Keep Your Eye on the Corruption

It's payback time! After contributing tens of millions of dollars to Congressional candidates, last week the fat cat corporate lobbyists successfully pushed their self-serving agenda through the most corrupt Congress ever.

The very first bill passed by the U.S. Senate severely limits your right to sue a corporation that does you wrong. Remember Erin Brockovich -- the crusading mom who discovered that Pacific Gas & Electric contaminated the ground water in a small town? In the 1990s, she was able to organize the community, sue the corporation, and win $333 million for the victims. Today, thanks to the most corrupt Congress ever, corporate America can rest a little bit easier knowing that it's harder for innocent victims hold them accountable.

Now, this tort reform bill heads to the House of Representatives where it will be voted on before the end of the week. Send a message to your lawmaker now -- let them know that you're watching and expect them to vote to protect you not their big money lobbyist friends.


The second bill set to be passed by the Congress restricts your ability to seek relief from greedy creditors. Credit card companies have long pushed their deceptive credit schemes on unsuspecting families, and now this bill will pull the rug out from under these families. Who suffers? Ordinary Americans -- like Rose Shaffer -- a working class nurse from Chicago who suffered a heart attack, and then had to contend with sky-rocketing medical expenses.

A week after Rose was released from the hospital, she received a bill for $18,000. Under pressure from her hospital to pay the bill, she was forced to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Now, the most corrupt Congress ever is siding with greedy creditors who want to make it more difficult for people like Rose Shaffer to get bankruptcy protections for the little money that they have left.

Write your Representatives and tell them that it's their job to protect you, not their big money lobbyist friends.


There will be more big money lobbyist payoffs to come. The National Association of Manufacturers -- the same group pushing to limit your right to sue -- is leading the fight to privatize Social Security. We must act now to send a clear message to Congress that -- regardless of the issue -- the rights of ordinary Americans cannot be defeated by the power of corporate contributions.

Before these bills are taken up by the House of Representatives, send a message to your members of Congress -- tell them that you're watching, and will hold them accountable.



Ellen S. Miller, Deputy Director
Campaign for America's Future


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