Municipalities recruit the public to fight against cellular antennas

Haaretz newspaper, 16.2.2005

Requests to erect antennas will be published in public order to make the public resist them. The local authorities have decided to sharpen their fight against antennas erection in a wild way or in places that can endanger public health like schools, kindergardens, hospitals. According to the national programme of cellular antennas, the mayors have no actual possibility to resist the decision to erect antenna.

In order to change this situation, the fighting staff of the local authorities decided to publish in public every request of the companies to erect antenna, to enable the people to deal publicly and legally with the wild erection of antennas. The staff explained that today the mayor can present his resistance to antennas erection but it is only one voice. When the district committee will receive dozens of resistant voices of residents, it can undermine antenna erection.

Herzelia mayor, Yael German, said that national programme of cellular antennas erection sterilize the local authorities from any possibility to influence the location of the antennas and made it a rubber signature. This situation enables the companies to behave irresponsibly and in opacity. The local authorities decided to recruit the public to their fight after they had an economic victory: lately the national committee of planning and construction has decided that the companies which request to erect antennas will have to deposit in the committee a commitment to compensate the authorities for future financial losses for reduction of land value, because of the cellular antennas.

*** The problem remains for the "tiny" antennas which don't need approvals according to the law.

Iris Atzmon


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