ICNIRP hopes to accomplish to lead the Russians down right to their scientific slaughterhouse

Important message from France

In the below informative message from Jean-Pierre Lentin take special note about what is mentioned about ICNIRP's Bernard Veyret. This is especially interesting as Veyret will be "guiding" the so-called French/Russian series of studies to verify (or not) the validity of the Russian RF Standards, (and therefore ICNIRP's as well). As I mention in my report on the Russian cell phone conference the credibility of ICNIRP is also at stake in these studies. Allowing ICNIRP to "guide" this research effort I would call a BIAS of the highest order.

All the more reason that Section III of my report
http://www.emfacts.com/papers/moscow_conf.pdf is taken up as a requirement by the Russian RF scientific community. This is a recommendation that an independent oversight committee be formed to monitor the progress of the research. I have previously suggested this to the RNCNIRP. Whether that translates into firm action remains to be seen.

In my opinion what ICNIRP hopes to accomplish with these studies is to lead the Russians down the garden path right to their scientific slaughterhouse. And then the main threat to ICNIRP's version of "science" is eliminated.


Don Maisch

Dear Don,

I am currently reading Alexander and Ann Shulgin's "PIHKAL", originally published in 1991, a book about their life of research on psychedelic drugs, with no obvious connection with EMF health issues, except this interesting "factoid" :

In year 1966, Alexander Shulgin, a chemistry researcher, was briefly employed by an American military facility, the San Carlos Aerospace Laboratory, at Sunnyvale, California.

This is his account of top-secret on-going research projects at the time :

"Here were arcane projects such as black membrane dynamics, and studies of the influence of gravity on plant growth, the relationships between magnetic fields and the blood-brain barrier, and the effects of radiation on fertility. All were intriguing studies, and all were being run in well equipped laboratories by extremely competent scientists."

Until now, the earliest references found for American military research about EMF effect on blood-brain barrier were 1972 or 1974.

Now, we find that this subject of research was already being studied in 1966 !

Apparently, the American army knows a lot of things about EMF effects on health, things that are still not revealed today...

Well, while I'm at it, here are a few infos on what's happening in France and elsewhere on the "frontline" of EMF & health issues.

Mobile phone operators in France have filed a judiciary complaint against two notorious French anti-masts activists, Etienne Cendrier and Annie Lobe, demanding incredible sums... As French justice is pretty slow, these trials will probably happen within the next year (2005). The activists are being pursued for declarations they have made to the press, so it seems to me that this is in clear violation of freedom of expression rights. Ever an optimist, I think this complaint will not be upheld by the judges, and that this "gagging" strategy from the mobile phone operators will turn out to be viewed as a very bad idea, and seriously tarnish their reputation. We will see...

I must add that Annie Lobe herself did file a complaint against French scientist Bernard Veyret, who heads the "biology commission" at ICNIRP (although he is a physicist !!!). Veyret may be viewed as the "French Michael Repacholi", i.e. the reassuring expert who constantly downplays, in official reports and media communication, all independant research about EMF health-risks. Now, unfortunately, I seriously doubt that Annie's action will be followed by the judges, for lack of scientific evidence, despite the encouraging message she received from W. Ross Adey shortly before his death...

We have a lot of "cancer clusters" in France, linked to mobile phone masts, but despite the valiant efforts of several citizens associations, the plight of those poor people is not being seriously considered by public health authorities. And things won't change in the near future, as our new "health czar" (i.e. director of the "Delegation Generale de la Sante", the top health public institution in France), nominated last year, is none other than Dr. William Dab, who headed for years the "medical department" of EDF (French national electricity distribution), and repeatedly said you can live safely under a high-voltage line...

Right now, the top independant scientific website on EMF health risks in France is <http://csifcem.free.fr/>http://csifcem.free.fr/. Most of their material is in French, but they have several English translations, and I strongly suggest a visit to their pages. These people (Richard Gautier, PhD, Roger Santini, PhD, Pierre Le Ruz, PhD, and Daniel Oberhausen, PhD) are the best French independant experts on EMF & health. They published a "white book" last year on mobile phone health risks, which caused quite a stir.

I might add that my own book, "Ces ondes qui tuent, ces ondes qui soignent" (Waves that kill, waves that heal), on EMF & health, has been republished as a pocket book last May, and has sold so far about 20 000 to 30 000 units, which is a nice figure for France, and makes me one of the most outspoken opponents of EMF pollution in France. Unfortunately there is no English translation. The only abroad publishing so far is.... an Arabic translation !

A more exotic note to finish. My ex-wife, who's a TV documentary director and who did with me a 52 minutes documentary on EMF health risks, "Ces ondes qui nous entourent / Mit Strahlung in die Zukunft), aired on French-German TV channel Arte in 2002, is now a fervent Tibetan Buddhist and is traveling a lot in India. A few weeks ago, she was in the Myrik monastery, in north-eastern India, the world leading center for the Changpa Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism. And she was horrified to find that a mobile phone base station is being built on the roof of the "retreat center", i.e. the place where dozens of young Buddhist converts, coming from from all the world, will spent four years in isolation and prayer in order to become Buddhist monks or nuns. That means they will live for 4 years, 24 hours a day, under a phone mast ! We are right now setting up a campaign to have the masts relocated to a safer place. Stay in tune !

Well, that's it for today. Of course, all these informations may be posted on the list, if you wish.

Warm Regards

Jean-Pierre Lentin


My comment: ICNIRP should not be allowed at all to interfere with the russian research, I don't understand why the russians agree to this - would the ICNIRP agree that the russians evaluate their flawed papers? Before the ICNIRP "monitor" anything, their own conflicts of interests needs to be monitored. Veyret himself is involved with deep conflict of interests in France. He is the one who should be judged in court, and not people who expose truth.

Iris Atzmon


Re: ICNIRP hopes to accomplish to lead the Russians down


May I react to Jean-Pierre Lentin's mail, dated Dec 17, about what is happening in France, in which my name was quoted, but associated with some incorrect information. I wish Jean-Pierre had asked me before sending out this mail, or had at least sent me a copy of it right away, which unfortunately he didn't do.

The complaint I filed is against Bernard Veyret and Rene de Seze. Both of them made scientific communications in 1991 and 1995, recognizing and even explaining the specific effects of EMF in great details, even though they now deny them. The complaint is based on their own scientific documents, as well as on prooves of their financial links with Motorola and consorts.

If the Russian knew about all that, they probably would'nt accept what is being proposed to them.

The judge seemed interested. He let me know he would upheld the complaint after a certain event takes place, which I unfortunately cannot mention. The question is, when ?

All of us are concerned by Veyret's lies, for he is a leading member of ICNIRP, OMS and DG XIII's European Commission, the three of which are responsible for producing "protection" standards and recommendations that make so many people ill all around the world.

Should any of you be willing to file such a complaint in your own country, I'd be glad to let you have the necessary documents (most of them are in French, you will probably have to pay for a certified translation).

Shortly before Ross Adey's death, I spoke to him on the phone, asking if he was aware of what I'd just had a confirmation to : the extremely low frequency of 16 Hz is present in the European GSM. He told me that he knew about that.

Some of you probably know the studies of Ross Adey and Carl Blackman about the calcium ion efflux that takes place at 16 Hz.

Several measurements on a mobile phone during the communcation, with professional instruments, showed not only 16 Hz, but every harmonics (multiple) of 8 Hz, up to 500 Hz. This means that not only 16 Hz, but other frequencies that may provoke this calcium ion efflux, are emitted.

The question is, why ? Probably because of the "american and japanese" electronical components, as per a scientist who participated the the GSM working group more than 20 years ago.

Anyway, I've been lead to interesting findings about the causal link between the calcium ion efflux caused by certain particular frequenciesand the micro-wave syndrom, as well as other diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's desease, diabetes, depression and insomnia.

This scientific data is currently being examined by several experienced seekers. I didn't intend to speak up on the public scene before their validation, but I have to do it now, because of Jean-Pierre Lentin's mail. It's a few months too early but now, you are aware of what is about to happen.

Should some of you want to propose help, I'd be very glad to receive it.

Truly yours,

Annie Lobe

PS : I'm not an activist but a free-lance journalist who specialized in scientific investigation. I began to investigate on cell phones 3 years ago.

Mis-reporting the Russian Cell Phone Conference



Letter and attachment to the WHO in response to its Precautionary Framework


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