Vioxx vote was rigged

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The New York Times has just published an explosive piece of news describing how the Vioxx vote of the FDA panel was rigged with ten members who have financial ties to Pfizer, Merck and other drug manufacturers. These financial ties were NOT disclosed before the meetings took place, and it was only the investigative efforts of the NY Times that brought this to light.

This is a must-read article on FDA corruption:

I'll be writing a full essay on this, to be published late next week. It turns out that if the FDA hadn't stacked the panel with drug company lackeys, they vote would have produced the opposite outcome and Vioxx would now be banned.

How corrupt can this agency get? And when will there be an outcry for criminal investigation of this outrageous drug racket?

Remember, folks: as many as 60,000 Americans have been killed by just one of these COX-2 inhibitor drugs. We're supposed to be fighting terrorism in this country, but what about the FDA's assault on the public that has killed more Americans than the entire Vietnam War? The FDA is apparently far more dangerous than all the terrorists combined...

My own article on the FDA decision, published earlier this week, is at: //www.newstarget.com/004728.html

Also: I've posted an MP3 audio file of the interview with Dr. Sidney Wolfe with DemocracyNow.com. Feel free to download this, it's an eye-opening interview with the top FDA critic at Public Citizen:

(Courtesy of DemocracyNow.org)

- Mike


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