One day we'll all know - Let's hope it isn't too late

From Mast Neuwork:

So in Finland they are saying there are no adverse health effects from mobile phones or masts (but use a hands free, and don't talk too long). In Sweden they recognise EMF-induced EHS, while in England they say it doesn't really exist! In Russia they say science calls for vastly lower emissions than even phones throw out, while WHO says there's nothing other than heating effects. Back in Norway they know what our farmers know, but the RSPB dsimisses! With TETRA at least, we have come to know all about smaller birds disappearing from our gardens.

One day we'll all know: let's hope it isn't too late.


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Hello all,

It was interesting to read about the Golden Plover behaviour. Here in Norway they don't erect mobile phone mast near fox farms or mink farms. It seems that the animals become very distressed. A few years ago a mobile phone mast was erected about a 1000 metre above a regular breeding site for a pair of our local Eagle Owls. That was the last year they were seen in the area.

All the best,
Eddie Chapman, Voss. Norway.

And then, of course, there are the homing pigeons that don't know where they live any more because more and more masts are appearing. Perhaps these birds are all manifesting 'psychosomatic' symptoms? And of course, Finland's economy relies heavily on Nokia, so their birds have obviously flown!


Mystery of the silent woodlands: scientists are baffled as bird numbers plummet

Micro Waves Effects on Wildlife Animals


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