It is appalling that politicians who are supposed to serve the electorate are so determined to ignore them

Dear Mr. Clarke,

I have contacted George Hooker at D of H several Times - I am also in touch with Professer Laurie Challis. It is my agreed task to help the victms of this technology in my village in the hope of having the mast moved.

In view of those in charge of the Dof H attempting to hide infirmation re: the effects of overhead power cables I have little faith of their intention (let alone their ability) to do anything to alleviate the physical symptoms caused by EMRF! Therefore I am writing to everyone who should know/be aware of/ be doing something to investigate these symptoms (recognisable where-ever masts have effects) in situ.

It is time the goverment initiated scientific tests (as they did in Switzerland where residents in Schwarzenberg had been suffering for forty years). These tests proved unequivocally that emissions inhibit the pineal gland's production of the hormone melatonin which results in chronic insomnia and headaches; nausea, vertigo earache and tinnitus etc etc. The lack of sleep also inhibits the immune system leaving people prey to any passing infection. No wonder they are depressed!

I have written to John Prescott more that once and shall be writing again. He passed on my 1st letter to an advisor without the document showing the symptoms Kensworthians had experienced, who told me 'how to appeal to prevent a mast being erected' when the mast had been present for a year already. My second letter was passed to George Hooker. Neither is it 'in the Prime Minister's remit', I am told. It is appalling that politicians who are supposed to serve the electorate are so determined to ignore them. There have been 4 strokes; ten cases of severe nosebleeds; 12 cases of chronic headache and insomnia (two people had to move out of their bedrooms in 2001 and still are unable to use them) - ulcerated mouths and throats and extreme thirst; 4 pets getting cancerous growths etc. etc. etc.

This technology must be operated at a safe level. The Russians found the effects first and do not agree with the ICNIRP and NRPB ignoring the NON-THERMAL effects - it is not the thermal effects which cause the problems and emissions are TOO HIGH.

Mrs. G. Lyden

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Letter and attachment to the WHO in response to its Precautionary Framework


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