So you discovered one of our posters, and curiosity made you tear off a tab and look up this website. You wondered what all the fuss is about. Or you may have accidentally surfed here. In either case, welcome to my site. But please accept my apologies. This is not a nice subject and I am sorry to ruin your day. Yet I feel it is the compassionate thing to do. You deserve to be told what our governments are too short-sighted to tell you.

The fact is that a growing number of scientists are warning of a terrible threat to our modern way of life. This menace affects our transport, our economy, our manufacturing, our industrial base and construction efforts, our agriculture and indeed our whole food supply network. In other words, scientists from prestigious institutions are predicting another Great Depression, only this time made even more unbearable by extremely limited and expensive food supplies. And it could all begin as early as 2008!

Unfortunately the "Great Depression" is the best-case scenario. The worst-case scenarios involve worldwide famine even including us here in the modern industrialized nations! You are not safe from this threat even in such "safe" nations as the USA, the European Union nations or even my home country of Australia. Famine could plunge us into desperate resource wars, total economic and monetary collapse which eventually implodes our governments and society. I wish I were making this up, but much smarter experts in sociology and the "ecology" of civilization have analysed the situation, and concluded that we will face a massive collapse of our industrialized society our choices now help distinguish whether there will be a managed simplification of our lives or anarchic chaos in a complete civilization crash! Just hire the movie "Mad Max 2" for a glimpse of this worst-case scenario.

And yet we hear nothing about it on the news. Many scientists are interviewed regarding the distant threat of global warming but the growing body of specialists on this more immediate danger are largely ignored.

What are these scientists alarmed about?

In summary: the END OF THE OIL AGE!

Oil experts, including some from within the prestigious United States Geological Survey, and magazines such as National Geographic are taking this subject very seriously indeed. This is not a conspiracy theory alongside aliens at Roswell ‹ I truly wish it were. (For the sake of my kids!)

If you are new to this subject, you are probably suffering what insiders call "consensus trance". Our advertising saturated media wants you to believe that everything can and must continue as normal, and that above all, you must continue to consume. The economy must continue to grow, and grow, and grow. So you will not want to believe that depletion could change almost everything we do! I know I didn¹t want to hear it!

I am mortgaged up to my back teeth and have children. I¹ve also had a very bad year because a family member has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness. It looks like they will be fine, but I mentioned it to illustrate why I really understand "consensus trance". I do not want to accept that oil could begin to decline in my lifetime. I do not want to accept that oil depletion could destabilize our debt burdened economies, and send them spiralling into hyperinflation chaos. I do not want to lose my house because interest rates might skyrocket to fight the inflation. I do not want to think about the end of modern medicine, because it saved someone I love dearly. I do not want to think about the effects of oil depletion on our agriculture and food supplies, or that many of us in the first world might starve if governments do not reform agriculture immediately!

You might be tempted to scoff and laugh it off saying "modern science will fix it". But what do you really know about modern science? What do you really know about alternative energy? Just how much energy is in oil anyway? How much do we use each day? For what? How many Wind Turbines and Solar Panels would it take to replace oil? How much energy do we get from alternative energy now? How long would it take to replace oil with alternative energy? We may only have 3 years!

Another common defence mechanism is to accuse the geologists of crying wolf. "We went through this in the 70's!" But do not dismiss oil depletion without first getting to know the facts. As I said above, there are a GROWING number of geologists and scientists and peer-reviewed magazines that are taking oil depletion VERY seriously. I understand the temptation to ignore it. And when you turn on the TV, everything looks normal. There are the same old adds, reality TV shows, and comedies. Life must go on. Or is that the show must go on? Just because something is not yet all over our TV¹s does not rule it out as a threat. Who knew about Osama Bin Laden before 9/11? You really need to brace yourself and face this head on. You need to listen to some scientists, not your reality TV. Because the scientists are shouting "Wake up!" but only a few are listening.

Once you have become familiar with the facts of oil depletion, which can be a complicated subject, there is another hurdle to jump depression. Many of my Peak Oil contacts wonder if anything can be done about it ‹ it all seems too big. They sink into depression and resolve to "eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die."

Others run to the hills and set up a survivalist retreat! This subject is so serious and so thoroughly researched that people are making massive career and lifestyle choices to get out of the city. They aim to become self sufficient because they do not believe law and order will survive the coming oil crash. They see Peak Oil as a TEOTWAWKI event "The End Of The World As We Know It". They are learning basic carpentry and perma-culture skills as they set up their survivalist bases. The problem for us newcomers is that many of them are years ahead of us we cannot hope to match them in their preparation for the end of civilization. And the rumblings of the incoming storm may begin in only a few years!

Now it is the aim of this website to provide a basic introduction to oil depletion and some of the frightening possibilities for the next decade. However it is also my aim to help you avoid despondency. I want to provide some hope! At eclipsenow.org we have a mission statement that we think is achievable. There may be alternatives to a complete oil crash, but only if we pressure government to take drastic action in the next few years.

So where are we? The next page will give you an introduction to Peak Oil, the industry term for oil depletion. My challenge to you is much larger than your own personal survival; I want you to help us save civilization itself! We really can do this if we work together. But we have to start now.


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