresses its condolences to the victims.

(2) Union Carbide was originally forced to pay US$470 million in compensation to survivors, which amounts to about US$500 per victim. (Note: Dow hereby wishes to retract the 2002 statement of Dow PR Head Kathy Hunt as to US$500 being "plenty good for an Indian." The poor phrasing of this statement has often come back to haunt us.)

(3) Arrested in India following the accident, Andersen posted US$2000 bail and successfully escaped India.

(4) Dow settled Union Carbide's asbestos liabilities in the US, and paid US$10 million to one family poisoned by a Dow pesticide. This is a mark of Dow's corporate responsibility.

Help us place this ad


Native Americans at risk from toxic military leftovers


Informant: ItalysBadBoy

Jesse Jackson Joins Critics of Ohio Vote


Year 4 - Number 24 - 11/20/2004


It will be very difficult for Bush


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Over 100 Whales, Dolphins Die in Australia Beachings


169 Whales, Dolphins Die in South Pacific

Folter - Torture


Terror Suspects' Torture Claims have Mass.Link


Informant: Shanti Renfrew

Chemtrails and Terror in Age of Nuclear War

North America is now suffering its seventh year of conspicuous and dangerous aerosol and electromagnetic operations conducted by the U.S. government under the guise of national security. Concerned citizens watch in fear as military tankers discolor the skies with toxic chemicals that morph into synthetic clouds.

Secret Agent says: This is a well researched and well written article. I would like to hear the trolls and government cointel agents dispute this one...

North America is now suffering its seventh year of conspicuous and dangerous aerosol and electromagnetic operations conducted by the U.S. government under the guise of national security. Concerned citizens watch in fear as military tankers discolor the skies with toxic chemicals that morph into synthetic clouds.

We continually witness bizarre meteorological occurrences as powerful electromagnetic devices manipulate both the jet stream and individual storm fronts to create artificial weather and climatic conditions. Black operations projects embedded within these aerosol missions are documented to sicken and disorient select populations with biological test agents and psychotronic mind/mood control technologies.

Part of what is happening in the atmosphere above us involves the Pentagon's secret space weapons program, designed for strategic, operational and tactical levels of war. NASA missions will soon be transferred to Pentagon control.1 The Air Force Space Command declares that, in order to monitor and shape world events, it must fight intense, decisive wars with great precision from space.2 Air Force Secretary James G. Roche has stated: "Space capabilities are integrated with, and affect every link in the kill chain."3

A glimpse into new death technologies under construction4 is in legislation introduced by Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinch. His unsuccessful Space Preservation Act of 2001 was intended to ban space deployment of:

* electronic, psychotronic and information weaponry

* high altitude ultra low frequency weapons

* plasma, electromagnetic, sonic and ultrasonic weapons

* laser weapons

* strategic, theater, tactical or extraterrestrial weapons

* chemical biological, environmental climate or tectonic weapons

* chemtrails (this item was stricken from a later version, suggesting duress)

In their quest to remain top dog in the kill chain, the purveyors of perpetual war have deliberately dimmed earth,s life-giving sunlight5 and reduced atmospheric visibility6 with lung-clogging particulates and polymers. This ecological terrorism has severely compromised public health, according to thousands of testimonials. Years of mass appeals to legislators, media and military officials for information, and for cessation of catastrophic atmospheric degradation, have fallen on deaf bureaucratic ears. Public awareness of what befalls us remains as murky as our skies because those "in the know" are muzzled by national secrecy laws and Americans have no authority to challenge matters of national security. Left to gather clues, we know this much so far:


Informant: di

"Defending our God given, unalienable, constitutionally protected and guaranteed Rights"

STANLEY NOTE: This forum is for the "Revolutionary Coalition: It worked in 1776", to attempt to discuss the potential of bringing the third parties to the table to unite under one name and one platform: We The People Party Coalition with the platform of "Defending our God given, unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights".

The Controllers of this country are usurping our rights, have overthrown this country from within, and are creating the tyranny of the Police State of America which will lead to the New World Order, foretold in the bible known through the ages as the One World Government. America is a sovereign nation built upon the blood of our ancestors as a republic, under the rule of Constitutional law. Returning to that Constitutional rule of law is the aim of this Coalition Party, before a revolution is necessary. The ballot box is preferable to the cartridge box, as the framers of the Constitution well knew, may come to fruition, if the government will not come back within the boundries of the Constitution once more.


Live FREE or Die!

Rick Stanley

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Reflections on 9/11 Investigations and post-political Aftermath


U.S. Builds Permanent Army Base Near Iran - Afghanistan Border

Is Iran Next: U.S. Builds Permanent Army Base Near Iran - Afghanistan Border

According to news reports, the U.S. is building a series of permanent bases in Iraq, many near the Iranian border. The article below claims the U.S. is also building a permanent base on the Iran - Afghanistan border. Iran may see these unilateral U.S. military actions as hostile: "Creation of a base in a place completely dominating Iranian airspace could provoke an argument from Iran," said General Nader Azemi, a leader in the U.S.-controlled Afghanistan National Army stationed in Herat.


Government Wants All Student Data: Is this for a Military Draft?

According to the New York Times, "A proposal by the federal government to create a vast new database of enrollment records on all college and university students is raising concerns that the move will erode the privacy rights of students." Is this a legitimate use of data? Or, is this a questionable collection of data to use to assist with a military draft? Or, is this a dubious method to block opposition to the Iraq War on college campuses?


Relatives fear for forgotten War Wounded

According to the article below, "Nearly 3,000 British soldiers have been evacuated from Iraq to Britain for medical reasons since the beginning of hostilities there last year, The Observer can reveal." This is in addition to the more than 25,000 U.S. casualties. There are also many U.S. civilian casualties, and casualties from the other small detachments sent by other nations to occupy Iraq.


Correcting for the distorted Vision of the corporate Media

http://tinyurl.com/47psm Part 1
http://tinyurl.com/6dwzh Part 2

Hartz IV in zehn Punkten verfassungswidrig

Datum: 30.11.2004
© www.sozialisten.de


Gutachten: Hartz IV in zehn Punkten verfassungswidrig

Eine von den PDS-Fraktionen in den Landtagen von Brandenburg, Sachsen und Thüringen in Auftrag gegebene gutachterliche Stellungnahme zum Vierten Gesetz für Moderne Dienstleistungen am Arbeitsmarkt (Hartz IV) kommt zu dem Ergebnis, dass dieses Gesetz zehnfach gegen das Grundgesetz verstößt.

Zwar begegnen dem Systemwechsel - der Zusammenlegung von Arbeitslosen- und Sozialhilfe - keine verfassungsrechtlichen Bedenken, weil der Gesetzgeber verfassungsrechtlich nicht verpflichtet ist, im Nachgang zur Versicherungsleistung Arbeitslosengeld ein auf Dauer angelegtes System der Arbeitslosenhilfe vorzuhalten. Doch dies gilt nur insoweit, als mit den Neuregelungen die aus dem Grundgesetz folgenden Vorgaben des Sozialstaatsgebots sowie der Grundrechte und grundrechtgleichen Rechte gewahrt werden.

1. Genau dies leistet jedoch das Regelwerk des SGB II im Hinblick auf das Sozialstaatsgebot des Artikel 20 Absatz 1 nicht im verfassungsrechtlich gebotenen Maße. Mit diesem Gesetz nimmt der Gesetzgeber klar Abstand vom Sozialstaatsgebot, wie es das Grundgesetz normiert hat.

2. Die Zusammenlegung von Arbeitslosenhilfe und Sozialhilfe auf dem vorgesehenen Niveau der Sozialhilfe unterschreitet den Bedarf der Betroffenen und ist deshalb mit dem Grundrecht auf Menschenwürde gemäß Artikel 1 Absatz 1 in Verbindung mit dem Sozialstaatsgebot des Grundgesetzes nicht vereinbar ist. Insbesondere die mit der Pauschalierung verbundene Abschaffung von Einmal-Leistungen und der nicht mehr vorgesehene Ausgleich von Notlagen steuern die Betroffenen in eine Situation, wo sie ihren Bedarf nicht mehr decken können. Die Regelsätze reichen nicht aus.

3. Die Kombination der Verkürzung der Anspruchsdauer auf die Zahlung von Arbeitslosengeld I mit der Einführung des Arbeitslosengeldes II ohne angemessene Übergangsregelungen ist insbesondere für Langzeitversicherte nicht mit dem Eigentumsschutz des Artikels 14 des Grundgesetzes in Verbindung mit dem Rechtsstaatsgebot gemäß Artikel 20 und 28 Abs. 1 Grundgesetz vereinbar, sofern diese durch diese Regelung schlechter gestellt werden.

4. Die Beschränkung der Leistungen für Bezieher von Arbeitslosenhilfe, die die so genannte 58er-Regelung in Anspruch genommen haben, ist mit dem Eigentumsschutz von Artikel 14 in Verbindung mit dem Rechtsstaatsgebot gemäß Artikel 20 und 28 Abs. 1 Grundgesetz unvereinbar.

5. Die mittelbare Diskriminierung von Frauen, die durch die Anrechnung des Partnereinkommens innerhalb der Bedarfsgemeinschaft weit überwiegend von einem dadurch begründeten Leistungsentzug betroffen sein werden, ist mit dem Grundsatz der Gleichberechtigung gemäß Artikel 3 Abs. 2 und 3 des Grundgesetzes unvereinbar.

6. Diese Regelung des SGB II zur Hilfebedürftigkeit bei Bedarfsgemeinschaft ist ebenso unvereinbar mit dem besonderen Schutz von Ehe und Familie gemäß Artikel 6 Absatz 1.

7. Die Zumutbarkeitsregelungen in Verbindung mit dem sanktionsbewährten Zwang, jede Arbeit anzunehmen, sind mit dem Artikeln 12 Abs. 2 und 3 des Grundgesetzes unvereinbar, wenn die Aufnahme von Arbeitsgelegenheiten gegen den Willen des oder der Betroffenen verlangt wird und diesem oder dieser der Arbeitsmarkt verschlossen ist.

8. Der sanktionierte Zwang, eine so genannte Eingliederungsvereinbarung abzuschließen, ist wegen des Fehlens privatautonomer Entscheidungsfreiheit mit dem Grundrecht auf allgemeine Handlungsfreiheit gemäß Artikel 2 Absatz 1 unvereinbar.

9. Die derzeitige Verwaltungspraxis der Bundesagentur für Arbeit, insbesondere der zur Antragstellung gehörende Fragebogen, ist mit dem Recht auf informationelle Selbstbestimmung gemäß Artikel 2 Abs. 1 und mit Artikel 1 Abs. 1 unvereinbar. Es werden Daten erhoben, die die Bundesagentur für die Bewilligung der Leistungen gar nicht benötigt.

10. Die Ermächtigung zur Pauschalierung der Leistung durch Verordnung der zuständigen Bundesministerien steht auf keiner ausreichend geregelten gesetzlichen Grundlage und ist deshalb mit dem Rechtsstaatsgebot gemäß Artikel 20 und 28 Absatz 1 unvereinbar.

Die PDS geht mit diesen gutachterlichen Ergebnissen von einer gravierenden Verfassungswidrigkeit der Hartz-Gesetze aus. Die Prüfung hat ergeben, dass die PDS nicht im eigenen Namen Verstöße von Hartz IV gegen das Grundgesetz vor dem Bundesverfassungsgericht geltend machen kann. Sie wird deshalb den Arbeitslosenverband darin unterstützen, Betroffene auf ihrem Gang durch die Instanzen bis nach Karlsruhe zu begleiten. Wegen der Erheblichkeit der Grundgesetzverstöße und wegen der Vielzahl der von Hartz IV Betroffenen ist es im Interesse des Landes, wenn die Verfahren nicht über Jahre hinweg durch alle Instanzen laufen, sondern alle Möglichkeiten genutzt werden, um die Karlsruher Richter schnellstmöglich damit zu befassen.

US Officials Face Iraq War Crimes Case in Germany

US Officials Face Iraq War Crimes Case in Germany
Islam Online
November 30, 2004


Informant: assalamu aleikum

Support the German war crimes indictment of Bush -- you're needed!

Informant: Scott Munson


Four Iraqi victims of the Abu Ghraib torture also filed the complaint


BERLIN, November 30 (IslamOnline.net) – A US advocacy group will file war crimes charges in Germany on Tuesday, November 30, against US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other senior officials involved in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal.

“German law in this area is leading the world,” Peter Weiss, vice president of the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), a human rights group, was quoted as saying in Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper's Tuesday edition.

Those to be named in the criminal complaint to be filed at Germany's Federal Prosecutors Office by the group and four Iraqi victims include Rumsfeld, CCR said on its website.

Former Central Intelligence Agency chief George Tenet and former top US commander in Iraq Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez and eight other officials are also named in the case.

The Washington Post said Saturday, June 12, that Sanchez, gave free reign [
http://www.islamonline.net/English/News/2004-06/12/article02.shtml ] to US officers in charge of Abu Ghraib prison to adopt various torture and abuse tactics used at the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo.

The American New Yorker magazine also disclosed on May 16 that the torture at Abu Ghraib was Okayed [
] by U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Historic Effort

The US advocacy group called it a historic effort to hold high-ranking US officials accountable for “brutal acts of torture including the widely publicized abuses carried out at Abu Ghraib, on Tuesday November 30.”

The four Iraqis were “victims of gruesome crimes including severe beatings, sleep and food deprivation, hooding and sexual abuse.”

The group called in an online petition on supporters for filing the criminal complaint to write the German prosecutor in support of the investigation.

“It is critical that he hear from as many people as possible so he feels worldwide pressure to pursue the case,” read the petition.

The group said that under the doctrine of universal jurisdiction suspected war criminals may be prosecuted irrespective of where they are located.

The US came under heavy fire after the Abu Ghraib scandal was first revealed by the American press and after major General Antonio Taguba said in a report that he found evidence of "sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuse" [
] at the notorious prison.

Cases of abuse that were reported include a detainee who was shoved to the ground before a soldier stepped on his head; a man was forced to stand naked while a female interrogator made fun of his genitals, and a woman who was repeatedly kicked by a military police guard.

Guantanamo Petitions

CCR is moving towards another effort to organize attorneys to file habeas corpus petitions in the Washington federal court on behalf of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

The first five were filed on July 2, 2004. CCR currently represents 53 individuals who have been held at Guantanamo for over two years.

Responding to the Supreme Court's historic decision on the rule of law in Guantanamo Bay, CCR is spearheading the effort to get detainees their day in court; the legal community is stepping up to provide the detainees with the basic right to challenge their detention, the group said on its website.

Amnesty International condemned [
] in May last year US breaches of international law in Guantanamo under the cloak of its so-called global war on terror.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch had called on the Bush administration to promptly investigate and address charges of torture [
] of the Guantanamo detainees or risk criminal prosecution.

Also in January last year, Amnesty asked Washington to resolve the "legal limbo" [
] of the detainees, slamming its continuing defiance of international law.

The accusations shed a light on the US record of human rights.

The US and its allies were reported to have been running a wanton global network of detention camps [
] allowing the U.S. to fly so-called terror suspects to other countries where they are tortured for information.


Informant: assalamu aleikum

TSA - bullies at the airport

by Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

The Free Liberal


If you traveled by air last week for the Thanksgiving holiday, you undoubtedly witnessed Transportation Security Administration agents conducting aggressive searches of some passengers. A new TSA policy begun in September calls for invasive and humiliating searches of random passengers; in some instances crude pat-downs have taken place in full public view. Some female travelers quite understandably have burst into tears upon being groped, and one can only imagine the lawsuits if TSA were a private company. But TSA is not private, TSA is a federal agency -- and therefore totally unaccountable to the American people...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

How to take back a stolen election

by Thom Hartmann

Common Dreams


'Never again!' says the slogan in an email I received from an activist friend. 'Never again will we allow a stolen election in the USA!' But how are we going to stop it? The major American political parties have an answer -- it's already working for them in the Ukraine -- but it's very much a sword that can cut two ways. Interestingly, it was first used in the US...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

How to take back a stolen election

by Thom Hartmann

Common Dreams


'Never again!' says the slogan in an email I received from an activist friend. 'Never again will we allow a stolen election in the USA!' But how are we going to stop it? The major American political parties have an answer -- it's already working for them in the Ukraine -- but it's very much a sword that can cut two ways. Interestingly, it was first used in the US...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

How to take back a stolen election

by Thom Hartmann

Common Dreams


'Never again!' says the slogan in an email I received from an activist friend. 'Never again will we allow a stolen election in the USA!' But how are we going to stop it? The major American political parties have an answer -- it's already working for them in the Ukraine -- but it's very much a sword that can cut two ways. Interestingly, it was first used in the US...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Setting the Conditions for War Crimes

by Marjorie Cohn



Free fire zones, and indiscriminate killing of civilians, which constitute willful killing, are grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions. The U.S. War Crimes Act considers grave breaches of Geneva to be war crimes, which can result in the death penalty for those convicted. Criminal liability for war crimes extends beyond the perpetrator. Under the doctrine of command responsibility, higher-ups can be just as liable if they knew or should have known their underlings were committing war crimes, but they failed to stop or prevent it. Commanders have a responsibility to make sure civilians are not indiscriminately hurt and that prisoners are not summarily executed. The rules of engagement are set at the top. The Marines are being told they can fire at anything that moves. Before entering Fallujah, the Marines had been pumped up by tough talking superiors...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Failure after Falluja?

by Ivan Eland

Independent Institute


The U.S. military 'victory' in Falluja is unlikely to change the dismal course of the guerilla war in Iraq. Military history has repeatedly shown why the cliché 'winning the battle and losing the war' has crept into popular culture. Moreover, winning back Falluja the way the U.S. did is likely to be a sure prescription for military defeat in the wider Iraq war...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

ID cards about "removing fear"

Blunkett: ID cards about "removing fear"

Guardian [UK]


David Blunkett, the home secretary, today denied he was shifting Britain towards an 'authoritarian state' as he unveiled plans for identity cards and a national identity database. From 2008, all passport applicants will be issued with cards, and a decision will be made in 2011 or 2012 as to whether holding identity cards will be compulsory. ... Mr Blunkett -- who is at the centre of allegations that he fast-tracked a visa application to help a former lover -- said his aim in introducing the scheme was to help to 'remove fearfulness from people's lives.' 'The national identity card scheme will give people confidence, convenience and security in an increasingly vital aspect of modern life -- proving and protecting their identity,' he told the Commons...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Web won't let government hide

Wired News


Given the government keeps tabs on the world using armies of agents, algorithms and wiretaps, how can a citizen compete? Try a browser. Governments at every level these days are providing less information about their inner workings, sometimes using fear of terrorism as an excuse. But it's precisely times like these that mandate citizens' rights to check the efficiency of their government and hold those who fail accountable, open government advocates say. The government itself won't make it easy, so an increasing number of websites and data crunchers are stepping in to provide information about the inner workings of government...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

EPA considers human testing

Dodge City Daily Globe


In setting limits on chemicals in food and water, the Environmental Protection Agency may rely on industry tests that expose people to poisons and raise ethical questions. The new policy, which the EPA is still developing, would allow Bush administration political appointees to referee any ethical disputes. Agency officials are putting the finishing touches on a plan to take a case-by-case approach. 'It says we're going to look at each study on its individual terms and accept studies unless they are fundamentally unethical or have significant deficiencies,' said Bill Jordan, a senior policy adviser in EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Concerns over Stun Guns grow

San Luis Obispo Tribune


In a report being released Tuesday, Amnesty International says stun guns are being abused by police and wants more scientific study done to determine whether the devices are safe. Amnesty says at least 74 people have died in the United States and Canada in the past four years after being shocked with Tasers. The group also says officers have turned stun guns on the mentally disturbed, children and the elderly...


Taser ad blitz touts consumer stun gun

Arizona Republic


Just in time for the holiday season, Scottsdale-based Taser International is marketing a consumer version of the electric stun gun carried by police officers nationwide. A newspaper and billboard advertising campaign began this month in Phoenix, the only city where the advertisements are running. Tasers fire a pair of darts that deliver a debilitating electrical charge. The stun guns are used by about 1,150 law enforcement departments and have been credited with reducing police shootings. 'Given the violence out there and the overall success with law enforcement, this is the operative tool for self-defense,' company spokesman Steve Tuttle said. 'It can stop the most dangerous individuals, which most non-lethal weapons cannot. This is the answer to stop those people safely.' But while the company insists Tasers are non-lethal, some evidence links them to deaths...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


As orders soar, concerns over stun guns grow
Fatalities arouse worries over abuse of shock devices

From Korean Air flight crews to U.S. police and corrections officers to beat cops in Britain, the orders are pouring in for stun guns made by Taser International Inc. The Scottsdale, Ariz., company even recently launched a metro Phoenix ad campaign urging private citizens to arm themselves with the weapons, which temporarily paralyze people with a 50,000-volt jolt. Yet while Taser’s stock has soared with the booming business, concerns are growing about whether the shock-inducing guns are truly as non-lethal as advertised.

In a report being released Tuesday, Amnesty International says stun guns are being abused by police and wants more scientific study done to determine whether the devices are safe.


Warning on police use of stun guns after 74 die

THE use of stun guns by British police must remain tightly controlled after a report showed dozens have died from their use in North America, a human rights group has warned. Amnesty International has published a study which claims that 74 people have been killed after US and Canadian police shot them with the Taser gun. The organisation also called for a "rigorous, independent and impartial" study into the weapons, which deliver a 50,000-volt shock to disable suspects. In September, the Home Secretary, David Blunkett, announced Tasers were to be authorised for police firearms officers across England and Wales, following a successful trial. Amnesty said Tasers had been used in the US against unruly schoolchildren as young as nine; pregnant women, one of whom lost her baby shortly afterwards; unarmed, mentally- ill people; and those who simply ignored a police officer’s instructions. Amnesty’s UK director, Kate Allen, said: "In some cases, simply walking away from a police officer has led to people getting a 50,000-volt electric shock. Is this a glimpse into the future of UK policing?

"With over 70 deaths following Taser use in the US, surely we must have a full inquiry into their effects before the government even considers any wider deployment on Britain’s streets.


Taser on children OK, police say

Officials from a majority of law enforcement agencies in Volusia and Flagler counties say they would not hesitate to shoot a child with a Taser stun gun to keep the youngster from harming himself or someone else. The Taser policies of law enforcement agencies in both counties require police to consider everything from a suspect's age to physical and mental condition, but no local agency specifically prohibits using the weapon on a child. "There are those youths out there that are just as capable of hurting someone as any 18-year-old," said Sgt. Pete Moon of the DeLand Police Department. "Each scenario is different." Debra Johnson, a spokeswoman with the Flagler County Sheriff's Office, agreed that age wasn't the only deciding factor. "There are some 12 year-olds out there that are bigger than some adults," she said.

The weapons are equipped with electric barbs that penetrate the skin and transmit an electric shock of up to 50,000 volts from the Taser. Tasers also may be used as a stun gun by pressing the weapon against the skin.


USA / Canada: Pattern of abuse -- suspend use of taser guns

Excessive and lethal force? Amnesty International's concerns about deaths and ill-treatment involving police use of tasers
More than 70 people in the USA and Canada have died since 2001, after being electro-shocked with taser guns. While coroners have generally attributed cause of death to factors such as drug intoxication, in at least five cases they have found the taser played a role. "Tasers have been used by police officers against unruly schoolchildren; unarmed mentally disturbed or intoxicated individuals; suspects fleeing minor crime scenes and people who argue with police or fail to comply immediately with a command," said Amnesty International today as it launched two new reports examining the use of taser guns in the USA and Canada. Evidence suggests that, far from being restricted to narrowly-defined circumstances in order to avoid lethal force, tasers have become the most prevalent force tool in some police departments. More than 5,000 law enforcement and correctional agencies in 49 US states are currently reported to be deploying or testing taser equipment, with the take-up rate continuing to grow. In Canada approximately 60 police departments have been issued with tasers.

Despite being widely deployed, there has been no rigorous, independent and impartial study into the use and effects of tasers, particularly in the case of people suffering from heart disease, or under the influence of drugs.


Stun gun use on prisoners probed

AMNESTY International has asked the US Defence Department whether the military used Taser electric stun guns on prisoners in Iraq or Afghanistan, saying it is uneasy about reports of mistreatment and abuse. The human rights group said it had made the request under the Freedom of Information Act after interviewing dozens of prisoners formerly held by US forces. "We do have credible evidence that certainly raises the question that Tasers might have been used," Gerald Le Melee, Amnesty International USA's deputy executive director, said today. Amnesty has long expressed misgivings about the safety of Tasers and whether they are open to abuse because they can inflict severe pain without leaving marks.

The group has urged law enforcement agencies to suspend the use of all electroshock weapons pending the outcome of a vigorous independent inquiry into whether the weapons pose health risks.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - December 2nd, 2004

Man Dies After Police Use Taser Gun On Him

A man died Wednesday night after he was shot with a Taser gun by police officers in Hollywood. The incident began around 8 p.m. when a rescue crew saw a man walking down the 7400 block of Sheridan Street. Crews spotted the man after police had received a call about a white van driving erratically, and suspected the man was the driver. Crews thought there had been an accident, so they went to render help, but the man apparently became unruly. Police were summoned to the scene. During the ensuing altercation, a female officer shot the man with an M-26 Taser gun, which carries a charge of 50,000 volts. Officers said they were unsure why the man became unruly. "They don't know what the problem is with him. Is he having a medical need, or is he intoxicated, they're not quite sure.

Somehow, someway, a confrontation occurs between the officers and this individual, and one of our female police officers deployed her M-26 Taser on our individual," Hollywood Police Capt. Tony Rode said. The 36-year-old man was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital, where he died. The cause of death has not been determined. An investigation is under way.

Another man died after police used an M-26 Taser gun on him in 2003.


Aftermath News
Top Stories - December 20th, 2004

US faces new Charges of Torture

Lexington Herald-Leader

The International Committee of the Red Cross has charged in confidential reports to the U.S. government that the American military has intentionally used psychological and sometimes physical coercion 'tantamount to torture' on prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The finding that the handling of prisoners detained and interrogated at Guantanamo amounted to torture came after a visit by a Red Cross inspection team that spent most of June in Guantanamo.

... Asked about the accusations in the report, a Pentagon spokes-man provided a statement saying, 'The United States operates a safe, humane and professional detention operation at Guantanamo that is providing valuable information in the war on terrorism...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp



Support indigenous peoples in a hunger strike at the United Nations NOW

Mary and Carrie Dann and the Western Shoshone Defense Project support this action -- Please take note of its urgency - support must be expressed this week.


Today, November 29th, 2004, at 11 am, we, Indigenous Peoples' delegates, declare a hunger strike and spiritual fast inside the United Nations Palais des Nations in Geneva, during this 3rd week of the 10th session of the Intersessional Working Group on the United Nations Draft Declaration for the Rights on Indigenous Peoples.

We, Indigenous peoples' delegates from different countries, undertake this action, with the support and solidarity of Indigenous Peoples and organizations from around the world, to call the world's attention to the continued attempts by some states, as well as this UN process itself, to weaken and undermine the Draft Declaration developed in the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations and adopted by the UN Subcommission for the Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities in 1994.

The Sub Commission text has also been endorsed and supported by hundreds of Indigenous Peoples and organizations around the world as the minimum standard required for the recognition and protection of Indigenous Peoples' rights internationally.

We delegates who will undertake the hunger strike, along with the undersigned Indigenous Peoples, organizations, tribal governments, Nations, communities and Networks, call for the Sub Commission text of the Declaration to be sent back to the UN Commission on Human Rights with the message that in 10 years, proposals by States to weaken or amend the text have not gained the consensus of the Working Group participants, which include both states and Indigenous Peoples.

Mr. Luis Chavez, the Chairman Rapporteur of the Working Group should report this reality and not present a "consolidated text" as if it was "close to consensus." The Commission on Human Rights must establish a process that does not provide a handful of States an opportunity to weaken the human rights of Indigenous Peoples. The process also must take into account the voices of the great numbers of Indigenous Peoples from all parts of the world.

We will not allow our rights to be negotiated, compromised or diminished in this UN process, which was initiated more than 20 years ago by Indigenous Peoples. The United Nations itself says that human rights are inherent and inalienable, and must be applied to all Peoples without discrimination.

We request that the Secretariat of this session immediately inform the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights and the High Commissioner herself of this action. We also request that the Secretariat arrange for the hunger strikers to be able remain in the UN during the entire week of the session.

Indigenous delegates participating in the hunger strike inside the
United Nations include:

Adelard Blackman, Buffalo River Dene Nation, Canada ;

Andrea Carmen, Yaqui Nation, Arizona United States ;

Alexis Tiouka, Kaliña, French Guyana ;

Charmaine White Face, Ogala Tetuwan, Sioux Nation Territory, North America ;

Danny Billie, Traditional Independent Seminole Nation of Florida, United States;

Saul Vicente, Zapoteca, Mexico.

Send expressions of solidarity from Indigenous Peoples and supporters for the "hunger strike for Indigenous Rights" and for the adoption of the current text of the UN Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to the UN Session during this week.

Send faxes to: ++ 41 22 917 00 79 (DoCip, for logistic support)

E-mails to: indigenousolidarity@yahoo.com

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(for International calls dial ++ 41 78 716 52 39 or ++ 41 22 733 28 73)

Anne-Marie Cruz (French, English, Spanish), IndiGeneva, 076 450 83 18
(for International calls dial ++ 41 76 450 83 18)

The following organizations, Nations, Tribal Governments and communities have signed on in support of this action and of the position we present:

Indigenous Peoples African Coordinating Committee (IPACC)

Asociación Mapuche los Toldos
Organizacion de Naciones y Pueblos Indígenas en Argentina
Comisión de Juristas en la República de Argentina

Parlamento del Pueblo Kullana Aymara


Indigenous Peoples and Nations Coalition
Kasgit Council of Elders, Nutmlak (Inherent Traditional Government),Iupik Nation, Alaska
Native Village of Venetie Tribal Government, Alaska

Alifurus in Maluku (Moluccas)

Confederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores campesinos de Bolivia
Taypi Ceqe (Organización Indígena Aymara)

Buffalo River Dene Nation
Confederacy of Treaty 6 First Nations
Ermineskin Cree Nation
Indigenous Organization of Indigenous Resource Development (IOIRD)
Innu Council of Nitassinan
Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs

Consejo de Todas las Tierras

Akuaipa Waimakat (Asociación de Derechos Humanos Wayuu de la Guajira)
Organización Zonal Indígena del Putumayo (OZIP)

Instituto Cientifico de Culturas Indigenas (Amawta Runakunapak Yachay)

French Guyana
Fédération des Organisations autochtones de Guyane (FOAG), membre de la COICA

Comite Campesina del Altiplano (CCDA)
CONAVIGUA Defensoria Maya
Fundacion Rigoberta Menchu Tum (Guatemala)
Oxlajuj Ajpop de los Ajq'ijab' (Conferencia Nacional de Ministros de la Espritualidad Maya de Guatemala)

Maimyoito Pastoralist Intgegrated Organization

Academia Mexicana de Derechos Humanos
Agencia Internacional de Prensa India (AIPIN)
Alianza de Organizaciones Sociales
Alianza de Pueblos Indígena de la Sierra Oriente del Estado de México
Alianza Indígena Mexicana-Anipa Hidalgo
Anipa Chihuahua
Anipa Guerrero
Anipa Quintana Roo
Anipa Tabasco
Asamblea Nacional Indígena Plural por la Autonomía
Asamblea Nacional por la Autonomia (ANIPA)
Asociacion Nacional de Abogados Democraticos (ANAD)
Axale, S.S.S.
Centro de Derechos Humanos Yaxkin
Centro Nacional de Comunicación Social, A.C.
Centro para el Autodesarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas del Alto Balsas
Centros de Derechos Humanos Digna Ochoa
Cesem A.C.
Coalicion de Atencion a la Juventud
Comisión Mexicana de Defensa y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos A.C.
Consejo de la Nación Amuzga
Consejo de la Nacion Nahua
Consejo de la Nacionalidad Otomí
Consejo de Organizaciones Triquis
Consejo de Pueblos Nahuas del Alto Balsas, Guerrero, A.C.
Consejo Indígena Municipal Chocholteco
Consejo Indígena Popular de Oaxaca "Ricardo Flores Magón" (CIPO-RFM - Oaxaca)
Consejo Mazahua Región Almoloya de Juárez
Consejo Tradicional de los Pueblos Indios de Sonora
Cooperativa Flores de la Tierra Amuzga
Coordinadora de Grupos Culturales Indígenas y Populares
Coordinadora Guerrerense de Mujeres Indígenas
Coordinadora Nacional de Mujeres Indígenas
Coordinadora Regional de Organizaciones Indígenas de la Sierra de Zongolica
Educa A.C.
Federación de Indígenas Migrantes de Acapulco
Foro Migraciones
Fraternidad Revolucionaria
Frente Independiente de Pueblos Indios
Frente Indigena Campesino y Popular (FICAPO, A.P.N.)
Fundación Rigoberta Menchu Tum (Mexico)
Incide Social
Jovenes En Alternativa Pacifica
La Coordinadora Nacional de Mujeres Indigenas
Mephaa-Savi Mujeres Indígenas
Nacion Purepecha Zapatista
Ndu Nu Ñu Savi
Noche Sihuame Sanse Tajome
Organización de Artesanos Migrantes "Tonhalli"
Organización Nación Purhepecha
Parlamento Indígena Estatal Campesino y Popular
Red Codapi
Red Indígena de Turismo Alternativo de México
Red Indígena de Turismo de México
Regiones Autónomas Pluriétnicas
Romero" (SICSAL)
Se Ojtli Yankuik, A.C.
Secretariado Internacional Cristiano de Solidaridad con América Latina "Oscar A.
Taller Universitario de Derechos Humanos A. C.
Umbral Axochiatl
Yoloxochitl SPR

Tamaynut (Amazigh Peoples)

Aotearoa Indigenous Rights Trust (Aotearoa/New Zealand)
Nation of Hawaii (Hawaii)
Sovereign Union of Aboriginal Nations and Peoples in Australia
Te Rau Aroha (Aotearoa/New Zealand)

Asociación Nabguana
Comunidad de Ustupu, Kuna Yala
Fundación Dobbo Yala
Fundación para la Promoción del Conocimiento Indígena
Jóvenes Ngobe - Bugle
Movimiento Juventud Kuna
Nis Bundor
Organización de Jóvenes Embera - Wounam de Panamáde
Red de Mujeres sobre la Biodiversidad

United States
Abya Yala Nexus
Cactus Valley/Red Willow Springs Sovereign Community, Big Mountain, Arizona
Centro Mundo Maya
El Colectivo de Contacto Ancestral
Indigenous Environmental Network
Pit River Tribe, California
Seminole Sovereignty Protection Initiative, Oklahoma
Teton Sioux Nation Treaty Council
Traditional Independent Seminole Nation of Florida
Wanblee Wakpeh Oyate, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota
White Clay Society, Fort Belknap Reservation, Montana
Yoemem Tekia Foundation (Pascua Yaqui Reservation, Arizona)

Coordinadora Indígena de la Cuenca Amazonica (COICA)
Indigenous World Association
International Indian Treaty Council
Land is Life

Western Shoshone Speak Out on War

Posted: November 29, 2004
by: Brenda Norrell / Indian Country Today - http://www.indiancountry.com

PHOENIX, Ariz. - Western Shoshone Carrie Dann urged American Indians not to be a part of the slaughter of women and children in Iraq. Dann called on Native young people instead to rise to defend Native nations, as the Bush administration steamrolls America and Iraq for corporation gain.

''This government has treated indigenous people as the enemy and now they are fighting this war for them,'' Dann said, speaking at the Nahuacalli Indigenous Embassy in downtown Phoenix.

Dann said America's promise of democracy has never been fulfilled to Indian nations; their treaties were never honored.

''I have not seen democracy in action as far as indigenous people are concerned.''

Upholding the Western Shoshone Treaty of Ruby Valley of 1863, Dann said President Bush's signature on a bill for payment for Western Shoshone land was an illegitimate exercise of power.

''Western Shoshone land is not for sale,'' Dann said.

Dann questioned whether the Iraqi people would be subjected to a U.S. orchestrated government, designed to enrich oil corporations, in the same manner that American Indian tribal governments were initiated by the U.S. government for the purpose of seizing their land and energy resources.

''American Indians have been controlled by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Is there going to be a Bureau of Iraqi Affairs? Are they going to be treated the way we are treated?''

Native youths, she said, have entered the military for the purpose of gaining an education because there are no jobs for them at home. Bush's war in Iraq, however, is not a war that Native warriors should be fighting.

''It is a war against indigenous people of that land for one reason, for the petroleum, for the oil. We are fighting for a corporation.''

Dann said it is clear that corporations control America.

Referring to the colonization of this country, she said Indian people once welcomed newcomers who later massacred them. ''We are being oppressed today by the same people we welcomed.''

Dann said it is wrong for indigenous people to be involved with taking the lives of women and children in Iraq. ''It is not the indigenous belief to hurt women and children. I do not think we have a right to do this.''

Although Pres. Bush said Americans are liberators and not conquerors in Iraq, Dann said she sees no proof of liberation or democracy in Indian country.

''If it can't happen here, I can't see that it will happen there. Our young people should not be going to fight for democracy over there, when it is not working for us here.

''They should defend their own nations first,'' Dann said, urging them to use their educations to protect their own people.

While the United States continues to violate the human rights and property rights of American Indians, she said the spiritual essence of their lives is being violated. ''We are tied to this land.''

Speaking on behalf of the generations yet to come, Dann said she is taking a stand for the land, water and air and the spiritual and cultural ways that bind indigenous people together.

''Our indigenous lands are sacred and they are not for sale.''

Julie Fishel, staff member at the Western Shoshone Defense Project, said Pres. Bush has promised to represent all Americans and Native people should hold him accountable. Pointing out that Bush spoke recently of America's ''moral values,'' Fishel said American Indians have not seen proof of this.

''The treatment of the first people of this land is so atrocious,'' Fishel said, pointing out America's failure to honor Indian treaties. She said Western Shoshone have been under increased pressure from the Bush administration in recent years and the U.S. Interior for the past seven years.

The Bureau of Land Management is upholding impound notices for Western Shoshone livestock in Nevada on Aboriginal territory secured by the Treaty of Ruby Valley of 1863.

Threats and pressures are escalating for Western Shoshone. Some who have not paid trespass fines are being told the matter will be turned over to the IRS, making it possible for the U.S. to seize their bank accounts and private lands.

The pace of gold mining exploration has been accelerated in the region of their sacred mountain, the place of their creation stories.

Urging a united presentation to the United Nations, Fishel urged indigenous people to join the Western Shoshone with their stories of human rights abuses and the seizure of their lands by corporations, working in collusion with the United States government.

Tupac Enrique Acosta, coordinator for Tonatierra Community Development Institute at the Nahuacalli Indigenous Embassy, held the sacred staff of the Eagle and Condor of the Peace and Dignity Runners across the American continents from the north and south.

Opening the presentation, Enrique said Phoenix is Aboriginal O'odham territory and in every direction are the remains of the descendants of the Hohokam whose spiritual presence remains.

Enrique welcomed the Western Shoshone, with a message from his people from the south. ''These are our relatives. Our history, our languages and our blood are tied together.''

Enrique shared the support by resolution for the Western Shoshone from the 2nd Annual Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nations of Abya Yala (Americas) in Ecuador.

The support follows the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights' final report in 2003, stating the United States claims to Western Shoshone land are illegal and contrary to international human rights law. The Commission concluded that the United States had used illegitimate means to assert ownership of the lands.

The press conference at the Nahuacalli was held as U.S. forces continued to attack Fallujah on Nov. 9, after a hospital in the city was bombed in violation of the Geneva Convention.

Pointing out the targeting of Native youths for recruitment in the U.S. military, Enrique said a call is being made to all indigenous nations to stop sending their young people to Iraq. He urged Indian nations to send a strong message: ''We are not sending indigenous people to this war.''

Indigenous people, he said, uphold the warrior tradition and want to fight for honor, but he said there is no honor in the war in Iraq.

Enrique said indigenous people have a sacred responsibility and obligation to carry forward this message of peace on behalf of all indigenous people struggling to be recognized as nations.

Enrique spoke of hope in America.

''At some point in the future this nation will regain its dignity.''

Essex EHS study

Everyone who this email reaches: do pass this on to your local circulation lists.

I feel this is important for us all, and for all those who have the headaches, sleeplessness, skin problems, nosebleeds, depression or whatever.

Today I visited Essex for the grand opening of their EMF laboratory by Sir William Stewart. I found it stimulating to talk to some key figures and directly with the research team, but I am tired, so if you are a recipient who was also there and can add, or comment further, please do, and send it back through the network. This is my personal impression.

The Essex team won the MTHR contract and its extension in fair competition, based on their proposed methodology of simulated GSM and UMTS signals in an isolated environment under double blind conditions. We can still question the methodology (I do!) but the setup is indeed professional, the test signals appear to be well designed; and with different exposure scenarios would be indeed more valid. If we can encourage extra funding beyond this study, I do believe they are open to improvements in sophistication of their exposure regime (called provocations: can you deliberately create a physical response, such as is caused in the real world?), would include TETRA and more complex environments.

They recognise as we do, that in the case of electro-sensitive people (I contest "hypersensitive" until two levels have been demonstrated), unless double-blind provocations are demonstrated, we will be forever designated misguided or psychosomatic. Can we help them get it right?

I still feel it is best to have this dialogue, be involved, and indeed openly critical as necessary. Rod Read (ES-UK) is similar in his criticisms, as is Alasdair Philips who helped get their questionnaire sorted out, and others. If we do not get involved, psychologists will behave as psychologists do. Let's face it, we can't expect them to understand what it is like to be affected by masts (I don't believe any of the team is e-sensitive). But nor do I think they are actually starting with the presumption that this is psychosomatic. The more objective, critical, well-considered and thoughtful information we can supply them with the better. They have our critiques already (part one of mine is MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from ""claiming to be http://www.tetrawatch.net/science/research_models.pdf ) and the RALF unpublished submissions from ES people in Sweden (the "missing report" currently on MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be http://www.feb.se/index_int.htm ).

I put it to several of the researchers, including Elaine Fox, that being a psychology dept. Is a real barrier to getting genuine participants: why psychology? Elaine's response is that of all researchers, they are better at dealing with people as subjects than, say, the physicists. Their team is multidisciplinary. It's a bit like going to your Regional Health Protection Agency Director of Communicable Diseases demanding investigations around masts -- because they are the best epidemiologists, not because masts immediately cause disease. I don't class Essex with King's College, where the presence of Simon Wessely hangs as a dark cloud (read Tetrawatch on him, if you want more info.).

Remember, this is the ONLY UK investigation into base stations and sensitivity: we must not let it enter the body of research for perpetuity as a study unable to demonstrate an effect, or as being inconclusive, without the researchers being obliged to challenge their own methodology. The more dialogue there is, the more we can, with authority, challenge its methodology and demand better studies. But for now, having spoken with all concerned, I do think that it intends to be fully objective and fair.

So Essex needs more ES people to volunteer. I am taking part, but I am only mildly ES, and only more recently to GSM and UMTS (3G).

Will it harm me? I don't think it will (count the gaps! Several 5 minute exposures or sham exposures in 20 minute sessions, and even longer in their Faraday-shielded rooms with no EMF at all, will be a holiday after sleeping with 6 masts each and every night); but if you are very sensitive you might rightly choose to avoid ANY exposure. BUT, if you are sensitive and want others to see clearly that you are representative of the many thousands who need help, please do two things:


1) Write down, email, post, read on the phone (01903 522521), YOUR experience of how masts of any kind (please name) affect you. Just a couple of paragraphs, and send them to me at watch@tetrawatch.net. YES: I want anecdotes!! I know you have probably done "a day in the life of..." for Nancy at Mast Sanity, or elsewhere, but bear with me. With Rod's help at ES-UK, I would like to "bank" as many as possible, because too many important people have been shielded from the actual content of our anecdotes, and I want it out and published. No names, just places and experiences, in your own words. A thousand people in three weeks have download a little local survey we did (popped the Tetrawatch website bandwidth at the weekend!), so let's use this way to be heard for what is happening to us, so we cannot be ignored.

2) Consider joining in the Essex study. I don't have to prove anything, but when the study is set up correctly it will show an effect on people. Remember, this is not a study to demonstrate illness, but to demonstrate that some people are sensitive to mobile signals that affects their well-being. "We couldn't even find enough ES people: do they really exist?" would be a terrible comment after our objections. If you can't track Essex down, contact me as above.

If they can get a full complement of ES people who are affected by masts, and they get no results, their setup is wrong, not us. I know the criticisms, and I am pressing for proper investigations; but gears don't turn, even slowly, without engagement. (I am not being paid be Essex to do this! I just hope you can see why I think it important.)

Why does this matter?

Today I found senior figures genuinely surprised to meet someone who can feel masts from a distance. I thought everyone knew these "anecdotes". Most, if not all, of my and your letters to Sir William Stewart (marked "Private, Confidential" "to the hand of Sir W") never reached him. They were intercepted and answered "on his behalf". BUT Sir William in his address today said quite clearly that we need to demonstrate that people's well-being is being affected, that this (Essex) research is to clarify this, and that we need to respond to these impacts BEFORE we know the bio-electromagnetic mechanisms (remember: NRPB typically says we don't know the mechanisms so the effects cannot be real?).

So at the moment I trust Sir W far more than the NRPB / HPA figures we deal with, and it's time we back him up with a willingness to be measured for what we claim is happening.

Thanks for your patience

Andy Davidson
TETRAWATCH and Mast Sanity

Todesfall wegen Mobilfunk in Frankreich

Aus Frankreich erreicht mich nachstehende Meldung über den gelungenen Selbstmord eines Mannes, der jahrelang vergeblich gegen einen Mobilfunkmast in unmittelbarer Nähe seines Hauses gekämpft hat. Wer je in der gleichen Lage war, wird seinen Schritt verstehen können.

I. Eder-Stein



Aujourd'hui Priartem est en Deuil

Nous venons d'apprendre que l'un de nos premiers et plus fidèles adhérents s'est donné la mort le 8 novembre 2004. Depuis l'installation d'un relais de téléphonie mobile érigé aux limites de sa propriété, il souffrait de maux de santé lourds. Cette nouvelle nous touche profondément. Nous avons suivi, depuis quatre ans, son long combat, par voie judiciaire notamment, contre l'opérateur pour obtenir le démontage de ce pylône qui l'empêchait de vivre sereinement chez lui. Il gardait l'espoir, après les résultats des expertises médicales, d'obtenir une issue favorable dans les mois à venir.

Hélas ! Il y a trois semaines environ, il a appris que sur le pylône allait être accueilli un second opérateur. Il a vécu cette nouvelle comme une preuve supplémentaire du mépris de l'opérateur vis-à-vis de ses souffrances d'une part, vis à vis de sa démarche légaliste et citoyenne, d'autre part.

Le soir-même de cette nouvelle, il a fait une première TS. Sauvé grâce à l'intervention d'un ami, il a déclaré que s'il lui arrivait quelque chose ce "seraient ces gens-là" qui en seraient responsables.

Trois semaines après, il a récidivé et, cette fois de façon fatale. Sans vouloir ni pouvoir établir un lien entre l'exposition aux CEM du relais, situé si près de sa maison ,et sa fin dramatique et brutale, nous ne pouvons oublier que nous avons, à plusieurs reprises, souligner dans ces colonnes que les dépressions profondes et suicidaires étaient l'un des effets constatés de l'exposition aux CEM de la téléphonie mobile. L'état de grande fatigue dont il se plaignait depuis l'installation du pylône, ses insomnies, se migraines ont fini par avoir raison de son moral et de sa volonté de se battre à cela, il a suffi d'ajouter l'élément déclencheur : la perspective de l'arrivée d'un nouvel opérateur, ruinant quasi définitivement son espoir d'arriver jamais à se débarrasser du pylône et de ses effets sur sa santé.

Toute l'équipe de Priartem présente à la famille de notre ami ses plus sincères condoléances et l'assure de tout son soutien dans la lutte qu'elle compte continuer à mener. Nous osons espérer, qu'à ce jour, certains s'interrogent sur leur stratégie et sur leur comportement. Pour nous, les responsabilités sont clairement établies.

Quelle: http://de.groups.yahoo.com/group/elektrosmog-liste/message/4581

Final report REFLEX project


Final report on the REFLEX
and project summary now available

REFLEX (Risk Evaluation of Potential Environmental Hazards from Low Energy Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposure Using Sensitive in vitro Methods) was a 3-year joint research project within the 5th EU Framework Program. Among the 12 participating research groups, the IT'IS Foundation/ETH was responsible for providing the exposures (signal definitions, exposure setups and technical quality assurance) of all subprojects. Direct comparison of the results was possible between the participants by maintaining common, strictly controlled exposure conditions. REFLEX reported several genotoxic effects as well as effects on gene expression.

The IT'IS Foundation is committed to conducting replications and extensions with the utmost scientific scrutiny in the shortest possible time. Experiments are currently being conducted at the BioCenter in Basel, the Department of Human Biology and Genetics in Kaiserslautern and the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority.


Informant: FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive


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